Date Title
04-19-2018 P411 and Switter and Heading Back to Tampa for the Final Leg Before Albany
04-18-2018 Interesting Tour in Chicago * Planning for Albany and the Tour Along the Way
04-14-2018 Suggestion; P411 Membership. CHICAGO....TIME TO PRE-BOOK! April 17-21 ALBANY RETURN MAY 3RD.
04-13-2018 The Truth about Fosta/Sesta * CHICAGO!!! APRIL 17-21
04-08-2018 TIP OF THE DAY VPN
04-06-2018 Pre-Screen NOW!
04-03-2018 The Latest Scoop
04-01-2018 Another Nail in the Coffin of Freedom of Speech * Please read! * Back in Tampa, Land O Lakes!
03-30-2018 A New Option.....And Believe Me I'll Post Every One I Can Find for YOU!
03-29-2018 Atlanta and Changing Times
03-27-2018 All Is Well In Greenville * Atlanta Tomorrow * Back in Tampa Easter Sunday
03-24-2018 Heading Out Today * Back April 1 * Thoughts for the Times Ahead Of Us
03-22-2018 Time for the Jacuzzi and Yoga and Torture
03-21-2018 Fosta/Sesta Passed the Senate Here's What I CAN Do For You!
03-21-2018 It's a New Day to Do Business.....Anywhere! Springtime in the South Tour Begins Saturday.
03-20-2018 Welcome Spring at 12:15 pm Today!
03-18-2018 A VERY Happy St Patrick's Day!
03-17-2018 Okay...I'm Turning My Phone off at Night.
03-16-2018 Your Advice is Needed * How to Read an Escort's Ad?
03-15-2018 I Got Beat Up in a Good Way! Vintage xxx in the Members Section for You!!
03-14-2018 I Did It! Instagram Finally! annekevanburen8357
03-13-2018 I Just Have to Laugh at Myself at Times OR How to Fill A Duvet.
03-11-2018 A Really Lazy Sunday Back in Florida!
03-10-2018 I've Left Nashville and the Phone is Ringing! Transfer the Calls to Tampa Please!
03-08-2018 It's Getting Warmer in Nashville * Still Room On My Dance Card to Be Naughty! * Albany I'm Coming Back!
03-06-2018 Tampa Turn Around and Heading to Nashville Tomorrow * SKYPE TONIGHT FROM 7-10PM!
03-05-2018 Congress Did It! Save My Number and Nashville, THE Hottest GILF on the planet is heading your way!
03-03-2018 The Log Jam Broke! Skype and More! NASHVILLE THIS WEEK! MARCH 7-10 Some Play Times Available!
03-01-2018 Look What I Found! Link to Kink!
02-28-2018 Back to Dating and Tampa.....You're Going to Get a Spanking * Pic of course.
02-27-2018 A Mature Goddess's Perspective on a Tuesday * Or How to Stay Noticed * Another Pic of Goddess
02-24-2018 The New Photos are Successful! MORE to Entice You to Pick Up the Phone * Nashville March 7-10.
02-22-2018 I'm Back in Tampa! Spring Training Begins and Nashville Tour March 7-10 * Sneak Preview Pic Houston Shoot
02-16-2018 I Missed Hump Day and TOMORROW I'm On My Way to Houston * Friday Update Instead!
02-10-2018 A Beautiful Day in Florida!
02-08-2018 Big Brother is Everywhere * pic too
02-07-2018 Beautiful in Florida
02-03-2018 Super Bowl Weekend at the Nudie Resort
01-31-2018 Hump Day.....Not Here!
01-26-2018 It's Friday Night, 7:57 and I'm In My PJ's.
01-24-2018 I Can't Believe It's Hump Day Already....Staying HOT in Albany.
01-20-2018 The Oxytocin Addiction Happens to Escorts Too and Excited About a Change of Venue Albany January 21-27
01-18-2018 27 This Morning....Preparation for My Albany Visit January 21-27
01-10-2018 Florida Is Back To Normal OR Coffee On My Patio
01-06-2018 Slowly Warming Up Outside And Inside
01-03-2018 OH MY! What a Start to the New Year!
12-28-2017 Back to Tampa/Land O Lakes and Naughtiness!
