Feb 16 2018 I Missed Hump Day and TOMORROW I'm On My Way to Houston * Friday Update Instead!Category: General     09:33AM   0

Hello My Darlings,

It's another gorgeous Tampa Bay day.  73 now, heading to 81 later.  Party cloudy now, sunny later.

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Feb 10 2018 A Beautiful Day in Florida!Category: General     08:13PM   0

Hello Darlings,

An absolutely gorgeous day today.  For the first time in several months I actually sat in the sun.  The pool was crowded, the band was good, though way too loud and it was great to socialize with old friends.  I'm going to try and get a little more color tomorrow if the sun is out. 

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Feb 8 2018 Big Brother is Everywhere * pic tooCategory: General     01:23PM   0

Hello Boyoos,

It's gorgeous here.  Perfect weather and I really am in a good mood after two sessions today.  Both sensual domination.  That's why I call them a session.  BDSM terminology.

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Feb 7 2018 Beautiful in FloridaCategory: General     07:04AM   0

Good Morning Darlings,

It's 66 this morning but a high of 79 forecasted.  Sunny, drier and lovely.  I'm in Tampa, near the airport and the water. Lovely setting and I just might don a bathing suit this afternoon and sit around the pool.  I can't remember the last time I did.  Oh, I know, last summer at my Albany hotel.  I'd sit in their jacuzzi many evenings.

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Feb 3 2018 Super Bowl Weekend at the Nudie ResortCategory: General     08:27AM   0

Hello Bad Boys,

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Jan 31 2018 Hump Day.....Not Here!Category: General     02:54PM   0

Hello Darlings,

It was nippy again here this morning.  Not really warm enough to  sun tan but the snow birds are still lying out in the chill air all greased up, wondering why they are not tanning.  It has to be above 62. 

Still, it's warm enough to jump in the jacuzzi and the conversation pool.  That's the big drawl on a chilly day here.

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Jan 26 2018 It's Friday Night, 7:57 and I'm In My PJ's.Category: General     06:57PM   0

Hello My Boys,

It was a sunny day today but I spent ALL of it in the hair salon.  My all time favorite colorist and stylist, Alison, is here in Albany.  If you don't know what it is I go to Aveda salons.  All natural products.  Seems the best for me.

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Jan 24 2018 I Can't Believe It's Hump Day Already....Staying HOT in Albany.Category: General     02:20PM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 27, overcast now and windy today.  Until today it's been a bit warmer here.  I needed the mink when I went out earlier.  It's going down to 14 tonight.

Sunday afternoon, after check in and my first visit, an old friend told me BPage was still up in Albany.  Nah...but he was right.  It's just phone numbers. No ad, no links outside of my Twitter page on an extra sponsor ad with photos.

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Jan 20 2018 The Oxytocin Addiction Happens to Escorts Too and Excited About a Change of Venue Albany January 21-27Category: General     08:06AM   0

Hello Darlings,

We're having a heat wave.  It's 48 this morning with a high of 68 predicted.  Cloudy all day though.  The nude sun worshippers from Minnesota will still be at the pool.  

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Jan 18 2018 27 This Morning....Preparation for My Albany Visit January 21-27Category: General     09:49AM   0

Hello Boys,

Yes, I'm staying warm and thankfully I brought most of my plants in last evening.  It didn't begin to get above freezing until just a couple of hours ago.  North Florida had snow again last night.  The Southeast is covered in a blanket of snow and ice and temperatures won't get above freezing.  With not enough salt, plows, resources it's a major disaster for them.  My condolences. 

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Jan 13 2018 A COLD SATURDAY in the NUDIST RESORTCategory: General     01:37PM   0

Hi Darling Boys,

It's not so nice here today. You're probably thinking I should not complain about 54 and drizzling but this place looks like a ghost town when the sun is gone and it's chilly.

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Jan 10 2018 Florida Is Back To Normal OR Coffee On My PatioCategory: General     10:05AM   0

Good Morning My Darling Boys,

While it's overcast now in Land O Lakes, it's 70.  It was warm enough to sit outside on my patio with my coffee and my gratitude list and  be very comfortable.  The sun is supposed to come out later this afternoon.  I just might head to our pool for some sun.  

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Jan 6 2018 Slowly Warming Up Outside And InsideCategory: General     01:46PM   0

Happy After Freezin' Our Butts Off New Year,

Not literally in Tampa Bay but close to it.  Although it was 30 yesterday morning.  39 this morning, 59 and sunny now with a little wind.   Alexx, my advisor said it was -1 in  the city of Albany this morning, windchill of  -17.

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Jan 3 2018 OH MY! What a Start to the New Year!Category: General     07:13AM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 43 and heading downward and raining.   And high winds. An absolutely miserable day here in South Florida.   I feel so sorry for the people who are vacationing here this week who expected sun tan weather.  I had friends who went to the Outback Bowl at Raymond James Stadium and it was a miserable day for them. 

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Dec 31 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLINGS! PICCategory: General     05:15PM   0

I hope you all have a safe, not too sane and very fun New Year's Eve.  I'll raise a glass to all of us that 2018 will be even better.

Thanks for following, skyping, meeting and being my boyfriends with no strings.

Life is good and I LOVE YOU ALL.

Kisses and Hugs,


Ready for my date!

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