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Boston Rescheduled Feb 10 to 12 - 2/08/2015
Hello Boys,

It's snowy, 12 and we're waiting on more snow this afternoon and all day tomorrow. Boston has already had 5 inches and we all will also have more all day tomorrow. So, no way I'll be driving over the Mass Pike in a snowstorm.

BUT I have decided to reschedule and arrive on Tuesday afternoon, barring Mother Nature throwing any extension of the snow. I'll now be in Back Bay Tuesday afternoon the 10th until Thursday noontime the 12th. I just don't want to give up on Boston.

Why? Great city, sweet guys for the most part, Abe and Louie's on Boylston Street, Legal Seafoods, good shopping at the Pru Center, culture galore and more.

Of course if my feet are in the air often I probably won't be visiting the Symphony or any museums. Best saved for warmer weather.

I have some wonderful memories of past Boston tours. The Boston guys used to be the very best hobbyists in the U S. With the recession manners started to disappear everywhere and now many are last minute and cavalier about the service working girls offer. It's really sad to see that this has happened in what used to be my favorite place to work, downtown Boston.

Luckily, I still have many wonderful gentlemen friends who appreciate the upscale, pampering services of an older woman. I feel sorry for the young gals. They seem to have to put up with a lot of crap from the high roller guys. I'm blessed that I don't. I think they know I won't put up with their nonsense. And let's be honest, they want to see young perfection. Only that arouses them. I get it. They aren't interested in anything less than a Sports Illustrated type gal. Hey it's their buck. They should get what they want.

It's a good thing YOU don't expect that from me. Life is very good for this AARP member who still has a roaring libido.

I AM available today and tomorrow in Albany, even in the snow. I'll make sure the flue is open and throw a log on the fire. Candles lit, champagne chilling if you want it, sexy music on the sound system.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/07/2015 - Here We Go Again
Hello Boyoos,

We're having a heat wave. It's 27 at the moment and light flurries. It was -4 yesterday morning. Snow is predicted all weekend, getting heavier tomorrow evening into Monday morning. Yep, just when I'm supposed to leave for Boston.

I have no desire to drive 160 miles in a snowstorm over the Mass Turnpike. I love you Boston guys but not that much.

I'll probably make the assessment tomorrow evening. I hate throwing in the towel as I now have invested hundreds of dollars on Eros visiting ads. But it would be worse sitting in a hotel room spending hundreds more with no friends to play with. (What? You thought they were free?)

It was a good week despite the cold but I am getting cabin fever. Some days I found I just HAD to get out, if only for a few minutes. Florida is occupying more of my thoughts every day. Even though Tampa is not that warm yet. Folks down there are complaining. Still, sunshine, flowers blooming, folks sitting in the sun naked and mirrors on the walls and ceiling of the place I'll be renting are demanding my thoughts.

Friends seem to call in bunches. One day is deader than a doornail. The next busier than hell. Of course, I can't visit with a lot of folks in one day. Someone would notice even as discreet as my incall is. Plus, too many and I lose MY edge. And we always want to have that hungry edge don't we? I know I do.

Two of my subs visited this week. Two serious subs. One I had buy remotes for his butt and his cock. Past story. But as he was driving here I instructed him to turn them on.

He had picked me up at my incall, we embraced and headed to lunch. Then he handed me the remotes as we were seated. I'd see him make a small jerk as I turned each one on or changed the setting. He was aroused throughout the whole lunch.

Back home, he disrobed and put on his collar and leash. The rest I'll keep to ourselves but after a long period of tease and denial he exploded.

My mid-week friend was the nominee for thunder boomer of the month award. While I had some excellent O's the rest of the week he's still the front runner. But remember, it's not about the O, it's about the experience. And the chemistry that exists between two people. Each and every adventure is special and unique and carry their memories into the library of excellence. Well, at least most of them.

One of my oldest friends also wanted sensual domination and as I dug the wheel into his scrotum he exploded in ecstasy. He yelled, "Whoa, the endorphins were over the top." Or something close to that. You get the idea. For some, pain enhances the experience as endorphins kick in. For others, ME for one, it detracts. That's why there is vanilla and chocolate. We're all different and life is never boring.

My slave visited Friday night. He'd asked me earlier in the day if I were feeling dominant. I'm always feeling dominant but when someone kisses me and I start to melt in his arms.....he's got the power. Or better yet, we share the power.

Passion is an amazing thing. Add chemistry, coupled with the ability to let passion hold sway and it can produce those other worldly moments where time stands still. I've had those several times with lovers over the years. I hope you have too. I know, I know, I'm sounding like a romance novelist but it is possible for two to become one. NOTHING like it.

Of course, if you're with a bad lover, it ain't gonna happen. No matter how much you might think you love them. My ex comes to mind. Zing!!

One little rant. I am so tired of answering the phone and having someone say, "Hey!" Or better yet, "What's going on?" Worse, "What's up?" I'll snarl, "I don't know, YOU tell me?" Drives me out of my mind and I find it hard to be sweet. Mind you this is someone I've never met.

What the hell happened out there? It's very scary seeing the lack of manners and the ability to carry a polite and/or civil conversation. Or folks being able to write a complete sentence when they text. Don't tell me you are busy. That's bullsh--. NO one is that busy that they can't type a couple of extra letters and a comma or a period and sound literate. We never used to even have phones to text with and some how life went on. If you haven't figured this out, I HATE texting in place of a phone call. It is so freakin' impersonal and to my mind, rude. I will not make a text appointment or carry on a conservation unless we've met.

But I'm an old fart and proud of it. Despite the socially inept morons in this world, life is still damn good! Especially since I had a very hot morning/early afternoon with a friend. His kisses drive me up the wall and my pussy's still tingling. Yummo!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/4/2015 - I Could Not Resist
Hello Boys Who Love Us Older Gals,

Here's a link that had me laughing. I hope you enjoy it too.

I had my first candidate for Thunder boomer of the month for February this morning. It's going to be difficult to top it but I'm willing to take applicants. Ha!

Yahoo!!!! Life is great!

Love and Kisses,

2/2/2015 - They Did Not Ask Me
Hello Boys,

It's miserable out. It started snowing during the night and it's continuing at 1-2 inches per hour. My little patio is starting to fill completely up. The birds are feeding like crazy and the seed is going fast. The poor maintenance staff here is working like crazy to keep up with the snow removal. It's 10 degrees but with the wind at 12 mph it feels like -4.

And the phone/texts/email are blowing up. This seems to occur every time we have a snow storm here in Albany. Several reasons, folks have cabin fever. They are bored and sick of winter. My theory is that the barometric pressure affects the libido. From my side of things, it seems to be increasing it. But, just to test that theory I googled it.

Here's what I found;

If the cold weather is totally bumming you out, then think about what it might be doing to your sex drive. While the minimal daylight in winter has a lot to do with a decreased sex drive (because serotonin production reduces), the cold itself also contributes to the reason why you just don’t want to get it on.

With the change in temperature comes a change in neurotransmitters, too, and although its effect varies from person to person, the depression, fatigue, and overall feeling of “meh” is definitely heightened in the colder months. So if you find you’re not in the mood these days, don’t worry about it. It’s just your brain telling you to hold out until the spring and summer, because your libido is in hibernation mode. It has to rest sometimes! "end of article"

As I said, they didn't ask me. However, January and February are notorious for slow business. I guess the statement above is somewhat true.

One, started to text, told him I don't. He persisted, so did I. But I got enough info out of him to find out he had an assault arrest last year. I blocked him.

Yeah....sure, I'm going to let YOU walk through my door. I'd venture to say you know who isn't calling today. They'd have to go out in the cold. They would miss their warm seat by the computer and their donuts and coffee.

I know...that's not nice. Exactly!

So what am I doing? Working on the new site. Most of the work is done. Trying not to eat everything in sight. Thankfully there is no bad stuff to eat. Watching porn to get off as it's been since Friday night. THAT is an eternity for me.

I gave myself a facial. Put my makeup on and did my hair, (just in case.) I'm going to do a long yoga routine this afternoon. I'm thinking about watching Lord of the Rings again. I do have a Netflix trial but I've yet to find anything I want to see. It runs out Friday.

I've already redesigned the décor of the apartment. Last week. I'm thinking about jazzing up the play room more but it's too cold to be painting something. But I'm thinking about it.

I'm reading the seed catalogues and planning my shade garden. I'm dreaming about hot sex. I had a doozy of a dream before I awakened this morning. Love it!

Thankfully the power is on, the fridge is full of healthy food, there is plenty of booze and I have friends coming to visit the rest of this week. It could be worse than just being bored. I'm not seeing anyone who isn't screened just for something to do. Talk about stupid.

I am astounded that the media thinks snowstorms is as important as all the other newsworthy things that are happening in the world. It's winter. We live in the Northeast. It snows and it's cold. Get over yourselves.

And I'll get myself right out of here February 24th. LOL I was talking to Lady Femina and her S O Saturday evening. He's also a sub of mine. They were on a cruise ship heading out of the Port of Tampa and heading to the Western Caribbean. I am so freakin' jealous.

Next year! I just need someone to go with that I'm hot for. Single passengers don't get a break on the cost of the cruise. Even on those singles cruises. Although right now I'd be willing to pay anything. Lying topless in the sun, drinking Mai Tai's, listening to Caribbean music and doing nothing outside of figuring what to wear for dinner, what to have for our next meal or when we were going to make love again. And maybe picking someone up to join us.

Instead I'll wear my flannel pj's during yoga, drink a Bacardi Limon and Diet Coke for cocktail hour and grill some Korean style barbecued chicken and sesame broccoli for dinner.

Life is good. Boston/Back Bay NEXT week. January 9-11.

February 24th is getting closer every day!

Your Thinking About Being Very Naughty Girlfriend,

1/31/2015 - Is It Florida Yet
Hello Sexy Boys,

I'm doing great but what a nasty week this has been, weather wise. Thankfully, I didn't head to Boston. That tour is rescheduled for Feb. 9-11.

It was 0 when I thought to look at the temperature this morning. It's 12 now at 3pm. That was after sunrise so I can't imagine what it was before dawn. BRRR! Windy on top of it.

We missed that big snowfall that Boston did receive. Maybe less than an inch here but late Thursday night, Friday morning's next storm added 5.3 in Albany. Looks like another one is headed this way Monday. Yes, it's absolutely beautiful out my back windows but enough already!

I am enjoying the birds that have returned to the feeders. I have 4 out. Two with safflower seed, one with thistle and one filled with suet. They attract the smaller birds and the finches. Thankfully NOT the squirrels. I think they are hibernating now. I know the chipmunks are.

I am SO ready for some nude suntanning and old friends. YES I will be available there. I am told my studio has mirrors behind the bed and ON the ceiling. Whoo Hoo!!! Sounds like a recipe for naughty to me.

It's been quiet here this week. Oh the phone's been ringing but I didn't want to take the outcalls that were offered. The first one, you know who trying to lure me to a nearby town infamous for stings and another visiting businessman last evening. Just too damn cold to head out after dark. But at least the phone has been ringing. January and February are notoriously slow.

However, it's been ringing off the hook with my Goddess/Fetish ad in Boston. I'm told there are no mature goddesses there. THAT I find hard to believe. I think every visiting girl in the US heads to Boston every week. It's so over saturated I'm glad to hear there's something left for moi. I'm thinking that dusting off my flogger was a good thing. And there's always some new and different twist to that world.

Outside of staying warm and having a couple of booty calls this week it's been quiet. Although the booty calls have been exemplary. He's a fabulous kisser. Hot, hot, hot! Fun, fun, fun!

I've been doing yoga at home as I always do. When the temp plummeted heading to the gym wasn't as appetizing. But I do need to get my expanding butt there. Winter seems to do that so another reason to look forward to getting naked in the sun. I picked out my photo shoot pics and reality hit home. Time to be serious about dieting again.

You can see all of them at and my Goddessanneke profile. You can join for free and poke around the site if you set up a profile. Since you can be absolutely anonymous you just might get a kick out of the kinksters there. There is something for everyone and lots of stuff you didn't even dream existed.

I have plans to see 50 Shades of Gray on Valentine's Day with a local group who is going. The books sucked but they did open the eyes of a lot of women/men to the possibilities of something "different." And that there are a lot more fetish freaks around then anyone knew. (I'm smiling.)

So I'm staying in tonight, working on the content and text for the new The work starts Tuesday so I have to have my part done before then. I'm still planning on what to say and how to still keep it short and sweet. So much of what girls write on these websites is out and out bullsh--. But that's marketing isn't it? Believable Bullsh--!

To my mind, if you're not what you say you are when they walk in your door, our in the boudoir, business is gone, never to return. Of course, even the hottest encounter doesn't get a return visit. Some of you are one and done. Notch on the bedpost! Next.

Me...I get it but don't agree. The most intense encounters are when you've established a comfort level and a connection and you each know the buttons to push AND you're willing to go beyond.

That's when things truly get steamy.

Life is good. Come on over if you need me to warm you up.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

1/25/2015 - We Plan Mother Nature Decides
Hello My Beautiful, Darling Boys,

Yes, I'm feeling effusive and horny today. Those blessed hormones are just flowing and over flowing. In spite of the nasty weather that is on the way.

Juno, a major Nor'easter is about to plow through the Northeast. I lived in Southern New Hampshire in 1978 when that monster came through. Over 200 people died, frozen and buried in cars on the interstates.

I'm staying home. The Boston visit is cancelled but RESCHEDULED for February 9-11. You will be shoveling snow and trying to stay warm not fighting horrible driving conditions to see me in Boston's Back Bay. You don't show up when it rains so I KNOW from experience this will be a wasted trip and a profit killer. Hey, this IS a business.

One thing I have found out is that the boys in Albany must be really horny because it seems they call MORE when there's a snow storm. I love it. There's nothing better than turning up the heat in the playroom and losing ourselves for an hour or more when it's awful outside. Yum!!!!

I bought more hangers for my playroom "equipment." Any Goddess/Domina/Mistress worth her salt with have that stuff. I'm not into the professional whips and hard core extreme stuff but there's lots of OTHER things that my subs/slaves want. Strap ons in all sizes. Blindfolds, collars, rope, etc. for those that love submission and sensual domination.

For most of you it's huggin', kissin', making out like teenagers and know. All that good stuff that makes us feel fabulous. I love it all! GFE, PSE, the fetish fantasies, sensual domination...etc, etc. etc. As long as it's consensual which means I have to like it too.

At this point I'd like to remind some of you again that PSE does NOT mean unprotected sex. I don't know where that notion came from but it's wrong, wrong, wrong. PSE generally refers to CIM, deep throat, anal, etc. The wilder stuff that porn actresses do. I'm a combo of both. I love heading to Greece for vacation but it is an added expense. ;-)

So what was up this week? Friends came a calling. The towels got drenched, I had a photo shoot at Cheeky-boudoir, I made one of my subs crazy and another got wrapped up like a mummy in saran.

How did I make one of my subs crazy? He has a habit of texting me frequently for commands. I finally decided to indulge him. He works at home but was wearing a suit for a meeting later. I told him to unzip his suit pants and pull himself out. Then I instructed him that on the half hour of every hour, he had to masturbate to the edge and stop. He had to leave himself exposed all day. NO one else was home. His meeting eventually no showed.

By mid-afternoon he was incoherent and about to lose his mind. I had told him that he could have his release at 4:15, just before his spouse arrived home soon after. (I know, so naughty) He texted that his balls were blue. So I gave him permission at 4:10 to complete.

I didn't hear anything and by 4:20 I sent a shot of energy to him via my phone. He answered at 4:25 he answered, "what a mess!"

He was exhilarated but weak in the knees and the day had been totally unproductive. I told him, "be careful what you ask for in the future." To be honest, I did this on purpose to show him what absolute control could do to his life. Overwhelming. But he loved the excitement and never ending arousal for 6 hours. He did what I asked him and I believe he did it as I asked.

I'll admit it turned me on all day too knowing I had him in the palm of my hand via HIS hand.

I saw my wonderful wizard Alexx that same day. He knew what was going on because the texts were blowing up my phone. He said around 4 you should tell him he can't complete now. I didn't have the heart. A TRUE dom would have done something like that. I just couldn't.

With Alexx the cards were great and his continued support and encouragement in my profession has been a huge help. If you need to "sort things out" in life he's the person to help you do so. Although I know women use psychics more than men. He has also told me I will find love this year. As long as he's a smart, naughty and nice gent, I'm open.

Friday night my slave arrived. It had been since November that we had met. I sensed he needed some space but finally I reached out and asked, "where are you?"

He arrived at 8pm and got undressed, donning his collar and leash. He mixed us cocktails and we sat and talked about the why of his absence. I had a feeling that he needed the emotional space. I was correct.

He had said he was feeling very submissive that day and what did I have planned. We've done a lot but I had something new up my sleeve.

We headed into the playroom and I unwrapped a roll of saran. I told him to put his hands at his sides as I began at his shins and headed upward, wrapping the saran around his body, leaving a space in his butt, penis, mouth/nose and eyes.

When I finished one look at him had me break out in laughter. I couldn't help it but for a submissive that is music to their ears. It IS what many want. Humiliation. For most of us that is alien. I don't judge because it is part of their soul.

I asked him if he could walk to the edge of the bed and collapse on the bed. He did with great difficulty. Then I teased his penis until he was throbbing. I made him roll over. Again with great difficulty while I donned my largest strap on. He wanted to try and see if he could take it. It was way too big so I switched to a smaller glass one. A condom on the end, lots of lube and I slide into him. He, moaning as I stroked him.

I instructed him that he could not cum and to stand up. I started to unwrap him and he had had enough of being confined and tore off he wrap.

I wrapped my arms around him and praised him and then.......we embraced the chemistry that is always occurs between us. No sub, no dom. Just two horny people having a great time. Lost in lust. It's also his reward for obeying. I get to enjoy his excellent tongue.

Time to cool things down. Last evening I went to see The Imitation Game. Excellent! I highly recommend. American Sniper will be later this week.

It's 28 now and dropping like a stone tonight with the snow on the way. My Sis, I and her S O are heading to hear the Capital District Youth Orchestra with choirs in a performance of Carmina Burana this afternoon. One of my all time favorite choral works.

So no Boston this week. I'll be available in Albany for all kinds of fun. I'll also be working on the text and content for my new Yes! Finally! And I should get to see the proofs from the shoot and get them to Veda Designs in time. Fingers crossed.

While plans have been changed, the universe knows best. Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/18/2015 - Get Ready to Laugh
Hello Boys,

My sister sent me this. To remind me these guys are human after all.

Still is good.

1/16/2015 - Save My Number
Hello Boys,

It's brutal here. Cold and windy. I haven't gotten out of my PJ's today. I didn't roll up my BP companion ad so it's been quiet. We had a big round up here in the Capital District.

We have a huge problem with Chinese organized crime here. They not only bring in undocumented workers for the restaurants they have "body work/massage" places, nail salons, reflexology salons all over the Capital District. They hit 3 yesterday.

There are many more. And it's happening all over the country. So more scrutiny everywhere. I'm even hearing that NYC is trying to lure out gals for outcall. They don't want to go to the work of inventorying someone's abode. Plus they don't want to work on the streets. These days, being a NYC guy in blue is like being a target. THAT I would not wish on any of them. Still, gears are being shifted.

I suspect the feds have pumped a lot of money into this effort. Personally, I think stopping the under age or any age slave traffic of Asian women is a very good thing. I'm glad to see this. But we all know how it works. Everyone gets painted with a broad brush. Less work.

So, memorize my number. If you don't see a fresh ad up on BP go up to the search box on the top left hand side of the page and type in; goddess, cougar, milf, gilf, mature. Guess who will pop up?

You can always find me on the upscale sites. Or Google me. But it's only a matter of time..... Northern Ireland and Sweden now have laws on their books to make it illegal to pay for favors. And if they catch you on an internet site and are convicted you are listed as a sexual predator.

I'm not going to go on a rant about how ridiculous this all is when it's between two consenting adults. I've never understood why abortion is a woman's right to chose in this country but she can't charge for a date. Hypocritical!

On a happier note, things are great. I'm feeling great and managing to keep warm. Of course my power bill will be huge but I don't care. I'm not skimping on the heat and freezing my buns off like I did in Saratoga. Life is too short to be cold if you don't have to be.'s toasty here. The sheets are warm. The candles are lit. The music is sexy and so am I.

All the fetish gear is handily hanging on the wall if you want it. If you don't, you do know that we have all the usual options don't you? Naughtiness comes in lots of forms at Chez Anneke.

Come on over. The 20th is a new photo shoot. The 26-28 I'll be in Boston. February 24th is the departure date for Florida. Times a wastin'. You can always call just to say hello. I love hearing from old friends.

Life is good. Even though it's cold it's beautiful outside.

Your Always Naughty Girlfriend,

1/01/2015 - Happy New Year!
Hello Boys,

It was a stellar ending to 2014. I couldn't have planned a nicer week if I'd tried. Yes, the temperatures dropped outside but inside it was hotter than hell.

My new sub session on Monday turned into an afernoon of sensual delights. He was nervous at first but after we established the boundaries and what he really desired things settled down and passion took over. It was delicious.

I'm finding that a lot of guys who have seen Pro Dommes over the years really have wanted that sensual element to their encounters. I can almost see and feel a sigh of relief when they realize our time together is going to be VERY different. They don't have to end things on their own. Or be totally denied that. They can be kissed and they can touch and they can And be pleased. Not so with most Pro Dommes.

Those who want hardcore stuff don't contact me again once they realize it's sensual domination. Much different. And I'm also finding that my version of this world is unique. It's always good to be in a niche, in anything.

All that aside, I wanted to be able to convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for making 2014 such a lovely, successful and sensual year. Even if I don't write down the 10 things I'm grateful for every morning, I'm expressing them out loud as I go through my day. And YOU boys, are always on that list.

One of my boys gave me a lovely Macy's gift card. A personal friend another after we'd dined together at 677 Tuesday evening. The dinner was my gift to him. He had goodies all wrapped and the gift card included. After, back at home for coffee, we yakked about what an amazing year this has been for both of us.

Wednesday, old and relatively new friends came a calling. The new one, another fetish fantasy partaker. The rest of the day was spent shopping with my gift cards and getting ready to go out for New Year's Eve.

I did something very different this year. I went to Roxxi Tart's 20's Burlesque Review. It was set in an old landmark Albany Italian restaurant that is only used for special events. The neighborhood is not what it used to be. Sad to say, downtown and uptown Albany are not either. The ghetto has moved west. Crime is high and one has to be very careful after dark.

So I took a cab and arranged for a pick up after the show. The cast and crew were awaiting our arrival. All in 20's period attire. It was going to be a small venue, 40-60 folks I'd say.

A small pay as you go bar. The bartender absolutely clueless about how to make drinks but when I asked if I could just have a bottle of champagne for my place setting they found one. When I asked how much, I gasped when they said, $20. I wasn't going to complain about the bar service any more.

The host found an ice bucket, popped the cork and poured my first glass. It was buffet seating as well as buffet appetizers.

I asked a group if I could join them. They said yes and it was a smart decision. I wound up exchanging info with my gay seat mate who does a drag queen show on Friday nights. As my friend Lady Femina said today when she asked how it was, "well you take the nudist resort out of the girl but you can't take the girl out of the resort." I can't help it. I just have to have friends in my life who are not vanilla.

The show was hilarious. Female and male strippers of all shapes and sizes in absolutely gorgeous 20's attire. The required comedian and a real sword swallower. This was strip tease the way it used to be. Where the gals/guys actually dance to a sexy routine, provocatively shedding their gloves, their clothes, corsets, bras to reveal tiny panties and pasties. Elegant and sexy.

My favorite stripper must of weighed 300 pounds. But she had the grace and moves of a dancer. The swarth of pearls she wore around her torso, swung sensually as she swayed her huge hips. It was a sight to behold! In fact, none of the girls were skinny. All healthy, voluptuous ladies who were totally confident about themselves and their bodies. I loved it!

The show ended at 12:30 and we all bid adieu with promises to meet again. I'm going to his show some Friday night. It might even be tomorrow night.

Getting the cab home turned into an ugly little scene. The efficient and polite folks who picked me up had gotten swamped and farmed out the overflow to someone else. After a few choice words I got him to take me home. I'd shopped and shopped for someone to give real service. And related that I'd go out at night more often if I could find someone first class to drive. They had promised they would be it.

Well, they got half of it right so I will give them another chance. Yeah, I work hard to treat my friends well so I expect the same in return, don't you?

Still, it was a great evening and I'm looking forward to an exciting 2015.

Happy hour begins right after my yoga workout now.

Life is fabulous! My best wishes for the best New Year ever!

Love and Hugs,

12/29/2014 - Home and Horny
Hello Boys,

I'm back in my sexy home. I arrived late Friday evening. The temperature was about 30, same as when I left, so I didn't cringe from the cold. I'd parked in the garage the day of departure. I hadn't been able to get a cab that morning. The absolute rudest service I'd ever experienced trying to get to the airport. Don't ever use Capital Land Taxi. This is two airport excursions and both have been a disaster. They are totally unprofessional and have no idea what service means.

I had a fabulous week long visit to the nudie resort. But I'm very happy to be home in my cozy love nest. It's 32 right now, high of 37 today. Gray, dreary but mild for this time of year.

I'm not tan. There were only two days of sunshine my whole week in Florida. Say spray tan? I didn't mind. I went to hang with friends who are family to me. This might be a yearly tradition.

While I came back 3 pounds heavier I've lost most of it already. I have a photo shoot January 20th so I want be camera ready. Hell, I want to be camera ready for anyone who walks through my door and for MYSELF. I'm a Leo, as you are probably sick of hearing. We like to look in the mirror. And see someone attractive looking back at us. So I never go out the door without lipstick at least.

In fact, it's an opportunity to get jazzed up every day. My stylist at the hair salon always teases me because I am all decked out. They think it's "cute" that this older chick is fashionable. So are we supposed to wear feed sacks when we're a Senior Citizen? If you saw my friends in Florida you'd know that just isn't an option.

I love how they all take care of themselves. It's the hottest bunch of mature ladies anywhere. As Lady Femina says, "It's like a MILF BOMB exploded."

More like a GILF BOMB actually. After that fabulous fetish party on the 20th it would have been hard to top the naughtiness but I tried. Between shopping, visiting friends and friendly friends it was a delightfully full week.

Christmas Eve I spent with Mandi McGraw and her S O and friends. YES....the porn star. Google her. She's hotter than hell and has been a friend for years.

Christmas Day I had two, not one Christmas meals. My old friend from London and his gal invited me for a traditional English lunch. Turkey, piles of steaming vegetables and mashed potatoes and LOTS of white wine. Then on to Lady Femina's for Prime Rib and more wine. Great fun and I waddled home.

What surprised me were all the requests for adventures on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There are a lot of lonely people in the world. But those times were for my family of friends.

I have a new sub visiting for a session this morning. He's insistent on trying to top from the bottom so we've been having this little power struggle, in a nice way, over what I'm going to do to him. It's going to be hot and interesting. I'll let you know the details.

Lest you think my weekend back was boring a younger, very hung new friend drove to the Albany area Saturday night. I picked him up and brought him back to Chez Anneke. After lots of chatter I grabbed his head and kissed him and the fun began.

He told me he crossed 2 or 3 items on his bucket list. One, being with a squirter. Let rest? Let's just say he has the equipment and the body to film with. We're planning on doing so when it works with my schedule. VERY hot!

I am NOT going to Vegas for AVN. Although I think I am going to sneak a trip in this spring. I have an offer to film out there and maybe more than once. I want to be in good shape to do so.

So downtown Boston is still on the calendar. I've added a detour to Stamford, CT at the end of it because there is a piano recital with Garrick Ohlsson I want to attend Saturday evening. So, I'm giving you plenty of warning Stamford. So many of you have asked when I'm coming back. I'm coming back!

Gotta run and get ready for my new sub. Those of you who prefer a sensual session, don't worry, I'm not going dom on you. I'm still your GFE with no strings. It's fun to mix it up. Keeps me on my stilettos.

Life is Good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/21/2014 - Oh What a Night
Hello My Naughty Boys,

It's 70ish and raining. No sun tanning today. Yesterday I snuck in about an hour. I've lived in Florida long enough to know to take it easy and use lots of sunscreen.

The weather has been beautiful although the locals are complaining it's been chilly. Leaving 30 and coming to the sixties and seventies isn't a hardship for me. But I get it. You get used to warm weather.

The plane ride down was uneventful, thank the 7th floor. After my last trip here, my fingers were crossed. No emergency landings this time.

After unpacking and shopping for food, I prepared dinner and then headed over to Lady Femina's. I'd brought a bottle of Prosecco and my boi and I shared it. The three of us catching up with months of news, even though we do email while they are in Europe.

In a bit Lady Terrice and her beau stopped in too. We were sitting on the porch having a talk fest. Laughter always abounds and since we three are all in the same line of work, swapping stories. The guys always have their mouths hanging open. We all have plenty of juicy stuff to share.

A couple of bottles of Prosecco with my boi and I headed home. A little shaky on my pins but feeling great. As I'd been sitting there with my buds it dawned on me this was exactly why I came. To hang out with a circle of friends. Something I never get to do at my Upstate NY home. I have to be so careful who I include in my private life.

Down here, no one gives a rat's ass what anyone does as long as it's consenting. And let me tell you, there are a LOT of consenters here.

Saturday morning I was moving a little slow but a couple of great cups of coffee and a banana and I was on my way to the great adventure. Steinmart. If you wonder where I get some of my sexy dresses it's there.

I shop for my own Christmas presents. After all who knows what I want and need better than myself? My sister and I don't exchange gifts. I send them to my grandkids and kids but under the tree is usually empty. This trip to Florida is my gift to me too. Being with friends is what I love more than anything. Well, almost anything.

Once home I headed over to Lady Femina's to help her with her preparation for last night's Christmas Fetish party. On the way, one of her friends from up north had arrived. My boi had given him a tour of the resort. Gal pals along the way gladly gave him a show and he was looking a little shell shocked. He said he'd seen more boobs in 5 hours than he had in years.

I said, "welcome to our nudist resort."

I headed back to my condo to change. Fetish party means; leather, vinyl, pvc, outrageous and slut wear. I was wearing a leather hip cut teddy with safety pins lining the edges of the low cut neckline and fish net panty hose. 5 inch bootie sandals completed the get up.

My hair stylist blew me out pin straight this week so it looked great with the leather. Yes, we took pics. My boi will send them to me and hopefully I can put them on Twitter. And Facebook.

As the guests arrived their NJ friend's jaw was to the floor. Black corsets, bare breasted bustier's, tiny leather mini dresses, platform heels and boots, Sheer this, tight that, everyone oozing sex and power. It was a hot, hot scene.

In walked this tall, gorgeous younger guy. Caucasian, built like a brick house and hung. His parts only covered by a leather thong kilt. Topped with a sequin Santa hat he was a sight. I'd meant to introduce myself but got doing something else.

All of a sudden we noticed there were hardly any guests in the living room. I looked down the hall and everyone was crowded outside the play room door. All the walls and ceiling are painted an orange/red. Lighting strips line the walls. Mirrors, whips, chains from the ceiling, a gynecological table accessorize the room. Erotic art adorns the walls.

As I peeked around the corner, the hunk was on his knees, chained, with clothes pins all over his scrotum. One of the mistresses was using a riding crop on his gorgeous ass. He was crying thank you.

I hear my boi call, "Goddess Anneke, come in." The last mistress had stepped away and handed me the crop. I got behind him and pulled on the parts that didn't have clothes pins. And then smacked his delicious ass with the crop. I reached around from behind and pinched his nipples. He moaning in ecstasy. I kneeled behind him and bent over and took his ear in my teethn leaving a trail of bites down his back. A few more licks of the crop and more "discipline" and then moved on. My boi all excited watching me in action. He said I'd learned a lot.

I don't know about that but when you are in that environment inspiration visits. Lady Femina had instructed him to leave the clothes pins on until 10pm and not leave the room. He obeyed.

Finally we saw him back in the kitchen and one of my friends lifted the little flap of leather that covered him and started to stroke his cock. He immediately sprang to action, a huge piece of man meat. The next we knew, she was down on her knees taking him in her mouth.

What a show! Now the place was starting to warm up and I heard moans from one of the bedrooms. One gal was being f====d by one of our BBC's. Another was on the massage table and someone was tormenting her with a uv electric wand. Your body becomes the conduit so the person who was sucking her nipples was also getting a shock. How do I know this? Been there, done that. It's not painful at all and really, really hot.(smiles)

The leather clad married GILF's were having a field day with our submissive hunk. And he was enjoying every moment.

A moment later, he, I and another hot gal were discussing our squirting abilities. Off he and she went and the last I saw was her legs in the air while he dived into her pussy.

And so it went. I was having a blast watching everyone. Totally turned on but taking a back seat.

Until the hunk came back, came up to me and kissed me. I kissed him back and asked, "didn't you cum?" He replied he played at these parties and rarely did. I told him that if we were going to play he was going to cum. Another deep kiss and I grabbed him by his penis and led him into the other room. My boi had already put the squirt pad on the bed. They all knew better.

My hunk dove in and in seconds I was drenching his face. I heard him moan and dive in more. Soaking wet, I flipped him over onto his back and said, "it's your turn." My boi sat in the chair to watch with others as I proceeded to take all of him in my mouth.

He flipped me over again, we suited and lubed up and he slid his huge cock between my legs. My boi also moaning while watching. My legs were in the air and Mr. Hunk was plowing away. Finally, pulling the condom off and releasing in my mouth.

He collapsed and we had a long pillow talk time. We'd earlier discussed filming together when I return in March so're going to eventually see us on film. We look great together and he's fun. He's experienced in filming, a complete and total gentleman and a delight to look at and enjoy.

We dried off and I wrapped up in a blanket, joining our friends on the porch, arms around each other. Just new friends, nothing more. But I love the way we make new friends here.

I got home around 2 and it took me a while to get to sleep. Too wound up. I had a 9am visitor so I willed myself to sleep. Happily I was able to do so. I've known him for years. He had driven all the way from Rome,GA to see me. Yes 8 hours each way. What can I say? There are not that many of us older, wild GILF's in this biz. We are appreciated by more than a few.

A cup of coffee with Lady Femina after and then a jaunt to Skyline Chili in Clearwater.

I'm taking it easy tonight. PBS is on here Sunday nights too. I've had more fun in two days than any one person could deserve. I'll be happy to have a quiet evening at home.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/19/2014 - Leaving on a Jet Plane for Naked Fun
Hello Boys,

I'm almost packed. Heading to the Albany airport soon. It's another gray, damp day so the promise of sun and seventies in Tampa this afternoon is VERY appealing.

It's been a fabulous week. I've been busy wishing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in person. Thank you all for the visits, the gifts and the O's! What a fabulous week and about to get even better.

If you can't tell I am SO excited to be headed south and I wanted to say goodbye to my Capital District friends and wave hello to my Tampa Bay ones. I'll be there late this afternoon. YES, I'll be available.

I'm even more excited to know that I've secured a place in the nudie resort for the month of March 2015 and perhaps longer. That means I'll be heading south the last week of February. So, it will be a quick week down with something to look forward to all winter.

Actually, this one hasn't been bad so far. Not too much snow or too many prolonged cold days. A warm coat and good boots takes care of the chill in the air. Very tolerable.

But knowing I'll be heading back after two more months of winter is SO wonderful. I just can't express how thrilled I am.

Lots of naughtiness planned for Florida. I wouldn't have it otherwise nor would you. If you don't have the opportunity to be bad over the holidays save it for my return. I'll be available December 27th. New Year's Eve is still there for you too.

I'll keep you updated this week if........I have time.

Life is so good! My best wishes for a fabulous Holiday for you and yours.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/13/14 - A Rare Day on the Calendar
Hello Darlings,

No, that date cannot happen more than once every hundred years. Kind of magical isn't it?

So far, it's been a fabulous day for me and a fabulous year. And believe it or not, I am enjoying winter. Especially since I'm not freezing my butt off this year. That old Victorian apartment was beautiful but it was SO cold in the winter.

It's still cold outside. 34 at the moment and heading downward tonight. It's 4:06 on this Saturday afternoon and darkness will be here soon. This time of year, so close to the Winter Solstice, the days are getting very short.

But I like it. I know, another weird thing about me. There is a coziness to the darkness. I love dining after it's dark out. I can light the candles and the world seems more elegant and intimate.

I started my day out with a fun romp at 9am then headed out for errands and a diner lunch. I love great diners. And they are cheap. Then back in time to relight all the candles and have MORE fun.

My old friend Mr. Fisher is on his way next. We almost always get together right before the Holidays. We'll have a bottle of champagne, some wonderful triple crème brie along with a couple of other stellar cheeses and then warm up the almond oil.

Chill music playing. Candles lit everywhere. The playroom very warm and my new tacky aluminum Christmas tree that someone had left next to the trash bin all aglow. It's very bordello like with all the red little lights and the gaudy things hanging from it. I think very appropriate for the room. VERY red.

I have a new dress I'm wearing tonight. It's a form fitting black, long sleeved knit mini. With tiny gold nail head trim just at the shoulders. NOT low cut at all. Elegant and sexy. Fishnet hose and black suede booties with some gold trim. Big gold earring and a huge gold cuff bracelet. Not quite Jersey Shore. But......almost. The high neckline keeps it classy. The fishnet stockings and bold jewelry hint at naughty.

It's coming off to put it back on after playtime and a shower. All that oil lathered all over our bodies. Ya know?

He likes to retire early so I will arouse him early tomorrow morning. In all ways. Then French toast, bacon, fresh grapefruit, coffee, juice if he wants it.

Then I drive to NYC and an open house at a friend's. The train was $175 round trip. They jack the fare up just like the airlines. It's only 150 miles so I'll stop at Sis's on the way back to wish her Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

We're going our separate ways for the Holidays. Me to Florida. She also south to family she is close to.

Still no plans for New Year's Eve. One local hotel had a great package with one of my favorite groups the Audiostars but they don't want single women. I guess they think I won't spend enough and they want the double reservation. I get it but once again, like cruise ships, those of us who are single get penalized.

I'm sure I'll find something to do. Perhaps a movie and a late dinner, or vice versa. That is if no one wants to play. I would have liked to have stayed in Florida but my condo's owner is coming in the afternoon of the 26th to stay for 4 months. My leasing guru is looking into accommodations for March/April. He says he thinks he can find something.

Not sweating it. Whatever is supposed to be will be. I'm kind of interested to see what it will be like here in January and February.

I realized this week that I have a guardian angel. My grandson passed in June of 2000 at age 12 and I've always known he is near by. But some inner wisdom finally made me realize that he's been more than just watching. He's been protecting. I had a reading with my life coach/psychic the other day and he confirmed that he has been looking out for me. Particularly in this job. It's very sweet knowing this. He was a wild one but he loved his "hippy grandma." I miss him and I thank him for watching out for me.

We all have them you know. Those who love us and have left and look after us. That's a great comfort to me. Especially during this wonderful time of year.

I love the holidays and I send my very best wishes for a blessed time for you and yours. Save some naughty moments for me. They are blessings in their own right.

Life is good. Opa!

Love and Kisses,

12/09/2014 - It Is Raining and I Am Horny
Hello Boys,

It's 34 and raining. But the weather man says the temperature is going up and it's going to continue to rain. I hope he's right.

While snow is sure purty it's a pain in the butt. Still, cold and soggy has made a yukky day and I'm staying put. I haven't stuck my nose outside my door.

Thankfully one of my oldest friends stuck his nose and more through MY door at 9am this morning. As always we had a great time of it but even that didn't satisfy my longings today. I've had to take matters into my own hands twice already and it's only 5pm.

If the temperature stays up my videographer and I might work together tonight. I'll just say we're strategizing.

This past week I advertised for male talent on BP. A plethora of requests but then I got to thinking...I wonder what the law is in NY State. Much to my horror it's ambiguous with these caveats; 1. Don't film porn in NY State or 2. Don't film porn and get caught in NY State. Geez Louise. They don't call this the Nanny State for nothing. Talk about big brother. But the truth is California is the ONLY state where it's legal to do adult films. Gulp! Not saying another thing.
So, the ad came down and I wrote to all who replied. "Project on hold until I ascertain the legality of filming." End of subject until I know.

On another note I've had some break throughs these past few days. I've been on a journey for the last year or so to be more open to what life has in store for me and to more fully and deeply connect to the energy of the universe. We're all part of that you know. Every thing on this earth. I got the biggest kick out of watching 60 minutes and their program about Cremona, Italy where the famous Stradivarius violins were made.

In the end, they showed a solo violinist out in the middle of the woods where the trees are harvested for the violins they still make. Oh people were listening but he was playing for the trees. You probably think I'm a weirdo but I got it.

You don't know that I studied violin for two years before I gave it up just to study piano.
Why I had to make that choice I'll never know but I had to. So I love the violin and the symphony. It's sad to me that so many don't appreciate the music. Most never having been exposed to it growing up. Thankfully I was and so were my children. And although my son is the most unpretentious guy you'd ever know he loves classical music. So does my daughter.

In fact, I pulled out my keyboard, stand, headphones, Christmas Music and sat down for a long time today. The shorter little finger wasn't even a thought. I was worried after the accident happened but it didn't even occur to me while I was happily playing. It's working just fine.

A big factor in what you enjoy in life is what you are exposed to as a child. I've often asked my cross dresser friends why they do what they do. Invariably it's a mom, aunt, grandmother who loved to dress. And as a small boy, they would see them getting ready to go out. It made an impression.

As far as wearing leather and wanting to be tied up and spanked,I haven't a clue. I'm still trying to understand why some are subs and some are doms. Naturally. When I find out, I'll let you know.

My old friend this morning's last encounter with me was a domination session. Just for the hell of it. He said this morning, I prefer the sensual one on one. I said, "well, you tried it and now you can move on."

We all like what we like and I'll say it again as long as it occurs between CONSENTING ADULTS it should not be anyone's business what goes on behind closed doors. There are things I will not do. But I don't look down my nose at those that do. If they are consenting it's their gig. And I refuse to be looked down upon for my path in life.

You know who still doesn't get that. Neither do our Puritan forefather hypocrites in power. So, let's all be careful, picky, screen and do what the hell we want to do. And keep my number memorized.

So, twenty something gorgeous webmaster/videographer tonight maybe. Will I? I've asked advice about this one. The men say yes the girls say no until they see him. Then it's oh hell yes! I'm not going to tell either way but it will be something for you to fantasize about after you read this.

Life is good. Ha!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...YES! I am SO ready for Florida! So keep me distracted until I head for the airport.

12/04/2014 - Love the Joy While You Have It
Hello Boys,

COLD today and colder tonight for the Victorian Stroll in downtown Saratoga. Yes, the coat is coming out and Sis and I will be strolling, drinking, eating and listening to great music. They know how to do events up there.

I have one more night needed for my top level at my hotel chain for 2015. Those of you who travel for work know it makes a difference. So I bought 4 different reservations to achieve that goal. All around my area. Inexpensive stays still count as much as an expensive one. So we're using one of those to enjoy the night and not have to drive home.

It has been the weirdest week but it was self caused. I posted 3 ads on BP. One for the usual me, the 2nd for fetish sessions and the 3rd advertising for male talent for Anneke to film with. It has been an absolute hoot. But I knew that putting up a fetish ad would be. You have NO idea the stuff folks want and need to do. If it's not my thing, I politely decline.

Until one called me today who was already in my phone. Tickler. Wants to torment you with tickling. In other words he's looking for a submissive. I declined before and I declined again and when he got pushy I said, with an edge to my voice, "I've spoken to you before and we've already ascertained that I am not the person for you." He replied calling me a bitch. (controller, big surprise) I replied that I had replied politely. He told me I had an attitude and that I didn't want business. I told him, "f--- y--" and hung up! Yeah, moi. I really said that. And promptly blocked him.

Listen, I'm a nice person but don't be disrespectful and try to tell me what to do. I had too many years of that in my marriage and guess what? Never again. Not even in business.

So I fumed for a bit, being upset with myself for saying that and losing it. Until self said, "oh come on, he was being pushy and rude. Get over yourself."

I'm one of those folks who chew over after how I act in anger at times. While Leo's are egotistical we also want to please everyone and have this tendency to think we should be perfect. It's just not possible in life. And life itself isn't perfect. It's all about how you handle the day to day.

So when I saw this little quote above, "Love joy while you have it" I smiled. It's about enjoying every moment IN the moment. Don't you know people who have a great life but they can't see it because they are so worried about what might happen in the future? Or they don't have everything they want and can only fixate on that instead of what is good and beautiful right in front of their face.

I know them and I know you do too. I want to shake some of them and say, "Wake up! And if you do wake up in the morning you will determine that you will be happy. And be thankful for every single joyful nuance that life brings your way. It makes a big difference in your happiness quotient.

Then, not having a 10,000 inch flat screen or the latest Mercedes won't defeat you in life. There is a lot to be joyful for in this world. Let's start noticing what those things are and being thankful for each and every one of them. Especially this time of year.

Now come and see me and I'll show you how grateful and thankful I am you showed up. :-)

Love and Hugs,

11/29/2014 - Turkey Day and Turkeys
Hello Boys,

It's 28 at the moment. The old heat is cranking away and we're toasty warm. LuLu has been with me since noonish Thursday. We've had fun having a girl's Thanksgiving retreat.

Luckily, we didn't have to be totally celibate. While many asked few were able to follow through with meeting. Hey it's a holiday weekend. But those we did.....lots of fun!

Nine inches of snow Wednesday and early Thursday night. All the walkways and driveways were cleared where I live by 6:30. The roads were dry when I headed to the train station around noon.

I'd brined the turkey the day before and made the stuffing, fresh cranberries and pumpkin pie. Yes, a traditional meal for sure. One that LuLu said she actually preferred. NO green bean casseroles thank you! Instead, fresh brussel sprouts steamed and then sautéed in bacon, tossed with Regianno Parmesano. Mashed potatoes with garlic. LuLu made a delicious gravy. And my family traditional dish, Scalloped Oysters.

Big fat gulf shrimp, cheeses and crackers with a Veuve Clicquot, then a big martini and finally a great pinot noir. We dined and wined ourselves well.

Tuesday I'd spent my whole afternoon getting new tires, a battery and an alignment at Sear's. Their service department is a challenge as it seems every crabby old guy works there. And hates it. Still, the mechanics did a good job and I went on my way after 3 hours. Then it was on to the movies to see Mockingjay. I've loved this whole series, books and movies.

The snow began late Wednesday morning and I was very glad I had new tires. But the day was something else. Every weirdo, time waster and the local gendarme called to try and arrange a date or pretend to do so. Finally a pre-screened gent made it through the door around 5:30, braving the snowstorm. We're made of tough stuff up here in the Northeast.

We had a glass of one of the Gewurtztraminer's I picked up on my wine tour in September and retired to the playroom. He's accustomed to a weekly rub and tug but he told me that although my donation was much higher than that it was a world class location and experience. I smiled and said, "and that's what it's supposed to be. You deserve the best."

The storm continued and the snow was still falling as I hit my pillow. Thanksgiving morning was a wonderland. The temperatures had dropped and the snow was sticking to the bare branches and the dark evergreens. Absolutely breathtaking!

On Friday, LuLu and I bundled up and walked the mile around our complex in the cold sunshine. It was a picture postcard of winter.

So we girls have had a lovely 3 days. Had some naughty fun and caught up on all the news of our lives. She'll be back for those of you who couldn't "get away" this visit.

Here's a little funny courtesy from LuLu.


1. If a gal wants to see your dick she will ask.
2. If you're not sure if a gal has asked for a dick pic, she hasn't.
3. Your dick is not magical and a woman is not going to fall in love with you upon seeing it.
4. Dicks don't make most gals mindless sex obsessed zombies like boobs do most men. (present company excluded)
5. Dicks don't photograph that well...just saying.
6. If you want a gal to like you engage her brain and her heart.
7. I promise that if a gal likes you she will BEG for a dick pic but you'll ruin your chances by sending it before then.

Luckily boys, most of US gals, you know who I mean, do like all the above if you follow through with a date. Just be safe and don't send a pic ever.

Life is good. Especially when there are plenty of dicks.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

11/24/2014 - The End of An Era
Hello My Boys,

And girls who read this. This is just a shortie. Tonight was the very last episode of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot on PBS's Mystery Theater.

I feel like I just lost a dear friend. Seems silly doesn't it? But in a world of crummy programming and reality tv Mystery Theater was a bastion of civilization in a world that is becoming increasingly uncultured and ill mannered. After 25 years of impeccable portrayal of the little Belgian Suchet will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace Hercule and thank you David Suchet. You've given me/us so many hours of joy.

And after a new hot friend today that I totally clicked with, it was a very good day.

Life is good. I'm most thankful for those small little pleasures that come with it as well as the thunder boomers.

Love and Hugs,

PS...pardon the wrong dates on my last update. I knew you'd figure it out.

11/23/2014 - A Chuckle
Hi Boys,

I hope you are enjoying this weekend before the madness of Thanksgiving week. When you've had enough family time don't forget a little "trip" to Home Depot is a good excuse to escape.

One of my friends shared this;

"Good pussy ain't cheap. And cheap pussy ain't good."

There's nothing else to add.

Life is good.


12/22/2014 - Winter is Here
Hello My Darling Boys,

I's gray and 36. A whooping 18 this morning at my sister's just south of me. I drove down to attend an Open House decorating thing with her last evening. Spent the night and then we went on to help an acquaintance of hers determine how best to liquidate his mother's estate. Since my son is his roommate I got to wish my oldest child a happy birthday and drop off a little gift in a Hoops and Yo Yo card. He'd forgotten. Swear to God.

We did not have the piles of snow Western NY received, thankfully. I know I'm sure not ready for that. If I can throw on a warm coat, scarf and gloves and walk out the door without shoveling I don't mind winter. Thankfully, where I live now, I won't need a shovel. They do it for us. I also have covered parking for my wheels. It won't be a repeat of the last two years of shoveling my car out every snowstorm.

Saratoga was a great little city but parking in an alley behind my apartment was not a bonus in the winter. The city didn't plow it. Thankfully, I was in Florida for most of that mess last year. I had enough moments while I was there to last me a long time. So glad I don't have to do it again.

The squirrel battle continues for those of you who wrote and offered advice. I've replaced all the seed with Safflower so the squirrels hate it. Unfortunately, the little pigs hogging the feeder drove the birds away. It will take a few more days for my birdies to return.

One of the funniest sights this week was a flock of Canadian geese trying to cross the frozen pond out my back door. The alpha goose led, tip toeing across the ice. The rest carefully following. It was a very humorous parade but they made it without a slip or fall. The animal kingdom is pretty amazing!

No smoked filled fires in the apartment this week. One visitor had requested a romantic fire but I did not comply. Wasn't taking the chance and he asked so last minute I really didn't want to rush anything. I lit the candles.

I know I'll have to get over the possibility by lighting one again. I know why what happened the last time happened. I just don't want to waste the wood on only me. I'll get it cranked up when LuLu comes to visit this week for Thanksgiving.

YES we are doing doubles over the holiday. Just not during dinner. And if you are alone and we've met you may join us for dinner. No appointment required. Just bring some great champagne and what you drink. I'll supply the rest. 24 hour notice expected. Call me if you'd like to share our Thanksgiving meal.

A package arrived the other day from LuLu. Her beloved Herredura silver, 2 bottles of Veuve and a great bottle of Pinot Noir. If nothing else we will wine and dine well!

Hopefully, a little sumpthin, sumpthin will complete the holiday festivities. She'll be here Thursday noonish until late Saturday afternoon. I will probably have dinner around 5 or 6pm.

My annual Friday after Thanksgiving start the decorating for Christmas will begin on Sunday. I know you're so sick of hearing this but I love this time of year. I love putting my tree up and trimming the house. I'm only going to be in Florida a week so I want the place decked out for the holidays. Of course, LOTS of red. Everywhere.

Gets ME in the mood and YOU are the beneficiary!

It was a little quieter this week but I had friends visiting from 33 to 83 and there was no grass growing under the latter's feet. Some absolutely exceptional moments with all. Especially one Thursday. You know who you are. I'm a very lucky girl.

Life is good! But one can never have too many orgasms. Come on by!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

11/15/2014 - A TWO Thunderboomer Week
Hello Boys,

It's a nippy 27 at the moment. We had our first snowfall two evenings ago, late. A dusting of the powdery stuff was on the lawns yesterday morning. We've finally had that hard frost and I'll be tossing ferns and plants later today. It's time to clean up the patio.

Everywhere I go the stores have decorated for Christmas. Really? November 1st. That is almost two months until Christmas. I can understand folks shopping early as they try and budget their purchases but do we really need the remnants of Halloween and the appearance of Christmas at the same time?

We are a materialistic nation. One whose whole economy is based on retail sales and instant gratification. Oh, you know I like to shop as well as the rest but mine is an adventure to find the best bargain. I love paying next to nothing at yard sales for things for my home. Now I don't need another thing. And if it goes out of style, well I'll do something to make it over and use it again. Yankee ingenuity even for a fashionista.

I'd be very comfortable waiting until after Thanksgiving before the Christmas trim goes up in the stores. I used to love shopping those last two weeks before Christmas. There was a buzz in the air and an excitement about the holiday. Remember when they used to have Men's Nights at the upscale stores?

I won't get into the real meaning of it. This isn't the place. Although the sermon this past Sunday reassured me that God loves us all. Prostitutes, tax collectors and sinners. Yep, direct quote. While I digress with this line, I almost fell out of the pew. And smiled inside. I already knew that.

Continuing, I don't have to have the latest Iphon or computer. I'll wait until the gadgets I have give it up. I still haven't set up Amazon and Netflix on my Smart TV. That's how much it really matters. My car is approaching 130,000. It's lovely not having a payment. Since I've always kept up the maintenance it should make it to 200K. It's my thinking I might keep it and park it in Florida someday. Leasing something for up north. It's been a faithful means of transportation. While I've always missed the Z350 it never would have made it to this point.

I'm finally refinishing the dining room set I bought for $100 last spring. It's a Chinese red. Yes. As my Sis exclaimed, "Oh, La La!" The red was supposed to be the undercoat with a French white on top. Bits of red peeping through. But I kind of like the bold statement in the black/cream/gray décor in my place. The chairs are already done and a French white with a black and cream toile. I know your eyes are now glazing over. This gives it a pop. I think I'll leave it like this for over the holidays. I can always change it after. Just a little labor and paint. Reuse, repurpose, redo.

I've always been stimulated and aroused by the color red. So, for fall and winter, I've used little bits of it all over my apartment. In the playroom, it's more than a pop. There's a lot of that sexy red that I love. Truly looks like a den of iniquity. Which is my intent.

I'm wandering all over the place today aren't I? But one thing I have not forgotten were not one, but TWO Thunder Boomers this week. Oh, I always have smaller O's. Thankfully. The Thunder Boomers take time. And are always orally induced. For those who love dining I'm the beneficiary. Thanks boys!

What will this weekend bring? Not sure. A little fun later this morning. Then I need to find squirrel baffles for my feeders. They've taken over and driven the birds away. Little brazen rats in disguise. They sit right on the bar of the feeder that is supposed to close and drop them off. They look me in the eye right through the window. I've stopped having my coffee at the dining room window. I have NOT surrendered yet. Worst case, I go back to all safflower seed. They hate it.

What do I like? Kir Royales in front of a fire. Sexy jazz in the background. Lots of candles, low lighting and long, slow kisses. A tiny bit of tongue at first. Lots of lips. Then, as the passion deepens and my partner knows what the hell he's doing, more tongue. Hot hands caressing and encouraging. Clothes flying, skin against skin and lips, tongues everywhere. Then the world disappears for a while and two become one. One of life's greatest gifts.

And life is good. Enjoy your weekend my sexy friends. I know I will.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS....LuLu is here from Thanksgiving afternoon until Saturday mid-afternoon. Plan ahead.

PSS...Are you alone on Turkey Day? No where to go? If we've have an invite to join LuLu and I. Just bring a bottle of good champagne and whatever you like to drink. The rest is my treat. The food and the company will be great. Call to secure a place at the red table.

11/08/2014 - My Battle With The Squirrels
Hello Boys,

It's cold. 45 and heading to 39 at sunrise. I purr with delight every evening when I jump into bed. I have a heated mattress pad. I just LOVE it! Of course, I turn it way down or off just as I doze off to sleep.

Life's small pleasures really. Those are the things that really make life lovely. At least for me. That first cup of really good coffee in the morning. Looking out my dining room window at the bird feeders. Wait........not lately. Every time I look out there is a freaking squirrel defying gravity and hanging upside down or clinging to the tree trunk to steal my birdies food.

My sister even bought a squirrel proof feeder for me. But they don't know that. I put it up last weekend and have watched them help themselves every day. Yesterday I went to a wonderful nursery on Route 7 and paid big bucks for a double shepherd's hook holder. I put it in the middle of the yard, close to my window, and moved the feeders.

It wasn't 10 minutes and those little f-----s were hanging on the feeder. They climbed right up the metal pole. One of them jumped from the fence around my patio to land on the top of the hook.

I was not happy. There is plenty of natural food in the environment and they are just lazy pigs. I don't want to look out the window at a glorified rat eating all my expensive bird seed.

My sis and I compared notes and nothing worked. Finally in a fit of genius I dumped a few ounces of olive oil into a small bowl, added tabasco sauce and red pepper flakes. I tore off a hunk of paper towel and went outside and greased up the metal poles of the shepherd's hook.

It wasn't 2 minutes and the little pigs were back. What happened next made my day. They started up the feeder and went flying off into the air. They couldn't hang onto the greased pole. They tried it again. Same hilarious results. Then one, jumped from the fence and landed on the top of the hook, only to go flying because his claws and paws were all oily.

I jumped up and down in delight. They are still out there eating the remnants of fallen seed on the ground. That I don't care about. Round one goes to me.

Later me sister sent me a You tube video on squirrel proofing the feeder. The lady spread Crisco and red pepper flakes on a sheet of waxed paper, mixing them together. Then she spread them on the metal stands. Same result. The last thing I had texted to my Sis this morning was, "I'm going to buy some Crisco." It's wonderful when a plan comes together.

And you were hoping I was going to titillate you with tales of CUMMING. Well, I did that too this week only less times than I'd prefer. Election day scared the bejesus out of everyone I'd say. Although the results are hopeful. Enough of that.

Things didn't start to pick up again until Thursday. Today....NADA. I can't believe I'm sitting here on a Saturday night....horny...with no prospects of getting lucky in sight.

Oh well, it's football season. We girls know you all disappear when college and NFL football is in full swing. I even rolled up my ad titled, "Anneke Van Buren * I HAVE A TV and a Remote * Football Naughtiness." Then in the body of the ad, "Exceptional Plays between the Plays."

No takers..........yet.

Still I had a great day. Hair day, shopping, lunch out, more shopping, a nail repaired with Big Apple Red. a great in home Yoga session and meditation, a big Ketel One martini and a movie.

It's looking like I'm going to have to get my favorite porn online later and use the vibrator. Hey, a girl sometimes has to take matters into her own hands.

I've discovered St. Germain so I have an after dinner cocktail of Ketel One and that right now. Lots of ice and 2/1. Yummy!

All snuggly on a cold fall night. Life is good.
But I don't want too many more snuggly night's alone boys. Pick up that phone!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS....I think I'll be in Saratoga Tuesday for the night. I want to go to a munch and I have all the yearly Dr. appts. the next day. Sounds like an excuse to party in downtown Toga doesn't it? Yes, I'll be hosting.

11/02/2014 - You Cannot Make This Stuff Up
Hello Boys,

This was the first weekend with a nod that winter is just around the corner. We must have had a little frost last evening. My sweet potato vine looks like Old Jack gave it a little kiss.

I've recovered from my non-profitable trip to NYC. Thankfully my Albany friends have called and visited. My somewhat psychic Sis was right. I should not have gone. But I did get to meet Gina DePalma and hang with LuLu. Not all was lost. I'm going to listen more carefully to Sis from now on.

Thursday evening my slave boy came to visit. I had a meeting scheduled with my new tech guy at 10pm after his work got out. But slave boy beckoned and I couldn't work out the timing. I rescheduled my tech appointment. I have the makings of three new folks to film with in the works! All hot and young.

I'd purchased new beautiful opera length Italian leather gloves and they had finally arrived. He could not wait to feel them on his body and cock. If you haven't figured it out, he has a serious leather fetish.

As usual, I left the door unlocked and waited on my "throne chair" in the living room. I'd left his collar and leash in the bathroom, his dog bowl on the kitchen counter for his drink. (Hey, this is what HE wants.) He had written during the day to say he was having a work day from hell and so needed to be dominated that night. And tied up!

Instead of our usual makeout session after cocktails, I did not kiss him when he knelt at my feet. Patting his head, I asked him about his day. And said, "so you NEED dominating and being tied up, do you?" "Yes Mistress," he replied.

I lead him into the bedroom, placed him face down on the bed and fastened his left arm to the restraint, tying the remaining length of rope to his left ankle. He wasn't going anywhere.

I fastened a ball gag around his mouth and got out my strap on. I found a new smaller sized attachment for my Doc Johnson harness. One that most can take. The last one I bought is even smaller but just doesn't work properly. They have to fit tight to my body. After all, I need to be able to control what I do with my strap on cock.

I made him get up on his hands and knees, no small feat, hobbled as he was and mounted him from behind. He loved this new tool and moaned with pleasure.

Finally, he said he wanted to please me. Up until that moment, we hadn't kissed. I wanted him to feel truly dominated and starting with a make out session hardly achieves that. I had been very methodical with him to that point.

He's a world class kisser and that is enough to get me in high gear. Not to mention how he makes me feel as he gets between my legs. Holy Moly! The Goddess becomes the sub and the power is exchanged. Totally cool. Once again we exchanged roles and I used a vibrating toy before he mounted me. I do enjoy his serving me!

Friday I had a massage, ran errands, did some power shopping and got ready to head to my lovely dinner. Sometimes you just have to catch up. Especially because my weekends always seem to be busy.

There were no trick or treaters where I live and while my place was all decorated for Halloween and Samhain I was not in the mood to get dressed up and fight the amateurs and the drunks on the road. I dressed subtly sexy, sky high sandal booties with my leather tights and off I went. A little wine, dinner and a fab jazz trio. No one was in costume and when I mentioned to the bartender that I'd thought about wearing my custom fangs he said, "I would have loved it!" What a fab evening!

Saturday was no exception to fun as an old younger friend came a calling at 9am. I roll that BP ad up Saturday mornings. I've learned there are a lot of people visiting the Capital District on the weekends and that sometimes their S O is gone for the weekend. While the cats away the mice DO play. Or some are coming back from way Upstate or Vermont heading home on Sunday afternoons to NYC/NJ. Whatever the case, weekends are not the time to goof off.

A new friend called Saturday afternoon. He had the voice inflection and personality of a wet noodle but he screened ok. Still, I felt uneasy. Something about his lackluster response didn't bode well.

But I still pulled all the stops out. Candles all lit, lighting adjusted, music on, hair and makeup full glam. Cleavage galore. I even lighted a fire to enhance the mood.

Only about 2 minutes before his arrival the fireplace backed up and smoke started to pour into the room just as he pulled up and came in. I was not relaxed about this but tried to explain, apologize, welcome him and pour him a beer. All the while trying to get the damn flue open. Smoke was everywhere, I'm apologizing more, the smoke detectors are going off, he pulls them down and he now has that deer in the headlights look.

Thankfully, the smoke has not gone into the playroom and I've opened the doors and windows to air out the place. I suggest we go in the warm and smoke free play room. I'm in the playroom calling him but I realize he's no longer there.

He's run out the door and made a mad dash for his truck. I see it tearing out of the parking lot. Of course, I realize he freaked and rather than say, which would be understandable, "Anneke, I'm out of here. I'm not comfortable." He hid tail and ran.

Well you know I called him and you know he didn't answer. What a pussy! I did leave a message to that effect but also apologized.

Back in the smoke filled place I finally got the flue unstuck, turned the air on, opened all the doors, windows and cleared out the smoke. And....called the next friend who was coming by later.

I asked if he'd like to visit earlier and lucky me, he did. He said the place wasn't bad and we managed to have ourselves a wild time. He did agree the guy was probably scared the fire department would come and "catch him in the act."

Did I handle things correctly? Probably not. But it's water over the damn and his personality wasn't any better when he got through the door. See....ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! I should have just said that I was busy. Sometimes a little white lie is the lessor of two evils.

It's been a lazy Sunday. One called about a possible visit and another definitely wanted to visit on his way back to NYC from Lake George. Yeah, I am THAT close to the Thruway exit. It's great for all of us.

He was young, adorable and very tall. I poured us each a glass of Josh, chatted a bit and he showered, meeting me in the playroom. Round one and we had a little pillow talk time.

Finally, I asked, are you ready for round two? He said he was and mentioned all the strapons hanging on Goddess's wall shelf rack. He'd never partaken. I asked him if he'd ever had a prostate massage. No was the answer so I gloved up, lubed up and broke his cherry. He was a natural and when I inserted two fingers he groaned even more. I said, aha, I think it's time for the strapon.

On his hands and knees I got him ready and mounted him. He was in heaven and I rode HIM TO COMPLETION. Ha,,,I know how you feel.

PBS...Mystery Theater, lots of hot weekend sex, good food, booze and shopping.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Mistress/Goddess/Girlfriend,

10/29/2014 - The Legend Gina DePalma
Hello Boys,

It's my last hour or so in the city. As usual, I've decided to put a positive spin on this visit and life, despite my previous rant. That's me. It got worse but thankfully I wound up being able to cover expenses. I won't be back here for a long time to work.

But I will hop on the train in Rensselaer and head down to the city for the day. This trip was totally worth the time as I finally met the infamous and legendary Gina DePalma. Queen of New York Porn and the Texas Rub down.

LuLu is a straight forward and honest person and so it's no surprise that she and Gina have become friends. Gina is another one of those folks like us. Say it as it is. Genuine, frank and so funny. She is an absolute delight and a genuinely stunning woman. ery, very smart. High Cherokee cheekbones and an exotic look. She's a big gal and heads turn wherever she goes. If you get to NYC and have never met her, this is one of those Bucket List items. Of course, once you meet her, you'll probably want to do so again.

So I realized that this trip was about connections. And friends. Those who were gentlemen and showed up were absolute hotties. I guess I got the best of the best and the rest stayed home. Although I can't wait to get back to little Albany and my guys there. YOU are the best! Too bad I can't combine the best guys all in one location.

Hop onto to my Twitter page. Annekenordstrum. My hottie friend yesterday afternoon took a dynamite pic. I love it. I think you will too.

LOTS of leather and a hot, hot time. Phew....I'm getting horny just thinking about it. I had to put a pillow over my head when the BIG one hit. Thunder Boomer of the month award for sure sugar!

Life is good. Let's hear from you Albany friends. I'm not planning on going anywhere until Tampa, Dec. 19th.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

10/28/2014 - Rant About NYC
Hello Boys,

Don't read this is you don't want to hear me bitch. But do if you want to understand what we have to go through on tour. Especially in NYC.

I was almost completely booked, 2 weeks out. Still, some time here and there but feeling decent about the prospects. Until the cancellations started. And then the 2 hour no shows. And others. Car accidents, deaths in the family, family emergencies, meetings ran late, I was too tired after a hectic day, ad infinitum. Every excuse that is usually used showed up.

At $400 a night for a room, parking for the car, gas and tolls to get here, not to mention meals this is an exorbitant place to begin with. Then add no business and the cavalier attitude folks have and it's an insult. And absolute rude insult to those of us "working" girls.

I can't be angry with those who told me they couldn't make it. Ahead of time. But those who purposely set a date and then purposely don't show up really frost me. It's just plain mean. Just remember those of you who did this, karma can be a bitch too.

The phone was ringing off the hook on the way down but I asked folks to call back later to see if my appts had confirmed. Of course, they didn't call back. The mentality is all last minute, can I see you in 20 minutes. When it's someone I know I say yes. And then it's "well, let me call you back to be sure." Only to disappear. WTF?

Why in the hell would you call and ask for last minute when you don't know you have the time? What is wrong with these people? Would someone enlighten me?

It's not just me. I heard second hand about a WELL known porn star that she had 6 no shows. And it's the talk of the boards on TER. I actually wrote to my psychic wizard Alexx to see what was going on.

I'd had a really great reading Sunday with him and I felt tremendous positive energy as I saw the skyline of the city. It was almost overwhelming as I drove over the GW bridge. I thought, "Wow! This is gonna be great." NOT!

So, I'm going home tomorrow after I go to the Matisse exhibit at MOMA. LuLu has a membership and she's getting me in. And a hottie I have real, sizzling chemistry with is visiting this afternoon. Add an old friend who stopped by last night and the ones I HAVE played with have at least eased my libido if not my bank account. I'll be lucky to break even.

And I left good old provincial Albany behind for this? NYC might be the "greatest city in the world" but not for this gal this time. You're getting too big for your britches NY. You've lost your manners and your courtesy and you used to have them. I'll take my Smallbany any day of the week.

If I return it will be appointments with deposits up front only. And pigs can fly.

I awakened in the aftermath of a sizzling hot dream. I was making out with this really hot chick. That's a first. It's usually men in my dreams.

It's an absolutely glorious day in the city. I had a fabulous if not outrageously expensive pedicure this morning. RED shellacked toes. I LOVE getting my feet rubbed and pampered. Hint, hint. My hottie will be here at 1. I may meet LuLu and Gina DePalma for dinner. And there's still later this evening and tomorrow morning for fun in Manhattan.

Life is still good!

Love Those Of You Who Show Up,

10/26/2014 - Where Did The Week Go
Hello Boys,

It's Sunday morning and I'm having a lovely cup of coffee. It's a dreary day. Dark, rainy, 48 and piles of leaves are everywhere. Another harbinger that winter is lurking just around the corner. Even the Canadian geese have left for warmer climes.

Still, on a little detour through my old high school neighborhood's yesterday the sun was shining. These modest little neighborhoods still had beautiful color. The lawns neatly trimmed, pumpkins and mums on the front steps, it looked like fall hadn't progressed yet. I smiled.

I almost drove down the street of my school to see if there was a game that afternoon. But I had promises to keep. And miles of errands to run before I could keep them.

I finally found a parking spot at Trader Joe's. I'd heard they had unsweetened Aloe juice so I was making the trek. I found it and some small little frozen lobster tails for dinner. Add brussel sprouts that I would roast with garlic and a little feast for myself would happen that evening.

I've established a little weekend routine it seems. Either Saturday or Sunday I head to a little local tavern that has been there for decades. Some of the best home style Italian dining in the Capital District. Sans frills. The bartenders are pretty or handsome, depending on the time of day, the customers are regulars and friendly and it's inexpensive. They know your name. Add huge portions that I take home and have for one, sometimes two more meals and it's a bargain.

I usually stop at Macy's for their preferred customer sales too. It's amazing what has happened in the retail world. With a tiny bit of patience you don't have to pay full price for anything any longer. There's always a sale somewhere.

Except at the Chanel make up counter. I needed some things and it's the only place in the whole of that store that the reusable coupons don't apply. Oh well.

I bought some new foundation and a sizzling red lipstick to match my fingers and toes. I'm wearing Big Apple Red these days. Hot stuff!! I snagged a red Michael Kors sweater with fringe around the cowl neck too. Yummy!

Of course, you usually don't see me covered up to here and down to there. Fashionably of course. I AM a clothes horse. It's most always down to here and up to there. I know I don't have the world's most perfect frame but I do know which assets to accentuate. Trixie and Boom Boom and those long legs. You can always find something nice about someone can't you? :-)

Wild West Kelly and I had a good week. She, like LuLu, is a personality plus and a hard working provider. Who loves what she does. It was fun sharing her with my friends. She said she enjoyed you too!

I brought Kelly to the train station on Wednesday morning and headed east. It was drizzly, windy and cool. The color had faded from my last trip.

Once in downtown I checked into my boutique hotel. As I've mentioned, I splurged, expecting a little upscale treat for myself. Boston is redoing the sewer system so the street was torn up in the Financial District.

As I walked into the tiny lobby I found my room was not ready. No worries. I would have lunch while I waited. Believe it or not I had a crummy Cod sandwich in Boston. I couldn't eat most of it. worries again but as I headed back to the hotel I found 50 teenagers crowding the reservation desk.

I sat in the lounge waiting for something to happen. The desk was supposed to call when my room was ready. No word. Finally, I walked to the desk and told them I wasn't part of the group and could they check? It was ready. They'd been overwhelmed by the size of the group and I guess, paralyzed.

I headed upstairs to see my upscale room. Except it was anything but. Oh, trendy décor, but tiny and underwhelming. And I spent what for this? If my foot could have reached I would have kicked myself in the butt.

I'd awakened too early that morning so I took a little power nap before I had to head to the Meet and Greet. At 5, promptly, my old friend Mr. Fisher texted. He was here.

I headed down and he wanted to dine in the hotel lounge. Big mistake. But meal completed we headed to the soiree. It was SO good to see old Boston friends I've known for years. We're all getting older and creakier and life has interjected in many unforeseen ways. Some not so wonderful. But hugs around and tales to tell was the reason I drove 160 miles in the first place.

We meet in the upstairs of a Boston Bah. Yep, that's how it read in the invite. A little Boston humor. In fact, the lumbar pillow on the chair in my room had said, "Wicked Smaht" Another Boston saying.

All those Irish have a definite influence on Boston's sense of humor. Definitely wise ass!

We smoozed and canoodled until around 9:30. I'd been invited to an after party but I was wilting. That 4:30 in the morning awakening and the long drive was taking it's toll.

I slept in the next morning. Had an awful and expensive breakfast in the hotel lobby and hit the road. I was going to take a detour to Sis's instead of heading home. Her fellow was part of a hilarious charity event that evening. Nothing like seeing grown men dressed in drag to raise money for local organizations that need help.

Am I sorry I went to Boston? No, it's always worth while to keep connections going. Even though the few dates that had pre-booked cancelled and the hotel was a big disappointment. I achieved what I'd hoped for. Seeing old friends and making some new ones. And letting them know that I'm not dead yet.

I headed back home from Sis's Friday morning. It was going to be a catch up day so I did not roll up any notices I was back.

Saturday was a busy, busy day after the BP notice went up. I was a busy, naughty girl. Today, I'm packing for Manhattan. While my family is worried I am going, (Ebola and Terrorists) I leave in the morning Monday and have lots of promises for fun. We'll see if they are kept. Back Wednesday evening and this may well be my last tour of the year.

I MIGHT sneak in a few days in Boston in December. And I might not. Otherwise I'll be at Chez Anneke keeping the hearth warm, the champagne chilled and the sheets hot. I'll keep you posted.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

10/212014 - Rain Go Away
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 52 and raining. One of those YUK days that are on the bottom of my list. Whether in the Northeast or Florida. The rain is bringing down the leaves in vast numbers. It's almost depressing to think we'll have no leaves on the trees for 6 months until I realize that rebirth next spring leads to another glorious fall. And another free art show from nature. It's all good.

Wild West Kelly has been with me since Saturday. I picked her up at the train station Saturday morning. We've had a couple of fun threesomes and she's had some private encounters. Other than that, it's been on the quiet side for me.

Tomorrow I head to Boston and a little social occasion that my old friend will accompany me to. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones.

I've splurged on the hotel this trip. Stepping away from my favorite chain where I accumulate travel points to one more luxurious. It's one night only and it's for me. Wherever they are in the world they are upscale, trendy, great bar/restaurants and fun. Not snobby like some of those "other" 4-5 stars out there. I'm looking forward to that too. Then I'm stopping at my Sis's to spend Thursday evening with her to attend a charity event.

Next week I am bopping down to Manhattan for two nights. So far, it's looking busy but we all know how things are in that city. I'll count on what is planned when my friends walk through the door. LuLu will be available for doubles too.

So what else is new? I'm reading a very interesting book called The Big Leap. It's about how we put limits and blocks on our success in life, relationships and finances. I'm not too old to learn new tricks despite what the old adage says. I'm all for continued happiness and success!

After NYC I'll most likely be in Albany only until I head to Tampa and my beloved friends in the nudist resort for Christmas. I'll be away December 19-26. That will be a nice respite.

Will I return to Florida for a longer sojourn? Probably but I'm not sure yet. If I can be busy and stay warm where I am I might wait to head down the end of February, beginning of March. My Sis is thinking the same, staying on the ocean somewhere close by. Winter is long up here so not returning until April doesn't guarantee that Spring has blossomed yet.

In some respects April is a very frustrating month. Spring is lurking around the corner but the weather is still damp and chilly. The leaves are not out on the trees and it's too soon to plant anything. But every once in a bit a nice day pops up and we're hopeful the long Winter Solstice is coming to an end.

If I'm busy in Florida I'll stay there as long as it makes sense. Lauren and her S O head back to Europe the end of April so I want to have some time to spend with them and my other friends.

I need the freedom of being nude and the kind of variety and kink that the resort offers. Albany is very conservative. My little foray into the world of BD/SM in June went no further. While I was interested in learning more, they were not interested in teaching me. No harm. I get it. I'm not a true Domme and I'm certainly not a sub. I'm an anomaly in that world. And I am perfectly okay with that. But that little visit did open my eyes and help prepare me for the subs that seem to be coming my way.

My slave boy visited me Friday evening. I found a new local hangout for dinner/drinks/entertainment and while he wanted to visit that night, earlier than usual, I told him I was heading out. He asked if he could join me. I said yes and he said, "would this be like a real date?" I replied yes again. He was beside himself.

So I decked myself all out. More than I would if I were heading there on my own. In that I mean, if I'm going out on my own I keep it more subtle. No big cleavage, scaled down attire. This time I slipped on a red coat dress, trimmed in leather, low cut and shorter. Black stockings and my black patent peep toe Louboutin's.

The folks at the restaurant were genuinely happy to see I'd returned and told me I looked great. (Hey, we all like compliments from our guys and civilians alike.)

I had just ordered a glass of red wine when I heard a voice to my right, "Is this seat taken?" It took me a second but I realized it was my boy, dressed nicely and looking very handsome. The hostess walked by and said, "Well, who's this?" Obviously she thought so too.

We chatted like a normal couple but turned on, knowing what was ahead of us. No touchy feely stuff in case someone who knew him saw him there. He ordered a drink and my dinner arrived. I shared a bit with him and by then the Jazz ensemble had begun.

The perfect setting. An elegant place, my favorite music and my submissive lover next to my side.

I left first to prepared the candles and change. I am always decked out in as much leather as I can. He loves it.

In a few minutes in walked in the open door and into the living room where I was seated. I said, "Have you forgotten something?" He is instructed to go straight to the bathroom, strip and put on his collar and leash every time. He said, "Sorry Mistress."

A couple of minutes later he crawled to my side. I patted him on the head and then he went into the kitchen to make our cocktails. His, poured into a dog bowl. (This is what HE wanted._ It still amazes me but it is what pleases him.

Now perhaps you can see that it IS the sub who is in control. Topping from the bottom is what they call it.

He told me that he wanted the evening to be about me. I told him I wanted him to please me several times. And he did. A cunnilinguist of extreme ability! A bit later the double headed dildo came out and I moved it back and forth between us.

The day before I'd had another friend visit with his furs. A little wig on him, exchanging and wearing each other's furs while he rubbed himself on the silky furs. Fox, mink, faux beaver and snow leopard until he had his release. Thankfully he wasn't a dripper. Kinky? Yes. Fun? Absolutely!

Life is good and never boring. Especially when you can have multiple orgasms.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

10/13/2014 - A Day or Two Late but NOT a Dollar Short
Good Morning My Sexy Friends,

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in Upstate NY. Cooler, sunny and Mother Nature showing us all of her beauty. I just love it! I enjoyed it instead of updating the journal. So here's the Monday morning replay.

Some of you might remember that saying above growing up. Those of you who are younger might never have heard it. My mother had a zillion of them. Most of them hilarious. She was a genuine character. Yeah, yeah, I know, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

In fact, as many of you have remarked, I'm a straight shooter. In years past and perhaps still too often, I'll tell you exactly what I think if you ask me. No bull----. After all, you did ask.

My spouse used to wince and some of my friends would roll their eyes. Alexx, the wondrous Albany wizard, suffers in silence at the track. Although, I am more circumspect now.

It's one of my "faults?" Or is it? You know exactly where you stand with me even if you really don't want to hear the truth. And then I realized, I didn't know any better. We were surrounded with this attitude in our formative years. My grandmother, one of the greatest ladies I've ever met, was the same. We learned by example.

My grandmother was blind. And yet you'd never know it when you walked into her immaculate four bedroom enormous flat. Not only did she keep it spotless and perfectly organized, she raised African violets from seed, made artificial flowers from wax, took in paying borders and cooked every meal.

She never went anywhere outside that flat. The sunlight gave her pain. I suppose her known world, where everything was in it's place to support her blindness was more comforting than venturing out.

Every summer I spent two weeks there. I was doted on, catered to and loved. Totally accepted for who I was. I can remember the two of us sitting down at the kitchen table, polishing off a bowl of cream cheese and olives with a pack of saltines, her smoking her unfiltered cigarettes and just chattering away like magpies. I SO loved her and my grandpa.

She passed away at 62. She was an OLD 62. She looked in her 80's when I think about it. But that was how it was then. I never realized how much of an influence she had over my life until I went to a seminar years later. During our "discovery" time we were asked who were the people that were the biggest positive influences in our life. Sadly, it wasn't my parents. Instead, it was my grandmother and my piano teacher. Both, loving, accepting women.

So I will relate this little story. A few weeks ago I was driving through the little city near Schenectady where Grandma and Grandpa lived. I drove by their apartment. Pulled over and parked. Their apartment was upstairs. I've dreamt about it often over the years. I just wanted to sit and look. But the downstairs tenant was going in the front door and I got the evil eye for doing so. I drove on.

I drove around the little town, recalling happy years past. I drove back past her home and as I drove past I asked out loud, "Grandma, I wonder if you're proud of the woman I've become?" A block further and my car filled up with cigarette smoke. I knew she was there and my eyes filled with tears. To my mind, that was a yes, I am proud of you. She loved me unconditionally and still does. Isn't that the way love should be anyway?

Why did I relate all this? I was reading about how one can take acting on gratitude in our life a step further. I do that little gratitude list every morning. 10 things I'm thankful for. The suggestion was to take it a step further. To write, not email, to those who you are grateful for in your life.

She and my teacher were two. Since they are both gone I will write my gratefulness to them right here. YOU, my friends, are many of the others. Everyday I write on that list that I'm thankful for this profession and you. If I've met someone new, I write their first name.

It's changed my life and I'm finding it's taking directions I never imagined. Especially in this avocation. It's like the windows of blessing have opened again. I have been greatly blessed and I thank you and am grateful for you.

Another one of my friends has asked for sensual domination. Something he's never done before.

I've mentioned those little "sessions" here. That's what they are called in the BD/sm world. I've done that purposely. Calling out to the Goddess/Mistress in me and letting you know she is available for you. And that new adventures are possible if you've ever been curious. It's now about pain. It's about surrender.

One young friend came to visit Saturday. He's a dom. Or at least he thinks he is. He's from a part of the world where men dominate women and not always in a good way. He tried that with me our first visit and I set him straight. Un-unh bucko!

So I was totally surprised when he asked me to tie him up Saturday. Well, lickety split I did so. And I added the spreader bar to his feet. Then I took out the furry padded blindfold and proceeded to use various devices to touch his body. Also my fingers for some ball scratching. Some he liked and moaned in pleasure. Some he hated and said it hurt. Well, he was a whimp so I eased up and took the blindfold off. He said, "someday I want to do that to you." Never!

And I said to him, "you're really nuts to let someone you don't know very well do this to you." That was after I untied him. Frankly, he'd NC/NS on me the last time he wanted to see me so I found I was enjoying his discomfort. He wasn't in any pain. He just did not like NOT having no control. But he wanted to experience it and he really didn't like it. ~~~evil grin~~~ I guess I'm more of a domme than I thought. LOL

This is kind of long today so come back later to finish this if you have to get back to work and earn a living.

For those of you who don't, read on. This last week was a doozy. On Monday I drove over to Boston/Waltham for a little tour. The color was pretty but still not a peak. I knew I'd have to be careful. It's before elections. Remember that guys.

One of my long time friends and film partners wanted me to squeeze him in for a half hour. I HATE half hours. Especially on tour. It just does NOT look good in a hotel having folks bopping in and out in 30 minute increments.

So he excepted the fact and made a beeline over. He's a good looking young guy and he surprised me by saying I'd made him a better lover. Wow. As a reward, I let him go where he's never gone before. Yes, you get it. And of course he loved it. We chatted, had an encore and he showered and rushed back to work.

I headed out for a nice seafood dinner and then back for a evening romp. After the drive I was ready for my pillow and a great night's sleep.

The universe brought me hotties during the day. Those slightly or very kinky folks that I love. Enormous chemistry with both playmates. Whoo Hoo! Lucky me. I headed out to a Berlucci's for an early dinner. I had to drive downtown to visit with an old friend from NJ who made the trip up from a business call in Hartford just to see me.

He's a doll and we met in the hotel bar for a cocktail. Then upstairs for fun. We had a long romp so the cocktail was well worked off by the time I had to drive home. It had been a vigorous and naughty day. And I had to drive to NYC in the morning.

What? That wasn't on your calendar Anneke. I know. As I was waiting at that hotel bar LuLu texted and asked what I was up to. In Boston, awaiting a friend. She said, "Oh, never mind then." But I texted back and to make this story short, I agreed to drive to the city the next day to have a 3some with one of HER friends. He was a very generous man so I was happy to make the trek.

That was until I hit the Cross Bronx Parkway. I know, I should have taken the Cross County but my GPS wasn't cooperating and I wasn't sure of that route. Still, despite my anxiousness in traffic, I arrived on time.

Our playmate was already at her place. I gave him a quick hug and showered and changed into my sexy, long dress. The Elvira one.

LuLu poured me a glass of wine and we all got cozy on the couch. He didn't know what or who to touch next. A little make out session and we headed to the boudoir. Undressing, I had on a low cut rhinestone trimmed velvet bra and a sheer full black garter panty also trimmed in rhinestones. Black stockings and my black peep toe Christian Louboutin stilettos.

He was overwhelmed by being surrounded by two Goddesses. LuLu is 5'11". Me, 5'9". We all kissed and I crawled between his legs. He rock hard. She commented on his state. As I took him and proceeded to rock his world it was only a few short couple of minutes before his release. I chased it with a gulf of red wine. LuLu and I proceeded to relax, thinking we'd have a pillow talk time before round two. I was there for 3 hours and he was staying overnight with her.

To our surprise, he jumped up out of the bed and starting dressing. He said, "please don't be offended ladies, I really need to get back home via the 5:30 train." And gave his reasons. I replied, "Here's an offer. I'll be back Oct. 27-29. Let's do this again, gratis." Lulu, piped in her willingness to join in. I mean, REALLY, how could I do anything less? If he takes me up on my offer, cool. If he does not, I offered but I hope he does. :-)

He left, we high fived and I said, "girlfriend, I'm taking YOU to dinner." We got changed and walked to a great restaurant overlooking Columbus Circle. Since I still had to drive back to Albany, a substantial yummy gourmet grilled cheese sandwich and thimble full of tomato soup accompanied my Jack Daniels Old Fashion.

It was the perfect seat, 5 stories up overlooking the Columbus statue and Central Park. It's at moments like this that I remember why I love NYC.

We walked back, engaged in more girl chat and I walked next door to the parking garage and headed north. I was home by 9:45pm having driven 360 miles that day. Needless to say, I was worn out and I slept until almost 9am the next morning.

But all the day's driving and effort and the Boston tour had made my financial outlook much brighter. An excellent adventure and lots of fabulous leaf peeping on the way down. The colors had heightened in just two days.

My sis popped in for a brief visit Thursday afternoon to bring me a Halloween door wreath she'd made for me. It says, "Enter If You Dare...Something Wicked is Inside." We had a good laugh about that. Folks HAD dared that day.

I've been busy catching up on errands and seeing friends since I returned. Another massage on Friday morning and a chill out day to recover from it. I'm feeling much better. Being in the car so much did not help but my new gal is getting me back to where I was before the trip and fall 3 weeks ago.

It's a new and exciting week ahead of me. I hope yours is also. Life is good. Be thankful for every day the universe brings you.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

10/10/2014 - A Short Rant
Hello Boyoos,

If you don't want to hear me bitch, tune in tomorrow when I do the REAL weekly update. XXX's

You and I both know THIS is no strings. That's why you dip your toes in these waters. No risk to what you have even though you think or really don't have enough...for you.

We don't own you but we do like to think we're a little special. Just a little.

However, every once in a while one of you exchanges this all too familiar dialogue. "Hey, Anneke, I've missed you, or I've never met you but I'd like to see you at such and such a day and time." I reply, "Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm not available then. I won't be in town or I'm "tied up." Pun intended. Don't get that picture in your mind. It will NEVER happen. I do the tying.

The dialogue continues without a split second passing "Oh, well, who else do you know" as I get kicked to the curb. Or they hang up....immediately. Yeah, that's exactly what it feels like. Next!

It's my opinion that most providers have an extra shot of testosterone in comparison to civilian women and that is why they are able to compartmentalize and not become attached like men. I'm pretty sure that's true since I've added extra myself with the bio-identical hormones. It has changed my attitudes and temperament in many ways. However, we are still women. And we do want to feel just a tad special.

Get the point? Fake it a little and act disappointed, have a little conversation before you do the unsaid, "NEXT?"

I still love you all though!

Life is good. It was an exceptional week and you can hear about it this weekend if you care.

Your VERY Naughty AND Egotistical Girlfriend,

10/05/2014 - Fishnet Bodysuit
Hello Boys,

I thought that title might get your attention. Add a aqua lace bra under it with a short quilted leather skirt over it and platform ghillie tie black heels. Of course, huge earrings. Got the picture?

I'm waiting the arrival of a playmate soon. I rolled up that "other" advertising place this morning and it's looking like a very busy day. Thankfully it's a reminder to old friends that I'm still around. I'm extremely picky these days with you know who ramping it up before the elections. It's not going to be any better after either.

Enough of that. I've enjoyed being back in my place and sleeping in my own bed. And romping in the playroom bed with my playmates. There's a lot to be said for the comforts of your own pad. I have the candles just where I want them. The lightning all set. A decent sound system and a fully stocked bar. Both of those are difficult on the road. Not to mention heavy to lug around. I just don't. It's too much.

Add a fully equipped "gentleman's bathroom" and it's a very comfortable place to visit. Yes, there's soap, body wash, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, fresh towels and a big tub/shower. My last place had a phone booth for a shower. I always hated it.

Now the trick is for some of you to USE the soap in the places that matter when you get in the shower. Washing off with just water doesn't kill bacteria. Hint, hint! If I go to the expense to have those grooming aids for you please use them.

My, my, I'm off to a negative start aren't I? That wasn't my intention for this weekly update as it's been a good one. It's been a great week.

Yesterday I had a massage with a new masseuse and after lunch headed up the Northway to peep at the leaves in the Adirondack Mountains. Only the further north I drove the vibrant color seemed to disappear. Oh no! It's great at home and the reverse should be true. The further north should be at peak. But it was not. Mother Nature is tricky like that some fall seasons. So I got off the Northway in North Glens Falls and headed North and East toward Rutland. I hoped Vermont might be better.

Sadly, it was not but I realized I was acting spoiled. Most would give their eye teeth to see the beautiful display that was available. I think I probably wasn't ready to be in the car again after the long rides to Western NY and back.

Friday, back at home was a relaxing evening and no visitors.

Okay...seque back to where I started above and the fishnet bodysuit. Saturday was a different story. An old pal stopped by late morning. Then another wanted to visit around around 2. A little break in the action and I ran out to pick up laundry and do a little retail therapy. As if I hadn't had enough the week previous. But I've been looking for a new trench coat and I found it. Less than half off after the sale discounts were taken. (Think nothing on under it but beautiful lingerie and stockings. A pair of high boots or stilettos when you walk through the door.) I picked up some new thigh hi stockings and headed home. I had to get back for another playmate at 6:30.

My libido was raring to go and I had my share of fabulous O's. But by 8ish I was ready to chill. Moi, believe it or not, was worn out.

NCIS has a whole bunch of old shows on Saturday night. Just what I needed. A pizza from Inferno, big glass of Josh and being a couch potato. I turned down more fun. I'd had enough.

This morning, Sunday, I awakened after some crazy dreams and as I bounded out of bed, realizing I needed a little sister time. Coffee, a banana, some aloe juice, pick up the place, fix me up and out the door I went. It's only an hour south.

I gave my Sis and her S O a big hug and she made me a cup of Earl Gray. I added lots of honey that was fresh from a farm up north.

We're both painting our cherry dining room sets. I started first but since I can't have the place torn up I've had to do mine slowly. I've completed my 6 chairs. She'd finished the table first, stripping the top, finishing it with Tung oil and is now painting the chairs with French chalk paint. My obsession with all things French in décor has rubbed off.

I still have to do my table but that can wait until after the Boston/Waltham tour this week. With all kinds of new resources we surfed the net for instructions and how to's. My little gray cells were spinning with new things I want to try. I have to finish the table and do my big dresser in my bedroom. And I'm thinking of all the projects I want to redo.

As you have probably figured out, I kept bored with the same ole, same ole all the time. While I love my home, I need to get away every once in a while. Loving it more when I return. I get tired of the same décor and need to switch things around and accent with new colors.

I love fashion. Out of date fashion is not my thing. In clothes, shoes, boots, hair, make up, you name it I like staying up with what is new. Of course, I have to tailor that for a woman my age. It would be ridiculous to try and copy something that would be hot on someone younger. One can be fashionable, sexy, classy and appropriate in public. Now, in private or at the nudie resort it's a whole different story. I have a whole closet of inappropriate but elegant clothes. Truthfully, some are just plain slutwear. Just as it should be. :-)

The same thing applies to men. I like variety and can't imagine being a partner to only one guy. No matter how fabulous he was. NO one person can meet all the needs in your life. In my opinion it's unfair to expect ANYONE to have to do so. Plus, he'd probably want me to retire from being Anneke. I'm the only one who is going to decide that. So, I stay very single. Coming and going as I chose, even though there are moments when I'm a bit lonely.

They never last for long. I have a great life. Fabulous friends in this biz and in my personal life and the wherewithal to pick up and go whenever I want. Shop when I want, dine out, save and plan for the future without someone else telling me what it should be and most naughty often!

Life is good. Perhaps someday that special someone will drop right into my lap, sent by the Universe, but even if he doesn't, life will still be good.

No strings works both ways my temporary boyfriends! Doesn't it?

Love and Hugs,

9/28/2014 addendum - Older Is Better
Hello Boys,

I don't normally update the Journal twice in one day. But after the last phone call my "juices" are running.

Of course it was an unknown number so I declined it. But the brave soul left a voice message. No forwarding number of course. Coward. I hope you read this and are ashamed of yourself.

It started out with "who was I kidding, 59?" And a big long lecture on how I should be honest about my age, I'd had a face lift but I looked good, blah, blah, blah, stop lying, men liked older women. 59 my butt." Hung up.

Well, no sh-- Shakespeare! All of you here know I'm not 59. There isn't an escort on the web who admits to their real age. Why? Because it's a double standard world. And because we always get accused of our photos not being real, more blah, blah, blah and MOSTLY because if we admitted our real ages you wouldn't believe our photos were recent and real anyway. It's a catch 22.

If you ask me what it is, I tell you. But I'm no marketing fool. I post an age most people think I am. I know exactly what would happen to my business if I put my real age up. NO one would believe that I look like I do in my photos. You ALL tell me I do and most of you say I look better in person. I know how this works. So I fudge it. It's been a long time since anyone complained about my age. And he didn't do his homework. He didn't read a damn thing in my advertising and on my website. Buyer beware! lol

I admit I'm a GILF. You can google me and it's out there. Yes I've had a facelift. I had it almost ten years ago. And I'll probably have another. And yes I have injections. My boobs are real. Untouched by the knife, nothing added! Thank God. But in case you are shocked, every single girl in this business does the same and THEY start in their twenties and thirties and have spent tens of thousands and done way more stuff then I could ever dream of.

Why? Same thing. If they admit they are not 29, instead of 39 you start complaining. Or 45 instead of 55. You want the maturity but you want us to look 29. Or in my case...45. Impossible! I have to save for my eventual retirement. I couldn't do so if I was putting every dollar I made back into my face and body. So you'll just have to put up with some wrinkles, sagging under arms and a tummy. I do the best I can with the resources I have and the gym.

You are meeting a flesh and blood real person. One with wrinkles, cellulite, varicose veins and the war wounds of life. Not a made up, manufactured Barbie. I know younger girls in this business and they are a wreck worrying about getting older. The hell with that. It's going to happen. YOU all are getting older and most of you sure don't go to the trouble to stay young.

It could be argued we offer a service so we should look our best. And I do. But I'm not going to spend my life worrying I'm not perfect or young anymore. I'm just going to turn the lights down low, light the candles and help you have the time of your life.

If knowing I'm older than I say bothers you, don't call. Or close your eyes and pretend.

How about a little poll here? All of us admit our true ages? Or you just not worrying about it as long as you are very happy with what happens between two consenting adults?

I'd be interested to hear what you have to say. 1.continue to fudge it Anneke I could care less 2. post your real age I could care less

Of course, if my business tanks posting my real age are you going to pay my rent? Probably not.

Life is still good.


9/28/2014 - Wined Out
Hello Hotties,

I'm in Binghamton now. I had a lovely ride over through the Southern Tier countryside from Ithaca this early afternoon. It's unfamiliar but very beautiful country. Folks don't realize that New York is a VERY big state. Okay folks from Texas, don't puff your chests out and start bragging. NY is still a big state in comparison to most. And so diverse. From Long Island ocean front to tall Adirondack Peaks, rolling farm lands, two great lakes, the St. Lawrence River, beautiful little quaint towns and the greatest city on earth, New York.

For those of you who have forgotten your Earth Science the Finger Lakes were created with the retreat of the glaciers during the ice age. It looks like a giant hand reached down and many fingers scooped out the 11 lakes in the Finger Lakes chain. High rolling farm land dips down to deep, long lakes to form a beautiful picture. The vineyards are spread out on the slopes of each lake at water's edge, benefitting from the warming aspects of the water and the lake mists that cover the grapes each morning as the day begins.

Most of the folks in Ithaca, in the middle of nowhere, 30,000 though, work for Cornell University and Ithaca College. Or farm or grown grapes and make wine. It's an interesting city about the size of Saratoga and very similar in nature. Greatly influenced by one of the top universities in the country. In other words, a very classy little city.

My drive down yesterday morning from Rochester to downtown Ithaca took two hours. All countryside and tiny little quaint towns with speed traps. It took forever. My inaccurate Google Maps directions and an uncooperative GPS made me 10 minutes late to meet my tour group. I'd called to give them a heads up and our very cool guide was unperplexed. No one else seemed to care either.

I was unprepared for the make up of the group. All upscale folks from Pennsylvania, Westchester County and New Jersey. One group of 4 beautiful young gals having a girls out weekend. You boys would have drooled. Our guide was a cutie and a personality galore.

It was nice to be around folks like that. Well dressed, well spoken, polite and smart. I really get sick of folks all looking like the Walmart disasters and acting like inconsiderate clods. These folks had made an effort to look sharp even though we were loaded on a big van and tooling around the countryside. All were well mannered and considerate.

Am I snob? Probably.

We went to 4 boutique wineries. That means they bottle less than 5,000 cases of wine in a year. All of them hand pick their own grapes or buy them from other vineyards close by.

Add the beginning of leaf peeping season, high and dry 70's and it was a day to die for. It was about 25% of peak. So a tree ablaze amidst a sea of still green was a treat and a delight. We have sugar maples in the Northeast. That's why it's so beautiful.

Our first tour we tasted 4 wines. Three whites and a red. The Finger Lakes are known for their Reislings, Gewurtztraminer's (one of my favs)and whites generally. Since this was a private tour the owners of each winery conducted our tasting.

I won't bore your to tears but at our second stop we had a pairing lunch. Fabulous and the chef's had been on Chopped on the Food Network. Need I say more?

We ended the day at Damiani and a chocolate pairing. Yes, red and white wines also with chocolate. My favorite pairing was a Gewurtz with a fabulous orange chocolate. In fact, I bought each vineyard's Gewurtztraminer. I'll have a tasting for me and my Sis and her beau one day soon. They love it too. Since they are hard to find in the first place it's even more difficult to find great NY Fingerlake's Gewurtz's. The Finger Lake climate is very similar to where they grow this grape in Germany. The taste is also. I wasn't the only one who loved them. Made me smile.