12-20-2017 Merry Christmas Darlings Video* Just Added * Winter Tour in Albany, NY * January 21-27
12-15-2017 Net Neutrality Repealed but a Fight is Ahead * New Pics * Happy Hanukkah
12-14-2017 Follow this Link On the Twitter Feed and Contact Your Representative
12-12-2017 In Case You Are Wondering, I'm Doing Fine.
12-09-2017 A Day of Bliss and Back Home in Tampa
12-06-2017 The Boo Boo of the Year * Downtown Chicago until Friday Noon.
12-02-2017 The Holidays are Upon Us! Ready With a New do...New Tour. Chicago, Downtown, Dec. 5-8
11-26-2017 It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas
11-22-2017 The Goddess is in the Kitchen * Up To My Eyeballs in Thanksgiving
11-20-2017 Still Looking for Appropriate Partners to Share with You.
11-19-2017 Home Sweet Home and Getting Ready for Stuffing.
11-15-2017 Greenville Goodbye Atlanta Hello!! Or Cracker Barrel I'm Back!
11-12-2017 Macon and Bust......Greenville and Atlanta Next.
11-09-2017 Your Tax Dollars at Work * Eros Call Center Raided * Two new selfies
11-05-2017 A Night Full of Weird Dreams * Reminder! Macon * Greenville, SC * Atlanta/Norcross November 12-18
11-01-2017 Humping on Hump Day
10-28-2017 A Week to Forget Or Feeling Better Now
10-25-2017 Ready to Play....11 Thousand Followers at Twitter
10-22-2017 Nesting in Tampa With My Legs In The Air
10-18-2017 Tampa....I'm Back. Let's the Naughtiness Begin!
10-13-2017 Friday the 13th and Fun in Albany
10-08-2017 A Loss for Words This Week but Assured of the Beauty of Life.
10-04-2017 Members Only Post
09-30-2017 Waiting to Be Christened
09-27-2017 Hallelujah! The Taxes are Finished!
09-24-2017 Back in the Groove and Sexy Playroom
09-18-2017 Tips for You and Maybe Us?
09-17-2017 I'm Back and I'm Thankful!
09-15-2017 The Good and The Sad of Life. Rip Anthony.
09-14-2017 Heading to Norcross/Jimmy Carter/I-85 THIS Afternoon.
09-13-2017 Altanta Until Saturday * Galleria * Nocross
09-11-2017 Updating from North Carolina While I Can.
09-10-2017 Safe in North Carolina * Bless Those I Left Behind
09-09-2017 I'm Leaving Tampa * Bless Those Left In Florida
09-07-2017 Still Up In The Air....Where Will Irma Really Head?
09-05-2017 We Sit and Wait for Irma
09-04-2017 Come Play With My Pussy
09-02-2017 Home Tomorrow Evening and I'm Not Alone.
08-31-2017 You Make Your Plans and Life Happens * Pray for Houston
08-26-2017 Who Knew Tyson's Corner Could Be So Much Fun!
08-23-2017 Thank You Stamford! It Was A Triumph! * You're Challenged BWI, Tyson's and DC!
08-21-2017 Heading South * The GILF Is On Her Way to Stamford, CT * Eclipsing Along the Way
08-16-2017 They've Arrived.....A Sneak Peak. More?......See My Gallery Here!
08-16-2017 A Beautiful Morning in Kingston, NY and Thank You Albany and the Capital District!
08-09-2017 One More Year! And Grateful for It !
08-08-2017 Members Only Post
08-01-2017 A Very Hot Week and Thoughts On Astrology Or Lucky Jock Straps? Selfies Inside.
07-31-2017 Five Reasons to Have Sex Today
07-29-2017 Fresh from a Dream and NO More Last Minute Dates * New pics
07-25-2017 Rainy in Upstate New York and Skyping Fun! Selfie
07-22-2017 Opening Day at the Track and Albany Naughtiness
07-19-2017 Update on the Blog and a Quickie
07-17-2017 Beautiful in Albany
07-14-2017 It's Time to Get OFF the Road! NETFLIX Tonight.
07-13-2017 Today It's Buffalo * Bye Bye Pittsburgh and Charlotte
07-09-2017 The Mini Vacation is Over * Charlotte Tonight Through Tuesday Early A M * PIC
07-06-2017 Atlanta is HOT in More Ways Than One!
07-02-2017 Back in Tampa Until Wednesday * HOTLANTA I'm On My Way Next
06-30-2017 HOUSTON.....You're Not Doing So Well but the Shoot Was FABULOUS! Sneak Preview Pic!
