Apr 19 2018 P411 and Switter and Heading Back to Tampa for the Final Leg Before AlbanyCategory: General     06:02PM   0

Hi Boys,

I'm packing this morning to head home.  It's been a disappointing week business wise but a triumph personally.  The universe brought me just what I needed.  The wanted intentions are on their way. 

I've spent time with a wonderful, dynamic lover while I'm here and met with old, cherished friends who made me laugh. Actually, my lover does too.   Grown up, smart and so sexy.

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Apr 18 2018 Interesting Tour in Chicago * Planning for Albany and the Tour Along the WayCategory: General     11:44AM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 36 in Chicago with snow forecast to begin at 3pm.  Bad enough that most all my pre-booked adventures have cancelled before this. Plus,  a snowstorm is never conducive for playtimes.

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Apr 14 2018 Suggestion; P411 Membership. CHICAGO....TIME TO PRE-BOOK! April 17-21 ALBANY RETURN MAY 3RD. Category: General     09:09AM   0

Hi Guys,

I slept in.  Weird dreams last evening. It's a gorgeous day, 75 already, with a high of 86 today.  I'm going to try and get a little sun this afternoon and each day I'm here before I head back north.  NO nude sunbathing at my apartment complex up there.

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Apr 13 2018 The Truth about Fosta/Sesta * CHICAGO!!! APRIL 17-21Category: General     03:59PM   0

Hi Boys,

I've been having problems with the contact manager system since we changed some things.  Like email.

All is fixed.

I'll be downtown in Chicago AFTER 4pm Tuesday the 17th and available until Saturday morning.  Only one time to  play Saturday morning.  Early only.  Let's do breakfast!

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Apr 8 2018 TIP OF THE DAY VPNCategory: General     07:42AM   0

Good Morning Darlings,

It's cloudy and 66 now with a forecast of rain this afternoon and a high of 79. Steamy.  To my delight both of my orchids on my patio have begun to bloom. 

It's a good day to work on setting up my new camming home and finishing my taxes.

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Apr 6 2018 Pre-Screen NOW! Category: General     07:55PM   0

Hello Darlings,

If you were on my mailing list you already have some of the straight skinny.   If you are not, TER and Backpage are gone.  All of us girls are scrambling.

So here's what I suggest to be proactive if you find my site is gone. 

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Apr 3 2018 The Latest ScoopCategory: General     05:13PM   0

Hello Darlings,

I thought you might like some hopeful news.  This is from someone in the know.

"The ALCU has the opposition ready to file when the ink is on the paper for an injunction to cease the process until it gets revolked.  ‘They said if goes to Supreme Court it will never stand.  Yet seem no one know about it unless they are with the industry in some way????? "

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Apr 3 2018 SAVE MY NUMBER ~ PROBLEMS AT EROSCategory: General     07:18AM   0

Hello Boys,

It's 68 and sunny with a high of 81 forecast today.  I took my banged up self down to the jacuzzi last evening, big martini in hand and chatted with old friends.  Monday nights are Wii bowling.  I am not making this up.  It's packed.  

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Apr 1 2018 Another Nail in the Coffin of Freedom of Speech * Please read! * Back in Tampa, Land O Lakes!Category: General     01:50PM   0

Dear Friends,

I'm back in Tampa and it seems good to be home.  I have a Skype session at 3pm.  I hope there will be more.   Read below.  This is from the new Camming site I am going to work with.  Well, that was the plan. In case you didn't know, Facebook, Microsoft, tech companies, etc. supported the passage of Fosta/Sesta. 

"Changes to the Microsoft Skype Terms of Service

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Mar 31 2018 STOP SESTA/FOSTA NOW! PETITIONCategory: General     09:52AM   0

Do this if you want this service to continue, stay safe and not go undergound.  They are not going to come looking for you.  If this is enacted into law....who will be next?  

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Mar 30 2018 A New Option.....And Believe Me I'll Post Every One I Can Find for YOU!Category: General     05:06PM   0

Update;   Switter

This is a new social media, uncensored site hosted in Austria, based on Mastodon.  It's like twitter but it's community owned.  You know who can't take it down either.  But do your homework.

https://switter.at/about/more          Go take a look around.  It's going to be growing rapidly I'd guess.

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Mar 29 2018 Atlanta and Changing TimesCategory: General     09:36AM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 64 in Norcross and while a high of 72 is expected it's looking like rain is on the way.  I turned my 518 phone off last evening and put the alarm on the 813 nunber.  Except for the call of nature at 5 am I slept the night away.   Constant calls and texts all night long the previous night left me feeling exhausted and hollow eyed yesterday as I drove down from Greenville. 

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Mar 27 2018 All Is Well In Greenville * Atlanta Tomorrow * Back in Tampa Easter SundayCategory: General     07:36AM   0

Hello Darlings

Just a short one.  This trip is going extremely well.  It's chilly but I don't mind.

For future reference, please save AnnekeVanBuren@protonmail.com in your address book.  If you'd like to send me a short note with your city in the title I can start a new mailing list.  It's swiss based and will be encryted email.  Safe.

Blessings!  Life is good.

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Mar 24 2018 Heading Out Today * Back April 1 * Thoughts for the Times Ahead Of UsCategory: General     06:36AM   0

Hello Darling Boys,

It's 48 in Florida this morning.  I'm pretty much all packed but don't have to get on the road until later this morning.  I'm allowing lots of time to get to my destination for this evening.

I hope you've had time to read my little email burst.  Some suggestions  below that YOU can start putting in place if and when this new law goes into effect.

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Mar 22 2018 SAVE MY NUMBER IT'S MOVING FASTCategory: General     09:19PM   0

Dear Friends,

Don't say I didn't tell you....Fosta/Sesta is moving fast.  Ads and sites are disappearing already. 

Save my phone numbers.  518 258-0866  BEST  813 947-1971 BACK UP

Or memorize my email address, annekepleasures@gmail.com

There is no telling how much longer our websites can stay up.

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