But at the end of the day, I'd had enough wine and had a casual chain restaurant light dinner with a Stella. I was still walking around in circles this morning with the combo of riding and drinking. Not drunk or hungover but vertigo from the imbalance in my inner ear from riding not driving. It happens to me sometimes.

I have a new friend visiting tonight and I think I'm going to cut this tour short and head home tomorrow. Sadly I'll skip the new masseuse in Syracuse but a great 15 minute neck and shoulder massage at the nail salon this morning helped immensely. I've gotten the message from my body. DO THIS ON A REGULAR BASIS GIRLFRIEND!!!

As with all travel, it's always good to get home. Or at least it should be. In my case, I'm can't wait to get back to my own digs and my own boys. I'm a lucky gal to live where I'm appreciated and cozy in my beautiful nest. My younger slave called Friday night, thinking he'd visit. Ah....I'm not there. Hopefully soon.

Life is good. I've had a slow, relaxing and great week on tour. Not a money maker but still good. Home sweet home is a lovely thought.

Love and Hugs,

9/26/2014 - I AM Bored but Feeling Fabulous Darling
Hello Darlings,

It's a gorgeous day here in Rochester, NY. I'm staying at a new type of Hilton chain. I hate it! The bed hurts my back, only two pillows on the bed, cheap shower and soaps, no automatic opener when you enter the lobby so you have to hold the door open and haul in the luggage.

The good part is that I can. Even two years ago forget it. And it's only $80 a night. That's all it's worth in my opinion.

I had a really fun date last night. He an has effervescent personality and brought a great bottle of New York State wine. And....and very passionate nature. Great kisser, great....well you know. We had a blast and Lake Anneke was overflowing!

Otherwise, it's been quiet this week. But my instincts have said "don't see anyone you are not sure about." One of my first callers for Syracuse on Monday was you know who. How do I know? My screening turned up a job resume. Law enforcement listed on it. How stupid can you be?

So I had very few dates. But I found a kick ass masseuse that I'm am making a detour for next Tuesday when I head back from Binghamton.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Why would I need a masseuse? Because last Saturday, walking into the playroom, I caught my left heel on the area rug that is over the carpet. I went down like a felled redwood tree. To my knees. There was nothing I could do to stop myself and as I knelt there I prayed my knees weren't broken.

I could hardly move and the impact had rattled my body from my knees up through my hips, spine, neck and head. BOOM!

An immediate ice pack on my left knee as bruises were already welling. I stretched but have skipped the gym the next few days, getting tighter and sorer. Driving to Syracuse on Tuesday I knew I was going to have to either 1. get an adjustment or 2. get a therapeutic massage.

Before I'd left I'd done a Fall Equinox ritual on Monday wishing for several things. One was health. The others I'll keep to myself. After I lit the candles, read the wishes out loud, said a prayer and burnt the list I took the ashes outside to bury them in my planter as instructed. I walked in the back door and BAM....I felt this tremendous surge of energy through my midsection, chest, heart, throat, head and out through the top of my head. Tears came to my eyes it was so overwhelming! Holy Moly! I guess the ritual had opened something up in me despite my physical soreness. It was an awesome and beautiful feeling. One I had no idea would happen.

My fabulous Albany psychic wizard Alexx had instructed me to do so. He said his ears popped when he did his list. Yeah, I'm most definitely a believer. Too much has happened to deny it.

So I found a masseuse in a Syracuse chiropractor's office. I told her what had happened and this tiny little gal set to work. She knew her stuff. Starting on my left shoulder she worked her way down until we found my left hip was the culprit. Then crossing to the right side, worked down again until she reached my inner lower right leg. She started to massage those bound up muscles and I began to feel warmth travel up into my right groin and hip with the energy flowing out and up my back, chest, neck and up through the top of my head. Yep, the energy in my body had been blocked and she had released it.

I felt fabulous. Better than I had in a long time. So although Syracuse was a break even situation for biz I found the reason I was to go there. Despite the 4 cancelled dates.

On to Rochester, with my first date cancelling on the way. I said to myself, "why did I bother coming on this tour? I never do well in Western NY. I should have not left Albany." But then I realized two of the cancellations in Syracuse had said, "see you in Albany." Sometimes you just have to move to let folks in other areas know you exist. It was marketing the old fashioned way. Get in the car and go. Sort of cold calling. LOL

To be fair, the main reason I headed west was to visit New York's Finger Lakes Wine Country.It's been on my bucket list for a long time. I know, it's not world reputed but they do have some good wines and it is a hugely popular destination at harvest and in the fall. And just beautiful!

So tomorrow morning I meet my tour group in Ithaca and we have lunch, visit four wineries, have dinner, get dropped back off and everything is taken care of for one very reasonable price.

Even though I'm slightly bored I'm getting lots of retail therapy and leaf peeping while awaiting some naughtiness. I'm really excited about tomorrow's visit to Ithaca and the Finger Lakes vineyards.

You know me, if life hands me lemons I make lemonade. It's just my nature. Plus, nothing terrible has happened. I'm not wearing prison orange. And they WERE lying in wait for me in Syracuse. I didn't even put a BP ad up for Rochester. Enough is enough.

I've met some lovely folks. Had some great O's. Traveled through beautiful Upstate New York in the beginning stages of color. Found a fabulous masseuse. A great hair salon. Dined, drunk and shopped well and gotten exceptionally well rested.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS....Binghamton Sunday-Tuesday am. Back in Albany late afternoon. WALTHAM/BOSTON NEXT WEEK! What a beautiful ride that will be. Pun intended!

9/21/2014 - On the Road Again
Hello Boys,

It's been a lovely, busy, fun week. Moving to the Capital District was the right decision and I'm very happy here. More than I thought possible.

I'm close to everything. It's conveniently accessible for my friends and I have a gorgeous place. Most of all, I'm healthy and horny.

I thought about what I wanted to share today and looked back at this past week. I realized that most of my visiting friends were either submissives, cross dressers or Goddess worshippers. The universe seems to be sending them my way. Of course the more "straight" friends have stopped by too. Variety IS the spice of life. I love it all!

My darling slave boy came to see me Friday night. This time he didn't undress and crawl into the living room. He came in and we shared a kiss. Out to the kitchen he headed to make our drinks. We had a few sips of our adult beverages but found ourselves quickly locked in a hot make out session.

This boy can kiss! And I LOVE kissing. It got hotter and hotter and hotter. I have a little love bite mark on my neck. I asked him to leave it.

His fingers finding new places to tease. Me, almost out of my mind, (remember I said almost) with passion. We sipped, talked, kissed and fondled.

I headed to the boudoir, he to the bathroom to undress and don his collar and leash. I'd been wearing a lacy sheer body suit, with a black velvet bra studded with rhinestones, a short leather skirt and thigh hi boots. Big jet stone earrings.

I slipped off the skirt because the body suit was completely open between the top and the attached stockings. That and the boots stayed on. They drive him insane.

He entered the candlelit room and our passion reignited. He is a master at DATY! His fingers replaced his tongue and all went in. I moaned during every intense and delightful moment, reveling in his skills.

He always expresses a fantasy of what he would like to try next. This time, the bigger strap on and I put him on his knees after warming him up with my fingers. We'd stepped up in size and he loved it as I took him.

I reminded him that he'd asked we experiment with a double headed dildo. One end in my pussy, the other in his ass. It's huge.

We sat, facing each other, he leaning back as I covered each end with a condom and lots of lube. While I wash and use alcohol on all my toys I always cover the ones that penetrate. One cannot be too careful in this respect.

His eyes widened when he saw the size of the thing. It's black and 18 inches long. I began my insertion of him and then eased the other end into my pussy. Rocking back and forth and with my hand on the middle of it I was able to simulate a stroking motion. He moaned and squirmed against it.

I like the real thing best so I removed my end and began inserting his deeper. He loving it even more. He couldn't believe he could take it and still enjoy every stroke.

Finally I removed it and put him on his back. Using my fingers, tongue and new masturbation toy, brought him to completion.

The bed was drenched. We were both complete and while we'd started out as equals the shift in power brought him back to submission. It's an amazing experience.

I have no need, nor desire to inflict pain, though some are aroused by it and so I am accommodating without being over the top. But I sure do enjoy donning that strap on and becoming the Amazon Goddess. In short, I taste and experience what men do each time they mount a woman. The increased arousal of a partner who loves that, arouses me more. You get it. It's hot!

Saturday morning was a worshipful time for my next partner. He was in heaven caressing each and every part of my body. He kept saying, " I love it, I love it." And when I reciprocated he still said, "I love it."

Yesterday afternoon was a day of running around, grocery shopping, picking up my laundry and changing the bed. Sis and her beau were having dinner and spending the night. I stored the hanging strapons in the closet. While Sis is supportive of me I know just how much she can take.

It was a warm evening so we had cocktails and appetizers outside. Dinner was roast pork and apricot sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli au gratin. Sis had made pecan pie.

After dinner, we went back outside to enjoy the still warm evening. Her beau and I lit up cigars and I poured after dinner drinks. We both enjoyed the smooth smoke, great draw and exceptionally long ashes. The longest ever for me. Finally, the weight took it off and the cigar was getting hot. I stubbed mine out. I knew I'd pay for it in the middle of the night. ACK...on your tongue. Thankfully I didn't have to kiss anyone. I hadn't had one in a long time and it's only fun for me if I can enjoy one with someone else.

I made a big breakfast this morning and after they headed south to home. I love sharing my home and my table with friends and family.

Life is good. I'm going gallivanting this afternoon after a couple of small errands. The back roads beckon.

Syracuse, Rochester, Ithaca, Wine Country and Binghamton are the destination this week. All of you who have asked me to return....I'm looking forward to our adventure.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend/Goddess/Mistress,

9/16/2014 - Advice for Newbies and a Refresher
Hello Boys,

I came across this on the Eros Guide this morning. Written by Maggie McNeil. She's the activist and author I had dinner with a few weeks ago.

I think it bears repeating for those of you who have partaken over the years. For those of you who are new, invaluable if you want to have the time of your life and be remembered with fondness.

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Dating a Professional


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Gentlemen often ask me for advice on dealing with providers, and though there are a number of good essays and lists of “dos and don’ts” for clients available on the internet, I don’t think it hurts to add another one in order to give a broader view of what different ladies consider important. This is not a list of my personal pet peeves or things which annoy me in particular, but rather commonsense advice and warnings against behaviors which many escorts complain about when we talk to one another.

Be clean.

Just that simple; give a professional the same respect you would give to any other woman you date. Take a shower, shave, brush your teeth and cut your fingernails. Change into clean clothes and refrain from smoking in her presence unless she is also a smoker or has ashtrays available to signify it’s OK. Take care of every personal hygiene issue you can think of, even if you don’t think she’ll notice; most providers are very fastidious, and may be turned off by things you might not even consider an issue. If you have any sort of noticeable skin condition let her know, and if you are even slightly ill please take care of it before attempting to make an appointment; escorts do not have paid sick leave, and your bug could leave her unable to work for days or even weeks.

Be where you say you’re going to be when you say you’re going to be there.

If you’re going to an incall, try to be on time and call if you’ll be more than five minutes late; if the escort is coming to you, don’t leave to go to the store, the ice machine or the ATM when you expect her any minute. You should have done those things long before; if there is a real emergency just call to tell her so she can delay arriving for the time it will take you to get back. And if there’s a substantial delay which is your fault rather than hers, please don’t be obnoxious if she cuts the session a bit short; she may have other appointments and she didn’t force you to arrive half an hour later than expected. If you are forced to cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, you should offer her a cancellation fee even if she doesn’t ask for one; she may have turned down other appointments to keep yours.

Be discreet.

It’s never a good idea to arrive early and sit around in your car, or to walk around talking to her neighbors or hotel staff, or to drop by when you don’t have an appointment, or to leave notes at her incall, or to bring anyone else with you (or have anyone else present if she’s coming to you). It’s impossible for an escort to provide the discretion you expect if you don’t afford her the same courtesy.

Employ normal good manners.

I know proper etiquette is less common than it used to be, but c’mon guys, this isn’t rocket science. Just try to remember all the things Mommy taught you; ask rather than demanding, say “thank you” at the end, dress appropriately, take off your hat when a woman is in the room, etc. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes in your experience.

Remember that we are businesswomen and that this is our business.

Different providers want their fees delivered in different ways, but they’ll usually explain that on their websites. Don’t haggle or otherwise embarrass her; just take care of the financial transaction right away in whatever way she has indicated, and then you can relax and enjoy the experience. When your time is up, don’t force her to ask you to leave; she may have other appointments or personal activities to take care of, and excessive delay may well inconvenience both her and other people.

Don’t ask rude, pointless or prying questions, or those to which you don’t really want to know the answer.

Though you may be nervous and at a loss for words when in the company of a beautiful woman you haven’t met before, it’s still not a good idea to attempt to “break the ice” by being nosy, school boyish or caddish. Remember, she may be nervous, too, and if you make her uncomfortable (even unintentionally) neither of you is going to have a very good time. One very common example is asking for her real name; providers use “stage names” to protect our privacy and to project the image we wish to project, just as actresses and singers do. Many parents burden their children with unattractive names, and it’s rather difficult to project an enticing aura when is stuck with a moniker like “Prunella” or “Hortense”. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at; accept her professional name and leave it at that.

Just apply common sense and common courtesy…
Another example would be asking for an exact schedule of what will take place on your date. If you think back on all the social dates you’ve been on in your life, you’ll realize that when two people are alone together there are many variables which can affect their interaction; time, interpersonal chemistry, physical considerations and many other factors will make your date different from everyone else’s. If you do your research and choose an experienced lady with a good reputation, and then heed the advice in this essay when you meet her, you can trust that your experience won’t be extremely different from those of other clients; asking for a checklist will probably have the opposite effect, and may even cause a provider to refuse to see you at all.

Finally, refrain from asking about her personal relationships or the other gentlemen she’s seen, either in the past or that day. You wouldn’t want her discussing you with other people, so please extend the same courtesy to your provider and the other gentlemen who have met her.

Don’t try to turn her into a criminal.

Don’t ask her to supply illegal drugs or agree to other illegal activities, and if you do don’t be surprised if she hangs up on you and refuses to answer subsequent calls or emails.

Respect her limits.

Every provider is different, but all of us have boundaries which we’ll either explain up front or tell you about when you try to cross them. Remember how in high school a girl would move your hand if you put it someplace she didn’t like? It’s the same with escorts, and if you keep pushing you’re just going to upset her, waste the time you paid for and potentially end up with a bad reputation in the provider community.

Above all else, just apply common sense and common courtesy; treat an escort as you would treat any other businesswoman and you can’t go very wrong. You’ll be the kind of client professionals like to see rather than the kind we dread, and you’ll find your experience is much more rewarding and fulfilling because of it.

Article written by Maggie McNeill- author, activist and former

Be safe! PS...looking for a webmaster of experience and repute to edit, upload, help with filming and updating for Annekepleasures and my clip store. It is a paid position. Eme at if you know that person. Pretty necessary to be right here in the Albany area. Once I find that person Anneke is going to film again.

9/15/2014 - Fall is Here
Hello Darlings,

It was 42 in Albany this morning. I had to turn on the heat when I awakened. I have a heated mattress pad on my memory foam mattress so that keeps me warm at night. I start it out at 7 and turn it down to 1 for the sleep time. That little bit of heat seems to keep the creaky places happy. I don't like to wear anything to bed.

It was a great week. After a couple of shaky days, post flight, my good spirits returned. Saturday and Sunday morning I was feeling a bit down and I realized it was the adrenalin rush from the scare on the flight. And the realization again that we are mortal. I don't know about you but I'm enjoying life so much I'm not ready to leave it. Of course we don't get to chose but that's just how I feel. Thankful for every day.

The day before my daughter had asked if I'd contact my psychic, Alexx of Albany, for a phone reading. She had and I did also so she had a reading at 2:30. I stopped by the laundry and then dropped by his place to give him his honorarium. We chatted about feeling punky and he agreed, it had been the shock of the scare.

I've known him for years and I trust his skills implicitly. And I regard him also as a life coach and friend. A good person to have in your corner. He does read for men and women so I'd recommend his skills to anyone wondering what direction their future might take or if you have unresolved issues with those who have past. Day to day issues can take a new perspective after a reading.

Conferring with him, I've learned to lean even more on my own sense of intuition. And my gut. They are flawless indicators when I listen. Right now I'm reading a fabulous book that he has lent me about Chakra Therapy.

Last year when I took the Backpage plunge I opened my world up to new possibilities. When my friend advised the Gratitude List it opened even more and I'm finding that I'm in tune with the universe in new ways. Joyous ways. Ones that I want to experience and share in a healthy way.

Yesterday afternoon I went back to see Alexx for a reading again. There's been a lot of increased activity by you know who here and I wanted his vision and advice to stay safe. Screen, use my intuition as always and things will continue to be great. And I will. You should too.

I think it's fabulous that at this stage of my mature life I'm growing and changing as a human being. I've always felt that you grow old when you get stuck in the past and refuse to change. I'm excited about this journey for the remainder of the years I'm given.

Hormones throbbing, I've had a sexy week. One touch, one great kiss and my body is raring to go. I absolutely love the arousal that I feel always glimmering beneath the surface. Thankfully I don't lose my mind when it starts to encompass me.

I experienced some of that yesterday with a new friend. He was polite but cold in his contact. Easily verifiable so I shrugged off his distance. After all, this IS no strings. However, those of you who know me, know I love making a sensualnconnection.

As soon as he walked in the door and we sat on the touch he was grabbing and groping. And not with a lover's touch. It was obvious he wanted to get going. More than once I had to ask him to "take it easy." He said, "sorry, I'm excited." Yeah, that's a good thing but Trixie and Boom Boom felt like they were being squeezed into the mammogram xray machine. THAT is never fun.

He mounted me from behind and grunted and groaned until he completed. It happened again Mish with all the grunting. Thankfully those blessed hormones still had me turned on but it reminded me of caveman mating. Where the women were only there for their release. Well, HELL Anneke, what do you think you ARE there for? LOL Get over yourself.

Why did I relate that? Because sometimes a less than stellar experience helps me appreciate the more than 90% of you who ARE stellar even more. Would I see him again? Sure. But next time, I'll make him get in the shower before we begin. I'd asked him to take one and he said, "I'm good." After you've been riding in a car for 2 plus hours you are NOT! Food for thought gentlemen. While this is a service you need to appreciate that there are those of us who offer it and be fastidious for us. I have a guest bathroom just for you well stocked with gentlemen's items. Please avail yourself of it.

After, I freshened up and headed up the Northway to Toga. I hadn't spent any time there since I left. I wanted to stop in the Home Consignment shop, pick up some malachite and tiger eye at the New Age store, do a little Toga shopping and have dinner at my fav pizza place up there.

It's so strange. Saratoga is so affluent and yet friendly. There's always someone to chat with at a bar. Albany, not so much. Folks are a bit closed in. But that's okay. I make friends with the servers and bartenders. That's where I sit anyway so no problem.

There's a free concert at the Times Union Center this coming weekend. The Spirit of America. It's a military unit show and I love that sort of thing. Join me if you'd like. Just bring Kleenex. When they march out the colors I lose it.

Yeah...but it's all good. And so is life.

Remember, Syracuse, Rochester, Ithaca, Binghamton NEXT week. In the meantime, I'm terrorizing Albany!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

9/6/2014 - Second Home
Hello Boys,

I'm back home after my brief Tampa trip. You don't know how thankful I am that I AM home. But more about that later.

This is the first time I've gone back to Tampa and NOT gone to the Nudie resort. I just didn't have time. Between "visits" from friends, the doctor for my implant, the hairdresser, toes, nails, shopping and Bahama Breeze every night I didn't have time.

You won't hear any complaints. I enjoyed being in that beautiful city and took full advantage of being right on Tampa Bay. If you've never been, the south side of Tampa, South of Kennedy, is gorgeous. Big old live oaks, Spanish moss and gentile homes on shaded side streets. Then there's Bay to Bay. Spectacular.

I was out in Rocky Point. The old location for two of my beautiful Tampa incalls from 2003 to 2006. Then I bought the teeny, tiny condo in the nudist resort. I procured another tiny incall off Memorial but I was never home. On the road all the time. So after a year of paying for two places I gave up the incall and took my chances. Thankfully it worked out.

I discovered something very sweet this trip. Again. Just like coming home to Upstate NY, Tampa is home too. With all it's familiarity and fond memories, albeit shorter and without those ghosts of past relatives. My son lived with me for a while and my two oldest granddaughters are down there now. So I still have some family connections.

However, my true family is at the resort. Lauren and her S O were not there and all the gang had come in for the big Labor Day weekend previously so I knew no one would be around. Especially mid-week. Plus, it was hotter than hell and as usual, high humidity. I had no desire to bake and sweat in the sun. Best done with tons of sun screen in the cooler months for me now.

I got such a kick driving down those oak lined streets dripping with Spanish moss. Visiting my favorite stores and restaurants. Especially Ho Wao on Dale Mabry. Bahama Breeze was like going home. Many of my old bartender friends were still there. Even my old buddy Denny the guitar player. It's always sweet to see old friends.

In public and privately. But most of my visitors were new. And fun. Especially my last hottie, adorable, tall, Irish descent, single and wanting to do it again when I return. We'll see. A lot gets promised when gentlemen are turned on. I get it.

Friday morning arrived too soon and I awakened at 2 am, unable to get back to sleep. Finally at 4am I got online to find a Waffle House. Yeah, I love them. There was one right next to Westshore Mall. How had I forgotten?

A 5 in the morning I was ordering, scrambled eggs with cheese, grits, raisin toast with apple butter and a side of sausage patties. Not overdone please. Oh, coffee too of course.

It was a good as oysters and champagne that time of morning. The place was quiet and the girls were cleaning so no chit chat. That was okay. I was struggling from the lack of sleep.

Morning repast complete I headed back to my hotel. I was packed way ahead of time and I had to head to the airport at 9:45. A date-check friend was at the hotel next door, (he didn't know that) but there wasn't enough time.

I had an early lunch at Shula's in the Southwest terminal and a bloody mary so spicy and loaded that I couldn't finish it. In retrospect for what would follow, I should have.

We all lined up. I HATE Southwest's boarding process but I love their free baggage and hassle free attitude. I was finishing John Grisham's latest book, the sequel to A Time to Kill when the captain came on the loud speaker. He started with, "Well, I didn't expect when I started my day that it would take this turn. We are making an emergency landing in Baltimore. There is a strange odor in the forward cockpit." My heart went to my throat and while my life didn't flash before me, I did mentally grab ahold of myself and say, "it will be okay, we will be there in 30 minutes." Probably the longest 30 minutes I've experienced in a long time.

No one spoke. Everyone on the plane was dealing with the possibilities in their own way. I dove back into the book. Thank the heavens I had it and I was at the end where everything came together. I had a mental diversion.

Obviously everything worked out okay. When we landed in Baltimore Southwest had another plane ready to go for our crew. Just a little gas and a flight inspection and we were able to board.

Geeze....what an unexpected ending to a lovely trip. But that's life isn't it? It takes it's twists and turns and the measure of our character really is how we handle those curve balls.

I've been doing some thinking about what I really want from life since that happened. And it hasn't changed. Except for one wish. I'd like to reinstate the harem.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want it all. LOL And why ahouldn't I? I'm a Goddess and a dominant woman. If I don't ask for what I want I'll never get it. Most of you know what I prefer. Single and younger are the first criteria. :-) NO attached men.

A front just came through and briefly cooled things down. It was exceptionally windy and now it's calm. Which means the air is going on again and the windows will get closed up for my new friend this evening.

The hormones have already heightened my libido. The last implant hadn't been depleted so there was no lull but now there are LOTS of them roaming around. I LOVE feeling like this. It's DELICIOUS!!!

Life is good!

Your About to Be VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/31/2014 - Two Hot Cougars
Hello Boys,

It's a warm but rainy day today in Upstate NY. My friend LuLu arrived yesterday morning. Our big plan for today was the track but the weather didn't cooperate. We're just chillin'.

But yesterday we had ourselves some fun with some old friends. Their jaws dropped when I opened the door and they saw two tall, voluptuous, beautiful women. Big smiles and hard equipment immediately.

I'm not a huge fan of doubles. A lot of girls feel like they need to be competing with you for "who is the better date" award. It's always been my experience that to share is a whole lot more fun. Especially two mouths on one........ Well, you know what I mean. LuLu gets it and is a perfect partner.

She brought female protection and the boys most certainly enjoyed the option of being free but safe. I'm going to stock more of them but frankly, it's not a lot of fun for me. I don't feel a thing. So unless you absolutely can't function with the usual we're staying to the tried and true. I want to have a good time too! Still, it was fun. She's absolutely great to share my friends with. Hopefully she'll return in the future.

We're both HGTV fans so at the end of a lusty evening we were content to watch our favorite shows. Today we got all decked out for a 11am visitor only to find he'd cancelled via a text that got sent to my BP number. Unfortunately, it shows up in an annekepleasures email and got missed.

After that fiasco, LuLu used her tech savvy to set up my phone to send those BP phone number texts to my regular phone number. Now I will see them along with all my other texts and I will be able to answer with the BP number.

Of course, it took forever adding the app, plowing through all the instructions but she got it down. She is the one who was instrumental in helping me make the BP transition. I've always been most grateful. It changed my life and opened my mind to other possibilities. Add the daily writing of a gratitude list and it's been a fabulous year plus since I took that step.

Undeterred by our plans being changed by mother nature we headed to Macy's for some retail therapy and some new lipstick. She found a maxi dress and a pencil skirt. two lipstick crayons and a new top that has bands of faux leather criss crossing it. Perfect to wear with the new quilted leather mini skirt I found Friday.

Then on to Ralph's for steamed clams and spaghetti with meat sauce. ONE Stella for me. I was the DD.

So we're back hanging home. TV time, afternoon cocktails in a bit, salmon on the grill and a salad and a relaxing night. UNLESS you call and want to play.

She's here and we're available until late afternoon tomorrow. Old friends, just call. New friends, eme or call but be prepared to be screened. Some things won't ever change but that just means we'll all be safe and not wearing prison orange. They are still a pain in the butt here and it's not going to get better.

My whole week was a great one and I'm looking forward to my Tampa trip this upcoming week. I'll be out on the Causeway near the airport. NOT in Pasco County this trip. Very limited availability so pre-book soon. I won't be back again until Dec. 19-26. Yes, a nude Christmas.

I will head up there this week. You KNOW I will. But I'll not have a lot of time. Doctor, hair stylist, Steinmart for fall wardrobe and of course, Bahama Breeze. Can't wait!

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

8/16/2014 - A Weekend Off
Hello Friends,

It's been cooler these last few days. It feels like fall. I'm not complaining. I like these cooler days.

I've had a lovely week. And added one more name to my private list of contenders for "thunder boomer of the month" award. A new friend too. Lucky me.

On top of that a wild assed outcall to Lee, MA the other night. I stayed well beyond my time. I was having just too much fun. In fact, I'm still smiling thinking about that hottie!

I finally finished my chairs from the yard sale dining room set I purchased in May. Lots of work, cleaning up the old stained finish and accumulated dirt. Sanding, priming, painting 2-3 coats for each chair. Then sanding again, distressing and finally a coat of finishing wax.

New chairs seats and they are looking great. Next I have to tackle the table and two leaves. I'm leaving the top a natural cherry finish but painting and distressing the bottom off white. Looks cool but still a LOT of work ahead.\

No matter. I love all this stuff as some of you who are sick of hearing about it know. Get on to the juicy stuff will you Anneke? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I will. But this is the life and times of Anneke in and out of the boudoir. So you have to read through the boring crap as well as the titillating gems.

Today I'm hanging with my dear friend who graciously gave me THE COAT two years ago. He's visiting for the weekend. We're going to the Trotters at the Racino in Saratoga tonight. Maybe the Altamont Fair tomorrow, weather permitting and then the flat track on Monday.

He's driving a 2012 S550 so I asked him if he thought a flat screen would fit in the trunk? My little Altima 2 door coupe would not fit a 48 inch boxed TV. I've been saving to replace my living room one and move the 32 inch to my bedroom. I've been comparing prices for weeks.

The timing was right. The salesman found the wall mount, the HD cables and one TV was left. On sale! Yahoo! We got to the register and he whipped out his credit card. "No, no," I said. "This is my deal." "Nope," he replied. "This is your birthday present." We had a little no, yes, no dialogue but in the end, it was a gift.

Now I have to corral my son to get it up. He's been working full time and it's been impossible to get my honey do list done. This I can't do myself. But I can wait until he can. It's a smart TV so I'll be able to get Netflix. You'll never pry me off the couch now unless it's to head to the bedroom.

So it will be a fun weekend. I'll keep ya posted.

Life is good!

Love and Kisses,

Thirty Nine Again - 8/10/2014
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's been a beautiful week and today is no exception. We had a little rain Thursday but it's generally been fabulous. Not too hot and cooler at night. One of the trees across my little back yard lake is starting to change color already. I'm afraid these are the last days of summer.

So what was my birthday week like? A study in contrasts for sure! GFE, PSE, sensual domination, sensual massage, dinner dates and some things I'll keep to myself. And then the birthday celebrations Friday/Saturday.

Tuesday I finally found a great nail salon where they don't shred your fingers. Wednesday I went to see my fabulous hair stylist. I love her.

I'm highlighted, low lighted, toned and glamorous. lol My longer blonde hair is now a variety of blonde shades. Past my shoulders and framed around my face. Love it!

On my way back from Sis's last Sunday I stopped in the adult store close to her home. It seems the Capital District is too conservative to have much for it's folks who desire the kinkier aspects of life.

I had a "fetish" adventure planned for Tuesday afternoon. My new friend had a desire to be bound and taken control of. I bought a new set of padded handcuffs, a masturbation toy, (something like the Fleshlight but less expensive). a stainless steel wheel with teeth,) a huge bottle of lube and a sexy catsuit. Woo Hoo!

Back home, old friends stopped by to play. It had been a great weekend.

The next day Monday, I stopped at the local Ace hardware for some nylon rope. I'd also picked up a decorative coat rack to hang all the gear that had been hidden away in my walk in closet. It was time for all that stuff to "come out of the closet." I left the skeleton in it. After all, everyone does or should have a skeleton in their closet. Some eyebrows raised this week when they saw the rack and the gear. Some smiled, some were worried. No worries. It's only for those who want it! I am not a dominatrix. Just a dominant woman. Big difference.

It was a great week. Two contenders for Thunder Boomer of the month award already. :-)

Friday evening Sis came up to spend the night. She was going to our high school's class reunion for her class.

She left late and got stuck in the huge traffic nightmare that happens every weekend on the NY State Thruway and Northway. I swear all of NYC and NJ heads north. The girls in the city complain the biz is slow. They are all up here. Hooray for me!

She took a side rode and strode in late, laden with an armful of yellow gladiolas, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of French crème de cassis, a strawberry cheesecake and a birthday card. She told me she was skipping the reunion. Her knee was hurting.

I replied, "Great! Time to drink! I'd made a Greek pasta salad with Key West wild shrimp. I had 3 bottles of Gewurtztraminer in the fridge. Girl's Night out!

We shared the wine, dinner and my birthday cheesecake and decided to watch a movie in. Without a doubt the WORST movie I've seen in many a year. She fell asleep during it. Lucky girl. I hung in there and it just kept getting worse. What was it? Noah. Yeah, really bad.

I gave her my bedroom and I slept in the playroom. I know she felt better about that. I loved being in the big king size bed with all my memories of the fun I have in there. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night so aroused I had to get a toy. With naughty thoughts I was able to finish the task.

I awakened to the sound of Sis grinding the coffee beans. I'd set everything out the night before. We had an easy breakfast on the patio, watching the birds and solving the world's problems. She was going to the Co-op for fresh veggies/fruits/cheese and I decided to follow her over.

We loaded up our carts with goodies and sat on the bench outside drinking water and polishing off chocolate croissants.

Mission completed we hugged and she headed home. I'm lucky to have a sister who is a best friend and supportive of my life's choices! Many gals in this business have to hide what they do from their families. And friends.

The friends I hang with here know and everyone at the Nudie Resort do also. I've learned not to form attachments with people that I can't be my authentic self with. Then I don't have to lie. So my circle of friends here is small but that is just fine. Makes things less complicated.

My darling friend Mr. Fisher drove over for my birthday. He was bearing Veuve Cliquot so he opened it while I got out the champagne glasses. A little cassis in the bottom and we toasted to a wonderful night.

We sat on the patio, fresh bread and a fabulous triple crème brie and a buttermilk blue and champagne. Life is good.

On to Barcelona for dinner after sensual massages and fun. It was my second trip there this week. Another friend and I had enjoyed it Thursday night. The hostess remembered me and made us feel welcome. I'm sure she wonders,,"two guys in one week?" Hey! I'm single, why not?

This morning I made French toast from the bread from yesterday. French butter, Vermont maple syrup, fresh seedless watermelon wedge and uncured bacon. Yum!

Thank God I went to the gym yesterday and will head there later today. But first, Macy's is having a sale. I just might find that yellow hat for the track. I have two more planned days to head up before racing season is over. I could go more.

Check my calendar. I'm heading back to Tampa September 2-5. I need my Nudie fix/friends, hormones and maybe a little work to cover expenses. I'm staying out on the causeway if you want to visit. Can't wait!

Despite the horrible things that are happening in the world, life is good. Especially a year older! I feel blessed to live where I do and be safe, happy and healthy. Take care all!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/2/2014 - I Stand Corrected
Hello Darling Boys,

It's 70 degrees and overcast this morning. Perfect weather to sit on my patio, sip my freshly brewed coffee, (I grind the beans) and watch my feathered friends. These last few days the house finches have found the feeder. While the males are colorful to look act they are little pigs. They hog the feeder, male and female alike, and the safflower seed is disappearing rapidly.

Fortunately the squirrels don't like it. That's why I have it. But every once in a while they get desperate and come for a kernel or two. I hope it gives them indigestion.

Morning entertainment complete I tackled the continuing hassle with my bank account. I awakened at 7am yesterday and a text came in with an alert from the bank. Someone had gotten my debit card number and charged 2300 dollars in a matter of minutes. Two purchases in Singapore, the other in Paris.

After a long wait on the phone, problem resolved. Of course, now I had to head to my bank and get a new temporary debit card. Mission accomplished I yakked with the bank manager about this and other things of life. They are kind of nosey. How do I make my money, what do I do? I think it's more to point me toward their business services.

This morning I logged on the account to find one charge, the Paris one, still processing. Another phone call and now a claim has to be filed. Oh, it won't come out of my account but there is a debit while it gets resolved. GRRR!

It's been a great week. Busy, busy, busy for adventures polar opposites of each other. People too. One, a disabled young man that I've seen before. I had to drive to his home, get him out of his wheelchair, into my car, wheelchair in the trunk, back to my incall, where Sara met us, out of the car again, fun time, then the whole process reversed.

As I lifted him the first time I thought my back is never going to take this did. Again and again. Three years ago this would never have happened. I could not have even considered such a physically taxing encounter. I said a prayer of gratitude.

And I sat on ice after I came back. Heat the next morning. My blessed Aleve and I am perfectly fine. Consistent weight training, cardio and stretching/yoga has made me stronger. And that testosterone implant. Just call me Wonder Woman! LOL

I met sweet guys, rude guys, in a hurry guys, guys who took their time and made sure I was happy. Returning friends always bring a smile to my face.

On top of all my activity the new Sheriff of the former county I used to reside in coordinated a huge sting. 21 gents, 9 girls. I saw the names of 12 of the guys and all the girls. At least 21 family lives are impacted and possibly ruined. For a misdemeanor. He's making a name for himself.

Thursday evening I had dinner with Sara, a friend of hers and a gal by the name of Maggie McNeil. She has a popular blog called Honest Courtesan and was on a book signing tour for her collection of short stories, titled, "Ladies of the Night".

Maggie is a sex worker advocate and activist and my brain was overwhelmed with the truth of what is really going on out there with this whole sex trafficking scam. And that's what it is. I have always thought Backpage was full of underage girls, pimped out and exploited. That the cartels were everywhere. Boy, could I have not been more wrong. Oh, yes, it's there. But it's minuscule in comparison with what law enforcement and the politicians would like us to think.

Now that drug arrests are down, penalties have been lowered and reversed our prisons are starting to empty. Yeah, you guessed it. They are going after us. They have elevated the world's oldest profession to the level of drug dealers. And they get away with it because NONE of you speak out. Oh, I get why but as long as you look the other way and hope you don't get swept up in this you keep quiet.

"When they took away the Jews, I said nothing. When they took away the Catholics, I said nothing. When they took away the Presbyterians, I said nothing. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak." All of this so called "crises' is an attack on the first amendment of free speech. Without that, we are lost.

One shining piece of good news is that she said the Save Act won't get passed. Wherever states have tried to enact it the lower courts have knocked it down. She also said Backpage won't go out of business for adult services. They will sue and win. I hope this is true because what happens there impacts ALL the places that allow advertising.

But all of us need to be careful. YOU need to do your homework about someone you want to meet instead of looking at a hot photo and leading with you little head and calling immediately. YOU all need to cooperate with screening. A law enforcement officer posing as an escort isn't going to screen. They are just going to get as many gents into their sting as they can. Fast.

Oh, there was much more but I don't want your eyes to glaze over. Read Maggie's blog. Look into why brothel districts in Amsterdam, in India, Australia, where it's legal are getting pushed out. Think, valuable real estate for developers. Don't believe what you hear on the news about the sex trade. If Hillary gets in office we're really screwed.

Whenever you go into a new city, first google, Prostitution Stings for that city. It will alert you as to what is going on.

Be careful and play safe. And speak up. Even one of my friends who is affiliated with LE was disgusted by this last sting. He grumbled, "it's a waste of time and resources." And I agree. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is no one's business.

So, I stand corrected. What I thought was true was all smoke and mirrors. But politicians are experts at that sort of thing aren't they?

On a happy note, I haven't made my Saturday garage sale tour yet. Once I do I'm heading south to my Sis's this afternoon. If the weather is good we're going to the Drum and Bugle competition in Kingston. If not, we'll sit home and drink wine. So the Love for Sale sign is off this afternoon, evening and tomorrow morning. I'll be back around noon Sunday.

I'm thinking of a short 2-3 day vacation. But every place I want to go is either jammed with tourists or my psychic friend says don't go to. I listen to what he says. And he also says, be very careful right now. You too!

Still, life is good. My Wonder Woman back is holding up.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

7/27/2014 - Summer Fun
Hello Boys,

It was a busy, busy week for me. And the weather was fabulous. The weekend forecast was for a beautiful Friday and Saturday, showers on Sunday.
I headed to the track Friday.

It's less crowded and much more pleasant. Still plenty of people watching. One of my favorite things to do in life.

Of course I wore a pretty dress and a big hat. Sort of a Gucci/Pucci print if you know what I'm talking about. A huge airy black hat with some feathers. There weren't many of us but I had compliments left and right about the hat. Some people do enjoy seeing someone make an effort to dress well.

In my mind it's a measure of respect for the traditions of the track and respect for myself. When you can't be bothered to take time to be well groomed and well turned out you either think, 1. you're hot sh-- and you don't need to do anything or the reverse 2. you have no confidence in yourself.

This isn't about money. If you knew how little I spent on that outfit you wouldn't believe me. It's about shopping smart and being creative and having a little daring. Sure I'm a clothes horse. As a Leo, what else would you expect? :-) And no, the dress wasn't down to there and up to here. I look like a lady in public.

Now behind closed doors I look classy trashy.
At the nudist resort it's just all out slut wear.

I love the chance to let it all hang out when it's appropriate. And a woman my age looking trashy in public isn't classy. NOR attractive IMHO.

So elegant dress, big hat, wedge/platform heels, gold jewelry and turned out. But AFTER the track it was a whole different story. My submissive/slave was visiting late. It's always about leather with him and I had gone to Russ and Rebel on Route 7 earlier that week. Anna had told me about it.

It's been there for years and I've never given it a thought. I figured it was for bikers. Well, it is but it's also for exotic dancers and adults. Yeah....wild assed stuff.

I found a leather teddy on sale. Cut high on the hips and trimmed in huge safety pins. VERY fetish looking.

I showered and changed when I got back home and settled. Fishnet panty hose, black leather stiletto boots with thin strips of leather in gold, silver and black, criss crossing the legs. Dark red lips, black leather gloves and big silver earrings. The crowning touch? A HUGE strap on. The largest one I own.

He entered and headed straight to undress, slipping on his collar and leash. I'd left the door unlocked and I was waiting for him in my "throne" chair. He kneeled at my feet and I patted his head and gently kissed him.

I told him the accoutrements for cocktails were on the kitchen counter. He made the drinks and kneeled again at my feet.

I allowed him a drink and then I told him I wanted him to suck my cock. And to do it just like he'd want it done to himself. It was huge and he had trouble getting his mouth around it but good boy that he is, he managed to swallow a good bit.

He's not bi. But he wants to be humiliated and this was something he thought would do so. I patted his head and encouraged him to take more. He bent his head and plunged it down his throat.

I'll admit...I was so aroused at this point that I led him to the bedroom. I've been exceptionally horny these past few days and now that randiness was heightened.

I undressed, leaving the leather gloves on. It's his job to satisfy Mistress. Fortunately, he's very skilled at DATY. I'd already placed several layers of towels on my bed.

I began to orgasm over and over, squirting profusely. But that wasn't enough. I reached over for my bottle of lube and applied it liberally to my pussy and his fingers and hand. I told him to put his fingers together and tuck his thumb under. I wanted all of it.

He was afraid but arousal was so huge that there was nothing he could do to hurt me. I encouraged him to give me more and more. NO one had ever accomplished this before nor had I ever desired it.

I looked at him and said, "Now, who is the submissive"? He replied, "you are." And that is what happens. There can be power exchanged in the heat of the sub's obedience. A phenomenon I'd never experienced before. Oh, I was subbing from the top for sure and I was still in charge.

We took a little break, kissing deeply and becoming desperate in our passion. I told him to try again and this time his hand was inside me past his knuckles. Unbelievable sensation and although he was reserved in his submission I knew it was his time. We tried a smaller strap on but it wasn't comfortable. A small, vibrating dildo did the trick. Finally, mounting me, he had his release.

After, in our pillow talk time we chatted about what had happened and his submissive desires. We have much to experience yet.

Saturday was the usual garage sale adventure. I found a big Weber grill for $5. A new bottom grate and a cover at Home Depot and it was like new. Again, meeting cool folks along the way.

A new young friend was visiting in the afternoon. But not until after I drove out to Voorheesville and Smith's pizza. If you haven't ever....go!

This young one actually showed up and in the after glow he told me he'd been robbed by his last provider. I use that word loosely. It was the third time he'd seen her and when she asked for money before the appointment he should have known. I told him he could report her on Backpage. While there still is a Backpage. He was embarrassed but I know it's happened to many of you. THAT is the image most of the world has of "escorts". What a shame.

Later, one of my old friends from Chez Anneke north drove down from Vermont. What a contrast! One 25. My evening visitor, 75. The 75 year old knows what to do. I'll not say any more.

Today I took the day off, painting the accent wall in my dining room. I'm going to stencil with a clear gloss poly urethane so it will be a crème on crème damask. Then waxing one of the dining room chairs after distressing it. Five to go and the table.

Afternoon summer storms threatened again so I headed to Ralph's Tavern for steamed clams and then on to errands. Yeah, I know, I like to eat. But the gym and the hormones have me keeping my weight down. Love it!

One friend wrote to me and said he was worried Trixie and Boom Boom might disappear. They are a 38DD/E now. Instead of a 40DD/E. I think there's still plenty to hold.

Tonight is PBS. Father Brown, Tango in Halifax and my beloved Mystery Theater/Inspector Poirot Season debut.

I'm having a glass of a new Cabernet I found. Called Josh. From Joseph Give it a try. Dinner later when I'm hungry.

Life is good. Remember that yourselves!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

7/22/2014 - Please Read Important
Hey Guys,

There is a bill in Congress forcing our advertisers to accept nothing but debit cards for payment and to disclose who their advertisers are. In short, we're going to be on a data base.

And...Holder is trying to get another bill through Congress to shut down BP. Well, I told you that would happen. Another site will just take it's place. That's what happened when Craig's list got shut down. my numbers. You might see a lot of us disappear on the internet for a bit. Websites might have to come down and the whole deal goes underground.

Exactly what Congress didn't want. The underground trafficking. It's going to do exactly the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. Stop the trafficking. Now these poor girls are going to be on the streets.

Those who are upscale will survive. It's looking like it might be more difficult. Just what we all needed after the recession and starting to get back on our feet.

Those pompous asses in government have nothing else to do with their time. They can't accomplish anything else in Congress but they sure can spoil everyone's fun. I've never been a fan of Holder either.

Does anyone think they'll stop seeing providers?


Your, I'll Still Be Naughty Girlfriend,

7/21/2014 - Off To The Races
Hello Darlings,

Finally, opening day at the track last Friday. The weather could not have been more perfect. The new duds and hat too. Sara looked gorgeous as always and our psychic friend was the best dressed gent as usual. In fact, folks asked us if we'd coordinated our attire. We did not.

I wore a navy and white polka dot dress. A big navy hat with hot pink trim and navy sandals. No high heels Anneke? Hell no. I watched all the young ones in the stilettos practically paralyzed by the end of the day and smiled. I asked one if her feet hurt. Oh yeah!

We have seats in the Pavillion. The buffet was stellar this year and Mary Lou was having a small party on one side. If I have to tell you who that is you don't know horses.

I just was not in a betting mood. But I was in a people watching, take in the environment mood. There's not a classier place to be.

After lunch and a few races my phone rang. It was the Backpage number and my courteous caller informed me he was at the track and asked if I would be available later that day. I laughed and told him I was there also. With a Louisiana phone number and a drawl to match I knew he wasn't you know who so I agreed to meet him for a drink in the Jim Dandy bar.

Good looking fifty something dynamo. One of those guys who takes over a room while still being a Southern gentlemen. He bought me a diet coke, (I'd already shared champagne with Sara) and we talked about the possibilities. He wanted to make a night of it. Dinner and fun. We agreed to chat after the 9th race. I rejoined my friends and enjoyed the track. Lots of hotties to peruse. Male and female. Unfortunately, I only won one race but I'm not a big gambler so the losses were small.

I met my new friend after the 9th and we watched the last race together. We walked to my car and I drove to downtown Saratoga. This was his first visit. On to Jack Dillon's for dinner and back up route 9 for some very wet and kinky fun. He'd never met a provider like me. Always seeing the kind of gals who like you to get it over with and gone. He was amazed at the way things happened and thought he was a very lucky man. I thought I was a lucky girl. We just fit.

I headed home around 11:30 with plans to meet the next day. I crashed and arose early for my weekend treasure hunt. Garage sales.

During breakfast he called. He had family members joining him and the day's plan looked iffy. I agreed that he could check in later and we'd plan the day from there. Fortunately his family left to drive home and we made plans to join him for dinner and an encore. This time I'd be spending the night. He loved his cocktails and he wanted me to join him.

We returned to the same restaurant and all our servers from the night before came to our table. He was that kind of guy. Hard to forget, big tipper, lots of fun and yet a perfect gentleman.

Sunday morning we shared a coffee and went our separate ways. Hopefully we'll meet again someday. It was a delightfully unexpected turn to opening day. One I'm still smiling about.

It'd been a gorgeous weekend and I headed up to the Helderberg mountains. The air was cooler and I had a nice drive around Warner and Thompson Lakes, heading down through Altamont and Guilderland Center. Beautiful Upstate New York countryside.

As I neared home I drove past my Sister's old apartment community. Only a couple of miles from where I am now. Just in the door, my phone rang. She chided me, "didn't you see your text"?, I was driving.

She was at the old community visiting her gal pal. We've all hung out several times so they arrived in minutes with a bottle of wine. We headed to my patio and several hours later, more wine and two pizzas, we'd caught up on all the stuff of the past few years.

I'll call her, Anna. She's a 5 foot nothing, tiny little bundle of energy. A devout Lesbian and she's always threatening to climb up me. We laugh about it all time. It probably won't ever happen as I'd hate to ruin a friendship. But it's fun to kid about. I was thrilled to spend the afternoon with my Sis and her. The circle of friends is widening here. Just what I hoped for. And the business is too.

Great client friends, civilian friends and family. A beautiful new apartment. Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

7/15/2014 - Where Did This Year Go
Good Morning Darlings,

It's just whizzing by isn't it? The days are getting shorter and hotter. The new place is looking good after all that hard work and I'm seeing the year rush by. All good though.

I know,,,it's not Saturday morning. Saturday mornings are becoming part of the weekend HUNT for bargains at yard sales. In fact, I'm only going to be available by advance appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. Unless I know you really well.

We ALL need to step away from our professions. Since mine is 7 days a week I'm learning that I must carve out some personal time for myself so that I'll be MORE attentive when I do put up the Love For Sale sign.

While I'm blessed in that I love what I do it's best not to always be available every moment of every day. In any job.

So Saturday I got up early, made my coffee, perused the garage sale ads, mapped out my itinerary and hit the road. I didn't have but an hour to spare. My Sis and I had plans for a garden tour and the laundry had just gone in the drier at our laundry center. lol

I did snag a goodie for $2. Even better, a fun conversation with the young couple who were hosting the yard sale. I spied two Steampunk hats so I asked them if they were in that lifestyle. Fingers crossed as a lot of them are swingers.

No, she said, with a twinkle in her eye, we just got dressed up for Halloween. They were from THE city and there's a lot of Steampunk groups there. Not so in SmallAlbany. (That's what we call it). She said she liked it, he not so much.

I think I love the social interaction of the yard sale jaunts even more than finding bargains. In fact, I know I do.

I headed home after I stopped for the weekend bagel with cream cheese and olives. The laundry wasn't quite dry so I started another cycle and dithered around my place. There's still lots of projects to dither with although I'm getting there.

A little past 11am I headed south to Sis's. She already had the Garden Tour tickets so we could head out. Except she'd been dithering in HER garden and had gotten all sweaty. She was just getting out of the shower. Her S O was at a golf tournament so it was a girl's day out.

We left late only to find that the first stop in Saugerties and the help desk for registration was empty. We were too late. Hell's bells!

Well, plan B. So I drove down an adjacent side street to turn around. And we spied....stop number 1 on the garden tour. Park!!!

The ladies were lovely and said, go ahead. After all we had our tickets in hand. They even gave us their copy of the garden route.

I have a tiny little spot behind my back patio for a garden. It's going to need some help. The dirt is all fill. Gravel and hard dirt. So soon, I'll have my son build a box and I'll fill it with great dirt.

This was the place for ideas as he had a beautiful, creative shade garden. I took photos and said to Sis, "this is perfect. If we don't see another garden I'm a happy camper."

I promise, I won't bore you to tears. Short version. We went all over the county to 3 more gardens. All lovely in their own right, braking at yard sales along the way.

Back home, I took Sis to dinner and then went on my way home after, listening to The Prairie Home Companion as I drove. I smiled as I parked my sparkling clean car that I'd had detailed the day before. The drive is now a half hour shorter. Fabulous!

Do I miss Saratoga? A little. But I'm heading to the track for opening day this Friday and will go back all summer. It's only 35 minutes north. I can head there any time.

I love the peace and quiet here. I don't have young girls stomping across the hardwood floors in their boots all day, night and partying all night long. Royal pain. Plus, no nosy neighbors. Much more convenient and central location and perfect for Anneke with that fabulous playroom.

I have a friend on the way. So I'll write the naughty parts in the next missive. And there have been PLENTY of them.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

6/30/2014 - Back In The Saddle Again
Good Monday Morning Boys,

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here. Yes, overcast but warm and pleasant. I've already had my coffee on my patio. The Kingfisher has been diving for his breakfast.

The nuthatches and sparrows are feeding at the suet feeder. There's a big heron fishing in the pond and mother duck and her babies are trying to find their morning repast. I can hear the birds singing their hearts out. Once I put the seed in the feeder it's going to be really fun to watch them visit.

It's beautiful and quiet here. And a perfect place for Anneke. No one pays any attention to who is coming and going because the bedrooms are on the parking side of the complex. So everyone keeps those blinds drawn. Too big, too busy for people to bother.

I'm out of Chez Anneke north. I made my last trip Saturday. Patching the holes in the wall where my art hung. Painting the patching. Taking down a chandelier and curtains and just making sure that EVERYTHING was pristine as it could be.

It was a great gig in Saratoga. Yes, if you never figured it out that was where I was. It's an exciting city but it's having growing pains. Too many people from New York City in my opinion. Too many new tall condos and hotels going up and ruining the quaint Victorian skyline.

Definitely marketed to the haves. And the have nots are not happy. The local news keeps the problems buried for the most part but they are there. We had homeless folks sleeping in one of the storage sheds for trash in my back yard. I wasn't happy about that at all. And a nosey neighbor.

It was fun and I loved being close to the track and all the action of Saratoga but I can drive there when I really miss it.

It's time for something new and I'm loving every bit of the change. It was just an ordeal driving up and down I-87 moving stuff every day for a month. I was plain worn out these last few days!

I contracted the movers for the big stuff and they did a stellar job. For less money than quoted. :-) I had LOTS of other stuff. In fact, way too much stuff. Now I'm organizing all the stuff and getting rid of some of it at the same time.

The end result is a beautiful new place. One I'm sure you'll enjoy, in and out of the boudoir.

So while I was up to my eyeballs in the move last week a couple of folks snuck in. I'm happy to say Chez Anneke South and I are ready for you. So pick up that phone and let's plan your erotic escape.

I do ask that you call when you park. I'll be waiting at the door in my unmentionables. No knocking. Sneakier that way.

I like sneaking. Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...VERY close to the junction of I-87 and I-90. Just a hop, skip and jump away from pleasures.
PSS....I still offer outcall throughout the Capital District AND Saratoga. Race fans note!

6/21/2014 - One More Day at Chez Anneke North
Hello Boys,

The last two days have been the most gorgeous weather we've had in a year. Seventies/low eighties, dry, sunny, light breeze. Perfect for this Day of the Summer Solstice.

I'm now in a ground floor apartment. Meaning, there is no basement under me. So it has a tendency to get a little damp. I've only had my air on to keep it from feeling clammy. I'm in the trees facing North and West out the back. The place stays cool. I look over a beautiful pond where Canadian geese and Mallards find their home. I haven't filled my bird feeders yet but when I do I know they will be visited by lots of feathered song birds.

Yesterday I watched a Kingfisher dive into the pond for his meals. And then chase another around the pond. It's beautiful here and I'm very happy I made this change. Plus, it's the perfect, discreet location.

While the lease on Chez Anneke north ends on June 30th I'm mostly at Chez Anneke south. Tomorrow is the last day I can entertain there. The movers arrive Monday morning. I can hardly wait! And I can have my memory foam mattress each night.

It's Saturday and you know what I do on Saturday mornings during the warm weather. No, not sit in a bikini and sun bathe. I'm driving all over snagging deals at garage sales. It's a ritual that is eagerly awaited each week.

This morning I was up at 7 perusing Craig's list for the latest sales, making my own list of stops and getting ready to be at the first, an Estate Sale at 9am.

I pulled up at 8:50am and there was a gathering of folks already waiting. This one was run by professionals so we had to take a ticket with a number. Finally we entered and while there are things on my "list" to look for there's always something that just might entice. Not so much here. A couple of wooden medallions for the wall. Next.....

I headed out to Slingerlands. That's one of the upscale communities in the Albany area. Beautiful homes, lush greenery that you see in Upstate NY and older homes, all immaculate. This home owner had lots of goodies and I found a French Mirror for my bedroom and some wrought iron candle holders for the patio.

I walked two doors up and found a brass and wrought iron fireplace screen and set for ten bucks. Since I plan to use this fireplace, (I already have some wood for a cold night) one needs those things. Why pay full price?

I stopped here and there, just enjoying the earlier morning jaunt. I took Delaware Avenue into the city to an architectural store in the bad part of town. I am looking for a piece of marble. Nothing there and I hoped my car would be in one piece when I came out. Thankfully, it was.

Heading toward home I stopped for a sub. The food has always been good in the Capital District. There's no shortage of really good restaurants. They might not all be trendy like Saratoga but they are excellent.

I'd had a couple of friends inquiring to meet but I don't do last minute with folks I've never met. Plus, I'd had a kick ass session with a friend last night.

He loves leather and serving mistress. He's not a true submissive. He likes the look more than anything but after last weekend he was in for a surprise.

I'd donned leather like skin tight pants. A leather midriff top that barely held Trixie and Boom Boom. (I had to keep poking my nipples in.) A leather bomber jacket, leather up to the knee boats and leather gloves. A beautiful black jet necklace topped it all off.

He gasped when he came in the door. He asked to use my bathroom. I said, "take off all your clothes then come out." If you didn't know, CF/NM means, clothed female/naked male. It's a act of submission.

He walked into my living room naked. I was sitting in a throne like chair and told him to sit at my feet. I put a leather collar on him and then told him to make our drinks.

I showed him where everything was and sat down. Soon he brought me a glass of wine, a cocktail for himself. He knelt on the carpet and I stroked his hair. He was speechless.

He wasn't interested in pain and neither am I but he wanted to serve and please the Goddess and I let him.

In the boudoir, I undressed and pulled the beautiful spread back. Placing a thick towel down. I expected him to begin.

He had this idea that if I drank a lot I'd be wilder. No need for that. But a couple of glasses of wine do relax you and I told him I wanted him to take ALL of his well lubed fingers and insert them. He gulped and questioned ALL? I said yes. All! The low lighting, house/trance music, candles, leather, his submissive attitude made me HOT! And I wanted MORE beyond the everyday.

We found a sensual place for ourselves and as he slipped into me, covered of course, I smacked his ass several times. He moaned in pleasure. We played beyond his appt. time. Who cared? This was about passion. As it always should be.

Can you tell? I'm aroused thinking about it again.

Life is good. Especially when you are feeling randy and have someone to share it with.

Your VERY Naughty Goddess/Girlfriend,

6/17/2014 - Six Days and Counting
Hello Boys,

I'm sitting in my upgraded hotel room in THE city. I've been up since 6 and already had a walk, more about that in a bit, breakfast at the hotel, showered, make up, 9am blow out at Jean Paul's Salon at 54th and Lex, a second breakfast with Earl Grey tea and honey and back to the room, awaiting a new friend at noontime.

I'm tired thinking about it. lol

So, I strap on the sneaks and head to Central Park. All kinds of folks walking, running, biking on the absolutely gorgeous morning. It was 72 at 6am. Scorcher this afternoon unfortunately,

I just get in the park and I see this one dude, regular clothes, carrying a big bag. He spies me and next I know he's following me. I stop, he keeps walking, I look around, look back over my shoulder and he's watching me.

Back out of the park I head. Geez Louise, can't one feel safe anywhere? I headed over and down 5th and back to my hotel to get the first breakfast. I'm not a pig. It was a hard boiled egg and a banana. The second one was tea and a little croissant.

The city is dirty I'm sorry to say. When I first started touring here Guiliani was Mayor and it was clean. Everywhere. Now it's looking shabby. I hate that one of the greatest cities in the world is looking like this. I was never impressed with Bloomberg and I'm really not impressed with this new Mayor. But I don't have to live here.

In fact, I think I'm probably going to cut this tour a day shorter. My pre-bookings started disappearing on my drive down. Last trip the phone was ringing off the hook. You just never know. And with biz good at home and the overhead to work in NYC guess where I'd rather be.

One observation; the folks that live and work here are slim. The tourists that are American are fat. The tourists from other countries mostly slimmer. One could sit on a bench here and people watch all day long.

Lest you think I'm in a negative mood, I visited an old friend at his private club yesterday afternoon. Yowzah! If all men at 59 looked like, were built and equipped and as HOT as he is I'd be thinking about settling down.

In all fairness, he's one of those exceptional human beings on the face of the earth. I'm just fortunate that he prefers two kinds of women. Very young...early twenties and older like me. Not the in between.

I said to him, "Can you find one just like you for me?" lol He laughed. I was smiling as I left.

My 9pm showed up late and creepy. I'd gotten bad vibes all day long and while verified, I should have nipped it in the bud. I asked him to leave the donation in the bathroom as he used it.

I had a feeling....

He came out and told me he'd "forgotten" to go to the ATM. Yeah, sure. Phone calls all day long. Requests to buy a bottle of wine for him. I refused. And you show up with no donation. I booted him out. From now on, if my intuition has the slightest twinge I'm cutting the interest off. It's never been wrong and the older I get it's more accurate.

Okay....last week. It was killer. Great folks, great biz, lots done in the new place and the frosting on the cake was the visit to a World Renown BD/sm retreat in the Alps on Saturday afternoon. That's a part of the Berkshires in NY State.

I'd been invited by the Master to one of their monthly soirees. Lauren's S O had heard of it years ago and he commented in our email exchange that he'd heard it was pretty hard core. Well, I was going to find out.

It is so isolated that my GPS had me going to wrong way. I went back to the Master's directions and got myself turned around. I found the mailbox and in the middle of nowhere saw a line of cars parked along the edge of his driveway. This must be the place.

It's a modest home on a gorgeous piece of property. But the welcome was warm and rich. I was introduced to the other guests and one by one met the slaves. 2 male, 4 female. All naked and collared.

I sat in the living room and the other dominas and masters and I got acquainted. Soon Master R appeared and I thanked him again for the invite. I was honest about my role in this world. I'm not a domina. And I'm certainly not a submissive. But much of what I do deals with aspects of the Fetish world and sensual domination. Here, I could be myself. Accepted and not judged.

We all chatted casually. Brilliant people all the way around. Slaves and dominants alike. All the while watching the birds at the feeders outside the world.

It cracked me up to have a world class mistress telling me that the little bird at the feeder was a cowbird. Matter of factly. The great misconception is that people in this world are not quite ....well, you know. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know how folks feel about what I do and what they think I must be.

It's always been my desire to understand why one person has the heart of a slave and the other the power and desire to control the slave. It's utterly fascinating. They patiently answered my queries and asked more or me. There was certainly mutual respect on all sides.

I've been around aspects of this at Lauren's Goddess Manor for years. She IS a domina. Hands down. But I've never seen the submissive attitude that was so strong here. I've seen some of the submissive trance that folks seem to go into but never like this.

I'm not going to go into great details here out of respect for Master R and his guests. We had dinner and during that time someone remarked, "LOOK!" Right out the living room window a big Black Bear was lumbering not 10 feet from the door. Beautiful, shiny black coat. But we were all thankful he couldn't find his way into the dinner party.

Later, after various whip handling demonstrations, one on a slave that left marks, everyone changed into Night attire. The leather and fetish gear was donned all around. Me still in a long black dress that was cut almost down to my navel that laced up the front. Shades of Elvira. And a pair of 5' stilettos. We walked downstairs to the dungeon. The most fully equipped dungeon I've ever seen.

Again, no great details but I will relate the one young male slave was tied to a post. Ropes wrapping his now raging hard on. Then saran wrapped and caution taped on top of the ropes. He was a beautiful virgin and I will admit I was aroused.

Other floggings were going on around me and it was fascinating to see how the slaves took the pain. And how the mistresses and masters handled the slaves. Always, safety was observed but there's no kidding anyway, there was LOTS of pain.

Would I go there? I don't think so. Nither as a domina/mistress and certainly not as a submissive. But I did learn a few techniques that I can incorporate into my sensual domination. out those of you who have asked me for this.

I left around 11pm. I had an early morning visit at Chez Anneke North the next morning. A offering to return anytime was given and I said goodbye to all with hugs and thanks. Yes, doms hug.

I have to say it was one of the most fascinating and enlightening evenings I've spent in years. One is never too old to learn and experience new things. And I've made some new friends who are like minded.

Life is good. I'll sign off.....a friend is on the way.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend in Manhattan,

PS....six days until the big move.

6/09/2014 - Life Without Television
Hello Darlings,

I'm at the new digs this evening. Overnight. No TV yet. The Northern Chez Anneke has no air. I didn't bother to have the landlord put the window unit in. Since it's rainy and sticky it's not comfortable up there. Plus my surroundings are so pleasant that I don't want to make the trek north tonight.

I'll head up early in the morning. Opposite the traffic all heading south to their jobs with the State of NY and corporations in the tri-cities. Remember, Albany IS the Capitsl of NY State, regardless of what THE city thinks.

Yesterday was dark. By choice. I was plumb worn out. The good news is that while I'm not heading to the gym all the lugging and lifting and being on my feet has dropped the weight on the scale and added to the muscles. Plus the testosterone implant does that too. I can feel my libido winding up even more again with the new implant and my nipples are super sensitive with the estrogen. I love this!

Today, a past inquirer called again and wanted a visit to him. 60 miles away. He thought about it and drove to me. Oh my! When I opened the door I drooled. I asked, "So you like older women"? Oh yes, was his reply and off to the races we went.

Lake Anneke went through 2 towels. I'm going to have to start putting pads under the sheets. lol That's the hormones too. Nuff said.

But before all of this fun, Saturday I went yard/garage sale hunting on the way back north. The little city north has fabulous sales and I wanted a break from lugging and lifting. The first place I stopped was right across the street from my landlord's home. I snapped up two wall scones, French style, that were oil lamps too. And a darling little wooden bamboo chair.

Next stop, there sat a solid cherry table and six chairs for $100. I could envision them all Frenched up as the finish had taken a beating. I've been shopping online. We're talking minimum 1500-1800 for non-hardwood. I paid the guy and he was happy to deliver them the next day.

I love a bargain that suits my needs. I have a real dining room in the new place. Perfect.

I'd already had a friend visit that morning so Saturday night was chill out South. I headed to the new Chez Anneke, unloaded and realized the Belmont would be on soon. So I called a close by upscale restaurant to ask if they would be showing the race. Yes!

I changed into a sexy maxi dress and headed over. A martini and some of the best Calamari I've ever had while I watched the disappointing finish. I think most of us were hoping for a Triple Crown winner. My bud in NYC attended and bet 200 on the winner. What a payoff!

Home South I crashed early. I headed North Sunday morning.. Laundry, packing, hanging around hoping the table/chairs would arrive. When they didn't I headed south......again. It's 30 miles each way.

Lunch firat and I'd just ordered 2 dozen steamed clams and a draft Stella at Ralph's Tavern when the phone rang. Yes, you guessed it. He wanted to deliver the table. We worked it out that he would drop it in the back yard and come back later to help me get the table in the back door.

I fired up my little Weber and cooked a grass fed filet mignon, dining on my patio table, overlooking our lake and fountain. It was a glorious day. I'd already painted the little chair and the sconces gold. (Hey, I like gaudy stuff)!

Then I headed North again. I know I'm making you dizzy. Finally he showed up with a chick. He's in his late forties, cute/buffed and she was 20's. She immediately began surveiling my place, oohing and aahing over the place. Then she headed in my bedroom and spied my 5" Cheetah platform stilettos. "Can I try them on"? Oh boy....whack job.

But he and she had helped me bring the table in so shots all around of Ketel One. Then he spied my bistro table. I said,"it's for sale". So basically we swapped dollars and I have one less dining set to move.

They left and I has a feeling that just maybe he was going to get lucky. When I saw him this morning for his pickup of my table I asked him if he had hired here to work for him. I said, "she's nuts you know". He said, "I know", but we both agreed she was fun.

I can't help but wonder where we all would have wound up with a couple more rounds of Vodka? She said she had to leave but I had a feeling........

Today after Mr. Hottie left I scored the big one. I found a new fabulous hair stylist. She's young and just as crazy as I am and doesn't usually works Mondays. She said to me, "It was meant to be", and I believe it.

Bring it on. Life is over the top good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...the playroom is SO hot it should be licensed!

6/06/2014 - Settling In Swimmingly
Hello Boys,

There's a double intention in that heading. Yes, Lake Anneke has been overflowing all week at the Chez Anneke South mostly. And Chez Anneke north.

A returning hottie helped me christen the playroom and the new king sized bed Tuesday. He didn't believe me when I told him he was the first. But finally I convinced him. Thankfully I had two towels under me. I don't want to wreck the new mattress all ready.

Things are going exceedingly well. Folks who just couldn't or wouldn't make the drive to Chez Anneke North have been stopping by. It's Friday evening, I've had a hot bath, glass of wine on the tub side table, jazz on the stereo and waiting on a regular of Sara's. It will be OUR first time so I'm expecting lots of fun.

My sis and I swapped cars. She has a big van so last weekend my son helped me and I've been driving up and down the Northway bringing stuff down by myself all week. Tonight we swap cars.

Yes, my back is a bit sore from all the lifting and lugging but the place is shaping up so beautifully that I don't want to slow down. But last evening I did.

I drove North, stopping for a bottle of Ketel One at my fav store. My aching body needed more than Aleve. Almost home, the phone rang. An old friend wanted to stop by. He'd be there in an hour.

Just enough time for a martini to loosen up those sore muscles!

He's a very kinky boy who loves verbalizing his fantasies. One of these days we're going to find the other person or two to fulfill them. In the meantime, we managed a few on our own.

A late dinner after he left and then beddy bye. My memory foam mattress was calling. While I love the new king sized one it's not memory foam. We've had enough experience with that to know that while it's wonderful for sleeping it's not conducive to romps. They kind of swallow you up and make it hard to........well, you know.

I'll have to stay south tonight. I had a glass of wine with my new friend and the State Troopers are out in force on I-87, affectionately known as the Northway.

Americaid, bike week in Lake George, is going full swing and it's also the Jazz Festival at SPAC. Saratoga and north are jumping this weekend. So LE is out.

And they've been calling this week too. I knew as soon as I put my Chez Anneke South location up on BP they'd be trying. So screening is ramped up. No playtime. No playtime. It's that simple. The BP guys and others are just going to have to comply. Albany County is tough.

I love the new place and wish I hadn't scheduled the movers for all the furniture until the 27th. I've already moved in mentally. I'm going to call them Monday and see if they'd like to do it sooner if they have a cancellation and the time. If not, I'll just have to be patient. GRRRR! Patience is not my middle name.

Hard work is good for the body, mind and spirit. Having a goal and accomplishing it is a wonderful thing. I am feeling very grateful and fulfilled. Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

5/31/2014 - Up To My Eyeballs in Boxes
Hello Darlings,

It's been an absolutely perfect day here in Upstate NY. Close to 70, sunny and dry. A great day to be hauling stuff back and forth to the new digs.

But before I continue, the rest of my time in Florida was fabulous. I elected not to work. Mostly. Just two romps. I spent most of my time with friends and relaxing. It was almost a real vacation. One I've not had for a very long while. Every other time I've gone away I've always hung up the Love for Sale sign. This was time for me and mine. I didn't realize how much I needed it. Lesson for the future tucked away. I've already booked December 19-26 for a return visit. Yes! Christmas in paradise.

I'd flown back from Tampa, arriving home late Wednesday evening to taxi. And no record of my pre-payment. Great....grrrr! After several calls to the taxi company one finally turned around with another same city as I bound passenger. I'll not use that taxi company again.

Yes!! I received the keys yesterday. And the fun began. I've been eagerly awaiting this day.

I brought a car full of "stuff" down and the phone rang. A new friend wanted to meet. I screened him when I returned home and he arrived around 2:30pm. He had told me he likes to "dress".

He arrived as a he and changed into a sexy, hot mama. Makeup, wig, sexy dress and 6' platform heels. With some extra equipment. Very hot!! Now I'm looking for a male partner for a hot threesome. He is Bi. I love being in the middle of that kind of scenario. Surprised? Interested?

I couldn't manage another visit. Our times didn't jive so I scheduled a playtime for 8am this morning. Mind you, we haven't met yet. He keeps cancelling last minute.

But I asked him to let me know if anything changed as I was setting the alarm for 6am. No worries. Early to bed makes one ready for a nooner but sooner.

Except at 2am I was awakened to the sounds of loud music and laughter above me. I've been putting up with two young gals above me for months. There are hard wood floors in this old building and walking on them with your shoes on is like pounding on a drum.

I always take my shoes off when I come in my door. The only time I wear them is when friends visit. Fortunately it's not late at night when the folks below me are trying to sleep.

Unfortunately, my childish neighbors above have no thought of consideration. And it kept getting louder and louder. We have a clause in all our leases, "quiet after 10pm and before 9am." They have never abided by it, running down the stairs at midnight to go out clubbing. Running in at all hours when they return.

Finally, I put on my robe, walked up the stairs and pounded on their door. I asked them to crank it down. Some of us were trying to sleep. They turned the stereo down and continued the party. So, I've been up since 2 am. I wasn't going to need to set the alarm for Mr. 8am.

At 5:34 an email. "I'm not going to make 8am." Oh well, I was up. It'd already had breakfast at Denny's and was on my way to Walmart. Who knew there was so much going on that early in the morning.

Finally my eyes said enough and I laid down at 7:45 am with the alarm set for 8:30. Another visitor was heading my way at 9:30. I got my nooner but sooner. I'd anticipated Lake Anneke so two towels kept the damn from overflowing and ruining my bed.

I'd loaded the car at 4am so at 11:30 I hopped in and drove down to the new place. I unloaded and then hopped back in and drove to Kingston to pick up my Son and traded cars with my Sis. She has a nice sized van.

A long drive back, stopping for dinner at P.F. Chang's at the Colonie Center Mall. I'd heard we were getting a Whole Foods and I squealed with delight to see that it was going to be there.

My son snoozed on the way North. Me, barely keeping my eyes open. I am fried and we have a big day tomorrow. We've already loaded the van and will head down in the morning. The new King Size bed is arriving tomorrow afternoon.

Chez Anneke South is open for biz on Monday. LOL
Hey, no one ever said I was not industrious. I can't wait to christen the new playroom Monday night.

Life is good. Cum see me at either Chez Anneke North or South this month.

Manhattan June 16-19.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

PS...I wrote this last night but forgot to submit it. It's another gorgeous day and I can't wait to get it started!

5/24/2014 - Naked Fun and Countdown to the Move
Hello Boys,

I'm in Tampa, at the nudie resort.'s NOT a colony. In my mind, those places have people with hairy armpits and Birkenstocks. This is anything but that.

It's 84, party sunny and the humidity is climbing. Hey, it's summer in Florida even though the Northeast has barely warmed up.

Not a lot to tell. I've been boring so far. Just hanging in the sun, naked, with friends. No " biz friends" have visited so far. After all, this is the land of fruit and nuts. My first scheduled visit was a no show/no call. The rest of the calls disrespectful, last minute, late night newbies or you know who asking inappropriate questions. Since I want to enjoy this Memorial Day respite I'm declining.

My condo is a lovely 800 plus one bedroom so I can cook. In fact, I had Ron and Kerry over last evening for wine and nibbles. It is always great to catch up on our lives. I'm joining them for dinner Sunday evening along with Frank the hunk and his Significant Other.

I wandered down to the club last night after Ron and Kerry left but while busy, not enticing. I turned around and went back to my comfortable abode.

I hope I'll do a little "biz" but I'm not stressing about it since I'm being even more particular this trip. I'd rather hang with friends and rest up for the beginning of the big move next Sunday. I can't hardly wait and I know I'd be chomping at the bit, impatient to get on with all this if I were home. I'd also be busy being naughty. Amazing isn't it?

Too many girls down here. Too many fly by night guys. Too bad.

It makes me appreciate home all the more although this is my second home. Maybe someday, it will be my first and only but that's a ways away yet if ever. You make your plans (as you should) but life has a way of happening, making detours from your intended destination.

That's fine. It makes life more exciting. And good!

Enjoy this weekend of friendship, families and gratitude to those who have fought and died to keep us free. This is the 70th anniversary of D Day this year folks. Our President is making the trip to Normandy American to honor those who have passed. It's a big deal as it should be. Let us never forget the sacrifices our soldiers have made.

Love and Hugs,
Anneke KNOW you'll hear if I'm very naughty.

5/16/2014 - Tulips and the Full Moon
Hello My Darling Boys,

Have you wondered why folks have been weird and aggressive this week? Or you were?

I felt it coming over me the beginning of the week. Anxious, short tempered, out of sorts. Then I noticed some of those I met in Syracuse were off the wall. One was shades of that one who lost his mind in Tampa. No show/no calls, here at home and in Syracuse.

I texted my Sis and observed I thought the stars are out of alignment. Then I went to my horoscope. Yep, a full moon and in Scorpio. It was going to be that kind of week. Thankfully things are settling down and it's probably a good thing that it's quieter today.

But in all cases, I had an inkling from my intuition. Especially the no show who called me on my return from Syracuse. He even called me to tell me he was on his way. When he hadn't shown up an hour later, I knew for sure. But just to stick it to him, I called. He had stopped at the store for gas, he was on the way. Right, I thought, and pigs can fly.

You know, I don't look like this rolling out of bed in the morning. It takes work and time to be a Goddess. :-) And to get my place all ready for seduction. Thankfully, I don't let it upset me as it used to years ago when someone pulls that stuff.

Why someone's mind works that way I don't understand. It's all about power and control. They think they have both when they do that to providers. Or to anyone for that matter. What they don't realize is they have added a whole lot of bad energy and karma for themselves in the universe.

I had a couple of moments early in the week where I thought MY head was going to blow off. I let out a couple of yells and expletives where no one could hear them. I felt better. Today I got back to the gym for cardio and a good weight session. I'm okay and feeling good.

Especially after a trip down to Washington Park to see the tulips again this late morning. They were not in full bloom last week. Since a huge rain front is coming in tonight I knew this might be the last chance before they were destroyed. Shades of my Dutch heritage. It pulls at me all the time. They were breath taking today. I hope the city never ends The Tulip Festival. It's something special and unique.

The city of Albany is a mixed bag. Huge sections around the state capital are ghetto. The beautiful downtown is a memory but there's the Mall. The monument to Nelson Rockefeller that was built in the sixties. Rocky's Folly they called it.

Whole neighborhoods were razed to make way for this glorious state government center. That took away the folks who lived and shopped downtown. All that was left was state workers who wanted to go home to the suburbs after work. Not shop in a dying downtown. And so the story goes in many Northeast cities.

Then there are vibrant and trendy pockets in Albany. Lark Street with it's quirky cafes, shops and bars. Madison Avenue. Delaware Avenue is coming back. Washington Park and all the beautiful old brownstones. And street crime at night unfortunately.

I grew up here and it's sad to see Albany and especially Schenectady struggling. Although I do see some affluence returning to the western sections of Albany near where I'll be.

The nanotechnology center at SUNY Albany has been a big factor. SUNY Albany and the many colleges in the Capital District have always been a wealth of culture for the area.There's SUNY Albany, Maria College, Russell Sage, St. Rose, Siena, RPI, Union and all the community colleges. Now some of their athletics are garnering national attention too. It will all be new territory for me to explore. Plus there are great little museums and concerts everywhere.

I've already found a great Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi bar close to the new digs. A cool French restaurant and an excellent Spanish restaurant are close too. Albany has a rich Italian heritage so great Italian cuisine is not hard to find. The Albany Symphony has always been a gem. A Saratoga is just a 30 minute hop back up the Northway.

So while I'm leaving the "in, affluent" place north of the Capital District I won't be far from my haunts these last two years. NYC and Boston will be closer. The airport too.

I'm heading to the nudie resort in Florida next Thursday the 22nd, returning the 28th. I'm looking forward to touching up my all over tan, seeing my hair stylist, getting my sexiness implant and playing with friends. Memorial Day is a big event so lots of folks will be there for lots of naughtiness. One of my playmates has already called to make sure we can play.

Then it's back home and "begin the move" time. I can't wait!

The "grand opening" for my new digs is July 7th. Oh, I'll be ready June 2 but my life coach says that date is auspicious. Pre-booking recommended for the festivities.

Life is so good isn't it?

Love and Hugs,

5/11/2014 - Alert for Chicago

If you are traveling to downtown Chicago or live in metropolitan Chicago be aware it's dangerous right now.

You know who has "staff" and high definition cameras set up on the floors of several upscale hotels downtown. This is NOT a rumor.

Be careful. If a well reviewed, legitimate girl asks for extra information for screening, comply. Everyone is concerned.


5/10/2014 - Tulip Time Finally Spring and Syracuse Next Week
Hello Boys,

It was 86 today. After a mostly gray, drizzly, and cooler week here in Upstate NY this was welcome. I've been freezing my buns off since I came home from Florida. Now my hair is frizzing.

I can never please us.

I am moving forward with my relocation plans. My little brain cells are buzzing with redecorating ideas. It's exciting despite all the work that will be ahead of me. Fortunately, I'll have help.

Very busy week. I didn't even leave my place yesterday. That's a good thing. So today's quiet was welcome. Although the last minute guys called, I was having none of that. And the guys in Syracuse, where I'll be this upcoming week.
While all my ads say "gentle screening and ADVANCE NOTICE" no one reads them.

One just called, wanted to meet in an hour and I didn't know him from Adam's housecat. I'm "busy" tonight as far as he is concerned. The disrespect is a turn off. Let the pimps schedule some time for him. They don't care about respect for their girls. Enough of that.

I've been on a mission for a King Size French style bed. Oh, I found one and it's almost perfect but it's online. And pricey. While I know you are worth every penny I spend to make the boudoir sexy and comfortable I'm not going nuts here. I have a Florida trip the 22nd-28th of May. I want to have fun there. It's looking like a bed frame, no headboard and LOTS of pillows until I save for what I want. NO charging anything!

I'm down 20 pounds and still heading slowly downward. What a difference that makes, flexibility and energy wise. Add those hormones into the mix and I'm a wilder woman these days. :-)

What is interesting is that Trixie and Boom Boom are still about the same size. I don't loose weight in my boobs when I diet. Double :-)'s and still double DD's.

So all is well. Lots of O's, good business, good health and new,sexy digs soon.

Life is good. Enjoy your weekend!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

4/29/2014 - Month of June
Error;...The dates on the move should be during the month of JUNE, not May. If you read the rest of the sentence it will make sense.

So sorry. xxx's

4/29/2014 - I Am Feeling Frisky Read Why
Hello Boys,

I'm back to "normal", whatever that is for me. AND raring to go. Two days with no nookie is not a good thing for me. But I did get caught up on a few things, even from the couch.

This will be short. I've a lot on my plate today. ;-)

Here's the business plan I alluded to in the last update. It was to move my incall location to the heart of the Capital District. While I adore the little city in which I'm located it's off the beaten path. Luckily, many of you were willing to beat the path. But guys are busy trying to make a living these days and I know there are those in the Capital District who just can't take an extra hour plus to drive up and back to see me. Life is like that these days.

Plus, my lovely Victorian apartment is colder than hell. And traffic wise, I have to be VERY careful. So, like a bolt out of the blue, it finally dawned on me than rather than finding a crappy little studio here to entertain I should find a place that was 1.easy to entertain and 2.centrally located within the Capital District and 3. bigger.

I found all three. The first day out. Of course a little internet searching greatly shortened the time frame. And knowing the area.

During the month of May I'll have TWO venues to chose from for your recreational needs. The current one and the new one. The important stuff will be in the new one by June 3rd. So until the end of June you have a choice of locations.

I've already purchased a king size bed for the playroom. Yep, that's what I call it. And that's what it will be. And it won't have a Memory Foam mattress. For those who know what I'm talking about and why I say that....have a little chuckle.

I LOVE my queen sized Memory Foam mattress.......for sleeping. With the heated mattress pad I'm moaning with pleasure when I slip between the sheets at night in my frozen bedroom in the winter. Now my bedroom nor my apartment will no longer be frozen.

And I'll have a cozy fire going in the living room during the cooler months. Talk about sexy!

It's going to be hectic and fun these next couple of months but I am SO excited to share this with you.

Life is good! Here's to many romps in the new abode.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...where? Think close to I-87/I-90 intersection.

4/27/2014 - Lost Weekend
Hello Boys,

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend. I've spent most of mine on the couch. I've had a case of the yuks. While the phone has been busily ringing I don't feel right about seeing anyone when I'm not up to snuff.

Hopefully, tomorrow, things will be back to normal. And isn't that the way life is? Everything is going along swimmingly and the rug gets pulled out from under you.

I had a fabulous week until that point. Easter Sunday service, drive to share dinner with my Sis and family and stayed the night. Great fun.

Busy Upstate and feeling fabulous. I'm working on some changes in how I operate my business but they are positive. I drove back from my Sister's Monday morning and met with my life coach to discuss them. I'd already conferred with family and friends.

In the past, I've always made spontaneous decisions, based on emotions. This last year or so I've taken the time to do my homework and research before I jump in with both feet. As my plans progress I'll fill you in. I'm not where I can share yet. NO...I'm not retiring! Just the opposite.

My life coach and I had a great time together and she confirmed my thoughts and desires and added her spin. Sis has been in on this and she's in agreement. Client friends too. Fingers crossed!

I had lunch after our appointment at my favorite Sushi place in Latham. The phone rang. An old friend wanted to reunite. The timing was good so I headed home. I was IN the mood big time. It's always a delight to have old friends return.

That evening I received a text from a gent who had previously contacted me from NYC. I wasn't there at the time and the same was true again. But he called and we decided that I would take Amtrak down the next day. I offered my donation requirement and he concurred.

I can catch Amtrak from where I live but instead, drove to Rensselaer. It's really a stress free way to get to the city. When you add up the cost of tolls, gas, parking in NYC and aggravation Amtrak is a relaxing and cost effective way to get there.

I hadn't had time to get to the gym so I walked from Penn Station to his hotel in Hell's Kitchen. It was a warm day and I'd worked up a sweat.

We met in the lobby and I smiled to myself. Gorgeous, younger executive. And an Anneke film fan. A quick hug and kiss and I hopped in the shower. I wanted to be sweet for this hottie.

After, we caught a cab to Tribecca and had a leisurely dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant. Excellent freshly prepared food and great company. A cab back to Penn Station and he walked me to the ticket window. I'd made a fixed return reservation and he wanted to make sure I could swap that out for an earlier time. No worries and we kissed goodbye. I was home by midnight.

The rest of the week I was blessed with some exceptional adventures with some gorgeous and well equipped gents. One very young man and I ended our time together with a long pillow talk. He was 22 but an old soul. No, "hey" stuff or the "let's hang out" nonsense that I get from the text generation. He could write and speak in articulate and complete sentences. Rare these days and it restored my faith that this next generation coming up don't all have their noses in their cell phones.

I will NOT make text appointments with people I don't know. Call me old school but it's too impersonal. The voice says it all.

So I'm taking it easy this weekend. One old friend yesterday morning before I got feeling yukky. I've been burning the candle at both ends so I think my body said.....enough, you're not a spring chicken any more kiddo.

And I've listened. I've camped out on the couch and watched Sahara with Michael Palin on PBS this afternoon after Sunday Morning. I'm feeling better so I think a little "ride" is coming on me. I promise, not far and I'll take it easy.

Tonight is Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones and the Blechley Circle. Notice I stuck something racy in the middle. LOVE Game of Thrones. As a huge Tolkien fan I love the fantasy genre. What a naughty, nasty bunch of folks they are. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Lots of you are watching it.

I thought True Blood finished last season but the final one starts in June. Since I've read all the books I've been discouraged since the beginning at how far the story line strayed from Charlene Harris's. Oh well, it's still very naughty and nasty and preposterous.

For those of you in Tampa, if you haven't looked at my calendar, I'll be back May 22-28. Hormone implants, hair stylist and Memorial Day fun at the nudist resort. Can't wait!

I'll have some answers to my business plans this week and I'll share as soon as I can. In the meantime, life is good. Even on the couch!

Love and Hugs,
Anneke finger is healing properly. Still lightly bandaged but doing well.

4/15/2014 - Rembrances and Happiness Survives
Hello Friends,

I'm in Boston and it's a sad day of remembrance. My heart goes out to the proud and STRONG people of Boston. This should never have happened but it did and folks here are resilient. Blessings to you all during the difficult day.

True to my nature, my positive self found something uplifting.

I can't think of anything that fits the bill more than Pharrel Williams hit song that is taking the world by storm. Along side Bobby McFerrins "Don't Worry Be Happy" THIS song has blessed many of us. I think we ALL need those moments that lift us up from time to time.

If you need uplifting today here's the link to the video.
Go ahead...tap your feet and dance if you feel like it.

If you want to sing along here's the lyrics.


It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break
I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don’t care baby by the way

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

[Verse 2:]
Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,
Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,
Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,
No offense to you, don’t waste your time
Here’s why


Hey, come on

Bring me down
Can't nothing bring me down
My level's too high
Bring me down
Can't nothing bring me down
I said (let me tell you now)
Bring me down
Can't nothing bring me down
My level's too high
Bring me down
Can't nothing bring me down
I said

[Chorus 2x]

Hey, come on

Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down… my level's too high…
Bring me down… can’t nothing…
Bring me down, I said (let me tell you now)

[Chorus 2x]

I don't know about you but I'm chair dancing. After a fabulous O and this song, all the sadness in the world this day couldn't get me down.

Life is good. Let's be thankful for every day we have it.

Love, Hugs and a BIG Smile,

4/14/2014 - Spring Hopes and Boston Reverence
Hello Boys,

It's a beautiful morning here after a gorgeous weekend. For those of you who work 5 days a week and hope for nice weekends this one was a bonus in the Northeast.

The snow is finally gone in the back yard but I noticed frozen ponds yet during my back road jaunts this weekend. Of course I took them. is a bean green? It's time to clean up it up and start thinking about planting for the growing season.

But not yet. I'm almost all packed and getting ready to head to Boston. This is a special week with all the careful preparation for the Boston Marathon next Monday. I'm sure hotel security will be ramped up. There are 9,000 more registered for the race. Sort of a big F--- you to the terrorists of the world. While I applaud the runners and spectators bravery I won't be hanging around. I'm NOT that brave.

I was there last year a week after. Add tax time, Easter approaching and the Marathon I think this week is going to be interesting, biz wise. It's always a great time and town from all other aspects. This year will be somber and reverent. Go Boston and stay strong!

There might even be a photo shoot if our schedules align. This will be more casual but it will be fun. He's great to work with. I'll keep you posted.

Kind of a quiet last week. As taxes approach that happens every year. So I spent the time faithful to the gym and organizing stuff around my place and in my life. All good.

I am SO looking forward to lots of nice, hot baths in my hotel room. One thing I do not have at this place. It's always the small things that bring us the most pleasure. Of course, that is if we let them. And I do.

Life is good. Off to another naughty adventure in Boston! Come join me.

Love and Hugs and LOTS of Kisses,

4/05.2014 - Gray and Damp but Doing Great
Hello Boys,

It's another dreary day in Upstate NY. 39 presently with a high of 45. Tampa is 72 with a high of 80. What was I thinking when I came back this soon?

Well, I needed to tend to the mail situation and I did miss my own pillow and where I live. Silly me, I thought spring might have arrived. There's still snow in the back yard.

However my wanderlust beckoned yesterday and I went for a ride in the country. No place in particular. I just point my car in a direction and turn down a side ride that seems appealing. Outside of our little city it's all countryside. Lots of dairy farms, woods and fields. Miles and miles of unspoiled country. I was headed south and west when I saw a sign, Spook Hollow Road. know I just had to turn there.

The road climbed and to my left I could see the distant mountains of Vermont. I thought, "so this is why folks live way out here. Breathtaking!"

I drove hither and yon, intending to stop at my favorite consignment shop on route 9. After a slow stroll through the store, I left empty handed. No bargains I couldn't live without today. In fact, my sister has said, "Don't you buy another thing for your place." Yeah, it's stuffed. But each and every item has been lovingly chosen. I'm amazed that two years ago I only had a new bed and a few dishes/silverware/kitchen stuff when I moved in. I had sold or given away all my Nudie Resort Condo furniture. Only a few things remained in a storage room down the road.

Every weekend I haunted the yard sales, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, estate sales and consignment shops. My son painting the living room and kitchen to my taste. Repairing the old beautiful wide woodwork as he went. Within a year and a half I was done. My final major purchase was a beautiful modern oriental for the living room. It was my Christmas gift to myself in 2013, purchased online on Black Friday. I love it!

Before you start yawning there's a reason for describing all this. It was my goal to create an elegant and sensual environment for myself AND my friends. They say I've succeeded. It's upscale and comfortable. A setting that relaxes new folks when they walk through the door. Especially the new friends. That is important to me and hopefully that is part of the reason they like to return. Perhaps I personally have something to do with it. I sure hope so! That extra attention to detail and a service oriented mind set along with an insatiable desire to share passion. It all works! Business 101 with a naughty twist.

So....the hand. I went to see the hand surgeon/orthopedic specialist Thursday. He's my sister's Doc too and I'd been warned about his no bedside manner. And what a hunk he was.

I was not prepared for WHAT a hunk he really was. And his smart ass attitude. But it ended immediately as the air sizzled around us. He gave me the good news. Everything was going to be fine. The skin and the nail would grow back. I would not have a deformed pinkie. I told him I loved him. He laughed and we flirted the rest of the time.

He told the office staff, "I love this woman but I didn't need to return, darn it." I yelled out, "keep my number. I'll find a way." He's 50, single and gorgeous. Girlfriend though. Still we all had a good laugh and it did wonders for my big, fat ego.

My sis has to go back this fall for a procedure. I hinted that she might need me along for moral support. Ha!

So all is well, or will be with my finger. Just a bandage on it now until it finishes healing. It will be months before I have a well manicured finger nail again. It could have been so much worse and I am thrilled to be on the mend.

My specialist in Florida's office called with the hormone results. Bingo...she got it right. Well, hell, I could have told them that! I feel great! In fact, I feel fabulous! And I get SO aroused in the clinches now that I almost lose my mind. Sort of like you do. I love it!

I go back to Tampa for the next implant the end of May. You can bet your bippy that I'll do this as long as it's healthy to do so. I love feeling this sexy and naughty all the time.

Boston, I'll be sharing that with you April 14-17. Near Fanueil Hall this tour. Pre-booking now.

In addition, my number of Thunder Boomers has dramatically increased. Thanks boys!

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

3/31/2014 - Home Sweet Home
Hello Darlings,

Yes, I'm finally home! I stopped at my sister's Friday evening and stayed over. I was supposed to pick up my son and he was going to help me unload a very full car. It was all those shoes.

Just kidding. He had to move himself and right then so Sis and beau offered to help. Especially when she saw my hand. I see the orthopedic surgeon Thursday. He's also a hand specialist.

It was an easy ride up Saturday morning, all of us working as a unit and it was done in no time. I didn't have to haul a thing. After we went to one of our fav places for lunch. Great Sushi and an interesting continental menu.

My place was all out of sorts. My kitchen ceiling had to be replaced due to a water leak two weeks after I headed south. They tried to put things back but the cleaning job and repainting leaves a lot to be desired. I can't believe a professional painter did the crappy work I see. My son had done such an excellent job and it makes me sick.

Eventually I'll have him touch it up. Wednesday I have a cleaning crew coming in. I just can't handle the deep cleaning this place needs myself.

So with unpacking, reorganizing and putting things back to right, the journal was only a thought. And some of you wondered if I was back. Well, I am!

I haven't entertained yet. Too much to do. Hopefully an outcall tomorrow evening and some old friends returning this week.

DC was killer and so was Manhattan. I wound up staying another day in DC because of a snow storm so NYC only saw me one day. But the phone rang off the hook. I'll head back mid-June. Years ago it was stellar. Then it was a crap shoot. This is a sure sign the economy is getting better when these two major cities are returning to what they used to be. Here's hoping downtown Boston will be the same mid-April. I'll be in the Fanueil Hall area this trip.

Foxwoods was a meet and greet. Always good to see old friends and meet new ones. Saying that, I mostly mean the providers. Some of the guys act like they would catch something conversing with an older provider. Of course, THEY are mostly older. Cute to watch them with the young girls. Not saying another thing. Zip the lip!

Thankfully not all have that preference or I'd have been out of biz before I ever started. I go to these so that folks know I'm not dead yet. :-) Still, with a tan, slimmer, longer, blonder hair I feel damn good.

I will confess I left part of my heart in Florida. But after the "accident" at my resort I have mixed emotions about how soon I start splitting my time between NY and Florida. Fortunately, I don't have to rush into any decisions. I'm planning on sitting back and seeing how life unfolds. Certainly less stressful that way.

The sun is shining here today and we had a high of 45. All weekend it was drab and cold. The sun always lifts my spirits and has given me a renewed sense of joy at being back. I'm going back to work tomorrow. A good O will certainly improve my mood.

One fabulous reality. Those bio-identical hormones have brought my libido roaring back and over the top. The tiredness is gone. My weight is still heading downward and I am thoroughly enjoying all the hotness I feel when I am with my friends. My primary care physician ho hummed that this morning. She doesn't know what I do. Her assessment is based on post menopausal modalities. I have no intention of settling for that.

Nothing like a great round of mattress dancing with a HOT guy in my opinion. Life is good! Come on spring and it will be even better.

Your Naughtier Girlfriend,

3/21/2014 - Spring is Here in the Carolinas
Hello Darlings,

I'm in Greensboro, NC until tomorrow morning when I make the mad dash for DC. I arrived yesterday afternoon. It's slow but that's okay. If I pay for expenses and cover my retail therapy and hair salon I'm happy. And I will.

Charlotte is a lovely city and I had a lovely time. My Tuesday night hottie rocked my world. And I think I did his. Sometimes the chemistry is just.......WOW! You know how it is. I'm sure some of you have met me and had a nice time but someone else at another time blew the top of your head off. Just how it is.

I love all my boys and you almost always leave me smiling when you say goodbye. It's all good.

DC is looking crazy. Now if they all show up it will be. But it's a whacko place to work as I've mentioned in the past. The largest percentage of cons/no shows/cancellations of anywhere. I have a feeling that won't happen this time. That is another good thing.

See, I'm writing my gratitude list as I update my journal. The best part is it works. Try it. Each morning, list 10 things you are grateful for. They can be small. Like a good night's sleep or a child's smile. Or a promotion. It just frames your day and life in an aura of positive energy. Good stuff!

I've been writing I'm grateful my hand is healing. Finally it looks like it's doing better. But I did make an appointment with an Albany hand surgeon. One my Sis has used so I know he's good.

It dawned on me the other day that this could impact my piano playing. So I want to see someone who can ensure that it will not.

All in all, I'm making progress and no one seems to mind the bandage and splint. Especially if Trixie and Boom Boom are right up front when they walk in the door. Ha! Plus, it's an excuse to get my hair done since I can't wash and style it myself right now. See, there are blessings in all events.

I neglected to mention the Thunder Boomer of the Month award last week. It will also go in the record for the yearly award consideration. Holy was a doozie. Cum to mention it, last Tuesday night was a close second in the explosion.

I am noticing a big difference in my libido now since I had the hormone implant. What I really notice is how quickly I'm aroused and how much more I'm into the arousal. It's a beautiful thing.

And I'm still heading slowly downward with the diet. Another good thing.

All in all, life is good. And I'm looking forward to some great, diet friendly dining in DC and Manhattan. I haven't found a good place yet in Greensboro. Charlotte was okay.

I had one lovely lunch in Charlotte with Ms. Jewel. You know her as Jewel of the Carolinas and Scores Over 50/60 magazines and Naughty America. She's a love and if you get to Charlotte you need to meet her. Tiny little thing. Beautiful and perfectly attired and groomed. A true Southern mature belle and a sweetheart.

I have one new friend visiting soon and then my evening is free to get packed up and ready to head to DC early. Home is getting closer with every mile.

Life is good. Especially when you're feeling sexy.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

3/16/2014 - Motorcycles and Bag Pipes
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's Saturday evening in Savannah. I've had enough fun the last two days and my hand is starting to say......enough. So I'm in for the night.

I left Tampa yesterday morning. It was a decent week even though the wind WAS taken out of my sails with the injury. Not one to miss anything I still managed to see friends, suntan, go to the club and get all the packing done.

For those that want to know, I am feeling okay. Not much discomfort. Just some soreness and aching after I have to change the bandages and when I do too much. As I said, I don't want to miss much of life.

I will have to see a hand surgeon when I get home. This is going to be a long process I am afraid. But it could have been worse. I still have four usable fingers on my left hand.

My neighbor helped me pack up the car. I headed toward Daytona. Heavy traffic all the way over through Orlando. Everyone in the cold up North seems to be in Florida. I get it!

24 miles out of Daytona traffic all but stopped. I took a detour that I thought would be quicker only to find myself and a zillion motorcycles stopped dead on a country road.

I finally found out why. The Cabbage Patch motorcycle bar was on this road. Mobbed!

I scooted by and got to Wild West Kelly's place around 3pm. An hour late.