06-28-2017 Things are GREAT in Houston! Still a Bit of Time Available for Monkey Business.
06-21-2017 What's New? Spammers on My Comment Option and Getting Ready for Houston June 28-July 1.
06-17-2017 Summer Tour Schedule is NOW Set * Skype Tonight?
06-16-2017 Members Only Post
06-12-2017 Skyping and Yoga Again!
06-04-2017 A Rainy Busy Weekend in Florida * Great Crested Flycatcher's and Skype Tonight!
06-01-2017 Doing Great! VIDEO SKYPE WITH ME!
05-29-2017 Thank You Readers and Fans For YOUR Service!
05-28-2017 In the Pink PIC New Hair Do
05-25-2017 Roseate Spoonbills, Hanging Curtains and Where the Hell are You?
05-21-2017 Naked and Yet to be Naughty! At Home in Land O Lakes and Tampa.
05-16-2017 Chicago !! I AM Here and I Have Some Room On My Dance Card * May 16-19
05-14-2017 Happy Mother's Day to Me and Mine * Chicago * Downtown * THIS Week * May 16-19
05-10-2017 A Quickie on Hump Day * NO Not That Kind * And THE GILF Heads to Chicago * May 16-19
05-07-2017 The GILF at the Track and Don't Worry Be Happy! * Pic *
05-04-2017 Late for A Hump Day Report * Pics * Don't Forget Me Tampa!
04-29-2017 Back Home In Tampa and a Dinner to Die For! Next tour ****CHICAGO DOWNTOWN * May 16-19
04-26-2017 No More Facebook Either * Still in Albany and Room Yet to Play
04-24-2017 Hi Albany I'm Here Until Friday 11 am.
04-22-2017 Yeay! Easter is Over and So Is Tax Time * Busy Again * Albany April 23-28th.
04-16-2017 Happy Easter Darlings. Link to my You Tube video.
04-13-2017 ANOTHER Glorious Week and Stills from the Shoot Friday. Albany Tour April 23-28.
04-08-2017 GREAT Shoot Last Night and a Beautiful Weekend Ahead * Pretty Pic
04-06-2017 It's Past the Hump! Pic for Here and MORE at Members Only!
04-01-2017 A Beautiful Lusty Day in Florida * New PICS
03-28-2017 I'm All Alone Again....Except for You!
03-25-2017 Great To Be Back In Tampa Or This GILF * MILF * COUGAR * GODDESS Is Ready to Play!
03-22-2017 An Austin Tourist
03-21-2017 Why You Need to Screen * Why WE Need to Screen
03-19-2017 Your Grandmother Never Looked Like This! Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day with a Pic!
03-16-2017 Members Only Post
03-09-2017 From the Archives.....1/12/2009 * Daring Dairies or How to Survive the Internet
03-08-2017 Tampa's Booking Up and So Is Austin, TX for the March 22-24 Tour
03-02-2017 Where Are Ya Tampa?
02-23-2017 A Humping On The Way * New Pics of the New Do
02-21-2017 How To Grab Life By The Balls....
02-19-2017 The Fog Always Lifts! Another Beautiful Day in Florida.
02-16-2017 At Last! A Great Nail Salon, Just Past Hump Day and NUDE NIGHT!
02-13-2017 Onward and Upward Or Tales from a Porn Shoot Weekend * Pic
02-08-2017 Midweek Update* Restaurant Tip Tampa * New Selfies
02-05-2017 RED HOT EVENING after a Quiet Week * The Sensual Sisters Reunite!
01-30-2017 I'm Feeling Frisky Cum On Over!
01-28-2017 Saturday Night and I'm NOT in the Fight....Back in Tampa.
01-22-2017 ALBANY!! I'M HERE BUT YOU ARE NOT! Last two pics and a selfie!
01-21-2017 BOSTON TODAY AND TOMORROW UNTIL NOON * Another New Photo!
01-20-2017 New Photos Are Arriving....
01-13-2017 IF You Care About the War That's Going On....continuing the dialogue on the last blog.
01-10-2017 OKAY THIS IS A RANT!! Backpage Censored.
01-08-2017 It's FREEZING in Florida! New Pic!
01-05-2017 A Quickie....Calm Down....NOT That kind!
12-31-2016 Happy New Year to All!
