Nov 22 2017 The Goddess is in the Kitchen * Up To My Eyeballs in ThanksgivingCategory: General     09:05AM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 66 and sunny this moring.  A beautiful day.  I'll open the windows in the kitchen while I make the pumpkin pies for tomorrow.  Although where I'm going to put them is a mystery.  The fridge is stuffed with food.  

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Nov 20 2017 Still Looking for Appropriate Partners to Share with You.Category: General     08:52AM   0


The air is cool and my energy is high.  I spend most Monday mornings catching up on Administrative stuff.  Ads, twitter feeds, marketing, etc.  I've received a photo from a sissy guy on my Backpage email telling me I could use him for profit.  The photo was awful and there was no personal info. 

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Nov 19 2017 Home Sweet Home and Getting Ready for Stuffing.Category: General     02:05PM   0

Hello Bad Boys,

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Nov 15 2017 Greenville Goodbye Atlanta Hello!! Or Cracker Barrel I'm Back!Category: General     03:21PM   0

Hello Boys,

It's been a beautiful week.  Cool...50's, sunny and lots of leaf  peeping.  While the colors in the Southeast aren't vibrant they are a soft palate of golds, oranges, coral sometimes and coppers.  All those oaks.  I've been blessed to see fall twice this........fall. 

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Nov 12 2017 Macon and Bust......Greenville and Atlanta Next.Category: General     07:22AM   0

Good Morning Darlings,

Just a quickie this morning.  I'm heading out on my "Southeast" Tour.  While I'm stopping in Macon mainly because I don't want to drive to Greenville, SC in one day I put up an ad.  All kinds of response, no money.  Am I surprised?  Nah....but it's okay.  I'll have a cocktail and a nice dinner at my hotel and chill for the evening.

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Nov 9 2017 Your Tax Dollars at Work * Eros Call Center Raided * Two new selfiesCategory: General     10:11AM   0

Hello Naughty Boys,

It's beautiful here today.  81 partly cloudy.

Okay...I've put this off long enough.  the top escort advertising site in the world, based in Amsterdam but the call center in North Carolina, was raided by Homeland Security on Tuesday evening I believe.  Something about interstate trafficking was their smoke screen and excuse.

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Nov 5 2017 A Night Full of Weird Dreams * Reminder! Macon * Greenville, SC * Atlanta/Norcross November 12-18Category: General     08:21AM   0

Hello Boyos,

The morning fog has burned off, the sun is shining and it will be 82 this afternoon.  Lovely day.  

I headed down to the jacuzzi last evening, something I was not allowed to do after the vein surgery almost two weeks ago.  On the way, a possible new friend called and we arranged to meet after.  The good news is that he was close by.  So,  quick dip in the hot water and back home.

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Nov 1 2017 Humping on Hump DayCategory: General     08:43AM   0

Good Morning Boys,

This is a quick one.  It's gorgeous this morning.  64 and heading for 79 today.  

It's still quiet here in Tampa and thankfully a friend is visiting this afternoon.  I'm needing a little sumthin', sumthin'.  I'm sure he does too.

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Oct 28 2017 A Week to Forget Or Feeling Better NowCategory: General     07:25AM   0

Good Morning Naughty Boys,

It got chilly here this morning.  It's 59 now.  Folks are freezing.  Me...I guess my blood hasn't thinned out yet so I love it.  The slider open at night in my bedroom is divine.

I'm of the opinion that life knocks you off your pegs every once in a while just so you'll appreciate the good moments more.  This was one of those weeks. 

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Oct 25 2017 Ready to Play....11 Thousand Followers at TwitterCategory: General     03:24PM   0

Hello Darlings,

61 this morning.  Folks are freezing here.  I kid you not and it makes me chuckle.  I love this cooler weather.  I even had the patio door open in my bedroom last evening.

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Oct 22 2017 Nesting in Tampa With My Legs In The AirCategory: General     08:57AM   0

Hello Darlings,

Fall is coming to Florida also.  There's a bit of a change in the air and while it still hit 90 yesterday the humidity seemed lower and there's a breeze.  It was 73 out on my little patio this morning and lovely.

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Oct 18 2017 Tampa....I'm Back. Let's the Naughtiness Begin! Category: General     07:37AM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 70, overcast, with a high of 84 forecast today here in Land O Lakes.  Perfect!  I have a zillion things to do today on top of trying on about 40 outfits that an admirer sent me.  This big box was sitting on my doorstep when I arrived and I knew I hadn't ordered anything else.  It was like Christmas opening it.

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Oct 13 2017 Friday the 13th and Fun in AlbanyCategory: General     09:58AM   0

Hello My Naughty Boys,

It was cold this morning, the heat was on all night and I was toasty.  I love wearing jeans, leggings, light jackets and sexy boots.  And I can breathe.  When it's in the ninties in Florida I can't catch my breath.  Yeah, I know....the years are catching up.  At the moment it's 55 here with a high of 63 predicted this afternoon.

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Oct 8 2017 A Loss for Words This Week but Assured of the Beauty of Life.Category: General     11:19AM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 90, humid and becoming cloudier.  No rain predicted but it's Florida.  Afternoon showers can always pop up.  Luckily we dodged this latest hurricane again.  I'm looking forward to daytime temps in the high 60's and 70's in Albany this upcoming visit.  

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Oct 4 2017 Member Only PostCategory: General     08:06AM   0

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