We walked downtown for dinner. Wall to wall bikes, bikers and gawkers. It was mobbed. Way more than last year's trip.

We had dinner at an ocean side restaurant. Fresh fish and Stella's. Hell yes, I was going to drink something these three days in Daytona and Savannah. Back on the wagon Tuesday. We walked around town and hit two hot jammed bars. It was a hoot just people watching. The rich hotties weren't around last night so at 10 we walked home. Tired and happy and a little achy.

I left this morning for the 225 mile drive to Savannah. Heavy traffic, every roadside restaurant and fast food place jammed. Around 2pm I pulled into my Savannah downtown hotel. The room was not ready. The housekeeping staff had their hands full. People are slobs.

So I did a walk about. Bought a St. Patrick's Day Savannah hoodie, some green jewelry and walked down to River Street. It was cooling off and spitting some rain. NO more beer so I had a couple of bloody's and some oysters.

The phone rang and my room was ready. I thought, I'll just have a little nap. I think I snoozed for all of ten minutes. Oh well. Hot bath, emails, verifying appts. for upcoming cities and finally headed out for dinner at Ruth's Chris. A little splurge tonight.

The bar was pretty full but I found a seat next to a whole bunch of younger guys who looked like they were together. I squeezed in and the conversation began as it has all week, "What did you do to your hand?" It's in a big bandage with a splint. I said, "you don't want to know during dinner." But my seatmate said, "I'm a Boston firefighter. Nothing will bother me." The rest were cops and firefighters from NYC and other places. All buds.

You know how these guys are. Yeah, I was hit on immediately and it always happens the cops find me. I never fails. The hotties were here in Savannah tonight.

One persistent cutie wanted me to join them later. I really had left my phone in my room. He said I'll text you so I gave him my number. Yeah, a cop.

And then he began the hustle. I am laughing to myself and giving it right back. And my number. I figured if he was really smart he'd google it. He stole a kiss and wanted more but I kept it easy. I wanted my dinner and a non-sexual evening. I was tired and my hand was hurting.

They left after he gave up. Dinner was fab and I had an even greater treat on my way back. A piper group was gearing up to play. I waited and followed them into that restaurant. The crowd went wild and tears slid down my cheeks. THIS was why I was here. My heart swelled and I smiled through my tears. Tomorrow is a big parade at 10am with piper regiments from all over the country. I will bring my tissues and be in heaven.

I did find the text when I got back to my room. The hustle continued and the no's went right over his aroused head. Finally I said YOU can't see me and my hand DOES hurt. Still not taking no for an answer I texted my website.

It went quiet for a couple of minutes. Then he texted, "let's do it and I won't charge you." I cracked up. "No, still can't. Hand hurts."

He surrendered but I said, "Maybe tomorrow night." We're all around one more day.

As I said, I don't want to miss a thing.

Life is good.

Your Not Naughty Tonight Girlfriend,

3/11/2014 - The Good The Bad and the Ugly
Hello Boys,

It's another gorgeous day in Tampa but yeah, this is one of "those" updates. As we all know, we make our plans and then life happens.

My last update I hinted at a hottie visiting Saturday afternoon. He moved the time up so I only had an hour or so in the sun. That was fine.

Running late, he finally called from his pick up point. I bring them in. This location is gated.

Gorgeous young man and quickly our make out session became hot although I was reading some negative vibes. Down on his knees, naked, he began his worship. Lake Anneke came forth and he jumped up and asked for the bathroom.

I asked, "have you never experienced that before?" He mumbled something and then came out of the bathroom frantic. Something was wrong, plus he'd forgotten to stop at the ATM. I thought, "oh here we go." What ensued is too crazy to relate. He seemed to be having a panic attack. So once past my "I'm gonna get ripped off stance" and his "something is wrong one" I offered to take him to an ATM. Oh, no, he didn't want to do that. He wanted to walk back to his car.

No way I was going to let him wander around this place so I walked him to my car, trying to calm him down and make some sense of what I thought was a charade. In my car, he started crying. Honest. I talked to him more and I told him I still thought he should honor the donation. I'd send him a paypal invoice. He keep whining, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I got him out of my car and got the hell out of there.

Later, I sent him an email saying I was just as embarrassed but I felt he still should honor the donation. NADA since. So either he was a great actor or he's just too humiliated to reply.


As I was heading out the door with him I found a note on my doorstep. Another nearby hottie friend had left his phone number. So, being the, not to miss an opportunity type of girl, I called. I said, no promises. I'd just had the stuffing knocked out of me with Mr. Tears.

Within a few minutes he knocked on my door. Fit, buffed, six pack and adorable. We yakked on my patio for a long time and as the sun set the air chilled. He was naked. I was skimpily dressed so we retired indoors.

Well, you know what happened. And he was aaying "thank you" as the deluge came. No running out the door for this one. A long pillow talk time and my feeling badly about my appointment vanished. It was getting late so he left, promises to say hi later at the club. I needed some dinner so I stopped closed by for something with chicken. Not much else one can do on this diet.

Back home, I donned a new hotter than hell mini dress. I'm thinking, "girlfriend, you are sizzling." 5" cheetah heels on and off I pranced to the club. The folks at the desk said, "Wow!"

I pushed open the door to the club and there was a mob standing in the doorway. Holding the door until I could get in, someone on the other side must have shoved it shut. And I think, it puahed my left hand into the door frame.

I felt a stab of pain as my fingers got caught in the door. I pulled them out to see my pinkie nail and part of my finger........gone. Yes, gone. The door had acted like a guillotine and lobbed it off.

I ran to the desk for something to compress the wound and stop the bleeding. Everyone aghast. Me astounded and hurting. A good friend drove me home, I put on long pants and drove myself to the emergency room.

Thankfully it wasn't a long wait. They first took xrays and it was fractured too. Now came the fun part. Seeing what could be done. There wasn't enough left to sew it up and we wrapped it up with instructions to come back in two days.

A antibiotic shot in my butt, RX's for more antibiotics and pain pills. My finger was still numb from the nerve block shots.

I drove home in a daze thinking that I was now in for rough night and next few days. Two Aleve, the script couldn't be filled in the middle of the night and off to sleep. I expected to awaken to pain.

I did not. Thankfully the nerve block must have bruised a nerve or I damaged them. I still haven't felt any pain.

Sunday, hand bandaged I walked back to the club to secure a chair in the sun. I was doing nothing today picking up my prescriptions and resting. Still no pain.

The word was already out and folks in the pool asked me what had happened. One lovely lady, who was new to me and I started yakking. You know how it is. You meet someone and you instantly click. She asked me if I wanted to meet one of the aingle guys in their party. Good looking, big you know what so I said, sure. Introductions aside they asked me to join an evening meet and greet. The older gang of swingers get together for dinner every week.

They were from all over the country and friends. So again I said, "yes." There, my new single friend sat next to me and we chatted away. Life long in the lifestyle with desire for only much older women. (I was chuckling inside. You KNOW I was.) He was "friends" with most of them. I was definitely interested.

Back at the club we all jumped in the conversation pool. Bandaged hand out of the water. And yes, I got to find out just how big that thing got. Ten inches and thick. NO f-----g. I don't do that in the pools. And I sure don't do uncovered. But we had a hot make out session and he could feel Lake Anneke gush. Thank God for chlorine.

We might meet for dinner. He lives in one of the cities I'm stopping in on the way home.

Still pain free, but tired, I said goodnight. After the day before, this one had ended well. Even better I have a new gal pal and her S O. We are staying in touch!

Monday, still no pain, but a trip back to the hospital to change the dressing. The tip is definitely amputated and they put an aluminum splint on it with directions for care. Follow up with my primary care physician and a hand surgeon when I get home. You won't see any of this except for the splint and bandages. Believe it or not, I'm not that incapacitated in or out of the boudoir. It just won't be pretty again for several months.

So, I'm going to continue to play on the way home. I'll just take very good care of myself and you.

Life is good. This could have been so much worse.

Love and Hugs,

3/08/2014 - One Week and NOT Counting
Hello Boys,

It's a chilly morning for Tampa Bay. It was in the forties early, 54 now. I got the biggest kick out of folks complaining last evening that they were cold. It's bright sun and clear skies so the high today will be 72. Anything over 62 is suntan weather. Did you know that? So I will head down to the pool later and catch some rays. Albeit with lots of sunscreen. The next three days are supposed to be gorgeous.

The last couple were on the cool and gray side. But life goes on. Errands have to be run. Retail excursions happen spontaneously as well as get togethers with you and other friends. I stopped at Lauren's yesterday with a little belated birthday gift. A glass of water, a little hugging and advice, (she is a VERY smart gal) and plans to do a photo shoot later Sunday afternoon. They will probably be on my and her Fetlife profiles.

She has an uncanny ability to see straight through the matter and come up with a practical solution. I've been thinking about moving my upstate incall, a little concern about location and she said, "while we're all aware of who comes and goes" most around us are not. Stop worrying and enjoy it." And I will. And I'm going to start taking more advantage of the activities where I live. I've kept a lower profile, concerned that someone might recognize Anneke and then blab. It's a small city.

I live in a one of a kind place that is very special and I'm going to start enjoying it to it's fullest. I'll keep my glasses on and Trixie and Boom Boom covered up. No one will know who I really am.

Thursday afternoon was a visit to this exceptional hair colorist/stylist I found just down the road. He's a young man and just delightful. I told him straight away what I really do for a living. If he's going to get it right he needs to know. I still won't be able to do that home. He changed the color formation and brought me lighter. And Thursday we did a treatment that will keep my naturally curly hair from frizzing. I know, I know, your eyes are glazing over. Bottom line, it looks fabulous. And it's getting long. Now past my shoulders with layers around my face. In short, the blonde bombshell. Or at least I hope so.

Add slimmer, tan and it's all good. I'm still on "the diet" although this last week no loss. It happens. My body usually figures a diet out in 2-3 weeks and just stops losing weight. That happened. So it's more exercise and continue on. I'm still down 11 pounds. That's almost 2 dress sizes and I feel so much better. AND those hormones are definitely making a difference!

I have a hottie visiting later. So a little sun, fun and who knows what this evening will bring.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

3/06/2014 - Nine Days and Trying Not to Count
Hello Darlings,

It's 66 and the heavens have opened up this morning. The high will be 72. Thunder claps every now and then. This is a lousy day here. I know, I'm rubbing it in. It was 5 above at home when I checked a little while ago. And there's 4 feet of snow in my back yard. Ack!! I sure hope it's gone before I get back.

Ask me again if I've missed being up north these last few weeks. Not! I've missed my friends and the great restaurants/bars/history/family. I can enjoy those again when the weather is warmer.

I've had a lovely week. After a lovely sun filled pool weekend with friends and a stellar evening at the Tampa Theatre for the Oscars I got back to business on Monday. Next year I'm going to arrange a group excursion to this fun and very classy event.

An old friend from my Tampa days jump started the week. He's been studying with a Tantrica and his new found skills really rang my bell. If I'd been worrying about the hormones kicking in yet my worries are over. He began with a slow, sensual oil massage. Gently stroking all those erogenous zones. By the time he turned me over my nerve endings were sizzling. The female private parts are called the Yoni. As he was stroking it he was doing the special breathing to center himself. He was as aroused as I and when his turn to be pleased came I used fingers, tongue and a long, thin anal probe.

He'd taken his time and so did I, bringing him to a series of long, shuddering multiple orgasms. There is a beauty in the delayed technique of Tantra. You truly do enter another plane of sensuality. Both fulfilled, we collapsed. I dropped him off at his car with promises to do this again. He travels with work so Upstate NY is a real possibility this year.

Tuesday evening I had an outcall to Lakeland. That is one county in Florida I avoid at all costs. There are nuts over there. They arrest folks left and right. Even for producing adult films. But this suitor had contacted me long ago up north and he was verifiable. Still, there was a little niggle.

It promptly disappeared when he opened the door. Adorable, mid-forties, appearing much younger and Irish. You know how I feel about you Irish. My heart was already pounding and when his lips touched mine I knew we were going to have a wonderful evening.

He was in no rush and when I told him that I thought he was a great kisser he told me he loved doing so. We had a long teen-aged like make out time before the clothes came off and I spread the towel on the bed.

Some like to dine, others don't. In is case he did not but used his fingers to coax Lake Anneke. When she burst the dam he was even more excited and it was time for the cover. Fast and furious was the pace, he kissing me all the while. I yelled, "I'm going to cum" and he exploded, collapsing on me in a heap.

We laid like that until my right leg protested. Laughing, I brought a hot cloth to sweeten him. A bit of pillow talk time and I sensed he might be ready. Gently stroking him he immediately sprang to life.

I crept between his legs and using my own version of Tantra stroked his head with my mouth and fingers. When one concentrates on the head it causes a super sensitivity and heightened state of arousal. It was time for round two.

We were crazy with desire and as he completed he stayed erect and continued and continued and continued. He had three orgasms in a row. It's been a long time since anyone has done that. And I told him so. He was flabbergasted and happy.

I could see he was ready to crash so I tidied up, dressed and kissed him goodbye. I told him my pussy would be tingling all the way home. It did and it's still getting aroused typing all this.

I'm guessing those hormones have kicked in. And....I'm loving it.

Yesterday I visited a new friend south of me. He hadn't had relations at home in 30 years and it became obvious to me that he had an abusive spouse. The poor darling had no sense of self esteem. After being in a relationship like that myself I recognize them when I hear about them. I counseled him to get help and a divorce.

Years ago I came to the conclusion that I did not want to live the rest of my life in that same situation. It took courage, stealth and the help of friends to escape. Not to mention financial hardship. And a lot of therapy to reprogram the thought processes that guided my half a life.

Believe it or not, then I had NO sense of self worth and no idea of how to be assertive. You are thinking, I don't believe that. There's nothing humble about you Anneke and you certainly are no shrinking violet. Yeah....I'm not that woman at all anymore. Thank the powers that be. And great counselors.

Last summer I felt it was time to revisit someone for an objective perspective of where I was in life. I've shared my journey with you here and it was a blessing to find my life coach. Even more of a blessing to find out I was on the right path.

So. when he asked me, I gave him my honest opinion. However, when someone has been in a long term abusive situation they can't see the future without that partner. And most don't leave. All any of us can do is be patient, supportive and help in any way we can. In his case, my options are very limited, due to discretion and a business relationship. If he wants more advice I'll be happy to give it.

Every single day I'm grateful for this life. And my freedom from a tyrant. I know that some of YOU live with that and I will say this to you, get help. Be brave. And if you can't get out because of financial reasons, ask yourself if the money is really worth your happiness.

In the end, after years on my own with none, I found this profession. And it completed the circle of empowerment for me. When these last few years of the recession were tough I hung on. Knowing deep inside that "this too shall pass" and there could be better circumstances financially again.

But until there was, I would still enjoy each and every day of life. And so can you.

Life is good. Thank you for sharing part of yours with me. My fondest hope for you is to feel that gratitude in YOUR life.

Love and Hugs,

3/1/2014 - Twenty One Days Until Spring
Hello Darlings,

I know. For most of you it seems as if spring will never return. Thankfully, the last two days here have been gorgeous. Today was perfect. Blue, cloudless skies. It was cool this morning and warmed up to the mid-seventies.

It seems impossible that most of the country is experiencing such nasty weather. Upstate and home was -1 yesterday morning. It's 30 there this evening as snow is on the way.

I'm SO glad I won't be there until the end of the month. It won't be warm but I'm hoping it will be improved. I've gotten spoiled in Florida.

Biz was good this week. Nice folks. No drama and one hottie last night was adorable. One guy who's texted me for the last several months and never followed through started texting again tonight. He wanted to meet this evening.

I finally figured out he'd text when he was all cranked up and was using the communication to get off. He's never intended to show up. I told him no. Then he got ugly. I blocked him. After I called him a time waster and a f-----g loser. I'm not always nice. Since this has been going on almost a year I feel I was tolerant long enough.

Down 11 pounds now and I'm finally starting to get used to the diet. It's still tough but I'm no longer nauseous all the time. I have decided to take one day off a week though. As soon as I resume, the weight starts coming off again so I'm not sabotaging myself.

I'm not noticing any huge increase in my libido with the hormones yet. One side effect of the diet can be.......lessened libido. Geez Louise! Of course, my libido is probably higher than most of any given day. :-) No worries babes!

I headed to the club twice this week. Chatting up friends and doing a little dancing. I'm taking a break tonight.

This morning I took a brisk walk around the property. Tomorrow some weights in our outdated gym. The equipment has to be 20 plus years old. I've learned to make do with whatever is around but I miss mine in Upstate. It's state of the art and I have two locations I can use. And, it's cheap.

After a couple of rainy, cool days yesterday and today in the sun at the pool were great. I'm still tracking down one of my friends I met on the Nude Cruise two years ago. It's been fun running into more old friends each day.

Tomorrow is more sun and pool. Lots of sunscreen so I'm tanning safely and slowly. Tomorrow evening I'm going to the Tampa Theatre for their Oscar party and showing of the awards.

I'm going to get ALL dressed up and walk their red carpet at 6:30. After it will be cocktails and appetizers. Just in case there's nothing I can have, food wise, I'm going to stop for an early dinner. There's no alcohol on this diet. Then they will show the Oscars on their big screen. Google the Tampa Theatre. It's recognized as one of the most beautiful old theatres in the world. I'm hoping a normally boring TV evening will be fun. And yes, I'm going with me, myself and I. Who knows who I'll meet?

I still haven't decided whether I'm going to stop in Greensboro or Raleigh on my way back. Any feedback would be appreciated. The rest of my return is set and hotel reservations made. I haven't made them for that part of North Carolina yet.

I'm torn about heading home. Because this place is really home for me. But my upbringing and most of my family is in Upstate NY. Plus biz is great. 7 months of the year the weather is wonderful. Florida has enough biz to make it advantageous to visit when it's not so nice Upstate.

Plus we have the track. There's no place in the world like it. I went to Tampa Bay Downs the other day to check out the track and the ponies. The folks there are really nice and it's inexpensive. But it's not like Saratoga. No place could be. Still, I had a nice time even though I left down.

Two weeks left. Then it's on the road and new adventures on my return. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends up north and being naughty with them.

Life is good. Two great places to live and play.

Love and Kisses,

2/24/2014 - Time Is Flying By
Hello Boys,

I hope you are all staying warm and life is good. I had such a jam packed weekend that the journal update had to wait. That's a good thing!

I had a nice week last week, biz wise. Not busy but busy enough. One outcall to Clearwater Beach during a rainy day made me smile. He was adorable and appreciative. And while it was a 2 hour adventure I was out the door in 47 minutes. Would I have preferred another round? Oh hell yes! But he had other commitments and I've been around long enough to "know when to go." :-)

That Friday morning I'd made my weekend check-in with the weight loss doc. Seven pounds dropped already. I'm starting to see a real waistline. B12 shot and I was out the door. It's a tough, tough program but it's working.

Friday evening I went to the club. I got all dolled up. Straight hair with a poof on top, ala Bardot again, tight low cut, very short mini dress, new come fuck me stilettoes. Bright red, 6 inch platforms with a wrap around front that made them look like a boot. And I could walk to the club and dance. That ankle is almost well.

I sat down and observed the surroundings. The club was packed and folks were having a great time. To my right, about 20 feet away stood a tall, handsome guy who looked to be by himself. I noticed him, noticing me. (don't you love that?) I chuckled to myself and watched him kind of inch his way around the bar to get a closer look. I pretended I didn't see him. Then he inched back to his former perch. Still peeking.

Once again, he walked toward me and then I didn't see him. I looked to my left and there he was sitting next to me. I laughed and said, "Hi." Then the fun began.

He was really good looking, 40's, smart, funny and chewing gum. I don't know about you but in my mind that makes folks look stupid and he wasn't stupid. So I ignored the gum.

He asked me if I could dance in those heels. I said yes and we did. Slow danced first and later free dance. Our club is a great place to dance. Folks are having a ball and it's contagious.

We talked about life and the lifestyle. He was obviously experienced and when one of my friends came over and I introduced her they had already met. In the very real sense. Oh ho! This boy gets around.

Not to belabor this he asked if he was going to get to see my condo. I chuckled to myself again and said, "oh why not?" And I led the way home.

We had ourselves a hot time. Round one accomplished we spent some pillow talk time and tried for round two. He had an early flight so it was just a journey to a destination. No arrival. No matter. I always remind you it's the journey that's more important. And he thought so too.

Nothing more than first names exchanged. It was a one night stand. I don't do them very often but I thought I need to start unwrapping my personal self more and enjoy opportunities as they present themselves. And I did.

Saturday was an early wake up. I had to head over to our Captain's house for the trip up to Crystal River and the Manatee cruise. I rode up with the Captain's girlfriend and we found ourselves immediately connecting like we'd known each other forever. I love when that happens. My psychic friend says that it is most likely someone you knew in a past life. My new friend did past life regression under hypnosis. There are no coincidences in life I believe. I'd found a new, old friend.

The day was perfect. We all had breakfast and then headed to our boat. Pontoons are used mostly on the river. Geared up we headed out a beautiful, pristine canal that looked and felt like a primeval forest. Breathtaking!

Out on the river we puttered along past humble and ostentatious river homes. Along the way we saw two manatees just under the water. They were being shy today.

At their sanctuary one hightailed it away. And while I donned mask and flippers and slide into the chilly water no more were to be found. Just a few days ago here had been hundreds.

No matter. It was an absolutely perfect Florida day and I was back on the water. I didn't even mind the chilly temp. If felt good to snorkel even though only a few little striped fish came out of hiding. I hadn't forgotten how to snorkel.

Back in the boat, half of us lounged in the sun, while the rest floated around. We'd gone out early and now the sanctuary was starting to get clogged with others. Folks brought their dog. I couldn't believe they would so disregard the manatees but people are idiots. Between the dog and the noisy kids jumping in, (another no no) we were out of there. They are an endangered species and there are rules to swimming with them. Some folks don't think they apply to them.

We stopped at a little known waterside restaurant for shrimp and stone crabs. Then back out to the river. We cruised all the way to the Gulf. It was a magnificent day and we all appreciated it. I realized just how much I've missed being on the water. I'm an ex boater so I'm not going to wait so long to do something like this again.

Our Captain is a master captain so he arranges all types of cruises. I am seriously considering a 7 day June cruise to Bimini on a 60 foot catamaran. It will bunk 6-8 and the cost is split. IF I have a good next few weeks I'm thinking about this. Anyone care to join me?

It will be a laid back, fun, open minded bunch of folks. When we can sun nude we will. He will anchor in private coves and off private islands after clearing customs in Bimini. It sounds fab to me.

Back home late Saturday afternoon I cleaned up and headed to our club restaurant for dinner. I don't know when I'll ever learn. It always sucks! And the service is just as bad. In the 18 years I've been coming here they never have gotten it right for more than a few weeks at a time. They hire a good chef and then he's gone. They don't pay their staff and then they are gone. It doesn't seem to matter who owns this place, the restaurant is sub par. It's a shame. They could do a booming business. None of us really want to put clothes on and go out to eat.

Saturday night was fun. Schmoozed with old friends and danced more although my quads were killing me. I gotta get back in dancing shape so I'm going to try and hit the club every Friday and Saturday night. It used to be open almost every night and if those of you who have been reading this journal for years remember, it was my late night cardio. While it's better here now, it is nothing like it was back in the day. This place was the bomb and the hottest venue on the planet. No exaggerations. The recession and the clientele turning into old farts not wanting young folks have stopped it from returning to the old days.

I know, I sound like an old fart myself. Sometimes you can't go back. And younger folks just can't afford a luxury like a nudist resort membership. Still, it's a great place to be. To my mind, much better than the vanilla world.

Sunday was a birthday party for three dear friends at the next door nudist resort. There are 12 in this county. Yes, it's the center of nudism in the US and probably the world, outside of Cap D'ague in Southern France.

I put on a low cut dress and the red heels. But when I got there the low 80 temps was too much. I peeled off the dress and bra and went out to the dock in a necklace and heels. I probably wouldn't have done that plus those seven pounds. I'm feeling very good about myself.

As always, the company, the attire of the ladies, and the repartee was outstanding. Lauren sat next to me as she was one of the birthday folks and snuggled up. It was our old gang of friends with some new ones added in. Probably 100 folks at this party. I smiled as I took it all in. This was why I came.

Life is good.

Your VERY Happy and Naughty Girlfriend,

2/15/2014 - Valentine High Jinks and Saint Patricks Day
Hello Boys,

Just another kinky Valentine's Day. After errands, a nice walk and a no show afternoon I dolled myself up and headed over to Lauren's for a pre-party diet coke. One of her slaves was there. I'd heard so much about her and all was true. Tall, beautiful, intelligent and fun. Soon to be a permanent part of the family here.

On to the next party at T's. I led with my car, the golf cart parade following. As always, attractive baby boomers were all decked out in sexy attire with a nod to Valentine's Day.

What kind? Think long red peignoir trimmed with marabou, red thong and stockings. Or low cut dress down to there, up to here and a feather boa. A sheer black tiny skirt, thigh high stockings, a low cut red top cutting across exposed nipples. Lauren in a partially sheer black dress, red seamed thigh hi's and thigh hi boots. I was kind of boring in my black and sequined mini dress. My JLo black lace and sheer nude stilettos. I had my hair teased up and secured in back in a poof, long on the sides. Shades of an early Brigette Bardot hairdo. Bright red lips. I think it will be a good look for my next photo shoot. Everyone loved it.

Slut wear is the required gear here. Yes, in a nudist resort. Folks here are older but they are hot. In shape and so sexy.

We all mingled around, catching up with old friends, chatting with new ones. I was sitting on the couch between A and Lauren when I heard moans. Lauren was blocking my view to the left and when she sat back, the beautiful brunette had her dress up, her legs in the air and one of the husbands was going down on her. She was squealing her delight. Another guy was sitting next to this and he reached down and starting smacking her pussy. She immediately started to squirt and he cooed, "that's a good girl!"

We all enjoyed the entertainment and so did she. When she stood up, straightened her skirt, a big wet spot was on the couch towel. Listen, at a nudist resort there are towels everywhere. No one puts their bare butt on furniture without a towel. It's the etiquette.

T, well-renown as a squirter par excellence was not to be outdone. She sat on the other side of the same couch. Pulled her red peignoir apart and her S O inserted a well-lubed glass dildo into her pussy. She's rubbing her clit as he is stroking her. You could see her lust build and he yelled, "here it comes" and yanked the dildo out. Immediately this great stream of ejaculate flew across the room. Again and again he repeated the process, her wetness hitting him in the chest, drenching the rug.

I was humbled. lol But there are all different types of female ejaculation and mine is more the gush and flood downward. In a huge puddle under me or on the floor. I only watched. It was fun seeing this amazing display by two very different hot women.

The party ended a bit after 11 and I headed to the club. A diet coke with lime, a quick hop on the dance floor to Eminem's Shake That Ass for Me, chatting with friends and then home. It was enough. The ankle survived one dance in 5" stilettos. I didn't want to push it.

These next two months I have two items on my bucket list that I will achieve. On February 22nd I am going on a Crystal River cruise to swim and snorkel with the Manatees. Our captain was at the club last evening and he described the day to me. He said that this year there are hundreds of them and the pups have been recently born.

These gentle giants are people friendly and will swim right up to you. I am so excited to be doing this that I'll get over the 72 degree water. It's going to be a fun day.

The next day is the annual Birthday bash for three of our friends who are all born around the same time in February. Lauren is one of them. The host, another and our friend M formerly from England now in France.

This is no nudist colony folks. I laugh when the uninformed call it that. This is a resort with members, residents and visitors from all over the world. And we're all fortunate to call them our friends. There will probably be 200 at the party. Who knows what might happen but usually these big events are not swinging. Oh, we're always hugging and kissing and touching. That's just how this community is. Something that I need and love.

The second item on my bucket list that I'll get to experience is St. Patrick's Day in Savannah. If you didn't know, it's the second biggest party in the United States. Yes, NYC the first. Over 300,00 crowd into the small, beautiful downtown of this historic Georgia city.

I've always had a great time visiting Savannah. Rarely any business though and I probably will not working this trip. But the folks who reside there are fun and welcoming. Add all the temporary Irish for a day or more and it's going to be great.

Then I'll continue on with the rest of my return home. The itinerary is on my calendar.

Am I anxious to get home? No I am not. But I do miss friends there and am making plans for how I'll spend my time and how I will work when I return. I am not missing the 20 inches of snow Upstate NY had. My Sis sent me pictures. ACK!!!!

Unfortunately, returning March 28th does not guarantee warm weather. It will be May before we have a hope of that. But the worst of winter's very cold temps should be behind us. Being away 2 1/2 months will take much of the sting of this brutal winter. Especially where I am.

Life is good! Enjoy your weekend darlings!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/14/2014 - Happy Valentines Day to My Temporary Boyfriends
Hello Darlings,

It's that ridiculous Hallmark holiday again. However, it finally dawned on me that I have all kinds of sweethearts in this world. I just don't get to keep you. So to those of you that I have met and enjoyed Happy Valentine's Day from your girlfriend with no strings. Thank you to all who have written and called to wish me a great V day.

I know those of you in the upper 48 and Hawaii have had snow and miserable weather this week. Every state EXCEPT Florida has snow right now. Yes I'm gloating. I've made some miscalculations in life but heading south January 11, 2014 was not one of them.

It was in the 40's this morning but by mid-afternoon it was sunny and 64. A cool wind kept the temperature down but it was still a delightful day.

This was a jam packed week. Not so much business wise, although I did have a nice encounter one afternoon. I had a yearly blood work/physical here and met with my new doctor Wednesday. I've been dragging my butt for several months now and the blood work explained why. LOW hormones. I could have told anyone that. Vitamin D really low, despite months of supplements and all the indications that I'd better stop enjoying life quite so much. So time to lose weight, add some hormones and get back in tip top shape.

The really important parts are working fine, so not to worry. In fact, by the second day of the hormones I was starting to feel a nice little tingle every time I thought of sex. Now you KNOW I think about sex a lot, just like you. But it's been some time that I've had that arousal buzz that you guys get all the time. I have to say I am liking that.

The timing was perfect. Thursday afternoon was my pie video debut. I met Lauren and our producer at a nearby location to film. It's a Florida style contemporary home set on a lake in the middle of live oaks and dripping Spanish Moss. Typical Florida of years gone by.

I really was psyched for this. Lauren is always fun to partner with so I knew the shoot would be good. What neither she nor I knew was that the home set had a live in resident. Kind of a combination porn star in the making/house sitter.

24, adorable, six pack and horny as hell. His jaw dropped when I walked in the door. Now there were two red hot milf's in his line of site. He made a beeline for me and was hugging and kissing me like a man starved. Apparently Lauren had already had a taste too.

We talked to our producer and contrary to his usual policy of only women in his pie videos he agreed that our new toy boy would come in toward the end of the shoot.

She and I both dressed to begin. Only to immediately remove our clothes as the pies were about to be flung. Lauren grabbed a cream pie off the garage floor and starting at my nose, piled it on me and smooshed it up to the top of my head. I was blind with pie filling and my hair was covered.

I cracked up and grabbed my own pie. Giving her a big kiss and then piling the pie in her face. And so it went. We were naked, covered in pie, licking it off of each other's breasts and pussies, rolling on the floor in pie and laughing ourselves silly.

We looked over and saw our young friend, naked and with a raging hard on. And he stepped into the pie mess. He put his arms around us not knowing who to kiss first. Pies are still appearing and we get him too.

I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth as Lauren dropped behind him. Yes, she had her tongue up his butt. He was delirious with pleasure and so excited that it made us even more excited.

More pies, more kissing, licking, fondling and finally, I was stroking his cock, covered in whipped cream while he came and his own to the mess. Thirty cream pies later...cut!!!!

Lauren and I and our friend scrapped off as much pie as we could and then headed upstairs to shower. Yes, all three of us, standing in a big walk in shower, covered in pie, soap and shampoo. In the spirit of helpfulness we stroked the pie filling, crust and whipped cream off each other. Kissing and fondling as we washed. Lauren's S O taking pictures while our love fest was going on.

I can't remember a hotter moment in a long time. He was so out of his mind with lust that it was contagious. We were all stroking and kissing and fondling and sucking........amaaaaaaazing.

Finally, we were all clean and still horny but it was time to get dry, fixed up and head back to Lauren's for cocktails. Our toy boy would pop in and out for kisses while we repaired all the damage.

All of us piled in her car and our producer followed us. Boy toy and I in the back seat making out. His unzipped his pants and I stroked him all the way to her house. Back at Lauren's she mixed cocktails while the boy toy and I made out on the couch.

It wasn't long before our hot threesome resumed. Fingers, lips and tongues were everywhere. Our producer and her S O watched, the camera continually flashing. We could have cared less.

Lauren had already prepped the couch for Lake Anneke. She had already exploded during the shoot. Female ejaculation adding to the whipped cream and filling. Towels in place I exploded again as Lauren went down on me. She started to smack my pussy and then dived in face first. Blowing bubbles of cum to let everyone know how much there was. Our boy toy was behind her. Our boy toy had already had me on my back, legs in he air, now it was her turn to be royally f----d.

And on it went, I'm laughing and yelling, "those hormones are working!!!" Finally, with me on my back our young hottie came in my mouth. We all collapsed and I had a martini chaser.

Phew! What fun!

Off we went to the restaurant, our boy toy sitting between the two of us. He was still in a lust filled haze and would lean toward her to steal a kiss and then to me. Our hands entangled under the table. Folks around us were trying to figure out what was going on. This obviously very young guy with these two beautiful older women.

However, this county is a bit used to antics from the local swingers. There are so many of them here that I'm sure it's not the first time there's been some titillation. We were not being outrageous with any full making out but it was apparent that "something different" was going on.

And that's how it can be here. And you wonder why I wanted to get back to Florida?

Tonight I'm heading to a party at our friend T's house. She's a professional and a swinger too. Who knows what tonight will bring.

Life is good and I've finally fulfilled my promise to do the pie video in trade for THE coat. I have a feeling it's going to get a whole lot better. Thanks L.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/09/2014 - An Addendum of Naughtiness
Happy Sunday Morning!

It's beautiful today. I left my blinds open last night when I finally called it quits so the sun greeted me as I awakened this morning. It's 54 and sunny. 70 is our predicted high for the day. That's warm enough to get a little tan by the pool. Which I intend to do after a little walk and some errands.

I had a delightful afternoon yesterday of retail therapy and lunch. I drove down to the Citrus Park Mall area to poke around their stores. Olive Garden for lunch. I love their salad and spaghetti with meat sauce. Hey, I'm not a food snob. Plus it's a deal with leftovers for another meal. With this tiny kitchen that means a lot.

It was a drizzly afternoon. A bit chilly and very overcast. On my way back I'd had a text from someone who wanted to see me that evening. I asked him to call. I do not make text appts unless we've met before and even then I prefer you call. It's too damn impersonal.

So he called. He was driving through Georgia on his way to Tampa from Illinois. Could he have 4 hours and take me to dinner. He said he was a long time fan. While we making the final arrangements I asked, "so where are you now?" He answered, "I'm still in Georgia." Mind you, it's 2:30 in the afternoon and he says he's arriving at 6-7 o'clock. I told him I didn't see how he could possibly make it by that time and WHERE exactly was he in Georgia?

He hung up. A time waster who was getting his jollies talking to the adult film fantasy. He must not have much of a life. Later, I texted him and said, "I'll never understand why you do something like this, lalala." I know, waste of time, but it made me feel better to have the last word. Typical Leo.

My tonight with Mr. Hottie called and cancelled. At least he called. I will give him a gold star for that. But.....remember what I said yesterday?
So I called my driver friend to let him know.

I have a whole day at the pool and hanging out here. Unless someone pops up. Pun intended.

Anyway, I neglected to mention that I'm planning my return itinerary. Yes, these things do have to be thought of and done well in advance. Because I am returning to Daytona for one night of Bike Week. My friend Wild West Kelly and I will head downtown to see if we can get into any trouble and to drool at the rich, good looking pretend bikers. Call her if you are ever in Daytona. She is SO much fun!

Then the biggie. An item on my bucket list. The second biggest party in the US for St. Patrick's Day is in Savannah, GA. Did you know that 300,000 folks will join me? Yes, the hotel is outrageous but it's downtown and I can use my points for the stay. That's why I save them. For those big ticket rates.

I'll head from Daytona to Savannah and plan on partying my a-- off. Savannah is fun anytime so I'm expecting this will be a blast.

Then on to sedate Charlotte and perhaps Greensboro/High Point. I've already booked DC and Manhattan is planned. Not booked yet. Foxwoods for one night and then home. While that's several weeks away it will be here before I know it so I'm planning on enjoying each and every day before I have to leave Florida.

After a little fake nap yesterday I headed back to the outdoor bar. The Olympics were on and it was quiet. A rainy day does that here. Back home for a bit but I decided I needed to headed to the Club that night. No Saturday night watching TV here. I can do that at home.

It was jumping. My cute gal bartender remembered my drink from the night before. New friends surrounded me and I met a good looking couple from Colorado. They are new to the Lifestyle so I traded some advice. It's not always the easiest thing to handle, watching your life partner getting turned on by someone else. If you don't communicate and you aren't secure it can cause lots of problems. They honestly shared some of those little problems. I think they'll be fine.

Evening ending I headed out to the Jacuzzi. I was the first one in, followed immediately by an older guy. If you put your toes in the late night waters, hope springs eternal for men. It's a signal that you might be "available." I was not. At least not for him. But we yakked away about life and he made sure to let me know his wife was up North. No matter. Not interested.

More folks were heading in and I could see a party was about to start. I was not in the mood for water frolicking but I wished them all well. Have fun!

Just home, make up off, teeth brushed, naked, I heard a knock on my door. It was late but I knew who it was. I'd run into one of the husband lending library at the club. He and his wife are in my same building and she likes me. Happily sending him off to me when she's tired.

We kissed and I lit the candles and turned on the red lights. Immediately, he spread my legs and dived in. She's an even bigger squirter than I am so he knows exactly what to do. And he was rewarded. Trading places we had ourselves a big time. He never runs out the door so after a little pillow talk and his dozing off I sent him home. Staying overnight is not allowed. By her or I.

Replete after a wonderful evening, it was light's out for me. I can't think of a better ending to the day than a romp with a dear and trusted lover.

Life is good!

Love and Hugs,

2/08/2014 - CHOICES 10 Degrees or 59
Hello Boys,

It's Saturday morning. I'm having my usual cup or two of coffee and updating this. It's 59, foggy and drizzling. The good news is I could be home where it's 10 and another snow storm heads in tomorrow. Here it will be in the 70's and sunny. A pool day. Let's see....which would you choose? It's a no brainer to me.

With those statistics in mind it wasn't difficult to extend my stay to March 15. I was able to rebook my same accommodations so I won't have to pack up and unpack. While these digs won't win the décor of the year award the bed is comfortable and king sized. There's a walk in closet, lovely screened in patio overlooking a little pond and fountain and a nice tub in the bathroom. I have a tiny kitchenette that has proved to be adequate with the addition of a hot plate and a George Forman grill.

I didn't head south to win any culinary contests anyway. True to my designer's eye, I rearranged things, added my lighting and candles. With Pandora on the computer it's a sensual and cozy retreat. Compared to my tiny bedroom at home, huge. So I am not complaining. But I've already redecorated it in my mind a hundred times. Hey, I can't help it.

It's my goal to wind up back here. I know just what I want and how to get it. With a end game planned I have to work hard the next couple of years and save, save, save. It's doable and that's a good thing. Hope is a positive element in anyone's life. Plus, I see the redesign business flourishing here, more so than Upstate NY. And I have the network already in place. All good.

In the meantime, I'll be loving beautiful, historic, classy Upstate NY in the warmer weather and most certainly during racing season. I'd be NUTS to give that up and while I'm a little whacky I am not crazy. To my mind it's the best of both worlds.

What have I been up to this week? Entertaining my friends. I am as busy as I want to be. And I've changed the way I do things. For my evening outcalls I now have a driver. He's a dear friend and it's a help to each of us. And...I think it's a good thing that those who I'm visiting know I have someone watching my back.

While I screen always sometimes unexpected things happen. As they did Monday evening after I put my Arizona friend on his plane home. I had an outcall to Tampa. I'd been to the hotel in past years so I knew the drill. He was a little aggressive in saying what he wanted in his voice mail confirmation but he was a hobbyist. I figured I could probably handle him okay.

As soon as I walked in the door, he told me he wanted to do a role play. Fine by me. He was interviewing for a personal assistant job. Honestly, I don't know what came over me but I suddenly became the aggressor. I said, "You certainly are not dressed for an interview, in shorts and a t-shirt." He replied, "well, I considered that this will be casual." Still in the role, "and you assumed interviewing for a job with me would be casual? You were so wrong."

I described what I wanted in an assistant and he turned to me and called me a whore and a bitch. And slapped me on the ass. I looked and him and said "who do you think you are?" and threw him on the bed and wailed the tar out of HIS butt. And told him if he hit me again I was out the door.

I was outraged. And I asked him where he'd ever seen that I was a submissive? The role was over he said. And I spent the next hour in warfare with a verbally abusive, demanding, lost his mind man. But he got it right back. Again, SO not me. While I'm no submissive those who know me know I'm a pleaser. Big difference.

At the end, he went into the bathroom to clean up saying that after, he became shy. When he came out I told him I wanted to explain why I acted the way I did. I told him, "you frightened me. I thought you were going to hurt me." He apologized and said, he never would hurt a woman but that he got riled up when he was aroused. He admitted he was a switch but mostly dom. I said, "you are confused is what you are. And you should let someone know this ahead of time." I said it had been a battle and he said I'd won. That did not make me feel better for having had to act like that.

I left short of the two hours per his desire. The maniac had disappeared and the normal man had appeared. So why did I relate this? Because some of you need to realize you lose your minds in arousal. And it's not always a pretty sight. And if you are going to engage in ANY BD/sm there are rules. It's a different game. You always discuss the boundaries ahead of time. You don't spring them on someone when they walk in the door.

The next day, when I discussed the evening with my Arizona friend, he was alarmed. The Sunday before we had cast a circle, performed a Wiccan ceremony,(as he is one) and he had also cast a protection spell for me. It dawned on me, THIS is why I'd acted as I had. Something deep inside of me reacted instinctively to protect myself. While I am not of that faith, I respect his. It had worked.

I hadn't taken my driver with me that night. From now on, I will. It's worth the expense for peace of mind. And it was a lesson learned for me. I should have clarified his attitude after his voice message. My gut hadn't liked it but I told myself, it will be fine. He's a hobbyist who knows the drill. The problem is, when you lose your mind, the drill goes out the window.

If you haven't ever realized this, my profession is a dangerous one. Or it can be. Thankfully, it rarely ever has been. And I'm doubly thankful I'm a tall, strong, commanding woman. Still, I could run into a taller, stronger, abuser some day. So,
I'm amping up the screening and relying on my intuition even more. It's never been wrong.

The rest of the week has been fun. I had a delightful dinner date Wednesday evening with an old friend. My driver decided not to drive back home and was waiting for our naughty dessert time to end. My partner asked if I'd stay the night. We were having so much fun I said yes. I called my driver and he headed home. I cabbed it back the next morning. Feeling a little foolish walking out the hotel lobby in a strapless red dress and stilettos. But I didn't have any problems getting a taxi.

Thursday evening, one hunk drove all the way from the Orlando airport. Gorgeous, professional, 38, single and wanted to please. See........karma does even things out. I'm supposed to meet another one who says he is also, Sunday evening. When they brag about how good looking there are 1. they usually don't follow through or 2. they aren't. We'll see. I reminded my driver friend that things could not materialize. He replied, "I know."

Last evening, after another trip out, we stopped in the club for cocktails. It was fun watching folks and catching up on the latest dance music videos. I'd missed this. I couldn't dance in the high heels. The ankle is much stronger but it can't handle that yet. Still, I had them on and it's progress.

Life is good! And I'm very happy to be here.

I'm feeling the need for a little retail therapy today.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/03/2014 - Just Another Weekend in Paradise
Hello Boys,

Did you think I forgot about you? No way! It's been a busy past week of traveling, settling in, adapting my new digs and a weekend house guest.

It was a beautiful trip up from Naples last Tuesday. 80, sunny, perfect Florida weather. I arrived at the resort around 3pm. I had made the mistake of putting up a BP ad. My accommodations needed some sprucing up, I needed to unpack and shop for supplies and wind down. I just couldn't accommodate the requests.

These days if you can't be accommodating ON THE SPOT you never hear from them again. much has changed about this business. But I promise, I won't get on that band wagon again.

I unloaded the car with the help of my dear old neighbor, unpacked, changed some things around and went over to the club around 5:30 for $1 taco night. I walked right in to old friends and it felt great. I'd just worn my Drake hotel terry robe so I could hop into the Jacuzzi after my meal. No friends visiting that evening, so NCIS, a couple more shows and lights out.

The next day I had a nice, brisk walk I did some more shopping at my fav store Steinmart. It was overcast and a little drizzly and 55. Way better than the -1 home.

I'd had calls but some thought 25 miles was too far for fun and I wasn't ready to entertain the other last minute requests. Oh well.

Thursday was still chilly but now we had a monsoon. Pouring rain most of the day but I had appt. requests to field, stuff to do and I was still grateful it wasn't below freezing. One old friend from years past made the drive from Sarasota for a little playtime.

It's all in your perspective when it comes to weather isn't it? Plus my friend from Arizona was coming for the weekend on Friday and I wanted things to be right for his visit.

Thursday evening I met my neighbor friend at the outdoor bar for drinks and pizza. We solve the problems of the world and he listens to all my nonsense. That's a good friend.

My new friend from Arizona was arriving late Friday afternoon. Thankfully the weather had started to warm up and he arrived to a bit of sunshine. Dinner at a local Italian restaurant and a long, slow time of naughtiness. We crashed together in each other's arms.

Saturday was breakfast out, sun time and stocking up on supplies for a little ceremony he wanted to conduct Sunday evening. My neighbor friend drove us to my fav restaurant in Tampa, Donatello's, so we could have cocktails. Florida's DUI laws are brutal!

Fabulous Northern Italian cuisines, gorgeous, attentive waiters and a kick ass jazz trio. We tumbled into the back seat after dinner to pretend to make out like teenagers but it was too cramped/ We laughed at the absurdity all the way home. My neighbor patiently drove and laughed along with us. A little fun time and then off to sleep.

Sunday he finished his ceremony preparations and I drove him down for lunch at Bahama Breeze. My resort is not on the ocean so I wanted him to get the feel for Tampa Bay. After a lunch of Stone Crabs, a Caesar salad, Coconut Shrimp and a chocolate mousse pie (courses all shared) I took him on a little driving tour of South Tampa, heading up Bayshore Drive and then north on Howard Street. It's a beautiful part of the city but we were ready to head back to the nude pool and our evening ceremony.

Wait you say? Sunday evening was the Super Bowl. Yeah, yeah, yeah. After our pool time, some wine and appetizers, the ceremony, we headed back over to the club, missing the whole first half and the half time show. What a pathetic game if you were a Bronco's fan as we both were. I'm not sorry I missed most of it. But I did love John Stamos' yogurt commercial. The whole place cracked up at that.

So not much titillating that I will share. I'll keep the private part of my new friendship private if you don't mind. I did have a blast in Naples....lots of naughtiness and very busy. Tonight is an outcall to Tampa.

Life is good and it's in the 70's and sunny here. AND I'm sitting at the computer typing away......nude. I think I'll go for a walk in the same attire.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

Another night of fun and a little Sunday sleep in.

1/27/2014 - One of the BEST Weekends Ever
Hello My Naughty Boys,

I'm in Naples, FL. It's already in the 70's and I plan to be sitting in the sun after the next "victim" leaves. You know I'm kidding.

As I await his arrival I thought I'd bring you up to speed on the rest of my commitment weekend. Friday afternoon was a few minutes by the pool and generally hanging out with the gang. It still wasn't that warm yet but our little corner of the complex was sheltered from the cool wind.

We'd all dialed back the cocktails this afternoon. I was still "recovering" from the night before. Folks were still arriving. Flights had been cancelled and there was some anxiety that the best man wasn't going to get there.

We went on to our dinner at Mango's and then the gang headed across the street to Aqua, the drag queen show. I've seen them before but this one had three featured performers. One a very passable Dolly Parton/Cher/etc. Petite and shapely like a real woman. The 2nd was a huge "gal" in tent dresses and big hair. Not known to like women but still her schtick was hilarious. The third, a trained dancer, with phenomenal moves.

The audience loved it. Except for one repressed guy who kept getting out of his seat and hiding behind his friends whenever one of the Divas got close. He only succeeded in making himself look like a jerk. None of them were going to attack him. He was the only one who thought so. Stupid but funny.

After we hung out until bed time. It wouldn't be as late a night but we were happy to see the best man finally made it. Phew!

Saturday was breakfast with the gang and then a walk downtown for some retail therapy. It was the first day that I'd felt truly warm. Even better, we found a store that not only sold Pirate costumes but Steampunk attire. I found the perfect dress for the coming Friday night when my new friend and I are going to the club in our Steampunk outfits.

Then on to Fairvilla. They are an adult store that has everything. So I happily found a beautiful new lingerie outfit, a vibrating glove and at last, a new Magic Wand to replace the old one. We are going to have some fun with both.

On to lunch by Mallory Square and Cuban Sandwiches. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. lol

We have time for a few minutes in the sun again and then it was off to getting ready for the ceremony. We were supposed to leave at 3:45 but the taxis were no where in sight. Finally one showed up and when we got to the Key West Garden Club we couldn't. It seems a triathalon's finish line was right next to the Garden Club. We had to pile out of the taxi and walk a couple of blocks.
They were not letting anyone through.

Oh no. We all crossed our fingers that the Bride/maid of honor and the rest of the guests could get in. We all waited at the beach site for them. After a short delay, they were able to proceed. A tall dreadlocked guy played the steel drum while we waited for the bride. If you've never heard "Here Comes the Bride" on the steel drums you haven't lived.

Proceeding the bride was the flower girl. One of her best friends who is a drag queen himself, dressed in a fairy costume, wings and all. Nimbly sprinkling rose petals before the bride's entrance. The "straight" folks loved it. Hell, we all did.

Unique vows, a symbolic sprinkling of oils in the sand and a hand fastening ceremony enriched the ceremony. At the end, a small box of butterflies were anxiously awaiting their release. Sighs, ooohs and aaahs uttered forth as they found their freedom. It was a beautiful sight seeing them fluttering over the ocean waters.

We went into the club, the steel drummer continued during our cocktail and dinner hour. Appropriately, our dinner was a Cuban buffet. A chill wind kept me bundled up in my dress and a jacket. Earlier, I'd given up trying to keep my hair straight and wore it all curled up as in previous years past. I got out on the dance floor and warmed up. The bride and her daughter loved to dance and most joined in joyous celebration.

Finally it was time to leave but the taxis couldn't get to us because folks were still coming across the finish line. The only hitch in the day. Back at our complex plans had been to have some group fun. But folks were tired and we made other plans for Sunday.

We were all happily tired.

Sunday morning was a brunch but I had to skedaddle to Naples. I did find the time for a nooner but sooner with my Thursday night friend after coffee. Then, replete, we had a short breakfast and coffee with the gang. Even though I couldn't join them for the brunch we all said our goodbyes by the pool.

It's a LONG trek back up the keys but it was a beautiful day and I was still in a Key West mood. I listened to Buffet half way up the keys. The water was sparkling and blue and I felt better than I had in a long time.

I'm in the perfect frame of mind to enjoy Naples and then head on to the nudist resort tomorrow for my Tampa winter sojourn.

A little 10am fun already with a cool guy who has wanted to meet me for years. Lake Anneke appeared to his satisfaction with promises to do this again when we're both in the same place in the future.

Life is good. I'm getting a little tan and I am SO happy to be in Florida and have spent time with wonderful folks. I'm sure it's going to be a titillating afternoon and I KNOW it will be all the time once I arrive back in nudieville.

Love and Hugs,

1/24/2014 - Boy Did I Need This
Hello Boys,

For those of you who are freezing their butts off I thought I'd rub it in a bit. NO! I didn't say I'd rub IT a bit. Settle down! It's 64 and sunny at 10:38am.

I'm sitting on the tiny little porch of my darling guest room in Key West. It's typical Key West quaint. Polished pine floors, cypress walls, lots of white trim and a poster bed with white dressings.

I arrived yesterday afternoon after a long haul from Lauderdale. Heading west my GPS had an anxiety attack and couldn't figure out how to get me to the turnpike. At that point, I figured it out myself and headed south. To Key West.

It's always been slow going. It still is. But as you hit the Keys and see sparkling turquoise water on both sides of the road you no longer care if the pace is slow. You can't help but smile.

I purposely put on my tropical attitude and sat back and enjoyed the drive. A short stop for lunch on the water. Shrimp tacos. Key West shrimp of course and then back to US1.

About an hour and a half out of Key West I gave in and dialed to Margaritaville on Sirius and XM. I'm not a huge Buffet fan but once the dial was set I knew it was the right station. Years ago, when I lived on a large lake north of Atlanta Buffet was the bomb for our weekend parties. The signal to begin was my ex turning on the blender and Buffet on the CD player.

Probably part of the reason I resist Buffet. This time I chose to remember the good parts of all those years with the old ball and chain. And there were many. Our relationships are never all bad.

I arrived at our bed and breakfast and parked on the street. The gals in the office couldn't have been more welcoming or hospitable. Folks just know how to chill here and be nice. Tourism is their game and they play it well.

As my gal gave me the guided tour I heard the bride to be's voice. She was right next door. Big hugs all around as she introduced me to her maid of honor and another friend. The party was going to begin soon!

Car unloaded, permanently parked and the important stuff, the booze, was brought to B's suite. I'd packed a whole box of various libations for Tampa but as I approached Key West I thought....these are going to be for the wedding celebration.

I mixed Cuba Libre's for B and I. Fresh key limes from my Wednesday night dinner friend's back yard tree. V had a raspberry beer and S had his own single malt scotch in a beautiful flask. One that had it's own cup.

All three of us were/are providers. He's a provider friend. The groom arrives later today. He's been a long time hobbyist. We sipped away, laughing ourselves silly about life, our provider lives/tales and the weekend ahead. It felt so good to be in a circle of like minded friends.

We were all chatting about relationships when B said, "being in this profession is like becoming a nun. It's impossible to have a relationship outside the profession and in order to be a really dedicated provider it's tough to keep a relationship outside the hobby going." Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know nun's are celibate but hang with me here. I think you understand what she means. And she's right.

Once we make that choice, the civilian word becomes off limits for dating and relationships. Most guys couldn't begin to handle sharing their woman must less her being a pro. It takes a very special guy to be able to do so. I've always said, that if I ever find a companion/companions, they will certainly be 1. in the lifestyle and/or 2. in the hobby. A vanilla guy couldn't do it. And that's okay.

I stopped dating because I didn't want to lie about what I did. And let's face it, I do have you for my intimate needs.

When I left Tampa, that circle of friends who could handle my profession and who were also in it or close to it was gone. A lot of my daily support was gone also. I've spent most of my life in the civilian world that last two and a half years in Upstate NY. Thankfully I get some kink from my friends here. And after my October awakening trip back to the nudie resort I KNOW I have to keep that lifestyle close to me. Thankfully my family puts up with and supports what I do and loves me for who I am. No judging. I'm very blessed in that.

But I need that circle of likeminded friends too. It was such a joy to be able to go out to dinner with a whole gang. To tell dirty limericks, laugh ourselves silly and last night, drink whatever the hell we wanted to.

Yeah, I had a slight hangover this morning but it was worth every sip. lol I still awakened at 7am. I'd gone to bed at 2am after a little fun. I know I'll need a nap later.

Coffee and a walk over to Duval Street. After a good walk I wandered into a French bistro for more coffee. A great French roast and eggs benedict on freshly baked brioche. need carbs and fat to soak up the morning after alcohol.

Sitting outside next to a babbling fountain after a fantastic breakfast....all was right in the world. I felt/feel great.

Tonight is the bachelorette party. We're going to a drag queen show and who knows what else the night will bring.

Life is good. I am SO glad I made this trip to be a part of this celebration.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/22/2014 - The Bitter and The Sweet in Hollywood/Lauderdale
Hi Darlings,

I found out today that my hotel is going to be razed for the Lauderdale airport expansion. That explains why things are the way they are. You can tell they aren't doing the continuing maintenance. Now I understand why.

It's slow. Same ole same ole. But I am covering my expenses and I am glad I stopped.

Especially today. Yesterday, on my way to check in, I took a short hop on Copans and stopped at the Memorial Gardens. My grandson is buried there. And the last time I was here I couldn't find his marker. So I stopped in the office to ask where he was.

You would think these folks would become numb to the grief that passes through their doors. As I gave his name, they asked, "what happened?" When I gave the answer I thought the gal behind the counter was going to cry.

Then another lovely lady came to take me in their little cart to the exact site. As we chatted about him and what had happened I could see her eyes mist over. I said, "I honestly thought you would become used to this." She answered, "Oh no. Sometimes I lose it during funerals."

I don't want this update to be a downer for you because today was not. I went back this morning with fresh flowers and water for his flower urn. I didn't have time yesterday. And as I stood over his marker I noticed the meticulous care of the grounds. I thought about the concern of the folks and their care and I felt good. This was a business but they were still caring folks. His remains are is in good hands.

He was a pisser. I wonder where he got those genes from? Beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes. He called me his hippie grandma. I used to have wildly curly long hair then. You can see that in some of my early work.

I took a photo of the flowers and site and sent it on to my sister. My son happened to be at her house. He was okay seeing it.

Then, typical of all women, I went and had a little retail therapy and made a great lunch at Skyline Chili. Listen, life goes on and when he passed that event, more than anything else, gave me an even greater zest for life. Our time here is short. We shouldn't waste it.

And hopefully, I do not. I'll see his sister when I get to Tampa. She's my oldest grandchild and she's another pisser. Beautiful, sweet and very sexy. In fact, all the women in our family from great aunts to daughter to granddaughters, cousins, etc. were/are hot numbers.

Must be those Dutch and English genes.

Then one suitor this afternoon brought champagne, a rose and was bound and determined to break the dam. Thankfully I have two beds in my room. That one is absolutely trashed.

Tonight I'm having dinner with an old dear friend. We started out in a student/teacher relationship and it morphed into lovers after I left the old ball and chain, morphing again to good friends. His S O will be with him tonight. They've visited with me before for some naughty fun. Tonight, just dinner and catching up on old times. At least I think that's all. Who knows?

Tomorrow I pack it all up again and head to Key West. I may even have a hottie waiting for me. I can't wait!!!!! The main event however is going to be a wedding to talk about for a long time.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/21/2014 - Warm Thoughts from the Road
Good Morning My Darling Boys,

Today is my last morning in West Palm Beach. I head to Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood after checkout.

I found Clematis Street last evening and had a very nice dinner at Oli. My bartender was from my hometown. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, it's been a slow start this morning. I just could NOT get going. Sleeping in hotel beds doesn't make for a restful sleep sometimes. A little known fact about me, if you care. I never sleep through the night. I wake up, turn over, go back to sleep. Sometimes several times. It's rare I sleep through a whole night. Thus, probably never a great night's sleep in the truest sense.

I knew I was really going to be moving slow so I threw on some clothes, (wish I could go down in my pj's) and headed down for coffee then breakfast. I took my Gratitude Journal with me. I knew it was time to write.

First I make my list of ten things I am grateful for. After looking at the list of the temperatures of the cities I've highlighted on my Iphon I wrote, warmer weather. It's 1 degree back home. It was 63 in West Palm. THAT in itself brought a smile and a little more awareness.

By the time I got to my second cup the daylight was starting to filter in. I'm not mean. And I don't mind talking in the morning. I just move slow. Forget going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning as some of you do. ACK!!!

Then I started to write. Free associate. We are using our right brain when we do so and that's the problem solving side of the brain.

At my age, one would think one knows oneself well. I'm always surprised at what I'm finding about me. Yes, I'm probably TOO introspective but remember, I am a female. We're like that.

One of the quirks I've identified is I prefer to be in my own environment to be the most comfortable in my work. It's about the setting and the mood for me. First. Sorry. I can't always control that in a hotel room. I can at home.

If those two things are the way I want them I'm halfway to arousal. Then, when you walk in the door, my motors already running at a higher rev.

Oh, it's always running. But sometimes it's really revved up before you ever arrive. What I'm surrounded with and what have transpired before your appearance matter too.

It seems the more adventures I have the more adventures I want. Too many days off are not good. Although at this very moment, my pussy is tingling thinking about getting laid within the next 90 minutes. Ha!

I like being in my nest! So I try and create that nest wherever I go. Special lighting, cool music, sexy attire and a great attitude.

Sometimes with all those in place it's tough to stay revved. Someone didn't think it was important to shower beforehand. Or be immaculate where it counts. He's a horrid kisser and he thinks sucking or biting my lips like a vacuum cleaner is going to turn me on. Even better, the one who shoves his tongue down you throat from the first kiss.

I love French kissing but I think the assault of the tongue down your throat from the first kiss is exactly that. An assault. I LOVE lips. Soft lips that touch yours. Tasting, exploring. Teeny nibbles, NOT big chunks out of that tender spot.

Then, slowly exploring, adding the tongue, bit by bit while our passion builds. Of course, I fully recognize that's what I like. It may be your ultimate turn on to do the DFK assault. Just don't be surprised when I take my fingers and close your mouth and say, "let me have your lips first."

Even better is what I call the guppy. His lips are tight and you can feel him open and close his mouth like a fish. He never relaxes his lips or tenderly kisses you. He's gulping for air and you hear this popping sound as he opens and closes his mouth. I had a boyfriend like that. I swear, I tried to teach him how to kiss. You are supposed to do that by example. He never figured it out. It was hopeless. The relationship didn't last.

Yeah, I'm a bitch.

What else do I need on the road? A HOT bath or shower. Not lukewarm water. Soft pillows and a good mattress. Descent heat or air. Good coffee and truly fresh fruit for breakfast. Not the Hampton Inn's canned version of fresh fruit. ACK!!!

Otherwise, it's all good. I can make a mediocre room into a haven of pleasure. Our pleasure.

So as I'm making journal notes this morning I list what I'll need for my N. Tampa/S. Pasco incall. I may do a redesign even though I'm renting. I'm going to be in it at least a month, maybe longer. I want that little nest to be exactly that. A cosy, sensual escape for me AND you. There I'll have lots of candles and lighting and music that's JUST right.

In the meantime, I'll work with what I have and hope you bring your A game to the boudoir. I like being a part of this equation too. In fact, it's very exciting to share passion with new and skillful lovers. For those who don't have the skill, I'll teach you if you want. For those who don't care, (which happens rarely) you'll leave with a smile on your face. After all, it isn't about me but I'm happy when it is.

Life is good! Key West......Thursday afternoon! Yippee!

Your VERY Naughty and Particular Girlfriend,

1/20/2014 - Florida Finally
Hello Boys,

I took the weekend off. Not by design but it was a good thing. I was feeling crummy Thursday evening and while I had a great night's rest and felt better Friday morning that yukkiness returned Friday evening.

It had been a long day on the road. And it was almost 9pm by the time I got to my Savannah airport hotel. I went to Sam Snead's first for dinner. I could check in after.

It's a nice restaurant. The food is good but my appetite was not. I left most of my meal and a glass of wine. THAT never happens.

But my hotel had upgraded me to a beautiful suite with a luscious bed and pillows. I took an Advil PM and I was out for the night.

I felt great again upon awakening but by the time I got to St. Augustine I was sagging again. I checked in, putzed around for a while, drove to the historic area and out toward the beach. I was feeling crummy again. Back to the hotel and read for a bit. I started to feel better and now I was hungry. A good sign.

But I knew I didn't want to wade into all the tourist trap restaurants in downtown. So I went exploring and found Le Pavillon on San Marco Avenue. It's an 1870's Victorian that has had several owners. The last ones have run the restaurant since the late 1970's and were from New York State. The owner was manning the bar and she willingly share the history. Along with the info about the resident ghost. You gotta love it.

Dinner was fabulous! I would highly recommend a stop if you are anywhere near St. Augustine. Or make a drive of it. I'm going to go back before I head home when I feel normal. It's a charming town with lots of neat antique shops. I can see a day wandering around and then having dinner again at this gem.

It's French, Swiss and German cuisine. The sauces are to die for. Perfectly cooked veggies. (I hate half raw vegetables. Even if it is the current trend.) And the tiramisu is the absolute best. I rarely have dessert but this was worth the extra calories.

Another good night's rest and it seems I'd finally thrown off whatever it was that was trying to take me down. I had heard there was a stomach virus going around. I think it was just too much driving, change of climate, allergies, who knows. In short, I feel great again.

I'm in West Palm now. I arrived yesterday afternoon to 71 and sunny. While it's mid-50's this morning that a far cry from the terrible weather up north. Ask me if I miss freezing my buns off?

South Florida has never been a good venue for me. I have a VIP ad on my top site. Nada up until now but as the business goes, last minute inquiries are beginning. Absolutely maddening that you guys wait until the last minute. How different this business is from when I started. Once the pimps started promoting the young girls on Craig's list, BP and other similar sites, requiring no screening, last minute availability, it started to become the industry norm.

I watched the progression on TER. You'd see a comment on one of the boards about "the diamond in the rough" they had found on Craig's list. Of course it was cheap. Of course she didn't screen and they loved it. Of course the pimp wrote her ad. And she was most likely an addict. But boys will be boys and one thing led to another and then....the recession. Nice gals losing their jobs, needing $$$'s, etc. etc. The business changed from a real service to a get in, get off, get out the door attitude for many. It was just about money. On both sides.

Thankfully, not all but the last minute expediency is the average. Since I began in the booked ahead era I've had to change my mindset. I'd seen that as disrespectful. Now I see it as the business norm. But I don't have to like it.

Still, business has been good since I got over myself. Once I dropped that arrogant attitude it's been fabulous.

My advertiser meeting gave me some links you might find interesting. Fascinating site. Here's a link I think you'd enjoy. I'm going to buy one of these. I'd love to watch you using one of these things. Of course, they would have to be sterilized between use and you would also wear a cover. Or bring your own. But I think it would be hot to watch you use this. Inexpensive they are not.

And by the way, I do ask my friends if they masturbate when they are on their own. I am a great proponent of doing so. Doctors confirm that it's great for the prostate. Keeps the plumbing cleaned out. And we providers certainly know you need the release more often then your S O's do. Otherwise you wouldn't be seeing us.

Today? A trip to the gym soon and then I get ready for a 1pm. Nothing else on the docket.....yet. I know I'll go down to City Place this evening in Palm Beach. The shuttle will take me there. Maybe a little shopping, a cocktail and a light dinner.

I'm in West Palm until Tuesday noon. Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood until Thursday noon. Then ON TO KEY WEST and all the festivities. I will be available there but on a VERY limited basis. Naples this Sunday until Tuesday 11ish. And FINALLY TAMPA and check in Tuesday afternoon.

I can hardly wait. While it's cooler here the air is soft and the sun is brighter. Feels fabulous and I'm so glad to be back in Florida.

More tales from the road as I think you might find them interesting.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/17/2014 - More Tales From The Road
Hello Boys,

I'm feeling a lot perkier and positive today. Yesterday I started to sag. Two longer playtimes and what felt like the beginning of a cold had me feeling terrible last night.

If it hadn't occurred to you, my job is very physical. Add all the miles on the car and consider that I'm no spring chicken and the "tired" seems logical.

So, I cooled it with cocktails, took two advil pm's and was lights out at 10pm. THAT did the trick and I feel like my old self again. I have this little trick to beat off colds and sinus infections. The old home salt snort. Sounds disgusting but it works. I haven't had a sinus infection in 5 years. So an extra one last night and a vitamin C helped too.

I awakened at 7am. 9 hours of sleep is a world record for me. Made coffee in my room, (the hotel breakfast is atrocious), had a banana, took a long leisurely bath and washed my hair. I want to be particularly well put together today.

1. I'm meeting my primary advertiser for lunch. I won't say their name because I'm not sure they want everyone to know they are based in Raleigh. But they are the top upscale site in the world and have brought me lots of business over the years. I got my start in this business with them. 2. I have a house call on the way to Savannah in Fayetteville.

One of the advantages of touring around the country is that I've made friends everywhere. Even in the most unlikely places like Fayetteville. Mostly known for Fort Bragg. He's an old friend so I look forward to seeing his digs and having some fun.

Then I finish the travels today in Savannah. I threw an ad up on and date-check but that's it. It's hot, hot, hot. Yep, Backpage arrests galore. In fact, I haven't used them at all this trip south. I've been as busy as I want to be.

Then it's on to St. Augustine Saturday. I hope to get in early enough to do some sight seeing. If I don't entertain it will be perfectly okay. South Florida will probably be busy next week so I'm gathering my reserves of strength. lol

I haven't gotten to see Sheree at all. Her new job is so busy she has no free time. Kudos to her and my best wishes for continued success even though I miss her.

I am pasty white. So I'm going to have to be careful in the sun. I packed lots of sun screen and a big hat. Yeah, there will be tan lines until I get to the nudie resort. Can't be helped. IF I had time I'd head to Haulover Beach in North Miami.

For those of you who are unaware, it's a nude beach. Access to the public. I'd say it's a 1/2 miles long and it's a trip to visit there. Folks behave themselves because they don't want that right taken from them. But that doesn't stop the droves of lurkers walking up the beach to gawk.

Goodness, we are such an unsophisticated lot in the United States. Naked bodies....oh wow! Believe me when I tell you that there are some bodies you wouldn't want to see naked but that's NOT what nudism is about. It's about being free. There's nothing like swimming in the ocean stark naked. Absolutely fabulous. I'll just have to do it in a pool when I get to my final destination.

I LOVE walking in the pool in the mornings. I'll walk until it gets too deep and then I'll swim until it becomes shallow again. It's a great, refreshing workout. Hopefully, the pool heater will be working. It's been chilly there the last few nights.

That's enough for today. If you don't hear from me for a day or two, it's a good thing. It means I'm being naughty and having fun.

Life is good.

Smiles and Kisses,

1/15/2014 - Richmond to Raleigh
Hello Boys,

I had a short hop to Richmond, Virginia Tuesday morning. One friend waiting for me to arrive.

I'll say it. I don't appreciate being called a cunt and a bitch. Oh, I know it's all arousal madness but I still don't appreciate it. Calling a woman a cunt is the worst thing you can say about her. It's utterly demeaning. Not to mention that he wanted everything off the menu for a GFE donation.

On top of it, he was a smoker. Mouth, skin, hair, yuk. So smokers, if you are coming for an appointment take a shower when you arrive. I always have extra towels. And use soap. And then use mouthwash. No one likes kissing someone whose mouth tastes like an ashtray. Or their body.

After, I cleaned up and took the hotel shuttle to Acacia. A dear friend in Orlando recommended it. Beautiful place in a trendy part of town. Sadly, their snooty attitude almost ruined the meal.

There were several empty places at the bar but they had "bar reservations" and made me sit on the side until they were sure they had a place for me. The bartender had that "smelling a dead mackerel" look on his face. But, believe it or not, I tried to be pleasant and make the most of the recommendation. Excellent meal and extraordinary wine. But not friendly at all.

Still, the food was great.

Back at my hotel I fell asleep in front of the television, awakening at 1:30. Oops, pit stop and back to bed. I had no demands in the morning.

An easy drive to Raleigh. Lunch at Cracker Barrel. It's a great place to eat on the road. REAL food and friendly folks and inexpensive. I always look for them.

It was sunny, 59 and the air was soft as I arrived at my hotel in Raleigh. What a change from a few days ago in Upstate NY. NO ice, fog, gray or snow. Hooray! Absolutely lovely.

A new friend, the classic southern gentleman visited. He arrived with a beautiful bouquet of Sterling Silver roses. He couldn't have known they are my favorite. My dad used to grow them and they've always had a special place in my heart.

We yakked for a while before the fun began. It's always lovely to meet someone who isn't in a rush to get in, get off and get out.

I'm close to a big mall so I headed to Belk's and Macy's for some things I needed to replace. Black thigh hi's for sure. They had the size and colors I needed. So hard to find so I was thrilled.

McCormack and Schmidt's for dinner. Blue Point oysters, wine and their shrimp trio. For a chain, they always do it right.

Now it's time for tv, bed and an early morning call with an old Raleigh friend. We were trying to arrange a threesome with my now retired from providing friend Sheree but her current job didn't allow her the time. What a bummer. Still, she's happy she has a steady income and a recent promotion. We working gals know how to work! She'll be a huge success!

I'm so happy to be in warmer weather and back in the south where folks take the time to say hello and chat. No matter what you do or where you go. There really is such a thing as southern manners. How refreshing!

Of course, Florida is NOT southern. It's a melting pot of obnoxious northerners, (I am one so I can so that), friendly mid-westerners, latin American transplants/visitors and world travelers. It's a really cosmopolitan place. But Tampa is friendly. And eventually I get to experience their own brand of hospitality. Naked.

Life is good.

Your Tired but Still Naughty Girlfriend,

1/14/2014 - Tales From The Road
Hello Boys,

It's Tuesday morning so it must be Baltimore/BWI. It's gray, rainy and a whole lot warmer than Upstate New York. I packed my car Saturday morning. It took forever as the whole back yard was a sheet of ice as was the front sidewalk.

What to do? This was dangerous stuff. We keep a pail of rock salt so I took that pail and a scoop and started salting the brick sidewalk going out to our parking area. Eventually, it was light enough that I could just dump the salt from the pail.

Oh, it wasn't going to melt the ice quickly enough to walk on it but it did provide traction with a gritty surface to step on. Finally loaded up, I skidded out of town and headed toward the Northway. Our side streets were definitely dangerous.

Once I got on the Northway I hit dense fog. And that was the case most of the way to Northern New Jersey. A short stop at my sister's halfway for lunch and girl talk helped alleviate the strain of the drive. Plus my coat needed a safe home for my winter absence.

I arrived at the hotel in NNJ for my overnight client. An old dear friend. Or so I thought. As my sister says, "you can't go back." I'd left a day earlier than planned, passed up numerous requests for adventures before I left, only to find out Sunday morning that no donation was going to appear. Later I found out he "thought" I was meeting as an old friend after he'd asked to meet me as a professional. He "thought" that our subsequent emails and phone calls after the request changed his obligation.

Sick to my stomach as he left and embarrassed now to ask, I texted my Sis. She said, "I'd be calling on that phone and telling him to turn his car around and come back. With the donation." Which I did. And sent an email saying how hurt and upset I was. Instead I got a snotty note saying he was sorry but he had assumed.....blah, blah, blah. The motto here, "never count your chickens before they are hatched." I'm over the hurt and anger now. But there is a lesson here for me. And as my sister says, "next." Ha! If you haven't guessed, she's a pisser.

I was supposed to stop at my pie man friend's home later that afternoon. I emailed him, asking if I could come earlier. He was just up the hill. He said, "sure" and we spent the afternoon catching up. He hadn't been able to get the heat to work in the basement where we were going to do the pie video and he also knew I was not in a good place to do it. We will film in Florida in February.

I asked him if he wanted to play before or after dinner. He opted for after so off we went to Forno of Spain in downtown Newark. If you haven't experienced this Portuguese/Spanish establishment, run, don't walk to it. It was absolutely fabulous. The food, the ambience, the service, the whole package.

Back home, I catered to one of his favorite things to have done. Being shaved. I'd even bought him a little gift of a professional razor. He moaned in contentment as I shaved his back, shoulders, butt and you know what. He said it felt like a massage. Then I massaged the you know what.

We yakked for a long time and I watched Downton Abbey. I wouldn't miss one episode of it and he graciously let me snuggle in a big recliner and stay connected to my favorite show of the moment. He headed to his room for his shows and a phone call. We don't sleep together. He snores too much. The next morning I pointed the car toward BWI.

I'm having my second cup of coffee here, awaiting a new friend at 9:30. He's always had an older woman fantasy. He'll be able to fulfill that this morning and then I'll be on my way to Richmond.

I had originally intended to stay two nights. When nothing was forthcoming in the shape of pre-bookings I changed my itinerary. Plus this place is HOT! As you would know, the day before the phone started ringing off the hook and I've been busy. That's a good thing.

I was supposed to meet an old friend last night for dinner and HE stood me up. That's what happens when you do nice things for people in this business. Unfortunately when there is no commitment for a donation, there is no commitment. Yeah, after Saturday night this was not so nice BUT I had already decided I wasn't "working" that evening and a hot playtime was what I wanted. After a nice dinner and conversation. What a dope he is.

I realized that he wasn't going to show up during my martini. My seatmates to my right were having a great time. It was an older gal like me and she had the place going. Young guys on each side of her and she had them on their toes. I was laughing to myself at her antics. Classy and a great personality. It was fun to watch someone else.

As I ordered dinner and another drink they all called over to me and introduced themselves. I moved over and the fun started. It's great when that happens. She absolutely grilled the cute guy between us. Seems he was married and his wife had been "indiscreet". He was not happy in his marriage. Ms Personality was advising him to "work it out." As soon as she left guess what? Yep, he wanted to know if he was going to share my bed. Some things in life are so predictable.

He offered to walk me to my room and I told him NO way. Cute as he was, I wasn't offering a thing. Except a kiss goodnight. He got off at floor 9 and I went up. Alone. And happy to be so.

The flirting and the offer was enough for my bruised ego. My earlier friends had taken care of my lust.

Life is good. This trip is going to be such a fun adventure.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/05/2014 - We Are Having A Heat Wave
Good Morning My Darlings,

That was a positive affirmation in the title of this entry. At the moment it's 0 out. Supposedly it's going to be mid-30's this afternoon. It sure has a lot of heating up to do in a short amount of time. I'm never a pessimist but this is a real stretch for me.

It was -9 when I awakened yesterday. That is so cold that when I touched the metal storm back door handle it burned. I turned around and went right back inside.

But one brave soul drove down for a little playtime. It was his first time in many years. He was a widower and the story was heart breaking. But our time together was heart expanding. He told me he'd been watching a LOT of porn the last few days to make sure he was doing things right. And boy did he! We played, yakked, I made him a cup of coffee with a little bit of Bailey's, yakked some more and then went back into the boudoir for round two.

I know this isn't appealing to some of you but it is to others. He loved the prostate massage and he really LOVED my strap on. In fact, I switched from my smallest one to a bigger Doc Johnson model. He loved that even more. Is my back a little sore today? Yeah....but it was worth pushing it to see him enjoy himself so much. Not to mention he was hell bent on making sure I did also. And I most certainly did. We were going through towels left and right. Lake Anneke overflowed the dam. Big smiles from both of us. I've made a new friend and he's a happy guy. That is very satisfying. On all levels.

Well, it's 7 days and counting until my Southern departure. I'd be lying if I said I can hardly wait. All this snow and cold has done it for me. I am SO ready to get out of cold country. But I will miss all the busyness being a naughty girl in Upstate New York. The good news is that it seems to be following me all the way south. I have a feeling this is going to be a very good trip.

I may have to change BWI to someplace outside of DC. Keep an eye on my calendar this week. It's VERY hot around the Baltimore airport. While screening should resolve that concern there's no point in being reckless. I'll let ya know if I do.
I'd rather NOT go to DC.

DC has this reputation for no shows and cancellations. And the reputation is based on truth. It's one of the toughest places to tour in the US. I think some of the guys associated with the guys in power in the District have an inflated idea of who they are. And a low opinion of the working girls. No respect.

After my tryst yesterday and others like it over the years I'm proud of what our profession offers. So I don't go to cities who don't appreciate us very often. Fortunately, my tour there on the way home from Florida last year was stellar. I haven't decided if I'll stop on the way back this trip. In fact, I don't even know WHEN I'll head back.

My original plan was to be home Mid-March. I know it won't be warm in Upstate then. We're looking at May before that happens but I won't stay away that long. It all depends on how things go in Tampa. Again, you'll be the first to know.

I have some naughtiness to look forward to this afternoon. And the whole week looks busy with adventures and personal appointments for things that need to be done before I leave. Not to mention packing. Two months away is a lot of stuff. Not to mention shoes. Boots for cold weather, high heels/thigh hi boots for adventures, sandals for warm weather. Sneaks for working out and walking. You get the picture. I'll need a suitcase just for them.

You might be happy to know that I am wearing heels again. I bought a gorgeous pair of 5 inch Jennifer Lopez peep toe stilettos. They are black lace over nude. The sides are sheer black lace. VERY sexy. And believe it or not, they are comfortable. Of course, they are only for behind closed doors. My ankle isn't strong enough to be hiking or dancing in them yet.

Still.......progress! Life is good!

Did you make a New Year's Resolution? Mine is always to get back to eating healthier and taking better care of myself. And to have a hot threesome with two kinky boys. Harder to arrange than you can imagine. Actually that's a wish rather than a resolution. But if I resolve that to happen, it will! I'm heading in the right direction to increase the odds. Florida is a very kinky, naughty place.

I hope this 2014 has had a good beginning for you. My best hopes that this whole year will be a banner one for ALL of us. Here's to lots of......adventures!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/30/2013 - Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014
Hello Boys,

WHERE did this year go? It's been a roller coaster ride for sure. Starting out sort of dismal and exploding into great business the end of May. And that has continued.

I have much to be grateful for and believe me, I am! Plus the friendship and support of so many wonderful friends, here and in person. I am blessed and I thank you all. Whether we've met in person, spoken on the phone, exchanged emails or you've watched me being naughty in my clips. It's ALL appreciated and cherished!

The sun is shining this morning but there is a layer of frozen slush all over the backyard and my car. It rained here yesterday and then the temperature dropped. My landlord still hasn't shoveled and I have no intention of doing his job. When we had the 15 inches the day before my trip to Boston I had to shovel out the whole alley before it refroze that evening. Or there would have been no Boston trip.

Surprisingly enough, I managed to do so without any problems. My back has come a long way. Something else to be grateful for.

So, NO shoveling today. Not frozen slush.

I can't wait to leave for Florida. This has been an extremely cold winter and I'm so over being cold all the time. Thankfully, I have a heated mattress pad in the boudoir and an extra space heater. Plus a luscious, furry duvet. It's very sexy and cozy. I'll miss you Upstate boys but warm weather beckons. AND I WILL be back!

Surprisingly, Christmas week was good. I think some of you had had enough of "together" time and snuck out. Others were single and could. Whatever the reason I had a good week.

It didn't go quite as planned though. My daughter was supposed to join me after Christmas but an ailing cat nixed those plans. We all love our pets so I understood when she couldn't leave him. Fortunately he's okay. But my plans went up in smoke. Luckily I was able to deposit those miles back into my Delta FF account. Instead, I saw you. Tough huh? lol

Sis and SO are coming up for New Year's Eve. I'll fix a light dinner, something with chicken and mushrooms. She's bringing shrimp for appetizers and Madeline's for dessert. There will be lots of champagne. It's very busy downtown for New Year's Eve so if we can stay warm we'll partake of the activities. It's going to be close to zero.

Thank the heavens for THE COAT! It's the warmest thing I own. Probably that anyone owns and so much more attractive than one of those ugly LLBean down monstrosities. Sorry, I'm a great believe in "it's better to look marvelous than feel marvelous dahling." Thankfully, I can do both with that gorgeous mink coat. There WILL be several layers under the coat too. It's not a night to be totally stupid about footwear and bare legs. Say, frostbite?

I'm already packing in my mind for Florida. Actually, I'm going to put together the accoutrements for sunbathing in a new suitcase I got on sale this week. Since I'm going to be visiting non-nudist places in Florida I do need a bathing suit. And sunscreen. And coverups. And of course, sexy sandals.

Yes, that car is going to be packed full. I'll be away almost two months. One needs all the accessories and goodies to look great wherever I am. What can I say? I'm a Leo. That's how we are.

Still chatting with my new friend. He will be my guest at the nudie resort the last weekend of January. We're both looking forward to learning more about each other. While one can learn lots chatting it's no substitute for one on one. I know we're going to the club in Steampunk attire one night. Another is reserved for a special ceremony. I'm thinking of something that's near and dear to me to share with him in addition.

I am really excited about attending the commitment ceremony of my dear friends in Key West. That is such a fun, funky town. While I'll be in St. Augustine, the Palm Beach area and possibily Hollywood beforehand, I'm regarding Key West as the REAL beginning to my southern sojourn.
The bachelorette party is a drag queen show. Beverly says bring lots of $1 bills. It's going to be hilarious.

So, it's time to get back to the gym. The ankle is almost healed. I was actually able to wear a gorgeous new pair of very sexy Jennifer Lopez 5 inch heels for a new friend yesterday. Hooray!

I spied them on sale, even better, and thought, PERFECT for the next photo shoot. I'll wear them for you before that. I'm planning on another when I return to Upstate in the spring.

Visions of mini-dresses, lots of skin and a golden Florida tan are pictured in my mind for this next shoot. How can that be bad?

Hopefully I have a new friend, 24, visiting today. I'm horny. He'd better watch out.

Life is good. Happy New Year darlings!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/24/2013 - Merry Christmas
Hello My Darling Boys,

The sun is shining and it's 23 outside. The birds and one big fat squirrel are frantically feeding. They have been in hiding the last few days with the extreme cold. Yesterday's warmer temperatures and rain seem to have coaxed them out of their shelters.

Our weatherman says it will dip even lower for Christmas Eve. Perhaps a light dusting of snow. Now wouldn't that be nice for Christmas Eve?

My shopping is all completed. Just a couple of gifts to wrap. My Christmas celebration stretches out this week so there will be presents under the tree until Friday. Great fun.

I'm making lasagna today. My friend from Fetlife is coming over for dinner at 8pm and then we're heading to a beautiful late mass at a nearby church. The ceiling hasn't caved in on me yet so I think we'll be safe tonight. After all, the church is supposed to be for sinners. I'm sure I'll be in good company.

He's new to worship and he asked that we find something traditional with beautiful music. This church ticks all those boxes. In fact, there's so much incense at times it's hard to breath. I chuckled to myself last year as I sat behind two couples who were there with their parents.

It was two sisters and their boyfriends. Obviously neither of the guys had ever been to a service like this one. Their discomfort was obvious as were the booze fumes emanating over the pews. At the earliest opportunity they bolted.

After all, the mass was 90 minutes long. I'd have bolted too if I'd been them. But I used to substitute as an organist at this particular denomination years ago so I know the liturgy. While it is a bit too long it is steeped in tradition, (which you know I love) and the music is glorious. A fabulous pipe organ with a world class organist and excellent choir. I am transported. I hope my friend will be also.

You may find this all a bit too much to take. A provider/escort sitting in church? Do I tell the people next to me what I do for a living? No. Because I'm ashamed? No. Because it would make THEM uncomfortable.

I have more of a world view of other faiths now. But I love returning to my roots every now and then. I believe that up there, on the seventh floor, as I say, that there IS a power greater than us and it's a good thing to have that energy of love and support surrounding us and our friends. No matter how you send it there. Prayer, spells, thoughts, whatever.

I also believe that the sexual person I am is a gift. That what I love and offer to my friends is also a gift. One they may receive with no strings and no fear that I'll ruin their lives. One that will help them through their everyday lives. For whatever reason.

Single and no time to date. Recently divorced and knowing it's not yet time for another relationship. A sexless marriage with a beloved partner. A sexless marriage with a partner who has trapped them. And on and on. Not everyone who walks through the door has a sex addiction. Few do. Most, are regular guys who are responsible and need a few moments of pampering, intimacy and release in their lives. This is my calling and fortunately it provides a nice life for me.

I am grateful.

One I met in Boston last week told me he'd read the journal and "gotten off" to my descriptions of my naughty threesomes. More than once. I said that was great. And I pointed out that this journal has become less titillating as the years go by. Even though my life still has many titillating stories to tell. I wanted you and he to see me/us as real people of value. Not just objects. He said, "I could care less." I'm not going to comment on what I think about that. You can figure it out how I probably felt. Most times, it's best to keep your mouth shut. lol

Boston was slow. Snowstorms, cold weather and right before Christmas. But it was delightful. I love that city and Christmas shopping is fun. Not to mention having oysters at Legal Seafood. One of the bartenders kept bringing me little samples of other white wines and commented we should go drinking together. I think she got nervous when I said I was in town until Thursday. Was there a little something going on? I don't know. Fun to consider the possibilities.

I miss my friend Lauren and her S O. They are in Dublin until February 1st with brand new luxurious digs. Hopefully, our last films will be up on clips for sale soon. Whenever Jim has some time at home to put them up.

I'm not really bi. As I've said to others, I am turned on by the sexually setting and opportunity. And if there's another woman to share it then it will be fun. BUT Lauren is the exception. She has always intrigued me and I am turned on by her.

Years ago, before becoming a provider, I'll say, BBP, I was at a party during the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show. The host had a condo overlooking Ft. Lauderdale beach. For those of you who know it, The planes started their run at Oakland Park and fly down the beach to Las Olas. It's a truly exciting time.

After an afternoon of partying and naughtiness I found myself in the bedroom, drinking champagne with another gal. She was hot. I was horny and we almost.......but we didn't. We made arrangements to get together another time. And then I realized, in the sober light of day, that she was a whack job. I backed away. So, never say never.

I do remember taking a young hottie in the laundry room for a quickie that day. I never said I was a good girl. I'm just a girl who's good at being bad.

That's enough titillation. And my gift to you.

It's my wish that these holidays are happy and blessed for you and yours. It's a wonderful time of year. Life is good.

I'm around until I head south January 12th. Come wish me bon voyage!

Love and Kisses,

12/14/2013 - Baby It Is SO Cold Outside
Hello Boyfriends,

It was 3 degrees this morning. We're up to a balmy 7 at the moment. It's so cold and dry the snow forecasted is sucked up before it hits the ground. Although the temperature is supposed to go up later this afternoon and the snowfall will make it to earth. 4-6 inches forecasted here. It's predicted to snow all night and into tomorrow morning.

The roads should be clear for my Monday morning trip to downtown Boston. I'm looking forward to spending a few days there this time of year. Boston is a beautiful city. Fortunately I'm going to be seeing some dear old friends this week. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of us.

I am awaiting a friend. The lights on the tree are on. The candles are lit and yes, holiday music is on the sound system. I have some very cool albums for the holidays so don't wince. I only get to do this once a year.

Although I'm thinking next year I just might celebrate the season in Florida. It's gotten too cold too soon this year. BRRRR!!!!

I'm thinking that smearing on sunscreen and driving around with a decorated golf cart might play out better next year. We'll just have to see how things go in 2014. I do expect to be gradually increasing my time in Florida over the next 2-3 years. Whoa.....are you thinking of retiring Anneke? One never knows, does one? As long as that phone is ringing and folks are smiling as they leave and I love it I'm going to continue to be Anneke. I probably always will be on film.

As the baby boomers get older and guys get desensitized to porn the older/mature/granny market grows. I find it amusing but am thankful that is how it seems to be trending. I'll stay on that bandwagon.

Still communicating with my new friend. We share an interest in Steampunk. If you don't know what that is, google it. He's sending me a Steampunk hat for Christmas to wear when we go to the club in February. I'm thinking I might wear Steampunk attire for one outfit change the next photo shoot. Oh, sexy Steampunk for sure. Some of the women's costumes are a little too Victorian. Which means, covered up. THAT will never do!

I bought myself a copy of Skyfall this week. In my opinion, it's the best Bond film so far. And I've been a Bond fan since Dr. No. Now I'm really dating myself. I'm thinking I'd love that 50 year collection of Bond. Some of the movies were far fetched and lost the essence of Bond but some were great. It would be great to have the collection.

I also received my Christmas present early. Oh, hell yes, I buy my own presents. A new oriental rug by Couristan for the living room. Very exotic and different and colorful. Remind you of anyone you know?

Another gift to myself was a session with my life coach. She's a counselor, psychic, intuitive gem of a gal. One with tremendous common and business sense. As well as possessing great spiritual depth. I am so happy to have found her. I cherish our new friendship.

She sees that this year has been one of huge change in the most positive ways for me. Of course, I knew that. But this was a year end tune up. There are some family issues that I have to handle differently. We can all learn new ways of doing things at any age. And I wanted to see where my new friend fit in. She says to enjoy him and whatever our friendship brings. I agree. 2014 is going to be a really wonderful adventure.

Life is good. Especially when you discover your authentic self. What a blessing! One I hope you will experience also.

Come see me for a holiday treat for yourself!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/07/2013 - A Day In Infamy
Hello Boys,

As soon as I wrote the date on my gratitude journal page I remembered. It's Pearl Harbor Day. I'm sure the number of us who recall what that means is dwindling. I hope we remember that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones on that awful day. What followed was worse. I pray we never forget the sacrifices our soldiers made in both theaters during WWII.

It's 30 in Upstate NY with a light dusting of snow in the back yard. No covering on the sidewalks and roads. While the roads were slick last night, no worries today.

I've been freezing in my apartment but a fix of the problem has resulted in warmer floors and a much more comfortable place. The test of the fix will come next week when the temperature dips back down into the teens.

No worries.....a heated mattress pad and a little bedroom space heater will keep the love nest toasty and cozy just in case the fix wasn't adequate.

I had a little tour over to Syracuse this week. After cancellations and no shows it was an underwhelming trip. Still it had it's great moments. Back home, things improved. I always kick myself for leaving.

It has gotten a little quieter. Understandably so. Holiday spending is more on the minds of my friends. Sometimes they can't justify buying a gift for themselves. Moi. Thankfully, others have no problem pampering themselves.

Yesterday was one of those afternoons when I REALLY love my job. I've been exchanging emails with a young man in the Capital District for over a year. Finally, we were to meet at noon.

Tall, movie star handsome, soft spoken and extremely well equipped. The frosting on the cake? An excellent kisser and lover. As soon as we hit the boudoir and he undressed I gasped. I told him you should be filming porn. And then the fun began.

When women tell you size doesn't matter.......they are lying. Of course when you don't have the size but you DO have other skills then there's a lot of truth to that statement. Not all gentlemen who are well equipped are great lovers. They usually think their size is all that matters. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fortunately for me, he had it all. Size, girth, skills and great kisser. The towels were drenched. He bragged he knew how to make gals squirt and he hadn't lied. Holy Moly. Lake Anneke came forth again and again.

We ARE going to film. I just have to buy a new camera. These days, they are not a fortune. I know my friends who watch my videos are going to enjoy our interaction when we do capture it. Big smile on my face.

Then a phone call, easily verifiable and I took a little drive south and slightly east for an outcall. Lovely guy and the fun he needed. Hopefully, he'll call again.

I stopped at a new favorite restaurant on the way home. It was jammed. One of my Syracuse friends from Sweden had remarked this week, "you Americans spend so much money eating out. We rarely do in Sweden." Some food for thought there.

After playtime we did share a sexy meal together. One I'd never experienced before. Korean barbecue. My mouth is salivating thinking of finding a Korean place in the Capital District. Loved it!

Thursday evening, after returning from Syracuse, Sis drove up and we went downtown for one of the city's annual and famous Holiday festivals. The main street was closed and it was jammed with people. Live entertainment was everywhere. A glass of wine and some Tapas fortified us for the stroll. We oohed and aahed at the festival of trees. We avoided Santa there but ran into him again playing a hot saxophone solo in the street. Who knew Santa played the sax?

Dinner at one of my fav places in honor of her upcoming birthday. At our age there's not much you can buy for us.(unless it's REALLY expensive) So dinner was her gift.

I LOVE living here. And now that the floors and the place is not freezing cold I'll enjoy it so much more. It's a beautiful city and even more so decked out for the holidays!

My tree is up. The place is decorated for the season. The bar is stocked and the fridge is full of Prosecco. Come have a holiday cocktail and some fun. It's that time of year. (I don't bake cookies any more.) My gift is more personal.

Remember I'm heading south January 13th.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

11/30/2013 - Holiday Escape at Anneke Van Buren s
Hello Boys,

I survived Turkey Day. Actually, I skipped breakfast and lunch Thursday to save myself for the BIG meal.

A little snow Tuesday evening and then rain on Wednesday with freezing temps that night didn't deter travel Thursday morning. The roads were clear and dry. Lots of traffic to Grandma's house though. I swear New York City empties out and heads to Upstate New York every long weekend. Some of these folks only drive then. And it shows.

It was a small gathering. Sis, her S O, my son and I. We didn't go crazy with a zillion dishes but we did enjoy the brined turkey and her scrumptious Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Friday morning I awakened early. A friend from Rhode Island was supposed to travel to me and arrive around noon. He was going to help me with my tree, lights and libido. And spend the night. We had originally planned the weekend. One of my clients graciously changing an overnight Saturday to another later date to accommodate me. The day before he informed me he could only stay the night. He'd forgotten he had to be somewhere Saturday morning. GRRR!

I put my annoyance aside. He has a history of broken promises. I needed the help and I wanted to see if he would shoot himself in the foot.....again. 3 and a half hours later than noon he finally appeared. Empty handed. The excuse, "I didn't know where the florists and the liquor stores were." I guess they don't have them in Rhode Island.

If I sound angry I wasn't. I honestly was laughing on the inside, thinking this is so freakin' typical of him. First order of business after the hug, kiss and making him a martini was the tree and lights. Once out of the way we settled in to snuggling. My mother didn't raise an idiot. And snogging, as the Brits say. I cut him some slack because we've always had this incredible chemistry. Once the kissing starts I forget I'm annoyed.

A long sumpthin', sumpthin' then I prepared dinner. A little vino and great conversation throughout his time with me. Until his phone rang. A disaster at home meant he now had to drive back that night. I mentioned he shouldn't be going any where after Martini's and wine. And so he stayed for round two and then some coffee. Off into the night by 10:30. Another one bites the dust.

I don't know what it is but I have hardly ever slept with anyone in the last 14 1/2 years I've been single. I'm beginning to think I am cursed except that it's now difficult for me to sleep with anyone anyway. I'm used to hogging the bed and my pillows. I have it all just the way I like it. And that's the curse and the bonus of being a bachelorette all these years. I don't think of myself as divorced any more. That was too long ago and I don't even know who that woman was way back then.

Lest you think I'm jaded I had a nice conversation with my new friend that I met in Florida this morning. Unlike most, he calls or texts when he says he's going to. How refreshing. Someone who does what they say they are going to do. Amazingly delightful. As he is. And yes, he knows about the tree trimmer's visit. We're in the lifestyle remember?

Today, I'm working on the Christmas décor, saving the real tree trimming for after my 2pm friend departs. The Messiah will go on, the champagne in the ice bucket and it's officially the Holidays again.

I've been surprisingly busy this week. I think some of you have enough of "family" and need to get away either 1. before all the family time or 2. in the middle of it to make it through the weekend. Those in-laws can get on your nerves can't they?

Well, there is place to escape to. Anneke's place. And you can give yourself an early Holiday gift.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

11/28/2013 - Happy Thanksgiving
Hello Darlings,

I awakened early this Thanksgiving morn. I'd gone to bed, early for me. A bad dream startled me from sleep and a sink full of dishes awaited me. Plus the intention to make an early start on my way to my sister's, 90 miles south.

I'm having that glorious morning coffee, peeking at my email while I do so. Usually I start my gratitude list before I head to the computer.

Labor Day Monday this year I began tallying 10 things I'm grateful for each morning. No matter how small they are. I can honestly say it's changed my life. When one frames life in a positive way it seems to start happening that way in spades. Thank you Beverly Fisher, now retired, for your advice in doing so.

And so, as I look back to last year at this time I can really see the positives in a much bigger picture.

1. Business is 200% better
2. I am even healthier
3. My apartment is completely furnished and decorated.
4. I'm paying down debt and will be debt free within the next six months.
5. Most of my family is healthy.
6. I've made a good friend who has become cherished. I've watched him grow and become stronger, month by month.
7. I've found a path and a goal for my future.
8. I've had many a thunder boomer within the context of a profession I love and made many new friends in the process.
9. I've been to Florida twice.
10.I'm still alive and kicking.

And those are the big ones. Life is full of very small delights too. Ones that really make it worth living. I didn't add that I met someone very special and am exploring the possibilities with him. It's too soon to add that to the list. But he makes me smile. Yes, he knows what I do and happens to think we are Goddesses who offer an invaluable service to the world.

And then, I received this in my email from LinkedIn this morning. Her name shall remain anonymous but this touched me deeply. I'm not sharing this out of vanity. I'm sharing it because it warmed my heart and helped me realize that what I do professionally does matter.

"Hello Anneke,

My name is XXXX and I live in XXXXX, XXXXX, Canada. My real name is actually XXXXX. XXXXX is my escort/adult film name.