12-29-2016 Tampa Meet and Greet January 11th
12-25-2016 Merry Christmas to All! Pic attached.
12-21-2016 The Winter Solstice Is Today. Light Up the Candles Darlings!
12-17-2016 Countdown to Christmas OR Persuading Santa NOT to Leave Me Coal In My Stocking!
12-14-2016 This is Winter? I'll Take It!
12-10-2016 Rest in Peace Smokey
12-07-2016 Christmas in Florida and Thank You Chicago!
12-04-2016 Dildos, Downtown Chicago and Diamond Jim
11-30-2016 Heading to Chicago December 3-6. This is what I REALLY look like RIGHT NOW.
11-27-2016 Its The Holiday Season AND Heading to Chicago
11-21-2016 I Couldn't Resist This One..... And Cooking Up a Storm.
11-20-2016 We're Having a Cold Snap!
11-16-2016 Chill Pill
11-13-2016 Another Beautiful Florida Day! Don't Forget Downtown Chicago December 3-6!
11-09-2016 Thank the Heavens the Election is Over! Now Let's Have Some Fun.
11-05-2016 There's a Lot to Be Said for Contentment!
10-29-2016 The Biggest Night of Our Year or Halloween and Nudists
10-22-2016 Schenectady Sting or How Not to Walk Into One and Tying the Knot
10-19-2016 Time to Become a Member....It's Free!
10-17-2016 Another Beautiful Week and a Busy One at That!
10-08-2016 A Great Week Without Matthew
10-03-2016 New Selfies and First Dinner Party
09-29-2016 Alive and Well In Vegas! Home Tomorrow Night Tampa!
09-25-2016 Vegas Baby! Limited Engagement * September 28-30
09-21-2016 It's Starting to Look Like Home Sweet Sexy Home
09-18-2016 Sexy and Elegant in Land O Lakes
09-12-2016 Almost There!
09-07-2016 How To Piss Off A Provider or Up To My Eyeballs in Boxes
09-03-2016 2016 Screwed Again Or Choosing a President
08-30-2016 How I'm Planning on Keeping the New Incall Clean and in Tip Top Shape!
08-26-2016 Preaching to the Choir
08-22-2016 Back In Albany and Packing My Little Heart Out!
08-20-2016 Naughty Adventures Two and Crossing My Fingers Hoping the Furniture Sells!
08-13-2016 Honey.....I'm Home or Nekkid Again!
08-10-2016 Another Year Older and More Thankful Than Ever!
08-05-2016 Friday Night Antics OR Time for an O
07-28-2016 I SEE You! Ready to Play! Mistress in Charge at the Clip Store!
07-22-2016 Opening Day At The Races!!!
07-14-2016 Okay....Let's Go! Time to Play....OR Freedom from Glasses
07-12-2016 All is Well!
07-10-2016 The Final Stretch or Florida Here I Come/Cum
07-07-2016 Past the Hump Day! Oh Wait.....Mine is a 7 Day Work Week.
07-02-2016 Honey.....I'm Home! Back in the Capital District and Ready to Play.....Tomorrow.....July 3rd.
06-25-2016 Glorious Summers in Upstate New York and LOOK OUT CHICAGO! June 29-July 2nd Tour!
06-19-2016 A BAD Week for Orlando and Ditching the News. Still HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.
06-11-2016 Members Only Post
06-05-2016 A Rainy Day on a Sunday or Whacking Off is Fun.
06-02-2016 A Little Something to Make You Smile
05-30-2016 Memorial Weekend and a Week of Fun
05-21-2016 Getting Ready for Florida * Naughtiness is On the Way Soon
05-15-2016 Thunder Boomer of the Year! So far. The Gauntlet is Thrown!
05-12-2016 Do I HAVE to Say This?
05-08-2016 Beantown Boys and Home Again
05-04-2016 If You Want to Play Here....
04-30-2016 Four Nights In A Row
04-25-2016 A SHORTIE! It's a New Week and a Positive Tone
04-23-2016 Time to Go Back to Bed and Pull the Covers Over My Head!
04-18-2016 Beautiful Busy DC
04-15-2016 Notes from Raleigh...Still On the Road
04-10-2016 Notes from Tallahassee OR On the Road Again
04-05-2016 Packing.....Again. Getting Ready to Head North.
04-02-2016 Another New Do and Color
03-31-2016 Members Only Post
03-26-2016 My Sincere Wishes for a Fabulous Holiday Weekend!
03-23-2016 Early to Bed Means Waking up Early....ACK!
03-16-2016 It's Hump Day...Did YOU get Humped Yet? I Did.
03-12-2016 Virgins, Leather, Vinyl and More....Fetish Party at Lady Femina's
03-08-2016 Thanks.....I'm Okay...a few pics to prove it!
03-06-2016 A Favor from My Boys
03-02-2016 Back at the Nudie Resort * DUOS with LuLu until Friday morning * Rocky Point Incall
03-01-2016 Bye Bye Key West * Hello Miami * See you Tomorrow Tampa
02-26-2016 Arrived Fort Lauderdale * Solos AND Dangerous Duos with LuLu * Friday the 26th-Sunday morning the 28th
02-25-2016 Ftl Lauderdale, Key West, Miami and Soon.....a Night to Remember
02-21-2016 Members Only Post
02-18-2016 Uptown Funk and South Florida Tour NEXT Week, February 26-March 1
02-12-2016 Finally! Warm Weather and An All Over Tan!
02-10-2016 THIS IS FLORIDA...........RIGHT? Sweaters and leggings still....
02-07-2016 How Things Can Change * Or My Pussy Is Happy Now
02-05-2016 Members Only Post
02-04-2016 OKAY .....ENOUGH OF A BREAK! Thankfully...It's the HOT WIVES MEET AND GREET TONIGHT!
02-02-2016 YOU'RE INVITED TO
01-29-2016 OH WHAT A WEEK......SO FAR!
01-23-2016 Fifty Degrees is the New Tropical THIS Weekend. NEW Pics here AND On the XXX Gallery
01-21-2016 Sometimes Ya Gotta Shake Your Head
01-18-2016 Members Only Post
01-17-2016 Tornados, Human and Weatherwise * Fun at the Nudie Resort
01-14-2016 Honey....I'm Home. second home AND a VERY Naughty post for ALL!
01-12-2016 Charleston, SC, Historic District and Dining This Afternoon
01-11-2016 Wilmington NC Tonight
01-08-2016 It's a Dilemma * I Love Albany but I Love Tampa Too!
01-07-2016 Fishnet Body Suit Pic and Filling the Suitcases Up with Naughty Stuff
01-05-2016 New XXX's In The Photo Gallery for Members Only. Some Vanilla Ones for the Faint Hearted HERE
12-31-2015 Happy New Year's to My Non-Members Too!
12-31-2015 Members Only Post
12-26-2015 Some Pensive Thoughts and Fifteen More Days Before I Head South
12-25-2015 I Hope You Had a Wonderful Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!
12-22-2015 I Need a Posse, Tales of NYC, New Pic of My New Haircolor
12-17-2015 LOVE This From Youtube!
12-16-2015 Back Online and Holiday Mattress Dancing
12-13-2015 Computer Problems Again!
12-06-2015 Members Note and Holiday Music
12-03-2015 Saratoga Tonight * Holiday Gang Bang........Cancelled
12-01-2015 Welcome New Members
11-28-2015 I'm BACK!
11-26-2015 Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner and Guess Who's Dessert? You!
11-23-2015 Dangerous Duos * Lulu and Anneke* Thanksgiving-Saturday afternoon
11-19-2015 New York, Exxxotica and Wild Times Back in Albany * Welcome New Members!
11-14-2015 A Very Sad Day in Paris
11-12-2015 To Those Who Have Served! Thank You! NYC in November.
11-04-2015 New Photos * Old Montreal * 10/23/2015
10-29-2015 Quickie for My Syracuse Fans and Friends and All the Rest of My Beloved Naughty Boys
10-25-2015 Bonjour Monseurs or Loving Montreal
10-20-2015 WHY DON'T THEY READ?
10-18-2015 Dancing In My PJ's
10-15-2015 What Stings Should Do!
10-11-2015 Home Sweet Fall
10-05-2015 GRRRR....just wrote a long post and it disappeared.
10-02-2015 Changes again.....Tampa, Fayetteville, DC and Home.....NEW Return to Base Schedule
09-25-2015 Home Sweet Second Home
09-21-2015 Okay Tyson's * Where are you?
09-18-2015 Get Ready for the Northeast Tornado * Heading South!