I just wanted to tell you that you're a true inspiration to me, and I want to thank you personally for carving this much easier path that us girls enjoy today.

Thank you, Anneke! I, for one really feel indebted to you. Please accept my eternal gratitude, and ferocious level of respect I have for you.

I also think you're extremely hot, and would go down between your gorgeous thighs any time you desired. (no lack of respect intended. I really had to tell you that in case there was any chance of it ever happening! ;))"

I was flabbergasted. And happy to have received this. I sent her a reply and asked just "what I had done" to deserve those praises. Hopefully, it was raising my service and films to a level of elegance, sensuality and loving intimacy. I have always thought that is how it should be. Sex is a beautiful gift. I feel it should not be denigrated and treated like it's a dirty commodity. It can be a blessing AND fun if viewed in that light. And I do.

What a wonderful gift on this beautiful day! Life is good.

My wish is that your Holiday will be a blessing to you and yours.

Love and Kisses,

11/24/2013 - Baby It Is Cold Outside
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's Sunday morning. I've had my Green Mountain coffee, breakfast and done my gratitude list. Emails, laundry and I am now sitting down in a frozen corner of my apartment to update you on the latest naughty escapades of Anneke.

Perhaps recounting them will warm me up. It's 18 degrees out. I don't know about you but that's COLD to me. Especially when you live in an old Victorian home with a back door that has a wind tunnel blowing through it. We're working on solving that. Hopefully, soon.

My January 13th departure for Florida is looking a LOT more enticing. It's in the 70's in Tampa.

It's okay though. The Northeast has been dressing up for the holidays already. And since I was born and raised here Christmas is not Christmas to me unless it's colder and snowing.

I was heading out the door around 4pm yesterday. Coat, velvet leggings, boots, warm sweater. I opened my back door and gasped. It was snowing and it was blowing sideways. And so cold.

I closed the door. Took off my coat and turned the heat up. I wasn't going anywhere.

I thought, "I can make a Manhattan, some Shrimp Scamp and stay warm." Screw heading out in this. And that is what I did. Besides, Doc Martin is on at 6pm here. No, I don't have a DVR. It's not about the cost. It's about not being able to figure out how to work the damn thing. But it's becoming obvious I need to get one if I want to see my beloved PBS shows when I can't be home for them. Necessity drives initiative doesn't it?

Even though it's going to top out in the low 20's today my inner Gadabout Gaddis is calling. It's time to fill up the gas tank and go wandering this afternoon. I just can't help myself. Besides, football will be starting soon and there's no point in sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. I will not.

Sunday is a day for me. Unless YOU plan in advance.

I'm very happy to say that my twice sprained left foot is almost completely healed. Oh, no high heels just yet. I don't want to tempt fate. I can put them on once you get in the door though. As long as I don't have to walk in them. We'll just wave my stocking clad, high heeled legs in the air.

Back to the gym tomorrow. Somehow I've managed to not gain weight. Perhaps it's all that mattress dancing that's kept it off. I do know that I lose weight when I'm busy or on tour. No time to snack and a little extra calorie burning. Works for me. But it IS time to get back to cardio and lifting.

If you haven't seen them, some of my new photos are up on my Albany Eros ad. In my opinion I think they are awesome. Myla did a beautiful job. The right lighting, angle and eye for the shot is obvious. She takes each one individually. Not in a digial burst as some do these days. I sat down with her and chose the ones I liked best.

Let me know what YOU think. I'm very proud of them. If you want a copy I'll be happy to email some to you. Just send me a request to I'll probably have them up on my Facebook and Twitter profiles soon too.

I'm not sure I'll put these on the current I am thinking it would be best to use them for the new website. New format, new photos, new look.

When Jim gets back from his latest road trip I'll send him my newest vids. You'll find them at the link to my annekexposed clip store when he can do them.

So what did I do this week? I had an exciting interview dinner date Tuesday night. What in the world is that? Well, I had a pre-booking for a new friend to meet on my upcoming Syracuse tour. He's Canadian and he was going to drive to Syracuse just to meet me. We had been corresponding frequently.

Monday I found out that he had business in Montreal. He could do a different route and stop in on his way back. We planned to have dinner together Tuesday evening.

I smiled as I opened the foyer door. 6'4", handsome and distinguished walked through my door. A contemporary who obviously takes very good care of himself. We hugged and I grabbed my coat as we headed out to dinner.

It was a lovely evening with an intelligent and handsome companion. We kissed a bit before he left and made plans to continue getting to know each other better in December.

A bit backwards from the usual way things happen I know. But I've learned to be more open to what life can bring lately. Of course I screened him beforehand. But I was taking a chance that I might never see him again. Worst case, we'd have a fabulous dinner in an elegant setting. I'm happy to say it was that and more. I've made a new sexy friend. The best is yet to come. Pun intended.

The week blossomed with fun encounters and Thursday afternoon I pointed the car toward Utica. It's 88 miles for me. A late night appointment of 3 hours would see me heading home at 1am. Over windy, dark country roads after I left I-90. Not something I wanted to do.

I booked a hotel in Utica. Yes, that was my choice and my expense. But sometimes you have to use common sense. I arrived late afternoon. Had a long hot bath and headed out to dinner. There was a Delmonico's Italian steakhouse across the street. Two for one happy hour. I had two Ketel one martini's, a wedge salad with kick ass blue cheese dressing, chicken francaise and as only New York State can do, great Italian bread. The whole meal was $30. I left with the next day's lunch or dinner in a bag. There was NO way I could eat all I was served. I couldn't help thinking that would have cost me over $100 in New York city.

Yes, I drove all that way at expense. Thinking in the back of my mind that this appointment could cancel, even though LuLu had verified him previously. I needed a little adventure and this was it.

Fortunately, he did NOT cancel. We had a long, naughty tryst and I tumbled into my own comfortable bed just across the street. It was worth the drive.

The next morning I skipped the hotel chains lousy free breakfast and went next door to Denny's. Now Denny's is not the culinary peak of dining at any time but they had a special menu honoring The Hobbit movie that is coming out in December. Sweet potato pancakes with candied pecans sounded enticing to me. For someone who barely eats breakfast, (NOT my favorite meal) I couldn't believe the one. Absolutely fabulous! Again, I couldn't begin to even eat 1/3 of it but I enjoyed every bite that did pass my lips. Fantastic!

Nice over all profit. Two great meals. A little jaunt away from home. All in all a very worthwhile experience. Sometimes one just has to step out and follow your heart and your instincts.

I had to be back for a 12:30 spa appointment. Luckily we have a dynamite one within 3 blocks of my place. There have been doing wonderful things for me the last few months. You'll see that in the photos. My friend here who is an amateur photographer loved them but his critique was, "I think she smoothed out your face too much." I wrote back, "she didn't." That's was the spa has done for me.

A late evening encounter rounded out my Friday. 27, with all the eagerness and energy of the young. He left after his third explosion. With a smile on his face.

Saturday morning was an old friend and another early that afternoon. I love it when old friends return. And my afternoon buddy has the nomination for the THUNDER BOOMER OF THE MONTH AWARD. Thankfully I had lots of towels under me. It was a doozy and thank you very much darlin'. My nether regions are STILL tingling.

The new heated mattress pad and a portable heater in the boudoir has made that room very comfy and cosy. Plus the luxurious furry duvet. It sounds tacky but it looks and feels wonderful. Come find out for yourself.

I am heading to Sis's for Thanksgiving. I will cook ahead of time and we'll combine my Son's birthday celebration with the Holiday. I'll stay Thursday night as we plan on having cocktails and wine with dinner. It will be a party!

Next Friday is the BIG day for me. I'll head back in the morning to get the Christmas decorations and my tree down. A big bottle of champagne, Christmas favorites loaded on the player and perhaps a handsome house guest to help me put the lights on the tree. If not, I'll do it myself. I've never minded doing it alone. That way, I get to put the decorations on the tree exactly where I want them. And more champagne for me.

Life is good. Especially this time of year. My best wishes for a blessed and happy Thanksgiving with those you love. Come see me after the turkey settles. You can always say you need to do your Christmas shopping. After all, you will be buying a present for yourself.

Love and Kisses,

11/17/2013 - Sunday Morning
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's Sunday morning in Upstate New York. Gray, gloomy but a bit warmer. 46 A perfect setting for viewing CBS's Sunday Morning Special about JFK. I have a very close connection to that date in history. I remember exactly where I was when it happened. As most of us do who are of that generation. Life changed in America after that sad day.

Sunday Morning has been a staple of my television watching for years. I've always found it to be a civil alternative to the rest of the news. Civility is important to me. I do know how to behave when I have to. The operative word, "have."

Sundays are usually quiet until after the Super Bowl. Most of you disappear in a marathon of football, remote controls and chicken wings. It's fine with me. But I was still thrilled when one of my favorite guys texted and said he was horny. I'd planned an afternoon of errands and retail therapy. Could he stop by late morning? Yes he could. Whoo Hoo!

Mission accomplished I changed and headed south on the Northway toward Latham. Once of my favorite sushi places is right at exit 7.

I had a light lunch and yakked with my friend Sheree in Raleigh. She's now an "honest woman" with a full time job. Oh, a few "adventures" once in a while. So our conversations have changed dramatically. There comes a point in time when it's appropriate to change careers. I'm hoping she'll be happy in her choices and so far, she is.

I had a shopping list. Stockings, perhaps some new boots to compliment all the fashion that now requires gold accessories rather than silver. And presents for my Son's upcoming birthday. Hey, if they kept fashion the same there wouldn't be fashion. No one would buy new things. That's how they make money. Changing the fashion.

There is a Frederick's in one of the Albany malls. Unfortunately Frederick's inventory has become sorry. They don't even stock the sexy hosiery that I used to buy as they did in the past. NO 40DD corsets or sexy outfits. Looks like online shopping is going to become necessary for full fashioned hosiery and Cuban heeled stockings. Wait until you see how cool the red seamed hose looks in my new photos with the Christian Louboutin heels. Soon!

I asked the girl, has anyone looked around the Albany area? None of these girls are skinny. Who are you selling this stuff to? She held up an extra large teddy for me. I said that wouldn't cover 1/3 of Trixie and Boom Boom. They would be insulted.

What's the answer? Diet to fit the clothes? Or find clothes that fit me? At my age, I'm not aiming for thin. Voluptuous is here to stay.

For those of you who have expressed concern, my left ankle/foot is healing extremely well. Despite the setback this past week. It seems staying OFF my feet in NYC and keeping my legs in the air helped. That and all the ice my fabulous housekeeper brought me. The rehab exercises started again Thursday and if I was out shopping today then you KNOW I'm better.

I iced it and then alternated with heat when I got home. And my exercises. Feels great but it's going to be a while before the high heels go on again. Sorry. I will head back to the gym this week. Hooray!

Back home Friday, (I spent the night at Sis's, Thursday) the phone was ringing. Busy day, lots of fun and a relaxing evening after playtime was over. I love being back in my surroundings.

Saturday was the same. Life is good.

I'll be "in residence" until Dec. 3 when I head to Syracuse and then Binghamton. Downtown Boston Dec. 16-19. I WILL be available over the holidays. Let's plan your erotic escape.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

11/13/2013 - Midweek from Midtown
Hello Hotties,

I'm sitting at my desk in my Times Square hotel room looking out over the Hudson River. It's a corner room so the window to my left faces south. It's a beautiful but cold and sunny day in Manhattan. Clear as a bell. This city is jammed with tourists and business people, as always.

But I'm hotel bound. I strained the sprain again Monday on my way down. I was making such great progress until I stepped off the edge of the newly blacktopped driveway at my sister's. Now it's an unexpected drop. Yeah....twisted it again.

On top of that my generous friend who invited me to stay with him is swamped with work and never here. He didn't expect his boss would be in town this week. The point was to spend some time together in the evenings getting to know each other better.

So, while business is fine here. I'm bored. Business is better up north and it doesn't cost $20 for a martini. Or $44 for a steak sandwich for lunch. And I'm home. Being stuck close to the hotel, I can't get to my usual haunts in Midtown West that are good and not expensive.

Still, it's been nice to see him when I do. But, I may cut this tour short and head home this afternoon instead of tomorrow. I haven't decided yet. If I do, I'll simply pull the ads down. I don't have anything pre-booked for tomorrow as of yet.

There have been the usual NC/NS appts that NYC always generates. It doesn't matter that you screen. You can't make them show up. One BP jerk wrote, "I can't believe the donation is $350 you old tart." (It's higher in the city. I has to be) I laughed at his ignorance and wrote back..."And I get it. If you don't like!"

Why do guys have to do that? In fact, why do guys call up and make appts with no intention of ever keeping them. One last night, who I had met in the past and knew his history, showed up several times on our national blacklist when I screened him. Since it was the last of the evening and I halfway expected it, it didn't matter. But he got blacklisted.....again.

So, if YOU are of the mind to play games with us, we now have recourse. As we should. This is a business like any other. Your doctor/attorney/dentist/masseuse, etc who works one on one as I do has lost that revenue when you don't cancel or show up. Bad karma I say.

Am I ranting? Nah....just an education update for folks who see providers. And a reminder that we are human beings with feelings who are trying to make a living just like you. Sometimes, some of you forget that. You've objectified us, strippers and other adult professionals and forget we're human with real lives.

One message I've always tried to get across here. In fact, that's the real reason behind this journal. For you to see me as a real person. Oh, I write the juicy stuff for your enjoyment. And since I'm a Leo I like the attention this brings. But the underlying mission has always been to humanize who I am as well as the other gals who work hard to bring you pleasure.

MOST of you know that. A tiny portion who read this journal do not. Now you know. So no more excuses when you pull a fast one and you say you didn't know. You have been notified! Ha!

Every morning I start the day with a gratitude list. Today one of the 10 things I'm grateful for was that I appreciate where I live even more. Travel broadens your mindset and helps your order what is truly important in your life.

Folks in NYC who never leave are just as ignorant about life as someone out in the middle of the cornfields of rural American who has never ventured out. One has to travel to understand cultural differences. And to find out that people are the same all over the world. The same hopes and aspirations but viewed through cultural and historical influences. The surroundings may be wildly different but the hopes and dreams at the core are still the same.

I hope you all will send a little something to those poor folks in the Philippines. What an unspeakably awful tragedy. My heart goes out to them and to all who have lost everything and everyone they love in similar disasters.

We as a country are blessed with a support network unlike any other. And who were the first ones there to help? got it. Our Marines. I hope the world will remember that when they start bashing us again.

End of lecture. If I haven't bored you to tears come see me in NYC or wherever I might be. The calendar is full until the end of January. If you want to know where I'll be just take a peek.

Oh...two new video sessions and one photo shoot last week. I'm getting the final copies of the shoot Friday. Some are truly fabulous. Not me so much but the work of Myla, my photographer. Can't wait to share them with you. If not here for a bit, Jim is on the road, they will be on my ads.

For an old tart, I looked pretty good in them. And LIFE is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

11/09/2013 - Manhattan and No Contacts
Hello My Darling Boys,

It was 32 this morning. When I awakened the sun was shining. Now it's gray and dreary. That's life in the Hudson Valley sometimes. We're sort of at the top of it and at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains so it's not always as gloomy as Albany. Which is at sea level. In the summer, it's a very humid place to be in a hot spell.

We're 10 degrees colder than NYC in the cold months. Cooler in the summer, thankfully. But not much. Common sense tells me that all the coal pouring into the atmosphere from us over the years and now India and China has to make a difference. The acid rain poisoned the Adirondacks and it's taken years for the lakes and rivers to be cleaner after the scrubbers were put on the coal burning smoke stacks.

I'm no tree hugger. But I do think we have to be responsible for our environment in a thoughtful and practical way. Dumping chemicals and garbage in our streams and rivers is criminal. And big business was saving money by doing so. GE a huge contributor to the pollution of the Hudson River. I have an acquaintance who is involved in the clean up. He's told me what the divers have found in the river. Yuk!!!

GE has been paying for the clean up for years. There is still much to do. I doubt they would have done it at all if the government hadn't fined them.

So it's a balance isn't it? Growth and prosperity for folks in the outlying areas versus the destruction of the environment. Which comes first? The spotted owl or the poor folks who desperately need jobs?

Sorry, didn't mean to get on a bandwagon. Or a rant. Actually it's been a pretty good week. My ankle is healing exceptionally well. I did the R I C E for 72 hours and then started rehab exercises. My new friend I met in Florida suggested I start moist heat and ice on top of that. When he suggested a cane my cooperative spirit went on hold. NO freaking cane for me. I'm not that disabled.

In fact, I did a short shopping, errands trip yesterday and today. A good retail sale is the motivation for many a cripple to venture out. Ha!!

I bought a heated mattress pad. This old Victorian house is drafty. And the floors are cold and so are some my friends. One had a difficult time this week because he was freezing. NOT good! So I moved a little portable heater into the bedroom and bought the heated pad. Add a semi-tacky cheetah duvet and it's cosy and toasty warm in there.

Actually it's not that tacky. It's kind of fun feeling that soft fur on my backside. Of course, towels for you know what.

My candidate for Thunder Boomer of the month for October wrote to me this morning. He was thrilled to be mentioned. And he is THE recipient of the actual award. The BEST for October 2013. That is in bringing an earth shattering O. Now onward for November. Bring your best efforts boys and I will also.

It's a tough job deciding which was the highlight of the month because I experience so many diverse and wonderful love making partners. Fortunately my friends don't visit for the slam bam, thank you Ma'am kind of adventure. Most, not all, but most desire the mental connection as well as the more intimate one.

I've had many articulate and interesting pillow talks over the years with intelligent friends. I've learned a lot from those moments. And, hopefully, a few have on their side too.

I'm on a mission to educate the Backpage guys about better alternatives and safer encounters. Most of them have no clue. And it's not because they are dumb. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have yet to meet the stereotypical guy that folks think visit BP. All have been great and intelligent men. The ones who are not.....never get to visit.

One of the qualities that drew me to my new friend I met in Florida was his attitude toward providers. He admires and appreciates what they do. He understands their value and their service in society. And he considers them Goddesses. I whole heartedly agree.

And you all knew that it would be someone like that who would catch my fancy didn't you? Just as I knew if I ever had a chance of meeting someone to become more a part of my life, he would have to be IN the lifestyle. Or even a friend who visits.

We've kept in touch. The distance is a bit frustrating for him but I allayed his fears I hope. I'm not in a hurry. We both have happy and productive lives and we'll meet again when our schedules and stars align. It is planned as soon as I hit the nudist resort next Jan/Feb.

He does not live in Florida. I'll keep his location to myself for our privacy. But that is what airplanes are for. Meeting good friends in far away places.

And cell phones and sometimes even texting when time is limited. In the meantime, I'm learning more about his life and beliefs as he is mine. It's a really lovely process. One I feel good about. No pressure and yet a very nice hope for what might be a future. If not, a good friend.

Well, the contacts bombed. I've never had any eye/hand coordination. I gave it a try every day this week and went back to the doctor yesterday. Leo that I am, I was dismayed when my eyelashes kept falling off while I was yanking my eyelids open. And you thought they were real.

After many moments we both realized it was not going to work. So I took a credit and ordered prescription sunglasses. My new glasses look cool and I can see again. The sunglasses are chic aviators. It's a beautiful thing.

Thursday I had a photo shoot at I'd seen Myla's work over a year ago. She was in Oregon but toured the US doing photo shoots. I contacted her to see if she would work with an older woman. I liked her work. She said yes.

You can imagine my surprise when I found this cool name of a studio, Cheeky Boudoir, on a neighborhood walk. Even more surprised when I found out it was Myla and she had moved here. We're getting together tomorrow to look at the proofs. All of her work her is for civilians. I am the exception here so far. And she's busy. For a conservative town, there are a lot of secretly naughty people around. Her Valentine's Day shoots are fully booked already. I'm hopeful I might meet some of these socially. Someday.

As soon as I can get them up I will. I will be building a new so you will probably have to go to to see them until that's done. It may be my Christmas present to myself.

Hopefully, Manhattan will be decent this week. As always, only a handful of pre-bookings. It's always last minute. Since I'm staying in a very upscale hotel Times Square hotel at the generosity of a friend, it would be great if I'm busy. Profitability goes up when expenses go down.

What? You speak of this like a business Anneke? Yep, that's just what it is. Even though it's Monkey Business. One I pay taxes on and handle just like you do yours. I do help keep America's economy going. One adventure at a time.

Life is good isn't it? Be sure and check my calendar here to see where I'll be soon.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS..the pie video has been rescheduled for February 17th. Not something I could do with the ankle the way it is. Plus, it's a lot more fun when it's warm. You will get to see Anneke cream pied yet. I just hope he'll buy my favorites, chocolate silk and coconut cream.

11/6/2013 - I Can See Again and Tampa Adventures
Hello Darlings,

I arrived home last Friday evening after an absolutely stellar week in sunny, beautiful Tampa Bay. The weather was perfect. The days, high 70's, low 80's and dry. That's rare and hugely enjoyable.

I headed down there to "get the kink out" and enjoy their type of Halloween. Also enjoy seeing old friends and film with Lauren. See if there was any business again in Tampa Bay and just generally have fun.

I'm happy to report all those wishes were fulfilled. And I came to a couple of realizations while I was there. Those of you who know me know I do not see myself as old. Older and aging yes. That's inevitable. But old? Hell no!

I looked around and I realized that my contemporaries and friends in Florida all look at least 10-15 years younger than those in the Northeast. It's the weather and the lifestyle and a zest for life. While it's mostly a baby boomer community there's no grass growing under anyone's feet. We're all making the most of the time given to us.

But we ARE older. There's no escaping that. And it was time for me to accept the fact that if I'm ever going to have friendship and companionship it will be in the company of my peers. Something I've resisted in dating. I thought, "oh let it go." And opened my heart and changed my attitude.

I turned the page and went on enjoying life. NO plans or desperation to find a companion. I realized that having this huge circle of friends meant everything. And that I NEEDED to be amongst them more often. Work hard where I live up north. Play hard and be with like minded folks in the resort. Simple.

So I booked a month beginning January 28th. I already had plans to attend the commitment ceremony between two dear friends in Key West, Jan. 23-25. Would I fly down for that or drive down and park myself in Florida for longer?

It's 10 degrees colder here than NYC. That's huge in the winter. I would give me motivation to work harder to be able to head south and be in the lifestyle I prefer. Not a bad combo. My beautiful, classy Upstate NY little city and my beautiful, naughty Florida nudist resort. A lot of folks would die to have those on their list of options of places to live. I feel blessed.

It seems when you open a door, life offers you more opportunities. I'd shed my expectations of a partner, part time or otherwise and opened myself to wider possibilities. It seems when you do, things happen. And they did. I'm not going to jinx this. I'm just going to sit back and see what happens. But I did meet someone my age, who is ageless, interesting, very intelligent, kinky and cool. I'd be proud to have him on my arm. We continue to stay in touch.

So stay tuned. One never knows what life will bring when you open your heart.

I'm freezing my butt off here. It was in the 20's the first night I was home and there is a wind tunnel blowing through my back door. That will be fixed but I've had a rude awakening transitioning back to the Northeast after only a week in Tampa Bay.

Then, Monday night, returning from an Albany outcall, I stepped down onto my brick path in the back yard, in high heeled boots and twisted my left ankle. Yes, I sprained it. Thankfully, not seriously but what a pain in the tuckus. And I have a photo shoot tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't have to stand in heels much. I'm more concerned about being able to tour NYC next week.

If I can keep my legs in the air most of the time and take taxis I'll be okay. :-)

What's the "I can see" about? I got new glasses. My old ones were terrible. And fitted for contacts. Which I still am unable to get into my eyes. I haven't given up and I am working on that but the new specs are great.

Life is good. Manhattan/Midtown/Times Square, Nov. 11-14.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/28/2013 - Thunder Boomers Nudies and Passings
Hello My Darling Boys,

Yes, I'm in a positively splendid mood. It's 79 degrees, sunny and dry. And I'm sitting in my rented condo in the middle of one of my favorite places. A nudist resort north of Tampa. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Uneventful but god awful early flight down Friday. I got up at 3:30am. Ack!! I didn't recover from that until I'd had two decent night's sleep.

The condo is great. It's for sale and while I'd love to buy it, put it in a rental pool and invest in the future, I just not ahead enough.......yet. It's a future goal. And I think in the end of things, I'm pretty sure I'll wind up here. Just not.......yet.

My old neighbor pal picked me up at the airport and we spent late morning, early afternoon running around getting booze, groceries and the rental car. In the middle of that, I took him to lunch at a great New York style pizza place down the road. Yes, there is good pizza outside of NYC.

And old friend came calling that evening. In fact, he drove from Rome, GA. Google map that. He's done it several times now. I'm always amazed and thankful.

After my neighbor returned to drop something off. He was decked out in a pink teddy and a blonde wig. I asked him if he'd had his makeup done and he had not. So I plopped him in a chair in the huge bathroom and got out my makeup tools. All prettied up, I sent him on his way.

I made my way to the resort and bought a yearly membership. It was cost effective and I plan to return. Soon.

I headed in to dinner. The dining room was sparsely occupied. This place has never had a consistent dining reputation. Friday night was no exception but the bonus was one of my old gal pals walked in with another friend and I asked them if they'd like to join me. We caught up and I asked her about real estate values. They are coming back. Now really is the time to buy. But things are what they are. More savings before I can think that way.

I went back to my place after dinner and changed. I had too many clothes on for dinner. She was shocked I was so conservative. For here.

The club was jammed and many of my friends from all over the world were here. Looking sexy and young for a bunch of baby boomers. And it hit me. Living a vanilla life with no fun up north ages folks. People here have a zest for life, a warm climate and an open mind. It's makes a huge difference in how that affects the mind, spirit AND body. They look 10-15 years younger then their contemporaries in colder, conservative climates. Amazing. It brought a smile to my face.

I was home. Oh, don't get me wrong. I regard Upstate NY as home, in the upbringing, formative sense. It's a lovely place to live and business is fabulous there. But I'm limited in the type of people I want to hang and have fun with. Not an indictment. Just how it is. I'm a perv, plain and simple.

Before I left Upstate a 5'2" package of dynamite hit my door. No, not a gal. Yes, a guy. What he lacked in height he made up for with his tongue. Holy Moses! Tongues down, he is at the top of my list for the October Thunder Boomer of the month award. The gauntlet has been thrown men. Anyone else want to rise,,ha,,to the challenge? Thanks darling!

Saturday was a chilly morning, (for here) but the sunshine warmed the day. I was up, bike ride logged in, dressed and decked out to head to Steinmart. One of my fav stores. I am very happy to relate that I had one awesome time of retail therapy. And I found those sexy, classy, designer outfits that are so hard to nail down at home. At a discount.

I also found a black, quilted bicycle jacket with a black fur collar. Perfect for sexy winter casual forays up north.

Saturday afternoon by the pool. Friends galore. Lots of sunscreen and a wonderful time.

Saturday evening I left the resort for dinner. Cool place. Fresh fish. A younger hottie sat down next to me and started a conversation. We exchanged numbers and it may continue. I'll keep you posted

I headed home and donned my pirate wench costume. I thought I was heading to a private party first, then onto the club then another party. I texted a friend and I had my nights mixed up. Damn!

Back home I realized I was pooped. Off came the costume, on went the robe and I chilled. I needed the rest more than the party.

Sunday afternoon was a 55th birthday party for another friend at another resort. There are around 12 nudist resorts in this county. Just a small gathering of 175-200 invited guests. Of course all the ladies were in sexy attire. Ya gotta love it. And it was super so see more old friends and make some new ones.

I had a quiet evening Sunday and now it's Monday and I'm had enough "down" time. I've already begun to get back to Monkey Business and Naughtiness this morning. More this afternoon and evening. There isn't a better place to do that.

One note; I know some of you knew Cookie, from Cleveland. A genuinely lovely person and a great provider.

If you didn't know, she passed away last month after a long, tough illness. She never gave up hope and kept working as long as she could. Her courage was an inspiration to us all. I met her through Miki and I'm sure the two of them are yukking it up in provider heaven. There has to be a special place for gals for are so giving and loving. Rest in peace Cookie.

Her leaving makes me acutely aware that life is good and precious. Especially when it's in beautiful surroundings with hot people. Remember, it's not a dress rehearsal folks.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

10/20/2013 - Woburn Upstate NY and Florida
Hello Boys,

It's a gray day in Upstate. 46. Windy.

The color is starting to wane and the leaves are giving up their hold and ..... falling. That's what they are supposed to do.

It was a glorious ride over to the Boston area on Tuesday and again on my return. And that was about all the sight seeing I did as it was like old times in Woburn. BP didn't dominate. The folks from Eros, date-check, p411 and naughty reviews had found me.

The hotel sucked but the one small gift was a great little local restaurant that you could walk into from the back of the cheap hotel. The food was great.

I was shocked and embarrassed that this usually reliable chain was so sub-par. While the location was convenient it was inadequate for what I like to offer to my friends. I apologize. And I'm going to write to that hotel chain.

Still, it was a very good week and I had time to spend with beloved old friends. I didn't have enough time to honor all. Not a bad place to be after the last few years. I've decided to return to downtown December 16-18.

I headed back after lunch on Thursday. A lobster roll was a must. Hey, it's New England.

I left the Mass turnpike at the Lee exit and headed north. Then stopped briefly in beautiful Lenox. I continued northward to Williamstown, Bennington and then headed west toward my pretty little city.

The colors were at peak most of the way. Some past peak but it was a satisfying ride though long. I smiled as I looked across harvested hay fields and into the Berkshires. This part of the world is so lovely.

I stopped for dinner before heading home. A new farm to fork restaurant that opened this past summer. My first visit had been positive. This one, not so much. Indifferent service and food. I won't go back.

It felt good to unlock the back door, make a cocktail and turn on the tv, catching up while I unpacked and started laundry.

Requests for outcall were respectfully declined. And a full day on Friday was passed by. I needed some time to rest and get reorganized.

Weekend off? What is that? This profession is 7 days a week where I now live. No complaints coming from this formerly too much time on my hands girl. I never left my home today.

One hottie drove 2 1/2 hours each way today for a saucy role play. He had scripted it out verbatim and my hair stood on end when it ended with the imperative that I was to be a "sex slave" in a blackmail scenario. He'd waited until 10 minutes before our encounter to text what he wanted.

I stopped for a moment and thought, "oh why not?" It was the classic scenario of the employee catching the boss embezzling. Of course the employee had the hots for the bosses wife. That being MOI.

It started the moment he walked through the foyer door. And his demands to satisfy not being a whistle blower began with a kiss. That's when the scenario went right out the window.

Holy Moly! Sparks were flying everywhere and we spent the next 3 hours lost in the chemistry and the fantasy. I love I when that happens. As he left he whispered, "this WILL happen again." Hot damn! I sure hope so.

In adventures like this and all the ones I've been lucky enough to experience I smile inwardly and say, "I have the best job in the world." If it weren't for you know who, it would be perfect.

So what's coming up? Well hopefully lots of cumming and I'll be home this week until I leave for the Nudie Resort and my 8 night working vacation. I will have a beautiful sensual condo for your erotic pleasures. Oh, a bit of a drive north from Tampa but worth the effort. Outcall will be available throughout Tampa Bay with advance notice.

I'll be selective as to how much naughtiness I schedule. After all, it is part vacation. I want to test the waters for a possible longer visit the end of January. Worst case, I'll fly down and back over the winter. It gets COLD up here close to the Adirondack mountains.

I bought the 30 plus sunscreens and I'll throw in a big hat, sarongs and prancing around the pool shoes. Nothing else needed poolside. Also my Halloween costumes, club wear and vanilla world clothes.

It's going to be tricky getting all my gear into two suitcases. I'm thinking a little shopping trip to Steinmart after I arrive. Then I'll ship those purchases home. It's a great designer discount store throughout the south. Man, I miss it.

Lauren and S O will be back around the same time so I'm sure lots of kinky high jinx will abound. Just what I need. Dancing in the club and who knows what else. One of the fabulous things about the resort and the lifestyle is that you just never know what COULD happen.

My good friend who is picking me up at the airport asked what I wanted him to wear at curbside. Shorts or a skirt? Yeah, the place is like that.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty, Tired AND Happy Girlfriend,

10/12/2013 - A Sexy Weekend
Hello Boys,

It's another gorgeous fall day in the Northeast. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining through all the various colors on the trees. We are at peak in town even though we lost a lot of them this week. We had a big, blustering storm blow through a few nights ago. 50 plus miles per hour gusts did a lot of damage in some places. Me,,,just tipped my patio umbrella over.

I have had a stellar week. Busy, busy, busy and this weekend is the same. Monday I see one of my beloved old friends and Tuesday I head to Woburn, MA to see more. I'll be back Thursday late afternoon. October 25 I'm Tampa bound.

Last night was a drive to Vermont. I'm not a fan of driving on two lane highways after dark but the 71 miles each way turned out to be simple. And the reward at the end of my destination worth the effort. Totally adorable. And the wife was out of town. Gotta love a plan.

Still, it was midnight before I rolled into home base and I had a visitor on the way at 10 am this morning. Fortunately I slept soundly and awoke rested.

It's an international day today. I have a visitor who hails from Scandinavia on the way. In fact, lately folks have been driving some distance to visit. LOVE it!

It's a sure signal of the seasonal change when I go pick up THE COAT. It's had other furry companions all summer in cold storage. And it was cleaned and glazed. Now it's time to come home to Mama. I'm hoping the furriers took good care of it. As you all know, I love wearing it.

I would be amiss if I didn't nominate one of my yesterday friends for the Thunder Boomer of the Month category. Still more than two weeks to go so who knows who will win. It was a great one that will be hard to beat.

I'm getting itchy for Halloween at the Nudie Resort. I bought two new costumes for the week. I'll throw a couple more in my suitcase.

You probably wonder just what kind of costumes one would wear at a nudist resort Halloween party. Well......not much for sure. I'll be sure to have my friends take pictures this year.

I do know I won't be scaring everyone with a sexy vampire get up this year. No one would come near me the last time I wore it. Even with the low cut bodice, cinched in waist corset, mini length gown, black wig and f--k me stilettos, people gave me a wide birth.

The fangs were glued in and frightening. With the fake blood dripping down the corners of my mouth it was not conducive for seduction. Not good. I don't want to be that authentic.

I'm not dolling up my place for Halloween this year. I'm not going to be here. The fall decorations are enough. I do think folks are going a little nuts with the Halloween décor. Sometimes less is more. Know what I mean?

Except for pillows. One can never have too many pillows. On couches, bed, chairs. It's a woman thing. Like you with your Home Media toys. Ha!

So what have I done for fun this past week? You my darlings. I'm not going to ruin my good mood with comments on the ineptitude and arrogance of those in DC.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

9/30/2013 - No TITillation Today Boys Open with Safari or Firefox
Hello Boys,

This update is vanilla so if you are looking for something suggestive and sexy wait until my next update. Just a few "normal days" in the life and times of Anneke.

It's another perfect fall day in the Northeast. I've opened the windows and done a little fall housecleaning. Oh, not like years ago where you tore the place apart. I don't know anyone who does that any longer.

I am going to call the guy to wash my windows. With 11 foot ceilings and a half a landing up from the street, ladders are a must. Special equipment too. I don't have the equipment nor the inclination but I like seeing the glass sparkling.

I had a fabulous weekend even without sex. Yes, it IS possible. Friday night was a private affair reminiscing with old acquaintances. Saturday, a tour of new homes, a bargain arm chair found at the local consignment store, sushi with Sara and my fav British comedies on PBS.

Sunday I hit the road and headed north. The local news stations said it was peak for the fall foliage in the Adirondack Mountains so I pointed the car toward North Creek. As the elevation started to climb outside of Glens Falls the color brightened and more trees were showing their autumn splendor. I exited the Northway at quaint Warrensburg and continued north to 28. It was another 16 miles to North Creek.

For those of you who don't know, it's also home to the Gore Mountain ski area. It's a beautiful place. The leaves were indeed at their peak of splendor along my route and I blinked back the tears as I drove through the mountains. Absolutely breathtaking. I whispered "thank you" and continued onward.

A brief stop in North Creek. They have tried to make it a viable tourist destination and it's lovely but there's really not much happening. I'm sure it's a different scenario in the middle of winter but it's still a tiny mountain town. The mighty Hudson River is just a wide and shallow stream doted with rocks. Rafting is a popular pastime in season. Fishing, hunting and hiking are huge.

Heading west I continued through the chain of small lakes to much larger Indian Lake. If you've never traveled in this part of the country you should. There are millions of acres set aside for the Adirondack Park so it's sparsely populated and beautiful beyond imagination.

Overwhelmed, I pulled over to the side of the road at one small lake. Bright green evergreens mixed with vibrant colors of red, coral, yellow and orange, reflected in the pristine sparkling blue of the lake. It took my breath away again. I know fall color happens all over the US but here in the Northeast there is a vibrancy and luminosity that you'll see no where else.

I find it so amazing that every year nature outdoes herself. In a sense, it's humbling and uplifting.

The Adirondack Mountains were formed by the retreat of the glaciers as the Ice Age ended. Rivers and lakes were gouged out of the stone, mountains carved, frozen stone picked up and carried with the glaciers. You'll see shallow, tumbling streams dotted with boulders. Tall pines with their roots clinging to top of massive boulders along the lakes' edge.

Once again, I was retracing trails I'd followed in my younger days. It was like coming home and meeting old familiar friends. Emotional and comforting.

After an almost 3 1/2 hour jaunt I made a quick stop at the liquor store and then the supermarket. Sunday evenings, easy dinner, a cocktail, PBS, Masterpiece and Mystery Theaters and I'm a couch potato. I don't mind that it's football season and you all disappear, as much as I love being with you.

However, if that phone rings.....I'm ready for ya'. Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...Montreal cancelled. Next tour, Woburn, MA, Oct. 15-17. Outcall IS available to Boston.

9/27/2013 - Loving My Own Bed
Hello Boys,

Fall is in full swing. The Adirondack mountains are at peak color, some places slightly past. We've a ways to go where I live so I think I'll take a little ride northward on Sunday. As you know, I love this time of year.

Thankfully we haven't had a frost yet so my flowers are still happily blooming on my deck and in my garden. It will be sad to see them go but I do have mums planted so they can survive a few frosts.

I had a crazy busy week. My houseguest arrived on Friday and we spent the evening catching up. A couple of bottles of Prosecco and a slow cooked pot roast I'd started the day before. It was a happy, relaxing time and we both crashed from exhaustion.

Saturday we had a scheduled visit to the Military Museum here. He wanted to find additional info on his great-great grandfather who had fought in one of the NY Regiments during the Civil War. After, I gave him a driving tour of our little town. Dinner that night was a Pizza delivery. It was my good fortune to get a personal treatment. Massage with warm oil and warmer hands. In return, he had a happy ending. In fact, we both did.

Sunday was a leisurely day and a trip to the National Park for a tour of the Revolutionary Battleground. It was the anniversary of the Battle that changed the outcome of the war. In fact, if the Continental Army hadn't won, we'd probably all be speaking with a British accent and the US of A wouldn't be what it is today.

We took the narrated driving tour and stopped along the way to see the many reenactments. A beautiful and meaningful day. We'd skipped lunch so after an early dinner we headed home to watch our favorite PBS Sunday evening shows.

In between friends came calling. His S O is a provider too so he knew when to leave.

Monday we got to try out his new video camera. My young hottie came to help me film some new content. And he IS a hottie. Yum, yum, yummy. It will head to Jim soon and hopefully I have some new naughtiness for you to peruse. That evening we walked downtown for tapas and beer. We were both beat and I had to leave for Syracuse the next morning. I'd packed for the tour during the day, after filming.

I dropped him at the airport with a hug and a kiss to get together when I head to Florida for Halloween. It's so special when old and dearly loved friends share my home and my city. I miss him already.

Syracuse was a whirlwind. I put up the BP ad Monday and I didn't place up to the top a second time. I was having all the fun I could handle. What a difference a few months and traffic to my advertising has made.

This morning, I'm awaiting a new coffee table. Little by little, the place is getting finished. Of course when it's all done I'll want to rearrange it and do something else. Isn't that just like a woman?

I'm NOT going to Montreal next week. A little tiny procedure on Tuesday morning on my left shin is going to keep me less ambulatory for a few days while it heals. My legs need to be in the air not walking all over Old Montreal. Hint, hint!

Life is good! Especially this time of year.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

9/18/2013 - BDSM Study Results and More
Hi Darlings,

I was looking at a Domina's profile on and found a link and copied this article. I am Goddessanneke there. I thought you might find it interesting. I've never promoted myself as a dominatrix, nor advertised as one nor do I consider myself naturally led to be one.

However, my look and air of confidence in photos leads folks to me with requests for certain elements of sensual domination. Strap on play, CBT, light bondage and corporal punishment, the woman in charge, role play, etc. Lately, there are a lot more requests. So I found this article helpful. READ ON if you are interested at all.


BDSM practitioners aren't mentally ill: study
Related News

By Andrew M. Seaman

NEW YORK | Fri May 31, 2013 4:28pm EDT

(Reuters Health) - Some good news for people who enjoy restraints, riding crops and floggers in the bedroom: A new study says you probably don't have a mental disorder.

The results "seem contradictory to what the general public and professionals believe," said Andreas Wismeijer of Tilburg University in the Netherlands, who published the study along with Marcel van Assen.

Previous studies had suggested that BDSM activities were linked to mental disorders and vulnerability to abuse, according to the researchers, who published their results in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

But in the new study, researchers found people who like BDSM, which stands for bondage-discipline, dominance-submission and sadism-masochism, were well adjusted and reported slightly better wellbeing than people who don't take part in those activities.

"We do have a lot of academic literature that's finding these positive things and not finding harmful characteristics," said Dr. Beverly Stiles, who has studied BDSMers but was not involved with the new research.

"The people that identify as being part of the (BDSM) subculture, this is who they see themselves as in their core," said Stiles, chair of sociology at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.

"There have been a number of studies in Finland and other places that basically concluded that there was no more or less psychopathology (or mental illnesses) among those who practice BDSM compared to control groups," said Dr. Richard Krueger, who researches sexual behavior but wasn't involved in the new study.

"They were fairly well adjusted or better functioning," said Krueger, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons.

The authors recruited 902 BDSM practitioners and 434 people who don't take part in BDSM activities through advertisements to take surveys.

The questionnaire asked about BDSMers' personality, wellbeing and how they handle attachment and rejection.

Overall, BDSMers performed just as well as those who didn't report any involvement in BDSM activities. In fact, they scored slightly better on questions that measure neuroticism, openness, adventurism, wellbeing, awareness and sensitivity to rejection than the comparison group.

Stiles cautioned, however, that the study's participants volunteered, which means they may not be representative of the general population.


Rachel Venning, co-founder of the Babeland chain of adult stores in New York and Seattle, said this was the first time that she had heard that past research connected BDSM and mental illness.

"We have the section that's got the blindfolds, cuffs and floggers and people don't see it and go ‘that's psycho!'" Venning told Reuters Health.

In fact, Babeland stores saw a jump in sales of BDSM items mentioned in E.L. James's popular 2011 romance novel "Fifty Shades of Grey."

"Every person on every airplane and every beach chair was reading a copy of that book. That gave people a little more permission to explore that stuff without making them feel like a freak or weirdo," Venning said.

Stiles told Reuters Health that BDSM practitioners include doctors, nurses and lawyers.

Some diagnostic criteria manuals, in certain European countries, have removed references to BDSM, Krueger said. However, the new edition of the American Psychological Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) still considers sexual masochism a disorder if it causes people stress or dysfunction in their lives.

SOURCE: The Journal of Sexual Medicine, online May 16, 2013


Me....I like the huggin', kissin', making out and more much better. But each to his fancy...

I'm dealing with a fall cold. I look really sexy in my reindeer pj's, terry robe, fuzzy slippers and red nose. A box of Kleenex accompanies me all over the house. Hopefully this ends soon. I'm getting itchy. You all know what that means. :-)

Life is good. Fall is beautiful Upstate!

Love and Kisses After I'm Better,

9/15/2013 - It Is Difficult to Have A Rant
Good Morning Boys,

I hope all of you are enjoying the advent of fall as much as I am. It was 39 here this morning. The leaves are changing and I'm heading to a farm restaurant/stand for breakfast and apples this morning.

I was thinking about biting off a piece of....well, you know this morning. I had an exceptional crew of morons calling me yesterday and another 3 times in the middle of the night. I was ready for bear.

And then I looked out the window at the sun shining, beautiful clear blue skies and thought....oh let it go Anneke. Go sit down and write your gratitude list.

Yesterday I was as ornery as a snake. Of course, it was precipitated by the endless slew of idiot phone calls. Does GFE mean "bare back"? How much is the donation? Do you offer......?
You want to know what? I'm not giving that information, etc. etc, etc.

I texted my friend LuLu and we commiserated back and forth about the rude and indiscreet comments we were receiving. And it was only morning. I texted, "I'm getting an attitude and that's not good." Time to take a break and go do some of the regular things of life.

I had a great time in Stamford. Even though the NYC BP guys were just as moronic as the ones yesterday. And didn't show up for dates. Left and right. Fortunately, there was someone else to take their place who WAS courteous and WOULD screen. This trip, most of them were Eros. That heartened me. I am hoping just maybe, folks are being more circumspect and thoughtful about their recreational needs. One can hope!

It was fun to go back to where I lived for almost two years but it was even more fun to go home on Thursday afternoon. I stopped mid-way to see Sis and Son. Lovely visit as always but I couldn't stay too long. I had a friend awaiting me in my little city and Sis and Son needed to make a trip to Lowe's. She's endlessly remodeling and he's always there to help.

The guy can fix anything. And I mean, anything. That's why I love having him here. I compile a honey do list for him when he visits. He loves doing chores for Mom and I love having the company. For about 2-3 days. Let's face it. I'm used to being single. I like my own space. I do love entertaining friends and family but 3 days is the max. You know what they say about fish and friends after 3 days?

I digress. I hurried home. Unpacked and arranged the scene of seduction for my friend. I'd left late Tuesday for Stamford and my usual tidiness didn't happen. So I had to hustle.

Fun occurred and I had a late leftover dinner and a martini. Thursday morning in Stamford had been quiet. I was getting itchy so his visit was welcome.

Friday was a whirlwind of activity. The new couch I purchased weeks ago finally arrived. A new gent that I am considering as a playmate friend arrived too and the phone was ringing off the hook.

At the end of the day I said, "enough" and headed out to dinner. Fridays are always busy here and my closest and most favorite restaurant was knee deep at the bar. My cute bartender made me a martini and I patiently waited for a seat. I needed to decompress. My patience was rewarded and I sat down to another excellent dinner. Two martinis, a braised romaine salad, Pasta vongole and I headed home and crashed. Eight days of touring within a 10 day time frame and the day's craziness had taken it's toll.

But......there are no complaints. I'm busy, bills are getting paid and paid up, I'm building a business here and life is very good.

What a change from a few months ago. BP might be a pain in the tuckus sometimes but it's turned my biz around. I put that on my gratitude life every day.

Life IS good. I hope it is for you also.

Syracuse, Sept. 24-26
Montreal, Oct. 3-5

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS....don't forget to check out my Clips for Sale. Link right here at Annekepleasures. Jim is adding more from Exposed all the time. And I'm going to be filming this next weekend. Whoo Hoo!

9/11/2013 - Remember THE 9/11
Hello Friends,

I'm in Stamford CT and today is a day of remembering. All the stations here are broadcasting the memorial service. The tugs on the heartstrings are almost more than one can bear and I did not know anyone who lost their lives that terrible day.

But I'm in a part of the US that did. My heart goes out to all of you who lost loved ones and/or friends. Let us never forget them or that day.

Much Love,

9/10/2013 - Chicago Thunder Boomers and Clips For Sale
Hello My Sexy Hot Boys,

I'm in Stamford CT for a couple of days. I just got back from Chicago Sunday afternoon. That was enough time to do the dirty laundry and repack the clean stuff. I didn't even put anything away. Just spread out the big suitcase in the living room. What was the point?

Chicago was great. The weather was perfect. And except for a Thursday night very short bout of food poisoning it was a great trip. Unfortunately my dinner companion had it too. Luckily, whatever it was that we ate (we shared bites of each other's dinner) was fast moving. Still, not fun and I felt kind of shaky Friday morning.

But....rising to the occasion I was back on my back in no time.

I haven't been anywhere since that humiliating trip to Miami. This time I knew the rules. Hell, I make them.

I love staying on N. Michigan Avenue near the Water Tower. Great restaurants, hotels and FABULOUS SHOPPING! Everything you could ever want within a few blocks walk.

After my "liason's" Friday I went to a stroll down to La Perla. Forget the lingerie. They only carry up to size nothing. When I asked the girls in the store what was wrong with the company, Chicago being a hefty girl town, they said their pleas for larger sizes had fallen on deaf ears. Apparently the Italians have enough small girl business. They don't want or need voluptuous women on their client base.

BUT I was able to buy a two pairs of their gorgeous lace top thigh high stockings. Black of course. If I told you how much they cost you'd croak. But for photo shoots and special occasions they are stellar.

Then I walked down to Nordstrum's and checked out the latest shoe styles. I've decided I like Manolo Blahnik's this season. They have a pair of black and white houndstooth sling back pumps that would look fabulous with my new black and white sheath. Only $800. I'll have to find some knock offs somewhere. That's just too much money.

I'm working on paying off my car and my debt this year. The shoes can wait.

So on to Joe's Stone Crab which is right out the back door of Nordstrum's. Of course, Stone Crabs are not in season. They are harvested from November to May. I just could not jump ship to an imposter from the Pacific and ordered Oysters Rockerfeller instead. Perfect with a tall martini. (Obviously I was feeling better.) But I ate bread to be safe. Something that hasn't been on my diet that past couple of week.

I started to walk back to my hotel and got totally turned around. I wound up on Lakeshore Drive and just couldn't figure out where the hell I was in relation to Michigan Ave. Of course it didn't help that crossing over it there was NO street sign so I missed it. Finally, back aching, I grabbed a cab. I'd already gotten my workout in and I had a couple appointment that evening.

I'd walked past their hotel 3 times in my lost in space state.

I got back to my room and took a nap. Probably a remnant from the food encounter. I don't do naps well. I wander around in a fog after them but I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Freshened up, I hopped in a cab and went to see my old friends. We'd met years ago in Clearwater and stayed in touch. We had a great time and both hubby and wife enjoyed a big O for themselves. Courtesy of MOI.

Saturday was the day of remembrance. My September Thunder Boomer Award goes to my last friend of the day. I know, it's early in the month but guys, there is NO way any of you could have topped this one. The boy knew his stuff and read my body perfectly. Our first time in a pile too. Oh my, oh my. I was a very happy girl. So my friend, I'm still smiling. You were fantastic.

Diamond Jim and I met for lunch Friday afternoon. That was my "safe" meal. Bland, starchy, filling and no chance of problems. We yakked away about what had been going on in our lives. No filming, strictly social. But we did get some things ironed out with Anneke's sites.

I WILL build a new Pleasures. We WILL shut down Exposed and send all that content to clips for sale. In fact, I received my first check from them today. In the past, my automatic deposits were not making it to my bank account. Today's nice big check brought another smile to my face. I'm trying to forget the money I did not receive.

Jim is gradually going to bring all the content to clips for sale. It will be in several formats for those of you with PC's, Macs, smart phones, etc. Something for everyone.

I'm thinking I'll buy another camera and we'll add new Anneke's Oral Adventures Around the World on an ongoing basis. That's a simple shoot to do. My partner's face is never seen and he can hold the camera. There are a LOT of cities where I have not filmed. And it sure won't hurt to repeat one. So, if you've ever wanted to become an anonymous porn star, now's your chance.

It's time for cocktails. It's looking good for Stamford. Kind of bittersweet to be back and not living here but it was a period in my life. Fun and sad. Those were recession years and tough. It prepared me for where I am today. Loving life in my little city. Looking forward to time in Florida soon.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/31/2013 - Wrong Side of the Bed
Hello Darlings,

Do you ever have those days where you just woke up and felt crabby? I've been like that the last two days and I know it. Why I don't know? There's no reason to be touchy. But I am.

And of course that's never good for business when you are communicating with people who would like to partake in your service.

At first I thought it was not enough exercise. So I got myself back to the gym, walked, lifted yesterday and did a long yoga routine this week too. I think I need another long yoga routine. Something is brewing.

I know one think I need. Yeah....a good one! The pocket rocket and watching porn just isn't doing it for me. I need one of those thunder boomers. Fate, the stars and life have gotten in the way of meeting "friends" the last couple of days. So not meeting friends has made me crabby with my hopefully new friends. Know what I mean? LOL

Plus, I'm dieting again. That would do it by itself. You know what the first three letters in diet are. D I E

On a happy note, my old friend and his intended are here in the city to enjoy it and the track this weekend. Tonight I'm preparing dinner. We'll catch up on all the news. She's finished a novel and is hoping to get it excepted by a publisher. I am dying to hear the story line. She's an exceptional writer and I would be so surprised if no on snapped it up. You know her as Beverly Fisher. That sassy, feisty redhead from Denver.

We both love champagne and we all love Kir Royale's so I'm sure we'll put a few bottles of that away tonight. Roast beef, garlic smashed potatoes, fresh asparagus and lemon gelato with fresh mango for dessert. I'm skipping the potatoes and the gelato so I can have the champagne.

Tomorrow we'll have lunch on the porch at the club house and then dinner in town. She's having a spa treatment today.

In fact, that sounds like a great idea. I'm overdue for a massage. Wouldn't it be great if it had a happy ending?

There is a place on Hollywood Beach in Florida that is a swinger's hotel. A few summers ago I stayed there for a couple of nights. There is a rooftop pool where you can sun bathe nude. And a guy who gave massages to the ladies. And you guys thought that YOU were the only ones who had happy endings. Right now, that's sounding very enticing.

I wound up meeting a couple of guys and later, we all went down to the playroom. I had left one of my Annekexposed videos there for the tv. We turned it on and the moaning on the video was joined with our own. Later, the one hottie and I went back to his room for more playtime. Then on to a swing club the next night. I'm thinking I'm needing a little more naughtiness.

Anyone want to help a poor deprived gal? I'll bet my crabby self would disappear right away.

Life is good isn't it?

Smiles and Licks,

8/25/2013 - Whoops Where Did It Go
Hello Darling Boys,

In case you are wondering what is going on with we are trying to switch hosting companies. In order to do so the site was down. But after the change we found there was no access to the journal, calendar and the appointment page for you.

Why? Well, they are on a secure offsite server. For YOUR safety and mine. But that poses a problem in the switch. We have to find out where that is. Diamond Jim did not build this site. Another webmaster did years ago and her technician pulled all kinds of snarky stuff in doing so. We've rectified his part of it but now that we're trying to make this change it's bit us in the butt.

What's the answer? I have to build a new site for Annekepleasures. This was a stop gap attempt to save some money. But now I have two hosting companies and the site is back on the old one because it works. ARGH!!! No dollars saved yet.

My apologies but please be patient with me. The journal works best of Firefox and Safari folks. The site is old code and just doesn't work well with IE. Sorry. I'll get this all updated and working well within the next few months. I will keep you posted on our progress.


xposed is going bye bye. New members cannot join now since the billing company would not solve the problem. Old members that are left, I suggest you cancel your recurring membership ASAP. It's time to send all the content to Clips for sale. The link is on Pleasures. And Xposed. I know it's not the bargain that Xposed was but I'm tired of getting ripped off to the free sites. Xposed makes me NO profit. It's a business decision, pure and simple. Since most of you are businessmen I am sure you can appreciate my course of action.

So what else has been going on? It was another busy week. The town was jammed for the Travers Stakes. It was a long day, post time started early and there were 14 races. I netted out about a $150 profit betting. I also had the winner of the Travers so it was a fun day. New hat, new dress, (it fit) and an absolutely gorgeous day.

One of my fav local bands The Refrigerators was playing at Siro's so I couldn't pass that up. I walked over after the 12th race. It was already wall to wall folks and the band was just getting ready to play.

I bebopped around for 40 minutes or so until the smell of the port a potties wafted over the dance floor. Totally gross! So I left, only to find there was not a cab to be found. 30,000 other folks were trying to find their way home or downtown and I was out of luck.

Thankfully I had flat shoes on so my only option was to walk home. It's over a mile but it was okay. Two years ago I would have been screwed. I could never have done it. It's a testament to how much my back has improved. Dancing, walking that far after a full day of being on my feet already and I was fine. Now all I need is a good O.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/22/2013 - What NOT to Do or Say
Hello Boys,

It's reminder time.

You NEVER ask what the donation is on the phone or in email. It's in an ad or on a website or on a review site.

You NEVER ask anything sexually explicit. I had one potential suitor moron this morning ask me if he could "lick my ----" this morning. Another wanted to know what my specialty was. I hung up on both.

Do NOT ever ask for unsafe practices. I'm hearing way too much of that this past year. Forget that you saw me in a Scores film years ago. We all were tested right before the shoot. And I've been tested many times since.

Now, mind you, I've had to adjust my attitude for BP but there's no excuse for this. and it's not just the BP guys. If you put your foot in your mouth and ask something stupid we can't have a date.

So, remember, the next time the little head takes control and you pick up the phone and call someone hot, be a gentleman and be circumspect. Let the big head do the talking.

If you haven't screened her you could be talking to you know who and you've just compromised yourself. That is why we spend money on websites, ads and do profiles. To keep us all safe.

On a happier note, the Travers Stakes is Saturday. I have a new dress and a new hat. We'll see if I wear them when I put them on Saturday morning.

The dress is covered up. Long sleeves, high neckline but va-va-voom. It's a knit sheath in black and off white. And the off white has an hour glass shape set within the black. Totally surrounds Trixie and Boom Boom in an outline. Curves in and rounds back out over my stomach and hips. It just might be a bit TOO much for the conservative folks at Saratoga. All that pulchritude.

I'm thinking I'm saving it for a party I'm going to in NYC Sept. 10th. I need to get rid of some of that pulchritude. I'm sure I'll find something else in the closet that will go with the new hat.

It's been an exceptionally busy week. :-)

Life is good.

Your Being VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/17/2013 - Ponies and Possibilites
Good Morning Boys,

I'm having my first cup of coffee on a beautiful Saturday morning. I have to take a run downstate and back today. Family matters and a new friend after. That could not have worked out better.

It had been fairly quiet the last week or so but yesterday seemed to break the silence. However, all the activity led nowhere. Folks had big ideas but were short on follow through.

No worries though. I'd planned a day at the track with my son and really didn't want to cut it short. One cancellation allowed us to stay through the 9th race. He'd had a winner for 8 straight races so he was a very happy camper.

The phone started ringing again but late. I know lots of gals love having late night visitors but if I haven't met someone before and I'm all snuggled into my bathrobe I'm not inclined to be having a date at 11 at night. If it's an old friend, that's different. New friends, I find it disrespectful to be calling last minute and late. Just how I am.

I'm starting to plan my fall tour schedule and have added a trip to Syracuse toward the end of September. Chicago begins the month. I haven't been to that fab city since February of last year. Hopefully, Diamond Jim will have time to get together. Film? Not sure. Catch up, hopefully so.

I'll be downtown so please plan ahead. I will have to insist that we go the full screening route, RS2K, Date-check, P411 and very solid references for Chicago. It's a tough city. They are relentless. You'd think with all the crime they'd use their resources where it really mattered. I am not going to get on another bandwagon today. I know you're happy about that.

Stamford, CT is September 10-12. I have a function to attend in the city the evening of the 10th. It's Fashion Week so I'm not paying those hotel prices. I'll take Metro North down for the party and play in my old second home town. Yes, I am already pre-booking so let's plan your date. If you need an outcall in the city the evening of the 10th I'm open to that possibility but you must book ahead.

I want to try and fit a trip to Boston soon. I know I'll be downtown for sure the 23rd of October but I'd like to get over sooner.

Montreal is the beginning of October. I'm combining leaf peeping with shopping, eating and playing. Hopefully I'll attend one of their swing clubs while I'm there. I may have a partner to do so with. That would be fun. It's a beautiful city and the folks are very friendly. It's like a trip to Europe and I miss heading across the pond as I used to. It's only a 3 hr and 15 minute drive for me.

The only downside is coming back through customs. Our custom agents are nasty pieces of work at the Canadian border. It's the worst border crossing experience of all. That's just not right. Traveling around the EU was a piece of cake compared to this.

As long as the dollar is strong against the Euro and the Pound Sterling I'll have to stay this side of the pond. It makes no financial sense otherwise as I'm gifted in the local currency.

The end of October sees me headed back to the nudie resort and Tampa for Halloween and a little tour. Stay tuned for those exact dates. I want to test the Florida waters for possible winter dates. If I'm busy in Upstate NY I'll stay put with little side trips south. If it is not and it IS busy there I'll head down for a longer period of time. I'll let you know well in advance.

This next week is looking good and the Travers Stakes is on the 24th. I'll be joining Sara of Albany and our friend for this highlight of the racing season. Beautiful dresses, big hats, lots of champagne and the excitement of this important venue. It will be fun and mobbed. If you are there say hello or give a little discreet wave. I'll never intrude.

My Son always observes that the track is so civilized. No fights, people are dressed well and act politely. The only texting you see are folks looking at the handicap sites and calling their bookies.

I told him it's after the track you see all the drunken nonsense. Folks know enough to behave themselves at the track. It's one of the reasons why I love to go. It's so civilized. That and the beauty of the place, the horses and the tradition of 150 years of racing at one of the premier thoroughbred tracks in the world. When Sammy blows that bugle before each race I feel a thrill. It's a privilege to be this close and to partake in the Sport of Kings.

For those of you who know what I'm talking about I've ordered a couch for the living room. It was a tough decision. Basically, I had a queen sized bed that I was using for one. It was here when I moved in and I dressed it up with a beautiful cover and lots of coordinating pillows. It's been a hit but it's damned uncomfortable to watch the television sitting on a bed instead of a comfortable couch. So, comfort won out boys. The next time you come a calling it may be making out on the front room couch time.

Not all bad either. Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/12/2013 - So Much For
fewer updates.

Hello Boys,

I know, I said I wasn't going to be here as often. But I wanted to update members. Especially those that have experienced problems logging on once they've paid for the membership.

I have the folks at the billing company working on this.........again. It's yet to be resolved. Also, why there isn't Visa or MC available.

For years, there was enough revenue available in my billing company account. With the advent of all the free porn folks stopped joining Some of my lovely members who had downloaded the xposed content thought it would be nice to share it with the world. For free. And then there were those free sites who went in with their high speed connections and downloaded all my content for 4.95. Eight years worth of effort by me, Jim and my costars.

So when the time came to pay for the privilege of offering Visa and MC for you to join there wasn't enough money in that account. Thus a notice went out. To Well, admin for was driving a big rig all over America. I can't blame him. I should have known that I needed to be hands on. These things don't happen by themselves.

And yes, I have to pay 500 each for Visa and MC per year. The site is not a money maker nor has it been for a long time.

So this is what I think I will do when I can do it right. A new site for Annekepleasures will be built. With full back door access for me. Don't get excited, that is not what it means. Then I can edit everything on the site myself. No need for a webmaster once it's built unless I need something else done.

When that site is built I will add a "members" section and I will upload the old content from annekexposed to it. If you want to see it, you may join. Of course, you already have a clips for sale option for some of that content now. There will also be a mailing list and all the latest SEO benefits.

I will let you know when I can make all this happen. My apologies for not staying on top of technical issues. I've been busy staying on top....of.....well, you know.

Life is good. Frustrating sometimes, but good.


8/11/2013 - Oh For Heavens Sake

Some of you took my last update and admonition to be more discreet and cautious the wrong way.

While I do appreciate the concern nothing is wrong and I am available as always. I was just reminding you that screening works both ways. You should always check out the gal just as much as the gals do you.

How do you do that? One easy way, google the phone number on her ad. If she has a website it should link you directly to it. Also to any reviews she has. NO reviews? NO website? I'd think twice about seeing someone with no internet presence unless they are recommended by someone you know well. Even then, YMMV. Which means, your mileage may vary. Not everyone likes the same person to the same degree.

You should be able to speak with her. The voice and the tone say much. If she's indifferent or rude on the phone I'd move on. Of course, she could have had a day full of folks calling who were indifferent and rude to her and she's had it. Still, each and every person is different and we should remember to be courteous at the very least at first. When they are not, a DNA goes on that number. Do Not Answer.

I know I've had days when I have to remind myself to be nice on the phone. You wouldn't believe the lack of courtesy I experience on a day to day basis. Phone manners seem to be a thing of the past.

"Good Morning, this is Anneke. Who is this please?" Most times someone will answer with their name. Other times they just rush headlong into questions that shouldn't be asked. But I have found that the nicer I am the nicer the response. It does start with me. The more I listen the more I learn and the more pleasant the conversation.

So if you call me and I'm snippy I apologize. Some jerk probably just called and rubbed me the wrong way and I haven't taken 3 deep breaths and smiled to reset my mood. By the way, try that. It's part of the training to create a Super Brain. It actually works!

Something I need.

So, no worries mates. All is well and life is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

8/10/2013 - Summer Is On the Wane
Good Saturday Morning Darlings,

It's a gorgeous day. The back door is open and a nice breeze is blowing through. The sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.

As I tend to my patio and yard blossoms I'm noticing changes. They KNOW the days are starting to get shorter and are slowing their growth spurt. I'm also starting to see little patches of trees here and there changing color. Fall is just around the corner. Where did the summer go?

I had a nice birthday yesterday. Thank you to those here and friends who wrote and called. Another year older, a whole lot wiser. While aging has it's downside it also has many benefits. The wisdom one gains while experiencing life is priceless. I wouldn't want to be 22 again for all the money in the world.

Please don't be surprised if I'm not here as often or in as much detail in the next few weeks. There is expanded scrutiny on many levels from all branches of you know who for all of us. You included.

I suggest we all stay a bit more under the radar for a while. All you have to do is drop me an email or pick up the phone if you want to stay in touch. Be careful. Save your favorite numbers in a password protected place. Stop bitching when someone wants to screen. It's for both your benefit.

I am doing great and I want it to stay that way. If you need an Anneke Fixxx you know what to do.

I'll be around and having fun. Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

7/31/2013 - Better Late Than Never
Hello Boys,

The Saturday update didn't happen. My apologies. It was a busy weekend at work and play. So, I'm updating later rather than not at all.

Remember that old saying? Isn't it interesting how certain "expressions" have disappeared over the years. All one has to do is observe the look on someone younger's face and you realize they don't have a clue what you are saying. My mom had some doozies and we all laugh when we remember her funny sayings. There's another word that's probably disappeared. Doozie.

I love the new crop of buzzwords. "Going forward, reaching out, I'm aware, amazing, etc. I was watching one of my design shows one evening and I swear, amazing, was the only adjective the person knew to use to describe what she saw.

What happened to using a varied vocabulary without the use of f--k every other word? I thank the stars all the time for our English teacher's weekly 10 word vocabulary test. It was an easy hundred and over the course of the school calendar we learned a plethora of obscure words to enhance our conversations.

So what have I been up to? Well, getting my friends up mostly. My life is been centered around my home and my incall the last few weeks. An occasional foray to my friend's locations has changed the scenery. A garden tour. This weekend a Drum and Bugle competition. Yes, you read that right. I love that stuff.

I've attended the track 3 times thus far. The who's who of horse racing are all here. Those are rarified circles for these next few weeks. Some that I'd never fit in nor would I care to. Too conservative for starters. Too proper for ME to ever be accepted. Yawn!

After living the nudist and swinger lifestyle it just seems impossible that one person could ever fulfill all your needs for the rest of your life. Luckily for me, I have my friends here. I like variety just as much as you do.

My boy toy and I had a very fun evening over the weekend. That's all I'll say about that. You can use your imaginations to fill in the blanks. (smiles)

Still busy, still having a great time. Still screening and being careful about how many friends I have. Outcall is really a more discreet option but most want to visit the sensual boudoir. I have to put a limit on those who may.

While BP gained a lot more notoriety this week it's been a blessing to me. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Now more know about it.

Life was good before but it's so much better now. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

Thundering Hooves, Thunderstorms and Thunder Boomers - 7/20/2013
Hello Boys,

Well, the long anticipated opening day at Saratoga Raceway was yesterday. I had my dress, hat, accessories all picked out.

I awakened to the yuks. Something gastrointestinal. I sent Sara a note to warn that I might not make it. Our guy pal said "tell her to put a cork in it and buck up and get here." So, 3 Immodium later I was waiting outside the clubhouse for them to arrive.

My cab driver said his dash thermometer read 101. I replied, "Oh, that's inside with the black dash." The hell it was. It WAS over 100 at the track. Thankfully we were in air conditioning but it's our norm to wander the track. Hobnobbing with the nobs and showing off our hats. MY butt stayed in the air, all day. Even then it was very uncomfortable. Between the yuks and the heat........double yuk. But troopers that we are Sara and I managed a couple of bottles of Moet. We both love champagne.

No Siro's for me after. I went home to my nice cool air conditioned pad, took a cool shower and waited for the phone to ring. LOTS of water as I probably was feeling worse from the dehydration.

Then all weather hell broke loose around 9:30/10pm last night. A huge front moved in and the show started. Thunder, lightening, 50mph wind gusts and pouring rain. I expected the power to go out any moment but thankfully, our part of the county was spared. Some were not so lucky.

It cooled the temps some but it was still 91 and muggy outside when I headed to Albany around noon. I needed some more "bling" for my new to me chandelier. One can never have to much bling on a crystal chandelier.

I found two more hats on the way back and some cool jewelry that looks like Gucci stirrups. I love things that look expensive but are not.

Nothing definite tonight. But I know the phone will ring after the track and cocktails. Tomorrow morning has some delight and then I'm off to the track after for Hat Day.

I feel much better and I'm looking forward to a cooler venue. It's supposed to be in the 80's. Veritable cold spell. Thank God! Finally Siro's.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about Aphrodite getting busted. If not, It's a big Long Island agency. I'm not going to make a lot of noise here but I am going to give you all some food for thought. Start saving your favorite ladies phone numbers. TER AND Eros are implicated in this latest nonsense. If you haven't figured it out the powers that be are trying to shut us down.

Sweden has made it illegal to pay for fun. Ireland is trying to do the same. You all could wake up some morning and find ALL your favorite websites shut down. So, take my advice and start squirreling away phone numbers. Hopefully mine will be one of them."Nuff said!"

I have two Thunder Boomer of the month candidates to mention. The week before last I had back to back blessings. That never happens. So I have to say so far it's a tie for the July award. It's my challenge to you to knock them out of contention.

Still doing well. But being circumspect. I will commence touring after Labor Day. Perhaps a short trip or two the beginning of the week during racing season. I want to be here end of the week/weekends. Tuesday it's dark.

Definitely downtown Chicago September 5th-8th. I know Pittsburgh is on my calendar but I have to be in NYC for a Meet and Greet the next week on the 10th so I don't want to plan to be away too much. I'll be staying in Stamford, heading in on the train for the party. It's Fashion Week in NYC that week. Hotel prices are obscene.

I am going to head up to Montreal again at the height of fall foliage, October 10-12, maybe the 13th. There are a couple of swing and/or fetish clubs I'd like to go to. I have some cross dresser friends in Quebec I might meet there. Hey, I never said I was normal. I LOVE adding that kink in from time to time.

Strapon play, toys, light sensual domination, cross dressing, tease and denial as well as the usual fun. Life is never boring.

It's also my plan to head to the Nudie Resort for Halloween. You've never seen a costume party like this one. Yes, we wear costumes. Just not much of them. VERY hot and erotic and crazy.

Not much else is new. A former hottie is back in town. Hoping to play soon. He's done porn and while he's young he's no baby. Very much a grown up guy. Fabulous lover and fun. Can't wait.

I hope you are all having as much fun as I. If not, get going and get to it! No one ever regretted having too much fun at the end of their days. But most are sorry they didn't do more.

Life IS good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

7/12/2013 - No Rain and New Hat
Hello Darling Boys,

The sun has been shining since it came up today. Not a drop so far. It was also the coolest day we've had in 10. Below 70 in the morning for the first time. I could have sworn I was back in Florida this past week. Except people were wearing clothes.

Speaking of clothes. I've been trying to find some new hats for the track. Unsuccessful so far but I am not to be deterred. I WILL have a new hat for opening day, thank you!

This whole week has been busy. Really busy. After a long, slow spell it's most welcome. And I've met the nicest folks.

Tuesday was a day just for me. I had a reading with a Lifestyle coach/intuitive/astrologer. I know, I know, you're thinking, what a whack job you are Anneke. But I believe that are forces around us that some can sense. And believe me, this gal felt them.

I'm not going to share a lot but what was exciting was this about face that I made about advertising WAS the key to prosperity. And a continuing career for as long as I desire and am able. As one of my Boston friends said, "Retire? Fageaboudit!" Sweet!

I'm heading down to my Sister's tomorrow and we're doing another Garden tour. I need a little time away from the boudoir to rest my bones. Until someone jumps on them again.

Not complaining. Life is really good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

7/07/2013 - A Happy Fourth and Getting With The Times
Good Sunday Morning Darlings,

I hope your Independence Day Holiday weekend has been a good one. Since my trip to NYC was cancelled I enjoyed it Upstate.

I invited Sis and friend up for our festivities and to spend the night. They love my little city.

But it was too dang hot to enjoy much of anything. In fact, if I didn't know better I would have thought I was back at the nudie resort, sweltering in the heat and humidity. There, at least you can get naked and jump in the pool with a cold cocktail. No such opportunity here.

After the parade and lunch we wandered over to the classic car show. Downtown was mobbed for the parade but it was pretty skimpy. Not one marching band. And certainly no pipers. A waste of time in my humble opinion. But we all applauded the servicemen and the veterans who marched. It's the right thing to do.

We'd had lunch at my favorite place for steamed clams. My Sis's S O's eyes popped out when he saw the bill. It's so cheap it's astonishing. And good.

After the car show we headed home. Just too hot. The air conditioning sounded like a better idea.

It was a lazy Fourth with cocktails and the grill all fired up. Sis had brought shrimp to grill, homemade brownies and half a watermelon. I made a new potato salad recipe and bruschetta with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden. Roasted on the grill, veggies finished off the groaning plate.

Good times with good people. That's what special holidays should be.

They left early the next morning and my day started to hop as the phone began to ring off the hook. The last two days had been quiet by design. Now, I was getting "itchy" and eager to have some friends come a calling.

Since my Syracuse tour in June I've been busy most every day. Wait? Anneke? You've been bitchin' and moanin' for months that things were slow and you were concerned that your time was up. What happened?

Here's what happened. After being tutored by two very smart friends in the biz I jumped into the Backpage camp. What? Holy Cow? You did what? After more months of bitchin' and moanin' about BP you gave in and jumped ship?

You bet your bippy. I finally had a reality check and admitted that things were not working as they were. I either needed to find a new profession or give it a shot. But I needed to make a proper and safe transition.

I called a friend in Atlanta. She, like I, is a mature provider, well respected in the biz and has been around, also like I have. She said "call me" and I'll tell you how to make it work. And she did. In other words, take all the years of experience and knowledge gained as a provider and make it work for you in a new approach.

Then, another friend, in NYC, who is new in the biz, and knows nothing of how things used to be, share HER BP wisdom to guide me. Both said, "trust your gut and screen differently.

Scared to death, I put up a BP ad after a disastrous first day in Syracuse. One date. Tuesday morning I put my post up and immediately the phone started ringing. Yes, I had a couple of no shows, but looking back, I realize that if I'd truly listened to my gut the whole time, I never would of booked them.

And I realized that there ARE nice guys there. I also realized it's easy for you/they to peruse BP because it's a classified ads site and no company computer will block you. And let's face it, I am an rare jewel there. Mature, professional in my approach, real and independent. Not some 17 year old being pimped. And the pimp has put fake photos up and is waiting for you behind the door.

It's been a fascinating journey. In a sense, it's similar to when I began this journey back in 2003. I was scared to death then too and rightly so. I didn't know anything about how to do things. Even though my approach is different now I DO KNOW THINGS and that experience is paying off.

Instead of being on the defensive when the phone rings, I'm happy and polite and engaging. They don't expect that. And I try to get them to laugh ASAP. That ice breaker helps us all relax and in the end, I find out most of the same info I used to ask for on my appointment page. So, I DO screen. Now it's more personal. But believe me I'm googling and verifying as I'm on the phone.

Lower donations, easier access and a friendly disposition makes for busy. Oh, not a cast of thousands. I have to be discreet. I'm very selective and when the phone rings a lot I can be. It's a beautiful and a fun experience and I'm no longer bored and upset.

Be assured that I will never be careless in the chase for a buck. In the end, it's not worth it. I have my own safety and reputation to uphold and I always will.

I've also found thankful and appreciative new friends. I have heard horror stories from them so BP is still not for the faint hearted. But a little homework on your part still keeps you safe. My new friends are SO thrilled that I look just like or better than my photos when they walk through the door. Grateful that my service is unrushed, upscale, pampering and fun. That my incall is clean and sensual. And so they are already returning.

It's wonderful to have a hope for a solid financial future again. I've learned a lot during these past lean years just as you have. We've all had to cut back and reassess and rethink how we manage our money with this recession. It's been painful but it's been an invaluable life lesson.

Even more than that, I have regained a sense of self worth in this profession. I no longer feel like I'm too old, or too this or too that. It was all about traffic. Or lack of it to my advertising and websites. Plain and simple. Eros and the other "upscale sites" have lost it. And I've let them know. I'm still there and on all the others you'd expect a world class provider to be. But the biz is 90% coming from BP. It's all about numbers. If everyone, or most everyone, is going to BP the odds are they will find you and in greater numbers. Business 101.

My apologies to all of you who knew better and had to listen to my ignorance ad nauseum. I finally understand the new business model. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Pun intended.

Life is very good and I am having a great time.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS....NYC will be rescheduled but probably not until after racing season ends.

6/30/2013 - Value for your Bucks
Hi Boys,

Every once in a while some guy will say, "I never pay for sex." I reply, "Oh yes you do."

Thought you might get a kick out of this one.

Why are escorts the best value in the world for adult companionship? A typical date with a woman usually consists of very expensive components.

Clean Car 15.00

Tank of Gas 40.00 (make that 60.00)

Flowers 35.00

Dinner w/ Wine 100.00 (if you're lucky)

Night Club w/ Drinks 75.00

Cost = 265.00

Result= A hug and a peck. Now you have to play the same game for 2-3 weeks! And do not even attempt that game if you are married. You make the call... Escorts are a tremendous value

Love and Kisses,

6/29/2013 - It Is Saturday So It Must Be Garage Sales and the Journal
Hello My Darling Boys,

Another stellar week! Westchester treated me well and except for yesterday, I've had my legs in the air every day. Of course, I'm just exercising them. Right?

Another friend is on his way from Syracuse and then I'm meeting Sara for lunch. We're both going to be in Manhattan this coming week. She leaves tomorrow, I, Wednesday morning. She is there until the 6th. I'm sticking it out until the 7th. SO.....if you'd like to schedule a double treat event let me know. Her donation is higher than mine but believe me it's worth it. She is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly in demand.

If your tastes run more to mature in the city, be sure and meet LuLu, She is away this week but is available in Midtown West often. Just check her schedule. I'm trying to talk her into coming up for the races for a couple of days. I'll let you know if she does.

Taller than I am, believe it or not. Curvy body, great personality. Lots of fun!

Jazz Festival this weekend. I'm debating whether or not to sneak in but heavy rain is predicted for early evening. Nothing worse than a thunder storm under big old trees. Probably will miss it this year as tomorrow night is booked.

I love this time of year here. My gardens are starting to look good. Everything is green from all the rain we've had. Too much along the Mohawk in fact. Flooding Friday morning in Fort Plains. It's a mess there.

But we're okay. The flowers love it and so do the robins, hopping along, heads cocked, listening for worms. They are so funny to watch. I got a kick out of watching the chickadees take a dirt bath in my sister's vegetable garden the other day. They are so cute. One of my favorite birds. I put up a Hummingbird feeder this week but I know it's going to take some time before they find it.

I headed out after my morning coffee to hit the in town garage sales. The ones in the Northeast are the best. Folks have OLD stuff. Good stuff too. I snagged three crystal decanters last week for a song. I collect them but they also store my sweet vermouth, crème de cassis and sometimes other cordials. Much prettier than looking at a bunch of bottles of booze plunked down on a pretty tray. The vodka is always in the freezer however.

I've been in my place a year and two months and it's full. I had next to nothing when I moved in and I've gradually furnished it with yard/garage sale finds. Furniture and accessories from discount home furnishing stores and the little bit left over from Florida. It's been fun starting over, painting up finds and repurposing what I did have. Friends who visit seem to love it. I know I do.

I'm kicking around a short hop up to Montreal but it's been so busy here I just might stay put until after Labor Day. I'll just have to see how things shake out. If it's busy here, why leave?

I am tentatively planning a Pittsburgh/Chicago tour after Labor Day. It's been too long. I may decide to spend more time in Chicago land than is now indicated in my calendar. Folks to see there. I'll post any additional dates when I know them.

Not much else new. I'm greatly enjoying my new busyness and the summer here in Upstate NY.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

6/22/2013 - It IS Great to Be Working Again
Hello Darlings,

I've had the busiest week I've had since I can remember. Syracuse was fab. Oh a couple of hitches I'll tell you about later. And it's been non-stop since I returned.

It's about damn time! I was beginning to think I was over the hill and not desirable. My ego was taking a beating. Well, I'm happy to say it's all plumped up and a raring to go again. There's nothing worse than a Leo with a deflated ego.

Our little town is just jumping. But I'm taking a break tonight. I'm plumb worn out but there is a big smile on my face. You'll never hear me complaining about working too much. However I'm still selective about numbers coming through the door. Only gentlemen and a very few each day.

Monday I head to Westchester and Rye Brook. Hopefully the trend will continue.

I returned from Syracuse late Wednesday afternoon. Trading messages at rest stops with a hottie from Utica who had missed me in Syracuse. He had to head to Rochester and I was gone by the time he returned.

He was adamant he had to meet me so he hopped in his car and drove the 90 miles each way. When I opened the door my jaw dropped. And his did too. I LOVE it when that happens. He says he'll be back. I sure hope so.

My last friend tonight receives the Thunder Boomer of the Week award. He had contacted me earlier in the day but we planned for an 8:30pm encounter. Late in the afternoon I got a text, 250? That's crazy. I won't make it. Why don't you do half hours?

Well, we went back and forth and finally he realized that I was the same MILF whose adult films he'd been watching for years. The hour at 8:30 was back on schedule and he was on the dot. He is the recipient of TTBOTW Award. Stellar performance and I'm so glad he finally realized that he could up his usual budget and it would be worth every penny.

Yes, I've lowered my donations across the board. Now you understand why the phone has been ringing. I'm not changing them here because I want folks to realize that there IS a big change. Just hop on Eros Albany/NYC, Date-check ads, P411 ads, Naughty Review ads, etc and you'll see.

But wait! Rather than put you to that trouble here goes;
GFE Incall; 1 hr/250. 90/350, 2 hrs/450
Dinner Date, 500/2 hrs private time
Overnight the same

This will apply to most cities I tour for hotel incall also. Outcall will be extra, depending on the distance I have to travel.

New York City/Manhattan, Add 50 per hour. Outcall will be an additional 100 in the city.

As always, gentle screening and advance notice.

I've gained a whole new clientele. All sweet gentlemen but folks who just couldn't quite justify my higher donation. Or afford it.

It's a new day and a new business model. And if I'm busier for adapting it I'm all for it. Same great no rush service. Same, "I want to have a good time too" attitude It's a win/win for everyone.

Back to Syracuse. I had two no shows on Tuesday. These two take the cake. Both young. I spent a long time verifying them but sometimes the players are really good at playing. Come to think of it I wonder if these two knew each other.

To make it short, I turned away several other opportunities to play for these two jerks. Lost income for sure but a lesson learned.

My friend, Sinful Sinthia, formerly of Chicago and now retired put together a flow chart. She ascertained, based on the chart, that she would no longer see any one under the age of 38. On average, they consistently no showed or caused problems. She didn't want the hassle so she changed her age limit.

That would break my heart. But it's been my experience that those in their twenties have a higher rate of nonsense than more mature guys. I find that especially when I work in NYC.

So boys, if I sweetly grill you when you make an appointment, that's why. Your brothers of the same age have made it tougher for you but I still want to see you. Just show up or you'll find yourself on the National Blacklist.

I use it. But judiciously. Someone really has to piss me off to go there. I still haven't added the two jerks from Wednesday but they ARE going on it.

For those of you who will be looking for me when I visit NYC July 3-7 my girlfriend Sara of Albany will be in town also until the 6th. YES! Doubles ARE available but her donation IS higher than mine. Give me a call. I'll let you know what's required. Believe me, you'll have a great time!

Time for a little TV, read a book and light's out. It was a great week!

Hope to see you soon. And remember, Saratoga fans. The track begins July 19th. Can't wait!

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

6/17/2013 - Things Are Looking Up and Open in Firefox
Hello Darlings,

Thought you'd like some good news for a change. The phone seems to be ringing more. And most are gentlemen. Who show up.

What a novel idea. I was explaining to my friend LuLu, that in the beginning and first 6 years of my new career, gentleman always booked well in advance. There was very little of this last minute, no information, give me a discount nonsense. It was respectful and appreciative. With the advent of the recession and a plethora of so called "providers" on Craig's List and then Backpage the scene changed.

Her comment? "I'd be sad too if I'd seen the business change like that. It's all I know."
I said to her that it's like all businesses, "whatever the market will bear."

Fortunately, there are a few of you around who respect the consummate professional who still loves what she does. And does it well.

Syracuse today after 2pm until noontime Wednesday.

Rye Brooke next week. Home in between.

MANHATTAN, July 3-7th. Yes, I hope to watch the fireworks. It's on my bucket list. Any tips on where to see them best would be appreciated.

Our little town is getting swamped with more tourists and folks from the city. Yes, we know when you are here. You come here to relax and escape from the stress of living in NYC. So here's some advice.

Slow down. Be polite. Drive courteously. Enjoy what WE have to offer instead of trying to insist we do it like you do in the city. If you don't like the way we do it here, go back home. Remember, this is why you came here in the first place. To chill. So....chill!

I had dinner at a new restaurant Saturday evening with my long time friend Mr. F. Those who are TER hobbyists know about him. All us girls adore him.

This newest addition downtown is decorated in New Orleans style. French with the opulence that N'Orleans is known for. Crystal chandeliers, dark, brocade wall coverings. Hand painted fanciful murals. Rich wood trim and back bar. A decorator's delight. It made me smile and sigh. And one of the best filets I've had in a long time. Absolutely stellar!

The owner stopped by our table and we learned this isn't his first rodeo. It shows. It has only been open a month but his experience with past ventures shows. I was amazed at the amount of time he spent chatting with us. We were dressed nicely and he complimented us. When does that ever happen?

First class but not over priced. Friendly, prompt service. That personal touch that is so rare elsewhere is everywhere here. And THAT is what makes this place special. It's classy but down to earth. Just one of the reasons why I love living here. If you want to know the name, e me or call. For those of you who live in or visit the Capital District, it's worth the drive north.

I'm all packed for Syracuse. Time to get ready and out of here. Can't wait to play there.

Life is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

6/13/2013 - Happy Birthday to LuLu
Hello Boys,

Remember, open in Firefox.

It's my friend LuLu's, birthday today. She's taking herself to a spa Sunday, smart girl that she is. Home base is Manhattan but she tours. Look her up for sure. Happy Birthday kiddo!

I'm back from the Miami trip. Yes, that's where I went. I was invited to join an old friend from my CT days. Not a client friend. He sent the ticket and I hopped on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale. Shuttle to Miami.

Several sizzling emails/pics from me and he was ready. Or so I thought. I checked in first and he arrived after a grueling 10 hour flight. Well, as grueling as first class could be.

We hugged, kissed briefly and he showered. Then we headed down for cocktails. I knew these few days were strictly fun, no strings but I did not know, as he informed me over cocktails, that he was engaged to be married. And he's now feeling guilty.

Business wise, I have no qualms about attached gentlemen. Personally, I do. I would not have gone if I had known.

I'm not going to describe how the week played out but I will say that I was NOT treated like the desirable woman I am. In fact, I hardly saw him. He was there for a conference and while I knew his time would be limited I had no idea he was going to be absent without leave. It was humbling for my poor Leo ego.

Live and learn. Another reason why I rarely date. Civilian men and women too I guess, just have this little problem about being honest. I am totally sick of the game playing and bullshit. You who know me are aware how straight forward I am. Probably too much so. In this biz, it's an asset.

In the dating world, it makes you vulnerable. I am sick of how it is and appreciate all of YOU more than you know.

I have a little incident to relate. Don't laugh at the end of it. Getting off the plane to make connections in Atlanta there were three Carmelite nuns ahead of me. All older. We chatted and I asked where they were located. Iowa was their particular convent location. They had that beauty of spirit you would expect and it was lovely to converse with them.

I thought about how peaceful it would be to have their life. To have your mission in life be taking care of others. And prayer. To have the Church take care of all your daily physical needs. And then I thought. I do, in my own way. But it's not an acceptable way in the world's eyes. I wondered if the Catholic Church would take an protestant ho in it's ranks? And then I concluded...."nah." Dream on, Anneke.

An old dear friend is on his way today. An another this weekend. They appreciate exactly who I am even if Mr.Dishonest did not. We working girls need that just as much as the civilian gals do.

Happy Father's Day to those of you here who are. And don't forget to thank you wife for making you one.

Say a prayer for my daughter. She's not far from the line of fires in Denver. I worry about her constantly as most of you know. She's had a tough, tough life.

I'm thrilled to be back home. Every time I travel somewhere else I enjoy where I am but I return home more thankful for where I live.

Home through the weekend.

Syracuse next week.

Rye Brook the end of the month.

MANHATTAN.....heading back July 3-7. It's on my bucket list to see the fireworks.

Life is good. Even with my deflated ego. :-)

Hugs and Kisses,


6/08/2013 - Florida Bound
Hello Hotties,

I'm almost all packed. Trying to keep that suitcase weight under 50. It's a challenge with all those shoes.

I probably will not bring my computer. The Iphon will have to do until I return Wednesday evening. I really want to get away from everything and relax and ponder life in the free time that I will have.

I'm meeting an old friend. He'll be busy part of each day so I'll have time on my own.

Sun, ocean, warm weather, sexy Miami music, sexy but elegant clothes and a hot younger guy. It's my plan to read a book and work on my tan. Hit the gym, eat healthy and generally do NOTHING. I need it.

The stress of life is getting to me. You ALL know what that is. And I don't have anyone else dependent upon me as most of you do.

I never realized the responsibilities men carry on their shoulders as husbands and fathers until I became a single woman and had to provide for myself. It was a sobering reality. How you decide to go from single and carefree to taking on the support of a wife, home, family is amazing. I commend you for being responsible for your families.

So I'm escaping from them for a few days. I know the change of venue will be good for me and I'll return home thankful for what I have and where I am in life.

After all, it is good.

While I'm away if you can't be good, be good at it.

Love and Hugs,

6/06/2013 - Back Home and Backpage
Hello Boys, Remember, open this in Firefox.

Boston was okay. Everyone wanted to meet me at the same time. Since I'm only one person that resulted in hours sitting around only to have requests from the same hour. At least the phone was ringing a lot.

Frustrating. So, I threw in the towel and cancelled Farmington, AGAIN, and headed home. Hartford area....I won't be back. You don't show up as requested.

I needed a dose of family so I took an hour and a half detour and went to see Sis and Son. I needed a hug and a laugh.

After a brief visit I headed north. There's an old hotel in town that I pass every day. I've never stopped in but last night it called to me. I parked the car and entered with intentions of a quiet cocktail. To my surprise and delight, two guys were playing guitar and singing in the bar.

And they were good. Old classy Victorian hotel. Good music and a couple of lagers. El Cheapo and ambiance. What a treat that was after 5 hours plus in the car.

A little TV and I crashed. I slept until almost 9am. I must have needed it.

While I was away my good friend Kelly, formerly known as Wild West Kelly texted me to tell me that a Long Island friend had alerted her to a huge bust there. I've provided the link to the Daily News article. Scroll down after you read it. Great comments and information by Normaja.

Of course they used Backpage. And all the guys arrested have their pictures and names posted. It's bad enough they were humiliated. Now their families are also. Do I need to say anything more?

I've had a come to Jesus moment this week. This business is hurting. Our economy isn't improving. Oh, maybe in tiny spurts but then the latest disaster, crises, political scandal sends it and you in a tailspin again. The Chamber of Commerce admits it rallies in spurts. All they had to do was ask me. I could have told them the same.

So, swallowing my pride I've lowered my donations greatly. And am offering INCALL for those who will be thoroughly screened and are willing to make the drive. Solid references, provider and/or business. Or date-check, p411, etc. I have to pay the bills and so do you.

Hopefully it's a win/win for both of us. You get a break. I make a living. The other business won't provide for me for a long time yet.

I REFUSE to advertise on Backpage. Every time I have a weak moment I think about it and then I google busts and stings and guess who comes up? If I could kick myself in the ass for thinking about it in the first place I would. And I'd like to kick YOU for going there too. So, I will continue to advertise on the better sites that I always have. And post on the erotic review. Even at this reduced donation.

Jim is still on the road so I can't change the donations on my website. Just go to my Albany ad. You'll see them there.

Hopefully, you'll take advantage of this.

Boston, while not fabulous was great fun. I reconnected with three returning lovers. Hot, hot, hot and I needed every last towel in the room. Off to Greece we went and Lake Anneke was overflowing it's banks left and right. One new hottie was a thoroughbred racing aficionado and we had a great chat in the pillow talk time. Hopefully I'll see him at the Traver's Stakes.

Can't WAIT for the racing season to begin. You can't imagine what fun it is.

Beautiful ladies dressed to the nines. All the excitement of the beautiful thoroughbreds pounding down the track. Live music everywhere after and people from all over the world.

It's a class act and it's crazy. This is the one time of the year that I'll let my hair down out in public. That's because someone I meet probably won't be from here. And there's no one around to gossip about it in town.

If you love the track and want to spend a day here, it's affordable and fun. And we get to play. Nothing gets my juices going as much as a day at the races. Well, maybe a FEW other things.

Heading to South Florida Sunday through next Wednesday. I'll be available until then and after I return.

I'm going out to garden now and then to the gym. Life is good.

Your Still VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

5/31/2013 - Journal Access Use Firefox
Hello Darlings,

I've been having some problems reading my journal posts since the new server was installed. I double check things this way. I wondered if you were also since I hadn't heard anything. Today one of my Florida friends called to congratulate me on my 10 years of being self-employed. I asked him what are you talking about and he mentioned that LinkedIn had sent a message to him from me. Well, I sure didn't send it. But, yes it's 10 years now. Am I over the hill? I don't feel like it but only YOU can tell me that.

Long story short. He's been having trouble seeing the journal at all. I called the hosting company as I have two issues. This is one of them. The tech had no trouble seeing it with Firefox. But while we were discussing the other issue he logged in with Internet Explorer. Voila! There's a developmental issue that Jim will have to fix. Or whoever my new webmaster is if I can ever find one.

So....if you too are experiencing this, please use Mozilla Firefox until it's repaired. A lot to ask I know. My apologies.

The other issue is for new members for Since we converted to the new server new members to Xposed are getting screwed. And not literally. Apparently they join, pay, set up their user name/password and then cannot log into the site. NO access.

Well, this is AWFUL. Not only are you getting gipped you are in a state that needs to be relieved and I can't help you. I've got them working on it again. And have sent the necessary info for them to contact the company that takes your money. I will stay on top of this if not you. If we can't resolve it and soon, send an email to and I'll refund your money. Fortunately, all who have called only paid 4.99 for the very short membership.

Today and all this weekend, there's a donation consideration. 50 off each hour. If we've met, just give me a call. If we have not, please complete the appointment page here. I'm seriously considering extending it for my Woburn/Boston tour. I need to work. And you need a break $$$ wise. I'd like to know who is benefitting from this so called economic recovery. It sure isn't me and a lot of the girls I know.

The "other" business is putzing along slowly. The problem is it takes money to make money and I don't have the necessary capital to do it justice. But I do have my legs and my voice. So, I bring my business cards with me and tell all I meet. When the cash flow resumes, and it will, I'll be able to invest in getting it off the ground in the proper manner. Anyone want to invest? Just kidding. If I were selling lingerie and dildos I'll bet you'd be lined up. lol

Hot, hot, hot here. How hot? Air conditioning on hot. There was snow on Whiteface Mountain over last weekend. 40 inches worth. A tornado warning here Wednesday. One actually touched down. Now it's in the 90's. What in the world is happening?

So my walks, biking and weights are at the gym. I can do yoga indoors at home. It's just too hot. But my flowers sure love it. On second thought, a frozen yogurt downtown this afternoon sure sounds tempting.

I need lots of hugging, kissing and more. This slow down is not good for my libido. There's only so much porn I can watch and taking matters into my own hands is no substitute for skin on skin. Come on boys.....pick up that phone. I'm needing some.

Still, life is good. At least I still need it and want it. A lot!

I hope to see you in Upstate NY or the Boston area next week.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

5/28/2013 - Remembering Our Heroes
Hello Darlings,

I hope your long Memorial Day weekend was one filled with rest, relaxation and remembrances of the true meaning of this "holiday." It always seems a little sacrilegious making a holiday out of a time when we honor those who have given their lives for freedom.

Our parade fell on a weekday evening, in the pouring rain and cold. I did not attend. Instead, I paid my honors at my father's grave on Sunday. He reached basic training where he incurred an injury that discharged him. During those WW2 years a young man not in the service was looked down upon. But his injuries affected him all his life and were one of the causes of his death in his early sixties. I'd say he served his country.

A tasteful bouquet of real blue, red and white flowers and a flag adorn his marker. He and my Mom are buried side by side. There were two red roses in the arrangement. One for each of them. She helped in the war effort too, working in a plant that supplied weapons for the Armed Forces.

As you know, I stop there often. When I'd visit Upstate NY from my Florida address Sis and I would go to their graves to leave flowers. Now I'm close and consider it an honor to be able to do that often. I know there are not there but rather with me day to day. So I talk to them on the drive down. Yes, I watch Long Island Medium. lol I do believe that our loved ones watch us. And that is a comfort to me.

Okay enough maudlin stuff. Unfortunately, for your prurient edification I don't have much to offer this week. It was a quiet week as I expected with the "holiday" approaching. Hopefully all those pent up desires will need to be fulfilled THIS week.

Next week I head to the Boston area. Woburn this time and then on to Farmington. The next week I'm having a little vacation to someplace warm. Meeting someone I met years ago in Connecticut. I'm sure lots of naughty fun will occur. At least I hope so.

The weekend was cold and dreary until yesterday. And so I made the obligatory trip to Home Depot for more plants and worked in my gardens for about an hour. Then, headed downtown to see what was up. Even with the lousy weather, downtown was busy over the weekend. Now, with the warm weather and the sun beaming over us, the streets were full.

It felt great to sit in the sun on a bench and watch the world go by. Bikers, families with strollers, college kids and young folks who had been in town for DMB, (Dave Matthews Band for those who don't know) enjoyed our little town. I had thought about snatching a lawn seat Sunday evening but when I heard the tickets were going for $85 I said nay, nay. I'll listen to his CD's instead. I've seen him live 3 times in the past.

One most memorable event was in NYC several years ago. A client and I bartered. Don't get your hopes up. It doesn't happen hardly ever. lol He had two tickets for DMB at Roseland. I think I've told this story here before so I'll shorten the version. Before the concert I stopped for dinner at a close by the venue restaurant. The owner asked why I was in town, blah, blah, blah, concert, etc. Charming, Northern Italian mature guy. After relating my story and having dinner he called me over to introduce me to Mr. Rosen. Owner of Roseland. Mr. Rosen asked to see my ticket. He took a look and pronounced it was valid, asked for my name, and on a piece of paper wrote me a VIP pass for me and my client, who I was to meet there.

Wow, I thought. I waited in the lobby for my client friend. But, young boy that he was, he chickened out. So, up the stairs I went to the VIP area and watched Dave and the band tape their show for AOL. It's one of those quintessential NY stores. Lucky me. Silly him as in his embarrassment of being seen with an older woman he'd missed a golden opportunity. Oh well.

You can always be my "nephew" in public. Life is good. And I'm going to enjoy mine this week. Come join me.