09-11-2015 Never Forget 9/11
09-11-2015 Are You Ready for the Weekend? I Know Someone You Can Play With.
09-09-2015 The End of Summer? Post Labor Day Thoughts
09-03-2015 DANGEROUS DUOS * LABOR DAY WEEKEND * LULU AND ANNEKE * Saturday 1pm-Monday 2pm
08-27-2015 It's Starting........PLEASE READ!
08-24-2015 Saratoga, Gospel Music and Cooperstown AND Don't Forget LuLu and Doubles Labor Day Weekend
08-21-2015 Fuzzy Videos, Horse Racing and the Waning of Summer
08-19-2015 FINALLY! The Video * Here for Members Only!
08-14-2015 NOTICE * Fall Tour Intinerary * September 20th-October 10th * Cumming to a Southern City Near You
08-08-2015 Birthday Weekend Hijinks
08-03-2015 LABOR DAY WEEKEND * LuLu Returns * Two Very Naughty Cougars!
07-29-2015 The Gang Bang Party is Still On * What are you waiting for? to play safely.
07-29-2015 The Gang Bang Party is Still On * What are you waiting for? to play safely.
07-25-2015 Almost a Day at the Races and Gang Bang Birthday
07-14-2015 Members Only Post
07-07-2015 The OTHER Home Sweet Home
07-03-2015 Happy Fourth Of July America!
06-27-2015 Finally! Communication and Florida Fun.
06-25-2015 Still Waiting On A New Computer
06-23-2015 Computer and Connection Woes
06-20-2015 Tears and Sympathies for My Southern Friends
06-20-2015 The Gospel of ME First
06-11-2015 Breaking the Deadlock!
06-07-2015 Hooray to American Pharoah!
06-03-2015 It's JUNE Already! Getting itchy for Tampa and the Nudie Resort.
05-26-2015 Anneke and LuLu Did Take Over the Capital District and Hygiene Tips
05-20-2015 DANGEROUS DUOS * LULU IS VISITING MAY 23-25 * Memorial Day Weekend
05-19-2015 Members Only Post
05-13-2015 Solutions for Reserve Me Problems * Read the next entry if this means nothing to you.
05-13-2015 Reserve Me Page Solutions * Read the next blog entry if this means nothing to do.
05-13-2015 Alert * Reserve Me Page * Need a Response
05-12-2015 Memorial Day High Jinks! LuLu Returns for Doubles May 23-25
05-07-2015 Bees, Skunks and Martha Stewart
05-04-2015 New York City Cancelled Playtime in Albany
05-01-2015 New York City ONE DAY ONLY! May 5
04-29-2015 Members Only Post
04-27-2015 HOME SWEET HOME! Or .......I guess you missed me Albany.
04-24-2015 Tales From The Road
04-20-2015 The Tampa Party Is Just About Over * GET READY ALBANY!
04-12-2015 Painting in the Nude
04-08-2015 Members Only Post
04-06-2015 ALBANY FRIENDS * LuLu will be in town THIS weekend * April 10-12
04-03-2015 Another Beautiful Day in Paradise Or How to Live Without Winter
03-26-2015 It's Official! Extending Tampa Winter Visit Until April 21st.
03-19-2015 The Day After and Moving Again
03-16-2015 Happy St Patrick's Day!
03-12-2015 Members Only Post
03-09-2015 Over The Hill Pictures
03-08-2015 For Heaven's Sake!
03-07-2015 I Survived!
03-06-2015 Getting Put in My Place! Smarting Big Time.
03-05-2015 I Did Not Follow Through
03-04-2015 Members Only Post
03-02-2015 Life is Good in Paradise
02-28-2015 Fayetteville AND Savannah Kept Their Pants
02-25-2015 Members Only Post
02-25-2015 Baltimore and Holding..........I'm On My Way Florida!
02-08-2015 Boston Rescheduled Feb 10 to 12
02-07-2015 Here We Go Again
02-04-2015 I Could Not Resist
02-02-2015 They Did Not Ask Me
01-31-2015 Is It Florida Yet
01-25-2015 We Plan, Mother Nature Decides
01-18-2015 Get Ready to Laugh
01-28-2008 ARCHIVE POST; 1/28/2008 * Tampa Bound Chicago Watch Out, I Am On My Way Too
09-16-2007 VIRGINS, SWINGERS and More * The VERY First Journal Entry

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