Hugs and Kisses,

5/20/2013 - I Love This Time of Year
Hello Darlings,

It's Saturday morning and I've already had my coffee, protein shake and done the garage sale circuit. I've found all kinds of neat neighborhoods, met some lovely folks and come home with a few treasures already. It's only 10 am. Oh and stopped at a local nursery for pink geraniums.

Oh YAWN Anneke you say. I'd rather be reading titillating tomes right now. Hang on. I'll get to that later.

I had a little visit to Parsippany this week. Pre-bookings, old friends called and then....disappeared. Thankfully not all so it was worth the 7 hours in the car both ways.

I love it when they ask, when are you coming back? Well, show up and I will. It's tough to keep positive when that happens. But I do. Thursday evening made it worth while.

One young lad has been trying to meet me for years. He's an Anneke Adult Actress fan. Initially he wanted to film. I don't do that when one has no experience and we've never met. I've found it's a scam for a freebie.

He was in Delaware. That's a hike. Still, I made it clear that this was a date that he had to reserve. Not a social call. But I gave him a consideration for the gas he had to spend and the travel time.

A little late due to traffic but he kept me apprised. He knocked on my door, young, adorable and eager. And nervous. We chatted a while and then the make out began. The boy had talent. Eventually I suggested we get more comfortable and we headed to the boudoir.

HE loves older women. Always has. He can't tell you why. It's just hard wired into his genes. Lucky for me. Fortunately, his youth didn't mean inexperience and we were off to the races.

Ah youth. A covered round one and we relaxed. Chatting about life and how we got to where we both were. After a respite I asked if he was up for round two. I'd already found he was open to experimenting and when I mentioned I thought he was a bit subbie he said, "Oh, I can be very subbie." We'd already mentioned a strap on. I showed him the choices and while he was no virgin to that kind of play he'd never experienced someone wearing one.

I gently prepared him. I have no desire to inflict pain, only pleasure. He told me he was feeling good and was ready for the strap on. I choose my smallest, a long ago purchase in Ireland. Covered it, lubed it and he well and gently began.

Years ago when I first experienced this in my swinger dating years I realized the power men must experience as they mount a woman. Then it was my turn to find out what that is like. I found I like it. Even more so when it makes my partner crazy. Since I'm not a domme, but a sensualist, it's always my partner's choice, not mine. But those who love it, truly love it.

If you've seen the last filming on Annekexposed it is a tutorial on strap-ons. I DO have a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. From soft, life like silicon to decorative glass ones. I smile when I think of the fun I've had with them over the years.

Back to the naughtiness. Taking him gently, I reached around to stroke his rock hardness. I could hear him moaning and soon he said, "I'm cumming." Totally spent and collapsed on the bed I brought a hot, wet towel to neaten him up.

Yes, he was young. Yes our lives are very different and life's experiences and inexperience makes anything more impractical. But there WAS something that connected despite that gap in years. I've learned to follow my instincts so we will meet again. Just as you enjoy youthful perfection at times. So do I. We'll see what life brings.

Time to get back to the real world. Planting geraniums and getting my son back to his honey do list. I picked him up on the way back.

Years ago, when I was first dating I'd met someone out and about and brought him home. A wild night ensued and the next morning when he'd left, he'd also left all his jewelry behind.

It was Thanksgiving Day and my son and friends were at my new apartment for dinner. Mr. Young Hottie came by to collect his jewelry. I introduced him to my son and my son jokingly said, "does he shave yet mom?" I said, "just barely." We laughed. I'm fortunate to have children who are open minded and accept their whacky mother just as she is.

Kinky people can be good folks too. We just can't be vanilla all the time.

Life is good isn't it? Doing something out of the box. It won't kill you. Especially if no one else knows about it. It's my opinion it's healthy to have an alter ego. A place in your mind that NO one else knows about. Keeps MY sanity.

Enjoy this glorious spring weekend. I know I will.

Love and Hugs,

5/11.2013 - All Is Quiet on the Eastern Front
Hello Boys,

It's been a gorgeous but quiet week. I've kept myself busy French painting my recent furniture purchases and going to the gym. A little gardening and roaming the back roads too. I have my father and my grandfather's genes. They both loved going for rides in the countryside.

The armoire and the headboard are done. Now I'm looking for vintage hardware handles for the armoire. That was one of my country rode trips up route 4 through Ft. Edward and Ft. Ann. Not the most prosperous places but still a beautiful ride. The old lilacs are popping out everywhere and the smell is heavenly!

Thursday I headed to Albany to meet and spend the day with my Sis. She needed to look for some household items and then we wanted to head to Washington Park in Albany to see the tulips. The yearly Tulip Festival is a big deal for the city. The apple/crabapple/dogwood trees were in full bloom too and added to the gorgeous tulip beds, it was a beautiful sight.

We're both gardeners and we often do garden tours. She's almost a master gardener and I've learned a lot from her. My little backyard garden is starting to pop up. It's on the shady side of the yard to the hostas and other perennials come up late.

I've been fortunate enough to be in the Netherlands at tulip time and visited the world famous Keukenhof gardens. Albany was a miniature reminder of that glorious vacation with Lauren and beau. After a zillion photos we sat on a park bench and watched the characters of the world go by. We're terrible catty gossips and we laughed to ourselves as life presented itself to us. Of course we were wondering who was gossiping about us. lol

Onward to a Doctor's appointment for her. Me to a local salvage/antique shop for the new crystals for my soon to be dining area chandelier. I bought big fat lead crystals and crystal chains to bling my bargain fixture up. It's being rewired and hopefully, next week, after my NJ tour, my son will swag it up for me.

There's not much left to do around the house but I still love going on Craig's list to find out where all the garage/yard sales are each weekend. It's been fun in the lovely spring weather to get out and meet people and just possibly scoop a bargain or two. I've found all kinds of unknown and beautiful neighborhoods so it's an adventure. And it's just possible I'll flip what I've picked up and fixed up down the road.

Today I found a vintage Moet aluminum and brass champagne bucket with matching etched glasses. Then it was exploring the back roads, visiting the newly opened farm stands and having steamers at a local bar/restaurant. $6 for two dozen and $3 for a Stella. Where can you find that?

So I just might not get to the weights today. The gym will be there tomorrow.

But I sure do need a little sumpthin', sumphin' and hope I won't have to wait until NJ to get some. I'll be in the Morristown/Parsippany area Wednesday through Friday noon this upcoming week. I AM pre-booking boys. Hint, hint!!!

I was perusing another provider's website journal today and she was musing about now being in her 40's. Hadn't she just been nineteen? I laughed as I read her comments. Oh to be 40 and know what I know now. But life isn't like that. We have to live it to learn it. And you know what? That's a good thing.

Come play with me. I may have a trick or two up my sleeve to share. Life IS good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

5/04/2013 - Junking and the Kentucky Derby
Hello Boys,

NO! That title isn't about you. Weekends are garage/yard sale trips for me. As I'm launching a biz that relates to the design world I'm always out shopping for steals when the "season to sell" starts.

Last week I found a great chandelier. It needs a swag light kit and more crystals but for $25, a little electrical work and a trip to the salvage store in Albany for big, fat, sparkly crystals I'll have a glittery French style chandelier for a fraction of the cost. Plus I'll have a dimmer put on it so the "sensual mood" can be achieved when needed.

It's been absolutely glorious weather the past 4 days. Spring has finally arrived and everything is in bloom here in Upstate NY. The leaves are really popping out on the trees and it's Tulip Time! From now until Fall the weather can't be beat. Now if we could just do something about that long, gray winter.

I know, head south right after Christmas and don't return until April. Oh that I wish that were possible. I'll just have to start manifesting it in my thoughts. Or that's what LuLu would tell me. Oh how I wish that would work!

I hopped on Craig's list last night for the sale locations. Alarm went off at 8am, coffee, protein shake, gym clothes on and I was out the door. The first place I hit was the bonanza. It was a renovated into apartments Victorian home the other side of town. It seems the tenants were divesting themselves of unneeded items.

It was supposed to start at nine but the early birds were already picking. My heart sunk but over in the corner by the stairs I spotted a open work carved French style fruitwood headboard. Ah Ha! $25. With some paint I'd have what I've been searching for the past year. Only thing, it wouldn't fit into the trunk of my car. I gave them my card and they set it aside until I could arrange to pick it up. I left.

I texted someone to see if I could borrow their SUV. Out of town until tomorrow. The headboard was part of a set they were willing to break up. I rethought things. I still needed a sideboard for the dining area and the whole set was going for $150. I headed to the bank and returned to the sale. I asked if I could see the rest of the set. The landlord's daughter cheerily offered to take me to the storage shed where it was housed.

She hopped in my car and we cruised around our beautiful little city. The shed was unlocked so we were able to peek in. Luck was with me. The triple dresser was not too long for my space and the armoire could house my flat screen and components. New hardware and paint would transform the rest into the look of France.

Back at the sale, one of the participant's sons' would deliver all the furniture. Headboard, mirror, two dressers for $20. Hopefully this afternoon, if not tomorrow.

I'm heading to OTB, off track betting for those of you who are not New Yorker's, in Albany this afternoon. It's Derby Day folks. Since I'm meeting Sis and beau for the 4 Canadian Tenor's Concert at the Palace in Albany tonight I can't attend any of the myriad Derby parties here. So I'll head to OTB for a cocktail, a bet and to watch the race. I'll leave my hat at home. There's plenty of opportunities for hat wearing this summer.

Last evening I joined Sara Charles of Albany and our mutual friend for dinner. After we sat around a fire pit and he said these three guys were pointing and giggling. At me. I guess I was recognized. Oh for pity's sake, grow up.

Thus far it's been a fabulous weekend. What would make it complete would be a little sumpthin', sumpthin' tomorrow. I'm needing a good O or two or more.

How was Rochester? Nice drive, nice room, but slow. I cut the trip short by a day. Sure as shooting as soon as I left the phone started ringing. Boys.......plan ahead. These days I don't sit around in a hotel room hoping I'll have friends visiting. I go home. Plus I missed opportunities at home. Which seem to be popping up the longer I'm in the Capital District.

It takes time for folks to realize you are in any area. (Despite advertising like crazy.)

If I put an ad up on Backpage it would be known. You all know how I feel about that. Plus, I have it on GOOD authority Albany County you know who is back to their old tricks. STAY OFF that site. I surfed last night and there were 80 ads for May 3rd alone. Most all 19-22. Pimps writing the ads for sure and I know also LE. Buyer beware

For giggles I looked at the personals in the Albany area. I was astounded at the 100 plus ads for M4M from 3pm in the afternoon until 1am Saturday morning. All looking for bj's and more with another guy. Most were bisexual. I'll bet their wives or girlfriends would appreciate knowing about their risky behavior. They were all willing to go to a stranger's house to get what they needed.

Naturally the W4M only had a few gals. We seem to be more conscious of safety. Of course the blood doesn't run from our head to the nether regions and render us brainless like it does you. Hey, the truth hurts.

I'm "in residence" until I head to Westchester/Morristown the week of May 13th. That is if there are pre-bookings. I'm not willing to leave my lovely nest on a wing and a prayer any longer. Years ago I would have been booked before I left home. Even with cancellations I still would have been booked after I arrived.

Just ask us if the economy is doing any better. We're the canary in the coal mine. It still sucks.

But life is still very good and I'm loving each and every day of it. I could be working at Walmart. (NOT!) Come see me old friends.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

4/21/2013 - What A Week
Hello My Darling Boys,

I'm back in the comfort and safety of my own little nest. I left the city around 11 am yesterday morning, stopped in Kingston to see Sis and Son and then pulled into my parking space around 5ish.

The city was quiet this week. I think everyone, everywhere was shell shocked and naughtiness was not on so many minds as usual. I can hardly complain that I came home with very little more than I left with after expenses. I still have my legs and my life. I feel blessed but am heartsick about Boston.

An overnight friend Tuesday had been at the finish line two hours before the bombing. Thankfully business took him elsewhere in time. After a wonderful Italian dinner we escaped the thought of what could have been in friendly lust.

I'm not used to having a sleeping partner so it was a lovely diversion for me. A little morning delight, breakfast and he was on his way back to Boston, me to NYC. I think we'll be doing this on a regular basis. Fun!

I had thought I'd do some touristy things in the city this week but Boston changed those plans. No landmarks or Big Bus tours this time around. And the Big Buses were 1/3 full. Apparently everyone else had the same concerns. Some terrorist with a backpack and a bomb on a bus full of unsuspecting tourists. But, by Saturday morning and the end of the nightmare, folks were back on the buses.

Time on my hands, I walked the East side, hit the gym, read a book and enjoyed NYC's cuisine. Midtown East and 2nd Avenue is a great and inexpensive place to dine.

But Thursday evening I decided to go upscale and visit the Waldorf Astoria. I wanted a BIG martini and maybe a chicken Caesar salad even though I knew it would cost a princely amount. Thursday evening is party night in NYC. The bar would be full of interesting folks.

Stumbling into the bar, (I missed a step down and thankfully didn't humiliate myself by falling on my face) I found a spot to stand. Not a seat to be had. And no hope of getting one until someone left. Men don't give up their seats for women any more. Why should they? We're liberated. (Don't get me going again on that.)

Eventually some folks left and the gent to my left moved over so I could sit down. It seems he'd been peeking out of the corner of his eye at me. Of course, since I was standing, Trixie and Boom Boom were front and center. I thought he was with two women. Turns out, they were tourists and he had been in conversation and felt it would be rude to turn and speak with me.

I won't belabor this. He was a delightful contemporary who made me laugh. We wound up having cocktails, dinner, after dinner drinks and fabulous conversation. We've been in touch since. Will that continue? I don't know but I hope so. He was a rare one. Single, no kids, successful, intelligent and a great wit. Easy on the eyes and in good shape for a mature man. We'll see.

So the week wasn't a total disaster for me. But unfortunately it was for too many. Boston, Texas, earthquakes in China, sadness all over the world. Which reinforces my motto; life is not a dress rehearsal. When it is good, celebrate it. When it is not, be strong. Just like you were Boston. I'm proud of you and you will continue to be in my prayers. And...I'll see you this week. NOT in Back Bay. You know who is still all over that area.(For once, I'm very thankful for you know who.)

Life is good. Enjoy the one you have today.

Love and Hugs,

4/16/2013 - Boston and Friends
Hello Darlings,

I'm having my morning coffee, watching the horrible news from Boston. I'm hoping and praying that none of my boys or their families were injured in that horrible act of terror.

I've already heard from one and by a stroke of fate, folks he knew who were going to be at the finish line, could not go. Nor was his brother, who was in the race, hurt in any way.

I've been touring Boston for 10 years now. It's one of my favorite cities and my friends there are amongst my favorite folks. That area of Back Bay is very close to where I always stay.

I lived in New Hampshire for 5 1/2 years so Boston and I have a long history. This all is way too close to home. I feel sad and sick and want those of you who read this journal and who live in the Boston area to know that my heartfelt sympathies are with you.

I head to Manhattan tomorrow morning. Security has been heightened all over the city. Landmarks, prominent hotels, etc are ramping up their vigilance. What a world we live in. I will keep my eyes open as I make my way in the city.

All a reminder to each of us that life is precious and that we need to cherish each and every day we are given. AND.... to be kind to those around us.

Boston friends, please check in and let me know you are okay. Be safe out there and I will be also.

Much Love,

4/09/2013 - Dangerous Escorts
Hello Darlings,

I felt compelled to relate this story. A friend of mine went to Chicago last week on tour. She texted me in a panic on Sunday afternoon. Scared to death. Could she call?

I was driving but I pulled off the road and replied to her text. Call now!

In the previous 36 hours she had been fielding continuous phone calls from who she suspected was Chicago LE. Several different phone numbers, local and out of state were used.

Unknowingly, she verified one through employment. He was a fire fighter. When he finally got to her door he made an excuse and said he had to get back home. He'd call later. When she told me what his profession was I replied, "he's working with them."

She changed rooms. The calls continued and she finally realized she was being stalked. "What should she do?"

I told her to get out of town. She said to book a flight that afternoon was 3 times as expensive as the one she had booked in. I told her, "being arrested would be a lot more costly." But I suggested she check out, she'd already switched hotels once, and go to another hotel until she could book a more reasonable flight.

She just wasn't thinking straight and fear does that. The call and my continued help and support calmed her down and she subsequently was able to find a flight home that evening. A couple of stiff drinks at the airport and an escape to home started to calm her shattered nerves.

She texted me when she arrived home but she was a mess. She thanked me again for my calm approach. Hell, it's easy when you're not in the middle of being scared to death yourself.

She's okay and realizes she needs to stay at home where she has business and stay away from Chicago. For those of you who don't know, the Chicago Police Department has their own "fake business" website. So if a gal verifies through it and their switchboard she is talking to a cop. They get a lot of girls that way. And Backpage is a gold mine for them.

Another friend who was busted there over a year ago had to go to their "Unhooked" class to reduce the charges and eventually expunge her arrest record. It's offered by a Christian organization of ex-call girls. The class was full of very young girls in Loboutin high heels and carrying Louis Vuitton handbags. None had screened so it was like shooting fish in a barrel. She took some of them aside and gave them tips on how not to get busted. The teachers in the class knew my friend wasn't a stupid young girl. She just had been ignorant of who the website belonged to. She's not now.

It's not smart to use a work reference there unless the gent is a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. RS2K works best as well as other verification sites. The boys in blue are getting very smart.

All this trouble for a bunch of dangerous providers. Chicago has the highest murder rate in the US of A and they have time to bother busting independent providers? It seems to me their resources would be better served to society by solving the big problems the have South Chicago.

I understand the need to stop the slave trade. And I support it. But a grown up independent provider isn't being exploited. Most all have been or still are professional business women who want to supplement their income. And who love being sexual.

I'll NEVER understand why our tax resources are being used to prosecute a victimless crime. I'll never understand why it's okay to date a gal, pay for dinner, an evening out, etc. when the end goal is to get her in bed. (You know that's why you date, who's kidding who.) BUT if you just hand her the money up front, it's illegal.

We are a screwed up society in this country. The so called do good people need to mind their own business. Escorts don't end marriages. We SAVE them. If I had a nickel for every gent who says, "I love my wife. I just can't handle NO SEX for the rest of my life" I would be a wealthy woman. Providers solve that problem and send them home. No strings, no messy affairs, so long.

LE and the Federal Government need to use their resources wisely. Prosecute the pimps and the drug dealers who force these girls into prostitution. Make a dent in the global slave trade. It's disgusting and wrong and inhuman. And boys, Backpage is FULL of it.

But no, it takes more work than sitting behind a computer, eating a donut, scrolling through Eros and trying to entrap an independent, classy mature woman for offering a happy ending. What a joke. I have NO respect for this type of law enforcement. It's a waste of time.

I have a motto; CONSENTING ADULTS! If someone is drug addicted, kidnapped and/or underage they are not consenting. For those in this business who are safe and clean business women, leave it alone. And leave the guys who are respectful alone too. It's my opinion the divorce rate will go up if you try to end this service. It's not going to happen. It's the oldest profess in for a reason. It's needed.

My heritage is Dutch and most of you probably know that prostitution has been legal in Holland/the Netherlands for over 700 years. Why? Because they are a degenerate society? No. Actually the Dutch are a very conservative people. It's legal because they are a tolerant Libertarian society that believes that it's part of life. And so they legalized it and control it through registration and government regulations.

Would that ever happen here? Probably not for a long time yet. The famed attorney Alan Dershowitz commented that it would take another 20 years. That statement after our former NY governor resigned for his transgressions. He's probably right. The hypocrites in our society won't allow it yet.

I am hopeful that someday sooner it will happen. Even if it doesn't, life is still good.

Be careful out there boys.

Love and Hugs,

4/01/2013 - Sex Worker or Therapist
Hello My Friends,

Happy April 1st. This isn't an April Fool's prank. Too many of those turn out to be cruel. I don't get a kick out of making people feel foolish.

I was updating my Twitter profile today, Annekenordstrum in case you are interested, and came across a tweet from a group of sex workers who have a website called "Tits and Sass is a group blog run by sex workers who saw a void when it came to witty commentary on the public image of our industry. The ideas promoted about us in the public eye have an impact on the realities of our lives as sex workers every bit as strong as the law, so we’re not letting any more dead hooker or stripper bones jokes pass by without comment" Take a peek at this. Lots of interesting articles for fun and seriousness.

You know how one link can lead to another and there was this article from Psychology Tomorrow I recommend you read.

It was refreshing to read something that didn't demonize us for a change. Of course, those of us who really care about our service understand what offer truly IS a service. For those of you who have never looked at escorts as therapists you might want to take a look.

On an entirely different note, I had a lovely Easter with Sis and family. She did a gorgeous ham, fresh mushrooms, roasted asparagas and I added my part with Julia Child's gratineed potatoes recipe. After cocktails, wine with dinner and Sis's homemade lemon pound cake we all collapsed in front of the television. I spent the night and got back home this afternoon.

I've spent the afternoon putting together wardrobe for this week's Boston/Waltham tour and the photo shoot on Friday afternoon. Then a long yoga session at home. Tonight, I have a "date." Whoohoo!

Not much else to share. All the snow is gone in my yard and the sun is shining. Life is good.

Hugs and Kisses,
Anneke new hairdo is on my Eros thumbnail.

3/23/2013 - So Where is Spring
Hello My Darling Boys,

I know a question should end with a question mark but I cannot use punctuation in the title line. Or in my calendar for that matter. It's the screwy way this site was built. So, I'm not ignorant, just not able.

One note; apparently there are still problems in the migration from the old server to the new one. I am going to contact my hosting company again about members being unable to log in to Not cool, having paid for a membership and not being able to use it. My apologies and I am working on a resolution to the problem. Soon!

It's a partly cloudy, chilly day here in my little town. 25 to be exact. I don't mind as long as the sun is out and the streets are clear. I have to walk to my hair salon today. Parking downtown is tougher on the weekends. It's a tourist destination and they head here in droves on the weekends. Plus we're having Restaurant Week so traffic has increased even more.

NOT complaining. There's always something to do here. One of the reasons I love this place.

So....what am I doing at the hair salon? Wait and see. A bit of a hair style change. I've been letting it grow longer and gotten rid of the all over platinum blonde. Now it's a mixture of blondes with some of my natural darker blonde too. It's softer. Plus I was sick of the old look.

We Leo's like change. Hair, makeup, fashion, etc. It's my opinion that nothing dates a woman more than an outdated hairdo and makeup. Heaven forbid that I should look the age I am.

It's a fine line between looking ridiculous and classy sexy. One has to be realistic and enhance the good points in an elegant manner. There's nothing sillier than an older chick dressing like a teenager.

Except at the nudist resort. There it just doesn't matter. We're all dressed like sluts.

That just wouldn't compute here at all. Nor would I want it too. It's fun having that escape from reality once in a while.

Now I'm back to reality and it feels just fine. Vanilla isn't a dirty word. Besides, I do get the opportunity to be naughty and non-vanilla all the time. There is a time and place for everything.

SOMETHING NEW THIS UPCOMING WEEK! I'll be hosting an INCALL FOR ALL in the Albany area. What in the world does that mean? It means that I will be in a very nice hotel, just north of Albany, with an incall opportunity for you. I do not see new friends at my private incall. Only p411, date-check and old friends may visit there.

So if you want to become a new friend this is a good time to fill out the appointment page and get verified. I'll be there after 2pm on Wednesday the 27th until noontime on the 29th. It will be very easy access from the Capital District. Just a few miles north.

Old friends, you are more than welcome to visit there also. I'll have the room all sexy for ya'.

And me.

Sis and her S O are heading up today and we're going to take advantage of Restaurant Week. I haven't seen her since I left on the 18th of February. I miss her and it will be good to hear her infectious laugh again. We are loud when we are together but we do have fun.

I'm still deciding whether to relate one of my DC escapades. It was one of those moments that might give you the impression that they happen all the time. And they never have. I'm thinking on it but it WAS hilarious and funny.

It was a great tour there. Much like the old days in this biz. The days when you could visit for a week and it was very worth my while. Actually, DC has never been that good before. I had more dates than I could handle. Will I go back? Not too soon because while I hope this was a harbinger of an improving economy DC has always been iffy for me.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder sometimes. And not too many other mature gals in town at the same time.

One definite bonus. There was a fireman's convention at my DC hotel.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

3/16/2013 - It Is Saturday So It Must Be Raleigh
Hello Darlings,

Yes, it's sort of becoming like that. Where am I and what day is it?

Be prepared. THIS is a LONG entry.

I left home February 18th. I've visited Baltimore/BWI, Richmond, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, back to Tampa, Daytona, Savannah and now Raleigh. Next it's DC, Binghamton and finally home March 20th.

It's been a long and mixed bag of adventures. Always interesting even when it's boring. It was great to see the progression from winter to spring in Florida. Although the temperature was below normal for Florida during most of my stay it was a far cry from the 3 above I left. Still, very little suntanning. :-(

But LOTS of adventures.

My last entry detailed the March 29th party at Lauren's and our Fantasy room episode. Since then I've visited with friends in Orlando over night. This is one of those wonderful stories that providers dream about. He, a former hobbyist meets a new love, a provider. Fast forward, they married almost a year ago. She is retired now from this biz. Add in another provider friend and it was a hilarious evening recounting provider tales that no one else but we can understand. No names of course.

It's always fun to talk shop in our profession. Her long suffering husband just sat back and smiled. He'd been there and now he was getting a kick out of hearing us share. Something we gals need to do because let's face it, our job is a challenging one. Especially if we do it well.

We had breakfast the next morning and I headed to Ft. Lauderdale. I have bittersweet memories there. I was married when I lived in Lauderdale and then divorced. Happily I will add. I had my very first apartment on my own and it was thrilling to be free and living on the intercoastal. Broke but fun.

I had booked a hotel close to the Interstate and had some dates planned. In the end, it was so so. But I enjoyed bopping around Lauderdale, seeing old haunts and having lunch at Skyline Chili on US1. That is until I dropped my Iphon in the pedicure bath. ARGH!

On to Naples. I'd had several dates lined up, multiple hours and every single one of them cancelled. But I had decided to view this as vacation time. The hotel was lovely and while biz was sparse I have to highlight one particular event.

It was Friday evening and the phone rang. A friendly, respectful gent had called to make a date. Necessary info obtained, we planned a time to meet. When he knocked on my door I peeked out. Oh, cute!

I let him in and gave him a warm embrace. We chatted a bit while I softly stroked his arm and leg. The next thing you know clothes were scattered everywhere and we were naked in bed. I'm not going into the juicy details but I will tell you he received The Thunder Boomer of the Month Award. He was a linguist par excellance and I gladly returned the favor.

He left with a smile and I told him I hope we meet again. He said, "so do I." Big smiles on my part and I slept very well that night.

The next morning I headed back to Tampa and Lauren and company. We were having a birthday party for one of her BBC friends. I agreed it would be fun. There would only be five of us. 3 guys, 2 gals. Hey, works for me.

She had purchased a cake and had a light appetizer spread for all. When the birthday boy arrived she was already involved with her submissive. Bday boy sat next to me and starting rubbing my leg. The die was cast. lol

His birthday gift was a long and sloppy BBBJTCCIM. But after he had seen how wet I could be. Any friend of Lauren's is a friend of mine.

Sunday we sat in the sun and played later. Monday I made the chicken piccata. Tuesday, I packed all up and we hugged and kissed goodbye. It had been so fabulous to be with old friends.

I headed to Daytona Beach to visit overnight with Wild West Kelly. Another provider friend. We go back a long way too. It just so happened my visit coincided with Bike Week. Something that has always been on my bucket list.

I arrived in Daytona after a grueling commute through Orlando. Sorry folks, but that is NOT my favorite city. It's a traffic nightmare.

She and I caught up and we arranged to head to Main Street to have some fun. We had had a late lunch so we were all fortified for some serious drinking. Friends with Harley's were in town so we were going to take the short hop downtown on their bikes. Or so I thought.

When you ride you need to be dressed properly. Jeans, boots, etc. Just in case the bike goes down. Since we were only going less than a mile, I hopped on in tights and sandals. When they hung a left, crossed over the intercoastal and headed north I panicked. There was no sissy bar on the back of the bike and I was sliding OFF. I grabbed onto my driver and hung on for dear life. And I asked where are we going? He said, "the Iron Horse."

Some of you probably know what that is. If you don't it's a famous biker bar on route 1. Since we headed north and then back south it was several miles on the bike. My back does not handle a Harley ride well at all. So I was not a happy camper. But I tried to focus on the beautiful ride. When we finally arrived at the Iron Horse, pain was shooting down my right leg.

I hobbled off the bike and stretched. Not happy with the circumstances but delighted with where we were. I've had preconceived notions about what Bike Week is. Fortunately, reality exceeded those notions and I found myself in the midst of a fun filled experience. It wasn't Hell's Angels guys. Instead, CFO's, Doctors, lawyers, and folks with LOTS of money go to Bike Week as well as ordinary afficionados. This was a happening and it was fun to be a part of it.

The ride back was going to be chilly so I bought an Iron Horse hoodie. We switched bikes so I could sit on one with a back rest. HUGE difference and I totally enjoyed the ride back to Main Street. Oh, still in pain but at least not worrying I was going to be bouncing along Route 1.

We hit downtown/Main Street and my jaw dropped. Beautiful, expensive bikes as far as the eye could see. Traffic jammed with bikes so it took a bit to find our parking lot.

We hopped off and sautered into Froggies. What a trip! I just wish I could upload my Iphon videos and photos here of our visit. What a blast! And a plethora of some of the most gorgeous men all in one place I've ever seen. It was like being in a candy store. Beer, hot dance music, hot dancing girls on stages and hot men. My motor was running I'll tell ya. But it was looking. Not partaking this night. Still.....a gal can dream.

Evening waning we walked the street looking at the gorgeous bikes. Then a quick hop home. I had to do a yoga routine before I could hope to sleep. I could barely move.

The next morning was agony. The ride had done more to my body than I could handle. I popped an Aleve and prayed that and my car's heated seats would help. I could barely walk.

I packed up, hugged Kelly goodbye with promises to come down again next year. Better prepared. Then I headed to Savannah. At one point, I was so hurting that I felt sick. I stopped at a rest area, stretched well and realized I just needed to eat. The pain had made me nauseous. On the interstate and back off for lunch, found me feeling a lot better.

Nothing was shaking in Savannah so after a nice dinner it was early to bed. Miracles do happen and when I awakened the next morning I was feeling just fine. My body had recovered. That, to me was a testiment to how far I had come since a year and a half ago. Hooray!

Now another long drive to Raleigh. Along the way Sheree had called and said we had a possible double. Traffic was heavy so I drove to her Incall first, bathed and changed to greet her guest. He was a silly guy who had never been with two gals before. After, he was moaning Why? and then said "Or should I say Wow?" We told him, "wow!" was more appropriate. Sheree took him to France again while I sat on his face. A good time was had by all.

I finally checked in late, had a light dinner at a cool sports bar next door and the phone rang. It was a student who had contacted me earlier. He had taken a photo of his student ID and sent it to me so I was comfortable meeting him.

23...........yeah. Amazing how long these young ones can go. 'Nuff' said. lol

Rememeber last journal entry how I mentioned that every once in a while someone walks through your door and it's instant chemistry. Well Friday morning was one of those hotties I'd met in Raleigh almost two years ago. It was so good we'd always kept in touch.

He walked through the door and it was just like old times. I love it when that happens.

My DC date calendar is starting to fill so if you want to meet, best to plan it very soon. I'll be available tomorrow afternoon until late Tuesday morning. Then it's on to Binghamton and then the spring home. If I don't have a detour in Utica.

Life is good. Can't wait to get home but don't want to short change the experiences along the way.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

3/11/2013 - On The Road Again
Hello My Darling Friends,

This is my last night at Lauren and Company's. I arrived Saturday and I've had a great time but I'll tell you more about all of that another update.

Tonight was a final get together. Lauren, as is her habit, has waited on me hand and foot. I wanted to do something special for her household so after the nail salon today, (I finally got the fingers done, since that didn't happen after the phone debacle last week) I went grocery shopping for tonight's dinner. We dined on The Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Piccata recipe, whole wheat spaghettini with alio and a big tossed salad. Of course, lots of sparkling wine flowed.

I will miss all the pampering and pleasing, on both parts but it's time to head home. I'm missing that darling little city where I live.

Please check the calendar here as I have made some changes to the itinerary. I'll be in Raleigh three nights. One more than planned. A big addition is TWO nights in DC. Near Dupont Circle. Don't let me down again DC. I'm counting on you to show up this tour.

I'll write along the way,Hopefully the weather will be warmer heading north than it was on the way down. One of my friends where I live said it was in the 60's over the weekend. Wouldn't it be cool to arrive with it warmer the 3 above when I left February 18th?

So.......more in a day or so. And it will be juicy!

Life is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

3/07/2013 part b - Naples Skip the next two entries
Hello My Darling Boys,

You are probably wondering what is UP with this journal page. The techies at my hosting company are trying to figure it out too.

I think I informed you that I'd finally upgraded to a new server LAST MONTH. Well, unfortunately, that wasn't true. The tech I spoke with forgot to write a ticket to do so and I'd still been operating on the old server. It gave up the ghost last week. It's taken until today to get everything back in place and all aspects of my site at full speed.

Of course, they charged me to upgrade in February. So that was another battle. But hopefully, all is resolved. I can see my appointment page, edit my calendar and this journal. It's on a dedicated server that is password protected. Only MY eyes ever see any of it.

It's a layer of protection that I deem essential. I'm sure you do too and I hope that you appreciate the expense and the trouble that I go to on both our behalfs. Some of you wrote to let me know it was down. Others complained, but nicely. If you are having ANY problems with AnnekeXposed please let me know. Either call or eme at If I don't know about it I can't remedy any problems.

My apologies for any inconvience all the way. Believe me, it was more frustrating for me than you can imagine. While I love what I do, I still approach this in a professional manner. The last few days have made me feel less than professional.

My last entry was Saturday the 15th of March. I was still in Charlotte getting ready to head to Jacksonville. It's a 5 hour plus jaunt and I had made an reservation near the airport. The room was comfortable and I could walk across the parking lot to the usual chain restaurants. (Boy, am I sick of them)

NO appointments so the next morning I took the back roads to Tampa. I had a hottie waiting for me. I checked into my hotel and they had upgraded me to a lovely suite. I made a dash to put the most necessary items away and hop in the tub. He was going to arrive in a half an hour. It turns out we knew a lot of the same people in Tampa. That's all I'll say about that. But we did have ourselves a big ole time. And I needed it!

I headed across the street to Manggiano's for dinner. A chopped salad, veal piccata and a big martini was in order. I was beat. I'd had enough of driving and crashed early.

The next day I headed up to Lauren's for the afternoon and dinner. I had no one looking for me so I decided to spend the night. Happy hour started early and soon I was on the massage table. I barely remember one very hot threesome at the end of it but not the details. I had not had dinner and between the martini's and the massage I was...........well, you know.

It was overwhelming and I found I had to call it a night. I crashed at 8pm and found myself waking up at 4am. Some moron had called and texted.

I couldn't get back to sleep so finally I looked at my phone. He wanted to meet and he was thinking a picture of his 13 inch penis and soda can circumference was going to impress so much I'd just go running in the middle of the night.

I texted him back telling him we'd never meet. He wasn't a gentleman and anything explicit, especially in text, would exclude him from the pleasure of my company.

Well of course he had to reply the I was a #*^^ whore, blah, blah, blah. How predictable. My final text was. "You're a jerk and another internet bully. Get lost." And he did.

After all the BP abuse in Baltimore I wasn't going to put up with that stuff. I got up, made some coffee, worked on my computer, read a bit and hung out until my hosts got up. I felt better than I deserved to. lol

They got a big kick out of telling me how naughty I'd been. I didn't remember. That hasn't happened in a long, long time and I'm not proud of it but hey, stuff happens.

I know it was the stress of the trip down, the exhaustion, too many martini's and no dinner.

This has not been the tour I'd hoped for. Pitfalls and disappointments all the way. But I was with friends who love me and care about me so I took advantage of that.

I headed back to my hotel that evening. I had someone waiting for me. The next morning another old friend saw me off. As my incall ended on Thursday Tampa hadn't been bad.

Thursday evening, back at Lauren's we headed to the club. A local swingers group was hosting a meet and greet. The club was packed like old times and I ran into old friends. A couple of dances but I was content to sit and chat with my former upstairs neighbor. He'd always taken care of my place when I was on tour and in later years, my personal chauffeur to TPA.

Most mornings we'd sit on my little front porch with coffee and solve the problems of the world. Something I greatly missed. It was good to be back.

It wasn't too late when we left. My host had a fantasy he wanted to fulfill. Lauren and I undressed and went into the fantasy room. Chains hang from the ceiling and it was his desire to chain each of us facing each other while we made out.

He grabbed a soft whip and proceeded to whip my nether regions. Thoughtfully he'd put a waterproof pad under me. The stimulation of the whip and Lauren's lips brought Lake Anneke forth. Gushing everywhere, I squirted past the pad and found myself standing in a puddle. No one cared and we laughed and played.

Just another kinky day at the nudie resort. lol

I knew I had was going to reunite with an old friend from Georgia early Friday evening. He's a young, good looking man from Northern Georgia and he had driven all the way to Tampa to see me. We had our fun and chatted a bit before I had to head back.

My hosts had invited a bunch of friends and friends to be to a party in my honor. Folks wandered in wearing sexy attire as usual. New folks from Canada and old friends from years past. Then my old friends Kari and Ron showed up.It was SO good to see them. We caught up on life and I realized that I hadn't left my friends behind when I moved. They were all still there for me. Now, it's up to me to stay in touch. I think it's a necessary thing for me to get back there at least once if not twice a year.

While we were chatting I saw Kari eyeing this handsome black guy. He was a good friend and lover of Lauren's. Kari was definitely interested. But he decided he had eyes for moi. Next I knew he had his arm around me and was nuzzling my ear. I was agreeable and nuzzled back. We all chatted but he was making it obvious that he wanted more.

Since it had been a while since I've been at a swinger's party I said, "what the hell." I pealed off my stapless dress, there was a shaper slip underneath, threw it in the middle of the living room and dragged him into my bedroom. About an hour later were emerged, smiling and looking like we'd both been well f----d. Well, we had. Back to the party but it wasn't long before he was dragging me back to the boudoir.

This will crack you up. I KNOW when it's been an hour. I don't have to look at the clock. And while he was a great lover and fun to be with, I'd had............enough. It's sort of like, okay dude, just cum and soon since it's not an appointment. That's the big problem with being a pro. While I love what I do, I'm not needing to get laid 24/7.

So when I choose a civilian partner to play with I have limits. If it were a loving partner that would be different. MM and I would stay in bed for hours and make love over and over. We take a "dry out the sheets break, make a martini, have a snack, break" and then it would start all over. And that is the difference between love and lust most of the time.

Except......when there is one of you who walks through my door and it just "clicks" on all levels. Then I want to keep you. But since I have to let you go I do. That special chemistry between two people can make it feel very much like more than lust. I enjoy it to the max and kiss you goodbye. And hope we'll meet again.

You've had that with others and perhaps NOT with me. Oh, we're having a great time but another gal might really get to you on all levels. My ego isn't so big that I can't recognize and still enjoy every moment with you. Good lovin' is still good lovin'

That's enough for now. There's a lot more to share but I think I'll wait for a day or so.

One thing I will share. On top of all the rest of the challenges, I dropped my Iphon in the pedicure bath yesterday. Yep, I murdered it. I have a new phone. Same number......nothing on it. So if you want to be in it...send me a text or call and I'll add you back in.

I'm in an absolutely gorgeous suite in Naples. They upgraded me and I have a private balcony. If I don't have engagements I'm going to treat this like a little vacation. Something I really haven't allowed myself yet. And I'm due. I just wish it would warm up so I can sit in the sun tomorrow.

I have no idea what the next couple of days will bring before I head back to Lauren's. But whatever it is, I'll enjoy it to the max.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

6/23/3007 - Cork, Ireland and the Return of My Irish Cell Phone
Hello Sexy Mates,

I'm arrived in Cork yesterday afternoon so I was FINALLY able to reinstate my old Irish mobile number.


The UK cell is going to run out of minutes so please use the Irish number OR call me on the US mobile 813 765-1072 if you need to reach me.

Lauren arrived later on a flight from Paris and it's been NUTS since we got here. Friends were waiting but we needed the night to catch up and rest up from the traveling. Heathrow was NO fun nor was her long drive up to Charles de Gaulle. Don't even get me started on the one bag rule flying between countries in the EU.

However, we're here with our beloved Irish lads and being very naughty. I did get out this morning to buy the new phone but that's been the extent of our sight seeing. Hey, we DID come here to work and working we are. Big time!! You'll not hear a complaint from either of us.

I miss London. I missed it before I left. I just wish the biz was better there. Even half of what Ireland is would keep me going back often. But, we all are in business to make money and London is SO expensive to stay in. Add the awful dollar to pound exchange and it was a sad picture at hotel bill time. I don't regret a moment though. I had an absolutely fabulous time and have fallen even more in love with London. The boys there are pretty wonderful too.

Last week was a real study in contrasts. Saturday night was a date night for me and my fellow and I went to a very classy strip club in Covent Garden. It had been recommended by a "friend" that I'd seen that week. He said it was a great place for dinner and that it was. Add sexy, erotic, romantic and reasonable and it was a winner of an evening. I bought a lap dance for my date and he one for me. The girls were all young, perfect, beautiful and sweet. But I got the biggest kick walking back from the ladies room past a table full of men enjoying the club. One said as I walked by, "she's on the payroll". I laughed all the way back to my booth. In my eyes, that was a compliment.

Sunday, I finally did "the Big Bus" tour. That's one of the many open topped tour buses. I've just never had the time to take it and that day I did. The weather was perfect so I bought my ticket and hopped aboard. I sat up top of course and our guide amusingly shared his insights on London history. We all cracked up when we went past 10 Downing Street and he said, "Tony Bush...oops, Tony Blair isn't there now". Folks on the bus were from all over the world and everyone laughed at that one.

I stayed on until we got to The Tower of London. Another sight I had not yet gotten to see in my 5 previous visits. It wasn't at all what I expected. It far surpassed those expectations and I had an enjoyable late Sunday afternoon. After a tour of The Crown Jewels, (I have a few pieces I'd like) I hopped on a boat to Westminster Pier. From there I walked toward Trafalgar Square. That weekend was one of honors and remberances for the fallen in the Falklands war between Great Britain and Argentina. Military folks were everywhere so when I looked in a pub and saw LOTS of uniforms I just HAD to go have a pint. never hurts to try ya know.

A pint of Stella later and I continued my walk to Leicester Square. I had intended a movie again but the one I wanted to see was gone. So, a light Italian dinner and a long expensive phone call to family.

I'm starting to be able to find my way around Central London will out getting lost now. It's a good feeling and I feel less like a tourist.

One of these days, the EU will really be the EU and there won't be a different cell phone for every country you are in to beat the roaming charges from the U.S. It's been the MOST frustrating thing of my life, managing all these damn phones. Now the UK one will run out because you can't top it off unless you are IN the UK. You can't get a month to month plan unless you have a residence there AND a UK charge card. Geesh! So, ditch the UK phone number boys until I get back to England and can load it up again.

I did find out that I can add roaming to the Irish cell when I'm in the states. I just have to set it to Manual so it will pick up another provider once I'm in the states. And, I have to top that one off BEFORE I leave, unless I can get someone in Ireland to do it for me and then send me the codes. Yikes!

So, it's late in Cork. I'm exhausted and we have two more very busy days ahead of us. A good night's sleep and some advil will do the trick. If you never thought about this before, my profession is a VERY physical one. God bless Advil.

Life is good.

Your naughty girlfriend,


3/07/2013 - I Am Back
Hello Boys,

I'm checking out and heading to Naples. When I have some time I'll explain what that mess was last week.

And.........titillate you with lots of naughty adventures since my last update.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Old server failing, new that hadn't gotten set up when it was supposed to be and then more difficult to actually accomplish than anticipated. Plus lots of glitches.


Life is still good. Challenging for sure but good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/23/2013 - I Am Not Sure I Headed South
Hey Hotties!

I'm in Charlotte this weekend. When I arrived yesterday afternoon it was 38 and raining. I was worried an old friend driving from South Carolina last night would hit freezing rain. Thankfully he did not and we had ourselves a hot time.

It's the same temperature as New York City this afternoon. What part of heading to warmer weather did I miss? Ha!

I made a corporate decision and decided to skip Savannah on the way south. My one pre-booking already cancelled and it's never been a great stop even though I love the city.

I will head straight to Jacksonville and then on to Tampa on Monday. My reservations are all changed and I'll be arriving to enjoy warmer weather a day sooner. I've had enough of the road.

Fortunately I was upgraded to a beautiful suite her in Charlotte so there are no complaints about lumpy pillows. The bed is fab.

I'm probably going to head to Orlando on the 4th for a night and visit friends in the biz then on to South Florida on the 5th. Stay a couple of nights and then head over to Naples for one night. Then, back to Tampa. Keep an eye on my calendar.

I'm finally going to do a pie video on the 11th close to the Nudie Resort. I'm going to try and convince Lady Femina to do it with me. If we got dressed up in dom gear it would be pretty funny. Not sure she'll go for it but I'll let you know how that all turns out.

And she WILL be available for hot doubles when I'm in Tampa. The Sensual Sisters are back! Advance notice a must darlings! And a strong heart.

Then over to Daytona to see a provider friend who you might know as Wild West Kelly. We've worked together in the past and been friends for a while. Next I'll head to Savannah and then on to Raleigh. My provider friend Sheree lives there. We stay in touch all the time. No one understands our jobs like we do. Sometimes we need to share our challenges and laughs. Good for the soul.

From there I'm heading to the DC area. Since it's over the weekend I'm not sure where I'll stay. I think the city would probably be best. At least there will be something to do. And there are a lot of places to visit if no business happens on the weekend.

I'll buzz up to Hershey again that Monday the 18th and shoot with Scott Church again. Now it's the home stretch. On to Binghamton to see an old friend with a stop in Scranton on the way to meet another. I'll arrive back home on the 20th. One day after my mail service resumes. Phew! I'm worn out thinking about all that.

What I haven't mentioned is all the fun, relaxation and all over suntanning I plan to enjoy while I'm in Tampa. That will be really good for the soul. Plus old friends are the best.

I'm liable to change my mind again but the calendar is the best place to see where I'll be at a glance. No matter where I go, I plan on being very naughty.

And that's a good thing. So is life.

Smiles and Kisses,

2/20/2013 - It Is Wednesday So It Must Be Richmond
Hi Boys!

I have survived Baltimore and Backpage and will be leaving shortly for Richmond. It's only a couple of hours but I'm waiting until the maddening DC traffic peak time is over. It's never easy to drive through there but there's no point trying to do so at one of the busiest times.

True to form, fun was last day/last minute. Fortunately, verification was possible and solid. In all fairness one of my new friends did survive my BP prejudices and sailed through verification with flying colors.

More scheduled and then cancelled. Last early evening and early this morning. But they did notify me. That's all I ever want. Just let me know.

The heavens were kind and my final caller was a hunk. We had a fab time and he has said he'd love to film. He'd come to NYC to do so when I'm there. Oh yummy yummy.

In fact everyone was yummy, yummy. One reminded me so much of MM. What I thought was going to be a BWI disaster turned into a delight. So I'm keeping those thoughts that the rest of my trip will be the same. I am sending positive energy heading out into the universe. At least that's what LuLu tells me to do all the time. I don't know if it works but it's better than being fearful and negative for sure.

I had a great Monday evening/overnight with my dear friend and coat benefactor. Easy drives so far too. So I'm continuing my southern trek and feeling more light hearted the closer I get to Tampa and the nudie resort. Can't wait!

Just thought you'd like some good news and no bitchin' for a change. Love you all and life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/17/2013 - One More Day
Hello Boys,

Yeah, I don't have enough to do. I am all packed. I've even started loading the car. It will be just a few last minute things to add in the morning and I'll be out of here. It's freezing and windy today. BRRRR!

I've surviving the Backpage experiment, just barely. Still disgusted at the shabby treatment even with an upscale ad. One more day and then it's coming down. I want to see if there just might be ONE gentlemen on that site to meet in Baltimore who will be screened.

I am corresponding with one who said he was surprised to see me there. He said most of the gals are a cheese steak sandwich and a six pack. I was fine dining and a great bottle of wine.

I happen to like cheese steak sandwiches and beer but I get what he said and he intended it as a compliment. He's been forthcoming with info so he's verified. A tight schedule might prohibit our meeting.

See, this is my point exactly. A classy guy still goes to that site when they are in a hurry. Most all of you do. So if you were asking why I've been putting myself through this abuse that's why. On the slim hope that a gentlemen might recognize my service and want to make a date. There IS more traffic there.

I have several stops along the way and I am not advertising there anywhere else. My ego can't take it. lol

Earlier this week I heard repeated comment from one of my friends. His buddy had said, "she talks too much." I smarted. I love writing this journal and I know there are many of you who say they love reading it. I do try to relate titillating things without compromising anyone. If you think I do, send me a note to or give me a call. I do listen and I never want you to think I'm indiscreet.

I am packed except for the usual stuff you can't throw in until the last minute. The refrigerator is all cleaned out. Trash and recycling ready to go. Mail stopped and I'll head out for a timer for my lights soon. After the front door being smashed the other night I'm being doubly cautious. Plus, "the coat" is going to my sisters. I think I'd have a heart attack if I came home and found that gone. The hell with the rest of the stuff. That would be a dagger through the heart. Ha!

I'm having a last minute massage with my miracle worker gal in Kingston tomorrow. I'll get the kinks out so they don't intensify being on the road. I'm stopping in NJ tomorrow evening and spending the night with my sweetie who gave me "the coat." Can't wait!

I was getting achy yesterday with the cold front coming in so a long session of yoga for the hips was the trick. I think I'm going to forego the gym again and do another session for the spine this afternoon. I love yoga.

I was hoping to have an O or two this weekend to help relieve the stress. That really does the trick doesn't it?

Life is good. I'll write to you from the road if anything naughty and/or exciting happens. I'm on my way Florida!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

2/16/2013 - Florida Bound and Shaking My Head
Hello Boys,

I'm almost all packed.......already. I had my car serviced for the trip. A pedicure, polish change and a spray tan. I am READY for the road.

Just one quick trip to Sear's this weekend to get the lug nuts re-tightened after having the tires rotated. They say the aluminum wheels dictate that after 25 miles.

It's going to be very cold this weekend so it's not a moment too soon.

And I'm antsy now after being awakened at 4 am. Someone kept knocking on my front door and when I saw multiple headlights in the back alley I finally got up and answered the door.

It was the police. Someone had vandalzied our building. There was no going back to sleep after that. Even scarier, I had slept through it all.

So I've been up writing visiting ads for the last 4 plus hours. ECCIE, P411, Naughty Reviews are done. I haven't even done Date-check or TER yet. Surprise. We gals don't sit around eating bon bons all day long.

I'm trying an experiment. I have another google mail address with an accompanying google number. Why? I put up a Backpage ad for BWI/Baltimore. Nothing was shaking there.

It's an enlightening effort. Within seconds that phone rang. Screening? Why do I need all the info? Donation? Wow, you are expensive. Then the one Voice Message that was left was the sounds of a guy whacking off. Honest to God!

Every other one wanted to see me in an hour although the ad says I'm there Feb. 19 and 20. No one reads anything.

Then one called me last night from NYC. I explained I was in the Albany area. Not to blame everything on Backpage he had seen me somewhere else. With a Colorado phone number he couldn't figure out where Albany was and how FAR it was from the city. This morning he called again and I swear, HE was whacking off while I talked to him. I hung up and added a DNA next to the number. Now I won't answer it again.

What in the hell is wrong with some men? That is the most classless, tacky thing you could do. But I guess that's the point. To find a way to demean me in their pin head brains. Fortunately it doesn't. I just shake my head. THIS is why I hate Backpage. Yet it's becoming the first place men go for fun. Don't lie. Most all of you do.

I would bet even money there won't be one date from that ad. And the aggravation will be endless. Still, I'm going to leave it up until the day I leave for BWI. Then it's coming down so I won't have to put up with those guys when I'm there. It's a case if you can't beat them you have to join them. And @#$%$##Backpage isn't going away.

Still, if I have to be there when I tour some cities, not all, I'm going to use it on MY terms. Still same donations, still screening. Just an under the radar profile.

They need to understand there are upscale types of services in the world. Not just crackheads and pimps running the ads. Or gals who would be on the street if the site didn't exist working for embarassing donations. I WOULD work at Walmart before I got to that level.

What is interesting is that when they first started they were more upscale. But when Craig's list went down they took over their role. The government has made noises about taking them down also but has done nothing. There has to be money involved in that otherwise it would be gone. I know for a fact that they are making millions. The ads are not free or cheap any longer. I really miss the old escorts dot com. No one has filled those shoes.

You know that old saying, follow the money when you want a reason why things happen as they do.

I had a civilian date this week. I succumbed. I figured, what could it hurt even though he was not my type.

We were to meet for a drink. Before that even happened he was assuming we were going to have sex after. Mind you, he doesn't know who Anneke is. I looked at him and said, "no way!"

When I related the conversation to my daughter she said, "get the drink and kick him to the curb." I laughed like hell at my daughter's dating advice.

He arrived promptly and he bought a glass of wine for me. We were chatting in the lounge area, other folks joining. He's showing off his Rolex, pictures of his car and while I'm talking to someone else he flashes his smart phone showing me a picture of his penis. I am not kidding. I was aghast and instinct took over and I yelled, "oh no!"

He spent the rest of the evening trying to put down the other gentlemen in our conversation group. What an ass! I couldn't get out fast enough and he insisted on walking me home. He got no further than the stairs with a peck on the cheek. Yeah, I'll see you again. In a pig's eye I will.

On a happier note, one of my old filming partners has resurfaced, now separated. I would not continue to see him due to his marital status. As I've said before, outside the hobby I'm not going there. So we've left it at "we'll see where it goes." And we will. We ARE hot together. And he's younger. Hey, I like what I like.

I am NOT anti-men dispite all the bitchin' and moanin' here today. I'm anti jerks and clueless guys. I LOVE men who are gentlemen and know how to treat a lady as she deserves to be treated no matter what her profession. I'm hoping my relating some of the classless antics will shed a light on how not to behave. With a provider or a civilian female.

I had a quick playtime trip to Utica on Wednesday. A young hottie was wanting to repeat some of our earlier escapes. Let's just say it was well worth the drive. Yum!

I also met a Fetlife friend for cocktails Valentine's Day evening. We both agreed we wanted to go to a bar, not a restaurant filled with lovey dovey couples. I totally blew my diet on bar food but it was fun. He's always good company and we email each other several times a week. He's divorced and lonely but not wanting a relationship with anyone. I'm happy having him as a friend.

Many thanks to those of you who called and wrote to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. I have to say it was a good one this year.

I'm heading to Lady Femina's in Tampa. We're all excited to get together again and she is planning some get togethers while I'm there. I'm not sure how long I'll stay in Tampa but I know I'll have a great time back at the resort. I'm told it's regaining it's membership and it's sexy hotness. There's never been a place like it was in it's hey day as far as I've experienced. And I've been to a lot of naughty,fun places.

I'll be back when the money runs out. Or I get homesick for my place. I have a new business that needs promoting too. It's all good and so is life.

I do love you all. Thank you for being my friends.

Your Naughty Girlfriend,

2/12.2013 - After the Snowing
Hi Hotties,

Yeah, I was thinking of old Englebert Humberdink's hit....... Some of you probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about.

I've been on a nostalgia kick lately. Impossible not to be sometimes as I'm driving down back roads that I traveled on during my childhood/young adulthood years in the Capital District.

Earlier I was reading past journal entries. And thinking.... who was that woman that wrote that last one? It is possible to grown up when you are an adult. Or at least learn from life's lessons. At times, I don't recognize her. And that's a good thing.

Someone once said, "a mistake is life's lesson not yet learned. If you keeping making the same one you are just plain stupid." That one always cracked me up because there seem to be a lot of stupid people running around this planet doing the same dumb things again and again.

After I left my ex, many moons ago, I reached out for professional help. I needed it after so many unhappy years. I had to learn new patterns of behavior and response on top of learning how to gain my self-esteem. And learn to be assertive.

I'll never forget one of the first things my therapist said, "Could have, would have, should have must leave your vocabulary. We can't go back. We can only learn from our mistakes and go forward."

Hopefully I'll still be able to learn from mine and move forward, sound of body, mind and spirit. One can be hopeful and positive that will happen. And I am. Wisdom gained from life's challenges is priceless.

But back to the snowing. As I said, we lucked out and aside from a couple of spurts of flurries here and there since the storm we're in pretty good shape. Oh, it's gray and gloomy of course but that has only prompted me to get organized for my Florida jaunt ahead of time.

I'm already half packed. I have one suitcase for towels, swimsuit, pareos, suntan lotions and sunglasses. What? A bathing suit? Well, yeah, the hotels I stop at along the way aren't nudist resorts so one must be prepared for every eventuality. As soon as the temp is above 62 and I have free time and it's sunny, I'm getting in the sun. I've lost any vestige of a tan long ago.

I'll be careful. I promise. 15 and 30 level suncreens and limited amounts of exposure. Of course when I get to the Nudie Resort everything is going to be exposed. Thank goodness! At the resort, it's earrings, jewelry, sexy pareo, sexy shoes and suncreen. And a new attitude! Can't wait!

I am seeing some old and new friends along the way with plenty of opportunities to meet more of them. Hint, hint.

I am SO ready to head south. But I don't leave until next Monday the 18th so if you need an Anneke Fixxx before my departure or along the way.......give me a sign.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

2/08/2013 - Home Safe and Sound
Hello Darling Boy,

Just wanted you to know I'm back home in Upstate NY. I left NYC last evening at 11pm. Rolled into Sis's at 1am. Nice chat, went to bed around 2:30 and headed up the Thruway around 9ish.

Nemo hadn't started at Sis's yet and so far we've only had very light flurries up here. The heavier stuff starts tonight. Wind and snow to morrow.

I'm bummed about having to leave the city but freezing rain started this morning and I'm told the city is an ice rink. It was a wise move to leave when I did. Plus, the phone hasn't rung once from the city today even though I left my ads up. I did have a great time while it lasted. So thanks to all my friends this past week. It was fun!

I'll be in Upstate until I leave for Florida on the 18th. I now have my sites on a new upgraded server so there shouldn't be any more problems. You can see where I'll be once I "hit the road". My apologies if you were inconvenienced by their crashing.

I stopped on the way home this morning and did a little retail therapy. Lots of sales and I found some really hot outfits for my Florida trip. I love a sale. Especially when you can find fun things that you need.

Life is an adventure and I'm ready for another one. And that's a good thing. In the meantime, come keep me warm in Upstate.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

2/07/2013 - Make Way for Nemo and We Are Back Online
Hello Hotties,

I'm in Manhattan waiting to see what this big storm is going to do. Wouldn't you know I was having a dynamite beginning of this tour and now this has killed business. Fortunately I still have an outcall this evening. Thankfully yesterday was fab.

Add my websites server crashing repeatedly all week and this has been another one of those disappointing episodes in life. I know that didn't help when folks couldn't get on my sites linked from my ads. The good news is that I have upgraded the server so it ought to be good for another 3-5 years. Ha! It will outlive me probably!

But it looks like I'm going to have to run for Upstate before the storm begins. It's now been updated to a winter storm blizzard for NYC starting at 6am tomorrow morning. My friend LuLu says everyone hunkers down and business grinds to a halt during a storm. Time to go. Rats!

I'm going to have to leave tonight after my outcall appointment. Not happy at all but Mother Nature can't be thwarted.

So Manhattan, I'm sorry to cut and run. I would have loved to have stayed and played. I'll see you when after I head back from Florida. I promise!

I'll be back home after the storm is over if the roads are clear. I'm not going to drive 190 miles tonight. I'm staying overnight with my sister.

Stay warm and dry folks. Life is sometimes inconvenient but it's still good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

2/02/2013 - Back at the Ranch
Hello Darlings,

I'm keeping warm at home this Saturday evening. I've had a couple of martinis so it should be interesting to see how this journal turns out.

These days they get watered down in the shaker before pouring. That's my way of cutting back. Ha!

It's a balmy 7 degrees. Florida couldn't come soon enough. But before I go, I have a tour to Manhattan and about ten more days at home.

It's all good. Today was a big event in our small town and folks came out by the thousands to sample various kinds of chowder. Yep, chowder. Most of the restaurants and bars had their own version and tables were set up on the streets to sell minuscule bowls to sample each type.

I'm not a huge chowder fan in the first place but I got a huge kick out of the festivities going on. I arrived at the tail end of about 100 folks in red hats lip synching to Sweet Caroline. A flash mob I guess. I was really very funny and I videotaped it on my Iphon. What was even funnier was that it was on Caroline Street.

Everywhere I looked there were long lines of folks waiting at each venue for their chowder. And it was cold. As my Sis opined...."everyone has cabin fever." My thoughts exactly. We're all sick of being cooped up in this cold, gray, snowy time of the year.

So out the door I had gone too. Bundled up in "the coat" I had no worries about keeping warm. As I walked by each chowder station I thought, "how in the hell am I keeping the carb count down if I start down this path?"

I solved the problem. I headed into a bar that didn't have a chowder line. Just specials for lunch. Little neck steamers. 2 dozen for $8. No carbs.

Where can you find that? Nowhere. In fact, on Sundays I sometimes head down to Albany to an old Colonie tavern that serves them on that day only. For 7.95 a dozen. THIS was a bargain. Along with a real hand made bloody mary served in a pint sized mason jar for $6.

The place was packed. Not everyone wanted to wait in a chowder line. I had a leisurely lunch, yakking with barmates and then headed back out into the cold. Last year's winning restaurant was packed. Popped in another along the way but it was too crowded. Then I headed to one of my usual haunts that isn't normally open for lunch. With all these thousands of folks in town, they were. No need for lunch and a cold Peroni finished my festival jaunt. Just in time it seemed as the snow began. I'm sure that put a damper on the chowder sales but increased the indoor bar biz.

All over the Northeast there are Winter Festivals going on. I think it's fabulous. It brings business back and folks get out. Every place in town was packed on a Saturday afternoon in January. Of course tomorrow, they will be too.

I have no idea where I'm going to watch the game. I have too many choices. What a dilemma.

So how was Burlington? Cold and severe winds. I had a 6th floor corner room facing Lake Champlain. I have to admit I was alarmed at the wind roaring around it. Then I remember they have this all the time and relaxed. But dinner was at the hotel bar. While Church Street is a jumping place I wasn't leaving the hotel.

It was okay. Nice folks, I had fun and that's all I'll say about that. But the long ride up and back was beautiful with the Adirondack's and the Green Mountain's framing my views. There's no easy way to get there but I didn't mind it with the gorgeous winter views.

I had to get back as an beloved friend was returning last night. We've known each other for years so it was hot, hot, hot. He'd brought some hand crafted beer and I poured him a tall one after his shower. I keep extra large terry robes for my gentlemen friends. He donned his but it didn't stay on long.

After we caught up with life and news about our families. That's what old friends do.

It's my PBS English comedy night. Tomorrow night is Downton Abby. Monday I head to Utica for a very daring outcall. Wednesday to Manhattan where I hope lots more kinky and fun things happen. I'll be there until Saturday noontime. Do stop by.

February 18th is still the departure date for Florida. Pre-booking along the way. And I am doing so already.

Life is good. The Vicar of Dibly is on tonight. If I had a late night caller it would be perfect.

Smiles and Hugs,

1/24/2013 - Baby It Is TOO Cold Outside
Hello Darlings,

-10 below this morning. I'm not even going out of my place today. It's +3 right now.

Forget the gym. I did my yoga routine at home with an electric heater keeping the floor and my muscles warm.

My February 18th departure to Florida couldn't come soon enough. I just hope it's warm by the time I get to Tampa on the 26th. Yes, working my way back to you babes. Check the calendar to see where I'll be and YES I am already pre-booking.

Right now, it's a great time to snuggle, if there was someone to snuggle with. Come on over.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend needs warming up.

Life is good.

Hugs and Kisses,

1/16/2013 - The Flu and Revamped Southern Tour
Hello Darlings,

I'm in Boston and it's obvious there is an epidemic of the flu here. The phone isn't ringing and the restaurants are barely a third full. Who knew? I had my shot months ago and I'm just amazed at the people who say, "well, I don't know if it will work." I'll take 60% odds that I won't get it with the vaccine any day. If more people did get the vaccine that would dropped those infected way down.

Still,we had one glorious day that reached 52 here. No complaints. I've read a book, done yoga, shopped in the Pru Center, dined of seafood, had a little fun, lots on the way over, more about that later and will head to Milford, CT when I check out tomorrow. One of my favorite sweeties is visiting in the morning so I'll end this trip on a high note. He always makes me......gush and smile.

I'd been trying to arrange a trip to a little hamlet in Massachusetts for a couple of weeks. Our timing just wasn't matching up. I left home around 9am Monday because it was an estimated 1 hr 45 minutes to his home. Sort of on the way to Boston.

The distance was short but the way was meandering. There aren't a lot of interstates through the middle of the New England States. The ride was beautiful and I smiled as I traveled over roads that I hadn't done so in many years. It's beautiful country and I didn't mind the distance at all.

I arrived early but called first to see if I should head to his home. He said to do so and we greeted each other was an embrace and kisses. He was a little nervous but a little snuggling on the couch and soon we were heading to the bedroom. He was interested in my assortment of strapons. And I had come prepared.

But it was my turn first and he already had the towels out. Smart boy. We needed them as he was a cunninlinguist of the first order. Finally, I told him to take a rest. It was his turn.

He loved having his prostate stimulated simultaneously with some of my own oral skills. With all the moaning and groaning I counted several mini O's. The technique I use encourages that. Finally...out come the tool. I strapped it on and had him get on all fours, close to the edge of the bed. I don't need to be more graphic. You all know what comes next. Let's just say I got MY workout without going to the gym that day. And he was a happy boy.

We parted with big smiles and a promise that I would return. He was a sweetheart.

It was still 2 1/2 hour to Boston. I checked into my hotel room about 3:30, unpacked and caught up on messages. A friend had called on my way over and we'd plan to meet at 7pm. I was about to head out for a martini when he rang. Would 6pm work? Well, of course it would and we ordered cocktails for the room.

I'm always astounded at the cost of room service. He graciously paid the waiter and gave him a lovely tip. Still, it seemed like way too much for a couple of drinks. But, when you order Glenlivet 18 year old, (his preference) the bill does tend to escalate.

We had ourselves a fun time and I kissed him goodbye with a recommendation to visit LuLu in Manhattan.

Off to a closeby Asian restaurant for dinner and it was early to bed for me. 4 hours plus driving plus my strap on acrobatics had worn me out.

Who knows what the rest of this week will bring? Fun of course and the school. I'm looking forward to all.

Some of you might have noticed I had already set down my itinerary for my Southern Bound Tour. The timing of it was off and it was bothering me. My main objective was to visit with Lady Femina and her SO but they were not going to be back from a cruise until the end of February. Trusting my instincts I've moved back my departure date another week and made adjustments as to how long I'll stay and where.

I'm not sure when I'll return but I'll probably do a partially inland route on the way back. Perhaps hitting Raleigh and heading up 81. It will depend on the weather. That time of year can be iffy. Whatever stops I choose let's plan to have some fun. And yes, I will pre-book in advance.

Time to sleep. It's elusive tonight. Things on my mind. So I hope to grab a couple of hours before my friend arrives. Then it's on to CT. I hope to see you somewhere......soon.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

01/12/2013 - Gray Gray Go Away
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's Saturday morning and I awakened to a heavy fog and a wintery world. The good news is it's supposed to be in the forties today and fifties tomorrow. I'd be thrilled just to see the sun. I really don't mind the cold if the sun is shining. Must be all those years of Florida living that has engrained that preference in me.

This time of year I really miss Tampa. The last two-three winters I lived there winter was cold. As nudists, we'd have to put clothes on and it was kind of a joke. Everyone would say, "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

We'd be all bundled up in jeans and sweaters but for folks who were used to perspiring all the time it was a welcome change. Just as long as it didn't last too long. Of course our idea of cold weather attire defies description. You can't even imagine what nudists and swingers in Florida wear when they do dress. It's still not much. Or it's down to there and up to here and probably sheer.

Do I miss that? Oh yeah. And being that exposed all the time, (pun intended) tends to make people watch their weight and be more active. After all, everything you own is right there for all to see. It's a less sedentary lifestyle for starters. Add the zing of the lifestyle and it keeps you on you toes, appearance wise.

No small wonder so many lifestyle/nudist women become providers. They are already comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. They know there is a difference between love and lust and can handle it. And they can let their friends walk out the door after a steamy time without the heart strings throbbing. Well, most of the time.

There ARE some of you we'd like to keep but we know we can't. So, somewhere, we make that mental shift, as most women cannot, to enjoy you and let you go. Does that seem sad to you? It's not. In a sense, it's liberating to be able to not "own" anyone. Most of you gents who hobby know that. Men can compartmentalize, most women cannot.

What am I up to today? Gym for sure and I'll need to start getting ready for my New England tour departure on Monday. I need to replenish some "supplies." My school is confirmed and I have the schedule for the day. As usual Boston hasn't booked up. It always seems to happen last minute. Another case of having nerves of steel when I go on the road. There's no guarantee that folks will even show up if they do pre-book. Do I like this? No. Not at all but business is different from what it used to be. My week used to be full before I even left for my tour.

I counted 44 girls on Albany Backpage last evening. There are 2 of us on the upscale site. I know most of you are going there. You tell me you go "just to look." Once again I'm going to remind you that the ad of a 19-22 year has been written by her pimp. Or a cop.

When someone's donation is nothing and she doesn't screen you are asking for trouble. And you are abetting in something very dangerous. The 19-22 year is probably under age and addicted. You fuel this whole scenario. Enough said. It's not sour grapes. It's reality and as in all of life, you get what you pay for.

No more lectures. Consider that a public service announcement.

So, packing, gym, maybe some networking in the antique stores to leave my "other" business cards and get to know the proprietors. I'm not competition. I'm a potential customer or a referral for them.

I'm letting my hair grow longer and it's in that awkward stage of no real style. Something that makes me crazy. As a Leo our crowning glory is our hair. When we feel it doesn't look it's best we feel we don't look our best. It's now also a mixture of different blondes. Light to darker. So, look at the twins instead. Trixie and Boom Boom are still magnificent.

I awakened yesterday to find a text that had been sent at 4am. It was a picture of a naked guy with his equipment at full mast and in his hand. That was it. I texted back at 8ish and said, "I don't recognize you. Hahaha."

Sure enough he texted back. He wanted an appointment. I have to tell you I was shaking my head at his stupidity. Number one, I don't make text dates. Number two, he'll never get one now anyway since he's compromised himself and me by sending that photo.

It took several exchanges for the light to dawn. Of course, he never filled out the appointment page.

My friend Sheree, now Sherie, and I chatted last evening and we were sharing war stories. No names of course. Sometimes the stuff guys do is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous. But we still love you. It's great to have a gal pal in the same profession. No one outside of it can understand what our day to day life is like. Sometimes you just need someone to vent to. We do that all the time and end our conversation uplifted and more positive. We both love our choice in life. Even with it's challenges.

If you couldn't tell I'm homesick for the Nudist Resort and my Florida lifestyle. I trying to figure out a way to get down there in February. I think a visit will get it out of my system. And if life is kind to me this year I'll plan to spend some time in Florida next winter. I can hope.

If I decide to go, I'll drive and "play" along the way. Keep an eye on this journal and my calendar. My New York upbringing grounds me but my inner nudist calls me. Know what I mean?

In either case, life is good. Come see me wherever I am.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/07/2012 - A Week Into 2013
Hello My Darling Boys,

So far, it's been an interesting beginning to the new year. The days are getting noticeably longer already and the gray days following our two back to back snow storms have departed.

I love those sunny bright blue winter skies. Of course, in the Hudson Valley they are not frequent in the winter time. So, I enjoy them even more when they appear.

It's colder today but not minus 11 like a few days ago. We had a mild winter my first year back in the Northeast last year. This year we're having a more normal one. I'm missing Florida.

Thankfully the bitter cold ended for New Year's Eve. I had enjoyed a late lunch at one of my favorite taverns so dinner was skipped. I dressed warmly for our first night activites and headed out before 6pm. Low 30's so it was okay to walk everywhere I wanted to go.

I began with an organ concert at 6pm. Breathtaking, fabulous old chesnuts in organ literature. A small but very appreciative crowd. The fabulous organist made the chill bumps appear. To me, there's nothing like the King of Instruments when played so brilliantly.

Then to my favorite place for wine and a Kir Royale. I chatted with a nice looking guy to my left but wanted to head to another venue. A Celtic rock band was featured and the hall was jammed when I arrived.

What fun! A great combo of old Celtic, newer folk and fun rock tunes with a lively group of performers from Toronto. A real cast of characters and we all loved them.

Now the town was crowded and other venues were full. It was getting colder and I was content to walk home and open a bottle of Prosecco. I could see the downtown fireworks at Midnight. I raised my glass and said a Happy New Year to me!

We also survived the fiscal cliff and the phone is starting to ring with real friends. Up until a few days ago it seemed like time wasters and idiots were the only ones who picked up the phone. I'm not the only one who has mentioned that. I know those of you who are responsible about life were sitting back and waiting to see what was going to happen in DC.

I'm not going to begin a political diatribe. What's the point? We all know they are self-serving idiots in Washington, on ALL levels. The only one I can responsible for is me. Plus, it doesn't do one any good to go around complaining about politics all the time. It just sours your attitude on life. Me.....I'm happy to wake up each morning feeling great.

Especially after last night. Why? A lovely gent asked to see me in downtown Albany. Impeccable references and a courteous manner in email. When I entered his room at 9pm there were candles lit everywhere. Soft music on the in room tv and a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot on the coffee table in the sitting room.

I smiled and hugged him and said, "how elegant and classy." And he said it matched me. Oh Wow! We were off to a good start. Nothing warms a Leo up more than a compliment. A little egotistical are we?

He wanted to be teased and tease I did. Apparently he'd heard about Lake Anneke and he also wanted to take a swim. After a glass of champagne and some serious petting we headed to the boudoir. He already had a thick towel at hand. He was bound and determined to break the dam and he did. Not once or twice but several times. He also had the unique ability to be in the moment so he relaxed and had several mini O's before the final culmination of the Oh My God one.

I'd stayed longer than asked because we were having such a great time. He showed his appreciation by tucking a little extra gift along side my envelope.

I headed home and knew I wasn't going to be able to settle down for a while. About 10 minutes from my arrival the phone rang. It was one of my hot friends from town. Did I want to make a house call? Well, hell yeah!

Was I up to the challenge? Was he? Yes to both counts and I followed up his happy ending with a massage. Sort of a backward order of things but he was a happy camper. I like my boys smiling. And I was too.

I have my business cards for the new venture. A facebook page. 6 likes already. And I am happily anticipating the school next week.

But I'm still excited to be Anneke and looking forward to rocking your world in 2013. I'll be in Boston/Back Bay next week and will also host in Milford and Stamford, CT. Check my calendar for those dates.

I think I'm a very lucky woman to have two professions that I adore. Well, one that's in place, the other that will be. (smiles)

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

12/29/2012 - Snow Snow Snow and Happy New Year
Hello Darlings,

To my friends in the nudie resort, I envy you right now. Catch a few rays for me will you? And my best wishes for a sexy and Happy New Year!

I've been looking at the website and I see the new owners "get it." Instead of trying to rip everyone off for the big party, they have reinstated the discounts and made the evening affordable. Think of me when you are dancing to Pussy Control.

If you'd like to know I had a different but lovely Christmas. Family plans changed and I found myself alone where I live. But not for long. After the gym, I changed and headed to a 4pm service. It was the children's Christmas Pageant. Now how can you be down when those adorable little ones are telling the Christmas story. I was laughing at the antics of the very young ones and recalling that I'd done the same things.

It was a lovely service and the children were precious. Of course, our hearts all go out to those folks in Newtown and in Webster, NY who won't have their loved ones with them. Bless them during this awful time.

I drove home, parked and walked downtown. There wasn't a lot open for Christmas Eve but I headed in one of the more upscale places. It was bustling. A kir royale and some Connecticut Blue Point oysters were splendid. A mediocre entree was not. But hey, folks were friendly and it was lovely to be out.

I slowly walked back home, enjoying the stillness and the Christmas lights. I saw a lady pushing a Price Chopper shopping cart down the hill toward the store. She lived several blocks away and it seemed some shopper had decided they would help themself to a cart and not bring it back.

We started to chat. It was obvious she was lonely. She was heading to Mass at midnight and was in the choir. I thought to myself, "what can it hurt to stand here and have this lovely chat with this stranger? Isn't this what Christmas is all about." We wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and went on our way.

Home, I decided I wasn't going out again for the 10:30 Mass at another church. I settled into my flannel pj's. (sorry boys) and turned on PBS. To my delight, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert was on. But instead of settling me down, it revved me up to get out of bed, get dressed again and head out for the service I have originally intended to visit.

It was cold and the wind was blowing so I drove the few blocks instead of walking. At 10pm the Organist, strings and choir began the 30 minute prelude. It is a huge organ and I was literally in heaven. A very long, beautiful, high church type of service ending with communion. No, once again, the roof did not fall in on me. Church IS the place for sinners. The righteous don't need to attend. It's a good place for me.

I drove home on the quiet streets. It had been a beautiful day.

Christmas Day I drove to Kingston and had lunch with my son. The only places that were open were diners but that was fine with us. A big slice of Americana and simple food. Our time together was what mattered. It was dark by the time I arrived home and I opened a bottle of champagne. Another good day.

I'm awaiting my longtime friend from Massachusetts. While it's only snowing moderately folks are having fender benders. Folks, those of you who grew up here, you ought to know better. You don't speed up when the road is snowy and icy and you don't tailgate. Slow down!

I swear there is an epidemic of rudeness and me first in this world. Everywhere you go. What is the freakin' hurry? You won't get anywhere any faster by pushing everyone else. Calm down. Do some deep breathing. The decision you have to make at work and at home will probably be a better one when you take your time.

I love the whole scenario when an airplane gets to the gate and the bells go on that you can stand up and get ready to deplane. Men, YOU are the worst. You will bolt out of your seat, elbow everyone around you and act like it's going to matter. You're only getting out the door after everyone else. And you don't have to whip out your smart phone and start yelling into it. We're not that interested that you are an important businessman somewhere. Or you think you are.

I get it on the job all the time. They call and as soon as they know you are not going to be where they want you to be the moment they want it and they have to screen they hang up. Yes, hang up. It always floors me. But then, I'm glad I don't have to meet someone like that. Yuk.

My resolution this year isn't to lose weight. Even though I will get the holidays trimmings off of me. My resolutions will be to be more kind. To be more polite. To smile more. To slow down and think about others first. None of those actions will cost me a thing will they? Nor will they you. You'll probably have less stress in your life and live longer.

A quiet mental thank you for a blessing. A pat on the back. A hug for a grieving friend. A compliment. You can always find something nice to say to someone without being disengenious.

For starters, how about, Hello (Ms Provider), how are you? I saw your ad and I'm interested in meeting. I love your smile. Lalalalala and then an ending to your communication. Regards, Mr. Hobbyist.

It's amazing how a little civility makes others feel special. And we all are.

My friend on the way is one of those rare gentlemen in the hobby. ALL the girls love him and make accomodations and considerations for him because he is so lovely.

We'll have mutual oil massages with jazz playing and candlelight after we catch up. Champagne, shrimp, maybe some fried ravioli's with dipping sauce. A lot of sensual sliding here and there. Lots of O's and then we'll walk downtown for dinner.

Does he get a special rate? You bet he does. I've also decided that if have a date the dinner date time is gratis. Seems fair to me. I like making that connection. And I love great conversation with an interesting gentleman. All the while knowing we're either going to be naughty after or we've already been. Makes for a very sensual evening.

As we head into this New Year let's stop and take some time for others. You'll feel very good if you do.

Life is good and can be so much better when we give to others.

Happy New Year!

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

12/22/2012 - Merry Christmas Baby
Hello My Darlings,

It's the last gasp before Christmas. For me, all that remains is a trip to Home Depot and the liquor store. I need to pick up a couple of small gifts for my son and some champagne and cassis to take to Sis's. The presents that I mailed have arrived at their destination and are under my daughter's tree.

I was ready to have some fun. Last night, I met Sara of Albany at a nearby club and we went dancing. It's been since summer that I've shaken my tailfeathers. It felt great.

What is cute is that we like the same types of guys. She calls them hotties. So we're on hottie alert when we go out together.

One fellow asked me to dance but by then I was starting to get blisters on my feet. I did but that was the last dance for me. That's the result of not enough practice. I smile fondly when I think back to life at the nudie resort where my feet were always dance ready.

Our club used to be open every night of the week back in the good ole days. You could always go down and dance. It was packed. Then, new ownership lost the vision and the recession hit Florida much sooner than the rest of the country. The club closed down, except for a few nights a week. I used to say here that I had gone down for some late night cardio. It was great for my body and my spirit. I am happy to report that new ownership has been restoring the place and the naughty good vibes that used to exist. I wish them the best.

So, I'll go back to the local club again. It was fun and good for me. I'd lost my groove. Like Stella, I'm going to get it back.

On Friday nights they have live music. Last night it was a great cover band with a huge local crowd. An older crowd with some younger folks mixed in. Young hotties too. Everyone was having a blast. For those of you who are younger, you are going to have to put up with us baby boomers. We refuse to be old.

On a different note, this has been an important week for me. I secured my DBA for my new venture. I signed up for a one day school in January, secured another domain name for that business and ordered my business cards. I'm well on my way to adding a new business.

So, yes, the vacation to Puerto Rico is cancelled. No trips to Florida in January. But it's possible I'll fly down in February. I'll need a break from the cold weather. Tampa's season is actually February to May. It's not as warm as south Florida.

In the Anneke world, the start of 2013 looks different on my calendar. I'll be back in Boston, downtown, mid-January. Then on to the school in Connecticut. Of course, a little fun on the side is available. Why waste a hotel room? I'm working on the tour schedule for the new year so take a peek to see if I'll be in your neck of the woods in the next few weeks.

My best wishes to you and yours for a blessed Christmas. There is nothing more important than having good friends and families in our lives. I hope you will enjoy the ones that surround you.

Life is good. Happy Holidays to all!

Love and Hugs,

12/18/2012 - In Remembrance

May they rest in peace.

12/13/2012 - The Holiday Antsies
Hello Hotties,

I'm back home. I got in around 3pm yesterday afternoon after a lovely ride up the Taconic State Parkway. I stayed on it all the way from White Plains to I-90 where it ends. It's a beautiful ride and there are gorgeous views of the Catskill Mountains along the way.

The heat in the apartment is turned way down when I leave for any amount of time. It's in the lease as well as the temps when I am here. I froze last spring so I'm bumping it up. 67 during the day and 62 at night when I am home is too damn cold. I'll add more to the rent if I have to.

I ran errands, mailed Christmas cards, bought a few last minute gifts and headed to a fav spot for Happy Hour. It's a very small but elegant bar with a nice group of folks. No hot guys but that's my fate here in this town so far. They always have fab appetizers and they actually make a meal.

I was going to join friends for a cigar after but no one was in the cigar room when I stopped in. It's a social event so puffing away on one by myself is no fun. I'd stopped in the cigar store along the way and I have a Bugatti and a Rocky Patel figurado for another time. They won't spoil.

I love that torpedo shape, (go figure) and a shorter, milder smoke. Of course, the next day my mouth tastes awful so I'm careful not to partake when I know I have a date early the next day. It's been a good 3 months since my last.

Back home, I watched the 12/12/12 concert up to Kanye West's appearance. Sorry. I don't care for most rap. Some of Eminem I like. He is a wordsmith.

Then it was switching channels and reading until I finally fell asleep at 4am. I'm antsy and feeling some of the holiday blues. I need a good workout, which I'll do later today and several good O's. Hopefully tomorrow. And NO sugar. It messes my mood and me up big time.

White Plains/Rye was okay. Not as great as I'd hope but it's Hanukkah. It makes a difference. The dates I did have were great and I did enjoy cruising around my old haunts in Stamford. Joe's Pizza, Splash Car Wash and Lord and Taylor out on High Ridge/Long Ridge Road.

I don't miss the place though. Maybe there are too many unpleasant memories of struggling through the recession, being dumped by my lover, not many friends, who knows? It was an interesting chapter in my life and it's helped me appreciate where and how I live now all the more.

I know it's been a week and a half since the last journal entry. That's a lot of time in life. I've seen Breaking Dawn II and Skyfall. The Hobbit and Lincoln are next.

I had a Fetlife friend over for drinks and nibbles. Just conversation and solving the problems of the world. Nothing else and that's just fine.

A lovely new friend stopped by the next day. We spent the whole afternoon getting acquainted on many levels. Our backgrounds are very similar and it was nice to meet another who cared about me as a person. He had been deeply touched by my comments about St. Patrick's. He also is probably going to get the Thunder Boomer of the month award. Good start huh?

I received a nice little note the other day that said he worried about me. I thought that was sweet. I replied that I always screen selectively and drive with my cruise control on the interstate. lol

I did meet a very nice guy at my hotel bar in Rye. Classy, good looking, older, in great shape and single. I gave him the home phone number. He thought I was stunning. I thought he was a keeper. We'll see. If nothing else, it was an interesting and engaging evening for a couple of road warriors. It's nice when that happens.

I'm heading to Waltham for my last tour of the year next week, December 17-19. I am seeing some beloved friends so I'm looking forward to our moments together. Hopefully, I'll make some new ones too.

What am I doing over the holidays? Sis's birthday tomorrow. She's hitting the big one. I'm preparing dinner, having a cake made and we'll probably all have too many cocktails and a lot of laughs. It will be fun.

I'm heading to her home for Christmas Eve, church that night and Christmas Day dinner. We may even brave the crowds and see Les Miserables. It's been years since I saw the play and I adore Hugh Jackman. Now that's a hunk!!

I have an overnight on the 29th with the dear old friend that I slip and slide in the warm oil with. I know that will be a great evening.

New Year's? I haven't a clue. In the 13 years I've been single I've had 3 dates for New Years Eve. Yeah, pathetic isn't it? Two with my old buddy in Lauderdale and one with my crossdresser friend at the nudist resort. In drag. Every one of those was fun, fun, fun.

I am available and I can't think of a better way to bring in the New Year than with a bang! If you are alone too let's share it together. It will be affordable.

If not, there's a first night here and I know the town will be jumping. I can always walk downtown and see what kind of mischief I can get into. I'm sure I'll find someone to kiss at midnight.

I don't think Florida and Puerto Rico are going to happen. Not enough revenue and there's a design school I want to attent on the 17th of January. Sometimes, life just decides what is going to happen in spite of what you plan.

But it's all good. Especially life.

I hope this Holiday Season will be a happy and blessed one for you and yours. Come on by. I have a gift for you. (wink, wink!)

Love and Hugs,

12/01/2012 - Let It Snow December is Here
Hello My Darling Boys,

I'm in Manhattan today. It's windy, chilly and gray. But I've got THE COAT so I am warm when I venture out. Upstate has had a dusting of snow. LuLu says it's snowing in Boston. She's downtown so go see her if you are a Bostonian.

I arrived Thursday afternoon and it's been non stop until today. Of course, the city residents clear out on the weekends but the tourists are here in droves. The streets are packed everywhere you go. I smile. It's great for the economy! Not a whole lot of fun if you are walking somewhere in a hurry. Oh wait! I'm sounding like a New Yorker.

I had a delightful date Thursday evening with a lovely gentleman who took the train from further south to meet me. We had tried to get together when I last planned to head south but since that trip got cancelled we didn't meet. He told me that once he saw that photo of me walking down the hotel hallway in the long coat and boots that I was on his bucket list. Adorable.

And so we met for a drink at a Central Park South upscale hotel. We chatted like old friends and then headed upstairs. We had all the time in the world. No rush, lovely easy moments. After we shared a light dinner in his room. I was supposed to spend the night but his eyes were drooping and he said he was satisfied. I hope we can meet again. We shared many of life's philosophies. I so enjoyed him on so many levels.

And that's one of the perks of this profession. One gets to meet so many different types of people from so many walks of life. New ideas shared, new insights into life. As well as world class lovin'.

Earlier in the day an old friend from my London visits came to call. Again, another blessing to meet an old friend in the midst of Manhattan. In fact, that's happened again and again this week.

Then new friends pop up. My final tete a tete of the day yesterday was a very young man wanting to partake of some of the experience of the older woman. He'd been a complete gentleman in his approach. When he walked in the door it was almost a step back in time for me. He SO reminded me of the love of my life. And he was close to the same age when we met. I told him so and related how we'd met and what had transpired over the years. Of course, discreetly.

He wanted to make out. We petted away like teenagers. Of course, that made me even hotter knowing I wasn't going to get anywhere. I just wanted it even more. He left with a smile on his face with plans to meet again in February when I return. We'll see.

My old love? He's become a highly successful person. While he used to stay in touch it's no longer safe for him to come anywhere near me. He just stopped writing and shut down his old email. No calls, nothing.

It doesn't make me sad. It was the only prudent thing to do. And he'll know I realize that. I can watch his continued success from afar with a big smile on my face. Sort of like a proud Mom. He's something special in this world and I know even greater things are in store for him.

He's an impossible act to follow. I'll never try to find someone like him again but it was fun to spend time last night with an adorable young man who reminded me so much of him.

After a busy morning yesterday I headed to the Eastside for lunch at Les Relais de Venesia. It's a long walk and I knew I'd need the exercise over and back. It's not a low calorie lunch. If you love sliced beef with an incredible sauce, real french fries, fresh green salad with great vinagrette, adorable servers in french maid outfits in a very elegant setting for a great price, (seconds allowed) you should visit.

It's no wonder that the folks on either side of me were French. They know were the cuisine is good.

As I walked back I received a text from someone I love. Asking for prayers. Calamity had struck again. I looked at my surroundings and realized I was at the back side of St. Patrick's Cathedral. No coincidence to my mind. I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I'm not Catholic but I am a spiritual person and the place has a powerful presence. I don't care what religious tenants you adhere to. It's unmistakable when you enter the sanctuary. It always makes the hair stand up on my head.

I took a seat and prayed. Then I walked to the front and lit two candles at the nativity. Then I walked all the way around past the stations of the cross. As I stood quietly in front of one of the stations I looked around. Others had that same look on their face that I must have had also. I knew I was in a special place and I was overwhelmed. Close to tears. I wasn't alone.

I left and wandered a couple of blocks through the throngs to Rock Center. I sent pictures of St. Patrick's and the tree to my petitioner. And then I saw three older ladies all decked out in bright red reindeer ears. I snapped the photos and sent that too. From the sublime to the ridiculous. And that is life isn't it?

Just in case we start taking life to seriously, something reminds us to lighten up and enjoy all that is around us.

I'll be home tomorrow briefly. Then on to Syracuse for two nights. I've cancelled Binghamton. I miss my pillow and my little city.

But life is still good.

Smiles and Kisses,

11/25/2012 - After the Turkey
Hello Hotties,

I hope you've all survived this long Thanksgiving weekend. It truly is my fondest wish that your time with your family and friends was a blessed on. Hopefully, you're not sick of them all by now. However, if you've had enough togetherness and are looking to escape Christmas shopping is a good excuse to get away. :-)

It was mostly a good Thanksgiving for me. I love sharing my table with family and friends. I had plans to go out Wednesday evening for the "biggest party night" of the year but a trip to the masseuse nixed those.

I had a therapeutic massage after the gym Wednesday that left me black and blue. And knocked the stuffing out of me. So it was a quiet night in and some preparations for dinner the next day.

My son, sis and her S O arrived around 2pm. It was a warm day and totally delightful. The brined turkey recipe was fabulous. If you haven't done it yet, do!

Sis left around 7 and my son stayed behind to work on a honey do list for mom. I'm bringing him home today.

I'm learning that weekends seem to be busy in my part of the world, biz wise. So Friday night was an outcall double header. The first a fetish client who decided my donation was negotiable. Not much you can do but grit your teeth, take what is offered and get the hell out. And never see him again. Fortunately, my later outcall was generous and more than made up the shortfall.

I hadn't been out for a late appointment in a long time and I got a thrill out of the adventure. I've been sitting around home too much. I loved getting back in the groove.

Earlier that Friday afternoon/early evening I began my holiday decorating. I still have a few things to finish later today after I drop my son off but the place is looking great.

Tomorrow I'll be back to a routine. I'm also excited about an evening threesome with my friend Sara and an favorite long time buddy of ours. It's always hot and..........wet.

Not much else new except I'm also getting ready for Manhattan this week. I love being in the city during the holidays and I'll make sure and head to Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales to see their window displays. It's a magical place during a magical time of year.

I'm also hoping that Santa will cut me some slack for all the naughtiness I hope to get into. Personally, I think he likes it when I'm a bad girl. I hope to share some of that bad girl with you.

Life is good. XO

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

11/20/2012 - Life Resumes AND Happy Thanksgiving
Hello Darlings,

My apologies. I'm a bit late updating. It's been busy since I returned from Rochester last Friday afternoon.

The "tour" was okay. I met some nice folks and my hotel was lovely. A creative chef in a chain restaurant kitchen is a miracle. It's an easy 3 hour drive and I was able to see the end of fall in various stages.

For me, it was a trip down memory lane returning to Rochester. I have some roots there. Important ones and I spent some of my free time retracing them. I actually remembered the number of our first apartment. I hadn't forgotten the street name. It was a dicey neighborhood then and it hasn't improved.

It was kind of sad to go back to a city that was in it's heyday when I spent my brief time there. Downtown is not what I remember. But that's true of a lot of Northeastern cities and cities everywhere. But Park and East Avenues are still the tony places to be. It's a lovely part of town.

I arrived home late Friday afternoon. Easy drive back and exited the NY State Thruway and headed cross country at the Fonda exit. I'm on a notify list for an estate sale company so as I drove through Broadalbin I saw their sign. "Screech" right turn and headed that way. Unfortunately, the folks who had this estate probably never bought anything of quality in their lifetime. It was a nice enough modest home on a country road but what a collection of junk.

I thought, "Stop being a snob. This was a home they were probably proud of and this was the best that they could do. I'm sure there were many happy memories that were shared in that house." As always, I wonder what has happened to them. It's obvious that these were older people who lived there. Kind of sad to see one's life reduced to selling off trinkets for 50 cents apiece.

All of which makes me want to enjoy the life I have left more.

I left the sale and continued homeward bound. I had already verified a P411 member and I was going to have fun that evening. My jaw dropped when I opened the door. Tall, built and adorable. He is a personal trainer. Oh yum. Let's just say we both had a great time.

Later that evening I had another request for someone in town. We'd never met and while I could totally verify who he was I was too tired to entertain at 11:30 at night. He was insistent but I stuck to my guns. I knew he'd been drinking. We scheduled for 2pm Saturday. When he didn't confirm I texted. I got a brief reply, "In the doghouse."

See. that's what alcohol does. Gives one a sense of invincibility. I love this old joke;

After one martini you become charming. (You lose you inhibitions and you think everything thinks you are adorable.)
After two martinis you are intelligent. (You expound your conspiracy theories and solve the problems of the world.)
After three martinis you are invincible. (You can do anything and get away with it, including leaping off buildings in a single bound.)
After four, you're invisible. (you spill a drink, stagger, slur your words, and no one notices. Except the cops.)

After a Friday morning appointment, a 220 mile drive, another visitor at 9:30 and a couple of Procecco's, I know my limitations. No amount of smooth talking or tributes waved will change my mind. In the end, it's a good thing he didn't come over. He REALLY would have been in the doghouse.

Saturday morning I headed to the supermarket early to buy my Thanksgiving dinner supplies. I'm all set. I'm going to try brining the turkey this year.

I've been working on a painting project so after that and the gym I stopped in a new local hangout. I snagged the seat at the end of the bar next to the fireplace and ordered a Stella. Soon, two gals my age sat down on my left, another on my right and it was girl talk time. We're probably going to meet up tonight somewhere for Happy Hour.

Of course, in the back of my mind I'm always thinking, I hope they don't find out what I really do for a living. It will be over in a heartbeat. Women get pissed for the most part and I understand why. Still, if they took care of things in the marriage, I'd never meet their men. In my humble opinion. Maybe these gals wouldn't care. I think they are single too.

Sunday morning I putzed around and worked more on my painting project. The phone rang and it was my Albany ATF with a horn on. I'm always happy to solve that problem for him. He loves having a gin martini, shaken ice cold with olives. Gin is a no no for me so I make a watered down Ketel One martini. Afternoon is a bit early but hell, it was Sunday.

Off he went with a huge smile on his face. I hung out for a bit and then headed out for another Happy Hour Special nearby. Again, nice folks at the bar. Great conversation interrupted by the phone. Another prospective suitor.

Verification when I got home and a late night knock on the door. No one is around to see a thing. Another adorable fit guy. I made him a drink and we had round one. Solved life's problems and went for round two. Nice way to end the weekend.

I love it when I'm busy. It benefits me in several ways. lol

Eros split off the new "Albany" area from NYC in September. There are a whole two of us advertising there now and as I've mentioned business had taken a nose dive. I've complained but there is not much they can do to make gents look at the Albany site. It will take time.

So you'll also find me back on the NYC Eros site. Hopefully traffic will also lead to Albany. It's probably one of the most visited cities in the world so it won't hurt to have traffic taking a look at Anneke Van Buren even if she's only in the Manhattan Metro NY market occasionally. Couldn't hurt to drive more traffic to AnnekeXposed.

NEXT WEEK I WILL be in MANHATTAN, November 28-December 1 staying in Midtown West. I'll have a private incall for you and I am also available for outcall to your VIP location or hotel. References of course and NO text appts please.

Although I don't know what some of you would do without your smart phone. You seem to use it for everything. I'll bet you would brush your teeth with it if you could. JK

I'm so excited about this week. Thanksgiving dinner, putting up the tree, decorating the apartment in between naughtiness. I feel just like a little kid. A very good thing!

My wish for you is a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for living in the United States of America.

Life is good.

Smiles and Kisses,

11/10/2012 - That Week That Was
Hello Darlings,

I was sitting at my computer. It's Saturday afternoon and I realized I'd totally forgotten one of my Saturday musts. Updating this journal.

My beloved sister drove up Tuesday morning. The floor refinishers were beginning and everyone had to leave until the floors were done. So, for 4 days I had a house full of family. Sis, Sam, Nicholas and Bob. Of course the boys are cats.

Nick had howled for 90 miles. Sam and Bob looked dazed. Bob scurried under my bed and Sam, the kitten, went exploring. Nick, with his usual disdain, inspected the place.

I call them my grandsons. Since we have a no pet policy I figured it would be better to ask forgiveness than permission. Plus, cats don't make a mess like dogs. At least these three don't outside of the litter box. They are hilarious and entertaining just by themselves. And they all like me. I got a big kick out of having a cat or two to cuddle and pet.

I was supposed to leave for Boston Wednesday and not return until Friday afternoon. Sis and "the boys" would have the place to themselves. But the latest Noreaster made me rethink this mini-tour and I cancelled both Waltham and Farmington. It's a good thing. All but one pre-booking cancelled too.

We did the usual girlie things. Shopping, girl talk, happy hour out two nights, good food, favorite tv shows and lunch with my Albany ATF on Friday afternoon. He's a cool cucumber but I knew he was inwardly smiling about being a sandwich between two pretty ladies.

After, she and I stopped at a salvage yard on Erie Blvd. in Albany. I've been keeping an eye out for a large Paris Flea Market crystal chandelier. Oh, I can find them everywhere on the internet and in retail lightening stores. I just don't want to pay full price. Plus, I'd like something older. Well used and well loved in another life.

As we walked in the door my eyes lit up. There was crystal hanging from the ceilings everywhere. And old wood, mirrors, pedestals, columns, frames, etc. salvaged from old homes stacked along the walls. We were in heaven. I talked to the folks who worked there and they told me they could custom adorn an old chandelier frame for me, using the kind of crystals I prefer. Woohoo!

We wandered around a couple more places and then headed home for cocktails. No happy hour last night. Just an easy evening at home with Sis and the cats.

She's already home and says her floors look beautiful. I see her again for Thanksgiving if not before. The boys won't make the trip for that. Humans only.

I think I'm going to resurrect an old family tradition of serving Cold Duck with the turkey. She and I both like it so why not? Of course, we'll have a small dish of scalloped oysters. Another old English tradition that my Mom's side of the family observed. My son, I and her S O all love them.

I'm meeting someone from today for a drink. He's a sub and seems very sweet in emails. We'll see. A circle of like minded friends here is much desired. Ones that I don't have to pretend about who I am.

Of course, there will always be an alter ego life for me no matter what my profession. It's a must. But I'm not complaining. I can't imagine a plain vanilla persona only. Not that there is anything wrong with being a straight arrow in society. It's just not me.

You are probably wondering why I have uttered not a peep about the election results. I'm not surprised at the outcome and I am disappointed. But I'm not looking backwards. We all have to go forward. I am hoping for an economic miracle. Hell, I want the guy in the White House to succeed at turning this economy around whether I like him or not.

However, I am extremely nervous about the ability of either party to hammer out a compromise to solve the fiscal cliff we are about to go over. The Pres has already stated that if he doesn't get his tax hikes on the wealthy he's not interested in cuts. Last I knew that isn't how compromise works. I'm flat out disgusted with both parties so I'm not just blaming him.

So as long as we have this uncertainly about our economy my business will probably continue to be so so. There ARE a handful of gals who are doing great. Most of them have established a clientele in an area over many years. I've moved too many damn times. I'm older. Despite stellar reviews, new pics, things are not where I'd like them to be.

I do have pre-bookings in Rochester for this upcoming week so I'm keeping a positive attitude that this trip will be a good one. It would be nice if I didn't have to travel all the time and could have a client base in the Albany area but I don't think that is realistic.

Still, touring can be lots of fun when it's busy. And I like to be busy. And I love being in big cities. Manhattan....I'll be down November 28 to December 1. Private digs for your pleasure.

I haven't forgotten about the rest of the sizzling review. Soon. I promise.

It's a gorgeous Upstate New York day and I'm about to head out to the gym. I'll stop in a couple of consignment shops along the way and then head home to get ready for my date.

Life is good. I hope you feel the same about yours.

Love and Hugs,

11/03/2012 - Holy Smokes It Is November Already
Hello Darlings,

I'm having my usual Saturday morning cup of coffee, catching up on recording my journal moments. It's a beautiful, chilly, mostly sunny morning Upstate. I'm going to head to Albany to window shop and stop by the cemetery to leave a flag and some flowers for the upcoming Veteran's day.

I'm blessed with heat, power and water. Not so my many friends in greater NY, NJ and the city itself. My heart goes out to them and my prayers. My friend, LuLu, sexyhotfriend, lives in the city and has been updating me on what is happening. She was fortunate. She was above the power failure grid but she just got her hot water back yesterday. She admitted it was a small hardship compared to what others have suffered.

One of my first photographers and a friend lives on Long Beach, LI. Another client friend had just built and moved into a shore home in Jersey this summer.. I know the shore home is gone. I'm hoping my photographer friend's is not but it's not hopeful.

After living in Florida for seventeen years I saw hurricanes come and go. But I was fortunate not to ever be in an area when they had a big one. Oh, we'd had some brief power outages in Tampa but somehow, Tampa has managed to miss them all for decades.

How ironic that there has been more devastation in the Northeast since I moved here than where I resided in Florida. It was tornados in Georgia and Florida. Noreasters in the Northeast. Who would have imagined New York City being flooded? Wait....Al Gore. I'm no huge fan of Al but in this case, he was right.

We need to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. Homes along the shore need to be constructed of concrete AND on stilts. That's what has occurred in the Southeast after enough hurricans finally changed the building codes. Andrew was the cause of the now very strict building codes in Florida. And it's paid off.

But we're in the middle of a economic recovery. (I know that's wishful thinking) I wonder how likely any huge infrastructure program will be?

Enough.....get out and vote Tuesday!! I don't care who you vote for. Just get off your butt and do it. We need to get this election behind us and hopefully when it is.....I'll have you behind me.

I am heading to Waltham and Farmington, CT this week. I'm attending the Boston Meet and Greet so my time available will be limited but I DO have some time open. The next day I am heading down to Farmington for one night. Hopefully, it will be worth the time spent and money for gas and tolls. These days a road trip is not cheap. Still, my feet get itchy, I long to see my old friends at these events and am eager to meet new ones. I am working on bringing my new lover/filming partner with me to this one.

I am having some troubles cutting and pasting more of that 10/10 review from my Boston playmate. I'll add in an extra update if I'm successful. If not, it's on TER. VIP's can read it all or I'll give you the link here in a few days. You can have some midweek ready in either case.

Halloween was a bust. I had decorated my front window with spider web lights, a ghastly skeleton, bats, lit pumpkins and donned my makeup. I love Halloween and get a big kick out of the Trick or Treaters. I had one. I threw the candy out the next morning. It does not need to be on my hips. Not after how hard I've been working to have smaller ones.

Sandy put a damper on Halloween I'm afraid. But the inconvenience of a damper is a small price to pay compared to our friends to the south. Give them a word of encouragement. Or better yet, a helping hand. Whether it's in person or a donation to the Red Cross disaster fund. They are going to need it........big time.

I putzed around home this week until my ATF here spent the afternoon with me Thursday. We lounged on the living room bed/sofa, drank martinis and nibbled on shrimp, cheese, hummus and fresh veggies. Then we nibbled on each other. We didn't even bother to head into the boudoir. Sixtynining with me on top. I know,,,,he could have drowned. But, trooper that he is, he drank it all.

Last night, another old friend drove over from Vermont. The next time he visits we're going to head to the casino after. It's just down the street. Something I did for the first time ever this past week.

I was a bit bored, had time to kill before the gym and thought, "I think I'll go waste my money in the slot machines."

We have a beautiful casino and Trotter horse race track here. Mostly slot machines, some card games, not much. I got a big kick out of the make up of the afternoon crowd. All Seniors. And then I thought.....hell girl, you're one of them. Hahahahaha. I forget that I'm supposed to be one of them. You KNOW that's a tough pill for ME to swallow.

I didn't even mind losing my money. It was a nice change in the middle of a grey, dreary afternoon. And I found the disco that has a big crowd on the weekends. Live music Friday nights. DJ Saturday nights. And they are not Senior Citizens. Those folks have had the early bird special and are asleep, in bed. Where I probably should be. NOT!

I'm all excited about Thanksgiving this year. I'm hosting my Sis, her S O and my son in my new place. It has a kick ass kitchen, open floor plan and it will be fun. Sis isn't up to preparing a big meal at her home this year but she'll help. When she needs to rest, she can sit in the dining area and yak with me.

The next day after Thanksgiving, I'll put my CD's of the Messiah, Mannheim Steamroller and more favorites on the sound system. Yes I have an Ipod. No I don't use it.

I'll lovingly lug out all the Christmas decorations. I bought a new 7 1/2 foot artifical tree this year and new decorations to add to my collection. It's going in the gorgeous street side Victorian bay window.

A bottle of champagne will be in the ice bucket and I'll make Kir Royales. I will yet again celebrate my yearly tradition of preparing for the holidays. If you'd like to help, let me know. I totally enjoy doing it alone, as I have for years, but company is always enjoyed. As long as you bring more champagne. lol

My Florida departure may slide into January. I'll see how the next few weeks go and post any changes on the calendar here.

Life is good. I can sleep when I pass.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/30/2012 - I Am Okay
Hello Boys,

Upstate New York missed Sandy. Thanks for asking. I'll update more this week.

In the meantime, I am home in the Capital District and open for business. I will now offer INCALL AND OUTCALL with 24 hours notice for new friends. The incall will be a hotel. The outcall is up to you.

INCALL for old friends at my location. Shorter notice dependent on my availability and how horny I am. And.....I'm always horny.

Fall donations have changed so go to my Albany ad. Jim can't update this GFE special until he returns home.

Life is good. The next update will feature the continuation of that hot 10/10 TER review.


10/28/2010 - Hurricane Anneke and Election Be Over
Hello My Darling Boys,

Lest you think I'm being my usual egotistical self, a fan from Virginia asked me yesterday if there had ever been a hurricane named Anneke. I thought it was pretty funny. Personally, I'd rather they not use that name. That's a dubious honor.

I'm home. I've had my fill of coffee, the Sunday morning news and I'm in the process of unpacking from this past week's tour. I had a lot of luggage this week. Why? Because I had a photo shoot in the middle of my visits to Parsippany and Hershey. One has to be prepared for every eventuality during the shoot.

I'd never worked with Scott Church before and from everything I'd heard he was the consummate professional. I wanted to equally as professional.

Parsippany sucked. The phone rang, the emails flourished, appointments booked and then the no shows and the cancellations began. And the same thing happened in Hershey. Needless to say, while I thoroughly enjoyed those of you I did spend time with, this tour left me with a bad taste in my mouth. No pun intended.

The bright spots were the photo shoot, a thunder boomer on Friday afternoon, a beautiful dinner date with an old cherished friend from Chicago and some beautiful drives in the Pennsylvania countryside. Hershey is a lovely, picture perfect town.

I always focus on the highlights everytime I go on the road. Otherwise I'd probably never tour again.

Ever the optimist I always hope the next time at home and the next tour will be a good one. Sometimes they are. Other times, not so much. VERY frustrating and I assume that you get sick of hearing that here. However, this journal is about my real life trials and tribulations as well as the glorious experiences. You get both if you read this.

I briefly stopped at my Sis's on the way down the Thruway on Tuesday. I needed to leave a key to my place for her. She's remodeling and when they redo the hardwood floors she will stay here. Hopefully it will be when I'm home. It would be fun to have her and her S O here for a few days. And all the kitty cats. One, I call my adopted grandson. He's my ATF of the 3.

He was rescued from under a car in Atlanta at 4 weeks of age. He and his sisters. His mama was gone and they were abandoned. My tender hearted sister could not stand to see them die from starvation and dehydration. She brought them back on the plane and nursed them to health.
She already had two grown cats, so 5 was not an option. She adopted out the two girls and kept the lone male. The one who wouldn't leave her lap. He hasn't changed. He is the sweetest thing and if I could ever have a cat again, I'd chose one like him. A love.

On to New Jersey and the Short Hills mall and the fur vault. It was time to pick up "the coat." It had been cleaned and glazed and after showing ID I was able to walk out with it under my arm. It weighs a ton and I'm always a wreck having it with me. But I wanted to use it in the shoot.

I drove to the home of my coat benefactor to spend the night before the tour began. We had a lovely dinner and then went back to his place for a little fun. He's such an easy person to please. A true gentleman.

Next morning, I heard the garage doors open and close and he left for work. He didn't want to awaken me so he just left. Thanks again darlin'.

On to Parsipanny and my hotel home for two days. The desk clerk always remembers me and she goes out of her way to make sure I have a fabulous room. There's not much to chose from in Parsippany but this upgrade rivaled any 4 star hotel. It was greatly appreciated. The few friends I did entertain were impressed too. I gave her a little tip when I left. Something one of my friends taught me a while back. It works well when you need a better room at check in. It also works when you plan to return. Plus, she deserved it.

On to Lebanon and the photographer's studio. I've really never spent any time in Pennsylvania. I'm always amazed at what a beautiful, rural place it is. It's a lot like upstate NY with rolling hills, quaint little towns and farm land in abundance. We could feed the world with America's farm produce if the politics allowed.

Scott's studio is on the second floor of a downtown Victorian store front. A HIGH second floor. Thankfully he hauled my luggage up two sets of steep stairs.

Upstairs, I met his make up artist Sarah and we planned what I would wear for the shoot and in what order it would progress. He has a fabulous space with lots of different rooms. High ceilings, huge mouldings and different tableaus set up.

Sarah finished my makeup. I'd already provided the foundation for it that morning. I've learned that we girls know best and I asked her to add some touches that I knew would work for me.

And the fun began. First, a classy black dress, my Louboutin heels, black stockings, lots of pearls. Then we added a black fascinator and black satin gloves.

Next set, a cheetah print pencil skirt, a really low cut knit top, cinched in waist with a wide black belt and red stilettos. Which you'll never see darn it. The camera didn't include the shoes.

It was set in a library with an old desk, typewriter and old rotary phone. I held my glasses as the "slutty secretary." He loved it and it turned out to be our favorite set.

Next, "the coat" and a beautiful Armani beaded dress under it. This is my second favorite.

Lastly, a velvet corset, black hand rolled stockings and rhinestone jewelry. Posed on a huge bed in the corner of the main studio.

He did the adjusting right there in the studio and I left with 12 finished photos and 400 plus others in their raw state. Annekexposed update for sure. You will see them on when Jim gets off the road again. Sorry boys, out of my control.

We chatted while he finished the editing and we all hugged as I left. I will be working with Scott again. He and Sarah are a joy to work with.

You CAN see examples of them on my ad. Look at the Eros map and choose Albany. I'm not hard to find. There's almost no one on the Albany Eros site.

Hold it you say. If there's almost no one on the Albany Eros site where are they? There have to be more gals in the Capital District right? Oh, there sure are. Want to guess where they ALL are? Except for Sara, bless her heart. guessed it freakin' Backpage. And you want to know why? I'm finding out that YOU are going there in increasing numbers. And other gals in this business who are legitimate and upscale are advertising there now too.

Why? It's cheap and they don't screen and you think you're going to find a diamond in the rough. In New York City some of the very top end girls are there now too. It's the old adage if you can't beat 'em you have to join 'em.

And it looks like that is what I'm going to have to do. Against all my instincts. Albany LE is all over that site. So I'll have to screen, screen, screen. And my donations will stay the same. It makes me sick that it's come to this. But as my Sis says, "you have to do what you have to do." It's all about numbers of viewers.

It's not just here. It's everywhere. Hopefully once this damn election is over things will settle down and men will return to their senses. And you'll go back to the classy sites that are upscale, the girls are legit, there are way fewer pimps and most gals care about the service you receive.

Remember, a 20 year old hottie on Backpage isn't writing her ad. The pimp is. Or LE is. That's the truth, not sour grapes. That's why they don't screen and that's why it's 80 to 100. As in all of life, you get what you pay for. And if it's too easy to make an appointment, be careful.

So support your local legitimate provider boys. She has bills to pay too. And you know she'll take VERY good care of you. And please, make sure you check her reviews on before. That way there's a good chance you won't get ripped off, robbed or arrested.

But hey, life is still good. It's better than working at Walmart and I have those of you who do care about quality.

Hugs and Kisses,

10/19/2012 - Rain Rain Indoor Games
Hello My Darling Boys,

It is another dreary, rainy gray day here. Thankfully we've had a couple of lovely, sunny days in a row. With spots of sunshine within others. I've been able to do my Gadabout Gaddis routine and hit the back roads and byways to gaze at the evolving colors.

Here in the city it's warmer so we still have some breathtaking views as I drive up and down the city lanes. I'm always amazed at the beauty of this lovely Victorian town. Most cities seems to have a seamy area. Oh, perhaps there is a house here and there but I've yet to find the ghetto. There isn't one.

A lot of folks don't know that New York State isn't one huge parking lot. Once you leave Metropolitan New York we become an agricultural state. You can google what we do. The Hudson Valley is famous for artisal produce, cheese and meats. Hudson Valley fois gras is prized. And yes, I love it and order when I can. The Culinary Arts Institute is in Hyde Park.

Of course the farm stands are stuffed with apples, cider, maple syrup, (yes, we do that too). Bittersweet branches, corn stalks, gourds and pumpkins are everywhere this year.

Last year's Hurricane Irene all but wiped out the pumpkin crop in 2011. This year they are in abundance. I will probably buy mine this weeknd. But I'll wait until I get back from next week's tour to carve it.

So, I've had afternoons of pure delight driving around country roads. Today I'm heading over to Amsterdam for another estate sale. Even in the rain. Hey, it's something to do.

There sure is no business this week. Everyone seeme to be in hibernation since that stupid Zumba madam got busted and the airwaves are full of political hot air. It's like the whole country is holding it's breath. I predict the phone will start ringing more once the election is over.

It's been the gym every day and doing admin. Lots of ads need to be attended to as I'm heading to the Morristown, NJ and Hershey, PA areas next week. I am spending the night with my friend who gave me "the coat" Monday night. Picking up "the coat" Tuesday and then checking in to have some fun. Hopefully there will be folks to have it with and although the phone is ringing they seem to get lost between the phone and my appointment page. No way, pre-election, I'm skipping any part of that.

Photo shoot in Hershey with Scott Church Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck and good visages.


"Non VIPs: Setting up with Anneke was really easy – naturally you have to have some credentials like a couple of White Lists or some credible reviews –(MY NOTE HERE, OR REFERENCES) but aside from that it was rather fun because Anneke seems to like you to email and flirt a bit. She is an extremely well educated, talented and versatile lady so I think she has the innate good judgment and 6th sense to be able to pretty much know who she wants to see and not see after a couple of emails. She seems to enjoy younger lads – but please – older guys (like me) you’ll feel really comfortable and perfectly fulfilled intellectually and sexually with my pal Anneke.

VIPs: Anneke had set herself up in one of the classiest hotel franchises in America – that’s who she is “class”!!! When I got to her door – it was slightly ajar and behind it was this strikingly poised Nordic beauty w. bedroom eyes just exuding sex!! The door was barely closed as we fell into each other’s arms smothering one other with deep, wet sexual French Kisses. I’m sorry – a couple of minutes of this and both our clothes were all over the floor in abandon and we were diving onto the bed - a bare-assed duo - primed for a sexual romp.

quickly had my stiff hard cock between her lips and deep into her mouth – stopping only for a second to admire Junior and pass him a compliment. Meanwhile I was enjoying licking, sucking and gobbling at her huge beautiful nippled breasts – I could tell by the way Anneke had my cock back to her throat that she was enjoying too. But – here’s a secret for you guys – Anneke has a personal film library on her website and you can buy any number of videos to download easily for short money! I bought her video on “How to Eat a Pussy” – now I really don’t need much instruction on how to do my most favorite thing on this earth but I just wanted to get the nuance of what Anneke might like and what to expect from her. Remember Anneke is a “squirter extraordinaire” and besides wanting to get to know a beautiful sexy woman - it was some tasty real squirt that I wanted – it’s the way I really can tell I’ve pleased my partner and I love to please!!"


I have a civilian date last evening. It was open mike night at the local coffee house. We'd chatted via email but it was the first time to meet. 6'2", very cute, nice guy. Appropriately kinky to match my own kinkiness.

We stood as much of the caterwalling as we could and headed to a quiet place to talk. And then their band started so we departed for another. Their musician was playing. ARGH! Outside for our beers and fun conversation. It's so nice to meet someone open minded and tolerant. A friend who wants to be accepted for his lifestyle choices and who is totally cool with mine.

Perfect gentleman that he was, he insisted on walking me home. His jaw dropped when I showed him my place. I'd told him about my design business intentions and he said, "I had no idea it would look this good." Obviously, that made me smile. Hopefully, potential clients will feel the same and want my services to make their place look beautiful.

A kiss goodnight and we might go dancing next weekend. Lovely evening with a lovely guy.

I hope that "erotic installment" made wading through my boring leaf peeping and daily life observations worth while. I'm off to my Sis's this weekend to help her with decorating choices for her home remodel. And to see a big annual show one of the service organizations puts on.

I secured my domaine name for my future redesign business. Next, business license, website design, certification, etc. Lots to plan the next few months but I do have the time. Wish me luck with this too! I'm excited to be starting another job that I love.

Life is good. Have a fabulous weekend darlings!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/15/2012 - Fall Foliage Fiasco
Hello My Honeys,

I'm home,having my second cup of coffee and enjoying the brief sunshine. There has been so much gray lately it's delightful. It's going to cloud up again soon.

The little piggy finches cleaned the feeder out while I was away. After I get out of my pj's and into workout clothes I'll refill it. So no birdy entertainment this morning.

I left Boston/Waltham Saturday after checkout and lunch with my morning date. I'd had enough. Thankfully my very last adventure was a humdinger. THE best Thunder Boomer I'd had in forever. He's in the process of posting a review on TER so I'm going to wait and give you the explicit details in installments on the next several updates. It's HOT!

Making that statement says a lot because it was not a week without other Thunder Boomers. Thankfully I did have some great sex. I sure didn't have much business.

Wednesday morning I left early for the long drive to Portland, ME. It's 5 hours. No avoiding it. And in the rain so leaf peeping was out of the question.

I'd had no inquiries but was looking forward to a Thursday morning date with an old friend. He's a delightful mature gentleman who travels the world. We have a lot in common and I was looking forward to seeing him again.

The hotel was lovely and the room a departure from what this chain usually offers. Instead of the shotgun suite the room was laid out, right to left. Great living room upon entering, bathroom and boudoir to my left. And a view of the Portland airport. Those of you who have traveled there will know what I'm talking about.

I unpacked the necessities. I don't bother unloading my suitcases when I'm only in a place for one night. I freshened up and headed down to the bar/restaurant after relaxing with a couple of my favorite HGTV shows. I needed to unwind from the long drive first.

Leggings, a form fitting top and up to the knee boots completed my outfit. Comfy and still flattering.

The manager's happy hour was still going but this one allowed you to sit at the bar and order dinner too. I opted for the steamed lobster with grilled asparagus. Vodka, rocks to cut back the carbs.

Cute younger guy to my right, very interesting older guy to my left. Both were fun to speak with as I dug in the lobster dinner. You can't be dainty as you dine on lobster. And I am not. I tied that cheesy plastic bib around my neck, pulled the big napkin over my lap and thoroughly enjoyed every fresh, delicious morsel. They sell them at the Portland docks for 5.99 a pound so you know this dinner was a bargain.

Satiated but not stuffed I headed back to my room. I found an email from someone who was staying in Portland that night who wanted to see me. Within a few email exchanges I had verified him and knew he was in MY hotel. Apparently he had seen me entering for dinner and since he'd just perused Eros, knew or thought he knew, who I was.

I've changed my hairdo so he wasn't positive. I'm attempting to let it get longer so there was a point in time where we had to make both sides of the asymetrical cut the same length. To my dismay, my hairdresser cut the longer side shorter than the short side. In other words, a crappy haircut.

I've been futzing around with this disaster for almost 10 days, unable to make it look anything like a hairdo. I'm happy to say I finally figured out an acceptable way to style it. But this is going to be painful, trying to go from short to longer hair. Bear with me boys. In the end it will look great. In between now and then, I'm doing the best I can.

You'll see where I am, hair and body wise, in the next photo shoot on October 25. Add a new review on TER and those of you who wonder if I look the same as my current photos will find out. Still fabulous darling! (tongue in cheek but hopefully true)

I've wandered off the story line course again. Sorry. After some starts and stops trying to get Paypal to do what it's supposed to do our fun began. Tall, nice looking and ready to go. As was I. It had been since the week before that I'd had any fun. So, yes, I was horny!

We took our time and he didn't leave until after 1:30. My date that morning was at 9am. Not much sleep. But I was up at 7, primping and grabbing a quick breakfast. He called and I directed him up. We always chat a lot before. Some of you like to chat after. Some of you don't do either.

What do I prefer? It really doesn't matter as long as you are having your fantasy fulfilled. Of course, I always like spending some time getting to know you but some folks just can't or won't go there and I always respect your privacy. Still, it's much nicer for me making that connection. Fortunately, the in, off and out date is rare. My screening usually tells me what is likely to occur.

How so? The content of your contact tells me much. If you're in a big hurry, you're really not coming to see me. You're just hoping to cum with anyone who attracts you. That is where men and civilian women are so different. And that's why I always state that I think providers are more like men than other women. I think we've been given that extra shot of testosterone that makes US horny just as often as you are.

The civilian woman doesn't compartmentalize the sexual experience like a guy does. She's most always emotionally invested somehow. We providers can separate love from lust and let me tell you, I'm one lusty woman. Thank the stars!

Thursday late morning I packed up and headed back down the Maine turnpike. Waltham was my destination and it's always been a great place to tour. The phone was ringing, emails were forthcoming but no one either 1. wanted to screen or 2. wanted to wait. Everyone wanted a last minute, you don't need to know who I am date.

Sorry.....not doing that. Ever. Especially right before the election. The Kennebunkport madame had already made the news. The timing was bad for Waltham but it had been worse for Portland. I tightened the screws down on the screening. And while that meant I had few dates in Waltham it also meant I wasn't wearing orange. Because you know who DID call.

Thankfully, my ATF in the Boston area did respond and we had our usual hollering and yelling kick ass date Thursday night. He's a love and a very kinky boy. But he set me on my heels when he told me after the big moment that I hadn't been myself the last time we'd met. He knew I was having a hard time. I think it was during all the moving stuff from Florida, scrapping by time. Stress does a lot of not so nice things to us, doesn't it?

Gulp! I don't ever want to hear that stuff. Because that means I'm not doing my best even if I thought I was. He said, "Hey, you are only human." And I asked, "Well, how about tonight?" I was BACK TO MY OLD SELF, he replied. Phew!

The next day an old filming partner now becoming a lover arrived mid-afternoon. All my scheduled dates had fallen apart or disappeared. When he walked into my embrace we were both ready to lose ourselves in each other. He's a wonderful kisser but it didn't take long before he was diving between my legs. I just KNEW this was going to be a good one and when I was getting close and he started to pull away I begged, "Don't stop!" He did not and I hit the ceiling.

I love those take over your whole body, rip your insides out, curl your toes orgasms. I hadn't had one of those in a long, long time and I needed one. I thanked him and said, "time for me to return the favor." We wanted to be joined in that ages old position. We're a perfect fit and it wasn't long that he exploded, me along with him, again.

We kissed goodbye, happily satisfied. Thanks darlin'! Hopefully, we are going to film again in the future.

Later, I walked across the street to a local restaurant. I sat at the crowded bar, next to this nice looking gentleman. I was introduced around and found that he was the owner and the other gent, the manager. We spent a lovely time chatting about life and more. After cocktails, a braised Chilean Sea Bass dinner, I had no tab. What a nice ending to the day. I left a big tip for the bartender and walked back to my hotel.

While it hadn't been a lucrative day it had been pleasant, despite the frustrations. I'd already cancelled my downtown Boston hotel. There was no point piling up more expense and no profit. I've been to Back Bay several times over the past 8 years. They wouldn't miss me this time.

More about THE thunder boomer of the year next update. In his words. I'm cutting and pasting his review, in segments.

Life is good. Especially when you have two Thunder Boomers in a row. Now come see me this week while I'm back in the Capital District. I'm around until next Monday or Tuesday.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/01/2012 - October Already
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's a dreary day again. We've hardly seen the sun since last Thursday. Fortunately the temperature is mild. The foliage is heading toward peak but the leaves are much more beautiful when the sun is shining through them. Come on out Sun!

There is a luminosity that you see here like no where else in the world. Except perhaps Northern China. There's also a vibrance and wide range in the display of colors. A lot of that attributable to a preponderence of Sugar Maples. That is why this part of the US is my favorite place to be in the fall.

As a child, I remember huge piles of leaves in our yard. We'd all help with the raking and them once accumulated we'd play in the leaves. After Dad would burn them. Of course, our eyes would be big as saucers watching the flames. The smell of burning leaves was wonderful.

In the spirit of cleaner air those days are gone. But they are glorious memories of fall colors. Vibrant mums. Corn stalks piled up and the dogs running around our yard, in and out of the leaves.

We raised English setters. Not a common breed but one of the sweetest, most sensitive dogs on the planet, in my opinion. Dad used them for bird dogs when we were small. In later years, they became more like household pets.

When we cried, they were sad and when we laughed, one of our gals would actually smile. If I didn't live in a no pet apartment OR travel I might have one of that breed. Might I say. I really don't want to be tied down and a pet is a huge responsibility. Even more so a dog. Still, I miss them.

I awakened the other morning to see as yet unidentified bird at my feeder. I'd written to Sis, she's a birder too and an email was there saying, "it's probably a house finch." I looked in my Audobon book to identify it but no listing.

Then I remembered that the internet has to have the technology for that. And, of course it did. There I found my little friend. It WAS a house finch. Probably an immature male. (not even touching that comment) I had a great time at the site listening to the bird calls and reading about what is native to New York. The habitat for birds has changed with the change in climate. No more boring stuff. I promise.

I've started to pack for my Syracuse tour. I leave tomorrow morning and already have pre-bookings. I'll be back home Friday afternoon if you Albany Area boys need an Anneke Fixxx.

So what have I been up too? Well, biz is slow here. But we all knew that would be the case. So, I decided to up the ante for action.

I'd meet a member of for drinks and dinner a couple of weeks ago. I'd posted for friends on the site. And some wrote. All male of course hoping I was a sure thing for their recreational needs. I said, friends first, we'll see.

Well, some wanted a guarantee and I wouldn't do that. Hell, I haven't even met you yet dude. There's a little matter of chemistry and compatability. At least for me there is. I know the male species. It's more, "I have a hard on and I'm horny so let's go." And I have you, my darling boys. That does change the playing field.

So, after my dinner date we walked back to my place to get some lessons in "knots." Yes, knots. He was a dom and he loved tying people up and putting them in cages. I laughed like hell and said, "you know what? I should learn a few knots and I definitely want to borrow one of your cages."

He showed me a couple of basic knots and then demonstrated how you could use them. Yes, he tied me up. You are probably thinking, "holy crap Anneke. You let some stranger tie you up?" Boys, I've developed a sixth sense about who is a creep and who is not. This guy was perfectly safe. I gave him my Iphon and we took some pictures of me trussed up like a turkey. Hilarious.

I really wish I could post them here. This site doesn't allow me that option. Jim would have to do it. And he's driving a big rig somewhere until mid-October. Plus, they'd go on not here.

I did send one to my friend Sheree and she laughed herself silly. The imperious Leo Anneke tied up. Hahaha!

We said goodnight and kept in touch. This last week we met for breakfast and then went Thrift Store shopping. Wait.......! You did what Anneke? You didn't bop the guy? You didn't take him to the boudoir? Nope, I said friends remember? So after breakfast we visited the thrift stores and the Salvation Army shops.

Actually it was fun shopping with him. Not many guys would do that and he's not gay. I collect crystal decanters and I actually found a lovely etched one for 3.99. It now has sweet vermouth in it for my Manhattans when I make them.

I'd had an inquiry about an adventure to Schenectady on Friday. In the meantime, I received an email and some photos from a young guy who'd done some filming. Would I be interested in filming with him? Very cute, well equipped and a gentleman in his correspondence. A brain too. Rare these days with the I-Y generation.

I kind of put him in the back of my mind for future reference. Then I thought, get off you butt girlie. And I sent him a text and asked if he'd like to get together for a drink. He said yes and Friday evening we met at one of the old Grand Dame hotels in town.

Classy guy. Better looking in person. Tall and yummy. And yes, he had an audition. Thank God I have a mattress pad on the living room couch. WhooHoo!

And you thought all I did was watch birds. Ha!

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

9/24/2012 - Fall IS In the Air
Hello Gents,

The maples are starting to turn where I live. I've hung a bird feeder in the back yard, thanks to a gift from a generous friend. There's a fall wreath on the front door and I've replaced the plantings in my porch boxes with mums and savoy cabbages. Perky red mums highlight each side of the front steps.

We have a lot of squirrels so the folks at the bird store said to use safflower seed in my feeder. Supposedly the squirrels don't like it but the song birds do.

My son hung it for me around 5:30 last evening. This morning the chickadees and the nuthatches were already feeding when I awakened. They were my entertainment while I sipped my first coffee of the day.

A little chipmunk ate the dropped seeds. He's having a great time benefitting from the seed my feathered friends spill. No sign of the squirrels thankfully. They are a nuisance.

It doesn't take a lot to make me satisfied in life. Beautiful surroundings, good food and drink, pretty and fashionable attire, nice people, world class sex, occasional travel and great music. Not necessarily in that order. None of which have to cost a lot of money if you are careful shopping and plan ahead. And I do like to shop. :-)

The living, dining room and kitchen are all freshly painted. Walls and woodwork.

I spent a whole $14 on quarter round to trim my big beautiful doorways. Benjamin Moore Navajo White is the trim. A Restoration Hardware warm gray is on the walls in the living room and accents two areas in the kitchen. A light, sunny yellow completes the kitchen. Home Depot mixes the colors for me and that saves me a lot of money while attaining the same look.

Accents of black, creamy white, silver, gold and big punches of bright yellow are the palette. I love it! Very French with contemporary touches and homey accents.

I'm not done but I'm getting closer to completion. It's been a blast doing all of this and I would love doing it for others. That's the end goal. Adding a redesign and home staging business to my list of "things to do" in life. It's been very satisfying to have started with an empty apartment on April 1 and to now be living in a beautiful abode.

If the Anneke phone stops ringing I'll need something else to fill my time. I have no control over when that will occur so I'm trying to plan ahead if and when it does.

I had a short tour in downstate NY last week. Two nights in Westchester. One of them occupied with a "social" gathering of hobbyists and providers in Manhattan, Wednesday evening.

After an short cab ride to the White Plains train station and a quick express train into the city I arrived at Grand Central in no time.

I didn't want to be too early for the party so I stopped in the Oyster Bar at Grand Central for a martini. I'd never been to their cozy little bar before. A Ketel one martini, an oyster shooter and a very convivial crowd. I'll do it again. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find this little gem.

On to the party at an upscale boutique hotel in Midtown East. Even the Pope couldn't have gotten into this party without the host's cell number and my own personal pin number. It was an upscale gathering of a smaller nature. One that I prefer.

There were more gals than guys. Mostly very young gals. Some old friends were present and many new acquaintances were made. Hopefully I'll get to know some of them a whole lot better in the future. I think I've found a new doubles partner. Lovely Lina. Look her up. She's a red headed, voluptuous Irish beauty.

I pressed the flesh for a couple of hours and headed back. I hadn't had dinner and I was eager to find a place to have a quick bite to eat. However, nothing around Grand Central was open. I had about 5 minutes to spare to catch my train so dinner would have to be missed. I'd not waste away to nothing missing one meal.

I had an early call who didn't show up the next morning so I hopped on our gal's site to see if he was one of the bad boys. He was. I waited until I got home to inform him he'd been black listed again. Even though we'd met before he'd decided to be a jerk. Now it's verified that he's still at it.

Two days later I got a text message that he would send a donation to make up for it. He'd had an accident and his leg was broken in three places. Un-huh and pigs can fly. I told him to send me an email and I'd send him a Paypal invoice. That would tell me how sincere he was. Well, you know he never did. Ha!

I'd stopped in my Sis's on the way back from the city. She's out of all the casts, off the walker and starting to get around to do small tasks. Tired out for sure but well on the mend. Then I picked up my Son and he's been working on a long list of chores since Thursday evening. I'll bring him back tomorrow.

I couldn't have done all I wanted to do here without his help. And I've enjoyed spending time and cooking for him. My living room becomes the guest room and music fills the air while he's working. It's great having a handy man for a son. Especially one who loves music as much as I do.

Life is good. I'll be around the Capital District until I head to Syracuse next week, October 3-5 for a short tour. Hope to see you soon.

Love and Kisses,

9/14/2012 - Home Sweet Home
Hello Hotties,

I'm finally home after my ten day tour of Pennsylvania. I've never been so glad to get back from a tour. I've turned into a real homebody. Especially since the town I live in is so fabulous.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Other cities are great. Bigger, more to offer in some respects but I just seem to fit exactly right where I am. So Sara of Albany and I are meeting for drinks and dinner tonight, downtown. It will be good to catch up.

Pittsburgh was dynamite. There were more of you to go around than me. And with the exception of one very scary almost appointment, it was a fabulous tour. I'll be back.

There is a local site call that caters to Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Few know about it outside the area although you can advertise on other cities. It has a unique system where you can be vouched within the site. The protocol is to send a private message within the site. That way, you know the person is vouched who sends it, since they have to log in with their user name and password.

One gent, sent me an email to annekepleasures saying he was an Indys member. I insisted he private message me from Indys. He said he couldn't, his computer was at home, blah, blah, blah. He gave me his name there and I did a search, finding posts from him back to 2008.

This is where I screwed up. I allowed him to use that instead of insisting he send me that private message. He could be anyone using someone else's vouched membership. That little green box shows up on posts.

We were to meet Tuesday evening. Earlier in the day, Summer of South Florida and I were talking and she told me, "be careful, another girl from Florida had gotten busted in Pittsburgh. The cop was a so called vouched Indys member.

Not only had he not followed my instructions, now we added this wrinkle to the mix. I was nervous. But I thought, I'll keep an eye out and route him through the keyed back door, keeping an eye on the parking lot. I'd already cased the perimeter.

He texted and said he was running late. When he still didn't show up my nervousness increased. I'm thinking, he's setting a sting up. So I called. He said he had a flat tire. Finally he arrives and says he's parked where I asked him to but I don't see anyone new. I ask him what kind of car he is driving and to step out of his car. I can look right out my window. Nothing. He is furious. He's never had to do this before, blah, blah, blah. I explain why this has to be. He's sputtering and fuming. It's my experience that those who bluster usually are guilty of something.

Now I'm really spooked and I call again. Where are you? "I'm paranoid." I say, "why don't we forget this" and he agrees.

I'll never know if he was just a jerk or really a cop. But there's a BIG lesson in this. I was lucky. Don't EVER skip even one small step in the verification process. I refused to see anyone else from Indy's Pittsburgh after that. Only Eros folks who were total gentlemen, totally compliant and just as sexy and sweet as they could be.

So.....I'll go back, wiser and even more cautious. If I advertise on Indys they will have to give me two references from known providers with their own websites before I see them. Vouched or not. One time a mistake, life's lesson not yet learned. Two times and you're stupid.

One Tuesday afternoon hottie really made me smile. We just clicked from the first kiss. And that was the reason why. He was a fabulous kisser for me. Our lips and our style matched perfectly. I absolutely hate it when someone starts sucking on my lips and biting them. Or worse, sucking on my chin. I don't know what there is about it but I don't like feeling that my lips are going down a vacuum cleaner hose. Hint, hint boys. Take it easy will you. If you hurt my delicate lips, I'm out of business. Plus I'm totally turned off.

When that happens, I head south. Real quick.

I packed early Wednesday morning in Pittsburgh as I had a dinner date in Johnstown, along the way to State College. Sort of.

A last minute, but perfectly verifiable hottie was arriving at 10:30 and I had to check out at noon. He arrived on time and I was able to get away on schedule. Until I headed to the AT and T store to pay my cell phone bill.

I almost swallowed my tongue when the monthly total said, $385.++ I let out a gasp and grabbed a customer service guy. He went online and found what I guessed. Those were roaming charges for 3 days in Montreal on top of my monthly service. Even with the international plan. F- $%^(*G rip off in my opinion.

I'm going to have to think twice before I return. OR, get a Montreal throwaway cell phone for when I am there. That's what I used to have to do in London and Ireland.

I arrived in Johnstown early for my 6:30 date. I thought, I'll wander around downtown. Except there is nothing downtown. Of course, I didn't know everything really happens in the burbs but it was a depressing walk. After the flood, 50,000 people left the area. The population went from 75,000 to 25,000 and it's obvious that in downtown, the poor were left behind.

Storefront after storefront of state and federal assistance agencies. Almost no retail operations of any interest or consequence. No restaurant or bars outside of one and the Holiday Inn. My destination.

I found a drugstore and bought a paperback novel. It was a beautiful day so I found a bench in the shade and lost myself in yet another Nora Roberts romance fantasy. Hey, I'm a hopeless romantic. I'll never give up the hope that I just might find Mr. Right some day. Of course, he'll have to fall out of the sky into my lap. LOL I ain't looking for him!

It was time to head over to the hotel but I was still early. Right about the moment I was parking my car the phone rang. My beau to be was calling to see where I was. He was surprised I was in the parking garage but he said to come ahead. Pun intended.

I waited in the lobby with my little bag of tricks. We had met 7 years before on the west coast of Florida for a fab overnight. I certainly had remembered him when he contacted me.

He looked great and we walked to his room. We caught up on old times over a splash of Glenlivet. I had to be careful. I had a 100 mile drive to State College yet. But there was dinner and time between then and my departure.

Since we had time to kill we whiled away the minutes with me mostly between his legs. He wanted me to take him to the brink and leave him there so he would be excited during dinner. We'd finish what we started later.

Surprisingly we had a first class dinner in a restaurant called The Back Door. Stop smirking! I have to admit I smirked myself. But it was a first class dining experience. We each had our own cup of fresh mushroom soup, shared a Caesar and a rabbit entree with fresh creamed corn. Finishing with a shared Creme Brulee. It's a good way to dine well and not ruin a diet.

Back at the ranch, we had our finale. He almost going to sleep before I slipped out the door for my drive to State College.

If I'd had a brain I would have stayed there because I didn't get to the home of Penn State until 11 pm. I crashed, not setting the alarm and awakened at 10 am the next morning. No appts and one waiting for me in Binghamton at 3 pm.

That was a 205 mile dash that said 4 hours on the GPS. It was 4 with pit stops and a very quick lunch. I'd missed breakfast. My suitor was gracious and we bumped our rendevous until 3:30.

I put the key in the room at 2:50. Unpacked the necessities for our encounter and hopped in the tub. I JUST made it. Phew......I thought.

He arrived with two bottles of wine. I had an errand to run after so again, I was sipping very sparkingly. We had our fun conversation and began the romp. At almost the culmination of fun he said, "I'd like to share a fantasy with you. When I was a boy, Playboy was something scarce. At 8 years old the only naked breasts I'd ever seen was in National Geographic. One day, I took my model cars down to the neighborhood stream. I loved building them."

He continued to tell me that once at the stream, he found a Playboy left by some fishermen. In it, the topless model smashed a model car with her heel. He was imprinted for life. He said he had an ATF in DC that he had seen for years. He would always bring a little model car and she would stomp on it.

I looked at him and said, "So, do you have another in your bag?" He replied, "I do," and fished out a bright red remote controlled car. He piloted it around the room and I told him I thought it was a shame to smash it. He said he had a case of them.

What I haven't told you was that he also had a boot fetish. And of course I was wearing those kick ass boots on the opening page of my website. Now I stomped on his little car, smashing it in one stomp. I gave it a couple of good stomps more. It was a goner.

He was so excited and still standing, I finished him with a BBBJTCCIM. I laughed and said, "this is one for the journal. Do you mind?" He did not.

I said, "next time, bring me an extra car. It would have been fun to put it under my Christmas tree and smile as folks ask me why it was there." I know, I'm a naughty girl.

One dear old friend early this morning, bearing Starbucks. We'd been busy doing other very naughty things to each other the last time we met. This was HIS first time for an Anneke BBJTCCIM. He left smiling.

I was home in 2hrs. 40 minutes. The windows are open and I've watered my plants. I bought a fall wreath for my front door and a ceramic French style rooster for my kitchen. I'm all unpacked and the first load of laundry is done. I'm going to take a little nap. I've been up since 6am.

The last two morning I've awakened from terrible nightmares. The kind you do NOT want to have. That rarely ever happens so I'm wondering what made such an impression in my life that stress is revealing itself in dreams. Maybe the Tuesday night scare. Probably just burning the candle at both ends. I'm no spring chicken.

A great evening in my home town with a friend, a little sleep in my own bed and all will be right with the world.

Life is good. And the tour turned out to be highly profitable after all. Not to mention all the O's. :-)

Come see me at my incall if we've met, your place if we have not OR in Westchester next week. Check my calendar boys. I'm a rolling stone.

Love and Kisses,

9/09/2012 - Bored in Philly
Hello Darlings,

It's Sunday morning. I've been in downtown Philly since yesterday afternoon and I've yet to be naughty. Oh, if I didn't screen and was willing to open my door at 4 in the morning I'd have been busy.

Frankly, I'm in a bad mood. I think being horny has something to do with that. But I'm also really irritated that the so called gentlemen here can't read, can't abide by the requests for screening and are so inconsiderate to call at 4 in the morning. They are aghast that I would ask for personal info. What does that say about the other providers who are working/touring here? Scary. Especially during an election year. LE always ramps up their efforts in a Presidential election year.

But that's not exclusive to Philly. It's happening everywhere.

I guess I'm really annoyed that no one reads anything anymore. If it's not big enough print for the smart phone it's ignored. Of course, one can expand the print on the cell but that would be too much effort.

So what's the answer? For me, a good workout in the gym to calm myself down and I stopped answering the phone. My attitude sucked and there was no point in being ugly with folks because I was pissed off. Hopefully a good night's sleep would help. Soon, a brisk walk around downtown Philly will also. A least I hope so.

A great orgasm would definitely do it. Thankfully, I have pre-bookings in Pittsburgh. Watch out boys. I'm ornery and I'm horny. lol

Still, life is good. I promise I'll be sweet when I open the door.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

9/06/2012 - On The Road Again or Bye Bye Summer
Hello Darlings,

The leaves are beginning to change. I can see examples everywhere I've traveled this week. The scientists say they are shedding their leaves early to save themselves after this long, hot summer. Fall is going to arrive soon. It's my favorite time of the year so that's fine with me. Hopefully we won't get another snowstorm while the trees are full of leaves like last year. That event totally devastated the Northeast. We'll think positive thoughts that the seasons will follow in a proper order this year.

I'm spending a few more minutes charging up my Iphon. That damn thing chews up it's battery for sure. I hate it but it's a necessity. I miss the ease of typing with the old Blackberry but it was outdated. Getting on the internet was not good. Thus, new technology for me. Never a fun thing. Some people are technology geeks. I'm not one of them.

I thought I'd spend a few minutes before I check out and head to my next location, Plymouth Meeting. For those of you who don't know, it's a suburb of Philadelphia. I thought I'd give the Philly burbs a try again because it is a hassle for some folks to come downtown to Center City. I'll be there over the weekend so we'll see if anyone needs a little Anneke Fixxx to get them through the weekend. Not everyone I see is attached.

Scranton and Parsippany were fairly quiet. I probably should have waited until next week to head out. Kids are just going back to school and families are aimed at getting them settled in. My boys are distracted as they should be.

Last Thursday was my final foray to the track. It was a fun day as an old beloved friend came over to spend the day and night with me. He's a long time hobbyist who has become a good friend.

He had never been to the track before so it was a day of experiencing something new for him. We did okay betting and then headed to Siro's after for cocktails and dinner. Siro's did not disappoint us in our dining choices. Ab fab for sure!

When we got back to my place I turned the red lights on, covered the bed with towels while he showered. Then I hopped in the shower, (only room for one, sorry) while he heated the almond oil. It's our long standing habit to massage each other all over with the oil until we go crazy. And we do. Long day in the heat, cocktails, relaxed from massages and orgasms, we turned in early.

After I prepared a big breakfast the next morning he headed back to his home in Massachusets. We always have a great time together.

I cleaned up my place and then began to get myself ready for an afternoon hotel outcall to the Albany area. As I was driving down the Northway I started to feel uneasy. The gentleman had been well verified but the area and the hotel were well known for Albany stings.

As I drove into the parking lot I saw two police cars. I made a big U turn and headed right back out, calling him as I drove. I have a blue tooth setup with my GPS. Hands free calling. He answered and asked "where are you?" I said,"driving down the road. There were two cops cars at the hotel. Where are you."

He had already rented his room and was heading out to run an errand. The police had stopped him on the way out and made up a story that had him showing ID and explaining why he was there. He was smart. He didn't panic. He said, "I'm waiting for a lady friend and I have a room." And he showed it to them.

One of two things must have happened. 1. the cops advertised as an Asian provider with a hotel incall and they thought he was that person 2. the cops called a provider to DO an outcall to that hotel. Either way, there was no going back for him and I sure wasn't walking in that front door.

We met where he was. He had the out of state plates on his truck, out of state phone and he'd been verified. I knew he wasn't a part of the gathering and he knew I was okay but we both we shaken. He wasn't going to give up and we discussed what we'd do.

We'd get out of Albany County and head up the Northway. I suggested where we could stop and he would follow me. As we were driving up the route I realized it would only be 15 minutes further to my place. I felt bad he'd already paid the price for one hotel even though he was willing to pay for another. I called him and said, "do you want to go to my incall?" Yes and that's what we did.

So boys, there is a lesson in all this. If YOU had answered that ad and had not done your homework you might have gotten in trouble. Always see someone who screens. Always screen the someone YOU want to see. It's not going to get better. The Democrats are not less accepting than the Republicans of extracurricular fun. In fact, the O'Bama administration is really going after the slave trade. That's great but under the guise of that they are zeroing in on everyone.

So be careful out there and I will be too. It's no business of anyone what goes on behind closed doors by CONSENTING ADULTS but our government wants to stick it's nose into every part of our lives. So do your due diligence, take another 10-15 minutes to be safe. Just Google her phone number and it will lead to all the info you want. Reviews, websites and even, arrests.

I need to pack up and head out. Another public service from your favorite milf.

Life is good.

Love and Kisses,

8/18/2012 - Tired but Happy
Hello My Darling Boys,

I'm about to leave Newton, MA. This week was Farmington, CT and Newton, MA on tour. Departing home Tuesday morning, bookings were non-existent. Any I did have, had cancelled. Deaths, work, you name it.

Still, I told myself, "Self, don't be discouraged. Things always work out." And they did.

Connecticut was slow but it was fun. Thankfully, one friend made more than one visit and coupled with staying on points and his generosity, turned what had looked like a loss into profit.

And the hotel bar had a Cheers atmosphere and great Sushi. I laughed myself silly Tuesday night at the antics of the customers and the bartender. He resembled Walter, of Jeff Dunham fame and had the same attitude.

Perhaps you've seen the "spank the bottom" cocktail shaker trick before but I hadn't. My dour faced bartender finished pouring my martini and then said, "spank the bottom." I did and laughed as I did so. The double entendre was cute. It became a ritual both nights and everyone got a kick out of it. Only ladies had the honor.

I checked out Thursday after my repeat appointment and headed to Newton, an affluent suburb outside of downtown Boston. NO pre-bookings but I was hopeful. The Boston area has always been good to me and the gents there are some of my favorites.

An old friend and filming partner texted. He needed an Anneke fixxx. I needed a young hottie. He showed up shortly after check-in and we were very naughty. He's matured into a handsome man and gained a lot of experience in the process. It worked for both of us.

A great martini, fresh scallops and asparagas risotto followed. Early to bed and a restful night until some moron called in the middle of the night and awakened me. When I got up in the morning I found an email at 11:49 pm asking if I was still available. Of course, I'd never met Mr. Considerate and couldn't resist sending a snotty reply. NO one reads my ads. ADVANCE notice and time to complete verification gets ignored.

As one friend yesterday said, "Anneke, we stop thinking once we see your pictures. We loose our minds." We laughed about that together and I admitted I knew that was the case. Still, it doesn't end my frustration at times. I have to remember you can't help it. The little head takes over.

Friday was the busiest I've been since "the gold old days." And I had a blast. Everyone who came was a great guy. Pun intended. But one deserves extra special mention. 50, fit, well groomed and good looking. I was smiling but when he dropped his pants my smile got even wider.

He was HUGE. The biggest piece of equipment I'd seen in a long time. It was 9 am and I'm thinking HOLY MOLY, I know I'm not going to get all of that in my mouth, I wonder if it's going to fit elsewhere.

I gave the first a noble effort. He was purring and smiling but I told him there was no way he was going to get out the door without visiting between my legs.

I'll hurt at first. It has been a long time since anyone has stretched me out THAT much but I was determined. Finally, my muscles relaxed and ALL of Mr. Enormous slid in. OH.........HEAVEN and the rest of our adventure was a big Whoo Hoo! There was no way it was going to fit elsewhere without about 10 glasses of champagne. Since it was 9am that wasn't going to happen. Even then, it's pretty unlikely.

I finally saw the outside of my hotel this morning. Yep, that busy. But I did manage to sneak in a couple of cocktails and a light snack last evening. Lights out at 10:30 and I slept soundly until 6am. The phone was OFF all night. I've learned my lesson.

I'm heading home in a few minutes. My living room walls are finally painted and I can't wait to get back and put a few touches to the place. And head out somewhere this evening. If not, I'll head out for partying after the track tomorrow. Unless I have an appointment I'm going to the races. I'm going to be AT HOME IN THE CAPITAL DISTRICT until September 4th. Then it's a statewide tour of Pennsylvania.

This morning I have a big smile on my face, my nether regions are twitching at the thought of all the fun I had yesterday and life is good. And, I'm heading home.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

8/08/2012 - Happy Birthday to Me
Hello My Darling Boys,

I promised more of an update after Burlington. To my surprise, it's been very busy since I returned. Good thing. Last week's trip was break even. Still I had a wonderful time.

I knew that could be the case. Sometimes going to a new place is dynamite. Other times, a bust. As long as the expenses are in check, lack of business isn't a disaster. Thus, break even.

I don't know what happened but the phone has been ringing off the hook since I came back. Perhaps my new location/presence has finally made an impact on the search engines. If you google mature escort I come up number one. If you google Albany mature escort I am nowhere to be found. Weird huh?

Or maybe consistent advertising is beginning to pay off. It certainly isn't an uptick in the economy. I think we're all sitting on pins and needles seeing what is going to happen this fall. Not that it makes a difference. In my opinion, once again we are presented with the choice of the lesser of two evils. Don't get me going.

Add two trips to Kingston to help my Sis and I've been burning up the Northway and NY State Thruway. Plus outcalls have added up the mileage.

The week after Sis's surgery her crutches slipped out from under her and she fell and broke her right wrist. So badly surgery was needed. Now her right leg and her right hand were useless.

Needless to say she's had a tough time with all of this. Her S O has been a saint but he's no chef. So her big sister has been driving down to see that she has a homecooked meal and some company. I've weeded, dead headed roses, pushed the vacuum around, grocery shopped, done whatever is needed. Still, 90 miles away and work limits the time I can do that.

She is healing well, thankfully. Now it's time to get her in PT and then the gym to build up those fragile bones.

So how am I going to spend my big day tomorrow? I'm going to the track and having lunch on the porch in the clubhouse with friends. Wave hello if you are there. Discreetly if you're with someone who doesn't know you know me. lol Come on over and say hello if you are not.

When I was walking around Old Montreal last week I wandered into a little boutique. Frank Lyman was the designer's name and I fell in love. Unfortunately, my wallet wasn't prepared. But I took a brochure for reference. If I could outfit my whole wardrobe from his inventory I would. Sexy, classy and fashionable. And pricey. Sigh....another time I thought.

I decided I'd buy myself a little b'day present so I headed downtown this morning to the little boutiques. Thankfully we have several. Not just the usual chain stores. I knew I could find a dress appropriate for the track.

One store had gorgeous outfits in the window so I wandered in. As I perused the rack my eye was drawn to several and then I noticed the tag......yep....Frank Lyman. Bonanza!

This time, my wallet WAS prepared and I tried on a sexy print wrap dress. Perfect fit. And the colors would be perfect with the new fascinator (that's a hat boys) that I'd purchased in Portmouth, NH.

I've decided I'm going to stop spending a lot of money on decor for a few months and budget it on me and my business. I'm not going on a whirlwind spree but I am refocusing my attention on the money maker. ME! I will be all decked out for the big day tomorrow. 59 again!

I will probably go to Siro's after the track and then out for dinner somewhere. I plan to make a big day of it. It's a celebration of life in my opinion. I made it another lusty year. Thanks to the seventh floor and all of you.

For some strange reason I'm receiving a lot of fetish appointments lately. I'm a true believer in the energy you project is the energy you attract. I can be a kinky girl so I'm hearing from the kinky boys. My strap ons have been busy lately. Lest you worry, always sparkling clean and wrapped for safety.

Because I'm a tall, voluptuous woman I seem to project that Goddess/Domme image. A domme I am not. There's a vast world of difference between what a real professional domina offers and the sensual domination that I do.

Number one, a domina isn't affectionate. Not a real one. Sensual domination is. I just happen to be the woman in charge of the situation. And directing the action toward the fetishes the gentleman desires. Role play,(I could be auntie, mommy, teacher, boss, whatever scenario he wants. I'm not hung up on the taboo.) Nipple play, CBT, strap on play, rubber gloves, light bondage, light spanking, tease and denial, light everything to be honest. NOTHING hurtful nor humiliating. NOT my thing. I'd rather please than be nasty.

One hot outcall session recently had my sub naked, sitting on a wooden chair, hands cuffed behind the chair, ankles cuffed TO the chair, blind folded,a ball gag in his mouth and a collar around his neck. He couldn't see what I was going to do next. So I teased him with promises of what might be until he couldn't stand it any longer. Then I allowed him his release. He was ecstatic. He wants me to cage him after our next meeting. Yes, put his manhood in a locked device. That is HIS biggest turn on.

Is that the norm? Oh no....there are many and myriad variations in the BD/sm world. Not all variations are hurtful or humiliating. It may be something as simple as wanting to worship the Goddess. In the end, it's symantics. If a sub chooses to call it worship or you say you want to please me, it's the same. It's the fantasy that counts.

For some of you this all sounds like a nightmare. You'd rather enjoy the hugging, kissing, pleasing, teasing and gfe or pse adventures. And/or visiting Lake Anneke. I love that too.

So there's nothing mundane or plain vanilla about my life. I can choose whatever I want to include in my offerings to my friends. As long as it's mutually consensual it's all good.

And so is life! Here's to another kinky, lusty, funfilled year!

Your Thankful and Naughty Girlfriend,

8/03/2012 - Delightful Travels
Hello My Darling Boys,

I thought I'd just stop for a moment and add a few notes here. I'm in Burlington, VT this morning, overlooking Lake Champlain. Even growing up in Upstate NY, I'd never been here before. I had a quick walk along the lake this morning. Takes your breath away.

What a surprise! It's a gorgeous northern Vermont city. Sophisticated, lovely and friendly. Of course, it's a tourist destination and a bit overdone downtown, much like Saratoga but bigger.

Add a 45 year absence from Montreal and it's been a wonderful week. The last time I was in Montreal the folks there were in full separatist mode. If you spoke English it was risky. So, with some trepidation I headed north, this time on my own, only to find a lovely, warm hearted, friendly and welcoming city. I'll write more about this jewel soon. I know I'm going back.

A lot of folks from Montreal are here in Burlington too. It's only 90 miles. Except for the nightmare at the border crossing it's an easy ride down. I was astounded at the long wait to get through customs though. Thankfully I could pass the time laughing at the comedy routines on Blue Collar radio.

I had a smile on my face when I finally reached the customs agent but he was having none of my good mood. Still, that's his job. He asked me why I'd been in Montreal and I replied, eating, drinking and making merry. And he wryly asked, "and were you successful?" There was a sense of humor buried underneath. I replied, "Yes. Is it always like this?" And he replied, "yes." Our tax dollars at work.

It's always been the same whenever I've gone to Canada. Easier to get in than to get back into the US. They make you feel like a criminal and it's our neighbor to the north. Something really wrong with that, sorry to say.

Gotta go get ready for some fun this morning. I'll write more in detail when I have the time. Heading home today. Home sweet home.

Life is good wherever you are. It's all a matter of the attitude you adopt while living it.

Love and Kisses,

7/23/2012 - Thankfully Shaking My Tailfeathers
Hello Darlings,

This is a shortie update. Yesterday was HAT day at the track so I dragged out my beautiful lavender hat that matches my lavender gray outfit from France. Yes, both are 5 years old. But since they've only been worn 2-3 times and no one else would know that, I wore them again. Heaven knows I paid enough for both so I feel I need to get SOME mileage out of them.

It must have worked. Compliments everywhere. It was a beautiful day. A bit on the sticky side but that's summer in Upstate NY sometimes.

I have a little routine when I'm there on my own. I love wandering around the backstretch. Taking in the sights, sounds and people. Especially all the ladies lined up for the hat contest. I wish I could add photos here but that's not possible without my webmaster. I used my new I Phone and snapped away. There were towering works of art on stunning young women all the way to a little infant with a cabbage rose hat on her head. Such fun!

I wandered out back with my Peroni draft. That's the closest thing to a Stella I could find. One security guard stopped me to tell me she liked my hat and we wound up chatting about her involvement in a WWII re-enactment unit. She loved telling me about her Panzer and her Army uniforms. Was she gay and attracted to me? I don't know, who cares?

She probably just thought I was someone who liked to chat and was approachable. She is correct. I love meeting new folks and I'm learning to do the approaching myself these days. Not a pick up. Just making a comment, asking a question or giving a compliment along the way. It leads to all kinds of interesting moments.

I didn't bet a lot. That's not why I go. I walked upstairs in the clubhouse where the floors are wooden and there is a great breeze. That's also where all the Who's Who hang out in their box seats. It was fairly quiet for the first Sunday of the season.

The track was beautiful and I quietly watched all the mechanics of maintaining such a huge operation. It runs like a well oiled clock. Years of tradition and experience mixed with the latest technology. Truly a marvel.

I stopped and bought a cigar. There is a cigar store in Albany and they had a booth. We chatted a bit and I asked them if I'd be welcome at one of the smokes. They said, absolutely! I'm missing the one tonight. I'll be skinny dipping instead. Next time.

I picked out a medium spicy torpedo. A Sancho Panza. I'll smoke it when it seems right. Smoking a good cigar is an event for me, best shared with someone compatible.

By the 8th race I'd had enough. My feet were tired and I was hot so I walked over to Siro's. It was early and I opted for the inside air conditioned bar. I chatted with the bartender who spends his winters in Vail, summers in Saratoga. I told him he had a tough life. He laughed. Hey, he said, I'm single. I can do what I want. I get it.

Folks started wandering in and soon I was chatting with a cool couple from a neighboring suburb. We wound up heading outside to hear the band and dance. And dance we did. The band members were friends and they played all the fun party music you'd expect. Siro's replaced the gravel dance floor with pavers so it's easier to dance. And your feet don't get covered in dust and dirt.

I danced until I couldn't dance any more. And it was a good long time. It was a small but fun crowd on the dance floor. Folks who just couldn't help themselves. We just had to shake our tailfeathers and feel the joy that music and dancing brings.

In my huge hat and all dressed up I probably looked ridiculous. Again, who cares? Life is too short to worry about what people think.

I said goodbye to my new friends and headed home, deciding last minute to head to Duo for Paul's Sakitini's and Sushi. One of my bar mates was a track photographer so we had an interesting conversation about how he spends HIS summers. Shrimp tempura and a Sakitini. I was ready to really head home. I'd had enough fun for one day.

I thought, I'll walk. It seemed at least a mile and my feet were bitching at me all the way home but I made it! Something I couldn't have thought of a year ago.

A little stiff and sore this morning but who wouldn't be after a long day on their feet in the sun and on the dance floor?

I have a massage at the Roosevelt Baths later this afternoon.Perfect timing. Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

7/21/2012 - Home and the Horses
Hello Boys,

I'm finally back in my beloved Victorian. Ten days on the road, sleeping in a hotel room certainly helps one appreciate home and hearth. That is if I had a hearth.

After two days of intense heat in NYC, 96 on Tuesday afternoon, 100 on Wednesday, thunderstorms rolled into Manhattan and thunderboomers abounded. Inside and outside.

But not like the ones I'd had on Sunday morning and afternoon. Holy Moley was I spoiled that day.

My 7:30 am didn't show up. I had set the alarm for 6. Groaning, I struggled out of bed, into some workout clothes, dragged myself down to coffee and a light breakfast so that I might be ready for him. I knew him well enough to realize something was wrong. Still, I would have loved a couple more hours of sleep.

At 9am the phone rang and it was him. He hadn't brought my new phone number with him and didn't think to log onto my website for the new one. He apologized left and right and we rescheduled for 7am. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.

My 11am was a tad early and it wasn't long before he was between my knees and bringing me to a thunder boomer. For a young guy I was surprised at his skill. I asked him, "where did you learn that?" He replied, "I pay attention."

And that is the truth of the matter if one wants to be a great lover. Paying attention to your partner. Of course, some of you, (thankfully not many) visit only with the intention of your own pleasure. That's okay. You are due that and more. But whoo hoo when it's reciprocal as most often is the case.

He had departed when I heard a new text message come through. It was a long departed former friend and filming partner from the past. We hadn't parted on the best of terms when I was living in Stamford. He'd text or call and promise dinner, etc. and disappear. I got sick of it and told him to leave me alone.

He is in Rhode Island and had seen I was there. He wanted to resume where we had left off. Dubious and I said so. But he asked if he could take me to lunch and since I love to eat and love it even more when someone else is picking up the tab I said yes. He had been contrite and I was willing to take the chance.

After stopping at our third restaurant we finally sat down to lunch. It was Sunday and many places were not open at noon.

He was dressed and groomed immaculately. Handsome as ever. We talked about what had happened and it was apparent he'd been reading my journal. He wanted to be my "boytoy." It seems he gets to the Capital District on a regular basis. And he wanted to film again. Our videos are among the favorites of all. The passion is genuine and you know that. So you love them.

I haven't been doing any filming. Number one, no camera. Number two, no webmaster/cameraman. Number three, I was too self conscious of my weight after my back problems of last year.

Slimmer, trimmer and knowing I have to add new content and reinvent my porn self, we discussed what needs to happen to rejuvenate Annekexposed. And Anneke the adult actress.

And we talked about US. Where it can and cannot go. Lunch finished, he asked if he could continue with an appointment. I said, "of course."

Once back, we grabbed each other like long lost lovers do and escaped into our own world of passion and lust. We just have that chemistry. No worries, my heart isn't going anywhere, he's attached. But that doesn't mean I can't have a regular lover and friend. Wave after wave of orgasms took me down and under. Our fit and our hot chemistry insured I was going to have many. He can go all day, Perfect in a porn star partner. Only his phone ringing ended the bliss.

He had to dash. Apologies for doing so. It's okay. I had a big smile on my face and something to look forward to. He's all ready to meet again on the home court. Hopefully, we'll film it too.
It will be hot.

I arrived home Thursday evening, late. I'd stopped at my sister's on the way back from New York City earlier. She'd had quite a time of it while I was gone. Monday, incapcitated by the heavy leg brace, she fell again. This time she broke her right wrist. Now she was truly screwed.

Surgery was Wednesday. I told her I'd cancel the NYC part of the tour and head to help. She said, "I'd rather you make money." Now, that's a supportive sister.

Her S O and my son have been a huge help but I knew they needed a break from the kitchen chores. She was gone when I arrived. A trip to the orthopedic surgeon. I foraged in her garden for fresh lettuce, basil, zebra tomatoes and headed to the grocery story for fresh sweet corn. There was chicken in the fridge so I made a marinade of fresh lemons, onions, garlic, herbs de provence, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

A little kitchen cleanup, some deadheading of her roses and a touch of sister here and there. They arrived home and we got her into bed. You can't do much with one leg and one arm. But she's managing with a stellar attitude. The women of our family are survivors. She's no exception.

I will head back next week to do some cleaning, cook some extra meals to reheat and weed her extensive gardens. It's times like these that 90 miles between us is tough.

Back at home Thursday night, I breathed the much cooler air. We're another 3-5 degrees cooler than where my Sis is. I was thinking I'd turn the air on, go have a drink somewhere while the place cooled off and then return.

In a few minutes it was cooler so I made a martini and hopped in bed to catch up on my fav shows on HGTV on Thursday evenings. It was GREAT to be back.

I fell asleep early and well rested, got ready for opening day at the track. I was going to be with my psychic and Sara of Albany. But family concerns kept her at home.

All decked out in a new maxi dress, big black hat and LOTS of jewelry I waited for my friend. The huge traffic jam heading up the Northway was making his arrival late. So, I read the Pink Sheet until he tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I saw you checking that guy out."

The weather was perfect. Mid to high seventies. Partly cloudly and dry. I was back at my beloved Saratoga.

We were in the tent. Big buffet and a bottle of Pierre Jouet for me. I'd waited all year for this. We betted on races, caught up on old times and just absorbed the energy of the track. The tradition and beauty is famous. This year was no exception and they expect record crowds. Folks are sick of pinching pennies. At least here, you have a shot at making the pennies, dollars.

Me, I won a total of $13.47 for the day. I was behind but not much. I wasn't in a betting mood. I was more into the scene and taking it all in.

After we said goodbye and I walked over to Siro's. It was jammed. I bellied up to the bar and ordered a Stella. It works with a day of champagne. All day on my feet and I was doing fine. A year ago this would have been unthinkable and I had cancelled last year's track trip.

I smiled to myself and just stood back and watched. I love to watch people and the energy and dynamics that surround them.

One guy pushed his way in and made some inane comments. I looked him in the eye and asked, "What? Are you from NYC?" He said no and asked why? I said because you are so rude.

He was from the Capital District and just happened to be a boob. No manners, no class. I chatted with him for a few minutes and he said to me. "Obviously you are older but you are hot." I gave him a glare and I think he'd had a clue it had been a left handed compliment. He was too stupid to realize what he'd said.

But hell, lots of guys think that any older woman couldn't possibly be attractive or sexy. Ego deflated, I walked to the dance area. The band had begun. Tonight it was a Bon Jovi tribute band, Bad Medicine. The lead singer was wearing a ridiculous wig that was supposed to make him look like John. It didn't but their sound was good. Not a huge fan here but good live music is always good. No matter who it is.

I listened for a while, back starting to ache and decided I'd have dinner at home. It's only 4-5 bucks for a taxi for a resident. Half of what it costs from a hotel. 20 to 60 bucks to park your car. Depending on the race day. It pays to live here.

Home, snuggled in, I crashed early. There are six weeks to the racing season. I have all the opportunities to party anyone could want. I might head out to dance tonight. I also might head to the track tomorrow. It's HAT day.

Today was a great cup of coffee and checking out the garage sales. I love getting up and out on a Saturday morning and driving around town looking at other people's junk. And junk it is.

I bought an big umbrella, a yard rake, a trowel at Home Depot and groceries before returning home. The umbrella doesn't stand right because there's a broken part. Guess where it was made? Yep, China.

Lunch over, umbrella set up I headed to the gym. It was good to be home.

I'm going skinny dipping Monday night at a friend's house.

Life is good.

Love and Kisses,

7/14/2012 - Saturday and I Think It Is Warwick
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's Saturday morning and I'm in Waltham, MA. It's the fifth day of my ten day New England/New York tour. It takes me a moment when I awaken in the morning to remember just where I am.

Sis had her surgery Monday morning. She was discharged Tuesday and she's home healing. It was quite an ordeal for her and she has 6-8 weeks of recovery ahead of her. However, I left her in the capable hands of her S O and my son and I've stayed in touch.

I realized that the stress of the previous week had taken it's toll. I'd left things behind that are necessary on the road. My routine had been disrupted and my mental organizaton disordered. It's a humbling experience to find you are not super woman. Of course, life has a way of reminding me of that daily. You have to laugh at yourself when it happens. Me...I give myself a little mental kick in the butt, shake my head, smile and keep going.

Business has been slower. It's summer but I'm in the black still. I've had some dynamite dining and stayed to my workout schedule. I cut out the sugar and dairy this week and the weight has started to drop off again. I'm convinced you can't stay on one plan forever. Your body figures it out and shuts down. You have to eat,,,,just differently but healthy. And exercise more.

I added working out in the hotel pools this week. For some bizarre reason I don't mind an early morning workout in the water but I hate them in the gym. I think it's because I'm stiff and the water is forgiving. Still, it's a great workout and I feel refreshed. I'm still doing my cycling cardio, weights and yoga stretches. Mixing it up.

After all, one needs to be flexible when their legs are over their head. I still can't keep that right leg up there but it's much better than a year ago.

In fact, I feel better and stronger than I have in over two and a half years. When I look back at the shape I was in last summer, I marvel. I was in a world of pain, 24/7, pretty much a couch potato and dispairing of continuing as Anneke. They wanted to fuse my spine.

Thank the seventh floor, my temporary move to Charlotte, finding the chiropractor who practiced something new, fascia release, started me on the road to recovery. When I headed north my masseuse in Kingston continued his therapy, with the help of the notes he forwarded.

Now that I'm in a new city 90 miles from her it was time to find someone new. It would be counterproductive to be in the car for 3 hours to get a massage. It would undo the benefits to some extent.

So, one day, I drove down to the National State Park and the Roosevelt Baths. This city had its first golden age when all the socialites from New York and around the world came for the waters. I'd never tried it and I booked a "bath" and a massage.

The day of my appoinment was July 2nd and I was early. The attendent gave me a brief history of the baths and the legendary health benefits of taking the waters. She had already drawn my bath.

I don't know what I expected but it wasn't sitting in a cast iron bathrub of rusty brown water. It seems when the regular cold water mixes with the mineral water, it turns brown.

She explained what I would experience possible elevated blood pressure, lethargy and a calming feeling. She told me I could mix in more cold water if I got too warm. "Me?" Never.

But in a few minutes in the heavy warm water and I found myself feeling slightly claustrophic and too warm. I laughed to myself and turned on the cold water. Those old tubs hold the heat. After 30 minutes, I dried off and hopped on the massage table. My masseuse was ready to begin.

I explained what had been going on the past couple of years and he knew exactly what I was talking about. He was also extremely knowlegeable about the fascia release. It seemed I'd found the right masseuse.

It's not a fun procedure. It hurts but that's the point. You have to release that stuck on the muscles, fascia. All the while he was massaging he was also adjusting my spine. This guy was 74 and he was as strong as an ox.

I left, refreshed and standing straight. And re-booked for my next appointment. He had made some suggestions about what other techniques would benefit me.

I don't think I'll take the baths on a regular basis. Just didn't ring my chimes. But I do love the mineral water for drinking and you can fill up your plastic jugs in several locations around town for free. I'll do that in the future.

Come to think of it, maybe those baths did do some good since I'm feeling so much better. Hmmm?

I've had a thoroughly enjoyable week. I spent an afternoon in downtown Portsmouth and actually found a dress and a fascinator, (that's a little hat) for the track. Then planned on treating myself to a lobster dinner that evening.

My hotel had a shuttle into town so I could have a cocktail and not worry about driving. A new friend had recommended "Surf" downtown. I wandered into the beautiful restaurant and sat at the bar. A lovely view of the river was the backdrop.

As I sat down, my seatmate to the right said hello. He was an attractive 50 something gent. One could tell well off and very articulate. We chattered away through fresh oysters and dinner. About this and that. Everything ranging from the state of the world to our kids. Then the shoe dropped as I expected it would.

It was obvious to me that he was suave and debonnair and experienced in playing. He started with the, "I'm going to come down to Waltham and we're going to......" I looked at him and said no. I patiently explained that I don't date or have affairs with married men. (in my personal life) He was married.

Of course, I'd given him the standard line of my being in sales for a living. He persisted and I kept explaining why it wasn't going to happen. This guy couldn't get it into his head that I wasn't going to hop in bed with him. He thought I was sex starved as a single woman.

Mind you, I'm laughing inside all the while this is going on. Finally, I said, "look, I'm going to be honest, I'm an escort." He looked at me and said, "oh, I get it. Okay, I'll make an apppointment in Waltham." He'd been using services for years. He knew who Anneke was when he thought about it.

I had to leave, the shuttle service ended at ten and he walked outside with me, after I found he'd picked up my bill. I know I won't see him again but it was a cute ending to a very pleasant evening. He won't betray me. He needs to be discreet himself. Ya just never know what life is going to bring.

The next morning I headed to Portland, Maine. I hadn't been in Maine for 30+ years. I was going to continue my seafood diet. Healthy and low in calories.

My first friend arrived with a bottle of Cliquot and a great attitude. Even Dr. Atkins says champagne is okay. We sat and chattered away for a long time before the "fun" began. We were already having fun getting to know each other. As he said, "the sex part is easy. Getting to know a person is the hard part." We had no problems with either the conversation or the fun. Yeah, I know, I love to talk. That's one of the side affects of being single and alone a lot. When I can carry on a conversation with a real person I tend to be loquacious.

A great dinner after at Street and Company. This is the land of fresh oysters, clams, fresh fish and lobster. I intended to take full advantage of that and to my surprise the prices were extremely reasonable for a classy meal. Since dinner the night before had not come out of my wallet, I felt comfortable having another nice one.

Early to bed. It had been a busy day with adventures and driving. Yesterday, I drove out to York beach on my way back down the coast. I put the windows down in the car as I drove across the marsh route. Ahh,,,that wonderful salt air smell and the softness of the air. So invigorating and healthy. Onward to Waltham.

Last night, a long time Boston friend came calling. He was very young when we first met and he's matured into a much more experienced and even better looking young man. We had a great time.

I headed to the Naked Fish for dinner and then back to my hotel. Yes, more fresh seafood. Thankfully, my tv had "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" offered on the movie selections. I'd been trying to see this for months but none of our local theaters had offered it. I loved it and turned in after a few minutes with the latest Kay Scapetta novel, "Red Mist." I slept like a baby.

I'm going to have lunch with Santa Baby today before I head to Warwick. I haven't seen him in a while. There's a Legal Seafood close by. I have a very early morning liason tomorrow and I know I'm not going to be out late tonight. Hopefully, I can find my way to the water Sunday afternoon.

It's going to be 180 degrees out in atmosphere when I hit Stamford and Manhattan. Especially the Big Apple. But I like change and contrasts in life. Just like my men.

Life is good and the track is waiting for me when I get home. Yippee!

Smiles and Kisses,

7/08/2010 - You Make Your Plans and Then.....
Hello Hotties,

Life happens. We all plan ahead, organize our time in the most efficient manner and then life puts a spoke in the wheel.

Such was the case for my poor sister this week. I was out in the heat on a walking tour of my historic little town on the 4th when I got a text. She had fallen and done a bang up job of it. The patella and tibia under the knee were crushed. Surgery was going to be eminent.

I'd had enough of the 95 plus walking in the heat, uphill so I spun off from the tour and headed toward home. Texting as I walked back down the hill. Now I had an excuse to get out of the heat and have a cocktail and some air conditioning. Geeze.

She had planned to leave on the 7th for a week's vacation on the coast of Maine. I was going to join her on the 13th and spend a night enjoying the Maine coastline. In fact, I'd planned this whole upcoming New England tour around those dates.

It wasn't a huge inconvenience on my part. I just had to regroup and change some reservations. I won't get to Burlington until Tuesday afternoon now. She has surgery Monday and I will be there. That's what family does.

I've substituted Waltham, MA for the night on the beach. I didn't cancel Portland. I have an appointment waiting for me. I hope that stays firm. The hotels is expensive in the height of the summer tourist season.

So far, bookings are slim to none. A couple here and there but it's summer and it's always iffy. One more instance that having nerves of steel pays off when you head out on a tour.

So I rearranged my reservations, added in Waltham and am sitting here, taking a deep breath, hoping that I'll come home with more $$$'s than I leave with on Tuesday morning.

Add some upsetting news from my daughter on Thursday and my family has had a really bad week. That rubs off on all of us when those we love suffer. At least it should to some extent. But there is a point where you can't absorb everyone else's misfortune or pain. You wouldn't survive life if you did. This is something I learned after I became single. You listen, you help the best you can and sometimes, you have to step back in order to survive yourself.

Outside of the stress of family issues my week has been a great one. I had a glorious Fourth, despite the heat and the rest of the week has been the same.

The heat has finally broken here in Upstate NY. Yesteday was a tolerable day. It no longer felt like Florida.

When I awoke it was a little gray with some sprinkles but I decided this would be the perfect day to DO something. I've been wanting to visit the Saratoga Battleground in Schuylerville since I moved to Upstate NY.

I organized my morning and headed out around 10:30. It's not that far and first I stopped at the Saratoga Monument. I chatted with the very friendly Park Guide for some time about the history of the Battle and the current development of Saratoga. He suggested I visit the General Schuyler home and the Visitor's center at the Battlefield.

It is set in absolutely gorgeous countryside on the top of a hill. It's immaculate.

I drove down the hill and a bit further south on 4 to the Schuyler home. Again, friendly guides conducted a tour of the home and added a wealth of fascinating information. It was expanded with the presence of a history professor from a Texas college. Once again, I found myself in the middle of an opportune moment. I probably heard more tidbits than the normal person would be able to enjoy with the addition of the professor.

I headed back into town for a take out lunch and then south again to the Battleground. I have to say I was impressed with the surroundings, the park employees and guides and the wealth of information at the visitor's center. The diorama of the battle is not to be missed. During the narration the places and movement of the troups are lit and you can follow exactly how the battle developed. Great stuff!

What surprised me was my interest. American history was a two year course a LONG time ago for me. But since I've returned to Upstate NY I've felt almost a duty to relearn what I'd forgotten. This was no duty. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I wanted more.

I stopped at the bookstore and purchased a Diary of the wife of one of the officers to read. It had been recommended by the guides AND the professor. A compilation of military battles and strategies isn't something most gals would enjoy. But a recounting of the day to day trials and experiences of life in those days will be more to my taste.

I'm going back soon to do the driving tour of all the sites. You can call on your cell phone and hear the narration as you go from point to point on the tour. With a speaker in my GPS it's like having the narrator in the car. Really cool. I'm thinking during fall foliage would be a perfect time. But any time would be fabulous. Want to go with me?

Not to get carried away with history, I headed over the beautiful country roads of NY and Vermont to Manchester and the Outlets. I've needed some new summer duds and I hit it at just the right time. Bargains galore. A breathtaking ride through gorgeous country and a note to return when the leaves change. Add retail therapy and what more could a gal want? Well.......I can think of one thing. lol

I love living in Upstate NY. Add some mutually naughty friends who visited this week and life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

6/29/2012 - Magic Mike
Hello Hotties,

Well, I was in line with all the OTHER ladies for the 1:10 showing of Magic Mike. It's about male strippers. With a thin story line thrown in.

I'll confess it was lame. But man were the guys hot. Whoo Hoo! As expected the ladies in the theater were whoo hooing too. Since there were also a few guys in attendence it was hilarious.

Awful movie. GORGEOUS MEN~!!! Especially Channing Tatum and Joe Mangianno from True Blue. Matthew McGognahy (spelling?) looked good. Although he was SO cheesy. PLUS the film was set in Tampa. I have to admit, I miss it. Naughty place that it is.

I also took a trip down memory lane here after the movie. As I was trying to scroll down to add my journal entry, which wasn't working, I was reading about the summer of 2009 when MM dumped me. Interesting. And a lot of good writing if I do say so myself. Hey, I never said I was humble. lol Kind of fun going back and looking at the decisions you've made in life. Sometimes it's painful but ALWAYS interesting.

Yesterday I was going to walk down to an event at the park to hear some Jazz during a dedication. As I tried on several outfits, nothing was working so in disgust I said, "I'm staying home." I wished I had an appointment. Around 4:30/5pm the phone rang and it was my long time friend. "Anneke, I have a night free and I'd like to come to see you." Whoo hoo again. Just what the doctor ordered.

After preparing my dinner I closed all the blinds. I replaced the lightbulbs with red ones. Lit the candles, turned the music on and waited. Perfect timing.

Did we have a good time? You betcha! I've been so horny and it was good to share that horniness with someone I have a history with. We've helped each other through some tough times. One was when MM departed. We'd started out when his lover had left him. What goes around comes around doesn't it?

I'm preparing dinner now and deciding if I want to go to a Choral Festival. It's close and with my musical history it would be divine. But once I get "in" for the evening I'm reluctant to leave.

That's the sign of a contented and happy woman.

Life is good.

Love and Kisses,

6/27/2012 - Officially A New Yorker
Hi Hotties,

I'm all jacked up today. Where the heck are you?

Why? The weather is glorious and I just got through hunting down the times for Magic Mike, which opens Friday. For weeks, I've been teased by the previews when I go to the movies.

This feeling reminds me of when I saw Dirty Dancing the first time. I've mentioned this before. Then, I had no idea what the movie was about nor was I prepared for 40 feet of Patrick Swazy. This time, I've been watching 40 feet of Channing Tatum and drooling in anticipation.

Yeah, working girls get turned on too. But those of you who know me know that. It's kind of fun to have someone to lust over, especially since they are not attainable. Makes the lust............lustier. Know what I mean?

I have my calendar all marked with the showing times. 1:10pm on Friday, unless I have a promise from some hottie, and that could be you, I'll be in the theater. Don't think I can wait until the 4:10. lol

For some reason I am exceptionally aroused this week. I had to take matters unto my own hands three times yesterday. Now I need to buy more batteries. A new vibrator is on the shopping list also.

You say, "what? No appts?" Well, sure, folks have called. And my one first timer scheduled for yesterday "forgot" to cancel. If I hadn't texted him I'd have completely wasted my afternoon. I told him, "strike one." It's the same ole, same ole, are you available in an hour in Soho. Yes, Soho as in Manhattan. I want to see you then Annekay, (their pronunciation not mine) even though we've never met.

"Screen? What do you mean screen? What do you mean outcall only for new friends? What do you mean you are not in NYC. " ARGH!!! Yep, same ole, same ole. But at least the phone is ringing even though I can't relieve my need..............yet.

This morning I went to Motor Vehicle. I surrendered my Florida driver's license in exchange for one from NY. I am amazed that they still give you a temporary paper one and mail you the real license. In Florida, you would go OUT the door with a real license. Makes you wonder how they claim that this is the Empire State. Vampire is more like it. Still, I love being back here.

I signed up again to be an organ donor. And, this is a biggie, I registered to vote as an Independent. I'm sick to death of both parties. I could care less about voting in the primaries.

Next is the vehicle registration. Not without all the bureaucracy either. Thankfully I have the time these next two weeks to get all this mundane and exasperating stuff done. The stuff of life that makes you want to tear your hair out.

I know....I need to go work out and burn off some of this excess energy. I'm heading to the gym soon and when I return I'm walking downtown to have a martini and a cigar. It's a glorious day and it will be fun to share a smoke and a cocktail with the cigar crew that meet where I'm heading.

The only thing that could improve it would be some world class, mind mumbing, sheet twisting, sweaty, steam up the windows sex. And then repeat it all over. It's times like these that I miss MM. But then I think about how he dumped me and I say.....nah. Still looking for the playmate.

Oh well, opening day is July 20th and the town will be jammed until Sept. 3. I'm sure I can find some kind of trouble to get into. Only problem, it would be one of those one night stands. The only kind I prefer are with you.

Time to hit the gym. Today is cardio and lower body weights. I went back to yoga classes yesterday. Fabulous! Life is good.

Your Naughty Girlfriend,

6/24/2012 - Consenting Adults
Good Morning Darlings,

It's an absolutely perfect Upstate New York summer day so far. Bright blue skies, not a cloud in sight, 68 degrees and dry. A high of 82 is predicted. Perfection.

I'm having my second cup of coffee and relishing my moments at home. Not that I don't relish them with you. I had a great tour this past week in NJ and Philadelphia. Lots of fun and I thank those of you who I was honored to spend time with.

However, I'm torn some of the time when I'm traveling or when I'm home. I get "itchy" when I'm home too long and I get homesick when I'm on the road. Still, it's nice to have options. Since I'm very careful about playing where I live or having too much of a presence in this small town I don't get out as much as you would imagine.

Touring gives me those options for wildness that I need in my life. Yes, I said need. I can't imagine a plain vanilla existence all the time. Outside of friends to see when I'm home, my daily life is pretty plain vanilla these days. I no longer have the options at the nudie resort. No last minute trips to the club to shake my tail feathers or jump into the sexual soup of the conversation pool. Yeah, I miss that. And I miss not having to worry about what people think about my profession. Few, if any, cared there.

Oh, at times I think about posting an ad on the racier dating sites but then I rethink myself and say, "nah." Too much aggravation and it dilutes my focus from Anneke. My alter ego really doesn't need the baloney you have to put up with on swinger dating sites.

At the beginning of my internet dating it was intoxicating and fun. I had a revolving door of young honeys and I was reckless about meeting. Compared to today that is. After all, I can get my itch scratched now. And have a lovely profession in conjunction with being scratched. And travel to cool places. And.....friends in all those places.

Yes, friends. Many of you I consider personal friends. This is not the impersonal, cold profession that the media portrays. The used/abused profile that they would have you believe. At least, not in my world. This was my choice. Oh, initially that choice was made because of financial motivations but it soon morphed into more.

How did that happen? A lot of you want to know and sometimes I realize I talk TOO much during our time together. I think it's my Leo ego and too much time alone. I do apologize for my verbosity at times.

I digress. In 2003 I was working in a high pressure, high end sales position. And going down the tubes financially. I couldn't break 20K a year and I was facing some dire possibilites. I'd had an extra, lucrative part time gig that had ended.

"Now what?", I muttered? I'd interviewed for other sales positions and was getting no where. Let's face it, who hires a mature woman for sales unless you have special skills in a certain area. I was stepping outside that area. I seemed to be hitting my head against a brick wall.

Until.....I saw a tiny ad in the Tampa Tribune. "Classy ladies wanted for upscale lingerie modeling." Modeling my butt. I knew what this must be but I took a big breath and called the number. A woman answered and I mentioned the ad. I asked, "would you have a need for an older woman?" "Yes, of course. Come on in and let us see what you look like."

Once home, I dressed for the interview. Beautiful chartreuse silk suit (that was the fashion then). Black, low cut knit sweater underneath, black thigh hi's and black stilettos. Classy but sexy. My hair was long and curly then.

I drove to a not very nice part of Tampa. No chickening out now. As I entered "the shop" a beautiful, petite young woman greeted me. "Riley" was her name. She was the owner and she was stunning.

We discussed the job in round about terms. And I asked if she could use me. She said, "absolutely, I like your look." We agreed that I would work the nights and weekend nights I had off from my regular job. I would begin the next week. I think it was a Tuesday.

That Tuesday, as I headed home from my "normal" job I had butterflies in my stomach. I had a changed into jeans and a top and packed a little bag with the "lingerie" I would model.

No one was there to greet me. I was on my own. I had the code for the front door and instructions about how to conduct myself. NO advice on screening, NO advice on service, (no self incrimination on her part) and NO security. It was a risky, scary situation and my heart was beating a mile a minute.

Soon, the bell on the front door rang and I entered the foyer through the secure door that led to the back. A man looked me over and decided I wasn't what he wanted. He left. Oh man, I thought, I'll never make any roses.

I'd "fixed up" my little room. I'd brought candles, the CD's I thought would set the mood, crystal glasses, Perrier, and towels. The "room" was little more than a closet, with a fake leather couch, a chair and a screen to stand behind. One little shabby table on which a CD player sat.

Eventually, later that evening, a gentlemen who did like what he saw, stepped into my little room. I'd told him the room was a certain amount for a certain time. Anything else he left was a "tip" for that time. I excused myself so he could get comfortable. When I returned he was wrapped in one of the towels.

We kissed and the fun began. Later, after I'd examined the room rent and the tip and thought, "whoo hoo" I just got compensated for doing something I love. My heart swelled. (not kidding about this) and I realized I finally had found my true calling.

When you are broke a few extra roses each week makes a huge difference in your life. And slowly, I was paying my bills. What led me from the sleazy little "lingerie shop" to where I am today is a story for another time. Stay tuned.

This had been my decision. No one had coerced me into being a working girl. I was a grown up woman with a financial need but found out quickly that it also satisfied a physical AND an emotional one. Emotional Anneke? Yes, when you are broke you have little self confidence. When you can meet your financial obligations you have a surety and confidence that meeting those brings. Money doesn't make you happy but it sure makes life a lot easier. My life had taken a turn toward easier.

I was a consenting adult in this venture. Which brings me to my intention in the journal entry. This week, Coach Sandusky finally saw justice visited upon him. I am not one to criticize anyone's life style. Or sexual preferences as long as there is MUTUAL consent between ADULTS.

He was a predator and chose the most vulnerable amongst us. Children. They were not consenting nor were they adult. In my opinion, he deserves every minute of every hour or every year of sentencing he receives. That he never takes another breath of freedom is my wish.

I will stick my neck out a little further here. When men use some of these classified escort sites they are perpetuating the same crime. Most of those girls are not adults and they are not consenting. Some pimp has gotten a hold of them and he is helping to line his pockets and feed their drug/alcohol habit. If you were forced into a profession you hated you'd drink and use drugs also.

Please, rememeber to chose someone who IS an adult and who CONSENTS to what she does. No harm, no foul. Just fun. While my profession is not without it's dangers and it's pitfalls it's something I chose and love.

I'm going to enjoy this beautiful little busting town on a Sunday afternoon. Lunch somewhere and a stroll down Main Street. Perhaps a little shopping to find a sheer blouse to go with the new zebra patterned strapless maxi dress I purchased in Philly. Think, big black hat and the track. Opening day is July 20th.

I'm "in residence" until July 9th when I leave for my New England/Manhattan tour. Let's have some fun in the Capital District.

Life is good!

Love and Kisses,

6/11/2012 - Digging in the Dirt
Good Morning Darlings,

I've just come in from my back yard gardening. The sun doesn't get around to the rear of my apartment until the afternoon so morning is the best time to work in the yard. This morning I was pulling up Virginia Creeper. It had wrapped itself around my Arbor Vitae. DON'T get excited. That's not one of my body parts.

Then a little pruning and weed pulling. I'm home all week until I leave for Short Hills/Morristown/Philadelphia next week so I'm catching up on errands/admin/the stuff of life that we all have to deal with. Even working girls have to do the mundane stuff of life. It isn't all sex and glamour ya know.

Last week was a worth while tour, biz wise. I was slammed, pun intended, Wednesday and Thursday. A thunder boomer of the week award goes out to my late Thursday afternoon new friend. Let's see if it holds for the month of June. Applicants and tryouts for the award are always welcome.

My Friday was quieter with a wild ending with a couple from North Carolina, as I mentioned previous post.

When they travel they like to play with providers. He, a handsome, white haired gent, she a bit younger, curvy, beautiful brunette. A quick glass of wine at my bar and it was obvious he was eager to party.

Barely in the room he was kissing me and pulling my dress over my head while she was in the bathroom changing. This guy was eager.

She popped out the door in a gorgeous one piece teddy. I laughed and pulled one out of my dresser drawer that was almost identical. Seems we had more in common than sex and fun.

I'll not go into ALL the details but let's just say everyone had a turn. He and I, she and I, I and she, He and her. He down on her while I was visiting his back door with a strap on. It was his first time so I used a smaller one. Then, she asked for the same but wanted a bigger attachment. No worries, I have a whole case of various shapes and sizes. Finally we ended or escapade with a CIM which I shared with her. Hey, she asked.

What was cute was as soon as he had his O they were getting dressed and heading out the door. Sort of like some of my dates. Not so much my appointments although that happens now and then. I've learned not to take it personally. There's another adventure awaiting and folks want to get to it. I was only a stop along the journey of life. I'm NOT the destination. lol

It was almost 10 now and I opted to stay in for the rest of the night. All the driving, f----g and s----g had worn me out. Working on the road is tiring as most of you know. Add in a physical job and it's more so.

Years ago when I began in this business, I would have cleaned up, changed into party clothes and gone out dancing. I'm over it. So, remote in hand, HGTV or something else on the TV, I turned in early. I didn't even check all my email before lights out.

I awakened around 7 and headed down for the "free" breakfast and the world's slowest toaster. It was becoming a joke in the dining room how long you had to wait for an english muffin or a piece of toast. I told our server it was time for the ****** hotel to invest in a new toaster. She laughed.

Back upstairs, the packing began. NO appts this morning even though I'd put an "available now" up on my Eros ad. Sometimes that works IF I can get the later cummer verified in time.

Now I'm checking my email and I see a note from Fet Life. That's a fetish lifestyle site that I network/advertise on. The big cukold party in January drew from that.

On my way down to the bar to meet my couplethe night before a nice looking younger guy had stepped on my elevator. He was all dressed up, as I was also, and I asked him if he was "going out?" He replied he was and asked the same. I said I was meeting friends in our bar. He then asked me where he should go. I inquired, "dinner, more?" He said yes and I suggested the Capital Grill and then Sonsei after. We said goodbye and have a good night as we stepped off the elevator.

That email from Fet Life was from him. He mentioned our conversation and said he thought he had recognized me from Fetlife. Wanted to know what he needed to do to schedule a session. I answered on the site's email and included my number. Within a few minutes the phone rang from a hotel room. We agreed to meet in the lobby and then he wanted to chat in his room.

He was nervous and I was skeptical. I've never yet had any appointments from this site. Everyone wants to be my slave, date me off the clock, be my friend, etc. etc. etc. No one wants a professional arrangement so I asked him if he did. "Well, no, not yet." He wanted an accounting of the night before and anything else that would titillate him. And he needed a hug. Unh-huh, I knew where this was going. Another something for nothing meeting. Cute as he was he had contacted me under false pretenses. I was polite, gave him some tips and was out the door.

Still, I got a big kick out of being "recognized." Us Leo's are such egotists aren't we? lol

Putzing around with errands, gym today and a trip to Social Security Admin this week. I need a card to exchange driver's licenses when I surrender mine from Florida. All that picky stuff that takes time but is oh so necessary.

Hopefully, someone will need a little pampering, pleasing, teasing and stress release in the Albany area. An old friend is heading to my place Saturday evening for an overnight so I know I've at least got a promise then. He's the one I share all the almond oil with. Rubbing it all over and then massaging and slip sliding into ecstasy. Can't wait. Then a great dinner, jazz and probably a BBBJTCIM before bedtime. For sure one on Saturday morning.

Time to clean the place, shower and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

6/08/12 - Oh Canada and a Sad Day for Thoroughbred Racing
Hello Boys,

Here's some light reading for your edification. Our neighbors to the north are obviously more sophisticated in their thinking. Including the policitians. Oh that this would be true here.

I'm heading to Montreal in August. Probably Toronto in the fall when the leaves are changing. Both are beautiful cities and I like to expand my world so I'm heading north.

I was in Toronto on tour several years ago. So so trip but who knows. Nothing ventured nothing gained. My friend Lulu/sexy hot friend heads there next week.

I've been doing a little research and came across an article about my profession in Canadak. This article was on The Canadian equivilent of TER.

" Some municipalities are defining the word "Escort" improperly here in Canada!

In municipal by-law's some cities here in Canada have defined the word "Escort" as a person who goes on paid dates but does not participate in sexual acts with clients in exchange for money. They do this as they want to license escorts but they do not want to accept that the escorts are having sex for the money (that would make them pimps and pimping or "living off the avails" is illegal in Canada).

We all know that the term "Escort" is a person who is a "Sexual service provider" also known as such things as a "Call girl", "Courtesan", "Prostitute", "hooker", "Whore", "Harlot", and many other names. Many of the names are demeaning and not respectful as we all know so the ladies choose to use better words such as "Escort" so that they are not grouped in with the women who solicit sex illegally on the street (Also illegal in Canada).

In Canada being paid for sex is legal and paying for sex is also legal. What is not legal is pimping, underage of 18, public solicitation / communicating / procuring for the purpose of sex and keeping a bawdy-house.

Your common "out-call" service provider who does not solicit in public, does not have a pimp, is of legal age and charges for sex is not breaking the law! So why can they not call themselves a "Escort" in some municipalities? Because the municipality writes these by-laws defining the word "Escort" to mean something that it is not!

Most municipalities do this to try to get rid of the ladies. Many of you think they do this because they want to make money off the girls... but that is not true! They don't want the girls in the cities at all. They want to force them to move to another city or quit being a prostitute all together. They use any revenue made from the licenses to further police (and I say police but remember they are not real police they are paid city officials that are actually by-law enforcement and can not charge anyone with a criminal code charge - as much as some will try to make you believe they have this power)

Some cities are going to even greater lengths by asking the local police to accompany the by-law officers and try to entrap a few ladies into public solicitation (so that they can stir some fear in the ladies). Yes, they are actually doing this! You can read a thread here on cerb where one lady was tricked into going for a drink at the bar in the lobby of the hotel where she met her date... the date tried to talk to her about sex acts and next thing you know she was being arrested. Yes this is entrapment and she did know better... but I guess she felt the conversation was private enough and he was a good actor (she paid the price) but this is low! She did not want to go to the bar to have a drink with this person and he pretty much demanded it just so he could trick her and charge her. Nice eh! Makes me sick too!

A note to the municipalities, We know many by-law guys and probably city officials read sites like this. You should as this should be a big fear for you. Bulling people is fun until all the people you bully get together and form a community and rise up against you!

The definition of a ESCORT is "a person who provides a SEXUAL SERVICE to a customer and exchanges SEX for MONEY" - For your information... this is LEGAL in Canada!

Just because you make a by-law that redefines the word "ESCORT" to suit your needs it will not hold up in court!

You can not pass a by-law based on your MORAL REASONS and you can not charge a ESCORT a LICENSE FEE knowing that they have sex for money as this makes your city a PIMP and you are in turn LIVING OFF THE AVAILS OF PROSTITUTION and you are breaking the law!!

With the INTERNET and communities like this one here on CERB the ladies are starting to UNITE and work together!

Activist groups are now challenging the laws in court that take rights away from sex trade workers - don't think that this will not trickle down to the municipalities who are also taking away legal rights of people!

It will not be long till you bully the ladies enough in your city that they unite and challenge your moral based by-law in court. It will end up costing your city a fair amount of money and one nasty slap on the hand to tell you that you can not take rights away from people who are not breaking the law (just because you don't like what they do for a living!)

You should take the advise of your town lawyers who have probably told you that passing a by-law like this can backfire, it's only a matter of time before the ladies unite against you (any many men support them - every day more are supporting the ladies publicly as well as it's not so taboo any more to employee the services of a sex trade worker. It is the oldest profession as you know!

Keep in mind that with todays technology (the internet) it's much easier to communicate and form communities (Like this one) you and other cities could bully the ladies in the past (knowing they would not group together) but you are very wrong if you think that will continue in this day and age... it simply will not hold true!

Bottom line... No matter what you do you will not get rid of prostitution in your city - Too much need and demand for it - let's face it... if no demand existed you would not have such a large number of ladies working in the profession now would you!?!"

ENLIGHTENING ISN'T IT? You wouldn't have to worry nor would I.

Hartford/Farmington and Boston were/are great. Today was a little quiet in Boston and the weather was picture perfect until a big Thunderstorm rolled in over the city. I watched it from the 24th floor of my Back Bay hotel. Very cool.

I ended my day with a hot threesome with a couple from North Carolina. Of course, NOW the phone is starting to ring and the folks who don't read my ads or my website are calling last ninute. No thanks! It's late and I'm heading to my pillow. I'll write more about this week when I get home tomorrow afternoon. Lots of fun moments to share and a Thunder Boomer of the week award to bestow.

There's no need to rush home now. I was going to make a mad dash across the Mass turnpike to watch the Belmont. I'll Have Another was injured and all the big hoopla about the Belmont and the third race in the Triple Crown is over. What a shame! He's "retired" and lots of little sons and daughters of his progeny will be running around the pastures next year. Disappointing and very sad for racing fans everywhere. Not to mention poor I'll Have Another. He loved to race and he doesn't even get to have fun making all those sons and daughters.

41 days to opening day at Saratoga. Can't wait.

Love You All!

6/06/2012 - Committments and Cancellations
Hello My Darling Boys,

Just a quickie. I'm packing up and heading to Farmington, CT and then Boston this week. Boston is looking good. so. But what's new?

I've never had stellar business in the Hartford area. Some places just fit better than others. Although I am seeing an old friend from Stamford and it's always exciting to have reunions.

In case you are wondering, DO I get excited when you are walking through my door? Even when it's a busy day?

Yep....I really do. I see each and every friend I meet as an erotic adventure. Since one never knows what the chemistry between two people is going to be it's always new. And that's what I love. Just like you, I like new and variety.

But I also love the familar. Especially with those I KNOW I have that extra zing with. Don't take it personally if we don't. You've had that happen with some of the most gorgeous gals in the world. Oh sure, we always have a good time. But some good times are better than others. Know what I mean?

Still, it's almost always sizzling and sexy hot. I love my job.

I shortened this trip to Farmington. Various reasons but mostly no pre-bookings for Tuesday. I'm over sitting in a hotel room waiting for the phone to ring when I have a zillion things to do at home. And with the boxes still piled up in the corner of my living room there's lots to do. I AM making great progress though. I'll write more about the "move" later in the week.

Plus, it turned out that my ATF here in my area and I were able to sneak in a quick cocktail and dinner. He's such a delight and my only regret was that we had to cut things short. A quick hop down the Northway to see his smiling face was easy. He's a love!

And.....I've cancelled my Chicago tour. It just didn't feel right. Hotel costs and airfare were high. My one pre-booking had cancelled and once again, being away from home, twiddling my thumbs is not my thing. Oh, Chicago is usually okay at the worst. Sometimes very good but I never know for sure and I'm not willing to bet on the come. Or possible cum.

So off I go in an hour or so. I'll be heading OUT the door no later than noon Saturday as I want to get back to watch the Belmont. This is a horse racing town so you know every bar/restaurant is going to have the tv on. I'm hoping to meet Sarah for a drink to share in the hoopla if she's free. She rarely is though. Yes, she's that much in demand.

Saratoga National is having another party but I think I'm going to walk down the hill to view this one. No matter where I go it will be exciting. History, health and horses. That's our mantra here.

After getting my nose fixed so well I believe the health part. The history and the horses are a given.

Teeny mark on my nose. You'll never notice. Especially since I plan on giving you a big smooch as soon as you walk in the door.

Let's have some fun soon. After all, life is good.

I'll update you when I return.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

5/28/2012 - Fresh Recollections
Hello My Friendly Friends,

It has been a truly lovely weekend for me. Enjoyable and yet bittersweet.

Yesterday I slept a little bit later, watched my usual Sunday Morning, watered my geraniums, headed to the store to buy my flags, then down the Northway to the memorial gardens. I had a jug of water in the car but still needed fresh flowers. My gardens are no where ready for any type of cutting yet so againm I stopped at the little farm stand near the gardens.

Once again, there was a traffic jam at the memorial gardens. It made me happy to see that someone had put a flag on each of the veteran's graves. Only problem, my Dad's was hanging by a thread. Thankfully I had a better one for him and I replaced the pitiful looking one after cleaning the grass clippings off their marker and refreshing the urn with water and fresh flowers. Amazingly, the Mother's Day flowers were still hanging on.

Both my Mom and Dad were expert gardeners. I'm hoping they are smiling at the lovely flowers I left on behalf of me and my family.

On to Ralphs for steamed clams, this time sitting at the bar. Too boring in the dining room and sure enough, sitting at the bar was not. The local drunks came in for lunch. Kind of pitiful to see a pair of very Senior Citizens already hammered at noontime. I could tell from the conversation that this was a daily routine.

The guy between me and they was muttering to himself. I said, "I don't want to hear what they are saying." It was nonsense. Very sad.

He made an attempt at conversation and we chattered away about both of us moving back to the area from Florida. Small world isn't it?

Then on to my favorite home design store to see what was new. It changes every week. I wouldn't want to miss a deal would I?

Back up the Northway to home and hearth. Well, if I had a hearth. I had plans of going to the movies but once I go back, I stayed put. No one needed some good lovin' and I was content to stay home for the evening.

This morning I bounded out of my bed, ready for our parade. If you haven't figured it out by now I LOVE parades. This was the Memorial Day Parade that almost wasn't. I don't know all the ins and outs but it was originally cancelled only to be back on the calendar last minute.

Trustco Bank stepped in to sponsor it and last minute we were having a parade. Even though it was a typical small town parade folks turned out in droves. Young families with strollers, old folks in wheelchairs and walkers. Older couples with their dogs. In fact, it seemed everyone brought their dog. After all, these days, dogs are as important as children to most.

I brought my flag. I hadn't forgotten. All my other flags are in the storage room in Florida with my "stuff." Which, thankfully, will be arriving this Friday. That's a story for another time.

I muttered to myself, "now if they'd only have the pipes." And sure enough, one lone piper in a kilt, led the parade. I smiled.

There wasn't much to it. The usual police and fire trucks, the Navy boys from the Nuclear Station looked snappy, the American Legion, Salvation Army, Wounded Warrior folks with the trained dogs,(so cute), a few horses of course and the classic car guys. Still, it brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. (stop laughing)

After I wandered in and out of our small shops and then walked down the hill to Hattie's Chicken Shack. They were having a Crawfish Festival today with live music. It was my first visit and it was delightful. Cool decor, great group playing in the adjacent alley and zippy hot crawfish. Yes.....I suck the heads. Seems appropriate don't you think?

I walked up the hill toward home and stopped for a frozen yogurt for dessert. Sitting on the steps of a brownstone I watched the world go by. One lady stopping to ask me about the location of something in town. It's like that here. I asked her if she'd had lunch yet and pointed her to Hattie's. They were rocking up a storm as I'd walked up the hill. All the downtown restaurants were dining al fresco and several had live music. Good stuff!

After, I wired money to my mover friend to pick up the UHaul truck in Florida and hopped in my car to head to Saratoga National for the memorial service. The cemetery is 17 miles from me down beautiful back country roads, This is such a pretty part of Upstate NY and I'd never been over this way before.

I was surprised to see the number of cars lined up on the streets of the cemetery. It was hot and sunny today and I whispered a thanks that I'd put sunscreen on this morning. I might be sweaty and hot but at least I wouldn't be fried crispy.

One poignant moment that touched me was the old veterans who participated. God bless them. Some could hardly walk as they proudly carried the flags in the color guard. The Knights Templar were also in an honor guard in full regalia. Black, black and more black. Big hats with feathers and lots of medals. They were even older than the color guard. All with heads held high, backs straight, they proudly marched slowly across the grass to bring the colors.

We had the usual prayers, speeches, essays by the local elementary school kids and offering from the Methodist Choir of God Bless America. It was touching and sad but the moment I'll never forget was this next one.

As I sat down in my folding chair, I saw a couple in front of me. A butterfly was flying around his head. He was wearing a Veteran's hat. The butterfly kept landing on his medals on the hat, on his arm and other places on his head.

I asked the lady if she thought it was a spirit and she told me that when the butterfly first appeared she had asked it, "are you a spirit?" The butterfly immediately landed on the bracelet on her right arm. It had the name of her nephew who had died in Iraq on it. And it sat on her arm. After the butterfly did not leave them.

With tears in my eyes and my heart swelling I asked her if he was buried in Saratoga National. "He's in Arlington and we usually go there each Memorial Day." And that my friends is what today is all about. Honoring the great and many sacrifices so many have given for us to be free. Even when those of us of dubious reputations.

Life is very good. Come see me and let's celebrate it together.

Love and Kisses,

5/27/2012 - Remembering the Past Embracing the Future
Hello Darlings,

This is a long one. You might want to wait until you have lots of time. (smiles)

I hope you all are enjoying this delightful Memorial Day Weekend. At least, where I am, the weather has been wonderful. We hit 90 yesterday so Friday evening was warm sleeping. Thankfully last evening it cooled down and this morning was a little cooler and pleasant. An early morning walk to our neighborhood market for half and half had me smiling. Just gorgeous.

The city is packed, all kinds of activities are planned and all I have to do is decide which I want to enjoy. What a problem!

I had my stitches removed Tuesday and I'm happy to say that you probably wouldn't know I'd had them if I didn't mention it. A little vitamin E gently rubbed in should faciliate scar lessening. Still no black eyes. I lucked out for sure. It was a wake up call to be more careful doing home projects by myself.

By Wednesday morning, I had no appointments booked for Scranton. My one old friend hadn't responded to scheduling one so I made a corporate decision and cancelled the hotel. Of course, fifteen minutes later someone called and then my old friend did also. I felt like kicking myself for a bit until it became apparent that probably would have been the only fun I was going to have. No one else ever inquired.

It's a 4 hour plus drive. Too far to take a chance on fun. I'd enjoy my home and the little city I live in one more day. I hadn't been out in a while and I needed to socialize. Wednesday evening I walked down the hill and strolled along the main street. Hanging a left I walked by more popular restaurants and clubs and quaint little shops.

It was early but Happy Hour would start soon. I still had lots of points so I knew that tonight I'd have a glass of wine or two without damaging the diet. One restaurant had come highly recommended so I pushed open the door after reading the tempting menu outside.

I hadn't planned on dinner out but maybe an appetizer. Lovely dark wood, brick walls restored, just the kind of place I like. Almost immediately a nice looking guy my age sat down. Now, hold on. I wasn't out to party. I was out to "get the stink off" as my Mom used to say.

We chatted and I found he was in the "horse business", his wife was out of town and he was on his own. He was one of those older guys who just keeps getter better with age. And he was interesting as we discussed Cuomo's state takeover of the NYRA. He wasn't a happy camper. It was politics as usual and NY state politicians are expert in manipulating them.

I ordered a glass of white wine, only 3 points and a half dozen Blue Points. The price was too good to pass up. For an upscale place their prices were very reasonable. Served with a huge, homemade popover this was going to be a meal. We yakked away and he asked the bartender to pour me another glass of wine.

I thanked him and said, "I've got to watch the points so thank you but I can't." While he hadn't made a pass I wasn't going to give him the opportunity. No more attached men in my personal life.

We cordially said our goodbyes. I'm sure I'll run into him again. It's a very small city.

Since it was still early I walked up the hill to another well recommended place. It's a wine bar and I walked up the steps of yet another quaint brownstone. This is a Victorian city.

I'd fibbed when I'd said I had no more points. I did. I just wanted to extricate myself. I ordered an interesting white from Austria. I've gotten tired of the Sauvignon Blancs I've been drinking the last few years. I wanted something drier. I love reds equally as well. They just happen to be more points and right now, I'm sticking to my plan. And it's working. You'll see how well soon.

As I sipped my wine I looked across the room and saw......a well dressed man smoking a cigar. "What?" I asked the bartender what the deal was. She replied, "it's our cigar room. Usually it's very busy." No doubt. It has to be one of the few places on the planet that serves alcohol, food and allows cigar afficionados a classy environment to socialize and smoke.

I walked over and poked my head through the opening of the room. I said hello to the gentleman and commented on how nice it was to see a place for cigar smokers. He invited me to sit down and I replied that I would. Glass of wine in hand I joined him. We chatted about the little group that met there several nights a week for conversation and enjoyment of their smokes. Smoking a cigar is just as much as social experience as anything else.

Albany has a group that meets almost every month for "smokes" at different venues. I thought, this would be something to pursue. Once home, I joined their online mailing list for future events.

He asked me if I'd like a cigar but I again, I deferred. He was in a prominent position in town. I needed to be careful here.

And that's one of the dilemmas of my life. How do I socialize when the risk of being exposed as Anneke (pun intended) is very real? Do I stay home and hide? Do I venture out, dressed conservatively, glasses perched on my nose and present myself otherwise? Yes, but not too often. I can't become a regular on the scene. I might occasionally in a group setting. I'm thinking when all the crowds show up for race season I'd be better off meeting folks from out of town.

In all of this, it occurs to me that I have choices. Something that makes me smile again. There is a vital social scene here with lots of options. That's very good.

On to Binghamton Thursday. One, multiple hour appt had confirmed. It was time to pack the car and head out. As I drove into the beautiful Schoharie Valley a sense of deja vu hit me and I recalled a dream I'd had many months before. Love that.

It's a 3 hour drive but I didn't mind. I was starting to get "itchy" at home. And you know what happens when I'm itchy. My confirmed friend showed up and we had ourselves one very, very hot time. Instant connection on a very passionate level. The thunder boomer was oh so welcome. After we'd visited all the acronymns he had his own powerful one.

A little pillow talk and off he went. Me, all packed to head to Albany and lunch with a favorite friend, he to the gym. I kidded him that he'd already had his workout. As we both had. No gym for me today.

I was in downtown Albany and Jack's in two and a half hours. Some of you know it's an Albany institution and I hadn't been there in 25 years. It looks the same. The waiters still wear tuxes and offer that timeless exemplary service.

After a delightful lunch, no alcohol, we kissed goodbye at the curb with promises for more when our schedules permit. It was a lovely afternoon interlude.

Home again, I luxuriated in my surroundings. It was good to be back. Early to bed as I'd not slept well the night before.

Yesterday I was up early, rest restored and headed to my computer for the Saturday morning garage sale itinerary. I just love this new little routine in my life. I plotted my route and headed down the Northway. After driving around in circles I realized the first sale was probably next weekend. Like most of the guys who read my Eros ad and call to meet me, I hadn't looked the dates. Now I felt silly. Just like some of you must sometimes. Lesson learned here. lol

I had another to find in Ballston Spa so I headed back up the Northway and exited at 11, heading west to Ballston Spa. I followed the signs to the city and must have missed a turn at a local farm stand. "Oh, that looks interesting." So I turned around and drove in.

As always seems to be the case in this part of the country, the folks who worked there greeted me warmly. The sales gal had gone to the same high school and knew my relatives. She introduced me to her boyfriend's grandfather who owned the farm stand. He had known my uncle and we shared fond memories of family and years gone by.

They grow most of their own flowers and had fabulous fresh produce. Juicy, ripe New Jersey strawberries and fresh squash and asparagus went into my bag. I was going to eat well this weekend.

I continued my drive to Ballston Spa, driving through town just after their Memorial Day parade had ended. The local fire department had hung a huge American flag over the street off their hook and ladder truck. Moms, dads, kids, grandparents, band members walked back to their cars.

If anyone is in doubt that small town America survives this was proof that it is alive and well. It warmed my heart to see this effort at remembering our fallen. Our parade is Monday at 10 am. After spending so much time in Normandy, every Memorial Day is more special to me.

Driving around, my Blackberry dinged and I found a little email from a friend who has been verified but I've never met. Would I consider coming to Kingston either that night or Sunday morning to finally meet him? Well of course. So, back home we finalized our plans and I got ready for my liason. I'd been thinking earlier that day I'd really enjoy having some fun that Saturday night. My wishes must have projected to the right person.

We met at a local Kingston motel and I hugged and kissed him warmly. Finally, we were going to share passion. He told me he wished it had been sooner. That was good to hear. I always worry that I might not be just what you want and it pleases me when I find out I am and more so. Two blissful endings and he and I headed back to our separate lives with promises to meet again.

Great jazz on XM/Sirius made the trip home easy. By the time I returned, thoughts of going out had disappeared. I was happy to be home.

I'm going to our parade Monday morning, then to Hattie's for their Crawfish Festival then on to Saratoga National Cemetary for a memorial service at 2pm. I've been wanting to visit there and I can't think of a more important day to do so.

Later today I'm heading to the cemetery to leave flowers and a flag for my dad. He only served a few months during WWII because he was injured and discharged in basic training. My Uncle went to England. He's now 93 and in an assisted living home with my aunt. Some of America's greatest generation is still left. God bless them all.

Don't forget to thank those who have served. To those of you who read this journal and have served our country, my heartfelt thanks to you. To those of you who have lost loved ones I offer a sincere expression of sympathy for your loss. They are remembered.

After who knows what I'll do. All these options make me smile. Tuesday I head to Edison, NJ for two nights. Come on over.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

5/19/2012 - Syracuse and Mirrors
Hello Hotties,

I know, that title makes absolutely no sense to you. But it sure does to me. I'll 'splain Lucy.

This week was a short tour to Syracuse again. Biz was okay. Since expenses were fairly low I came home with more than I left with. Everyone assumes that providers make a killing at what they do. Not in this economic downturn as I've mentioned before. And certainly not very mature ones. We have a very limited share of the market.

However, those I did meet were gentlemen and we had a great time. My very last friend was an interesting and sizzling hot encounter. Made more so because there was a conference of law enforcement officials in my hotel. Yes, it happened again. I don't know which organization/level of government they represented and I wasn't about to ask.

I do know this. They all looked the same. Buzzed hair, pot bellies, sneakers or casual shoes, polo shirts and khakis or jeans. Lots of mustaches too. I was smiling to myself as I walked by all of them at breakfast. Talk about the fox in the henhouse.

My last encounter is in a security sensitive job and when he texted to say he was going to be a half hour late I gave him the heads up. He arrived as promised but now he was a wreck. Many of the "boys" were outside the front door taking a smoke break. He'd have to walk through them.

I said, "just act like you belong here and no one will notice you." Thirty minutes later he got up the nerve and knocked on me door. He was absolutely adorable, fit and trim and confessed he loved older women. An encounter at 19 with a woman almost 50 had shaped him forever. I'd given him a glass of wine to calm his jittery nerves. Finally he settled down.

We took our time. I had no one after and was heading home when I had to check out. And before long he was asking if he could be my boyfriend. Well, you all know I've mentioned I'm looking for a regular playmate so I said, "I'll take it under advisement." However, when someone makes those comments this early in the game I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...........sooner or later.

Later, as he was leaving and I didn't see any donation forthcoming I told him that today there would be one. If he was willing to drive the 3 plus hours to see me there would not be.

He asked me what it was. I quoted the posted amount. He said, "I don't have that much." The other shoe had dropped. I asked him why he would make an appointment and not look at the donation? He said, "I don't know." Bull hockey, he'd planned this from the start and he figured his charm, good looks and protestations of wanting more was going to excuse his having to offer one.

In resignation, I took what he offered. But inside, I was kicking myself. At that moment, it's pointless to ask for more. You and I both know I'll never see it.

Will I see him again? Even after we exchanged texts later? I'm sure it was all just part of the scam. Too bad. They were really hot moments and it was totally unnecessary to play games. We still would have had a good time without the drama.

Why relate all this? Because in my heart of hearts I know I'm still hoping, someday, that I'll meet someone special. Let's face it. The only guy who is ever going to want to have a relationship with a provider is one who has 1. been a client or is 2. in the lifestyle. Civilians couldn't handle what I do.

Still, it was a very hot ending to my Syracuse tour. I'll smile about him and move on. That's life and it's okay.

I returned home later that afternoon after taking a shortcut from I-90 through Fonda and Johnstown. It was a beautiful day and a lovely, easy ride, coming into my city from the west. I'd traveled these roads many a year ago. I especially remember one jaunt with my Mom's Dad, my favorite granddad, up one of the very steep hills in his car. He loved taking rides so I guess it's in my genes.

I loved he and my Mom's Mom. He was the epitome of class and gentlemanliness. I have his gavel and his name plate. He was a clerk of the court most of his life. A very special man and I still miss them.

It was good to be home and I spent the evening relaxing with the TV. The next morning I hit the garage sale ads, looking for more bargains. I found 3 and drove out to reconnoiter. Not all were open on a Friday. I'd have to return Saturday. But one was open for biz. I am looking for a coffee table and whatever catches my eye.

I do have a load of "stuff" coming the week after next. I need to buy only what I need because there's going to be LOTS to unpack. 80 plus boxes worth.

Back to the yard sale. It was a divorce/moving sale and I am always amazed at the amount of crap, no other word for it, that people keep. Old, out of date junk and clothes that no one could possibly ever want. Still, folks think their "things" are worth money.

I wandered into the house and it was obvious the owner had never heard of HGTV. I smiled to myself, thinking this person sure could have used an interior redesigner.

I did find a nice rectangular gold framed mirror. Ten bucks and it was now mine. I took it home and measured where I was going to put it, sitting it on the sideboard it was going over.

As I was reaching up, the bottom slide back on the sideboard and the top pitched forward. Right on my nose. "Oh my God, I've broken my nose," I thought. I pushed the mirror back and put my fingers to my face, feeling blood. Oh damnation!

I grabbed a tissue and applied pressure, thinking, "damn it, I'm alone." After a couple of minutes I turned on a light and peeked in my magnifiying mirror. There was a nice little gash right across the bridge of my nose.

Okay, now what? It looks like it needs stitches. I'd feel like a fool if I go to the emergency room and I don't. I called a plastic surgeon that I'm going to see for Botox. Not available.

Bleeding subsided, I hop in my car and head to CVS thinking I can butterfly the cut. As I'm standing in the store looking at bandages my stomach lurches and I feel lightheaded. "Nah, not fixing it myself, get your butt to the emergency room girlfriend." And that's where I headed.

It was close by and no one else was waiting. They took me right in, did all the paperwork, vital signs, etc and then the PA came in to look at me. She said it looks like you're going to need stitches and if you want I can call a plastic surgeon. But first, we want to xray it to make sure it's not broken. It didn't feel broken at all. But they wheeled me into xray to be sure. They kept asking me if I'd had a recent tetanus shot and I had.

With a whooping cough epidemic roaring in states across the US of A I'd had a booster in January. The tetanus comes in that booster. Here's a moment for a public service announcement. Get your babies and kids vaccinated. Because parents have opted not to is the reason why whooping cough is back. It's deadly to infants and older people at risk. Get over yourselves and get your vaccinations. Older folks, get a booster.

Back in my room, ice on my nose, the PA returned to tell me that my nose was slightly fractured. Oh well, now I'm glad I came. She stitched me up with a tiny needle and tiny stiches, 5 in all and wrote me a RX for an antibiotic and sent me on my way.

I chilled yesterday but today I'm fine. No black eyes yet but my Scranton trip on Tuesday has been moved to Wednesday. I have to get the stitches out Tuesday.

It wasn't a big deal. I'm not in any pain but I'm am more aware that life can sure bring some surprises when you least expect them. And I'm even more aware of being alone in a new place with no one to help me. Fortunately, I could get to the hospital on my own. With little damage done. I'll look like new by the end of the week. Maybe a little scar. Builds character.

As for the mirror? I painted it when I got back from the hospital. LOL It's now a mixture of gold and silver and today I put it up.......very carefully!

This morning I went to the rest of the garage sales. There's no stopping an amateur interior designer on a mission. I found some darling wicker storage baskets and two chrome cocktail shakers. I've had my retail therapy and found something I needed for a great price too. I'm a happy camper. A few good O's and life would be beyond belief.

Have a great weekend my darlings. I hope to see you soon. Little scar and all.

Life is good. I could have been much worse.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

5/13/2012 - Spring Has Arrived Again
Hello Hotties,

I hope you all survived the Mother's Day weekend. Mine was a good one. In fact, it was a good week.

I've been "home" all week and I've been busy. To my complete surprise. And I like those kind of surprises.

One of my favorite "regulars" stopped by early in the week as did a couple of old friends. One fav who had given me my stuffie a couple of months ago. He arrived bearing Prosecco so I popped it in the fridge and exchanged it for a bottle of chilled champagne. One small glass and we headed into the bedroom for some hot and wet fun. We both had smiles on our faces.

The next day I paid a visit to a new friend not far away.

In between, going to the gym and the usual stuff of life things were hopping. I had dinner out a couple of nights too.

Monday had begun the week with my cable service being installed. It's been humorous how settled in I've really become now. I LOVE HGTV and the Food Network so I've spent more than one late night catching up. HBO's the Game of Thrones and tonight, my fav or all time, PBS's Mystery Theater. They were showing Sherlock.

This series is a modern day version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's wonderful books. I'm a long time Sherlock Holmes fan and I don't think anyone will ever replace the old PBS series with Jeremy Brett. Although this new guy is pretty good. The modern day setting and altered story line will never be first place in my heart though. Tonight was titled "The Hounds of Baskerville." Notice the difference?

I also managed to finish the rest of the Hunger Games. It was a good read. Movies one night for a mindless viewing of the Avengers. Sometimes it's good just to escape. An escapism is was. The only problem was Chris Helmsley had his shirt on this time. Damn!

I also finished the "Grey" series last week. That was a disappointment. I actually got bored with the sex scenes. They were endless, monotonous and I'm afraid, will give some women the wrong ideas of submitting in the sexual arena. One of the main characters, Grey, sure was f---ed up emotionally. I'm sure the author is laughing all the way to the bank. Good for her. She got my money too. Her view of BD/sm was fantasy for sure.

So what did I do for my Mother's Day weekend? Well, Friday night was my outcall. A lovely first timer who wanted to take me to dinner after until the after happened. Then he became nervous and guilty. I'm not poking fun. It happens and I totally get why. It just find it interesting how desirable and beautiful I am until the orgasm occurs. Then the power behind the arousal is gone and reality sets in. It's an amazing thing to behold. I don't take it personally at all.

I headed home and changed to more casual attire and had dinner at a close by gourmet Italian restaurant. It's my third time back so I'm becoming familiar to one of the bartenders. I had lots of extra points on WW so I had their delicious bread. I'll finish the week using all my allowed points. But not going over. In fact, tonight I had a couple left. I'll leave them.

Saturday I was up at 8 and while I was getting my morning legs I thought, "I need to check Craigs list and garage sales." I made a pot of Price Chopper's delicious Donut Shop coffee blend and poured over the offerings for garage sales.

I wrote down three. One close by and two in the Schenectady area. One especially caught my eye. They had bedroom furniture for sale. I still needed a small dresser for my bedroom and I needed a bargain even more.

So, by 9:15, GPS set, I headed south and west. It was a beautiful morning and I smiled as I crossed familiar streets in the Niskayuna/Schenectady area. I found my first listing. No one else had arrived yet and it was almost 10 am.

There, sitting against the garage was the dresser and a mirror that I'd seen in their ad. French provincial, cream with gold gilt, but I knew I could do something with it.

I asked him if he'd be willing to break up the set and reluctantly he agreed to do so. He helped me stuff it in my trunk and I secured it with a bungie chord. I was taking the back roads home. No 72 miles an hour up the Northway for me.

So I wandered easily back through Burnt Hills and Ballston Spa with my treasures. I also had a big smile on my face. I'd been hunting this elusive item for weeks. Always hoping for a deal and now I had one.

As soon as I got home and lugged my prizes into the house I was at work, transforming this oldie but goodie. French decor is back with a vengence but not the gold gilded kind. So I whipped out my silver and gray paints and started adding my own touches to my perfect find. And hour and a half later, I was done.

I made a little lunch and then headed to a nearby garden center. The planting was going to begin. I was starting with boxes for my deck. I found the kind that fit right over the top of the railing. What fun! Planter boxes filled and watered I headed inside to arrange my dresser.

Everything dry, I slide the dresser on a towel across the hardwood floors into my bedroom. I didn't want to carry it again nor scratch my floors. This house was built in the late 1800's and there isn't a floor in the place that doesn't sag. The level went nuts. I had to prop up the dresser legs an inch and a half on one side. Now I have to find something that looks better than my books underneath it.

This Mother's Day morning, I made myself breakfast, watched Sunday morning and headed south. I wanted to put flowers on my Mom's grave. I stopped at a little local farm stand for the flowers, holder and water. I'd forgotten the water. And I'd forgotten that there was a bronze holder built into my Mom and Dad's memorial plaque. I brushed off the dried mown grass off the markers, filled the urn and arranged the flowers. Just a few moments to pay my respects and enjoy the beauty of the gardens.

The memorial garden had to be the busiest place in the Capital District. It seemed everyone had the same idea. While visiting a gravesite is sad it made me smile that so many folks still missed their Moms and had made that little trek out of love and respect for those memories of the most important person in their life.

Then it was on to Ralph's Tavern. Ralph's is one of those places that still has the same dark wood paneling, plastic flowers and tacky decor from 30 years ago. It's clean but it's never changed. And thankfully, neither has the food.

I've had a hankering for steamed clams all week. Even though you dip them in butter they don't amount to hardly any points. Add a kick butt Caesar and I was a happy camper. No vampires were going to bother me after.

Then on to the Home Decor store for a couple of things. I love ferreting around those places. It's almost as good as sex. I said.......almost.

I received an email from a 21 year old who's volunteering to be my playmate. 21....yikes. What will we talk about? Oops, that's right, we probably won't be talking.

Just kidding. He's in NNJ so he's not a likely candidate. An old Stamford friend will be in Albany for biz after my Syracuse trip and he wants to meet me for dinner. Well, that's not what HE wants but I told him he could take me to dinner. LOL He's thinking he's going to score. I'm thinking he's not. Obviously there's no big vibe for me. He's thinking booty call and I've thinking good luck with that one.

I'm not sure if he knows what I do or not. I suspect he does and is looking for a freebie. If he made me feel special he would probably get one but he never has. It's always when it's convenient for him. Never any effort on his part nor does he ring my chimes so we play this silly little game.

That's what I love about the hobby. No game playing necessary. We both know what the score is and we can have a good time. No strings, no fuss, no muss and yet friendships still happen based on mutual need and respect. It's a good thing and I highly endorse the practice.

My pervert with the ever changing phone numbers is still calling. I'm sure, early tomorrow morning, he'll start. If you call me early in the morning and I don't know you and I don't answer that will be why. I'll be thinking you are he. Leave a message and I'll call back.

The last call I got from him I suspected as such and just held the phone, not saying a thing. I could hear the sounds of him wanking away. I hung up......again. Sorry, someone harrassing me like that doesn't turn me on.

So, there's good and bad in being a public figure in this profession and on video. Mostly it's good because I screen and I already have the best guys any provider could hope for.

Life is good.

Love and Kisses,

5/06/2012 - Derby Day
Hello Darling Boys,

I'm sitting at my new kitchen table on a sunny but chilly Sunday morning in my new digs. I smiled as I walked into the kitchen this morning. The sun was shining through the big bay windows and patches of sunlight were bouncing off the exposed brick walls of my living room.

The decor is coming along swimmingly. I'm so pleased. I'll just add those feelings to my list of things I've been happy about this week.

I thought, rather than bitchin' and moanin' about what didn't go right this week that I'd concentrate on what did. And on the things that pleased me. Part of my effort to put a more positive spin on life.

Instead of getting angry when someone does me wrong in traffic, (and I drive A LOT), I take a deep breath and blow out the bad thoughts. Then I take another deep breath and try and take in happiness. I know, I know, it sounds kind of hinky but it's just reprogramming the brain to respond in new ways. Not that goofy at all.

Is it working? Gradually. I'd be lying if I said it happens overnight. You know what they say about 21 days to make or break a habit. I just have to keep remembering to do it.

As I was driving home Friday afternoon from NYC I was listening to my Sirius/XM classical station. The Rachmininoff Piano Concerto in C minor was playing and I was transported. For once, I settled back in my car's leather seats, still paying attention to the road, but absorbing the sounds of this fabulous piece of music, instead of letting my mind wander. I thought, "how wonderful these moment are, how glorious!" And then I thought about all the small things that had occurred this week that had made me smile.

They weren't world changing. But they made life sweeter. A wonderful meal at Le Relais. That concerto. A collection of song birds at my sister's feeder on Monday. A world class orgasm, brought to me with the attentions of a friend.

Shopping for my new home and finding JUST what I've been searching for. At a steal. Now that really makes me smile.

The Derby party at Saratoga National yesterday. A great cigar and a Manhattan while waiting for the race to begin. New folks to meet and laugh with. The class and elegance of the surroundings.

Wait....I have to tell you about the cigar. But first things first. I'm content to snuggle in home after a week on the road so sometimes I have to push myself OUT the door where I now live. There is SO much right at my doorstep but 1. I'm dieting, 2. I've cut way back on the alcohol to help the dieting and just generally improve my life and 3. I'm trying to save for the moving of the "stuff" in Florida while looking for bargains to furnish my new place.

But it was the Kentucky Derby. I LOVE watching the race. I love the whole tradition of the Derby. I know that's why I love thoroughbred racing so much. It's really not about the horses as it is the tradition and elegance of the sport.

So, decked out in my red dress, black Chanel type jacket and pretty jewels, I headed to Saratoga National. They bragged they had the biggest tv to watch the race.

I made the long, sweeping drive through the lovely course. Golfers were finishing up the long, sunny afternoon. The cars were already parking way down the hill so I followed suit. I walked to the clubhouse and at 4:45 the bar was already jammed.

The women were all decked out. Some in hats, some just in pretty dresses and heels. I was allowing myself ONE drink today. So I found an outdoor bar that wasn't busy and ordered a Saratoga National Manhattan.

I had been worried I was dressed too warmly and that I would be too hot. Up on the side of the hill, overlooking the course, a chilly wind was blowing. For once, my attire was perfect.

I walked around, taking in all the people and the energy. As I walked by a table of guys I noticed they were all smoking cigars. I said, "Smells great, I wish I'd thought to bring one." One said, "would you like a cigar?" I smiled and replied, "yes, thank you." I asked them where they had gotten them and one replied they were a gift. Bags full of all shapes and lengths. Another asked, "would you like a Cuban?" I laughed said, "well of course."

Another found a Cuban Monte Cristo, clipped it and pulled out his torch. Totally a must in the wind. He held the lighter while I lit it and I thanked them all.

Manhattan in one hand, lit Cubano in another, I found a high top table near the big screen. Soul Session was playing and all was right with the world.

A woman with a cigar is always a conversation starter and another gal asked me where I'd gotten it. I'm afraid those poor guys had more hopeful folks asking.

Everyone was dressed beautifully. Young couples with babies. Single folks, older couples, folks with LOTS of money and ordinary gals like me. Thoroughbred racing draws all levels of society. It hadn't cost me a nickle to join the party and I could of ordered nothing and no one would have cared.

Prime had tents outside with their delicious food for the hungry. I was going to have dinner later and I was content with my beautiful cigar and my drink. I smoked for almost 45 minutes before I lost the ash. It became a conversation point. lol Finally, one puff and it fell to the ground. I got a picture with my new Iphone before it did.

The wind had come up and the temperature was dropping as the sun was heading toward the horizon. I was thankful I'd dressed as I had. Post time was soon and the crowd was getting more excited.

The screen was so big you could see the pixels but no one cared as the winner crossed the finish line. I hadn't bet and I could have at OTB. It didn't even occur to me. But next year....I'll be there.

I left as soon as the race ended. It had gotten downright cold and I headed home for a big bowl of hot soup. I nixed the thought of going out later. I had a new book, the second in the Hunger Game series and my place was cozy and warm. I might head out this evening for a bit.

It was a good week. Business wise, not so much. But I'll be home in the Albany area and offering a hotel incall for those of you who need it, tomorrow through Wednesday afternoon. If you're a new friend, appointment page first place. Old friends, just give me a call.

I have a double with Sarah later in the week and an old friend coming to call. And I'll be home until I head for Syracuse next week.

I'm getting itchy though. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a playmate up here. But not a one night stand. Those don't interest me any more and I haven't been able to find any swinger's events that are geared for singles. Only couples. I'm not interested in borrowing someone's husband. I do that all the time.

Still, life is good. Feeling horny is not a bad thing.

Come on over.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

4/18/2012 - Fifty Shades of Grey
Hello Darlings,

Unless you live under a rock, the big literary phenomenom now is a series by E.L. James that begins with the title above. My hair stylist said, "you HAVE to read this." Not the first female who told me that.

I knew it was an erotic novel so I thought, "why not?" It's on the best seller list, (which means nothing as far as literary excellence counts) but there was this BUZZ about it.

So, I dove in last week while I was on the road. I think every friend who came to visit said his significant other was also reading it. And their friends. And.....they were all turned on. Since I'd already begun I got it.

Yes, the sex scenes are sizzling. And yes it delves into a world that few people are aware of. Sadomasochism. In a way, I'm glad this is the hottest thing on the planet. Perhaps, finally.....women will get it. Sex is hot. Sex can be all encompassing. The BDSM part of it is probably tough for most to take, hell, I'll never understand why people crave it, but they do. And up to the point of hurting or humiliating people I've always offered sensual domination. Yes, strap on play are considered sensual domination.

Time to take the blinders off the general public. Perhaps wives will get a little itch now and you boys will be the beneficiaries. In a way, I hope they don't. HA! I'd be out of business if they all did.

Anyway, it's a good read and sizzling. I've begun the second one. It makes the time go by fast when I'm peddling my a-- off on the bike at the gym But it's nothing I didn't know about, considering my circle of friends and my penchant for attending the Alter Ego parties when I lived in Lauderdale. Now THOSE were sexy hot. In fact, I'm getting kind of turned on and wet thinking about all of this.

Where is a stud muffin when I need one?

The other side of the fifty shades of grey is my sampling paint these past two weeks. Home Depot, Lowes, the hardware stores that carry Benjamin Moore paint have seen me perusing the paint chips. I finally found just the right shade of grey in Restoration Hardware but had Home Depot mix it up in Behr paint for me. Love that stuff.

I've ordered drapes for my alcove closet in almost the same shade, not a blue grey but a warmer taupey grey. "Oh God, here she goes with the boring interior design stuff." Hey, it's part of who I am. I get off, well, not in the same way, on this stuff. And, for those of you whom I've met, you'll get to see what I've done with the joint.

It was a fun week in the Short Hills/Morristown area. Forget the "no heat in the room" and only a shower part of it. Thankfully there was a little heater and there were enough friends that we generated our own heat. After a busy time in Philly last week and another one this week I'm hopeful.

After NNJ I had a brief respite, one night, at home and then headed over to the Boston burbs for a party of hobbyists and providers. I've been to several over the years and I go to let them know I'm not dead yet. It's humorous to watch the young providers feeling up the older hobbyists and then leaving with them later. Something that is not supposed to happen. Social only. My eye. lol

I finally met Molly Feinstein, from Palm Beach. She was at our hotel bar after the party hoping to have a late dinner, as was I. We shared a meal and some provider girl talk. She's been absent from the touring scene the last couple of years but is jumping back in. She was always much beloved by the guys. Forty something, smoking hot body, Betty Page/retro sort of look.

You can find her at Look her up. You'll be glad you did. I know she'll take very good care of you. She's reknown for her kissing expertise. Amongst other things.

A new friend Friday morning in Waltham and my expenses for the trip were covered. And I got to have a few O'. Can't beat that.

I was supposed to meet Santa Baby for lunch but he was delayed so I headed west, stopping in Stockbridge and Country Curtains on the way home. One of my new Albany friends had asked if I wanted to meet in that old institution Jack's for lunch but I was getting back too late.

As I rolled down 90, overlooking that kick ass view of the Mall I called him. He suggested we meet at Saki for a drink when I'd just passed the Crescent bridges on the Northway. It got off the next exit and headed back south to Latham. I hadn't seen him since my move and it was great to give him a big hug and flirt a little.

Only one glass of wine and some sashimi for me. I've not been drinking much at all and it's paid off. You'll see how when we meet. Add WW and the new gym and I'm feeling great.

I met Sarah of Albany last night after I got home. As always, she looked smoking hot. She'd had a fun two hour encounter and then met me at a cool restaurant/bar within walking distance. After, I gave her a tour of the apartment.

I'm heading to Westchester County Tuesday and then on to Manhattan Wednesday afternoon. Not much shaking at all. And the hotels are reaching the stratosphere. If it doesn't look more promising I'm going to cancel the NYC part of the tour. At 400 a night for a hotel plus I can't afford to be sitting there waiting for the phone to ring and then going home with a loss.

This booking last minute on your part boys isn't good for the nerves. This biz is always a crap shoot but with the expense of Manhattan the ballgame gets a whole lot more serious. So let me know if you're thinking of being bad. Otherwise I'm heading back to my pretty little city upstate on Wednesday afternoon.

Not much else is new. Obviously I've been doing a ton of driving and with the price of gasoline it's expensive to do so. I don't mind. I love being busy and heading somewhere in my car seems I'm achieving something by doing so.

Not much else is new. If I get into any trouble you'll be the first to know.

Life is good. Especially with the right shade of grey.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

4/22/2012 - Capital District Incall
Hello Hotties,

It's Sunday morning and I'm catching up on all the admin stuff. Tweaking the ads for this week's visit to the Short Hills, NJ area and Newton, MA.

Not a lot shaking yet but there wasn't much going on ahead of time before I got to Philly either. Most everything is last minute still. ARGH!

I guess folks want to see if they still have money in their wallets. I know it's a necessity for me before I buy something or want to enjoy an evening out.

I stopped in Kingston Friday afternoon and picked up my son. I had a whole "honey do" list for him. Even sons get honey do lists. And it's good to keep an eye on him and catch up.

I bought him a pizza, a 12 pak and he was happy. Then we went to Walmart and I purchased my first flat screen. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit behind the times but my TV in the nudie resort was just fine and stuck in a huge armoire. Since I wasn't home all that much it was ok. I gave it and the surround sound system away before I moved.

This television went in my bedroom. The dvd player will go above it. Porn in the bedroom. Oh you betcha! My porn! Double you betcha.

My new digs are available only for established friends. Visits in the Albany/Capital District are OUTCALL only. So, I've decided to have a regular HOTEL INCALL every few weeks for new friends. Old friends may visit too. I don't want to leave any stones unturned in my attempt to build business in the Capital District. The next one available is already on the calendar so take a peek if you have to have incall.

References/gentle screening of course. This is the seat of state government and you know who is right on top of it.

For those who are interested Philly was great. The phone rang off the hook and I had great business. Lots of fun too. A couple of really gorgeous hotties walked through my door. HOT gorgeous hotties. Naughty role play too.

One particularly rare occurence to relate. I had a two hour date Thursday evening. Everything was confirmed. He called from the lobby. I hugged him as he came through the door. He turned and said, "I have bad news. I can't stay." He got called somewhere. But he came to tell me personally and gave me an envelope with the donation. All of it. He told me he realized I'd reserved that time for him and he was going to honor that. I was astounded. I hugged him again and said, "you have a rain check for my next visit and it will be gratis."

Another rare event occured. I walked into The Prime Rib for dinner at the bar Wednesday night and it was jammed. No hope of dinner there for me. Until one gentleman on the very end got up and gave me his seat. That hasn't happened in years. In fact, I'd given up hope that there were any gentlemen left in the world. After this week, I'm pleased to say there are.

I will say this. The next time I'm warming a bar stool and just having a cocktail and I see someone/anyone who wants to have dinner, I'm going to give THEM my seat. What goes around comes around.

I have been watching the Secret Service Scandal with great interest. And a smile on my face. BIG surprise that this has been going on? NOT!

Who is kidding who? A brotherhood of secret agents/military out of town for long periods of time. The testosterone levels in this group must be record high. What did the powers that be think was going to happen when they were in a country where it was legal? And who looked the other way when JFK was having his dalliances?

We are such hypocrites in the old US of A. All these politicians of both parties raising a ruckus about how terrible a breach of security this was, yada, yada. Does anyone doubt that they see providers in DC? Well WE know they do. Makes me laugh at their duplicity and double standard.

We are the oldest profession in the world for a reason. And it's never going to go away. Get real. Get with it and make some money from it by decriminalizing it. I'll bet we girls could help balance the budget in no short order if we could legally claim our income.

I know so many of the girls who don't pay taxes. I always have because I have the porn business. And a good accountant. But if this were accepted and somewhat monitored/licensed, things would be so different. Less rape for sure. A whole lot less frustration in the male population I suspect.

I was listening to a comic on Blue Collar radio the other day. He was talking about the feminists. How they are so adamant about the right to choose. That doesn't extend to this though. Isn't it still our body? Shouldn't we have the right to choose whether we want to place a donation on the exchange or not? Why is it okay to give it away but not charge for it? Why is it accepted in society that "hooking up" for the night is ok but asking for a financial consideration is the sin of all sins?

Would someone explain that to me? George Carlin where are you?

In the meantime, I just chuckle at the double standard and enjoy what I do. Makes perfect sense to me. Especially when I hear about sexless marriages with no hope of divorce because of the financial disaster that could ensue. We keep marriages together. How about busy or shy single guys who don't have the time or the ability to meet beautiful women. How about those who are recently widowed, divorced and not ready for a relationship? The lists of reasons why we are necessary is endless. We should get a medal for public service.

Life is good. And fun.

Come see me in the Capital District or wherever I might be jaunting off to.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

4/16/2012 - A Trip Down Memory Lane
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's summer here in Upstate NY. My city reached 90 today.

The teller at my bank was complaining it was sooo humid. I said, "darlin', I lived in Florida. THAT was humid." But it's all what you are used to I guess. To me, it was pleasant.

I did keep the Victorian all closed up and it's stayed nice and cool. I don't have central air. IF it gets too bad this summer my hunky landlord said we can pop in a window unit.

He was totally amazed that I had cleaned out the gardens and pruned the hydrangea bush. I met my "over the fence" neighbor and we agreed that I'd ask him if I couldn't move the trash bins. He said, "sure," so now I don't have that eyesore in my yard either.

I asked him if he had a pressure washer as I'd like to do the deck. Next I knew he was going to line up a friend to do it and then finish painting it to match the house.

It's amazing how folks will help when you demonstrate that you're willing to take care of their property just like it was yours. And that's how I see this new place. It's mine and I intend to live in it like I own it. Oh, I'm not remodeling it but I'll do small things. Like keep it clean and patch up the cracks in the woodwork, eventually paint the place and enlarge and maintain the garden.

Painting will be a big job since it has 12' ceilings and LOTS of heavy moulding. Imagine how great it's going to look though?

I still have to get my stuff up from Florida. I also have to make enough money to pay to get my stuff up from Florida. This economy sure is squeaking along isn't it? Just when I think things are really on the upswing it slows down. Of course tax week and spring break are notorious business killers.

I am having a great time putting this place together. But I have to watch my spending carefully. I can't count on anything these days. Just when I start to worry I tell myself, "Self, you've always made it in the past, you will make it today and tomorrow." And you know what? I do!

Still, it would be nice to be back in the days when money was a whole lot more plentiful. I know most all of us wish that.

I'm heading to Philly this week. Some pre-bookings but the hotel costs are high. So please....come see me. Philly has a special rate for this week.

Thankfully I have some fun lined up for next weekend. Fun on my home turf is always cool. All outcall.

Today I took a little trip down Hwy 50 toward Ballston Spa. I had no idea that Ballston Spa had turned into a little antique center. I had a great lunch at one of it's deli's and then window shopped. Lots of adorable looking restaurants and it's not a big ride down.

Then I hopped back in the car and kept heading south and west. More family stomping ground. I went past the Schenectady airport, recalling an air show when I was a kid. In the back door of Scotia and cruising around very familiar streets where I used to spend summer vacation.

A quick jaunt through the Stockade in Schenectady and then right past the building that used to be Amity Hall. That was where my piano teacher had our first recitals. After they were held in the Schenectady Museum. Up Union Street and past a former nursing home where my great grandmother,(a lovely sweet woman) spent her last years. We all loved her.

She was one of those people who had a twinkle in her eye and a love for you that was readily apparent. My great grandfather was a prankster who used to poke you with his fork under the kitchen table. They were wonderful folks.

Then up route 7 and over St. David's Lane. A charming, winding suburban neighborhood that we thought was were the rich folks lived. I guess they were, compared to us.

I realized I was bringing my memories back to a happy and sweet time in my life. A time when children were innocent. It was much later that you heard about pedophiles and razor blades in apples at Halloween.

We swam in the creek and climbed trees. We were gone for hours and no one worried. Many of those memories filled my thoughts and I smiled.

I pointed the car north and headed back to my new gym. The last two visits two "older" guys have made sure they introduced themselves to me. Both very well off. I laughed to myself when the one today told me his age. Two years younger than I. I'm thinking I'm some spring chicken. Hahahaha! Reality is settling in boys. I like 'em younger but I'm not getting anything but older. lol I have to remind myself that I'm not 39 anymore and time is marching on even when I don't want it to.

They say frequent sex keeps you looking, feeling and actually being younger. Pick up that phone boys. I need a little age reversal here.

Just kidding. Life is good. Even as a Senior Citizen.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...if I get into some wild situations this week you'll be the first to know.

4/06/2012 - Scrub and Dub Dub and NO UHaul
Hello Hotties,

My new place smells like Murphy's Oil Soap, Clorox and Scrubbing Bubbles. And so do I.

The apartment was supposed to have been cleaned before I arrived but I've yet to find one that has ever been done as promised. As my son says, "there's clean and then there's ARMY clean."

It wasn't even close to "clean." It's close to Army clean even though my hands were starting to look like they belonged to a scrub woman. One room at a time and rubber gloves thank you.

It was an hour plus in the new nail salon today to restore them to their former perfection. Yesterday was toes. My new nail salon was so busy an appointment was a must but they squeezed me and my toes in. A guy gave me a pedicure and I asked him to marry me after the foot massage. THE best I've ever had. Everyone within hearing distance cracked up.

I'm already settling in. I have a hair stylist and a nail salon. What else could a girl want? Oh, yeah...a clean apartment and lots of hot men.

I spent an hour and a half trying to get a 518 area code phone. My provider informed me they would have to create two separate billing accounts since my service originated in Florida. "Mark from India" informed me that the new phone would be almost double what it would have been if they billed me altogether. I hung up.

The manager of the store said he'd work on getting around this mess tomorrow. I foresee two new NY phones. One for Anneke in NY and one for my alter ego. This is getting ridiculous. Plus the Florida number that everyone knows me by. But as my friend this evening reminded me, most guys do a search for a provider via area code. Gulp! It never occurred to me.

Officially this was my first outcall appointment as a Capital District resident. And it was a great one.

I arrived and he was waiting with a fire lit, the champagne chilled, cassis to add to it and a fruit plate. (Not to worry, I only had one glass of champagne.) The sports were NOT on the TV, Instead he had found his favorite music on the cable tv.

This was one thoughtful guy. One who had taken the time to read my website and some of my journal and went out of his way to make the evening extra special. Believe me when I tell you that mattered. Did we have fun and did I stay past his asked for time? You bet your bippy. What a great beginning for the Capital District.

As it's a woman's perogative to change her mind I've decided not to head to Tampa next week and pack up the storage room and haul all my "stuff" back North in a UHaul. This whole deal hasn't set right. Tonight my newest friend suggested an alternative way to get the "stuff" here. It was the answer I needed and I stopped wavering on the decision I knew I needed to make.

I will have it moved up via I'll go on tour the next two weeks to pay for the cost. Way less wear and tear on me. And a whole lot more fun.

Where will I be instead of driving in a UHaul? Next week Nashua NH for one night and back to the Boston area but in Waltham. The week after possibily Baltimore and definitely Philly. I've also moved the Short Hills tour up a day earlier. Please check the calendar for the new dates.

Bless my friends. One of them that I haven't met yet said, "Take it slow Anneke and rest. Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life." He is so right and add all the moves I've made in the last two years. That's a lot of stress.

My life has been a roller coaster of stressful events. It's a good thing I'm a tough old broad. Still, I'm not the superwoman I used to be. Or thought I was. I'm finally realizing I cannot do it all. I am so into finding simpler and easier ways to do things these days. It's also time for more fun.

I sat down to the computer this afternoon and looked up "what's going on this weekend" events. The Refrigerators (great local band) are playing at Sandy's Clam Bar in Glens Falls Saturday night. Sunday is an Easter Brunch at Saratoga National and the Gideon Putnam. Skidmore College is just around the corner so there will always be lots of concert opportunities. This is a busy place for a small city.

I found a great upscale Italian bar/restaurant last night close by. Tomorrow night I'm thinking Irish Pub. Although there is a live band at Vapors at the Casino. Maybe that after the Irish Pub.

It's nice to have all these choices within walking distance or a very short drive. But that's why I chose where I am in the first place. It's good to have options.

And life is good, especially when you have options.

Lots of Hugs and Kisses,

4/01/2012 - I Am Retiring
April Fool's Gents. When the phone stops ringing and I'm not having any more fun THEN I'll retire. Since neither has happened yet it's not time to do so.

I returned from my Warwick/Boston tour late yesterday afternoon. Today I've been packing and loading the car. My Sis's beau has his SUV stuffed full, Sis's car is next and when my clothes go in the back of the trunk and I pick up my son we'll be on our way to my new home in ......*drum roll*......Saratoga Springs, NY.

I'm sure some of you have already figured that out. Yes, the same city famous for thoroughbred racing where I spent a least a few days every August for several years. It's a small city so incall will only be offered to beloved friends on a very limited basis. Otherwise I'll be happy to hop in my car and come to see you. Of course incall will always be available when I'm touring other cities.

I'm still super excited about heading there and can't wait to get it decorated. While I was in Warwick I found a fabulous furniture store, Jordans. I have to say I've never found anything else like it. Very smart marketing with a free laser/light/music show for the public. Of course, they have to walk past all the high end featured items to get to it. When you're supported by Warren Buffet you get to do things right. While the prices are fantastic I really appreciate that most of the furniture is made in the USA. I'll support that kind of business all I can.

The only problem..they don't deliver to Saratoga. I foresee a little U-Haul truck pulling up to their loading dock, driven by one hot platinum blonde MILF. I found everything I have in mind for the new place. Now all I have to do is pay for it. Funny how that works isn't it? lol

It was a good week. Warwick was slow, Boston was fine. Frustrating my last morning as phone problems had me missing my last appointment. ARGH!! I think it bothered me more that he thought I had forgotten him. Fortunately we did get to communicate so that wasn't his final impression. Of course, I would have enjoyed one more. Especially for old time's sake.

I have no idea what the Capital District is going to be like business wise. I'll still tour so if it takes time to get established, so be it. I'm also looking forward to being able to hang out more often with my beautiful friend Sarah.

She and I will be available for duos. We've shared them before so I know you'll have a hot time if you chose to do so. She's on vacation right now so her ads will be back up when she returns.

It would be nice to have some naughty adventures close to home. I'll keep you posted. If your travels bring you my way I hope you'll remember your sexy mature friend.

For some reason had I had a lot of requests for sensual domination and kinkier adventures this past week. Folks just seemed to want to let me be in control. Hey...I'm not keen on hurting or humiliating anyone but I have no problem telling someone what to do or whipping out one of my strap ons.

In fact, I had a strap on virgin this week. He had never partaken and now he's ready for an even bigger one. It was a powerful experience to take his virginity.

It wasn't my first rodeo. I bought my first strap on years ago when I was dating this young, strapping Swedish guy. It was a Doc Johnson rig with a 6" cock. You could and still can interchange them for smaller and larger cocks. I have several. Including one monster that a friend of mine gave me to use on him. He was a little skinny guy but by golly he took all of that thing. And loved it. MM did too.

Some of you are probably saying......ouch. And the rest of you are smiling and thinking, "oh yeah!" Anal/prostate stimulation is amazing if you can get past the mind set that "I'm gay" if you do that. There's a reason all those strap ons are made. A lot of guys love it. And a lot of girls. Let's face it. The penis is a beautiful thing. Something I'm very fond of.

Life is even better when a good one is around.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

3/21/2012 - All Is Well
Hello Hotties,

Some of you were concerned because I mentioned I needed a routine test. One of my fav commercials on tv right now is Ozzie Ozbourne and Sharon. He's his usual zoned out self uttering, "I want to go to New York for a colonoscopy."

It's one of those tests you have to have routinely once you are over 50 and I sure am. Test done, home, a little wobbley but fine. And everything is normal.

I had fun with the nurses and doctor's this morning. Asking them what a long day it must be having to look at butt's all day long. I apologized for the cellulite before I went to sleep. Sis came in after until I was discharged and we had them all laughing.

Yesterday was another matter. One would think, with all the advances of medical science that there would be an easier way to prepare. It's much better than it used to be but not my idea of a fun afternoon and evening. Still, it's nice to know that it's been further stated I'm in great health.

Eleven days and counting until my move. I spoke with the hunky landlord yesterday and we'll meet him at noontime on the 2nd. Since I can't have my new mattress delivered until then it makes no sense to try and start moving the day before. I'm heading back up to Albany tomorrow to buy it and arrange for delivery.

During my travels I've picked up some new things for the new place. Needed and desired. Big difference. I'm going to have to display some self discipline and wait on further furniture purchases. I want the next few month's rent put away first. Summer is never a good time for this business.

Hopefully, I'll head to Tampa on the 11th to move the "rest of stuff" up. My stops along the way are posted on my calendar. I've already heard from a few of you. It would be nice to have the expenses of the move paid for as I travel. Plus have some fun each time I stop for the night.

Years ago, after I left the ex I did lots of counseling. You have to when you've been with one someone for so long. And one of the things the counselor said was you can't start the "could of, would of, should of stuff" when you look back at life.

Although right now I'd sure like to have all that beautiful furniture I sold for next to nothing in Stamford. But who knew I'd be back in the Northeast two years later. Life has it's funny little twists and turns doesn't it?

Some people think I'm nuts with this move to the Northeast from my nudist lifestyle and Florida. But there's more to life than warm weather and running around naked.

There's security and family and familiarity and most importantly, BUSINESS. And I love the area where I'm heading. Always have. Plus, there was no business in Florida. Touring was a big deal. Getting on an airplane and being far from home week after week. Now, I'll pack a couple of bags, hop in my car most of the time and be playing with you within a short drive. For a select few of you who I know well, we might play at the new pad.

I missed the change of seasons in Florida. Sure, I never missed the winter but that's what airplanes to the Caribbean and Florida are for. Plus we had a mild winter here this year. In fact, the trees are all flowering, almost a month earlier than normal. The daffodils are up and Sis and I walked out back last night to see that her lilacs are budding. That is WAY ahead of schedule.

I hope we aren't going to have a long, scorching summer in store for us as a trade-off. But there's Lake George and the Adirondacks in which to cool off. Not a bad thing.

Actually I'm thinking of doing tours to Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine this summer. So if you're in one of those states let me know. Perhaps I'll swing by to give you a warm Anneke hello.

I'm going to be a couch potato for the rest of the day after the test. HGTV and maybe a snooze or two. I'll be back in full swing tomorrow.

Let's play!

Warwick, RI next week, March 27-29
Boston/Back Bay, March 29-31

Life is good.

Your Soon to Be Naughty Girlfriend,

3/18/2012 - The Morning After
Hello Boys,

It's the morning after the BIG one in NYC. Yes, the St. Patrick's Day festivities have come and gone. Although I'm sure there are lots of folks who are going for round two this afternoon.

While I'm feeling just fine I won't be one of them. I'm packing and heading to White Plains/Harrison this afternoon.

I will say this was one of the finest St. Patrick's celebrations I've experienced. In fact, it was a good week. A little more biz in Pougkeepsie would have been nice but I honestly did not expect much. I did make a nice new friend who visits Albany for biz. I hope I'll see him there after my move.

Heading into the city was easy until parking the car turned into a challenge. All the garages close to my hotel were full so I drove across town to a less expensive one on the west side. A brisk walk back to Midtown east gave me more activity points for WW. I'd hit the gym that morning too. But it's wasn't an auspicious beginning. Believing you bring about what you project I changed my attitude. It wouldn't do any good to be in a bad mood.

Lulu and I were going to meet for a drink on Thursday evening but she got caught up in something. It was quiet so I had time to have a nice cocktail and appetizer at Lexington Brasserie and then dinner at Le Relais de Venise. The phone rang but they were all the "we've never met but I'd like to meet you in fifteen minutes or the middle of the night" type of calls. I screen and I'm not about to do an outcall at 1:30 in the morning to the 80's to someone I don't know last minute. Or at any time. Not smart.

However, when I do have a new outcall my Sis always knows where I'm going. If that makes some of you uncomfortable I'm sorry. I'd be an idiot to go sailing off somewhere without letting someone know where I'll be. You just never know. She is always discreet but it makes her feel better to know where I am.

Friday was busy, busy but I had a block of time until a late appointment. I headed east and wound up on 2nd Avenue. I've never spent much time there and I think I've found my new fun and dining desitination when I stay in midtown east again. Less expensive and very quaint and cool places. Folks are from the neighborhood and friendly. I stopped in a couple of different places for drinks and then back to the hotel to prepare for my 9pm.

We had a very naughty fantasy to play out. He was 24. I'm sure you could guess what it was. Adorable and fun. I hope I see him again.

Lights out early because one of my long time friends was visiting at 7am the next morning. I'd texted him as he was heading home from a guys' night out Friday evening. My timing was impeccable. After he and his buddies had been flirting with the college girls he was horny. I kidded him that the young ones had got him going but the older one had gotten him to where he wanted to go. Twice.

A late breakfast and it was off to the parade. I was wearing my cool satin green cap and my silk scarf with shamrocks from Dublin. I had my spot in front of Sak's Fifth Avenue only 3 back from the rail. In a half an hour we heard the bands begin and the folks of NYC began their official celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

Yes, my heart swelled at the sounds of the pipes. I counted 8 pipe and drum units before I left. As I listened and watched I realized there were a lot of women in the bands. The light bulb went on and I thought, "why don't I learn how to play them?" Why not? I'm a musician. All I have to do is find a bagpipe teacher in the Capital District. I know you practice with a chanter so the neighbors won't go out of their minds. lol

I'm thinking that would be so cool. I'll keep you posted on my progress. In fact, I have all kinds of plans for being active in my new city. I can't make my life center around just being Anneke. I want to become a part of a community and involve myself in other things. Add interior redesign, some yoga, civic activities, etc. I intend to keep myself busy when I'm at home. Can't wait.

Back to the parade. So...enough standing in one spot and I left. I had been there an hour and a half. My back had had it and it was time to think about a bloody and lunch. I didn't have any appts until 3pm.

I headed to the National at the Benjamin hotel. It's a very popular place after work. And the working girls can be found there too. Always makes me chuckle.

I hopped on a bar stool and ordered a Bloody Mary. Perfect for my aching back, that bit of vodka. Soon folks started filtering in and I found myself in conversation with a gang of couples from Long Island. They were in town overnight and hadn't even been to the parade. They though it started later. I broke the news that they'd missed 3/4's of it. They all laughed and we ordered Stella's.

Soon they were leaving and I was invited to follow the party. We headed toward 2nd Ave and the Irish Pubs, stopping at a Belgian pub along the way. One of the gang was a beer snob and he just had to have some of their beer. He had turned up his nose at our Stella's and ordered a Duval. I tried one and found it interesting. We found a big table and ordered another type of Belgian. Everyone was having a ball.

When you're in the lifestyle you have a sense about people who are and as I sat and chatted with one couple I just knew they were. I kind of hinted and they said yeah. I asked if the rest of their friends at the table knew and they said no. We all smiled with the shared secret.

Things were livening up but my 3pm had confirmed. I was sorry to say goodbye to the gang but it had been fun. I left my card with the couple.

I was only a couple of blocks from my hotel so I had more than enough time to shower and prepare the room. He was a long time fan of Anneke the adult actress. It's always nice to meet those who have followed what I do. He had brought the Scores magazines that had featured my shoots. I didn't realize they had put my photos in more than twice.

I'm supposed to contact the talent recruiter in May to schedule the next shoot. WW is going to help me get ready for it.

I enjoyed my 22 year old and signed his magazines. Pretty funny doing that at my age. Cracks me up but there are young men who absolutely adore the look of a woman who is aging. Blows my mind but it is so. As my mom always said, "there's someone for everyone." I'm just happy that there are some of you who find aging a turn on. After looking at the pics of gals in the 60 something mag I realized I have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm looking forward to the next shoot. Wrinkles and all.

He left and I headed back toward 2nd Avenue for dinner. I found a cool Italian bistro and chatted with an older couple from the neighborhood. All the other bars and pubs were jammed with people wearing the green. She said they lose their neighborhood for the day. It was noise and activity they didn't enjoy. I hope I don't have that attitude I'm close to their age. But who knows, maybe I will.

Back to the hotel, I'd had my fill of partying but life had a little detour. One of the members of The Emerald Society was getting on my elevator and invited me to a party in the Penthouse for the fireman. He said come along and I said thanks, I will. It was filled with the mucky mucks of the NYC fire department who were Irish. One group of sisters grabbed me after I'd been introduced. One more beer and I'd had enough.

I probably could had partied with them all night. They were a great bunch but it was time. I guess I am getting old. I can't go all night long any more. Nor do I want to.

I brought my beer back down to my room and fell asleep......watching HGTV. What a poor excuse for a swinger I am. lol

Time to shower, finish packing and head for White Plains. Nothing booked. This is a gamble for sure but I'm not worried about it. It's St. Patrick's/March madness weekend. I'll probably hear from the boys tonight and tomorrow morning. It's all good.

In fact, life IS good. Especially when you've been temporarily Irish.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

3/12/2012 - Kiss Me If You Are Irish
Hello Hotties,

We started the St. Patrick's Day celebrating early in Kingston. Believe it or not, it has the 3rd largest parade in NY State. 6 Divisions, 132 entries.

We started the morning driving a flat bed truck to the place where all the decorations for the float were stored. At 10:20 in the morning there was a cold wind blowing. The Jameson's was passed around. Takes the chill away you know?

Hot dogs and hamburgers to tide us over. We had be in the Parade for 2+ hours. Of course a cooler full of Killean's and more Jameson's to help us from getting thirsty.

The float now gaudily decorated and our cockles warmed we headed to the staging area. I was riding in the cab. With an upcoming week of touring I didn't want to freeze my a-- off in the back and be ill and not able to work.

We could hear our compatriats laughing as we turned the corners. They were holding onto the sides of the float for dear life. We didn't want to loose our decorations along the way. It's really funny watching adults act like children.

The down side of being in the middle of the action? I wouldn't get to hear the marching bands and the pipers. Oh well.

Late to arrive for the staging we manuevered into our assigned spot. Rosita's, the Mexican restaurant on the Rondout was behind us. Their float was decorated with huge crepe paper flowers in green, white and orange. Skeletons, representative of the Mexican Day of the Dead were dressed in Irish garb. Straw hats festooned the entire top. It was hilarious.

It was prudent to make a pit stop before we began so I headed to the port-a-potties. I groaned as I saw a long line but there was nothing else but to join the queque. To my delight, the best piper band was close by and my heart swelled and the tears flowed as I heard the snare intro and the pipes fill up and begin their wail.

I don't know why bagpipes affect me so but they do. I was going to get to hear them, even if only for one or two songs, after all. Happily, I walked back to our float with tears in my eyes and a satisfied smile on my face.

The parade was a hoot. It started with a Shamrock Run 10k. 4500 folks registered for that. Other folks lined the streets of Kingston for two and a half miles. The parade was organized by the Ancient Order of Hiberians. They did it right I'll say. A far better parade than Dublin offered in 2005. That's astonishing isn't it? But there are more Irish here in the States than there are in Ireland.

By the start of the parade it had warmed up. My sis and other float riders were walking down the street alongside throwing candy, beads and bouncing balls to the adults and children in the crowd.

By 2:15 we'd reached the end of the route so we pulled to the side and took down all the decorations that could fly away as we drove back. Once to home base, they disassembled the float, storing the decorations for next year. Oh yes, I'll come back if they'll have me.

After we went to Riccardi's for a beer or two. They'd opened their outdoor patio for the first time and the warm sun radiating off the stone patio felt great. No cooking dinner tonight and we headed to Christina's for a bite. Our driver careful not to drink too much. Sis and I having a cocktail or two. She slept in this morning. I felt fine.

I was just getting in practice for the BIG Parade in NYC Saturday. And all the fun prior to it.

I am offering a special donation for all of you with Irish passports and/or Irish surnames. Of course if you're creative and ask for an appointment for Mc Goldberg or O'Sanchez you'll still probably get the lower donation. We're all Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

I hope this link works. My sis found it. A little chuckle on my own self.

Pougkeepsie, Manhattan, Rye Brook this week. Hope to see you somewhere for that kiss.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

Mc Buren

3/09/2012 - Syracuse Sexiness
Hello Boys,

It's a lovely day in Upstate NY. The temperature was in the 60's yesterday. If we'd had sunshine it probably would have jumped higher. Lots of March wind but hey, it's March. This winter was a bonus for us. Low heating costs in a time of high oil prices.

For one who drives to most of her destinations it's a chunk out of the profits. Still, I'd rather drive than fly and tooling around Upstate NY this week has been fun.

It feels good to go back to the area where I was brought up. Lots of good memories came flooding back when I headed north and west on the NY State Thruway. I had not been in that direction in many years.

I smiled as I drove by the Beech-nut baby food plant in Canajoharie. I remember a field trip as a Brownie. Then I was a Senior Scout. I skipped the Girl Scout step. Of course, I spent most of my time chasing the Boy Scouts. Some things just never change do they? I've always loved boys and men. My Twitter motto was, "so many men, so little time." I change it from time to time.

Syracuse was fun and the gents were great. I'll head back in May. Albany has been slow except for a visit from a fav friend. He arrived with a dozen mixed roses. White for Trixie, Red for Boom Boom, pink for.......Pussy. He's a trip and we are having a great time getting to know one another. A gentleman through and through and always generous and thoughtful.

Oh, I had the last minute, don't want to verify calls. I could have been busier if I were reckless and didn't screen. Since I consider screening part of being safe for me and for all my friends I don't skip that step.

One call sounded LE suspicious. He wanted to see me right away and I told him he needed to complete my appt page. I wouldn't be available until that evening. "Oh, sure, I'll do that." You know he never did. I wasn't in Albany county and they like to go after the Backpage girls who don't screen. There was a bust last week in Cohoes. But still, they try.

Yesterday I drove up to Lake George and back down to near where I'll be. I wanted to see where "things" were. Shopping, etc. Then back to the area in Saratoga County where I'm staying this week. It's busy with lots of furniture stores so I spent the rest of my afternoon testing out mattresses, (not the way I'd like to for sure) and looking at couches. *Yawn* I know, get on to the sassy stuff Anneke.

Hey, if you read this journal you have to put up with the mundane as well as the outrageous. That's my life. edcfghbbuh
I found acrylic champagne glasses. My usual ones got broken on the trip to Lauderdale. No worries, they are beautiful. You'd hardly know they weren't glass. And I found a fabulous cap for St. Patrick's day. Bright green satin with I R I S H spelled out in rhinestones. I couldn't resist.

I'm going to be riding on a float on Sunday and of course I'll be in NYC for the BIG day. I'll add my silk shamrock scarf and that's my wearing of the green. There's not a drop of Irish blood in me that I know of but there's been plenty of Irish IN me. Love those boys.

Back home this afternoon after a trip to my Sis's hairdresser. She works in Albany and also in the new town in which I'll live. Fingers crossed she gets it all right. Being this light of a blonde is tricky. Not to mention the haircut. That's a tough one too but you all seem to love it so I have no plans to change it for a while.

All in all, it's been a good week. I wish I'd been busier in Albany but my friend made it worth the trip. It's still better bucks than working in Walmart. And a WHOLE lot more fun.

My "job" is the best and life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

3/4/2012 - St Patricks Day in NYC
Hello My Boys,

A special hello to all my Irish friends and fans. Several of you have called or written lately wondering when I'll be back. Honestly, I am not sure. BUT....I know a lot of you fly over for the big parade and the celebrations for St. Patrick's Day in New York City. AND....I will be there also.

If we can't meet in Ireland for a bit perhaps NYC would be the ting. (I didn't misspell that US guys.) I'd love to have a pint or two and more if you're in the city for the festivities. And I'd love to see you NY and visiting non-Irish boys too.

For all my friends, be sure to check my calendar. I've moved a few tours around here and there. I need to have a little routine exam on the 21st which puts me out of commission most of the 20th, all the 21st and it would probably be wise to be off the 22nd. It's something you have to do when you're over 50. Every ten years. No worries. But I'm trying to work as much as I can around those dates and get ready for "the move."

I've been mattress shopping this week but I need to earn some more roses on a mattress before I can buy a new one. I don't want a crummy el cheapo one but I do want a bargain. The search continues. After all we do want to be comfortable and have a sturdy frame under us. Right?

I've been internet surfing all week for things I need. Add an earlier reconnoiter of retail home goods stores and I have a pretty good idea of 1. what is out there 2. the price 3. what is new. All great for someone who loves interior design.

YAWN! I know, get over yourself with the decorating and get on to the titillating stuff.

Listen, there's no business in sleepy Kingston so I'm getting out of practice. There hasn't been any titillating stuff since I got back from Chicago.

Hopefully, my Syracuse and Albany friends will help me get my groove back next week. My dating life is non-existent where I'm living. But that wasn't why I moved here. It's been a wonderful time to hang with Sis, catch up on bills and save for a new place. Plus it's been fun coming back to my roots.

The big trick is going to be staying low profile in a small town. It wouldn't do me any good to blur my face in ads. There's too much about Anneke out there on Google and the other search engine sites. Not bragging. Just how it is.

I don't think many of the small town folks way Upstate are going to be searching NY Eros and recognizing me. But that did happen in Stamford because we were so close to the city. That was not a fun thing.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a remote controlled vibrating egg. Yes, the egg goes up the coochie. And I'll give the remote to you. Especially if we're out for cocktails and dinner. We'll be the only ones who know I'm having an orgasm at the same time.

Years ago, when I was hot on the dating scene in Ft. Lauderdale and never missed an Alter Ego party I met a friend for one of them. He insisted I insert one while we were at the club and the Alter Ego party. Later, at his place when it came time to have some fun, I pulled on the connecting string/antenna and pulled the string right out of the egg. Oh no! I'm trying to remove the egg and all I'm doing is pushing it further in. Visions of emergency room are flashing through my mind. Finally, I calm down and say to him, "let's just go to sleep" I'm sure it will come out in the morning."

When morning came and the necessities called I sat down on the toilet and "whoosh" out came the egg. Only I couldn't find it. It hadn't gone into the toilet. It was no where to be found.

Later, his roommate came home, luckily a gal, and it was hidden behind the toilet seat. Red faced we claimed it.

The motto is, "don't yank on your remote string. Gently remove it."

I know I'm going to have fun tomorrow when I head to the adult video store to buy one. All the pervs running around the back video rooms get a hard on when a woman comes in the store. I'm thinking of wearing something outrageous but that just wouldn't be fair would it?

My last visit there yielded some bargains. The glass dildo/strapon you see in the xposed update and a quart of WET lube. It actually has a pump on top. You must know I go through a lot of lube. Maybe I'll find some more interesting items tomorrow too.

Life is good. Especially when you're naughty.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

3/1/2012 - March is True to Form
Hello Hotties,

It sure came in like a lion. We had snow today in our part of Upstate New York. Almost 5 inches. For us, that's the biggest snowfall to date. The last significant amount right before Halloween. When the rest of the Northeast got clobbered last fall. Trees and power lines down everywhere except where I'd just moved.

It's pretty tonight with the glow of the all the whiteness. Sis built a big fire out on the sun porch. We'd taken a trek to Albany and back and we were ready to chill. A nice glass of Menage a Trois Red. A warm fire and I fell asleep in the chair. I roused myself and muttered, "I'm going to put my head down" and went into my bedroom and took a short nap at 5pm. It was that kind of day.

Now that everyone else is sleeping I'm wide awake and planning my move. What???? Moving? Again?

Yep! I found a wonderful apartment north of Albany in one of my favorite towns. It's in a row of restored Victorian homes, circa 1872, just blocks from the trendy downtown area.

I found it on Craig's list and since I've been looking for a while I knew it was a gem. And it was on budget. I made the call, found the landlord was showing it at noon and would I like to see it then also? Damn skippy!

I booked. It's an hour and twenty minute drive but I was there on the dot. I'd even beaten the other inquirer. I'd parked out back in the building's off street parking area (big plus for a city aparment) and walked around the front. Four buildings together, all in great shape.

When the adorable landlord opened the door my mouth dropped. Gorgeous. 12' ceilings, new hardwood floors, exposed brick, BIG kitchen and living room, adequate bath and bedroom, both with exposed brick and my own back yard. Wow!

The other guy looking didn't say much. He didn't like the "utilities included" in the rent. But being a Northeasterner and knowing what heat in the winter can cost, I knew it was a good deal. I waited. And listened.

The landlord owned two of the four buildings and he was the kind of guy who kept making improvements because he took pride in his property. The more I heard, the more I liked the possibilities.

Finally, when the other guy didn't show any moves I said, " I like it but I don't want to jump ahead." He replied something to the effect that he really wasn't ready. So, I went in for the close. The landlord and I found easy agreement and I've signed a lease, made my deposits and April 1 is THE date.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Is it perfect? Almost. Small bath, shower only but darling. Small charming bedroom but I'm not there much. More about that later. New appliances. Good work space in the kitchen. Hey, I love to cook. potential galore. It's fine the way it is. But I have paint colors running through my mind and my soon to be hottie landlord says, "sure" when I tell him I'd put it back if I paint it.

Nice back deck, perfect for wine in the evenings and a lovely back yard. I can see entertaining there after the tr--k in the summer.

Gardens already and I ask, "Can I garden more?" "Do whatever you want," he says. I'm trying not to dance around the kitchen.

Will I play there? Only if you're an old friend. Otherwise, it's out to meet new friends. I will still tour. That's a necessity these days.

I sure won't have to worry about finding something to do when I'm home. LOTS of live music everywhere, year round. THE place to be in the summer. You all probably know where I'm talking about. I'm just not going to put it on the journal....yet. And the best yet, I can walk to just about everything.

It will be a great place for filming and photo shoots too. Speaking of which, the newest update is ON Remember, you can now join for just 2 days, 5.95. I hope you'll like the newest addition.

I've been up late pouring over internet sites for furniture, a new bed, etc. etc. Sis and I stopped at a warehouse store in Albany today and I "tested" out some Memory Foam mattresses. Pricier than a regular one but I'm told they are very good for mattress dancing. Especially easy on the knees. A gift for the Anneke mattress fund would be greatly appreciated.

I'm flying down to Tampa on April 11th and I've already reserved a 10' truck to drive north. I sold most of my "stuff" remember? I'll do stops along the way so I hope to see some of my old friends on the last trek north. I'll be in Savannah, Fayetteville, BWI area of Baltimore and then home to unload on the 18th. Yeah, more work but I'm hoping this is it. I'm tired of moving.

I've always wanted to live in a home like this one. As an interior design freak it's the perfect place. As I explained to the landlord, I'd like to make a show piece and start a little redesign/staging biz on the side. New phone, new business cards, new beginning. I can still be Anneke and easily develop that.

While I'm feeling achy and stiff with the weather my heart is light. This all feels right and it suits me. I'm still close to my family but not in their hip pocket. Yeah, it's a little further to NYC but not that much. It will be worth the extra miles to live the life I desire.

And it's a good life.

Smiles and Kisses,

2/26/2012 - Chitown and Thunderboomers
Hello Darlings,

I'm back home in sleepy Kingston. Not a bad thing. They had a couple of inches of snow this week while downtown Chicago missed most of it. Thankfully. Nothing makes business vanish more than bad weather except hard economic times.

I arrived on time Tuesday, a minor miracle since rain/ice was expected. It missed O'Hare and I was able to check into my beautiful room ahead of time. My first appointment had already cancelled but made promises to reschedule. My five pm was a bit late with traffic but made up for it with a first class DATY, mish and more. In fact, I asked him if he'd consider filming with me in the future. While I'm not going to be adding as many updates to exposed as in the past, we've decided that we will from time to time. The price to join will reflect that too. You'll be able to join for day at a low rate. Fair is fair.

I headed to Rush Street and the Viagra triangle for dinner that night. The Knickerbocker doesn't start their nightly jazz in the lobby until April/May. I love the piano bar at Gibson's and the liveliness of the place. I just wanted a nice Manhattan, a good piece of...........filet and my pillow after. I was beat.

Wednesday was busy, busy and I had a Thunderboomer that rivaled and/or surpassed the best of the best. Many thanks darlin'.

I did manage to do a little shopping on Wednesday. I needed something from the cosmetics department. As luck would have it, Macy's at the Water Tower was having a sale. I've been looking for some sterling silver and onyx jewelry. I couldn't resist the 50% off and found a lovely Yurman like bracelet of wrapped silver with ends of cut onyx. I had my eye on a huge Onyx stone ring, set in silver but biz was going to dictate whether I'd splurge. I love jewelry as you know.

That evening, an old Chicago friend and I dined at Ditka's. It was restaurant week and we didn't have a prayer of getting into Joe's Stone Crab. He was jonesing for the Key Lime Pie, I, the stone crabs of course. Fortunately, Ditka's had his pie on the menu.

I miss the days when you could sit at the bar at Ditka's and light up a great cigar to go along with your cocktail. I've never been a cigarette smoker but I love the social aspect of enjoying a good stogie with a cocktail or a glass of port. You can relax, solve the problems of the world and do something extremely civilized. Of course now, no one can smoke anywhere. While I don't miss the days of smoke filled bars and airplanes wherever you went it seems to me there should be SOMEwhere one could go to have a good cigar. More over regulation by the governement. Don't get me going here.

It was early to bed again. I had a morning encounter with the guy who did reschedule and a filming session with Diamond Jim. Porn has changed and while some studios are filming full length movies the trend is toward watching short clips. And different content. Almost ordinary stuff.

After a nice relaxing, catch up on stuff, lunch we did OUR version of ordinary stuff. Me parading around in a new, skin tight, low cut gorgeous dress. Putting new stockings and stillettos on, I modeled all of the strap ons I had with me.

Diamond Jim's eyes were as wide as saucers. That not one area he likes anyone to explore. But he was getting a kick out of my changing and explaining what purpose each type and size had. Finally, I detached my glass dildo from it's accompanying harness, lubed it well and inserted it. In me.

Immediately Lake Anneke burst the dam and spilled all over the beautiful hotel carpet. And kept spilling over and over. Jim said, "holy moses, I've never seen you cum that much before." I told him, it was all in the position. You'll just have to go to exposed when the update is edited and uploaded to see. Pretty amazing. I'll let you know when it's up.

Then I sampled a new anal toy. Along with one of my pocket rockets we had another wet spot on the floor.

It was time to get down to the real fun. We filmed another oral adventure and then what he loves to call a "titty f---" He's a trooper. Two times in the line of duty. What a great webmaster.

Speaking of webmaster the newest one sent me a sloppy sample of what the new website would look like. He'd originally sent me a great sample and I assumed that would be part of the final product. I was not a happy camper and told him so. His feelings hurt, I haven't heard a thing again from him. Guess I'm out the deposit. It was a small one and I'd rather part ways than have something ugly up for the sake of having something new.

I've never understood why people can't do their jobs right the first time around. If escorts ran their business like that they would have none. At least not after the bad reviews came out. I'm no spring chicken and I don't have a great body but I've always given my best. And always will. Unless someone treats me badly. Since that hardly ever happens, I don't worry about getting a review for bad service. I had one with lower numbers than my usual on TER but that was because I wouldn't let the guy smack my ass, push my head down and dom me. When you read the review, the service part is still good. He just didn't like that I said no. Comes with the territory sometimes.

Thursday after filming I headed back over to Macy's to pick up my bracelet. It was a preview sale. Which means you get the sale price early but can't pick the item up until the sale starts. I also bought the ring. I consider them both a souvenir of this great Chicago visit.

I'll head back in May. It was nice to know my Chicago boys missed me.

Friday, a former acquaintance from Boston came to visit me before I had to check out. He's an absolute doll and the eerie part is he is a better looking, more hair on his head, smaller version of MM. When he first walked through my door in Waltham in December I did a double take. Thankfully, there are enough differences that I don't lose my wits and can still thoroughly enjoy him.

Yes, I still think about him. Who would forget someone you had loved with all your heart? Still, no regrets. It's nice to know I could feel that way again. Would I love another chance at love? Of course, who wouldn't? But if fate is kind enough I'll have learned from the last time. And the time before. And the time before. lol

I will be around the Kingston/Hudson Valley all this week until I head to Syracuse and then Albany March 6-9. It's time to place catch up with personal errands, doctor's routine appointments and the stuff of life. I may even do some apartment hunting. It will be good to get back to the gym too.

My son and my Sis are out in her backyard trying to take down a black walnut tree. I don't dare look out the window at him waving a chain saw around while he's up playing monkey in the tree. My heart will be in my throat. If any of you are woodworkers and would like some rare black walnut let me know. She's highly allergic to the thing and doesn't want to have to keep cleaning up after it. It's a messy tree but the squirrels sure love the nuts. They will have to find them elsewhere.

Not much else happening here. We'll watch the Academy Awards tonight and make fun of the bad outfits and hairdos. That's what we girls do.

If I manage to get into any trouble this week, I'll let you know. If not, life is still good. I need to take life a bit slower for a few days so I can be in tip top shape for YOU when I head back out on the road.

Love and Kisses,

2/16/2012 - Sex in Two Thousand Twelve
Hello Boys,

I'm in NYC and apparently no one else is. If one of my provider friends here hadn't confirmed ALL of February has been like that I'd be feeling insecure.

After Philadelphia and two mean spirited no shows my first friend in NYC shorted me 150 roses this afternoon. What really hurts is that he's a long time friend and I've probably given him a dozen references over the years. That's cheap.

True to form, I consoled my hurt feelings with an outstanding lunch. Le Relais de Venezia on Lexington.

I'd passed by it countless times as this is the area where I host. There is one menu. Price fix. A fresh tossed green salad with walnuts, a zippy vinagrette, french bread, frites and sliced steak in a fabulous sauce. Add a glass of Cab and I was already feeling better. The servers wear french maid outfits and the place is packed. I know your naughty minds are going wild now.

To my surprise, seconds are offered. I said yeay to the steak. At the end of the meal they ask you to save your receipt for a 20% discount on your next meal. These folks have marketing down pat.

Back in my room satiated with food, I await my next assigne'. My lunch disturbed by some moron texting and wanting to know my history of filming porn, I don't know him at all and finally I texted, "please, I'm having lunch. Email me."

What is wrong with people these days? If you don't get an immediate response to texting or email you become beside yourself. Never mind that the recipient just might be doing something else. Of course, everyone, everywhere is glued to their phone. No one talks to each other any longer. People yell on their cell phone on airplanes, public places and think nothing of it. We've become rude and discourteous. So I guess standing a HO up for an appointment is just par for the course.

Until we get a handle on who we are as sexual creatures and except that we are, whores will be denigrated. It's one of the things that makes steam come out of my ears. So, here is an excerpt from a book. One of my facebook friends, Joan Bunney, NOT a provider, posted this.

She has a book about being sexy in her sixties. She's a motivational speaker and proud of being a sexual woman. She doesn't look down her nose at me either. Actually, we're pretty much cut from the same cloth. Just different professions.

I know some of you don't like to read but please look at this. There is so much truth here and I'm happy to see that others recognize that being sexual is a blessing not a curse.

*Napoleon Hill’s book "Think and Grow Rich*
Rich", from the chapter, “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.”Hill writes that false beliefs about sex harm the personality and
the entire subject of sex is one about which the majority of people
appear to be unpardonably ignorant. He reminds us that the urge of
sex has been grossly misunderstood, slandered, and burlesqued by
the ignorant and evil-minded. Hill went on to say that men and
women who are known to be blessed—yes, blessed—with highly
sexual natures, are usually looked upon as being people who will bear
watching, and instead of being called blessed, they are usually called
cursed (Webster’s definition of Crone comes to mind) he points out that the greatest of all mind stimulants, the most
powerful of all human emotions is that of sex.
There are other mind stimulants such as alcohol and narcotics,
by which people, some great minds, have destroyed themselves in the
end, but not one or all of these stimulants combined, can equal the
driving power of sex.Hill explains that it is a well-known fact to psychologists that
there is a very close relationship between sex desires and spiritual
urges. The world is ruled and the destiny of civilization is established
by human emotions. People are influenced in their actions, not by
reason so much as by “feelings” and again the most powerful of all
human emotions is sex.The factor of personality known as “personal magnetism” is
nothing more or less than sexual energy. According to Hill, highly
sexed people always have a plentiful supply of magnetism and their
enthusiasm inspires others in a multitude of ways. Take Mae West’s
word for it.
“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”~ Mae West

Me again. Mae West was a pioneer wasn't she? My hope is that my time in this world will help further dispell the sexual myths that perpetuate American and world society. I love being a Ho. It's a high calling in my opinion.

Life is good and made even better with great sex.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

2/14/2012 - I Am Not Saying It
Hello Boyoos,

What am I not saying? I will NOT refer to this manufactured Hallmark holiday that means nothing. Love has to be every single day of the year. Small gestures of thoughtfulness and appreciation for your significant other, shown consistently, mean more than any jewelry, flowers or chocolates can ever convey. Of course, I'll appreciate all of them as your girlfriend with no strings. HA!

There is an old saying, "Men fall in love with their eyes. Women with their ears," This one is totally accurate guys. That's enough about Vday.

You KNOW I've too much time on my hands when I'm updating the journal in the middle of the week. I have one assignment this morning and nothing else today, so far. I'm going to take my feisty self to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There is a Van Gogh exhibit present this year and it will only be shown in the USA at this museum. Since Impressionism is my favorite period of art and music I'm heading there after my friend leaves.

I may even take a Big Bus tour if it stops at the Museum. I've never spent any time doing the touristy things here. Since I seem to have the time to do so, I will.

On another note:

I know you all think I have a bug up my butt about Backpage. However, I'm going to relate a story to you that I hope will resonate. Actually two stories.

An acquaintance of mine in the biz got busted this past fall. She didn't know the ropes and fell for the "verify him through business" in Chicago. Of course, first day, she verified him through the fake website/fake switchboard that LE there has to entrap. She had to go to a school for minimize her sentence. She was the only mature woman in the school. The next youngest was 24. The rest, younger and under age. All were from Backpage. The 24 year old had to leave for a fix.

MOST all the young girls on Backpage are run by pimps. Most all of those have drug addictions. Thus, the el cheapo price and no screening. If you, as a hobbyist, see one of these girls, not only have you contributed to this wretched life of theirs, you've put yourself in great jeopardy.

The pimps roll and rob the johns, the girls get little of the money, outside of what they need for a fix and LE uses Backpage to lure you with fake ads. God only knows how clean they are.

Oh, I know, there are legit girls there but after several forays in small cities I know for a fact that the type of guy who wants to see me from Backpage is 9 times out of 10 a jerk. I've given up ever advertising there again. The abuse I'd received from those guys is astounding. I should not have in the first place. Lesson learned.

Here's the second story. A first timer wrote to me this week. He'd seen my ad on Eros and wanted to know how to begin. I gave him the Mother Anneke advice. Do your homework. Go to TER, make sure there are reviews, etc. etc. and for God's sake don't go to Backpage. He read my site thoroughly and wrote, "I don't think I can manage the donation. My S O handles all the money." I suggested he wait and save his pennies. And again, reiterated do not go to Backpage.

He writes me this morning and confesses he's spent $80 on one of these girls. Terrible time, waste of money, laden with guilt.

What part of this scenario are you guys not getting? The feds are watching that site like hawks. It's gonna come down just like Craig's list. Of course, something else of it's ilk will pop up again to replace it until it gets slapped down. The politicians would like nothing better than to stop ALL internet hobbying. It makes them look like they are actually doing their jobs.

Do your homework. Google the girl. Google her phone number. Read her reviews. Take the time to make sure that the person you want to see really is that person. She needs to have invested in her business. A website, a membership in date-check, p411, RS2K. Ads on a first class site. Something!

Yeah, it might take another 15 minutes and it will lighten your wallet more but you won't have the regret of having a bad encounter and you'll have great memories that last a lifetime.

Do not use a computer from home. Do not use your business email address or your work computer. Get a new email address and use your own computer/smartphone. Hushmail is good. Make sure you have a password. DO delete any emails you send from there and from your phone. Or any phone calls or text messages. Do get a separate pay as you go phone,

You don't want to hurt the one who loves you even if the relationship isn't what you want or need. Be smart. Be discreet. Better yet, fill out my appointment page and THEN call me.

Life is good even if I am feeling feisty today.


Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

2/13/2012 - Philadelphia Manhattan and Nymphomaniacs
Hello Hotties,

I'm in my lovely hotel room in Center City, Philadelphia. My 3pm 3 hour appointment no showed. Despite confirming this morning. I had a feeling from the start......despite verifying him as best as I could with a reference and other ways I use. If I never hear a why....he'll find himself on a list. That's a very inconsiderate thing to do.

So I'm heading to Happy Hour in a couple of minutes and I'll head back for an 8pm tryst.Then I'm going to watch "War Horse" in my room tonight.

Philadelphia has always been an "iffy" place to work. Lots of no shows and scams over the years. I don't know why some places are like that more than others but it's not my favorite city to tour. So I find a place to stay that I like and make the most of where I am. I'll go to the gym, walk the beautiful streets, dine and drink well and head to Manhattan on Wednesday. Ya never know what any one tour will bring.

Boston/Waltham was so so. Last week in Jersey was great. It's a crap shoot everytime out of the gate. But I'm a risk taker and I don't let the ups and downs of this business bother me.

Manhattan is always last minute. And boy are they waiting to the very last minute this week. Still, there's lots to do in the city so no worries. THIS is why I shop for a bargain in hotels. Just in case none YOU show up for fun.

Speaking of fun here's a cute one from an old friend in Pismo Beach, CA. I thought I'd pass it on to you.

"Nymphomaniac Convention"

A man boarded an airplane and took his seat. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw the most beautiful woman boarding the plane..

He soon realized she was heading straight towards his seat .. As fate would have it, she took the seat right beside his..

Eager to strike up a conversation he blurted out, "Business trip or pleasure?"

She turned, smiled and said, "Business. I'm going to the Annual Nymphomaniacs of America Convention in Boston "

He swallowed hard. Here was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen sitting next to him, and she was going to a meeting of nymphomaniacs.

Struggling to maintain his composure, he calmly asked, "What's your business role at this convention?"

"Lecturer," she responded. "I use information that I have learned from my personal experiences to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality."

"Really?" he said. "And what kind of myths are there?"

"Well," she explained, "one popular myth is that African-American men are the most well-endowed of all men, when in fact it is the Native American Indian who is most likely to possess that trait.

Another popular myth is that Frenchmen are the best lovers, when actually it is men of Jewish descent who are the best.

I have also discovered that the lover with absolutely the best stamina is the Southern Redneck."

Suddenly the woman became a little uncomfortable and blushed. "I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't really be discussing all of this with you. I don't even know your name.."

"Tonto," the man said, "Tonto Goldstein, but my friends call me Bubba."

Enjoy! Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

2/10/2012 - It Is Saturday Morning and It Is Snowing
Hello My Darling Boys,

It's early Saturday morning and I can't sleep any longer. There is a light dusting of snow and it's still coming down. The forecast is for one inch of the white stuff. We need more but it seems like Mother Nature is teasing us this winter.

It was fairly early to bed last evening. This past week wore me out. I am NOT complaining. That means 1. business was good and 2. I had a lot of fun. Still, I needed to get caught up on some rest. I didn't sleep well in my hotels this week.

No, not because I was doing some late night mattress dancing. I wasn't staying at my major chain hotel and their beds just do it for me. Plus, something must be bothering me. When I have vivid dreams and some of them include my ex (although he looked entirely different) I know there is some stress lurking.

I honestly don't know what that could be because life is pretty good right now. Oh, I had those little glitches last week and I now have to follow through on some needed dental work but those are not challenges in life. At least not like the ones I and all of us have been facing these last 3-4 years.

I'm continuing to hear that either business is better or it's really good from most of my friends. I'm sorry, I just can't call you clients. When we're sharing a bit a life in the after glow it's something friends would do. Albeit, friends with no strings.

I'm paying up things and trying to sock away savings for the future. Who knows what tomorrow can bring? I'm planning on a brighter tomorrow on my part. And putting that positive energy "out there." Hey, it's better than being a gloomy pessimist. Right now, I'm very thankful for the beginning signs of recovery in this industry.

Once I get my new website template I'll simplify the donations page. I know it's a bit confusing. Touring donations, outcall only, tier one cities, tier two cities, etc. All those different levels can be a bit challenging for some but luckily most of you can figure it out. I'm perfectly willing to offer a lower donation in a city where I don't have to spend 200 a night plus for a hotel. When I can drive there instead of incurring air fare. Meals can be less in some places but they are basically all the same. Except in NYC. Then I have to raise my donations. It's business 101 again. I know you understand.

So what was the week like? I arrived at my hotel in affluent Northern NJ Tuesday afternoon early. I had lots of time to unpack leisurely and have a light lunch. It was a hotel that had been highly recommended by my Pie Video friend and he had been accurate. Lovely with a bordello like decor in the bar and restaurant. I thought, "boy, I'll fit right in here."

I had to verify my first on fairly short notice but since I was able to do so he came a calling around 3:30. Tall, dark and handsome. And younger. He definitely had "the older woman" fetish and kept telling me I look way better in person. I'm bragging. Of course I am. I'm a Leo but it was GREAT to hear. We had ourselves a fabulous time and we said goodbye with promises to meet again.

Another young cutie pie was on the heels of number one. And then another. Woohoo! You know I love all my guys but I do had my own fetishes. They were all coming to fruition today.

I freshened up and went down to the bar for a first class dinner. This tour had started off well. Double WooHoo!!

Wednesday was looking quiet and I headed over to the Short Hills Mall. I wanted to visit the home of my new coat. lol One which I haven't needed to wear because it's been so warm this winter. This is the first winter I've ever wished for colder temperatures. I MAY be able to wear it to Philadelphia and NYC this next week but only for a day or two.

I strolled around Restoration Hardward, enthralled with their new French decor, planning on the interior design of my next apartment. Lots of ideas that I can't wait to implement.

Lunch of chicken piccata and I continued my shopping expedition. I did find the Wolford hosiery store and purchased a pair of full fashioned black stockings. Yes, the kind you can only hook to garters. They don't stay up on their own. A king's ransom but worth it. I'd already put a run in one of the pairs of La Perla stay ups I trekked up Madison Avenue to buy. ARGH!

I had a 3:30 to meet. When I found his date-check profile his nickname indicated he'd been a prolific poster at TER in years past. He was surprised I'd remembered as he'd taken a hiatus from the hobby. Another young hottie and lots of fun.

I'd a 10pm booked but had my doubts. I'd not heard a thing from him after I'd sent him my donations. Why guys don't go to the donation page first I'll never understand. And he'd been chasing me since my last trip in December to this area. I had a feeling.......and I was right. He never showed. Nor had my 9:45 that morning. TWO no shows/no calls so far.

But back to Wednesday night. I was trading emails with a cross dresser friend who always wants these late night appts. I finally agreed to the time. Then I headed down to dinner. I was hungry but I've been trying to stick to meat and veggies lately. Skipping or cutting way back on the carbs. When I can workout too the weight comes off. Even cutting back on the booze. Most of the time. lol

So I sit down and order a Jack Daniels Manhattan, noticing my seat mate to my right. Good looking, well dressed guy. I'd say, 40's. I can tell, by the way that he's ordering that he enjoys a great meal also. So, I strike up a conversation.

He's a real road warrior. Trips to the Pacific Rim are regular for him and he's visiting one of the corporate offices nearby. Single, so he says. We yak away and I move next to him. The bar is getting crowded and it's easier to converse. All the while, texting my cross dresser friend.

My seatmate mentions he's gone to the Super Bowl over the weekend. On instinct I mention, yes, that's a wild town. They have one of the hottest swing clubs in the country. And he bites. (I'm devious I know.) And we're off and running. The pretense ends and we begin to discuss what kind of lifestyles we really live. My 10pm doesn't show. I've now had dinner and a glass of wine and I'm beat and not predisposed to see the cross dresser. I'm more disposed to seduce my seatmate. Or he me.

I'll end the curiosity. Yes, I invited him back to my room and two pops later we exchanged phone numbers. Now I didn't fall off the back of a turnip truck. He says he'd like to play again but I know how this all works. We'd had an enjoyable evening. Shared a great meal and cocktails together. Some erotic fun and it made for an exciting evening. If he calls and it works out, cool. I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday morning I packed, loaded the car and headed to Scranton PA. I had a full plate ahead of me and I was exhausted. I hadn't slept well the last two nights. Once in my room, I did a little unpacking, turned on my alarm, turned off the phone and took a twenty minute nap. Something I rarely do. But, that and a cup of coffee did the trick. I felt restored and ready to meet my new friends.

I'd been exchanging flirtatious emails with my 6;30 all week. He was very smart, funny and I knew it was going to be enjoyable. But first I had a PSE appt at 3pm. Great fun and a very sweet guy.

I was staying in an old train station that had been renovated into a hotel. One of the Grand Dames.

I walked across the street to Kildare's to meet my funny friend for a cocktail first. I asked the bartender why they had the stadium lights on. No Irish pub that I know of does that. Lights low, dark and cosy is the real deal. He arrived and we had a drink and a bite before we headed back to my hotel for playtime. So far, I was loving the Scranton gents.

I considered heading downstairs for a nightcap but nixed that idea. I got ready for bed and turned in early, trying to catch up on the sleep I'd missed. I crashed quickly but awakened at 5:30 in the a m. Well, I had an 8am so I bathed, did my makeup and headed downstairs for a lovely breakfast in the lobby of the old train station. Coffee, food and I was "ready for action."

Rested and anxious I greeted my next new friend. As soon as he arrived he asked me if I wanted to get married. I said, "never." We both laughed. He was so sweet and I think I have a new friend for a long time.

My 10 am was next and I refreshed myself and my room. Originally, I was supposed to have a threesome with he and his girlfriend. She had been delayed returning to Scranton so it was going to be just the two of us. He arrived a bit late but bearing red roses and a magnum of Flexienet. We opened the bottle, just a couple of sips for me, I had to drive and toasted to a new friendship.

It's very possible that Scranton is going to be a regular stop every 3-4 months. I love it when an experiment works. Nice folks and appreciative of the skills of a mature woman and the opportunity of an upscale encounter in a small city like Scranton. They all want me to return.

I called for some help loading the car and set my GPS to home. While I'd had a great week I was anxious to get to my own bed and the comfort of family. I was tired.

This morning I'm rested. Since I have a full week coming up this weekend will be haircut, color, nails, laundry, repack and on the road again Monday morning.

No worries. I'm thrilled to be busy. Life is good.

Hugs and LOTS of Kisses,

2/06/2012 - New England New York New Jersey and Everywhere Fun
Hey Hotties!

I'm back home in sleepy Kingston and that's just fine with me. Sorry Patriot's fans, I was rooting for them also. After living in both team's territories it was a tough choice. I've always loved the Boston teams. I know, as a NY girl that's a sacrilege. Sorry again. I've never colored within the lines in anything in life.

I'm booking appointments for the next few week's tours this morning. Doing ads, etc. The usual stuff of Monday morning administration. Gym this afternoon and then my weekly massage with the woman I thank the 7th floor for everyday. NO pain as a result of her expertise. NO, she doesn't offer happy endings so get that out of your mind. However she is open minded and knows my chosen work. She's a really cool gal.

Morristown is pre-booking. I'm not actually going to be IN Morristown but close by. These towns are so small and the hotel choices so limited that I have to be very discreet about naming the actual city. But be assured, it will be convenient to that area.

I'll see my pie video guy for sure. He's become a cherished friend and we've scheduled the pie video for warmer weather. I know you'll get a kick out of seeing Anneke get a cream pie in the face. I just hope it's chocolate silk. That's one of my favs. lol

Waltham update. Well, it was an okay tour. HOT folks but not many of them. However, I shopped carefully for my hotel and got a deal. Then I cooled it with expenses so in the end it was profitable. Then Saturday evening was one relaxing, sensual evening overnight with one of my ATF's. He prepared dinner for me. I brought the appetizer and the salad. Of course, we had our usual slipping and sliding in warm oil beforehand. After, I donned a cashmere robe and we sipped Tattinger and quaffed an excellent meal.

A mutual oil massage, a few glasses of champagne makes one mellow and we shared life's experiences with smiles. Old friends are wonderful aren't they? We kissed and hugged goodbye after a light Sunday morning breakfast. I was heading home with a stop along the way.

I've been on a mission for full fashioned stockings. You know, the old fashioned kind that don't have elastic around the top. You have to hook them on garters so they will stay up. Even the La Perla store didn't carry them so Frederick's of Hollywood has often been my go to. I made a special trip to Albany the beginning of last week to their store in the Crossgates Mall. No luck. So I stopped in Holyoke, MA on my way home yesterday and that mall store. Again, no luck. But, I did find a kick ass pair of black suede peep toe heels with platforms layered in red and cheetah print and red wrapped heels.

I'd found a sexy, elegant black knit dress in Cachet on Saturday afternoon. They will be perfect together. I can't wait to wear both for you.

My biggest disappointment was the cancellation of my Saturday morning photo shoot. The photographer was ill. He waited until midnight Friday to send me an email. Which I didn't see until 7am Saturday morning. Our shoot was to be at 10am.

After schlepping all the extra stuff for the shoot, turning down appointments for Saturday morning I was annoyed. One can't help being ill but he's not known for being timely about anything. I wish him a speedy recovery but I'm so disappointed I won't have new photos for the new website. I guess it's time to look for a new photographer.

This is more of a job than you would realize. For me, it's important to have the right image. A true reflection of who I am in the most flattering light. And poses. And setting.

If you didn't know, it can take 400 shots to come up with 10 really exceptional ones. And that's not because I'm mature. That's true for us gals of all ages. If you are an amateur photographer you have an inkling of that. If you are a pro you can readily confirm it.

I'd love to film with Will Santillo but he's a king's ransom. I love his use of light but I can't afford his fees. At least not right now. The economy hasn't completely recovered yet. However, I might do a Toronto/Montreal tour in the late spring/early summer and since he's in Toronto perhaps it would be more reasonable to see him there. Food for thought.

Still, Business 101. You have to spend money to make it. I'm very aware of that. I shop around to find the best product for the best value. As you do.

After I read the cancellation email my heart sunk. Not so great biz, I'd scraped the side of my car Thursday night making a turn in the dark and now this. No, I don't drink and drive. I have tinted windows and it was very dark.

Despair tried to make an entry. But true to form, I kicked it out the door. I still had made a profit. More than I would have working in most professions in three weeks. I'd met great folks, worked out in a terrific gym, enjoyed my hotel, shopped and found some needed things that were JUST what I'd been looking for AND had some fabulous O's. And I was heading to the Worcester area for an overnight with a beloved friend. What more could a girl want?

While Morristown is booking slow for now I'm sure the usual last minute inquiries will come in. Scranton and Philadelphia are looking really good. I'm already almost all booked up for my first ever trip to Syracuse in March.

*One note. I am NOT going to the next Cuck and Bull Party in Tampa the end of March. I'll be heading down there in May to sort out my storage room, edit, ship/move north. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, I'll have a place of my own to receive those items. I'll keep you posted on that progress from time to time.

Remember, life is good and so is change.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

1/28/2012 - Tea witht he Gurls and Fun with My Boys
Hello My Darling Boys and Gurls,

I'm in Stamford, CT this morning. After I finish this update I'm going to pack up and head home. I'm tired. The last 10 days finally caught up with me. I'm not a kid anymore and that is one of the huge difference I've noticed the last few years as I get older. I can't go, go, go all the time.

No complaints. I'm still having a great time. I've just had to learn to rest when I need to.

Still, I hear folks decades younger complaining about being exhausted and I have to keep the corners of my mouth from curling up in a smirk. I'm not doing so badly after all.

Last Sunday I was still in sunny Lauderdale. I was going to meet a Palm Beach provider for brunch. We've traded references and spoken on the phone over the years. Cherie, the Lady of the Palm Beaches. She is known for her "flexibility" and was a competitive body builder. It was time we finally met.

She picked me up at my 2 1/2 star hotel (keeping the expenses low)and we headed to Cafe Aruba. They have a lovely brunch and since it's on the beach it was perfect. She is a beautiful 50 something gal with a body any 20 year old would die for. And she works hard to keep it with a strict organic diet and religious workouts. Me......I like to eat and drink too much. There's always going to be a little "extra" on my frame for you to hold onto.

I chuckled when I met the "boyfriend" she said she was bringing. They had been together 2 months. A darling year old Yorkshire terrier mix. She'd left his leash home so she popped him in a tiny baby stroller and wheeled him into Aruba. Heads turned for sure. She in tight, lowcut workout clothes, me in tights and a lowcut top.

We chattered away about life and our friends. I'd been sharing one nasty exchange from the morning. One rude guy had called and asked my donation. I sent him to my website. Which my ad had required. Of course, he couldn't take the time to read the donation page. The next I knew the nasty texts began. I needed to change my attitude, young girls were charging way less than I. I texted back, "Let me guess, Backpage?" Then a really ugly text appeared. I didn't answer. When someone is rude to me, I am rude back. Calling doesn't guarantee that we'll meet. Being courteous goes a long way to insuring we do. If you are, I'll be just as nice as you have been. I value my service enough not to put up with that bulls---.

Still, I try and not take these things personally but it's difficult at times and I shared it with Cherie. She nonchalantly nodded and continued on another note. Just another day in the life of a provider. lol

While we were brunching my new friend from the day before stopped by to say hello. She had been my reference for our encounter so we were both delighted to see him. He asked us to join him for a drink and we did. He's a sweetheart and I'd love to see him again.

We parted with hugs and well wishes. I had to get ready for the afternoon tea for the gurls. The third and final event of the Cuck and Bull weekend. Lady Femina had told me it was casual and I arrived early to catch a few rays.

As was the norm this weekend, the party had started early. The tea sandwiches were plated, china cups for coffee and tea and Chevra to serve them. We all hugged and said hello and I went outside to get some sun. Chevra made me a Mimosa.

Champagne, sunshine and friends. What could be more perfect? It was a laid back day with old and new friends. Comfortable, relaxing and soon to be wild. But not for me. Although one young bull had come up behind me while I was sitting and I had rested my head on his generous "pillow" I was content to watch any action that might occur.

A few of the bulls were in attendance and in no time, Lady Femina and others were partaking of their skills. Just another day in the life of a kinkster. I HAVE decided that I will attend the next Cuck and Bull party March 23 and 24th in Tampa. I'll head down a day early with an incall location close to the airport for a day. Then I'll be close to the party for the rest of the weekend. I have to keep up my no tan lines you know.

I said my goodbyes and headed to the cemetery to pay my respects to my grandson. Then on to a quick dinner and an appointment on the way. It had been a surprisingly good business week for South Florida. My new friend was an adorable latino who loved older women. Since I love younger men it was a good fit. And a good fit we were. sweet it is.

Monday I packed and headed to the airport. I had time for lunch and ordered some Sushi. It is a good thing I did because our 12:30 departure didn't occur until almost 2pm. Weather delays in the New York area were slowing down air traffic. Delta needed the gate so they parked us on the tarmac until we could take off. I'd called my ride, my sister's beau, to let him know I'd be late. No worries he said.

Fortunately, my seatmate was a lovely young guy from Phoenix who was in the National Guard. He'd been in Miami for a naming party. He had emigrated from Senegal years before, was now an American citizen and had been visiting family and celebrating the birth of a new child. His connections were tight if we were late. I had given him the Delta special services number to see if he could rebook before the plane left the gate. Nothing available and it was looking like he'd be spending the night in the terminal at JFK. Our luck pervailed and the pilot made up a lot of the delay, landing only 40 minutes late. My new friend would be able to get to Phoenix.

I never intrude on someone's space on an airplane. If they seem friendly and decent and want to chat, I will. Otherwise, we all bury our noses in books and politely hand over the beverages.

It was a miserable descent through the clouds as we landed at JFK. Gone were the beautiful bright blue skies, flowers and sunshine of Lauderdale. Back to the gray and brown of the northeast. Patches of snow were visible everywhere.

I've learned that being happy in life isn't about where you live. It's about who you surround yourself with and the attitude with which you approach each day. For me, happiness is a decision I make each and every day I arise. I can choose to be miserable or I can be thankful and look forward to the day. I think you know which I adapt.

We arrived home after 8pm, having to stop for gas. Sis and my son had been working on a major construction project in my absence. She had made her bedroom closet and mine into one big one in my room. There was sheetrock dust everywhere and two very tired relatives when I returned. But I had a huge closet.

I was touched that my sister would do that. Even though I won't be there forever, she was saying, "this is your home." I'm thankful.

I only had that evening and the next morning to unpack, do laundry and repack. My wardrobe was going to be very different than the one I needed for Florida and the party.

I left a little later than planned. Just too much to do. I had to put the pedal to the metal. One of my ATF's from Stamford was hot to trot and wanted me in Westchester NOW.

I checked in, unpacked, bathed and texted him I was ready. At 3:30 he rushed through the day and kissed me with abandon. Pushing me back against the hallway wall and lifting the skirt of my dress. Tasting me and then dragging me to the bed. The fun had begun.

Later, we relaxed and caught up during the pillow talk time. He's a hot blooded Italian with a short fuse. I'd seen if myself once but I've also seen him come to my rescue when someone threatened my world in Stamford. Passion rules his life. I love that about him.

This week in Westchester was great. Stamford, not so much but my last friend yesterday made up for the slowness of Stamford. I had a thunder boomer to curl my toes. And it went on and on.

After, I sighed and said, "thanks, I needed that." He said he had also.

So I went to the movies, the Underworld sequel was about all there was at the Mall theater. And last night I watched "The Help" in my room. Great flick. Underworld....maybe a half a star. But I love vampires and all that ilk so it passed the time. Plus, it gives me an excuse to eat the popcorn with lots of fake butter. The Artist and War Horse are on my to see list yet.

Great dining and shopping in Westchester and Stamford. I purchased two new pairs of sexy heels. I think you'll love them both. New earrings and a cheetah print blouse from Zara. One of my fav stores. Most all bought for my next photo shoot in Boston on February 4th. It is going to be in my photographers studio so I'm looking forward to some great new photos for you.

I am working on a new website for annekepleasures. I know I've been saying that for two years but this time I've made the deposit and it's in the works. It's simpler and I'll be able to edit the content myself. Still very elegant and with all the bells and whistles.

Time to pack and head west and north. I'll be in Waltham next Wednesday until Saturday morning when I have my shoot. Then Worcester for an overnight with another of my ATF's. He's preparing dinner this time. Beef Stroganoff.

Next week, it's the Morristown, NJ area and one night in Scranton, PA. I have NO idea how that will turn out. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. That is what makes this business exciting. You never know what is going to happen.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

1/25/2012 - The Rest of the Cuck and Bull Memories and More
Hello Hotties,

I've had a lot of folks tell me they read Saturday's recounting of the first night of the Cuck and Bull Event in Lauderdale. In fact, some are already signing up for the next one the end of March in Tampa. You can learn more at You'll see my friend Lady Femina on the opening page.

Where am I now? In West Harrison, NY. For those who don't know that's in Westchester County. Close to White Plains. North of NYC. Tomorrow afternoon I head over to my old haunts in Stamford, CT. Biz has been great here so far and I'm looking forward to lots more naughtiness. But back to Lauderdale and last weekend.

Friday was fabulous. It was the right mix of people and a great energy. I wondered, "how could that possibley be equaled or topped." The benefit of being mature is that you have learned 1. not to be anxious about such things and 2. anything can happen in life. In other words, what ever happens, happens, so sit back and enjoy it.

A new friend, (an absolute sweetheart) came to visit Saturday around noon and after we had our fun I freshened up, packed my suntan gear and headed out to have a late lunch. Skyline Chili. Spaghetti chili. 5 way. Those of you who are fans will know what I'm talking about. THE best!

Then I was going to continue to work on my no tan lines at Lady Terrice's. An hour in the sun and back to my hotel. I wanted to make sure I was looking the best I could for the BIG party that night. 45-50 were expected.

A few weeks ago I'd found a sexy Armani black dress, all studded with beads. Up to here and down to there. Know what I mean? Black stockings and stiletto sandals of course.

The party was already underway when I arrived. That means one hot latino gal was getting the bejusus f----d out of her by a bull I haven't seen before.

My host made me a martini and we put the bottle of sparkling Moscato in the fridge for later. I had a feeling this party was going to go all night.

Chit Chat here and there, introductions to new friends, watching the fun and thoroughly enjoying myself. Lady Femina, Lady Terrice and anthony had outdone themselves again.

I was introduced to a transgender couple from Miami. The folks I was supposed to have dinner with Wednesday evening IF I'd caught my intended flight. They have a website targeted to strap on training. If you are interested I'll find the link for you.

We're not talking about those regular sized ones I use on some of you. We are talking HUMUNGOUS strap ons. They are a very exotic and petite pair of ladies. Beautiful and mature. Charming and intelligent. Just like all the folks at this party. Kinky people are usually highly intelligent I've found.

One young couple, who were first timers, were kind of off by themselves and I ventured over to say hello and help them feel welcome. She wanted to be with a gent with an enormous cock. He was willing to let her. Both were scared. So we sat and talked about their relationship, what this lifestyle could do, how to surive and thrive in it and more.

Soon she approached this handsome black man who was enjoying some oral delights from Lady Femina's female slave. This young gal's eyes lit up and the next thing we all knew, she was on her back on the Tantra chair and having the time of her life. Again and again and again. Her husband's eyes were wide open and he seemed to be enjoying HER enjoyment.

And so it continued, every bed, couch, chair, even the massage table had people sucking and f---g. The air had to be saturated with phermonomes. I know the place sure smelled like sex.

One gent I'd met the night before looked each other in the eye and I said, "let's go." I jumped in Lady Terrice's bed, (plastic under everything) and I began my own style of fellatio. His eyes widened and he moaned. And we had an audience. He pulled me to the side of the bed so he could return the favor. My partner of the night before jumped on the bed and slide his rock hard cock into my mouth.

One of my friends came by and told my new partner, here, this is what she likes and began to spank my already wet pussy. My new partner took over. Holy Batman! We all needed a raincoat and now there really was an audience. He couldn't stand it any longer, cover on, and slide in. He was so hot that he blew..fairly soon. And number two slide in and then number three, the two of them alternating while I still had my mouth full. This continued a bit, my drenching the side of the bed and the floor, when number four stepped up. At that point, I held up my hand and said,"later." I needed a break.

Actually I really didn't but I was thinking of the months of back pain and didn't want to push myself back into problems. Cool it now Anneke. You can have more fun later.

And I did. Further into the evening I hooked up again with my Friday night partner. Just some really nice chemistry there. And I'd had it with my first partner of the night. These were really nice guys.

There were all kinds of vignettes to share. I can still see one of the trangendered couple,the female partner, on the day bed in Chevra's room. Getting the works. Chevra was our maid for the weekend. Google Chevro Steel is you'd like.

The young gal from Iowa, whose cukolded husband had spent condoms, hanging off of his penis cage, was having the time of her life, both nights. I can't imagine a party like this one in Des Moines.

Our shy young gal on the massage table with yet another young bull. Lady Femina with four in another room.

I know, it's a plain vanilla world out there most of the time. Thankfully it's not mine.

I've realized this is who I am. Not 24/7. Not every week or even every month. But it is a huge part of what makes up Anneke.

The everyday organized Martha Steward in her home life. And the slut in her business and private life.

I didn't need any ice nor any pain pills. I felt great and as I look back at this weekend I realize how far I've come from the pain filled weeks and months and I'm VERY thankful.

And having a blast! LIFE IS GOOD. More about my week in Westchester and Stamford this weekend. AND the third day the party, The tea for the gurls. Stay tuned!

Your Happily Naughty Girlfriend,

1/21/2012 - My Week in Lauderdale and the First Installment of The Party
Hello Boys,

I am in Ft. Lauderdale until the 23rd. The weather is in the 70's, sunny, dry....perfect. I've already visited some of my old haunts and bought a bathing suit.

Gasp! Yes, a bathing suit. More later.

We left early for JFK Wednesday but obviously not early enough as I arrived 5 minutes past the time that you can check in. Trying not to be annoyed I decided to make the best of it and joined the Delta Sky Lounge for the day.

I got myself settled in, set up my computer near the big tv to watch the news and made myself a cup of whipped coffee. Their delicious fig newton like biscuits completed my missed breakfast. The gals at the check in desk felt so sorry for me they gave me a free drink ticket for my now almost 8 hour later flight. I was going to miss a whole afternoon of sun.

Nothing to be done for it so I kept up on emails, texts, the news, read a new book. "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness and just chilled.

Around lunch time I headed out for a decent meal in the Delta terminal at Bon Fire, one of Todd English's restaurants. A skirt steak taco and a big glass of Stella. It was going to be hours before I had to pick up my rental car.

Most of you probably know there are several Sky lounges scattered throughout the Delta terminal. I next checked into the one by gate 6 that opened at 1pm. BIG difference from my first and I enjoyed the luxury until flight time.

I was lucky to even get a seat to Florida so I wasn't going to complain that I had one next to a window. It was ameliorated by an exit row location. I stuffed my coat between me and the draft coming through the side of the plane and read my book. We left 45 minutes late. ARGH! Was I EVER going to get to Florida?

Despite headwinds we managed to make up some time. Baggage collected I headed to the rental car counter. Hertz gold. Yet there was a line and several boisterous, complaining businessmen. I looked at one and commented, "hey, you are in South Florida. Things are different here." And they are.

For a state that derives most of it's revenue from the service industry the managers of a lot of companies have forgotten to train their employess in what customer service really means. Thankfully that's not everywhere and I've met some really sweet folks this week. Of course, they are mostly Latino. The demographics have changed since I lived here last.

I lived in Ft. Lauderdale from 1994 to 2001. The latter two years as a single woman. What a place to be single IF you have money. I had next to none so it was frustrating seeing all that was available and not being able to partake of what this area had to offer. No complaints. It shaped me to be grateful the rest of my life even when times were tough again.

Perhaps that is why I've been able to get through these last three to four years of economic downturn. My mantra was, "there are folks worse off than I."

Finally the rental car was ready and I drove up Hwy 1. It was a gorgeous evening and I put the windows down to enjoy the lovely air. This was a trip down memory lane.

I'm north of Commercial, not far from where my grandson is buried. I'll bring flowers to the memorial park tomorrow. That pleases my son. He was his only son and his best buddy.

I hope none of you are offended that I include the regular stuff of life here along with the titillating events. After all, that IS my life. And this journal is a recounting in a true fashion. Bumps and all. His passing was one of the worst things that ever happened in my life and it also has shaped my attitude toward living life to the fullest. Remember, I said above, "it could be worse?" He called me his hippie grandmother because of the wild, long curly hair I had back then.

But back to today. I checked in Wednesday evening and unpacked. It helps me to have things organized when I arrive. I've now made a new nest.

I caught up on email and voicemail. Someone from St. Pete was here and looking for some fun. I verified him and we planned our adventure. Yes, I'd been up since 4:30am but a shower and some naughtiness would probably do me good.

He arrived on time and the games began. Thankfully he wanted to make sure I was well satisfied too. And he did. The stress of the day washing away in Lake Anneke and a good O. Thanks darlin'.

I'd let Lady Femina/Lauren and friends know I'd arrived. I'd missed a Miami dinner invite by arriving late.

I headed out for a late night bite and wound up at a Denny's. This time of night, a glass of awful wine and a club sandwich hit the spot. After the O, a little wine and a light meal, I could get some rest.

I'd spent part of the day screening. I'm always taken aback by the rudeness of some of the guys here in South Florida when they are asking to meet. One said, "well, how big are those tits?" I told him I wished he hadn't said that and he replied, "well, I want to know." I hung up. He called two more times and I ignored him.

I'm not putting up with that disrespect. I'm not some little crack head who needs to make money so her pimp can buy her next fix. She and he are willing to put up with any attitude. I am not.

Gentlemen only at Chez Anneke. lol That's my new marketing tagline. Chez Anneke * Full menu and no rush between courses. No calories either unless you bring the champagne. I'll have the flutes. (and I do) So far, it's seemed to work well. A little lightness and some fun implied. And for me, that is what this is all about. Having a good time.

Thursday I slept in and went to the Egg and You for breakfast. Then to Target to buy that bathing suit. That stuck in my craw I'll tell you. Back to the room, showered and primped and greeted a new friend. After our romp I got ready to head to the pool. Bathing suit, lathered on sunscreen and donned a big hat.

I sashayed to the pool and after trying to find the gate, "Hola" and the guy showing me how to get in, I found a seat. Arranged my towel and myself, noticing this young Latino giving me the eye. I realized it was probably the pheromones from my naughty liason. They are reaching noses long before I even arrive. What a powerful tool for seduction.

I timed my rays. One hour total. The South Florida sun is very strong. All the while, the young one staring at me. I'm smiling to myself. It's always cool when a civilian likes what you look like too. Especially when it's the natural you. No photographer finding the best angle to make you look otherworldly.

I left and he waved goodbye. I waved back.

Time for a light lunch and I headed to Cafe Aruba on the beach at Commercial. A glass of white wine and some huge peel and eat shrimp. Chattering away with a family on my right from Massachusetts. It's like that here. Folks on vacation from other parts of the country like to meet new people. Fine with me. I do also.

I had broken a nail, (that's a momumental deal guys) so I went to an old nail salon to get it repaired. I thought, why not pamper myself? So, repaired nail, fresh polish on my fingers and a pedicure and polish on my toes. Dark bronzey red. Now I'm all decked out for the weekend.

I'd been invited to Party Central for dinner. We hadn't seen each other since I left Florida in September. I had been a sorry case. Struggling with selling all my belongings, selling my home and in constant pain. I was a mess and they said it was heartbreaking to see me drive away.

Now, I strutted in, pain free with a big smile on my face. And a new aura. I was back to being the lively beloved friend they knew. They were delighted.

My host made me a martini. Only one...had to drive home. Homemade lasagna, a big salad and old friends. Nothing better.

We detailed the itinerary for the weekend and the guest list. We recounted tall tales and laughed ourselves silly at the antics of our client friends. After all, all three of us girls there were providers. No names of course. Our one male friend loves to sit back and hear about our lives and listen to us share. Concerns and triumphs.

I left around 9pm and after freshening up at my hotel, headed to Christopher's. This was the ultimate meat market in it's day. On Saturday nights I'm told it still is. Thursday night, ladies night is really Latin night. All the crowd were latino and the music was also. I got a diet coke for my free drink and just sat back and watched.

I love how Latin men are so comfortable with themselves. They are dancing their asses off and no one is thinking it's silly. Like American men. That's my biggest complaint about you. You think dancing is a chore. Music is part of our souls and a wonderful way to let loose. The Irish men know that too. So, I sat back, watched and smiled as these sexy latin folks enjoyed themselves. They sure know how to live and the women look hot, dress hot and act it also. Great stuff.

I only stayed a while and headed back to my hotel. I was still catching up from the trip and life.

Friday was an errand day and those accomplished I called party central to ask if I could come and share their sun. There was no way I was going to put a bathing suit on again. They are so situated that nude sunbathing is easy and possible. So I did. No freakin' tan lines for me. Or a white stomach. Unthinkable!

One hour of sun again and I headed to Billy's Stone Crab in Hollywood for lunch. A seat on the patio overlooking the intercoastal. Another beautiful January Florida day. Perfect. I've had better stone crabs but still, to a now Upstate NY landlocked resident, it was fabulous.

Home....up 95 and over Commercial to get ready for the first night of the Party weekend. It was a "shaving night." What is that? Well, the cukold males were to be shaved for the Goddesses and Mistresses pleasure. But first, cocktails, a light buffet and getting to know one another. Not all the Saturday guests would attend. Last evenings guest list included cuckold single males, single sluts, (that's us) one cukold couple and 6 black bulls.

I'd brought a bottle of champagne and I was just going to "see what happened." I don't have a BBC fetish. I'm attracted to the person. Not his equipment or a particular color. So I never know who might ring my chimes.

Let me tell you every single one of the bulls were good looking, classy, gentlemen. I chatted with several of them and sat on the couch between two hunks. One stood out for me. 6'4", handsome, green eyes. Eventually we navigated togather, his hand stroking my back and when Lady Terrice said, "let the f-----g begin" I took his hand and we headed to the back bedroom.

We had to share the bed with another couple but that only heightened the excitement. Having another pair sucking and fucking while you are!

He was a lover and a damned good one. I'd warned him I was a squirter and not to be deterred, he dove in. After I'd visited his nether regions. Good size for a tall man. Believe it or not, most tall guys are not big. Who cares when they have tongues like his. Holy Moses, Lake Anneke was bursting the dam and we had to throw out one towel and replace it soon.

I climbed on top for a bit and then we switched places. I'm sure they could here him slapping against me from the other room. The condom was not helping so I went back to oral for him.

Soon, I felt a hand behind me and I turned to see another guy with a big smile on his face and a hard on. We were back to my oral ministrations for my partner and he was close. While it would have been hot to have my new friend, slide into me, (I made sure he was covered) I asked him to wait until later. I wanted to give my full attention to my gorgeous partner.

Next I knew, someone was slapping my pussy. A voice whispered, "it's -----" Lady Femina's cuckold. This was supposedly a no no for the cuckold's but we've been other things for each other and he knows how I am. And no one else was around. We'd had a big audience of cuckold's earlier.

I am bobbing on my friend's cock and t--- is smacking my pussy. I'm gushing all over the place.

That must have turned my partner on even more and he exploded in my mouth. He is gasping. ^&%&*@!. t--- asked me for his snowball and I complied. Talk about a hot moment.

Dressed again, out having a snack the party was in full swing. People are everything and Lady Femina is now in the back bedrooom with 3 bulls. My former partner jumping in to enjoy her also.

I'm relaxed and chatting with friends. My partner returns and we head to the hot tub. Another bull joining us. I have a big smile on my face because I'm sitting in the warm water on a beautiful Florida evening with a cock in each hand. One is stroking my breast, the other playing with my pussy.

My former partner leans over and kisses me. Then deepens the kiss. The other gent realizes this is becoming a private moment and leaves. We sit in the hot tub for a long time, kissing and licking each other's neck, ears, breasts. Finally it's time and we head back to the bedroom. This time we're alone. And once again, he explodes in my mouth. No ---- to take the snowball this time. That's okay....we've had some fun moments.

The party is winding down and it seems that everyone is about f---d out. Folks are eating and chatting and all of us girls look like we've been well serviced.

Lady Femina is on one side of me. My partner the other. She rests her head on my shoulder and he is stroking my leg. We all make plans for round two tonight. This is the big group.

I can't even begin to imagine what will happen. Life is good.

More tomorrow.

Your VERY, VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

1/15/2012 - Finally It Is Winter
Hello Dah-lings!

It's going to be 9 above zero tonight in upstate New York. No snow but OH so cold. We can't complain, winter has been slow to arrive. And I'm heading to Fort Lauderdale this week, just in time. Sun, fun and lots of kinkiness.

I got back to Upstate NY last evening after three nights and four days in Manhattan. For the most part, it was a very successful tour. And I got to enjoy the city, buy my favorite stockings, add a couple of sexy things to my wardrobe for the next photo shoot and have some fun.

The weather forecast was mixed, cold rain, cold and more cold so I brought the new coat. Friday evening I really needed it on a walk down Lexington to the Capital Grille on 42nd Street.

But before that there was a harbinger that winter was finally on it's way. It's a dilemma when I pack for a tour. I'll admit I sometimes get tired of schelepping luggage. When I start to have an attitude about it I remind myself that this is part of my job. Then my attitude brightens and I don't mind the packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking. After all I AM a road warrior.

Do I bring two coats? One for not so cold and one for not to freeze your ass off? I opted for the one I would be toasty in no matter how cold it dropped so the mink went on my back.

It weighs a ton. So my Friday morning walk over to Madison from Lexington at 51st up to 68th had me sweating. It's the warmest coat I've ever had. But man oh man, it's like walking with weights. But it does it look awesome.

Two months ago I could not have done that walk and not suffered. No worries. No pain. I can't tell you how great that was. I've come a long way. I am so thankful!

Old friends came calling this week. Mixed in with some new hotties it was hot, hot, hot. Saturday after checkout I met a sexy friend for lunch. Tall, dark, handsome, a Brit and exotic. Very, very intelligent. And single. I'm sticking to my guns here. A lovely brunch. Lively discussion and we both hopped in a cab. He back to his hotel, he works in Manhattan but prefers a hotel and me on to a friend's apartment. I'd brought my "fix anything" son down with me on Wednesday and dropped him off to help her with some painting and remodeling. My friend and I held hands in the cab and I kissed him goodbye. More would have to wait until another time.

I love men who are brilliant. The thinkers, the doers, the ones who push the envelope and take risks. I never realized how much of a risk taker I was until my lover to be, who is still in Europe, pointed out that I was also. He's one of those exceptionally hot and brilliant bad boys that I seem to gravitate towards. Yes, single also.

I've pretty much decided to leave up. It will be a vintage site. In other words, the oldie but goodies stay up but there will be very few updates. I'll lower the price/length of time to join, whatever it takes to make it a good value.

Someone called me today to ask about filming. He asked me if I was retired. I said, no, but I'd lost my taste for porn unless someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Then he told me that the boards/blog chatter was that I was one of the hottest milf's out there. You know, I think it was probably baloney but it was nice to hear it anyway. I'm not even a milf. I'm a gilf now. Still, gilf's love a compliment. Hopefully it was genuine.

Tasks completed, my son and I drove home yesterday evening and after dinner together I hauled my luggage into Sis's house. An adorable little part Jack Russell terrier greeted me at the door. My Sis had taken custody of this little cutie. She hadn't been getting good care and my kind hearted sis couldn't stand it.

So now we have a full house here. Two cats. One a black and white tabby, VERY well fed, about 10 years old, a new kitty, orange and white tiger, about 8 months old and a 6 year old pooch. Add three adults and we've a house full. The cats are neutered males and the pooch is a female who will be spayed soon.

Then there's my stuffed pal lying on my bed. It's animal heaven.

I have two very different lives right now. One a very suburban sister, mom, a plain vanilla lady. I think it's kind of cute. And the other.......well, you know about the other. What kind of label can we put on it? Hooker in disguise, hottie road warrior, the hottest gilf or maybe just a grown up gal who loves pleasing her gentleman friends and who's looking for that special someone to be by her side?

Whatever the description it will be a good one because life is never boring and very, very good.

If you're in South Florida this week come and see me. You can rub the suntan lotion all over me.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

1/09/2012 - A New Bedmate
Hello Boys,

I forgot to tell you about my new sleepmate. I met more than one hottie during my last Albany visit. But one in particular was a gorgeous, lovely younger man. It would be an understatement to say we clicked on another level.

I have a nice reminder of our time together. He not only brought champagne he brought an adorable little stuffed dog. My sister even oohed and aahed over this cute little thing. She asked,"what is his name?" If you are reading this, it's yours darlin'. And we're sleeping together.

It's it funny how just a simple thoughtful gesture can make such a big impact. No, I don't want a bed full of stuffed animals so one was enough. But the thought and the cuddly toy at night is sweet.

I had nice lunch with my son yesterday. A beautiful ride up into the Catskills with Sis and her S O. A homemade dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. A call from someone I used to date. A late night Skype chat with my "lover interest" who is now heading to Austria again and I went to sleep last evening hugging my new friend. It was a good day.

Have a great week guys. Ihope to see some of you in Manhattan this week. Life is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses,

1/08/2012 - Spring in the Winter
Hello Boys,

We've had unseasonably warmer weather this year in the Northeast. Oh, there were a couple of frigid days earlier this week but it didn't last long enough for me to have an excuse to wear my new coat.

Still, I know it's hanging in my closet and that makes me smile.

It was a busy week. Monday I drove down to the city to take LuLu shopping. As true with most folks who live in Manhattan, LuLu doesn't keep a car. Unless you travel outside the city often you don't need one. Subways and cabs are cheap. Trains and planes take care of the rest. Or you can always rent a car. It's not that expensive to do so.

We did her shopping and then headed over to the Capital Grille for lunch at the Garden State Mall. There was NO traffic driving down to the city or out to the mall. But there sure was gridlock AT the mall. It took us forever to get out of the parking lot and when I finally put on my agressive New Yorker driving hat we were able to get out of the parking lot.

No traffic back into the city and none back to Kingston. The Monday after New Year's was a banking holiday. Piece of cake.

Gym, the usual errands of life made up the next couple of days. Thursday I pointed the car to the Albany Area and a short tour. I stay in Saratoga County. The Albany County boys in blue are brutal. Best to stay out of there.

I was totally surprised by my hotel. It was brand new and atypically it had gone upscale. Even adding a popular Capital District high end chain to it's offerings. Now that was nice.

I had friends waiting so I unpacked, arranged the room to my liking and unscrewed the light bulbs, replacing them with my own red ones. I've done that for a long time. Much safer than using candles and it creates a sensual atmosphere. And my own red light district. HA!

We had a multi-hour romp. In fact, all of my friends this tour stayed and played. Hmm, it was that way the last time I visited the Albany area. And again, they brought champagne and gifts. Of course, I had the flutes waiting.

Thursday evening I went downstairs for dinner. The bar and restaurant were jammed. That is something you never see in this chain so it was sweet. However, the bar staff wasn't up to the challenge and dinner and service was spotty at best. The owner of the chain was in attendence so he could not have been happy. Still, it takes time to train a staff. I was disappointed. Overpromised and overpriced but based on my experiences with their other restaurants I know it will improve.

As always, the folks in the Albany area are friendly. I grew up in that area of the Northeast and the folks are great. Hard working, hard charging like the rest of the Northeast but with a softer, friendlier style. Folks from "the city" always make fun of Upstate NY, calling them farmers. There's never been anything unsophicated about the Albany/Saratoga area at all. In fact, for one who loves fashion, they keep up. And they LOVE to party.

Sounds like my kind of place doesn't it? Do you wonder how I turned out like I did?

My last Friday friend and I pretended to meet at the downstairs bar after our adventure. He wasn't content to buy me one martini, he had to pay for two. After the fun and his generosity I wanted to buy him a drink. He wasn't having any of that.

My friend, Sara of Albany and I were meeting for dinner. She had been his reference so he was excited that she might join us for a drink. But, home was waiting and he left before she arrived.

I'm tall. She's even taller, very slim the epitome of perfection. So heads turned when she walked into the bar. We make a nice contrast together. Her black hair, white skin and quiet manner. We make a nice duo too. As we've proven before with mutual friends.

She drove down to Latham to the new restaurant, Sushi and that is exactly what we dined on. Beautifully prepared and very fresh it was a delight. I had a saki martini, Saki and plum wine. We laughed, shared stories of life and had a great time. I cherish her friendship and look forward to seeing her when I'm up for another incall in March.

Kingston is only an hour south of Albany so I'm always available for outcall there for your pleasure. Just give me a bit of notice.

Albany seems to be recovering quicker from the recession. There is a sense of confidence in Cuomo's abilities and we all know that is what it takes for folks to open their wallets and their expectations.

New York State has had business leave in droves over the years with their high taxes. Right now, they are giving corporations a break. There is a new chip manufacturing facility being built in Malta, just south of Saratoga. It's going to be interesting to see how long these companies stay after the initial tax breaks. Let's hope the state wises up.

I saw a great sign as I was driving up route 9. A business owner had erected one that said, "New York, The Vampire State" I had a chuckle as I drove by.

I did my Gadabout Gaddis routine (you know you are old if you know what I'm talking about) and drove around Saratoga County, down 9S, through Cohoes, surprised to see the old mills converted to loft apartments and on to downtown Albany.

One of my favorite places is State Street along Washington Park. When I was a young married woman, living in a dumpy apartment in the city of Albany, it was my dream to live in one of those elegant brownstones that border the park. Who knows....maybe my dreams will come true yet?

Lark and Dove streets are close and they are bustling with shops and restaurants. It's not far to anything in the Capital District. Food for thought. And it's only an hour from my Sis.

Where am I heading this week? Back to Manhattan and Times Square the 11th-13th. I have room on my dance card (another oldie but goodie) and I'd love to play...........with YOU!

I'm in a suite hotel. LuLu is having some work done on her place and will be in Boston at the same time. So, come see me. I'll be looking out at the lights of Broadway.

Life is good!

Love and Kisses,

1/01/2012 - My First Missive of 2012
Happy New Year Darlings,

I hope yours was as eventful as you wished. For some, it's just another day. For me, any excuse for a party is reason enough to have one. Although out of the last 12 1/2 years I have been single I've had a date 3 times I think. I mean a civilian date. I've never had a provider date although last evening I came close.

If my hotel hadn't been sold out I probably could have pulled that off. However, there was no more room at the Inn so I couldn't offer him the overnight he desired.

I checked in around 1pm. Answered emails, texts and then drove to very close by shopping center for a bottle of champagne. While the hotel package included an open bar from 9-1 I wasn't sure they would have champagne.

The hotel was packed. Families with children sitting in the atrium, tables full of snacks and drinks, adult included. It seems a lot of families come and bring a baby sitter and then Mom and Dad head to the party. I'd have left them home with the babysitter and had a special evening with my hubby. I'm of a generation that didn't let our kids dictate our adult life so what do I know these days?

Back in my room I had a torrid text exchange with a previous "friend" who had hoped to get away that afternoon. His schedule didn't allow it after all and he continued to text me all his future wants and desires. After a while I had to say.....enough. Next time we'll start on your wish list in person. And he has quite a wish list.

I relaxed, cracked upon the Brut Rose, made Happy New Year calls and started to primp for the party. I was going to wear a short empire waisted low cut dress but decided on one of my Anneke ensembles. The black satin dress with the red jacket.

I wandered down to the ballroom a little before eight and found, that out of a crowd of 200 they had seated me with the only two people I knew in the place. Friends of my Sis and her S O. We'd had him over for dinner the evening before so I knew he and his S O would be attending. But what were the odds of that? That old saying, it's a small world was certainly true.

Our servers came over and introduced themselves and they were two great gals. The hostess had taken a shine to me for some reason so we were going to be well served. In a few short minutes a guy and four gals sat down at the remaining seats. I asked him how he'd managed to go out with four beautiful women. Three were sisters and their friend was from Scotland. He had a bring grin on his face.

I couldn't have found better seat mates. This crew was a fun loving cast of characters and made me a part of their gang immediately. My Scottish friend was all of 5 foot nothing and she told me she didn't think she would find someone with bigger boobs than hers. We laughed ourselves silly and all toasted to the evening.

I wish I could say I got lucky and had a titillating tale to relate but there were about 3 single guys in the whole hotel. All so not my type. One guy, I never knew WHO he was kept coming up to me and telling me someone was looking to hit on me. I'd say, "how do you know?" He'd say, "I can see him getting ready to make the move." He was enjoying himself tremendously and I had fun teasing him back. There were no heavy hitters, believe me.

But the sisters dragged me out on the dance floor and I remembered what good shape I used to be in when I could dance all night in stilettos. You'd be proud of me. I gave it a good shot. I'm a little stiff today but quite okay. Sure, I could have worn flats but it seems to me that sexy shoes are de rigour with a sexy dress on a sexy woman. Don't you think?

As Billy Crystal used to say in his Fernando Llamas impersonation, "It's better to LOOK mah-velous dah-ling than to FEEL mah-vehlous." That's always been my motto. I was just thrilled that I could shake my tail feathers at all after last year. I was also very happy I had that bottle of champagne in my room because the line to the open bar took forever. To the hotels credit, they didn't care if you brought your own drinks anywhere. Where does that ever happen?

These folks were great and they were dragging me to the other bar before midnight. But at midnight I wandered off by myself to watch the bar tv to see the ball come down. New Year's Eve has been a lonely time for me. And I was thinking of that someone across the pond. I stayed up until 12;30 and then headed back to my room. Asleep by 1:30 am.

The only one I would have considered was getting picked up by a couple. I know swingers when I see them and it was fun to watch the whole scene. I smiled as I watched her flirt, flip her hair and chatter and smile at the young guy while he husband stood back and quietly watched.

Here's hoping HE got lucky.

Buffet breakfast this morning sucked and I checked out. I got back to Sis's and helped her take down her Christmas decorations, clean the house and move the furniture back. Then we headed out to a nearby neighborhood restaurant that has fabulous seafood. A $22 price fix dinner of lobster tail and we were happy campers.

I'm supposed to head to Manhattan tomorrow morning to take LuLu to Ikea in NJ. Living in the city, few folks need cars. Since she lent me her place last week, I'm returning the favor and doing a little driving. Fingers crossed that the traffic will still be holiday light.

Thursday I'm heading to Albany for a couple of nights and hope to meet Sara of Albany and our mutual friend for dinner Friday evening. I'm also hoping to have naughtiness abound. I'll be up in Clifton Park. Albany County is a very dicey place.

The next week, Manhattan incall again, the 11-13th. I'll be staying in Times Square this time. So, for those of you who still think I have an incall in NYC full time come on over and let's play. I'm still trying to make it clear that I live in UPSTATE NY and not in the city. I will come see you IN the city, or Metro NY or Northern NJ if you give me notice and book at least 90 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on how far I have to drive.

It's going to be a busy month because I'm also heading to Lauderdale on the 18th. This big Cukold BBC party has grown into something with a life of it's own. There's going to be a shaving party on Friday evening, the party Saturday night and a "tea for the gurls" Sunday afternoon. If you don't know, gurls are TV's, TS's and cross dressers. Tips for wardrobe, makeup and hair will be offered by the Goddesses.

I have no idea yet how many of these I will attend outside of the big party Saturday night. It will depend on my appointment schedule. I do know this. It's not going to be predictable or boring. Anything with Lady Femina and Lady Terrice never is. Folks are flying from all parts of the USA. Just another kinky weekend with my friends. Since I left Florida there haven't been any and I'm LONG overdue.

Here's to a naughty year together boys. Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

12/30/2011 - All Is Well That Ends Well
Hello Darlings,

And this year has. Better business. Much better health and a second chance at the possibility of love. Stay tuned. I know I'm smiling tonight.

It's been a hell of a year. For most of us. But I personally see a light at the end of the tunnel. And I'm having a great time while I'm heading through it.

This week in itself has been hilarious. I've had two con artists write who wanted a personal relationship with me and found me on 1.City Vibe and 2. Eros. The first one I named in an email to him as Mr. Too Good to Be True" He was going to pay me 175K a year, buy me my own car, clothes, whatever I needed, to be his monogamous companion. Of course we were going to have sex on every place on the planet.

His photos were breathtaking. He even linked a facebook page. Of course, he disappeared by the end of Monday. Number two is still flitting around. His first inquiry was a form letter that he sent to other providers. Screening them out as they responded I surmise. He's applying to me my monogamous bf. Right.

What I don't understand with ALL of these guys is where do they get the time to do all this stuff? Lord Almighty, this takes time. And what is the kick? A high that you get when you think you've pulled the wool over someone's eyes? What a bunch of sick people there are in the world. Of course, we providers knew that in the first place and we've all developed excellent radar and a bulls--- meter. Both were going off left and right this week.

The rest of us do our jobs, try and treat people as we would like to be treated and stand in amazement when we watch folks who operate this way. As I've said before here, I believe in Karma.

What is gratifying is that so many of my gents are absolute sweethearts. I would have to guess that most of you who read this journal are also. You couldn't put up with my drivel if you were a misogynist. You love providers and the service they offer. Whether you see us or not. My hat is off to you. And my bra.

My little incall experiment was a bust. Sort of. I think other biz will come from it down the road. It really wasn't great timing. This is a week that's difficult for anyone to escape for monkey business. For those that just couldn't manage the time I've had promises for the next time I offer this.

It got me out of the house for the night and I also scoped out the hotel where I'm going for New Year's Eve. I have to check in early to avoid the mob scene so I'll have incall again if you can sneak away after 1pm on Saturday. One last "bang" in 2011.

Then I'm putting on something sassy and my dancing shoes, ordering a bottle of champagne and having myself a big time. Midnight buffet and all. I can walk down the hall to my room after.

Who knows? Maybe I'll find a hottie to take back with me. If not, I'll just fantasize about that gorgeous man who will be in Austria for New Year's Eve. Come back safely from all your travels darlin'. You are missed.

Life is good. I'll write again this weekend.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

12/24/2011 - Merry Christmas Darlings
Hello My Beloved Boys,

Not to slight any of my friends, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and a blessed Ramadan.

We're bustling around the house today, cleaning, cooking, last minute grocery shopping and wrapping gifts. It's great to be with family this year. I was with my Nudie Resort friends last year this time. While it was definitely a different vibe it was still very special and I will admit, I miss them and the resort. Merry Christmas to those of you there who I know read this journal. xxx's

Sadly, the owner and his girlfriend were killed in a motor vehicle accident in November. She, passing on Dec. 4th. He wasn't beloved by a lot of folks in his ownership but no one wishes that kind of ending to anyone's life. It's a very sad thing.

The news is that new folks are thinking about buying it. I hope a change in ownership will bring back all the folks who left in droves. In it's day, I was unbelievable. I hope it will be again.

But this year, I've been helping my sister decorate the outside and touring around the Northeast and NYC. We're even on the list of homes to tour for holiday lights. We see people driving by and slowing down every evening. In my perverted mind, I have all kinds of ideas about standing at the window and....... I'm sorry. I'm a naughty girl. And I AM a nudist.

I digress. Tonight I'm preparing dinner. She and I take turns cooking. We're having a tenderloin of beef, lardoned with garlic slivers, mixed sauteed mushrooms and oven roasted asparagas. We're leaving out the horseradish and whipped cream sauce and the popovers. No dessert. We're all watching our weight. Then it's off to church. Fortunately, we have a choice of two churches in my childhood denomination to attend. Both have pipe organs and choirs. My sister isn't religious at all but she and I still share a love of the music that will be offered tonight.

Tomorrow, it's the traditional opening of gifts, her homemade sticky buns and fresh berry fruit salad. Then the rest of the family comes over and we have her lasagna, a big salad I will make and sorbet and gelato for dessert. Probably lots of wine and cocktails too.

It's hard to keep the weight off during the holidays but we've been heading to the gym often. Later, we'll take a walk. After we digest the shortbread cookies she made to take over to the new neighbors.

It's tough when you love to cook AND eat. And we both do. Her S O truly appreciates the homemade meals. Something he never had in his married years to someone else.

I am very thankful for this particular Christmas. Last year things were tough. Financially it was a terrible time. My back was not so bad but unpredictable and our housing values were dropping like lead weights. The resort was losing members and it was sort of a depressing time.

What a difference a year makes. Business is much better here for me and I'm expecting it will continue. I love being near family and I'm making new friends. I love my new friend LuLu and know we'll spend more time together as the new year enters.

I'm thinking that eventually I'll get a little studio apartment in an urban setting close to family and just tour a couple of days a week in the Northeast. I'll continue the once a month NYC if it's profitable. As long as it is even marginally so, I'll go down. I love being in the city for short periods of time.

One big change in the next few weeks. is ending. Yes, I'm not going to continue to film for my site. I'll still have the clips for sale but I probably won't do any new shoots, unless it's for someone else who wants to pay me. I just don't have the heart or passion for it any longer. Any my members are taking my content and giving it away to the free sites so the revenue is decreasing. It's not worth the expense to keep it going. And it's one less thing for me to worry about.

I'll still do photo shoots so that my annekepleasures still images gallery will be current. Frankly, I don't want to keep watching myself age on video. It's a humbling experience and I'm a very vain woman. There's only so much one can do to keep it together. After that, gravity and time set in and a video camera isn't forgiving.

I still love being a provider and while my body isn't perfect my skills just keep getting better. That old adage "practice makes perfect" is spot on. So, we'll see how much longer Anneke can be in demand. Right now, the phone is ringing and I'm having a blast. And feeling absolutely FANTASTIC.

That in itself, is the best Christmas gift of all. Good health. I wish that for you also.

Life is good and I'm loving every pain free minute of it.

Happy Holidays all. I'm available for New Year's Eve....hint, hint.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

12/17/2011 - Upstate New York After the City
Hello My Beloved Boys,

I'm back in Kingston. I left Manhattan Wednesday afternoon. The phone wasn't ringing, except for folks who wanted half hour appointments last minute and who weren't willing to give me any info. You know how I feel about that so rather than incur any more expense, I packed up, hopped on the Trailways to Kingston, (civil driver this time, thankfully) and was back by 6pm.

It was Sis's birthday and that was another reason to leave a day early. But before I did I had a most enjoyable encounter with a new friend. For some folks, the donation is not a concern at all to their bank account. For others, it's a biggie. And my new friend had saved for months to come and see me.

As usually is the case, those with less, give more and he arrived with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, wrapped in a lovely bag. It had always been his practice to spend his secret time with dommes. I was his very first "escort" and he was nervous throughout the whole process.

If you didn't know, a legitimate domina does not offer anything sexual. Perhaps the gentleman himself takes care of matters but she usually stimulates him, never touching him herself.

He wanted some intimacy so he was ready to enter the world of "the provider." I was deeply touched by his sincerity and his appreciation of who I was and the reputation I had gained. He'd seen my movies, read my journals and my ads. This was one gentleman who had truly done his homework and then some.

He knew all about Lake Anneke and greeted Trixie and Boom Boom by name when they said hello. He wanted to experience all he'd read. And so I dove in and so did he. He's never been with a "squirter" and he was anxious to partake of the love juices. We spent a long time just making out and finally he laid me down on the bed. I spread my legs and he dove in. And continued diving until I had not one or two or three O's but also the BIG one.....the thunder boomer. They take a while but when someone is patient and loves dining at the Y it is going to happen. And he kept on and on and on. Holy mackerel.....and an early Merry Christmas to me.

I love returning the favor and I told him to get comfortable after changing the towels. I didn't want to wreck LuLu's mattress. Totally spent, we yakked for a long time and I asked him if he'd like it if I recounted our time together for the journal. He said "yes, I'd hope you would." So, darling.....I didn't divulge all our kinkiness but let's just say, in the end, I took charge.

We kissed goodbye and after he left I checked the donation. Two hours for PSE and champagne. It was greatly appreciated. NY is a very expensive place to tour. So, thank you for being exceptionally well groomed, for all your gifts and especially the thunder boomer. You are a very sweet man and I hope we meet again.

My sister and others have asked how we're able to provide when we're not always physically attracted to everyone who walks through the door. They say,"I just couldn't do what you do." For me, it's about the respect that is offered, before we meet, when I open the door and during our time together." I am able to look beyond the physical and connect with that inner person and the passion that lies within. If he's willing to share that with me we are going to have a great time.

But wait, what happens when someone slips through the screening and they are NOT so respectful or their hygiene is less than stellar when they arrive? If I can't get them in the shower I'll take a deep breath on the upstroke. Really bad hygiene, they ARE going in the shower. Fortunately, that rarely happens.

So, boys, use SOAP under your pits when you shower. And wash three times. Once doesn't cut the bacteria. I'm amazed that some very successful businessmen don't do that. While you are at it, three times between the legs, thank you. Deodorant/anti-perspirant is a must. Even in the winter. You ARE always welcome to shower, before and after, at my touring incall. I always have anti-bacterial soap in the shower and deodorant and mouthwash. There, that's out of the way.

I most definitely won't tolerate disrespect but I will try and win them over with charm and skill. lol If that doesn't work and they are still boobs but leave satisfied, I have that donation in the envelope.

Since I've left Manhattan now they are calling to come and see me. ARGH!! I've changed my Eros ad several times to try and make it clear that I don't live in the city, I live upstate and when I'm not in the city for incall I offer outcall service with advance notice. Now that I'm gone, everyone wants to see me. ARGH again!!

I'm also booking for Short Hills, NJ next week and taking messages from the folks at If you are curious I am Goddess Anneke there. Lady Femina, Lady Terrice and sub anthony are planning a Cuck and Bull party in Ft. Lauderdale the 21st of January. It's already sold out but I've been getting messages from those who have RSVP'd and want to meet me.

One wrote that he humbling wanted to worship my beauty and serve me and signed it, "at your feet." I've had several of those from the gents in this BD/sm lifestyle.

What is a Cuck and Bull party? It's a combination of BBC party, (big black cock) and cuckolds. Those men who like to see their partners with another man, especially a black man. They are called bulls in this context. Plus there will be several of us Goddesses for those single cuckolds and submissives to serve.

I know....very different and strange to some of you. I have no idea what this evening is going to be like or what to expect but you can be sure I'll write about it here.

Then I get an email last night from a nutcase in NJ who wanted to meet me. Did you ever have a phone conversation with someone who made your head hurt? They talk so fast and so nonsensically that you want to scream. He said he wanted to meet me next week, gave me a reference, then promptly told me I couldn't use it because business it tough these days and the girl wouldn't like it. We went round and round about that and I will be frank and tell you, my patience had long worn thin and I was short and curt with him.

Sometimes, you have to be. Finally he said that he wanted me to call his attorney to vouch for him. "I'm thinking, are you out of your mind?" But Mr. Steamroller was adamant and I said I'd research his attorney and call him in the morning. He was planning to email him that night to alert him to my call. Totally bizarro and I'll be the first to say, NOT comfortable with this at all.

So, I googled the attorney and found amongst other things, that he was president of an organization that seemed to be envolved with law enforcement. Oh, oh. Red light. Did I call the next morning? Oh hell no.

Last evening I got a scathing email from Mr. Steamroller. He called me every name in the book, related to my profession and my age, and then some more for not calling his attorney. And don't ever contact him again. Should I have let that go? Probably but I answered explaining why I did not. Told him that no gentleman, as he claimed to be, would ever call anyone those names and to take a Zanax. He needed one.

From the ridiculous to the sublime. Several wanting to worship and one vilifying me. But this comes with the territory I operate in. Sex brings out the rawest of emotions in people. Especially thwarted sex.

I listened to a news report two days ago that recounted a fraternity poll asking who they would most like to rape. One in five women in this country have been sexually molested or raped. It's my premise that if prostitution was legalized that those statistics would drop dramatically and there would be no outrageous polls like that one.

There would be fewer guys like the coach from Penn State and priests abusing boys and I would get far fewer of those poison pen letters. Just my opinion. That and $4 might get me a cup of coffee.

I'm proud of my profession and hope that the fates will let me stay in it for a while longer. In the meantime, I'm not putting up with the disrespect that some folks think they are entitled to heap on us. Look at that log in your own eye folks.

Life is good. I have folks around me who love me for who I am as a person. And folks who love me for what I do as a person. And both. It's all good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

12/12/2011 - New York City at Christmas
Hello Darlings,

I know, it's not politically correct to say "Christmas" but that's what this city is decorated for this time of year. Most of you know the major retail chains go over the top with their window displays. There are lights everywhere and the city is jammed.

It's a festive atmosphere and it's fun to see the joy and amazement on the faces of visitors from all over the world. I foolishly thought I could find a seat for The Book of Mormon, last minute. Yep, a seat behind an obstructed view was all that was available. No thanks! I'd love to see hunky Hugh Jackman, in his Back on Broadway show but I'm sure there's nothing available. Plus, it's a fortune. Pity. I'm only a couple of blocks from the theaters. Next time!

There is no doubt about it. This is a fabulous city. But it's not an easy place to live and work. There's a hustle everywhere you go and while it has a huge tourist industry it is SO business driven.

Business for me is a roller coaster ride here. One minute my day is booked and the next the bottom has fallen out and everyone has cancelled. An emergency meeting, an unexpected trip out of town, traffic is too heavy and they can't get here in time so that they can go on to their NEXT committment. It's nuts.

I used to think I'd like to live here but no longer. It's great for a few days. I can get the "city girl" out of me and head back to sleepy Kingston and our ordinary life there.

My sis's S O has to be out of town for week so it was we girls this past weekend. Friday night we hung out, had cocktails, an easy dinner and chilled. Saturday we had tickets for a Christmas concert. Kingston was the original capital of New York State so there are a lot of beautiful historic buildings in Uptown as well as lovely old churches. The denomination I was raised in was hosting the concert. Beautiful white woodwork, decorated with pointsettas and white lights. And a pipe organ in the balcony.

We enjoyed the featured artists but when a local high school chorus began to sing, our jaws dropped. These kids were phenomenal and a palapable excitement filled the packed house.

Sis and I both sang in an exceptional concert choir at different times in our high school years. It shaped my life professionally and enhanced hers as one who enjoys singing. All of our family are singers. Even my children. I mean, singers with talent. The musical gene was strong in my Mom's side of the family and we kids each inheirited those tendencies. I was the only one who played an instrument/s but we all sang.

Sis and I were enthralled with these high school performers. Of course, it brought back happy memories of concert's past but it also filled our hearts with the joy that exceptional music can bring. Especially for those of us who are musicians.

The featured performers and the high school kids combined at the end of the program for two pieces from Handel's Messiah. Of course, the Hallelujan chorus was finale. And as the pipe organ played the intro we all stood up and joined in. Voices in the audience, the combined choirs joined in joyous praise. It was a thrilling moment, the air tinged with electricity.

Sis and I have sung together before and it's always been fun. After we headed out to a local bar to hear a kick ass jazz/funk trio. A couple of Stella's for me and we chair danced to the music. I was thinking there was more to sleepy Kingston than meets the eye.

Sunday, we did our own concert thing and Sis dropped me off at the bus station. If it wasn't so damned convenient I'd never take the bus again. The driver was a rude jerk and went out of his way to make things difficult for me. I muttered, "asshole" under my breath as I hauled my luggage into the luggage compartment. Apparently I didn't mutter it softly enough because he yelled at me for that. Still, he let me on the bus and my seat mate and I commiserated about his lackluster service. She was a regular commuter between Queens and Kingston every weekend. He'd driven into the various stops on his route and driven right out, leaving customers stranded, several times. How anyone gets to keep their job, in this business climate, with that attitude and poor service, amazes me.

I'd be out of business overnight if I treated my friends like that. However.....I have my moments. Especially when some idiot sends me an email at 1:00 am and all it says is, "location?" You can bet he got a snotty email in return in the morning.

Last evening was going to be quiet for me so I accepted a date to meet an Ashley Madison guy for a drink. Some of them "get it" about what I do, others are naive. This nice gentleman was in the latter catagory. He finally asked me what I did and I replied, "I have an adult web site." And then he asked,"are you a h---er?" I answered, "Yes, but I'm called a provider. H---ers stand on the street corner." He replied, "well, I never pay for sex." I bit my tongue. Later, when the moment was appropriate I replied, "darlin', everyone pays for sex. They just do it in different ways."

By now he was totally curious about the profession. As usual, his idea of what the hobby was about was the world view. At the end of the evening, he kissed me goodnight. He'd learned a little something about the world's oldest profession and I think he left with a newly found respect for what those in it do. At least I hope so.

On my walk to meet him an old friend from Boston had texted. He was in town, could I come downtown to see him? But of course and we made our arrangements without my walking into a utility pole. I do stop, move to the side and text. I want to live long and prosper. Texting and walking in NY is risky business.

I walked back in the crisp air in my beautiful new coat. It makes me feel like a million bucks. Since we'd only had cocktails I stopped at a neighborhood Trattoria. Two gentlemen to my left said hello and before long we were chatting. One of them asked me if I was a model, I looked familiar. I said no. He said he was sure he'd seen me somewhere on the internet. I chuckled to myself and said, "well then you probably have." They asked and I said, "yes, I had an adult site."

Before I knew it, one of them was pressing his business card into my hand and professing his admiration. Of course, he was well lit, having attended an office christmas party. His friend, laughed, shook his head and says, "he likes you."

Still, good for the aging ego. lol I ordered a lovely salad, linguini with white clam sauce, some wine and ate lightly. I had a hot mission in mind at 10pm.

I went back to the apartment, freshened up, changed and donning that coat over my low cut, short dress,(no one the wiser) hopped in a cab to downtown Manhattan. My hot friend was waiting at the door in nothing but a towel. Let the fun begin! He's one of my favs and we did our usual kinky scenario. Very hot stuff.

It takes a bit to wind down after a later night encounter so I spent a little time on the internet, watched a bit of TV and finally crashed late, sleeping like a baby.

Two appts this morning apt. had cancelled, my 4 pm cancelled but fortunately my 1pm showed up. Tall and handsome and we took our time, my rubbing palm oil all over his nether regions. (code word for penis) It was his first time with a provider and he was very interested in our world. I told him I'd be happy to help him dip his toes in these waters in the future. Hopefully, we'll get to play again.

I'm staying in my friend LuLu's place. She'll be back Thursday afternoon so if any of you would like to partake in playtime with TWO hot MILF's give me a jingle if we've met. Head to my appt. page if we have not.

I never skip the screening step. Even in NYC where everyone else seems to. I owe it to myself and you to always be safe. And I am.

I've added SHORT HILLS, NJ to my touring schedule. I'll be there next week, Dec. 19th and 20th. Let's have some fun before you have to be committed to family activities.

If there's no biz tonight I might meet up with one of my boy toys here. Not a bad ending to a too quiet day.

Life is good. How could it be anything else? I'm in NYC!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

Where Did She Go - 12/06/2011
Hello Darlings,

Rye Brook, NY Dec 6-8
Manhattan, Midtown West, Dec 11-14

You all are the best. Yesterday I got my first email alerting me to trouble with this site. I opened it, found my home page and didn't think anything was wrong.

Then I got a phone call a couple of hours later. It was down. Then the same person emailed me again. I opened it up but only found the home page. Everything else was gone and the page that resulted told me the domain was probably not renewed. Everyone else thought it was highjacked.

To make a long story short, last week I emailed my webmaster to remind him to check if the domain needed to be renewed. It's gone down before due to lack of attention. Didn't hear anything else so I thought, "we're okay."

I had a good idea that was what had happened again. Normally, they send you an email informing you that your renewal is due. I have two other domain names, Anneke Van Buren and AnnekeXtreme registered and just waiting to be used. I've renewed them once already.

Apparently, someone hacked the email address for notification. We didn't get it the renewal notice.

Jim was frantically trying to get it back online last night and this morning. It probably went live around 1pm today. Not sure of the exact time as I was driving down to Rye Brook, NY for a little tour.

Thankfully, it's back but the timing was horrible. Right before a tour. I guess this is one time that your looking to meet last minute paid off. It was back up by then. I hope it didn't cause you any inconvenience. My apologies.

It's looking good here in Rye Brook so far. One old friend from Stamford has had a happy time and left already. Another on the way this early evening. Hopefully one of my ATF's will stop by later and I'll see if I can get him to join me for a drink. He's single so he answers to no one.

I sent him a little text last week when I was in Farmington. He was ready then. So was I so if we have this reunion today the wallpaper is probably going to peel off the walls.

Don't you just love it when you make an appointment and find out that the chemistry between the two of you is off the charts? Lots of times it's someone you never expected. Her scent and yours attract each other. You might find the most beautiful woman just doesn't do it for you and you are not sure why. Sometimes the plainest gal with the best attitude can send you to the moon.

Scenting another is subconscious but researchers have found that a lot of sexual attraction is triggered by the smell of another person. Something we don't recognize consciously but our subconscious identifies it as something we like....and want.

I've noticed a reaction to me when I go out for dinner after I've had a hot appointment. Yes, I've bathed after of course but the body still produces pheromones. Those are the evenings I get hit on. It might also be I'm more relaxed because I've just had a mind blowing thunder boomer orgasm. Whatever it is, it's happened many times. When I'm not busy at work it doesn't happen as often. When I's amazing.

As I get older, I don't get approached as much as I used to. Of course, some of that could be I'm a whole lot fussier than I used to be and the signals I'm giving off are not welcoming to advances. But it's probably that I'm becoming invisible. Ask anyone in their fifties and older and they will know what I'm talking about.

It's all fascinating to me. Years ago my lower lip would have been pouting for being ignored. Now I relax and go with whatever life brings me. The egotistical Leo in me is chilling with age. That is one of the positive aspects of growing older. We become comfortable with who we are and don't take life and ourselves as seriously. We've probably been there, done that and have ten t-shirts. We can laugh at what happens.

One has to have a sense of humor as we grow older. It's a cruel joke of life to have all this knowledge and experience and have our bodies fail us. We feel young inside but the old bod says,"Hey, wait a minute. Did you forget you were an old coot?" I try to ignore that little voice.

I feel absolutely fabulous. Next to no pain. A little stiffness. That's arthritis. Take an Aleve Anneke and get over yourself. I've been seeing my masseuse every week for the therapeutic massages the Charlotte chiropractor began. It's been the single most important factor in my improvement. I had a full day of appointments last Friday and there wasn't an ice pack in sight at the end of the day. A miracle.

I don't know if you've also been thinking good thoughts for me but if you have...they worked. I'm looking forward to the day when I can go for a hike in the woods on a beautiful trail. I'd love to try a zip line but that's pushing it right now. I'd probably pee my pants but it would be the experience of a lifetime for someone who is afraid of heights.

Life is good. I'm thankful for every single day that comes my way.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

The Anneke Coat - 11/21/2011
Hello My Darling Boys,

Oh God, Anneke, another cliched, sappy Thanksgiving message? Nah....but it doesn't hurt any of us to stop and count our blessings now and again. Especially in the midst of all the economic and political turmoil in the world.

For my part, not having constant pain and finally being able to go back to the gym is thanks enough. They say, "if you have your health, you have everything." I can't put a fine enough point on that statement.

Things were a lot worse for me than I ever let on here. But that's in the past and I'm more my old self than I have been in almost two years. Now, I just have to work on getting the outside to look like it. I gotta get back in shape. And I will.

But there's nothing wrong with my mattress dancing skills and I'm having a great time enjoying them without something hurting at the same time. Isn't it amazing how that works?

I'm singing late this afternoon with a group of ladies. I even get to play the piano when needed. For me, being able to play and sing again is a blessing beyond measure. If some of ladies knew what I do for a living they'd probably kick me out but that probably won't happen. Another blessing is my sis. She could care less if they do find out. How cool is that?

So, today we're going to the gym, I'm having a massage and then we're going out to sing our hearts out for some folks.

What a contrast with yesterday. I'd heard from an old beloved friend who wanted me to visit. He's the one who has a pie throwing web site. I've resisted doing this for a long time. He asked if I was ready and I jokingly said, "when you get me that Blackgama, female mink, black full length coat, I'll do it."

The next thing I know he was googling about mink coats and had called Macy's where he lives to see what they had. I'm thinking, "yeah, sure." He's a very generous guy but that's beyond any expections of generosity.

I was happy to drive down, have dinner someplace nice, make him a happy man and head home. But he was serious.

As soon as I arrived we headed off to Macy's and the fur vault. The gal he had contacted was waiting and she told him she'd found a fur in my size. When they had spoken she only had Petites in stock. Petite I'm not. Even at 12 years old.

I was stunned as she showed us the furs in stock. The prices were astounding. Of course, the most expensive was just my size, color and length. He wanted me to try it on and I did. Absolutely perfect.

No alterations of any sort needed. It looked beautiful and the sales folks and other customers waiting were beaming in delight for me. I gave my friend a quiet hug and thank you. More would have embarassed him in public. I won't belabor this but I walked out of the store with the fur in it's special carrying case and all the paperwork to insure that this investment would stay the same over the course of time with the proper care.

No one has ever done anything like that for me before so I was totally unused to and unprepared for this gift. After all the challenges of this past year this was another blessing beyond measure. I am hoping my luck has turned a corner.

You can be sure that it will be in the very next photo shoot for Annekepleasures. And when winter's winds roar up through the skycraper canyons of NYC I'll be in that coat. If anyone from Peta dares come near me I'll probably flatten them.

I'll have it monogramed as soon as I can and it will go into cold storage each year at the appropriate time. It's a legacy for my family down the road. In the meantime, you won't be able to get it off my back.

Life is good and we do have much to be thankful for. Furs or not. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Love and Kisses,

11/19/2011 - Incall Incall Incall
Hello Hotties,

I'm now three weeks plus a day into my Northeast relocation. I'm finally starting to see some recognization of the fact that I am now here.

Oh,the NY Eros ad gets response but hardly anyone reads that it's OUTCALL service with 24 hour notice. I had an email last evening at 12:09am asking if he could see me at 56th and 1st. Then. And that is pretty much the case with the city. It's either now or forget it. Incall, incall, incall or last minute to their location.

I can't afford to live in New York City. And I don't think I'd want to. Especially during this continuing economic downturn. The girls who have built a clientele and a great reputation complain it's slow. I'm not exactly new meat if I moved there. My friend LuLu is doing well because she's new. Sooner or later, that will wind down too. Having a permanent incall in Manhattan won't guarantee I make a great living. It didn't in Stamford and it won't now.

I'll continue to offer a hotel incall once a month in the city IF I have enough business. If I don't, then I won't offer that either. I'll tour elsewhere. It's too soon to say where I need to be and when. If I had a crystal ball it would be great. Right now, it's a crap shoot as to where the business is and when it's the right time. It's a guestimate at best with this economy and so many girls in the biz.

On a positive note, Albany was fun. As usual, my old friend brought the house down and a pillow over my face was needed. A new friend arrived with two dozen roses of mixed colors. Both left tips and gifts. That hasn't happened in a long time. And please, I never expect gifts or gratutities but both are thoughtful gestures when you've just given your all in the most intimate service anyone could offer. Even a nice little card with the donation in it shows our service means a little something special to you.

I'll probably head to Albany every 6 weeks or so. I'm also giving some thought to hosting a monthly incall in the Mid-Hudson Valley close to the Thruway. The location will only be disclosed once you are verified. If we've met, just call or eme and I'll let you know where the next location will be. I'll rotate the cities. I will be in White Plains in December for those of you in the Westchester/Greenwich/Stamford area I've met. And for those of you I have not.

I had a new friend drive down from Albany the other day after I explained I'd already left and that I did not now have an incall location there. I'd already left. I'd be happy to drive back up for outcall but he would have to find the accomodations.

He found a local spot, drove down, (it's less than an hour) and we had ourselves a very naughty time. He'd asked me to bring my strapon because he'd had a fantasy about being the bottom. He was a very kinky boy and he'd dreamed of the scenario only to find he wasn't quite ready. That's okay. Sometimes it takes a little practice to make it work.

I am very experienced in prostate massage and many of my friends love it. But it's not for everyone and I know it's not something every guy desires. Althought most do once they've gotten over their stereotypical misconceptions about it. It's one of the most intense O's a man can have.

I've suggested I should be the one to do your yearly exam. Maybe then some of you wouldn't hate it so much. A cute little mini skirted nurse's uniform, unbuttoned to show Trixie and Boom Boom? Garter belt, stockings and no panties. I'll bet that would distract you enough to enjoy the moment.

This Sunday I'm driving down to see an old friend in New Jersey. He's been wanting to put a cream pie in my face for years. I've been denying him the pleasure. It's always seemed too humiliating to me even if it's in good fun. If there's enough incentive this Sunday might just be the day. And you'll get to see it on Annekexposed if it happens. Talk about an ego buster. Of course, that would be good for me. lol

I started my day with an email from an old friend who told me I reminded him of Jennifer Anniston. A couple of emails later someone wrote, "bi skank." That was it. I shook my head and laughed to myself. I thanked the first gent and then wrote back to the second. "It takes a real brave man to hide behind a computer. I dare you to say that to my face. You might find you have a knee where your balls are."

Of course, I won't hear back. Once you confront a bully they disappear. I used to fight back with an insult only to find it escalating. Once you call them what they are and ask to see them face to face they slink away into their little caves.

I'm an older woman. We all know I don't have a perfect body and certainly nothing else is perfect about me. If you don't like what I look like or what I do, MOVE ON! It's gutless to sling mud over the internet. It's also a sign of a man who hates women and is very insecure.

I'm settling in to my new home. It's not the wealthiest town in the Hudson Valley but the folks are nice. Sis and I are enjoying each other's company. She said she missed me when I was away in Albany. Her S O works a lot and she's alone too. She's found it's nice to have someone to share shopping, errands, activities and workouts with. I have too. We're heading out today to find a gym. I've also been working with her on redesigning her interiors. Something I love.

I hadn't been able to work out with the back pain. Outside of using the pool at the resort it wasn't even an option. Now that I'm feeling better I've also found I'm weaker. I used the hotel gym the other day. Very light cardio and weight workout but I was okay the next day. No problems. So, it's time to get back in tip top shape. I'm not. No one could go through what I did this summer and most of the fall and stay fit. The good news is that having fun with you is feeling great too.

However, I'll have to be careful and go slow in the gym. I used to teach aerobics and a step class years ago and I know what I need to do. I was nationally certified then so I can craft my own program. Sis's too. Still, we'll watch what is going on with the trainers. Things are different now. More planks, less situps. More interval training.

The folks at Naughty America still want to film in December so times a wastin'. Of course, 3 weeks isn't going to get me in tip top shape. But it's a start. They want to film an older MILF who is voluptuous. I'll be filming with young, hung talent. Lucky me.

Lots of good, old fashioned mattress dancing will help too.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

11//11/11 - Naughtiness in Manhattan
Hello Dahlings...

It's my last morning in Manhattan. I bused in Wednesday morning. Yes, I took a Trailways bus. Probably the most painless and inexpensive way to get down here from Kingston.

It was interesting noticing the mix of passengers. Kingston, mostly ordinary folks. New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, definitely upper class riders who live in the city and have a home Upstate. While we made 4 stops we still were in the city in 2 hrs 5 minutes. This afternoon I'm taking the non-stop and it's an hour and fortyfive back. Sis will pick me up.

I've had a great time. As usual, lots of pre-bookings and lots of cancellations. It's the nature of the beast in Manhattan. Fortunately, others stepped in to ease my itchiness.

I wasn't beside myself though. I'd had an outcall up to the Capital District on Tuesday to visit an old friend. He has this big wide tongue and it's always a guarantee that I'm going to have a thunder boomer of an orgasm. As always, he did not disappoint. It's a good thing his neighbors are not close or the pillow would have to go over my face. Yeah.......that good.

It's an easy trip up to Albany and I'll be heading back to the Albany area next week. I'll be seeing another old beloved friend who is also a thunder boomer pro. My life is tough isn't it?

So....back to Manhattan. I arrived at the Port Authority terminal. Honest to God, my first time. I'll be having my next Manhattan incall on that side of town in December. Although where I am this week, Lex and 51st has been fabulous.

The Bear and Bull is a block away. The Grill at Smith and Wollensky's close too. And the Meet and Greet I attended last evening, close. Perfect!

My new friend Lulu and I agreed to meet after my 4pm appt. My 6 had bowed out, stuck in Boston, my two hour at 7:30 had "unexpected car problems",(my sis asks "can't they find a better excuse than that?) and another earlier old friend got stopped in his tracks two blocks from the hotel. ARGH! But that's just how it is.

My 4pm suggested the Bear and Bull for cocktails/dinner and so did Lulu. She said, "Anneke, there's lots of businessmen staying there or stopping by for a drink after work. Chat them up. You'll get your drink paid for." (not a bad idea since a Belveder martini is $21) Ya know, that hasn't been my intent ever, when I go out but I thought, this girl is right, what the hell, go for it.

So, wearing something a little sexy but tasteful, I sashayed into the Bear and Bull. Holy successful businessman heaven Batman.

I sat down and made eye contact with my seatmate on the right. And we started a conversation. Nice guy, straight shooter, not a hound dog, waiting on the traffic to let up before he made the 2 1/2 hour drive home to Long Island. Good vibes so when he asked what I did for a living I said, "I am in the adult business." "In what way," he asked and I said, "I have an adult website. " He laughed and said, "I have to hear this. Let's have another drink." And we did.

He told me if he didn't have to go home he would have liked to take me dinner for the conversation to continue. He liked the fact that I looked him in the eye when I spoke and that I was refreshingly direct and honest. His words, not mine.

Hell, I don't know how to be anything else. I'm not smart enough to make up stuff and I have an aversion to people who pretend to be something or someone they are not. The sense of entitlement that some folks have turns me off. In other words, if you are rich and important that doesn't matter to me. It's how you treat me and others that counts most.

He left and my friend Lulu sailed in. We were having a great time people watching. I had a light quick dinner and had to head back. An old sweetie of mine was making an extra effort to see me. I met him when he was 32 and I was a new provider. We've met many times over the years and I've gotten a big kick out of watching him become a highly successful businessman. The best part is that we still have that hot chemistry after all these years.

Kisses goodbye and promises to meet for a longer playtime made, he headed back to New Jersey and a long ride home. I'm amazed at the length of commuting people put up with to work in Metropolitan NY. Ya gotta do what you gotta do though.

At 10pm one of my long time NY playmates was arriving. We're actually friends more than playmates although play...we do. He is another I met at the beginning of my career. I was touring Manhattan and he saved up for the donation. He was 27 at the time and so cute. Over the years we've filmed many times and played even more. It's great. We share our love lives and heartbreaks and then have a little romp. He spent the night and we had breakfast together before he had to go off to work.

I had to get ready for a 10 am and just before the hour my 1pm called and cancelled. I thought, Hmm,,,I haven't heard from the 10 am and went to my computer. He hadn't confirmed the day before. So, I sent him an email. Within a few minutes I heard from him. He was under the impression that I was going to call him. That straightened out he made a mad dash from Soho.

Young, British, new to Manhattan and very, very hot. The sparks were flying and then he dove in. Holy Moses....another pussy eating expert. Fingers and tongue flying he brought me to a huge orgasm. This time, I grabbed a pillow to stifle my screams. Lake Anneke burst the damn and he was moaning in delight as I all but drowned him.

But he wasn't done. I was returning the favor when he said, "let's 69" I told him he'd drown but he was past the point of caring. Since I didn't want to kill him, I held back the lake as he brought me to another O.

Time for protection and riding into the sunset. HI HO silver. Nice length, full girth and we both had ourselves a happy ending. We were both smiling when he left. I hope I hear from him again.

Phone back on, Lulu had asked if I wanted to join her at the Grill at Smith and Wollensky's for lunch. What I didn't know is that there are two bars. One in the regular restaurant, the other, at the Grill. She was there and texting that it was loaded with boys. Well, it just wouldn't do that I wasn't sharing that so I quickly finished my glass of wine and hurried around the corner to join her.

Oh yeah, this was more like it. We chattered away as we ordered lunch. We like sharing things. Salads, hamburgers and men as she told our bartender. I laughed when I saw his face and she said, "just kidding." But I know she wasn't. :-)

Then a gorgeous 50 or so year old exec sat down. Beautiful white hair, french cuffs with enameled cufflinks circled with tiny diamonds. Yoo Hoo. That London look that I love. And apparently, he was very interested in us and what we were up to. It was obvious he wanted to jump in the middle. Damn, I had a hair appt and left Lulu with him. She texted later they'd had some more drinks and they'd exchanged numbers. He'd told her that I was hot. Ditto babe. I'm hoping she WILL share.

Off I went to the hair salon. Back to the hotel in time to meet with the famous Rita Daniels and her S O. What a delightful couple and she is a sexy and hot in person as she looks in pics. We talked about working on a project together. And getting to know each other better. I'm game and I look forward to sharing the fruits of those labors with you.

Then on to the Fall Mixer Meet and Greet with the hobbyists and providers at The Erotic Review. Only 3-4 blocks away. Perfect.

While I was a half hour late, there was almost no one there yet. I introduced myself to those who had made it and got a drink and a little plate of nibbles. Someone greeted me, "Hi Anneke, we met years ago." I looked up and remembered him immediately. And told him so. I said, "it was in LA and I mentioned the job he had." He was flabbergasted that I hadn't forgotten.

It was one of those stellar times that happen in life. He's a class act, highly intelligent and drop dead gorgeous. And younger. While I didn't remember all the juicy details, or did he, we both remembered that it was memorable. lol

We chatted away and agreed we need to have an encore. He's working in Brooklyn now in the same profession. And he's still single. So, perhaps dinner and more.

I ran into old friends from the early Meet and Greets that Miki the Milf started. I would fly in and give her a hand. They were small groups, 35-40 folks in a hotel suite. But they were the basis for the big ones to follow. I knew some of the gals and a few of the guys. Some of us were all together for Miki's Memorial at a local bar one evening after her passing. We all still miss her and Hyabby.

I'd read the guest list and Amanda Manhattan was supposed to attend. I've always wanted to meet her and Joanna Potente and I were chatting when she walked in. Joanna introduced me and we three spent a few minutes discussing the biz. She's probably THE top gal in Manhattan. If you don't know of her, google her website. She's British, charming, engaging and very, very smart. In fact, all the gals at these parties are. Even the new, young ones.

By 9:30 I was ready to head back to my hotel. I'd thought I'd have a late light dinner but decided I didn't need the calories and I did need the sleep. It had been a busy and productive days on several levels.

Would I have liked more business? Always. But I think next month's incall will be better. I need to be recognized as being here more and eventually folks will know to look for those incall dates.

In the meantime, give me some notice and I'll hop on the bus and head in to Manhattan to play. Just make sure you take your vitamins.

Life is good. I LOVE New York!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

11/06/201 -

11/06/201 -

10/30/011 - Winter Wonderland and Carnal Pleasures
Hello Hotties,

I've arrived and am getting settled in my new Kingston digs. Late yesterday afternoon the big snowstorm arrived. Albeit, very early for this part of the country.

We had about 4 inches of heavy, wet snow but there was just enough wind that the trees in this area didn't bend and break with the accumulation. Further south where they had more snow, 100's of thousands are without power. We lucked out.

We awakened to a beautiful, sunny, snow covered landscape. The birds are feeding like mad under the grape arbor but rhe snow is rapidly melting. Hopefully, most will be gone by Halloween eve.

I'm still unpacking and organizing but I'm taking my time. Five days of driving and working tuckered this lady out. Yesterday was errands in the morning and lounging on the couch in the afternoon. I'm not a kid anymore although most anyone would have been exhausted from this week's schedule.

My NYC friends are writing and calling and they can't seem to get their heads, both of them, around the fact that I'm NOT living in NYC. I am north of the city, within commutable distance, so I am offering outcall to the city, the metropolitan areas and the lower Hudson River Valley. It's a two hour minimum adventure with 24 hours notice please.

Except when I have an incall IN the city. I'll do that once a month and depending on the response, book my accomodations and length of stay accordingly. This first incall will be November 9-11. I am already pre-booking so if you'd like to play I'd suggest you contact me soon.

I'll still be touring other cities so be sure to see where I'm being naughty. Kingston is outcall only also but you may book an hour here. We just need to do that very discreetly.

We are modifying our Halloween efforts. If this cold snap continues we won't be outside all night long. We're still getting dressed for the trick or treaters and will probably go someplace after to party. Why waste a good costume?

We're meeting my son for lunch today. It's really nice to be this close to family. While my nudist resort friends are a family it's very different than your flesh and blood.

I am hoping to get back to filming soon. I've been boring I know. My apologies but I've just been able to do so.

I just can't wait until you are between my legs, saying my oh my god's. And I'm doing the same to you. Of course, I'll have the towels under me receiving Lake Anneke. I always warn my friends that they are going to get wet. If I'm coming, I'm gushing. That's your first clue that I'm having an orgasm.

Here's another clue for you to make that happen. Your tongue needs to be in several locations. If you think a direct hit on the clitoris and no where else works you are in error. The labia and below are an excellent source for stimulation. Of course, we have to take turns. One glorifying trip to France is due. My mouth sliding down your hot member and receiving a hot load is a fabulous exchange.

Hopefully, an oral escapade only leads to a full blown interlude of intercourse. The thought of sliding into those nether regions just makes me even wetter.

I'll bring the towels. You bring your tongue and your penis.

Watch out Manhattan boys! I am so ready for you.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/27/2011 - Almost Home
Hello Darlings,

I'm in Philadelphia tonight. One more day of driving and I'm in my new place, with Sis and her beau.

Tonight they had snow. Boy I time things right don't I? Nevermind. I'll waterproof my boots and buy a new winter coat. I grew up with this stuff.

Except for DC, I've had business all week. And I've had lots of hot fun. I'm pleased.

I wasn't worried about DC because I wanted to get to know my new friend LuLu better. I arrived around 2pm and we walked to the Hudson Restaurant for lunch. There were just the two of us on the far side of the restaurant, laughing and sharing our provider experiences and where we had come from in life's journey.

Finally LuLu said, "our waiter has dusted every glass and plate ten times." He was eavesdropping. Even though he was gay, he was transfixed. We have some great experiences in this profession. He was enjoying hearing about them. Now there was NO one else in the room boys and we're discreet with the who and where info.

A new friend in the morning and then it's a short ride up to Sis's. 3 hrs. plus a few minutes. Can't wait. I'll be unpacking and organizing and we'll also be getting ready for Halloween.

Those kids in the neighborhood are in for the scare of their lives Monday evening. She has been doing this for years and her efforts will be extremely well done. It will be fun. I'm getting my fangs out again but I definitely be wearing more than I did at the nudist resort last year.

And I'm going to get to play with my NYC boys again. They've been writing since my NY Eros ad went live this afternoon.

Life is Good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,

PS...thunder boomer of the month award to my Raleigh Monday afternoon friend. Freaking awesome! My toes are still curled. Virgin of the month award to my Chesapeake Tuesday evening friend. You know why.

10/23/2011 - No No Behavior and One More Day Charlotte
Hello Hotties,

I shouldn't even have to write this entry but I will. D not be;

1. drunk
2. coked/drugged up

when we have an appointment. There's nothing more frustrating then a guy horned up after snorting who can't get it up or have an orgasm and yet he thinks he can go on for hours. Plus they are reckless. I had one, in the middle of our deal, want to go on Eros and find a TS at 11pm at night.

Uh uh honey. Number one I don't work with someone I don't know and number two it's stupid and reckless to be operating that way. Drunks are just as bad and you have to handle their sloppiness. No fun.

Enough of that. Sorry but it had to be said.

Tomorrow is IT for me in Charlotte. Of course, Uptown will be clogged with traffic. The Panthers are playing at home. At 7am the tailgaters start and while I'm 20 floors above them believe me when I tell you I can hear it all.

Since my back is feeling so good I'm going down tomorrow and wander around after I get packed. I know I can get invited to somebody's party.

Then, I'll go watch the game from a comfortable bar stool where the Stella is on draft and it's warm.

If someone needs an Anneke Fixxx I'll just head back home. I know you won't all agree with this statement but I'd rather have great sex than watch a football game ANY day of the week. Unless I have a sexy guy to watch it with. You know those old jokes about the kind of half time show you'd really like to have.

My feet and my pussy are itchy. That means I want to get on the road and have a lot of hot fun along the way. I'm DEFINITELY feeling better boys!

I'm going to be offering DOUBLES in DC with my new MILF friend Lulu. She's new to the biz but not to naughtiness. if you want a peek at her. She's in NYC too so you just might be seeing a lot more of her.

I'm lining up the harem for my New York return. All my young toy boys are checking in and so are some of my older playmates. And you're wondering why I'm in a hurry to get back up north? I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Life is good.

Love and Kisses,

10/19/2011 - It Is Hump Day and I Am Not Getting Humped
Hello Hotties,

Can't wait to head north. Even though I'm probably going to freeze my buns. Sis, halloween fright night, friends up north and NEW YORK CITY once again. In case it wasn't clear, I will be offering OUTCALL to NYC and the lower Hudson River Valley. I used to head to Orlando from Tampa on a regular basis so driving down to the city is no biggie. Happy to do it for a 2 hour minimum adventure. Once a month I'll host an incall in Manhattan. In between, I'll do short tours around the northeast. My calendar is the place to look to see where I'll be.

I'll be based in Kingston, NY but there will be NO incall service there. I respect my family and it's a small town. Now, if you happen to be there and have a cozy hotel room, I'd be happy to keep you company.

So Charlotte men, where the hell are you? I'm twidling my thumbs here in Charlotte. Even though it's my last few days here I was expecting to see at least SOME of you.

My hotels are booked and paid for in Raleigh and Chesapeake VA so those dates are fixed. Fortunately I have friends to see. DC...nothing pre-booked yet. Philly a little bit of business and then some on the way home to Kingston, stopping for a sexy rendevous in NJ.

So, I'm horny. Big time. Although I had some fun in Myrtle Beach, for a gal like me, it just wasn't enough. Am I a nymphomanic? No, the definition of a nymphomaniac is a woman who is never completely satisfied. Let me tell you that I've met some gents that have done a top notch job of doing that and then some.

Does that mean I can't go another round later in the day or evening. Hell no! Somehow, the thought of another sexy gent calling from the lobby and eager to have a passionate time, gets my juices flowing. Especially those who have been respectful and arrive well groomed.

Years ago, when I was working in London as an independent and for I met a provider named Caroline. She was more mature than even I and we formed a friendship. One day we met for lunch and we chit chatted about our friends as we girls are want to do. No names of course but you can imagine we had some hilarious and some sizzling hot stories to share. Fortunately, few bad ones. Screening does limit those.

We were talking about the difference in bathing in Europe. I'd found that some of, not all thank God, my guys might shower when they come into the appointment but they neglected to use any soap on what the Brits call "the bits." In my opinion, you might well have not showered at all. Not to be indelicate but water doesn't kill the bacteria that causes odor. I don't need to say any more do I?

She shared a solution to that problem. She'd give her new arrival a warm hug and a sniff. If she sensed he needed a little bathing she'd undress him sensually....and lead him naked, penis in hand to the bathroom sink. She would run the water until the water was just right, soap up her hands and proceed to wash those bits that hadn't seen a bar of soap. And then wash him again. By that time, he would be moaning with pleasure, fully aroused and ....squeaky clean. I took her advice, tried it and I'm happy to say had wonderful results. We both were happy after the bathing.

So boys, even if you took a shower at 6am, if you come to me mid-afternoon or later, after a long commute and a harrowing morning and afternoon/evening, you need a shower...again. And please use the soap. If you'd prefer, I'll happily wash those bits for you. Gently massaging all the family jewels and kissing you eagerly at the same time.

Now, for the next grooming suggestion. Being a nudist, I'm very used to seeing men and women completely shaved. Not all, but most. I've found it's a regional habit for the most part. In the warmer states, gents tend to a least trim if not shave. I have to tell you, I like a well groomed man immensely.

Even if you can't shave, for reasons at home, you can at least make your toy hair free. If you're nervous about shaving I'd be happy to do it for you.

I'd gently lie you on my bed, towel under your hips. A warm bowl of water, soap and a razor in hand. I'd soap you up and very gently shave away all that access on your shaft at least. More on other areas if that turns you on. A thorough warm water rinse and you might find that French Lessons take on a whole new meaning.

I do like deep throat but not when........well, you get it. This might be a service but I have to enjoy what I'm doing while I'm doing it.

On a less titillating note, there are four and a half more days before I head north. I certainly do have time on my dance card in Charlotte. But before I am to leave I saw the orthopedic surgeon in Charlotte for a final visit and a follow up diagnosis from the first visit. He now had the dvd of my MRI. I got to view it with him. Not as sexy as one of my videos but certainly exciting because it was great news. My spine is in decent shape. Yes, some arthritis but most of us have that anyway. There's just this little cyst in between L-4 and 5 pressing on the nerves. Simple, non-invasive surgery. Two weeks out of work. Not the end of my career. Hooray! Yahoo! Hallelujah!

I shook his hand and told him it was worth all the work of moving to Charlotte just to find him and get that advice. Now, I'll see the Dr. he referred me to in NYC and get it done. A further blessing is that I've been feeling great for several days. I don't know why. Maybe the new chiropractor, maybe it's the Krill oil. Maybe it's a miracle. Whatever it is I'll take it.

That's probably why I'm so damned horny. Pain has a way of lowering your libido. Thankfully, it never killed it entirely. That would take an act of Congress. Oh, hold on, they don't seem to be able to do those anymore do they?

Are you kicking a kick out of all these debates and who is the leading contender who one minute to the next? Like it makes any difference. We're in a heap of trouble and it's going to take the second coming to get these chesnuts out of the fire.

Someone sent me this today. I hope YOU will pass it on. We can only hope and dream.

"Subject: Let us all speak up!

Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election

The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only
3 months &8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971...before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc.

Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land...all because of public pressure.

Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

Congressional Reform Act of 2011
1. No Tenure / No Pension.
A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

2. Congress (past, present &future) participates in Social Security.
All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen.
Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S.) to receive the message. Maybe it is time.


If you agree with the above, pass it on. If not, just delete. You are one of my 20+.. Please keep it going"

Okay my SEXY BOYS, consider yourself informed today. My itinery, thoughts on grooming, how to solve my horniness and how to fix the country. LOL

Life is good!! See you in the Northeast soon!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/15/2011 - One More Night Myrtle Beach
Hello Hotties,

I've decided to stay one more night in Myrtle Beach. It's not like there's a list of folks waiting to see me. It's more like, the weather is nice, I have a reasonable hotel rate and I want to go to the Oyster Festival up the road in Ocean Isles Beach. I never met a fresh oyster I didn't like.

I'll be back in Charlotte tomorrow late afternoon/early evening but my incall location is not available until Monday, 10-5:30 for your pleasure. Outcall........anytime. Just allow enough time for verification.

The couple I met Thursday evening must of had second thoughts about spending the evening with a lady of dubious reputation. I get it. So, I headed out on my own.

I found a place on 17 called Martini's. The sign advertised a piano bar. The decor was early Italian restaurant but it had a nice atmosphere and a great jazz guitarist. I sat at the bar and ordered a small sized prime rib. No prime rib left. Or the steak special. I'd had enough seafood that day. RATS! So, I ordered a bowl of French Onion soup. I wasn't that hungry and that was more than enough. When it came out sans the gruyere/pumpernickel topping I thought, "ok, this is interesting." Maybe I'd find something redeeming. Canned broth, a couple of croutons for effect, a little grated something of cheese and mediocre at best. I ate half and gave up. The french would have been outraged. I know Julia would have. I sure wasn't happy.

However, I'll never starve to death. I'm well nourished. The folks on my left started to chat and my seatmate said, "this is as good as it gets in Myrtle Beach." He lived there. He was retired military as was his gal pal. They both owned property in MB and said, like Florida, it was worth about 1/3 of what they paid for it. It's a commentary I hear in varying degress wherever I travel.

Well, I didn't come here for the cuisine. If you like fried food it's great. Or Calabash cuisine. I'm told that means fried seafood.

I'll eat oysters until they come out of my ears this afternoon. The great thing is they are next to no calories. Unless they are fried. So, despite all I've injested, I've lost a little weight this weekend.

And, they are supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Like I need one.

A week from this Monday, I'll be heading north again. I'm amazed at my ability to adapt to changing circumstances. At first, I was sad that I was going to have to leave Charlotte. But now, I'm ready to go. Life is going to take me where IT wills, obviously. I just have to go with the flow and enjoy the adventure, no matter how challenging.

I've been contacting my "toy boys" in New York City. Ah'd forgotten I had any. Both I've filmed with. We're looking forward to a reunion. Perhaps even film again.

See.....there's almost always a rainbow after the storm.

Life is good.

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,

10/14/2011 - Myrtle Beach and Putters
Hi Hotties,

I'm down at Myrtle Beach for a couple of days. I drove down from Charlotte yesterday,(long ride) leaving the gray drearies behind. By the time I arrived the sun was shining and then temperature was around 80. My spirits immediately lifted.

I don't know what it is about being near the ocean but I feel better than I have for a while. Something about the positive ionization of the salt air. Whatever it is, it's great.

I checked in and headed back out to reconoiter. I'm a product of my genes as my grandfather, mom's side and my dad, loved to take long rides, just to see what was out there. I'm no exception.

I filled my tank, 3.20 a gallon and had my car washed. It's black and it doesn't stay clean long. I hate a dirty car but it's even worse when it's black.

So, car all spiffy, I headed down the Ocean Drive. High rise condo after condo. This is a very commercial place but there is lots of public beach access. I pulled into one and took a little walk out toward the water. The air smelled great and the sea bre